Binging with Babish: Ribwich from The Simpsons

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This week we return, once again, to the seemingly bottomless pit of pop culture food parody that is The Simpsons. Never one to shy away from making fun of McDonalds, America's favorite family now grapples with an otherworldly force known as the 'Ribwich'. I was going to make a "rib" patty, like they would in a fast food context, but I'm just getting out from under the flu and didn't want to. I'm sorry.
Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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12-Mar, 2019



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Binging with Babish
Was gonna do the good morning burger, but this seemed somehow...healthier?
Mister you are rocking that gold Daytona!!⌚⌚
Jai Ashton
Jai Ashton Kun oldin
some serious watch flexing going on
Savannah Hopkins
Binging with Babish Please do food from How I Met Your Mother!! Like Erickson’s 7-Layer Salad, the Minnesota Tidal Wave aka the Robin Scherbatsky, and Sumbitches!!!!!
Uriel Septim
Uriel Septim Kun oldin
Make the Broodwich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Please?
Bailey Snyder
Bailey Snyder 2 kun oldin
For your next video, you should do the Triple Glazed donuts from regular show!
MechaMorphis Soat oldin
This looks so fucking good
Tye Gettys
Tye Gettys 2 soat oldin
What the hell is that watch doing in my binging with babish video!
Andrew Edward
Andrew Edward 4 soat oldin
take my money
tanania 4 soat oldin
Well now you gotta make the Broodwich from ATHF
Dan Henry
Dan Henry 6 soat oldin
I'd imagine that a ribwich would resemble a mcrib from McDonald's
August Booth
August Booth 9 soat oldin
I feel like these are some of the finest cooking videos on the entire fucking internet.
Primalinea 9 soat oldin
you are fucking savage
Ren Song
Ren Song 10 soat oldin
"Easy barbq sauce" 12 ingredients later Man pay attention to what you say sometimes
Brian Palucci
Brian Palucci 10 soat oldin
Lovin’ the new Daytona
John Klein
John Klein 11 soat oldin
Do the krusty krab pizza
Dominic Czar
Dominic Czar 11 soat oldin
3:30 what did he say??
Zayden 12 soat oldin
Look up binging with Babish Chugs Mayo I made a vid. It’s the first result
eogc 12 soat oldin
I was vegetarian until now
Tearaxe 13 soat oldin
The Broodwich from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
karadan100 14 soat oldin
Wow. 3.9 million subscribers. I joined you when you only had 6000 subscribers! You've done amazingly well.
Channel Chenes
Channel Chenes 21 soat oldin
Guess what the ad was before this clip played. Surprise! McDonald's.
Philly Philly
Philly Philly 21 soat oldin
Probably could have just gotten a McRib from McDonalds. I think that’s what the show was making fun of.
F3RNAND0 23 soat oldin
Please make food from jojo bizarre adventure
StevoTheAce71 Kun oldin
This is a retards version of Carolina style rub 😂 and that watch is distracting
babs bruno
babs bruno Kun oldin
food wars // shokugeki no soma dishes? pleaaaase
Mr Mighty
Mr Mighty Kun oldin
You're making fast food Babish, not perfect ribs to which you didn't even toast the buns for.
istabbnoobs Kun oldin
Broodwich aqua teen hunger force
Michael Mathers
Michael Mathers Kun oldin
I would never cook for over an hour just for ketchup.
Kayte Beltran
Kayte Beltran Kun oldin
I stopped watching after I noticed you didn’t toast the buns
Selena Perez
Selena Perez Kun oldin
Glad to see your feeling better Babby!!😭🙌🏽❤️
deedoyday Kun oldin
oh my god...
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Kun oldin
why are good thing always haram like ribwich and smores well i wouldnt know how smores taste but wahtever
babs bruno
babs bruno Kun oldin
Pro Gamer :( maybe vegan version with no animal product? is the pork derived gelatin what is haram about smores?
SubKing Kun oldin
*Babish* A tablespoon of *Wa-asitfwsur* sauce *Me* _$ŷSt€M må£FuNcTioN_
Yep It'sMe
Yep It'sMe Kun oldin
doesn't get simpler than that....
Crusader Kitten
Crusader Kitten Kun oldin
Eldritch0Golem Kun oldin
It's as close as you can get with the animal it came from going extinct
Ixmore Kun oldin
the Rusty Special from Dorkly's Pokemon Rusty
Savannah Hopkins
Please do food from How I Met Your Mother!! Like Erickson’s 7-Layer Salad, the Minnesota Tidal Wave aka the Robin Scherbatsky, and Sumbitches!!!!!
Bubba Kun oldin
The ice is for the drinks, not your wrist babish...
TheAntiTrope Kun oldin
Analysis 😐. Did you... did he make love to that ribwich!? Was it *that* good!?
Amber Jafferian
Amber Jafferian Kun oldin
Moon Moon
Moon Moon Kun oldin
Oh no this Babish guy i supposed to be hot. I'm crying.. I can't eat now.
Acid Roof Productions
When you say "beer" what kind are you using? Lager, Stout etc..
Gweedy_L C-137
Gweedy_L C-137 Kun oldin
Wooh-ster-sheer. Not difficult for a Scot
Coolnventions Kun oldin
that solid gold Rolex is beautiful
Lucas Possnien
Lucas Possnien Kun oldin
he's a babish u can't kill him
THATe36 KID Kun oldin
Wus-ter-sheer-sauce 👍👍
Maddy Liz
Maddy Liz Kun oldin
Do the lotus flowers from Percy Jackson the lightning thief!!
Razak Idris
Razak Idris Kun oldin
Fast & Furious Tuna Sandwich
Gelus Venn
Gelus Venn Kun oldin
Hunh, a good use for lapsang, neat.
max army
max army Kun oldin
This might be a dumb question but why do people put alchohol in in their food while its cooking
Akneelilles 2 kun oldin
Why can't the McRib be year round damnit
Braneesha Herring
Braneesha Herring 2 kun oldin
I just call in Winchester sauce because I like supernatural 🤷🏾‍♀️😂
Samuel Holly
Samuel Holly 2 kun oldin
What a flex. He starts out with a date just with custom blue dial and then out of nowhere has a gold Daytona on SMH
Tim Sceptere
Tim Sceptere 2 kun oldin
Anything from from food wars maybe the rice with egg and umami squares that melt on top
Chris Da Lemon
Chris Da Lemon 2 kun oldin
Do Nana Boyle’s Meetball sub from Brooklyn nine nine
Caleb Nunez
Caleb Nunez 2 kun oldin
Hey you should do the spongebob sandwich the Jack M Crazyfish the one spongebob spills on his face and has a black eye
Anti Gravity
Anti Gravity 2 kun oldin
Ron's birthday meal from parks and rec
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
Eel from rush hour
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
Southwest shrimp nachos
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
Weird food hacks
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
That dish from desperado that Johnny Depp had
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
Those alien chicken poppers from Futurama
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
The burrito from Kim possible
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
The second ine
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
Dinner from Carlito’s way
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
The burgers from good burger and from better off dead
Sarah Holiday
Sarah Holiday 2 kun oldin
you should recreate the family dinner from shrek2
James Scott
James Scott 2 kun oldin
Dinner from shrek
Taylor Gibbons
Taylor Gibbons 2 kun oldin
Mustard and ketchup? Why not barbecue sauce?
Space Cadet
Space Cadet 2 kun oldin
Babish This the perfect time to bring up The bbq sauce from plant terror. So dam good you can drink it
v2Keyzon boi
v2Keyzon boi 2 kun oldin
Does your "Binging with Babish" voice speak in your head while you cook?? Lol! something I've always wondered.
Dylan W
Dylan W 2 kun oldin
You should try the Potage le Magnifique from Skyrim
VongolaThunderRing 2 kun oldin
can you do something from Good Burger please? like a good burger vs a mondo burger and ed's sauce
Jon DonWon
Jon DonWon 2 kun oldin
Can you do an episode for easy pressure cooker meals?
Mary Ann Jan
Mary Ann Jan 2 kun oldin
“THE SAUCE” from New Girl made by Nick Miller. It’s featured in Season 4, Episode 17. Pleasseeeee make it!!
Martin marty
Martin marty 2 kun oldin
always great watching your videos funny and also so informative 👍🤣✌️
I Knew it
I Knew it 2 kun oldin
Where is your kitchen? Is it in your house or do you have a workshop
Angus Wallace
Angus Wallace 2 kun oldin
He should make the trippa snipper from the big lez show
finnahdawinnah 2 kun oldin
i been out here flipppin packs and my man got a champagne daytona from flippin burgers.... somewhere I fucked up.
Anim1013 2 kun oldin
Why not make Haru's Stew from My Roommate is a Cat?
Leanne Chambers
Leanne Chambers 2 kun oldin
Can you make the herring pot pie from Kiki’s delivery service?
Lesha the Gemini
Lesha the Gemini 2 kun oldin
Tickle my coochie with your beard
Uh Ye
Uh Ye 2 kun oldin
Wrong meat. Think smaller. Think more legs
Caleb Schmidt
Caleb Schmidt 2 kun oldin
Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec) Turkey Leg inside of a hamburger.
Fredenator 2 kun oldin
Yo babs. Try making the final meal from monster hunter world. Its unreal and I think you could make it work.
Bat 4 soat oldin
He usually doesn't do such complicated dishes.
literally dying
literally dying 2 kun oldin
do Ed's Sauce from Good Burger
TheZprogram 2 kun oldin
Just discovered Binging with Babish and all I have to say is Feast of Fiction is dead to me
Natalia Rosinska
Natalia Rosinska 2 kun oldin
Yoooooo Babish!! Love watching your vids! Could u maybe make a VEGAN recipe? Would love to see this😁
MethHeadRedNeck 2 kun oldin
This was te(rib)ble
Leah-Ann Walmsley-Pledl
Can you make the famous 'LadyBoy' from Alan Partridge?
Dan The Man
Dan The Man 2 kun oldin
Could you cook steamed hams?
Pilot Jones
Pilot Jones 2 kun oldin
Make squid ink spaghetti from Invade! Ink Girl!
XSander Wolfgang
XSander Wolfgang 2 kun oldin
Can you do flippies from loud house
Eric Spitler
Eric Spitler 2 kun oldin
sounds like a yummy $200 sandwich
UndyingLegend 2 kun oldin
Create a b**** lasagna recipe
Robocow 186
Robocow 186 2 kun oldin
Worshiferser sauce IS one of the best out there.
RMJ1984 2 kun oldin
Please consider using something else. instead of the single use plastic for the ribs..
Ryan Foster
Ryan Foster 2 kun oldin
Do some foods from kingdom hearts 3 please
Pop talk
Pop talk 2 kun oldin
Make the Mississippi Queen from regular show!!!
ImDragonized 2 kun oldin
You should make Popplers from futureama
Justin Miller
Justin Miller 2 kun oldin
Episode suggestion: Meemaw's brisket from Young Sheldon.
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