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BwB turns 3 this weekend, so it seemed only fitting to take a crack at one of longest and most hotly-requested dishes in the show's history: spaghetti tacos. I was always hesitant to try, as double-carbing gives me the heebie-jeebies, but I think we've got a satisfying conclusion to man's lifelong journey of incorporating pasta in tacos.
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5-Fev, 2019

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paddington the bear
paddington the bear 12 soat oldin
Assolutamente No😷🤢
Deaddy Fazpool
Deaddy Fazpool 13 soat oldin
cup of Joe
cup of Joe 17 soat oldin
Make the bean curd puffs from Avatar last air bender. Not the live action one, the real one
Yer Da
Yer Da 19 soat oldin
Make milk steak
TheGmodMagician 20 soat oldin
To spaghetti pizza from 2010s Scooby-Doo
Man Del
Man Del 21 soat oldin
Love your sauce recipe. Simple, fast and no sugar or salt. Thank you.
Cesar Salad
Cesar Salad 22 soat oldin
Do the “King Size Ultra Krabby Supreme”
George Hilliard
George Hilliard Kun oldin
Please collab with you suck at cooking one day
Jesy 03
Jesy 03 Kun oldin
Eso no es un verdadero taco!!!! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Jack Martinez
Jack Martinez Kun oldin
This is the best ASMR
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Kun oldin
I really appreciate the condensed pace of your videos. The tight editing really keeps you paying close attention!
Makai Kun oldin
1950: I bet you there’s gonna be flying cars in the future 2019: How to make spaghetti tacos
amelia J
amelia J Kun oldin
Can you please do The Soup from Ratatouille?
Yasmine Adr
Yasmine Adr Kun oldin
Omg I thought about Spaghetti tacos last week and started craving them so bad!! Your recipe looks amazing!!
Christie b
Christie b Kun oldin
Babish, my spaghetti sauce came out light reddish brown. It never looks deep red like yours. What am I doing wrong?
Luke Scott
Luke Scott Kun oldin
God that show is so cringey in hindsight
Juliet Mosby
Juliet Mosby 2 kun oldin
Carbs on top of carbs...... yum my favorite, give me all the carbs
eaterofgrayons 2 kun oldin
Do Liver with Fava beans and Chianti from silence of the lambs
Burhan Qerimi
Burhan Qerimi 2 kun oldin
Meat is costly though
Johnathan miller
Johnathan miller 2 kun oldin
Please make foods from the anime food wars!
malevolentmoron 2 kun oldin
Turn it into a Schneider special by throwing in some *underage girls*
Panzer 2 kun oldin
make pickle bread
Hamza Zahurullah
Hamza Zahurullah 2 kun oldin
As soon as I saw him break out the grater, I knew what was coming. I’m away for college right now, but as soon as I’m home, I’m making the improved spaghetti tacos. Never have I agreed with one of Andrew’s ideas so quickly.
Kath Ish
Kath Ish 2 kun oldin
I didn’t think you were going to improve upon it, but youre an absolute visionary babe oh my god
Casey Snell
Casey Snell 2 kun oldin
The breakfast from "My Cousin Vinny", an excuse to make grits
Sully 2 kun oldin
About a month after that episode aired, my sisters and I begged my dad to make these. He did make them with us, only with spaghetti and a taco shell. they were really good, and it’s been a really wholesome memory from when i was 6. good times :)
RL Brown
RL Brown 2 kun oldin
Throw some Fritos into your next plate of spaghetti tell me you don't like it
Vortex Studios
Vortex Studios 2 kun oldin
Shea Martin
Shea Martin 2 kun oldin
Exactly what we’ve been waiting for
Em Boy
Em Boy 3 kun oldin
You funky white honkies eat anything
Brandon Drew
Brandon Drew 3 kun oldin
Idiotic unhealthy and ridicules, perfect for Americans!
Ashlynn Ricciardi
Ashlynn Ricciardi 3 kun oldin
Make Krabby patties
julia i
julia i 3 kun oldin
please do coconut cream pie from icarly!!
Waheed Abdullah
Waheed Abdullah 3 kun oldin
Make Lisa's Gazpacho from The Simpsons episode, Lisa the Vegetarian
Tanya's Food Affairs
I love it! looks reeealllyyy good!!!! you too by the way :)
Dino Jai
Dino Jai 3 kun oldin
Jordan Davies
Jordan Davies 3 kun oldin
What kinda of watch is that🤔
Ethan Slater
Ethan Slater 3 kun oldin
How about making Fraisers signature sauce?
Babish what did you do with my Spaghetti Tacos?
Yo 3 kun oldin
Needs more _F E E T_
Paolo Calapatia
Paolo Calapatia 3 kun oldin
If you can: Tarte Aux Fruits from Kingdom Hearts 3 that has Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Blood Orange, Banana, Grapes, Melon, and Watermelon
Goskp 3 kun oldin
AvenRox 3 kun oldin
Oh my God I'm so hungry
Kristin Higgins
Kristin Higgins 3 kun oldin
evyoz 3 kun oldin
whoever is his gf or wife is fucking lucky y’all seeing this??? Cooking skills & hot voice🥵damn
Mollie 3 kun oldin
I never imagined I could want a spaghetti taco before the moment that cheese became the shell
Kushal Lakhan
Kushal Lakhan 3 kun oldin
That final bite made me recoil in jealousy
tf ?
tf ? 3 kun oldin
this really reminds me of carlys brother making spaghetti tacos
I’m new
I’m new 3 kun oldin
I just wanna fuck Demi Lovato 🤷‍♂️
i am a disappointment
why do you sound like the king of random
Dan Lannister
Dan Lannister 3 kun oldin
I have to admit your use of the Parmesan crisp as a taco shell wasn’t something I really expected. I’ll definitely pitch that idea to my friend from college who’s trying to cut carbs.
anon nico
anon nico 4 kun oldin
you stand like a danganronpa character man
Prime Ordi
Prime Ordi 4 kun oldin
*screeches in taco*
Yanai Weiss
Yanai Weiss 4 kun oldin
Thornberry770 4 kun oldin
I had a spaghetti taco a long time ago
game84cube 4 kun oldin
There! He made the damn tacos. Ask for something else now
Orio Cohen
Orio Cohen 4 kun oldin
This was long overdue
David Disbrow
David Disbrow 4 kun oldin
I have been making spaghetti tacos 4 years I fry leftover spaghetti with spicy sausage fried corn tortilla shells some cheese some hot sauce yummy. It's a great crossover food italiano meats mexicano
darkySp 4 kun oldin
Is it gluten-free ?
HawkinsGaming H20
HawkinsGaming H20 4 kun oldin
I wanted to eat this shit
What is this
What is this 4 kun oldin
Hentercenter 4 kun oldin
So iCarly gets their own custom shells, but you couldn't even bother to make meat for Ron's naco from Kim Possible?
Harry Hall
Harry Hall 4 kun oldin
eggplant burger with chocolate sauce scooby doo movie
Liam Matthews
Liam Matthews 4 kun oldin
You should do the Sadistic Parfait from Blend-S
TaPe BaPe
TaPe BaPe 4 kun oldin
*Gordon Ramsay wants to know your location*
Square Root Of Tree
The best burger in NY from How i met your mother pleaseeee
Loke Ryan
Loke Ryan 4 kun oldin
do captain holt's croque madame from brooklyn 99
Zen Luff
Zen Luff 4 kun oldin
Try making the trippa snippa from the big lez show
marylandlax3 4 kun oldin
Please just find some medium that makes Reuben’s, would love to see your take on that
darkim1777 4 kun oldin
Still waiting for you to use an anime reference food like cooking master boy, yakitate japan or shokugeki no souma!
ZeroHour 4 kun oldin
I know it's a bit late for this but can you try out figgy pudding at some point?
Kyler Hearn
Kyler Hearn 4 kun oldin
Have you thought about making the Sweet Potato Pie from IRobot? Something about that grandma style cooking had me craving it
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia 4 kun oldin
0:22 "mom said its my turn to use the xbox"😂
Kristy Hopkins
Kristy Hopkins 4 kun oldin
Sea salt ice cream from kingdom hearts! :o
XXX Despacito
XXX Despacito 4 kun oldin
Please make the eyeball Martini from Shrek
whau 4 kun oldin
The RGA001
The RGA001 4 kun oldin
Can you make Misato's curry with ramen noodles from Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 5. Also, make sure to put the curry *IN* the noodles like Misato does.
Sierra Rogan
Sierra Rogan 4 kun oldin
Okay but Mystic Pizza from the movie, Mystic Pizza.
Sadia M
Sadia M 4 kun oldin
The Sauce from New Girl!
Ciana Malchione
Ciana Malchione 4 kun oldin
Not sure if you do drinks but you should do Beyoncé’s Lemonade recipe (from the beginning of “All Night”).
Ayesha C
Ayesha C 4 kun oldin
Ian Welborn
Ian Welborn 4 kun oldin
yo do a trailer park boys themed episode‼️
BecomingFlawless 4 kun oldin
Its Mardi Gras time down here in New Orleans and you should make a king cake please! Traditional Cinnamon with plastic baby and all
[Usernotdeleted] 4 kun oldin
It looks disgusting
Toaster Bath
Toaster Bath 4 kun oldin
can you do the beaver tails from stoked?
Jason M
Jason M 4 kun oldin
How about a parks and rec episode with either: the meat tornado burrito, the swanson, a paunch burger, bens calzone, or toms snake?
June Reed
June Reed 4 kun oldin
PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE MAKE SOMETHING FROM KAKURIYO- BED AND BREAKFAST FOR SPIRITS 💖💖💖💖 if you did, I like the shaved ice from episode 12, the fruit cream and bean paste one. You've never done shaved ice and it seems complicated yet simple.
Avery Jolliffe
Avery Jolliffe 4 kun oldin
Soft shell spaghetti tacos are the best
X X 5 kun oldin
Hey, how about some Klingon food from ST:TNG, like Gagh and pipius claw and Racht?
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson 5 kun oldin
Make the everything burrito from Adventure Time
Mystogan9615 5 kun oldin
Make the soup that Po made in king fu panda
charronfilms 5 kun oldin
Please make Mac and Dennis from It's Always Sunny (mac and cheese with dog meat).
Elijah Beyer
Elijah Beyer 5 kun oldin
A couple of things, can you do a video on green curry, and what is the meaning of the tattoo on your right forearm.
Stone Snodgrass
Stone Snodgrass 5 kun oldin
Please do Harold’s deep fried burger on a stick from Sponge Bob!
Alex Talluto
Alex Talluto 5 kun oldin
A great alternative (and gluten free but you can’t tell) to making breadcrumbs is crush up some Rice Krispies. My mom does it and it is GREAT
Chingon Carrillo
Chingon Carrillo 5 kun oldin
Dumplings from Kung Fu Panda should be next
god is here
god is here 5 kun oldin
4:20 I remember you making this on your first video
SenorRu 5 kun oldin
Would you consider 'Alibert's Gobball Stew' from the first episode of Wakfu? It's been done before by Fiction-Food but maybe there's something you can explore on.
QuarterOaSeel 5 kun oldin
Anything from Phineas & Ferb? All the food is good, but I would like to see the doofenshmirtz family meatloaf recipe.
kat Marie
kat Marie 5 kun oldin
@grovatbu mentioned Muriel's happy plums for courage the cowardly dog, and I think thats a great idea.
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