BLEEDING MEATLESS BURGER - Impossible Burger | College Kids Vs. Food

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Impossible burger tried by college kids!
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College Kids try the Impossible burger! Watch to see their reaction!
Featured College Kids in this episode:
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People vs. Food #127 - BLEEDING MEATLESS BURGER - Impossible Burger | College Kids Vs. Food




24-May, 2018



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REACT 10 oy oldin
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XAsra Love
XAsra Love 9 oy oldin
Dansty22 9 oy oldin
React to Nerdout! please uzvid.com/show-UCMvETSFFkMOADyrGBj3gbWA
Khairuddin Ahmad
Khairuddin Ahmad 9 oy oldin
Hey try some ''Nasi Lemak Burger'' it so good 😋
Sirena Hart
Sirena Hart 10 oy oldin
Please do Teens or Kids REACT to Miraculous Ladybug or Akidearest Or Another Try Not to Sing but with anime openings(include Inuyasha please)
Bleach Cocktails
Bleach Cocktails 10 oy oldin
Christine L
Christine L 9 oy oldin
grass vibes....... ookkk
Leonell Cawayan
Leonell Cawayan 9 oy oldin
Dammit. It's 1:30 and I want a burger. 😒
Luis GO V
Luis GO V 9 oy oldin
Veganism is inevitable if we still want to live in this planet .
commissariorex 9 oy oldin
I want it now. So hungry!
Steph Hulme
Steph Hulme 9 oy oldin
They have these at Wahlburgers
Michael 9 oy oldin
Bleeding Meatless Burger brought to you by Peta
New World Order Burger
YK Gaming
YK Gaming 9 oy oldin
DARIUS knows how to eat a burger
Robbie Gabito
Robbie Gabito 9 oy oldin
as long as you bite with all the ingredients in it i dont see how anyone was eating it wrong
Diogo Silva
Diogo Silva 9 oy oldin
That's Ethan. Darius wasn't on this episode.
TreyZept 9 oy oldin
who that
Rachna Balani
Rachna Balani 9 oy oldin
Please do a react on “girls like you” by Maroon5 ft. Adam Levine
Lauri Rivero
Lauri Rivero 9 oy oldin
Do adults react to sean lew
Carol Escate
Carol Escate 9 oy oldin
Can you, guys, do a Spanish food Challenge?
Liva Oline Malig Ømand
Can u guys do a (kids react to danish food)plzz
Swiccie xX
Swiccie xX 9 oy oldin
You should do try not to sing Michael Jackson
Artavious TV
Artavious TV 9 oy oldin
TGI Friday’s Beyond Meat Burger is friggin delicious 😘👌🏾
Shaun Dreclin
Shaun Dreclin 9 oy oldin
Sounds great, how much does it cost for the consumer? Does it actually taste and feel the same as beef, or does it taste and feel "like" beef? I'm gonna guess "Expensive" and "No".
Robbie Gabito
Robbie Gabito 9 oy oldin
its actually cheaper than the burger i buy and the taste is good enough for me and it feels good that im not killing any animal for what i eat
RyuujinLetum 9 oy oldin
give me my medium rare burger or steak lol
Justin K
Justin K 9 oy oldin
I don’t respect vegans
Nejat6 9 oy oldin
I only eat my food fully cooked lol 😂
I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa
Sarenyti McCullough Same.
Simple User
Simple User 9 oy oldin
Anymore question?
Acid Atlas let me break it all the way down for you all the way brown
Simple User
Simple User 9 oy oldin
Fully cooked? Tha burger is fully cooked, dummy.
Acid Atlas anymore questions
binkotsu 9 oy oldin
since I am allergic to potatoes impossible to live eating this burger
Leah Dodd
Leah Dodd 9 oy oldin
The name of the burger just contradicts itself! XD "BLEEDING" "MEATLESS" XD How does one who doesn't have flesh, or "meat", bleed? XD
Flame 9 oy oldin
Rainbow cake 72
Rainbow cake 72 9 oy oldin
They should react to Jenna marbles dogs like if you agree
Psychobunny 9 oy oldin
You are telling me, that they dont see how odd the meat looks in this burger, jsut look at 0:40, it looks hella odd
Sol Cairet
Sol Cairet 9 oy oldin
React to I like it
moonce flores
moonce flores 9 oy oldin
Get Them to try beef liver😆 not everyone likes it but I
abdalla abuarja
abdalla abuarja 9 oy oldin
we need more food. try arabic food
Theveganflower 9 oy oldin
Haha i love how vegan burgers are "scary" P.s the beyond burger is basically this... It's so good my family didnt even notice i fed them all vegan burgers (in a cook out) muahahaha
shadelings 9 oy oldin
The Beyond burger smells and tastes like dog food. It's so gross.
Theveganflower 9 oy oldin
Eden Blue not really my family doesnt play nice... I cooked them like youd cook a burger... Added a few things like liquid smoke. Not too hard to be honest
I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa
Theveganflower Ugh, they probably hated it but said nice things just to be polite. There is no way in hell that you can’t tell the difference.
You... you evil person. *pulls out sword* En garde
Ryocko 9 oy oldin
I tried both those vegan burgers i like boca but something in pure beef patty is just so much tastier in my opinion. *i cant go full vegan or vegetarian health problems hemo, iron and protien defeciant cuz of my anemia* Also what you did sounds kool xD feeding people vegan food and they haven't noticed is a big A plus in my book yo
Naomie Rioux
Naomie Rioux 9 oy oldin
Ramon Giron
Ramon Giron 9 oy oldin
React to Super Hero Bowl and Super Villain Bowl
CarolEscobarGt 9 oy oldin
I looove how they don't trust anything "too normal" jajajaja
lnsomnolence 9 oy oldin
So in other words it's an expensive burger?
Simple User
Simple User 9 oy oldin
No, try looking the price for this and it depends on your country. In some countries other then America, Canada and the UK it probably will be expensive.
Sheri 9 oy oldin
I'm having a veggie burger right now.
vespur 9 oy oldin
issa borger?
Klion 9 oy oldin
oG Perceptixns
oG Perceptixns 9 oy oldin
React to CDNthe3rd
fuck me
fuck me 9 oy oldin
They dont react to gamers
Spellcaster86 9 oy oldin
What company is it? I want to start investing.
Simple User
Simple User 9 oy oldin
Why do you comment? You can do it faster by just searching on Google
Nicolas Esquivel
Nicolas Esquivel 9 oy oldin
Lemme Say : BRITTANY IS BAE 😍😍😍😍😍
Sofia Tennemar
Sofia Tennemar 9 oy oldin
Try swedish snacks/candy
Casey Mcilan
Casey Mcilan 9 oy oldin
My restaurant is serving this as a vegetarian option.
Parag Lokhande
Parag Lokhande 9 oy oldin
Casey Mcilan wow!
DollHouse Cookie7u7
Tryyy Argentinian food!!
unCYNsored 9 oy oldin
taste good but I don't trust it
Matt Lee
Matt Lee 9 oy oldin
Rien Lightning
Rien Lightning 9 oy oldin
Rien Lightning
Rien Lightning 9 oy oldin
Its a quote from a MOVIE!
Lil Larsson
Lil Larsson 9 oy oldin
They should try some Dutch snacks next
Lauren lucas-baynes
No thank you
Simple User
Simple User 9 oy oldin
From Lauren spelling, she maybe a young teen
Lathan 9 oy oldin
it’s not even real meat?? how can it be raw lmao
Lauren lucas-baynes
NO THAT’S WONG! It’s raw
w0ng™ 9 oy oldin
Lauren lucas-baynes Why?
Leiser 9 oy oldin
_______ react to Twin Peaks (Original Series, FWWM, Missing Pieces, Season 3)
Stormhawk 427
Stormhawk 427 9 oy oldin
vitro meat that is all
Denial men
Denial men 9 oy oldin
Don't be vegans
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Denial men No, do be.
Jonah John
Jonah John 9 oy oldin
waiting for the flack to come back at me but as someone who has dealt with dieting due to hereditary disease etc... there is no substitute for meat protein. While vegetable protein does contain the same amino acids, the percentages are different and this means you have to eat far more to get the needed levels. eventually you will feel the effects of not eating meat. the vegan trend has actually shown this if you check on people who have been doing it for several years. the key issues are iron deficiency, b-12 deficiency, not enough essential amino acids, insufficient omega-3 levels. you dont have to eat a lot. and it doesnt need to be red meat. but eating poultry and fish and occasionally some red meat along with plenty of vegetables, nuts, and grains is a better diet and one that doesnt require supplements. also an amendment. i read several articles that have said it is possible to gain all the needed nutrients in a vegan diet. However, the article pointed out that you need a vast knowledge of the diet and have to be extremely strict in order to do it properly. most people arent
Maria Nicole Zanoria Baldelovar
I had iron and B-12 deficiency when I wasn't vegan but all of that went away once I did. You can easily buy a vitamin B-12 supplement which is better than getting it from an animal. Also I stopped eating red meat for health reasons because it made me sick all the time so I tried going vegan. It's been better for me health wise in all aspects.
icturner23 9 oy oldin
I’ve been vegan since 1995 and I’m perfectly healthy. I’ve never been off sick from any job. I have started taking a B12 supplement in the past two years, but farmed animals are also supplemented with it because cruel modern methods mean that the levels are not naturally Hugh enough anyway. Most breakfast cereals are also fortified because non-vegans don’t get enough vitamins from their diet.
Kelsey Doyle
Kelsey Doyle 9 oy oldin
Jonah John you do NOT have to be extremely strict but okay 👌🏻 lmao. Just eat plenty of greens, plenty of beans and you’ll be FINE
Muhammad Rahadiansyah
Lmao no offense, but that asian girl with green hat actually looks like a bum
you Han
you Han 9 oy oldin
1:55 this is how I eat my burger
Natalya 9 oy oldin
Were one step closer to creating live humans in a lab... Lol.
Yesika Narvaez
Yesika Narvaez 9 oy oldin
That's not actually blood
Nitewulf 9 oy oldin
Yesika Narvaez Technically it is. Its made out of heam. Blood cells are also made out of heam.
Mini Mohamed
Mini Mohamed 9 oy oldin
try not eat challenge #3
Eduardo 9 oy oldin
The impossible burger from Bareburger is Amazing !! You guys have to try it
Shaun Cadbury
Shaun Cadbury 9 oy oldin
Teens or adults should react to the game “Detroit Become Human”
Christina Torres
Christina Torres 9 oy oldin
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Christina Torres What’s gross about it?
gaiaadams 9 oy oldin
Might be a little long of a vid but teens/adults react to Cowspiracy! this is such a good movie and very very important for people to watch!!! :) ps. love you guys and all the work you do
Yosra Hamza
Yosra Hamza 9 oy oldin
Please react to Mr. President zein video uzvid.com/video/video-JIJB7cv97Dg.html
Couch gaming news
Ughhhhh vegens
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Couch gaming news Feeling guilty, are you? Understandable.
Micha's Zone
Micha's Zone 9 oy oldin
Please try food from Lebanon 🇱🇧 if you can !
Fatchoi 27
Fatchoi 27 9 oy oldin
God Said To Noah To Eat Meat And God Hasn't Said We Cant Yet.
Fatchoi 27
Fatchoi 27 9 oy oldin
i could never go vegan
JedMesa 9 oy oldin
icturner23 I like how you assume its out of selfishness. Says a lot more than he did.
KibbityKabbit2 9 oy oldin
I said the same thing & here I am a year later. It’s not for everyone & I don’t expect every person on earth to be vegan. But if at least 30-40% of the world’s population was? That would easily turn around so much of the harmful effects factory farming does to our environment.
Fatchoi 27
Fatchoi 27 9 oy oldin
icturner23 I Could Become A Vegetation But Not A Vegan I Need Real Milk & Cheese.
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Of course you could. You are just choosing not to out of selfishness.
Couch gaming news
Fatchoi 27 me either bud meat is a treat
Casey S
Casey S 9 oy oldin
Oivatank 9 oy oldin
“Grow meat.”
Oivatank 9 oy oldin
EbyKat yum.
EbyKat 9 oy oldin
Oivatank yeah. It’s a thing.
Marian M.
Marian M. 10 oy oldin
Please React to "Michael in the bathroom"
Steve Black
Steve Black 10 oy oldin
lmao not the result they wanted, they hoped everyone would think it tastes just like meat, nope. Sorry but these people didn't lie for you. Yeah it might take up less land space to produce, but it probably costs 6 times the amount of a normal beef burger, which also tastes far better.
icturner23 9 oy oldin
It was obvious to them from the context that there had to be a twist, and it’s a famous product, so some of them hammed us their fantasy of being a caveman or a lion. And it’s not obvious they wanted everyone to think anything: they always want a mix.
Brianna morgan
Brianna morgan 9 oy oldin
Steve Black i’ve actually bought them before and two patties cost around $5 if i remember correctly!! also you can’t say which “tastes far better” considering you’ve never tried it 🤔🤔 and also i think saving the earth/animals lives is more important than what costs more and what tastes better but go on u seem mad lmao
Hunter4day 10 oy oldin
big thing I didn't hear was the price range of these burgers... which would be the main aspect of whether i would think of substituting any meats with impossible meat
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Yeah, why think about the planet when you can save yourself a few cents?
Sheree Clegg
Sheree Clegg 10 oy oldin
It’s Missing beetroot
Neon Pink Productions
I remember this burger from Shane Dawson when he tried the vegan challange.
Veukon 10 oy oldin
Kaelyn is back!
Hexcull - YT
Hexcull - YT 10 oy oldin
I kept on rewinding the first like 3 seconds 😂😂
Manny 10 oy oldin
I'm watching this as I'm eating a rack of ribs lol
icturner23 9 oy oldin
So many psychos here.
Avinash Tyagi
Avinash Tyagi 10 oy oldin
Manny Keep on destroying the environment man
Khalifa G.
Khalifa G. 10 oy oldin
Make a react video to this video.. it's an important thing that's happening around us and not a lot of people know about it. uzvid.com/video/video-JIJB7cv97Dg.html
Ash V
Ash V 10 oy oldin
Grass vibes
William McCain
William McCain 10 oy oldin
Tim Durden
Tim Durden 10 oy oldin
I find the beyond burger to be even better. Let's have a part two!
Maria Nicole Zanoria Baldelovar
I haven't tried this one but the beyond burger is sooooo good yesss
Tim Durden
Tim Durden 10 oy oldin
Loaded with some sauteed onions and mushrooms, Chao cheese, tempeh bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, ketchup, mustard and a toasted bun...
ItsYazsi3 10 oy oldin
Tim Durden Yesss
Above In Shadow
Above In Shadow 10 oy oldin
It's more expensive than a regular burger and you are not getting the meat proteins and vitamins like B12. Very low B12 intakes can cause anemia and nervous system damage.
Above In Shadow
Above In Shadow 9 oy oldin
@Brianna Morgan Good for you if you are 'healthy' but vegans do need those vitamins. You are just mad at the facts, kid..
Couch gaming news
Ughhhh vegens Bla bla blah no meat But chicken is fine ?????
Brianna morgan
Brianna morgan 9 oy oldin
Above In Shadow vegetarian here for almost four years now!!!! anemia and nervous system damage free also ((-: i don’t think he’s in denial and it’s funny ur spewing that at him just bc ur mad at people who do more for the earth than u do ://
Above In Shadow
Above In Shadow 10 oy oldin
@ Avinash Tyagi And why do you feel de need to add a denial culture phrase? Let me guess, you are vegan.
Avinash Tyagi
Avinash Tyagi 10 oy oldin
Above In Shadow You do realize B12 deficiency is as common in meat eaters as it is in vegans right?
G A 10 oy oldin
Vegan world!
Vegan Jeffrey
Vegan Jeffrey 10 oy oldin
李誠濬 I'm vegan! Yeah!
Alex stewie
Alex stewie 10 oy oldin
Does it have the same nutritional value. Like the same amount of protein and vitamins that real beef has? And are they only making burgers or do they have steak or pork flavored foods ?
Maria Nicole Zanoria Baldelovar
This one actually has more protein than a regular beef patty.
GWB Plays
GWB Plays 9 oy oldin
It has literally none of the meat proteins. That's the point. This has 20g of protein, whereas a regular beef burger has about 13g.
Nitewulf 10 oy oldin
No it does not have anywhere near the right levels of meat protein and vitamins.
Greg Swaney
Greg Swaney 10 oy oldin
And only $4 more per burger...wow...where can I sign up?!
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Greg Swaney So because it will still be here it’s all right to damage it drastically? You meatheads crack me up.
Greg Swaney
Greg Swaney 9 oy oldin
icturner23 yeah cause a few pennies = $4 ...and you mean that planet that's been here long before us and will be here long after we're gone. Good point.
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Yeah, who cares about the planet, eh, when you might be able to save a few pennies?
Greg Swaney
Greg Swaney 10 oy oldin
Right, I understand how the economy works.
Avinash Tyagi
Avinash Tyagi 10 oy oldin
Greg Swaney It's economies of scale, price will drop as more gets produced
Gamer_Shrimp 88
Gamer_Shrimp 88 10 oy oldin
Burgersssss xD
jin 10 oy oldin
So does this burger contain iron since it has heam?
Guy Grasso
Guy Grasso 10 oy oldin
Kids react to Oliver & Co. and Aristocats 😁 ( comment this too if you want it to happen, plz )
Just Your Everyday Berserker Head Nurse Passing By
*I can't believe its not meat PTSD kicks in*
Joey Fartstrong 🕺💨
Grass vibes 🌿
Lil RE
Lil RE 10 oy oldin
a vegan burger?
Ahnthoa 10 oy oldin
icturner23 9 oy oldin
You must be really proud of being so close-minded.
Avinash Tyagi
Avinash Tyagi 10 oy oldin
CockLesnar It does bleed
Alex Delk
Alex Delk 10 oy oldin
If it passes enough then Ill try it ^-^.
Gerardo Leyba
Gerardo Leyba 10 oy oldin
My bby girl kaelyn back???😍
LegitTriggered 10 oy oldin
*B* *O* *N* *E* *L* *E* *S* *S*
señor chief
señor chief 10 oy oldin
I am allergic to avocados.
BlackPiano 10 oy oldin
Eat BROWN BREAD (B&am Bread in the Can)
I love watching people vs food especially when they make me really hungry
Super Sailor Nate
Super Sailor Nate 10 oy oldin
As a vegetarian I can really get behind this, and this is something I would really like to try
icturner23 9 oy oldin
Super Sailor Nate Vegetarianism is the same as eating meat. Go vegan.
hazelnut8135 10 oy oldin
Consider a part 2 with the Beyond Meat burger or Beyond Sausage
Rowda Abd
Rowda Abd 10 oy oldin
React to this m.uzvid.com/video/video-JIJB7cv97Dg.html
Tempus 10 oy oldin
_Can I get uhh... _*_MEATLESS BURGER?_*
Sirmentalgen 10 oy oldin
The Impossible Burger ® is a fantastic concept and should be placed as an option everywhere, but beef s beef. There is just something about it that makes it better than any substitute, weather that be the smell, texture, juiciness, and/or added spices.
NemoUmbra 10 oy oldin
I want to see them try "Bat Wing" chicken wings...just google it. its the first couple of items
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