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These dogs may seem different to us, but that didn't stop them from never giving up and living their best life. To keep up with these five dogs see the description below:
Blind And Deaf Rescue Dog Doesn't Know She's Any Different
For more of Pearl and her adventures, check her out on Instagram: thedo.do/pearlthepuppy. Special thanks to Lauren for sharing this amazing story with us! If you’d like to share your awesome animal videos with us, you can submit them here: thedo.do/submit.
Sweet Dog Who Was Hit By A Car Has No Idea He's Any Different
For more of this sweet pup and his adventures, you can check him out on Instagram: thedo.do/brodie.
Stray Dog Found On The Streets Of India Gets New Life On A Farm
For more of Indy now living her best life, check her out on Instagram: thedo.do/indywheels.
This Little Dog Hops Like A Kangaroo
For more of Nessie, you can check her out on Instagram: thedo.do/nessie.
Blind Terrier Is So Happy Despite Everything He's Been Through
You can follow the fearless Cisco on Instagram: thedo.do/cisco.

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Kawy Thowy
Kawy Thowy Kun oldin
You are a sweet little girl and we love you. You keep up the good work and take good care of your new family ok. They need you.😊oh oh and ugh they told me..they love you too. All beautiful stories. One not better than the other. All wonderful stories. Thank you great people. Your all truly special. God bless you.
LPS Ireland
LPS Ireland 3 kun oldin
Yamileet Ortiz
Yamileet Ortiz 3 kun oldin
Those 71 dislikes are mad people not having the dog
Kitty cookie Ice cream
😭🤧do inspiring 🤧😭
austihh !
austihh ! 7 kun oldin
The same thing as brodie happened to my dog egzactly
MarvelousSandstone 10 kun oldin
My cat isn't blind but still bumps into stuff because he is just clumsy so I don't think having a blind animal isn't that much different really. You can learn to deal with that just as those animals can.
Christian Aceves
Christian Aceves 10 kun oldin
Vets and people with missing limbs should meet these beautiful animals
Christian Aceves
Christian Aceves 10 kun oldin
Dam shes like daredevil I can't tell she Is blind or deaf dogs are amazing
Edward Mccoy
Edward Mccoy 10 kun oldin
There is no stopping God's grace.
Romita Roy
Romita Roy 11 kun oldin
Who the hell kept this innocent 😇 dog 🐶 😡😡😡😡😡
gael crane
gael crane 12 kun oldin
I love owners like!!!! this
The master Snow29only
Uta Chan
Uta Chan 15 kun oldin
when you love dodo but also they are your enemies because ... they make you cry
Riley Scanlon
Riley Scanlon 18 kun oldin
omg this was so cute i loves this just made my morning!!! thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😃
Ryan Ryan
Ryan Ryan 18 kun oldin
I love all of you .you are amazing people and thank you
chasendash Green
chasendash Green 26 kun oldin
Amazing ! Blind Animals cope better than humans because of their acute sense of smell , well done
joe smoe
joe smoe 28 kun oldin
I bought a baby goat from someone who planned on raising and eating it. It hung out in my yard with my dogs and in the house eventually thought it was a dog it would chase people up and down the fence with the rest of the dogs. It was so funny you really thought he was a dog
Sirita Anderson
Sirita Anderson 29 kun oldin
Yosen B. Mamma
Cataracts? Really? One of the simplest conditions to rectify. If they had taken care of his Cataracts in a timely manner, he, most likely, wouldn't have lost his eyes. Possible denunciation to their Vet if he didn't warn them about what could happen if the Cataracts go untreated. Then again, most likely the Vet did notify these people about the impending health problem, and they just chose to ignore them. If that's the case then denunciations go to these "Rescuers" who are no saviors at all. Shame on them for allowing things to progress so terribly far.
Emma Sanford
Emma Sanford Oy oldin
If you adopt a dog from the shelter you KEEP that dog he or she is FAMILY!
Riana Neagoe
Riana Neagoe Oy oldin
I lllooovvveee her!!!!!!! 😻😍😘
Pikachu Games
Pikachu Games Oy oldin
I think Nessie is a real kangaroo.
Cynthia Ridgeway
You are inspiring! God bless your beautiful hearts! THANK YOU FOR TAKING IN THESE PERFECT CREATURES OF GOD!!
Angie Snow
Angie Snow Oy oldin
What happend I was watching about the dead dog and then it just cuts off into another video now I have no idea how the 1st story ended darn
Sacred Jedi
Sacred Jedi Oy oldin
Beautiful dog dawg
Artic The Artic Fox
Shes so happy i cant tell what makes her diffent
shining whitelight
GachaGirl Eve
GachaGirl Eve Oy oldin
One of my dogs eyes is blind and she is an irish wolfhound she was a hunting dog and her preivious owners could not use her for hunting anymore so we took her in we dont even think of her as partially disabled its so good and she has an amazing spirit thank you for helping these dogs!
Sienna Davis
Sienna Davis Oy oldin
My dogs name is indy
Lasse Lauridsen
Dogs because humans suck!!!
ZackWasHereAndHe TookOverHisSistersChannel
Awwweee! They're so precious ❤❤ Good to know there are still caring people who save animals. ❤💛💚💙💜
David Handy
David Handy Oy oldin
You all are awesome for saving dogs who would not be saved otherwise.
KcPlayz Oy oldin
Mai dude Brodie, fast as hell!
Rick Harrison
Rick Harrison Oy oldin
We need more people like you, you are amaizing
Cathy Kristensen
Adrienne Songs of love
i want all of them
because I can
because I can Oy oldin
I opened my door one day and there was a pitbull on my porch scared me to death I shut the door really fast called my husband while waiting for him to come I slowly opened the door stuck out my hand and he came, I noticed that he had a big cut down the side of his leg someone had been fighting him, I let him in tended to his wounds and we named him Coco best Pitbull ever he was wonderful with the children he was not vicious but he would not let you yell at the children LOL love that dog
johnny Rotten
johnny Rotten Oy oldin
all of them are beautiful in their own ways
Tina Brunet
Tina Brunet Oy oldin
Thank you for adopting this little angel god bless you always
because I can
because I can Oy oldin
because I can
because I can Oy oldin
What 65 self hating haters gave this a thumbs down
johnny Rotten
johnny Rotten Oy oldin
assholes that's who I hate ppl that dislike heart felt feeds about dogs
The_Creeper132 - Puppy
Number 2 (Nessie): Can you imagine all that muscle in her back legs?????? WOW she's strong! Edit: 9:26 SRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE
Jesalyn Stucky
I mean this is amazing and all, but of course the blind and deaf dog doesn't know she's different... she's blind... and deaf.
Find That Music!
That jumpy dog is sooooo adorable...in-fact they all are.
Its Just Topaz
Josheon Zyskowski
She makes her way about with her nose
Iloafchu Oy oldin
That means that they were snuggling
Iloafchu Oy oldin
The second one the dog put his head againest Brodie
Fat Loser
Fat Loser Oy oldin
yeah yeah step in and save the day you wannabe heroes
fuzzy Deedee
fuzzy Deedee Oy oldin
Dragon King Oscurare
These people are amazing. I'm very amazed of the way they take care of a blind and deaf Dog, since for Dogs hearing is essential. Truly amazing Pearl and her family who loves her soo much.
joanne jo
joanne jo Oy oldin
thank you thank you thank you!!!!! amazing woman for helping this dog! !!!!❤❤❤❤
Aldara Nogueiras Cabrera
I never felt so happy and so sad at the same time.
emily shadow
emily shadow Oy oldin
The Brody one made me cry
Why is the Sky Blue?
The Dog is cuteeeeeeeeee! I'm loving!
GRA Gaming
GRA Gaming Oy oldin
Is it bad that I laughed at 4:50?
murphmanin Oy oldin
All dogs want to go everywhere you go if you dont want to bring them anywhere you probably shouldnt have a dog because they will most likely end up hating you anyway
Tilly Too
Tilly Too Oy oldin
10:35.... oh good lord 😳
Tilly Too
Tilly Too Oy oldin
Wonder why Nessie the two legged dog was returned 3 times to the shelter 🤔
Wxnder Land
Wxnder Land Oy oldin
jerry evans
jerry evans Oy oldin
Wow seeing all of you do these wonderful things for these Animals makes me think there is Hope for Mankind yet.
jerry evans
jerry evans Oy oldin
You are an Amazing person, god bless and good things will come to you because when we are good people and help others God always looks out for us.
Kim Lowe
Kim Lowe Oy oldin
Wgat a cutie.
razztazz Oy oldin
What sweet babies. God bless you all. We have a one eyed pitbull. She enjoys life & doesn't let anything get her down. We wouldn't trade her for the world.
Roblox Kid
Roblox Kid Oy oldin
That one dog without 2 its bark sounds like my dog and the one dog after that is a Boston so it reminds me of dead dog 1 like = 1 prayer
Lysette Morgan
😔. but they need 😍 too.
Sasha Colddaughter
The Little doggy that lost its arms looked like a magical dragon to me
lilo x
lilo x Oy oldin
god bless you both
thekrrib Oy oldin
I had a cat that had no eyes (she was dumped at my work, I was working in Animal Care at the time). Smartest cat I have ever known and I've had heaps of cats. The funniest thing was watching her jump onto the couch (she would kinda launch herself) and I had to teach her how big humans are. I re-homed her and miss her very much.
Visakh M.S
Visakh M.S Oy oldin
Tears :)
thequietCalm Oy oldin
While there are bad people who just don't care, there are so many more people that do care. I am very happy that there are people who have the strength to commit to an animal the way they should.
2wheeled Demon
2wheeled Demon 2 oy oldin
This dog found the perfect owner. Great story
Jay Arato
Jay Arato 2 oy oldin
Is this Hellen Keller in dog form?!
Jesper Lamprecht
Jesper Lamprecht 2 oy oldin
How can I help you and Brody?
Lil leo gecko
Lil leo gecko 2 oy oldin
0:13 when your friend tells a stupid joke
Kai Zundell
Kai Zundell 2 oy oldin
My new religion is Nessie mcnubbinism.
gory 2 oy oldin
The blind deaf dog is adorable I rlly like her sad look
Saff G
Saff G 2 oy oldin
The second one is like heck this leg I’m faster without it!
Emily Tolliver
Emily Tolliver 2 oy oldin
I’m glad I’m not the only one that uses the dog “zoomies” word 😂😂
Margo Sepulveda
Margo Sepulveda 2 oy oldin
I love all the stories......thank goodness fur awesome peeps!! What I'm curious about.....is how does vet know a dogs blind?? Or that they are in pain?? Since many / most dogs I've seen severely injured don't cry, yelp, scream out....nothing! I've seen them shot, heads half gone, shot in face, dangling limbs, throats slashed, raped with knives, etc. Plus many vets these days ....I hate to say are incompetent. First thing ALOT say is to put down a pet. If anyone knows? Thanks & Peace!
Margo Sepulveda
Margo Sepulveda 2 oy oldin
Woman!!!!! I LOVE people like you!!! Maxed out card & told people ...."". he's yours!!""....lol....now that's heart!!! I can imagine the damage on legs.....they are sooo long and elegant. Thanks.....peace / love!
Mohamed Khalifa
Mohamed Khalifa 2 oy oldin
Are you sure it's blind
Surandy 2 oy oldin
I click these videos so that I can cry freely
Yane Figueroa
Yane Figueroa 2 oy oldin
Omg every doggo is cute like my heart is melting of cuteness from this doggo :3
blakablaka8586 2 oy oldin
These dogs were blessed by god😊
Plurple4Evs 2 oy oldin
Nessie wins Olympic old medal for hurdles.
Celeste Martinez
Celeste Martinez 2 oy oldin
omg I feel so bad for them. Those people that treat these beautiful creatures should go to jail
david macdonald
david macdonald 2 oy oldin
Well done
Jen Dark Energy 384400
Amazing stories. Everyone had me in tears and laughter. These animals and their humans are so special. 💛
Unicorn Randomz
Unicorn Randomz 2 oy oldin
My dog Beefcakes, dont you dare make fun of him 😡 i had to give him up.. Its a lot sadder than youd think..and my chiuaua got hit by a car..That was Ryder....and my other dog had an infection..Miss you Belly 😇❤ R.I.P my babies..
Unicorn Randomz
Unicorn Randomz 2 oy oldin
Awwwe, Nessies so cute :)
Unicorn Randomz
Unicorn Randomz 2 oy oldin
All these dogs are amazing
Sheila Lewis-Lorum
Yahuwah forever
Yahuwah forever 2 oy oldin
She's beautiful!!
Nutan Kulkarni
Nutan Kulkarni 2 oy oldin
Awww she is ssooooo cute never loose her
what's up yaul
what's up yaul 2 oy oldin
Those were such lovely stories. They all brought some joy and happiness to my heart. I love to see when people take care of animals because they can't talk to us verbally but they can show us thru their actions. And those can be just as special as some done by humans.
Aubry Aldrich
Aubry Aldrich 2 oy oldin
I. Your. To. Take care always
Donna Keeley
Donna Keeley 2 oy oldin
Its so inspiring to see people apply the most importand law in the universe... *"Be Kind In All Things!* Our beloved animals teach us so much about humanity. They Live for Love, Kindness and Open Heartedness. Most of all, Forgiveness and did I mention, Love. What a delight to have them in our lives. Thank you Father so very much, that in loving humanity so much that He gave to us, animals.
man z
man z 2 oy oldin
who moves to a farm for a dog also why do people look at pictures of dogs online and just end up buying it because it looks cute
Mae Mitchum
Mae Mitchum 2 oy oldin
In the second clip I would do the exact same thing in that situation