Blind Chicken Wing Taste Test

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We're crowning the Chicken Wing King today in a taste showdown of restaurant chicken wing offerings. GMM #1357
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23-Iyl, 2018



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MemeDream 8 oy oldin
Chicken isnt really a good breakfast, but Im cooking it anyway because of this episode
dacypher22 26 kun oldin
Make a maple BBQ wing sauce and BOOM! You have breakfast wings!
JL Soto
JL Soto 2 oy oldin
MemeDream a
Iliana Webber
Iliana Webber 2 oy oldin
MemeDream but when your gmm anything is breakfast
Matlock Crowl
Matlock Crowl 3 oy oldin
better than cereal
Alexander John Babbage
I guess the Wingstreet wings near me are just better than theirs for some reason. They are really damn good at my local Pizza Hut.
Shadow Ph0eniX
Shadow Ph0eniX 2 kun oldin
You forgot about Outback Steakhouse wings!
henk visser
henk visser 3 kun oldin
How did you test thay the chicken wings where blind? Or did you slaughter some blind chickens?
Julian Wilkerson
Julian Wilkerson 3 kun oldin
Wingstop has no breading
benzmansl65amg 4 kun oldin
Rhett did really well. He knew it was either this or that.
Hank McStash
Hank McStash 5 kun oldin
I enjoyed your video while I ate wings.
Jazz 6 kun oldin
Lol Link, just trying to avert his eyes at Hooters. Bro I've been once and I didn't feel bad looking at all. Those chicks are there for eye candy.
Luis Felix
Luis Felix 6 kun oldin
Aubrey and Milo
Aubrey and Milo 8 kun oldin
I'm sorry but I hate Dominos wings...
Griffinn Z
Griffinn Z 9 kun oldin
Montana’s mild wings are king don’t @ me
ToXc WuLf -KUZX-
ToXc WuLf -KUZX- 10 kun oldin
i personally hate soggy wings. i love crispy wings. if you like crispy wings and live in ohio then you should go to Eli's and order their wings. they are absolutely delicious
Stacie Stuber
Stacie Stuber 11 kun oldin
There's a restaurant in Ghana known for its wings and it's called Lord of the Wings
/ /
/ / 12 kun oldin
yeah they definitely did not choose spicy flavors for all of them and that messed up the rating system because I've had hot wings from wingstreet and it was spicy...
Last name First name
Juicy sauce... why do I find that so funny. Link talk
Penelope Katz
Penelope Katz 13 kun oldin
Season 14 launched on my 18th birthday.
Ansel Santhosh
Ansel Santhosh 14 kun oldin
7:31 is that rhett's eye on the right there?
Hit the Gamer
Hit the Gamer 15 kun oldin
Evry gmm title looks like a advertisment for some reason
Derrick McKeown
Derrick McKeown 15 kun oldin
Anchor bar
Jessica Kóródy
Jessica Kóródy 16 kun oldin
Is Buffalo Wild Wings different in Canada because I find their wings are AWFUL. Pub wings are far better than any of these generic places.
Nelson 17 kun oldin
I hate wing stops fries
Joshua Hebert
Joshua Hebert 17 kun oldin
I hope one day people realize nobody watches ads so they are paying youtubers for nothing.
Amanda Valdez
Amanda Valdez 19 kun oldin
I work at Wingstop and been there for 4 1/2 years and Rhett you are right Wingstop doesn't bread their wings it's just straight skin! :) I am glad you liked it.
Sam Gonzalez
Sam Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
KFC got the best fried chicken tho
Sam Gonzalez
Sam Gonzalez 19 kun oldin
Maybe not the best wings but the best fried chicken
Shā Lager
Shā Lager 19 kun oldin
I feel like you definitely missed the boat by not saying “The Wing King”
Shawn Khatri
Shawn Khatri 22 kun oldin
Nandos from England is the best!
Franchette RJ Zamudio
Dallas bbq not on here is an injustice
Young Crillz
Young Crillz 26 kun oldin
Bww is better than wingstop because of the variety of flavors. Wingstop is the king of hot wings. Not all wings
The Viewer
The Viewer 26 kun oldin
Dominos in iceland is so much better then any other country i have ever had dominos in
Dj Reg
Dj Reg 26 kun oldin
ya forgot apple bees
kels matthews
kels matthews 27 kun oldin
I work at bdubs and if you don't eat them right away they're not as good
Always Anonymous
Always Anonymous 27 kun oldin
*as you can see, we can't* It never gets old!😂🤣😄
john habiniak
john habiniak 28 kun oldin
They should have put a mystery wing in like Walmart
Ion Iancu
Ion Iancu 28 kun oldin
Howto lose weight, find out here >> bit.ly/AfricasBestKeptSecret
Joanna Bratton
How can y’all eat wings without dipping sauce?
ejace81 Oy oldin
As you can see, we can't!
Martin Reyes
Martin Reyes Oy oldin
Thank you for ending the debate on which is better: Wingstop or Buffalo Wild Wings. I was hoping Wingstop would win cause I think they’re amazing and WAY better than BWW
Night Reaper
Night Reaper Oy oldin
U shoud've started with which chicken wing is the chicken wing king
Kyle's Korner
Kyle's Korner Oy oldin
I wonder if Rhett and link ever fight outside of filming episodes, kinda like people in a band who feud, they act like friends when they film. Who else thinks they have a bitter feud off camera?
LosKimchi Oy oldin
Raquell Sunshine
I’ve worked at Wing Stop! One of my best job experiences 😍 NO batter! The wings speak for themselves ♥️ We fry then toss them in a bowl hot and fresh out the fryer 🔥
lee tijerina
lee tijerina Oy oldin
KFC wings any day
Jocelyn Rico
Jocelyn Rico Oy oldin
Y’all should try wings from Pluckers. They’re the best. 🍗
Undefeated J
Undefeated J Oy oldin
Ordered a Wingstop 12pc as soon this video was over🤘🏻. Half Buffalo Half Lemon Pepper baby!!
Nikeo Garcia
Nikeo Garcia Oy oldin
You should order pizza from diffrent franchises all at the same time and see whos the fastest
Meat Abuser
Meat Abuser Oy oldin
Love watching GMM After and Before school
Karissa Carter
“As you can see, we can’t!” -Link Neil 2018
Matthew Hendricks
How hasn't there been a blind onion ring taste test yet?
NoobTube Oy oldin
My top of these brands are Buffalo wild wings, and, judge me all u want, KFC. KFC makes a good hot wing. KFC has below average regular wings, too much breading, and lacking flavor. But KFC, let me tell you, has GREAT hot wings.
Decoy Oy oldin
Does any one actually call the numbers to the products?
Erj14 Oy oldin
Rip 3d animated intro
Madyson Reed
Madyson Reed Oy oldin
Dang I’m not informed with wings. Dominos is my favorite 😂
awesomejasonsel 1
Wing streets the best
awesomejasonsel 1
You know what I just realized I’ve only had wingstreet’s wings 😂 the buffalo burnin hot are so good though🤤🤤
Nightowl333 Oy oldin
I like these videos, but they rate them the same score far too often!
Noelle Wells
Noelle Wells Oy oldin
Do y'all ever missed Bojangles from North Carolina?
Evan Valladares
Bruh this was on my birthday and I went to bdubs that day haha
Ethan Hartstonge
Why do I like the sound of them chewing????😳😳😳
Xella E
Xella E Oy oldin
really appreciate how creative gmm is with their videos! especially loved that lunch through the years one
E lepzer
E lepzer Oy oldin
Is this a guess your chicken wing video or is this a training for food critic video?
HiCludo Oy oldin
I bake my chicken
AquaticTuber Oy oldin
Now I want chicken.
Abel Blader
Abel Blader Oy oldin
Super cool videos you guys are the best.
Beth Walden
Beth Walden Oy oldin
Boys....boys...boys you need to go to Buffalo, NY. You’ll see.
Andromeda Velimirovic
Oh yeah yeah
Fortnite pro Ninja
Ninjix Oy oldin
Silently Not Knowable ASMR
Brus room in Broward county fl has the best wings
B4rr3tt 2 oy oldin
Don’t press read more I told u not to press it now u have to like it
Stalker 2 oy oldin
Me: i go to hooters for the "chicken"
Max McConville
Max McConville 2 oy oldin
wings and things is better than any of these
Keith Murphy
Keith Murphy 2 oy oldin
I can’t take this video serious coming from buffalo. Nothing compares to wings from buffalo
officer cow
officer cow 2 oy oldin
Your to Young not old! My dad's 60!
luz Griselda
luz Griselda 2 oy oldin
More subs than Pewdiepie without videos challenge !
“Siri where is the closest Wingstop?” “It’s 35 miles away”
Karnvir Singh
Karnvir Singh 12 kun oldin
I can walk to a wingstop lol
יונתן גנדלמן
I need at least a five hour flight...
Irma 26 kun oldin
There is no wingstop in my country or a country attached...
Melanie Suarez
Melanie Suarez 2 oy oldin
Wing stop is the best period 👍🏼
BABY_SLOTH 2 oy oldin
Wing stop is my fav!
Craig Fresch
Craig Fresch 2 oy oldin
Need to come to Duffs in Amherst,NY for the BEST wings!!!
xydoit 2 oy oldin
A messy taste test
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin 2 oy oldin
The girl narrating has a very slowwww irritating vocal fry voice.
Kristi Ambrose
Kristi Ambrose 2 oy oldin
Watched this when it came out, watching it again lol. I love hot wings or wings in general, but I tend to be super picky. They have to be flavorful, they can't be those jumbo wings (which are actually cheaper because they are crap wings), they have to be fried with no coating mucking things up. Yea, I don't want a fluffy bready coating. If I wanted a fluffy coating, I would eat fried chicken. Quaker steak and lube used to have pretty good wings. Damn. I want wings.
OGINGOCNI 2 oy oldin
Where's Applebee's?
Walid Elsawi
Walid Elsawi 2 oy oldin
Fe4RLess 2 oy oldin
Who else tried to buy the bling wing 1:44
bad apple gaming
bad apple gaming 2 oy oldin
I wonder how a mythical chicken wing would taste like?
Master Gaming
Master Gaming 2 oy oldin
Anchor bar is the best wings
rihabe el khabzi
rihabe el khabzi 2 oy oldin
The lord of the rings has left the chat
DexGaming Live
DexGaming Live 2 oy oldin
Who is the lady that tells them their scores..i love her voice!😍
name name
name name 2 oy oldin
You guys missed out on papa johns wings they’re tiny but they’ve got great sauce
Shivxi 2 oy oldin
Why blindfold?
Mrogers lwr
Mrogers lwr 2 oy oldin
anela reese
anela reese 2 oy oldin
all the rhink shippers screamed at 10:21
jeremiah junk
jeremiah junk 2 oy oldin
Link kinda tends to be a yes man sometimes lol
TheSchwiz 2 oy oldin
These videos are such time wasters but i keep coming back!!!
madestmadhatter 2 oy oldin
I can't imagine any wing is worse than Dominos, like I haven't had all the wings on here but I remember ordering from pizza hut and having them being crispy instead of mushy and terrible like I know Dominos wings are, and I' d even go so far as to say hungry howies slimy wings are better because at least they come with the Cajun bread, which side note you should always order with blue cheese dipping sauce because it makes no sense with marinara, both of those wings by the way are leagues worse than Hooters, yes the sauce tastes different than you'd expect from a wing but they're still crunchy and delicious in their own right.
Doomy 2 oy oldin
what was in links coffee he was a lil over enthusiastic this episode lay off the drugs
The Daily Hit
The Daily Hit 2 oy oldin
Looking for even more wing flavors? Look no further: uzvid.com/video/video-TM-o6kJD3Sc.html
Lokita Besos
Lokita Besos 2 oy oldin
Wingstop is soo good.. I dead ass covered links face up with my hand when he started saying it tasted like it had a lot of vinegar 😒 then i uncovered his face when he started talking about how good it was after 😅
LAIT 2 oy oldin
My first time eating buffalo wings was from WingStop. It was the closest I ever came to finding God.
Erin 2 oy oldin
Why can’t they touch them? It’s bothering me
He thinks wingstop has the best wings? LMAO what an amateur. BWW>>>>>>>>Hooters>>>>>>Wingstop
Aviana Strunk
Aviana Strunk 2 oy oldin
I like wing street the best but in the honey barbecue flavor
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