Blind Chicken Wing Taste Test

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We're crowning the Chicken Wing King today in a taste showdown of restaurant chicken wing offerings. GMM #1357
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23-Iyl, 2018

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MemeDream 6 oy oldin
Chicken isnt really a good breakfast, but Im cooking it anyway because of this episode
JL Soto
JL Soto 15 kun oldin
MemeDream a
Iliana Webber
Iliana Webber 23 kun oldin
MemeDream but when your gmm anything is breakfast
Matlock Crowl
Matlock Crowl Oy oldin
better than cereal
Irma Oy oldin
May i ask if you are from the USA? If so can you help me out? What kind of wings are most popular. In my country we have something called chicken spices. Also i now that buffalo wings excist and how they are made. Are these buffalo wings too? Or are there also other kinds of wings in these restaurants? If so can you tell me what they are? Im a USA noob. But i really want to try to make wings that are not just the only ones you can get here.
I need a username Help
MemeDream lol
strawberry mask
strawberry mask 3 soat oldin
Your to Young not old! My dad's 60!
luz Griselda
luz Griselda 6 soat oldin
More subs than Pewdiepie without videos challenge !
“Siri where is the closest Wingstop?” “It’s 35 miles away”
Melanie Suarez
Melanie Suarez Kun oldin
Wing stop is the best period 👍🏼
BABY_SLOTH Kun oldin
Wing stop is my fav!
Craig Fresch
Craig Fresch Kun oldin
Need to come to Duffs in Amherst,NY for the BEST wings!!!
xydoit Kun oldin
A messy taste test
Chanel Oberlin
Chanel Oberlin Kun oldin
The girl narrating has a very slowwww irritating vocal fry voice.
Kristi Ambrose
Kristi Ambrose 2 kun oldin
Watched this when it came out, watching it again lol. I love hot wings or wings in general, but I tend to be super picky. They have to be flavorful, they can't be those jumbo wings (which are actually cheaper because they are crap wings), they have to be fried with no coating mucking things up. Yea, I don't want a fluffy bready coating. If I wanted a fluffy coating, I would eat fried chicken. Quaker steak and lube used to have pretty good wings. Damn. I want wings.
OGINGOCNI 3 kun oldin
Where's Applebee's?
Fe4RLess 3 kun oldin
Who else tried to buy the bling wing 1:44
bad apple gaming
bad apple gaming 4 kun oldin
I wonder how a mythical chicken wing would taste like?
Master Gaming
Master Gaming 4 kun oldin
Anchor bar is the best wings
rihabe el khabzi
rihabe el khabzi 4 kun oldin
The lord of the rings has left the chat
DexGaming Live
DexGaming Live 5 kun oldin
Who is the lady that tells them their scores..i love her voice!😍
name name
name name 5 kun oldin
You guys missed out on papa johns wings they’re tiny but they’ve got great sauce
Ashaebi 6 kun oldin
Why blindfold?
Mrogers lwr
Mrogers lwr 6 kun oldin
anela reese
anela reese 7 kun oldin
all the rhink shippers screamed at 10:21
jeremiah junk
jeremiah junk 8 kun oldin
Link kinda tends to be a yes man sometimes lol
TheSchwiz 8 kun oldin
These videos are such time wasters but i keep coming back!!!
madestmadhatter 8 kun oldin
I can't imagine any wing is worse than Dominos, like I haven't had all the wings on here but I remember ordering from pizza hut and having them being crispy instead of mushy and terrible like I know Dominos wings are, and I' d even go so far as to say hungry howies slimy wings are better because at least they come with the Cajun bread, which side note you should always order with blue cheese dipping sauce because it makes no sense with marinara, both of those wings by the way are leagues worse than Hooters, yes the sauce tastes different than you'd expect from a wing but they're still crunchy and delicious in their own right.
Doomy 9 kun oldin
what was in links coffee he was a lil over enthusiastic this episode lay off the drugs
Lokita Besos
Lokita Besos 11 kun oldin
Wingstop is soo good.. I dead ass covered links face up with my hand when he started saying it tasted like it had a lot of vinegar 😒 then i uncovered his face when he started talking about how good it was after 😅
LAIT 11 kun oldin
My first time eating buffalo wings was from WingStop. It was the closest I ever came to finding God.
Erin 13 kun oldin
Why can’t they touch them? It’s bothering me
He thinks wingstop has the best wings? LMAO what an amateur. BWW>>>>>>>>Hooters>>>>>>Wingstop
Aviana Strunk
Aviana Strunk 14 kun oldin
I like wing street the best but in the honey barbecue flavor
brian feliciano figueroa
a couple wings ago...
reesyy 16 kun oldin
Mystic Umbreon Haunts
BWW is my favorite
Herobrine 145 YT
Herobrine 145 YT 16 kun oldin
Buffalo wild wing is best
✪ vyx
✪ vyx 17 kun oldin
You could say that they are "Los pollos hermanos"
My Left Nut
My Left Nut 17 kun oldin
They should make it to where Rhett gets a different type of wing(Food) and Link gets another, so they can be really confused
RPX_Gehinsk 17 kun oldin
m8slayer 101
m8slayer 101 18 kun oldin
Im *roosting* for Rhett I'll go back to my home
james sanchez
james sanchez 19 kun oldin
Has anyone noticed that whatever rating Rhett gives the majority of the foods they eat, Link inevitably gives the same rating? coincidence or is Rhett the true alpha 🧐
The. Narwalian
The. Narwalian 20 kun oldin
Clearly you are wrong Buffalo Wild Wings is the best wing joint
bigfootNPC 20 kun oldin
Only southern Californians know that Wings n Things have the greatest wings on earth
Anthony Humble
Anthony Humble 20 kun oldin
lucy is a "special" wingstop employee
Recash5 23 kun oldin
Come to Buffalo. We'll give you guys some real wings to taste test.
Hank Silman
Hank Silman 24 kun oldin
I am surprised there is still no chicken tender blind taste test - we need to see some Cane's and Zaxby's representation with all this fried chicken....especially since Bojangles already got a spot in the regular fried chicken episode.
Tyrel Luna
Tyrel Luna 25 kun oldin
For real though, why no Zaxby's?
Grant Graves
Grant Graves 26 kun oldin
The hat they use to crown the winner looks like a condom
Joshua Gutierrez
Joshua Gutierrez 26 kun oldin
Link: “it’s a very juicy sauce” lmao 😂
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 27 kun oldin
Link: “What is that down there?” Rhett: “It’s the dangle” Lmao
Cameron Radaszewski
Cameron Radaszewski 27 kun oldin
I've had them all. Hooters is distinctly sauced and breaded, KFC wings from where I live don't come with sauce and instead or breaded, crispy and spicy, all the while Bdubs wings are the largest of the bunch
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 28 kun oldin
What happened to the Franken rounds?
austin burchett
austin burchett 28 kun oldin
are they gay together ????
NY Auto Traders Leasing
Me : NOM NOM!!!!!!!!
Sebastian De La Rosa
Wingstreet is my favorite
Annie Oy oldin
Wing stop won and that’s all I care about
Jacob Willis
Jacob Willis Oy oldin
No Popeyes??
Dan Med
Dan Med Oy oldin
Your wing crown looks like a gold condom with wings on it.
melissa jackson
I know that it was already obvious but you two really play off each other. Not always in a bad way not always in a good way.
Sarah Myers
Sarah Myers Oy oldin
So imma tell a story about Buffalo Wild Wings. I was with my cousins in North Carolina. Our parents went out for a fancy dinner. My cousins were like 17 and 20 and me and my sister were like 9 and 7. They were supposed to take us to McDonald’s. They decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wings instead. Then the wait was like 40 minutes and then we left. They bring teenage boys wanted to go to Twin Peaks, which is basically like hooters. Keep in mind me and my sister are very young. My cousins were flirting with the girls and I felt uncomfortable. I told my older more responsible cousin I didn’t feel good and wanted to go home. We only had one car but he decided to take the car home and leave my sister and my other cousin there. After 20 minutes at home, we get a call. My sister had thrown up all over my cousin lol. We had to call the parents to go pick them up. Never take a 7 and 9 year old to Twin Peaks instead of McDonald’s 😂😂😂
muty said
muty said Oy oldin
I’d eat wing stop everyday!
varun009 Oy oldin
I'd have aced this challenge.
Kyle Kessler
Kyle Kessler Oy oldin
Wingstop-best wings Bdubs-best drumsticks Wingstreet- best pizza place wings
SkidPlays Skid
The bling wing is gay
JacobBeau99 Oy oldin
ive never had wing street but i will say that ive had dominos wings before and i will literally never eat them again. they are beyond pathetic
madestmadhatter 8 kun oldin
Honestly Dominos is just all around terrible.
SpachuLad Gaming
8:00 hes licking his fingers when he only uses his mouth
Trevor Gornicz
Nero Mauritzen
These guys are beyond friendship, they're relationship is symbiotic
Nero Mauritzen
This is so much better than when you guise eat "extreme foods" where it often all just turns into crap for fetishists, you know what I mean, we don't want you to eat raw duck balls and stuff over this ☺️
297piper Oy oldin
I am telling you that the first wing is microwaved
Adam Grimsley
Adam Grimsley Oy oldin
Series Premier??? Ha ha you just tatse stuff.
BAT-TALK! Oy oldin
Yeaaa wing stop has really good “naked” wings I don’t mind breaded wings to an extent because they taste like buffalo drumsticks haha (drumsticks and drumettes are two different things)
Phineas 626
Phineas 626 Oy oldin
Forgot Dominos even sold wings
zhuzhuhamsternugget 42000
Nero Mauritzen
C- For effort
Baby Dylan
Baby Dylan Oy oldin
What's wrong with touching the c.wings?
thxrmal Oy oldin
Papa Johns has the best wings fight me
Mister Claus
Mister Claus Oy oldin
Dudes, pick the damn wing up and eat it normal
Jim Moore
Jim Moore Oy oldin
Rhett hands down won that. He knows his wings
Luis Flores
Luis Flores Oy oldin
Yall need to go and eat Pluckers!!!!!!!! Texas
CGHavoc Oy oldin
Hackket Hot Wings are the best
Garen Legend
Garen Legend Oy oldin
PewDiePie is king
iTz_L3G1TZz Ayy
I already love the mugs
Several chickens were hurt in the making of this video
Mary Trible
Mary Trible Oy oldin
Buffalo Wild Wings is my favorite restaurant of all time but I’ve never tried wing stop🤔
Professer Finesser
The fact they didnt eat these wings like regular people made me dislike this video
Josey Hicks
Josey Hicks Oy oldin
who is crazy enough to dislike their vids
_Winter Flake_
I tried KFC chicken wings before, they were really spicy. I'm not a fan of spicy foods.
Lucas Dickinson
Link:flutter flutter flyyyyyyyyyyy
Saveah Henderson
I love you guys so much really cold I please get a discount
fallon Crocker
Only people from texas will know that wings n more is better than all of these😍
Melissa Sugar Glider Mom
There's a pizza place in my city that has jumbo smoked whiskey wings. They are sooooo good!
FaciliateMC Oy oldin
Epic Wings N’ Things >
Eduardo Meza
Eduardo Meza Oy oldin
FaciliateMC breadsticks don’t go with wings
Bloxy Road
Bloxy Road Oy oldin
8:58 I luv wingstreet
Rain Jackson
Rain Jackson Oy oldin
Lucy looks Juicy lmao
ratha bun
ratha bun Oy oldin
Honestly, rhett got the wing,that mattered, correct
Patricia Elizabeth
I always order Hooters Daytona style wings through uber eats. No awkward experience and awesome wings. The Daytona are not breaded, then fried, then sauced, and then the grill them to caramelize the sauce
Hogan Vaupel
Hogan Vaupel Oy oldin
1:21 con-TENDERS.
laburnie Oy oldin
Wow thy aged hard
im the fry that always falls in the floor
ヽ(͡◕ ͜ʖ ͡◕)ノ
Very Stable Genius
Why can't they use their hands? I feel like picking them up with your hands and even looking at them is part of the experience... ➕ they wouldn't be able to tell which wings are which just by seeing the wings.... ?
Nicholas Hantzis
blindfold on "you cant hear" bahaha