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Can we decipher the cheesy difference between Pizza Hut and Domino's while blindfolded? GMM #1271.1
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8-Fev, 2018

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NE14 11 oy oldin
In 30 years I'm going to come back to this video and be like "I watched guys eating pizza when I was a kid"
kevin moore
kevin moore Oy oldin
Love the channel, but you gotta judge pizza based on the gold medal standard cheese
Blueberryymuffin 3 oy oldin
Taylor McCarter back to the future said the same thing
mighty migs
mighty migs 3 oy oldin
+serenityq26 why wouldn't it be around? UZvid will always be on the map man foreal it's the leading source for online videos
serenityq26 3 oy oldin
i dont know whats cuter. you actually planning to do that or you believing this website/video will still be around in 30 years
Jay Dyer
Jay Dyer 21 soat oldin
Roma pizza is really good, similar to Papa Yarns, but a lesser known chain.
luz Griselda
luz Griselda Kun oldin
Joel _Alpha
Joel _Alpha Kun oldin
Dominoes is the best.......just putting it out there
wasup Kun oldin
Little Ceasrs for the price is awesome
Megan Garcia
Megan Garcia 2 kun oldin
Hahaha you dogged Sbarro when u thought it was one of the earlier ones...then you said "wow thats a good pizza!" When u actually got a bite of the real one. Hahahah
Russell 2 kun oldin
Their first mistake was not adding pineapple and BBQ sauce. Their second mistake was giving shitty Papa John's the highest score.
madestmadhatter 3 kun oldin
Bull shit! Dominoes is red water on semi firm cardboard covered in chalk dust! How dare you conflate pizza hut with papa John's, papa John's is the floor scraping from the vom-a-tron south of new York slapped on an almost passable crust which is only good for dipping in the lard butter packets they ship them with!
Maren Kenward
Maren Kenward 3 kun oldin
from 2019: papa johns pizza is the best pizza of all time
Hunter B
Hunter B 4 kun oldin
Rhett and link when my two children say they want to start watching “grownup UZvid” I will have no issues sending them your way. With you tubers like onion boy and the Paul brothers I really rake my responsibility of knowing what my kids watch but with you I know I won’t have that issue (except cotton candy Randy ha)
Exxle2 4 kun oldin
Is it weird that I like the sound of them chewing?.....
DEADhead Gaming
DEADhead Gaming 5 kun oldin
I love how they are talking so much shit about Sbarro and then when they eat it it’s their favorite one lmao
Surfinsam927 5 kun oldin
I'd rank theses a lot differently. 1. CPK 2. Dominos 3. Sbarro(if only for their stuffed pizza and stromboli) 4. Pizza Hut 5. Papa Johns 6. Little Ceasers
Zach Meyer
Zach Meyer 8 kun oldin
I’m now craving pizza
Bayleyland 8 kun oldin
Pizza Hut is nasty.
That betch
That betch 9 kun oldin
MissAquaGamer 9 kun oldin
**Takes sip of drink** Link “The sausage came from John himself” **Almost spits drink out** 😂😂😂😂
lost kitten
lost kitten 10 kun oldin
Papa John's will always be the best pizza
CoachellaValley CopWatch
In any Mexican neighborhood’ 1.little Caesars 2.Dominos Pizza 3.7-11 pizza (lol) 4.pizza hut
CoachellaValley CopWatch
Blindfold’s are tight!!!
Torie Bryan
Torie Bryan 10 kun oldin
My dads ex loved pizza and whenever we were short on money she would pick up a $5 pizza from Little Cesar's and I honestly can't stand their pizza now, it always makes me sick.
lasko24 10 kun oldin
The best pizza I've had was hungry howies but I'll have to agree papa johns is the best one out of the choices they had pizza hut used to be great now its just ok and dominos has got a lot better
Elijah Morgan
Elijah Morgan 12 kun oldin
Out of all the 3 times he picked little ceasers he was wrong😂
Elijah Morgan
Elijah Morgan 12 kun oldin
Marco's is my favorite pizza TBH
Daniel LaTorre
Daniel LaTorre 12 kun oldin
8:25 more like 3/3 lol
yee yee
yee yee 12 kun oldin
is there cheese on it 🤷🏻‍♂️
Green Libra
Green Libra 12 kun oldin
Why do I feel like Rhett is such a stoner. His eyes are always kinda red and puffy and he eats everything 😂
DH 13 kun oldin
should have included a NYC pizza, would have been interesting to see if they could guess it
Topher Orr
Topher Orr 13 kun oldin
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick 14 kun oldin
ASMR 10:34
Bucknut Was Here
Bucknut Was Here 14 kun oldin
All chain pizza restaurants ass except for Little Caesar’s. Change my mind.
Jalen Redditt
Jalen Redditt 15 kun oldin
They forgot about Marco's Pizza
Bryson and Brody Madness
There forgetting tadaros pizza ted Moseby feels dissed
djjazzyjeff123 15 kun oldin
The pepper in the box and the garlic butter pushes Papa John's over the top for me. IT'S SO GOOD.
Beast And Samuel
Beast And Samuel 15 kun oldin
But you cant do little caesars like that with their amazing deep dish.
Kaydin Lam
Kaydin Lam 16 kun oldin
Is Rhett wearing a Brave Wilderness shirt
Samantha Cadena
Samantha Cadena 16 kun oldin
When you fail but your friend fails worse 10:50 😂😂😂 spoiler alert
FreedumFries 17 kun oldin
I still think a bite of the crust should've been a factor in this challenge.
Nicolas Borunda
Nicolas Borunda 18 kun oldin
In 30 years I'm going to come back to this video and be like "I watched guys eating pizza when I was a kid"
Cody 17 kun oldin
Why do people like you Copy and Paste the top comments like they're your own words? Are you incapable of composing an original thought into a coherent sentence? Then you thumbs it up yourself....? Sad...
yogibearstie 19 kun oldin
Luigi orders a pizza at Sal’s. When it’s done Sal asks him if he wants it cut into 6 slices or 8 slices. Luigi quickly responds “Better make it 6 slices. I’m a hungry, but I can no a eat 8 slices”.
Andres Fernandez
Andres Fernandez 19 kun oldin
A 12 for pizza hut???? Man what happened to the pizza at the studio
Jackson Tallent
Jackson Tallent 19 kun oldin
These guys have THE WORST taste in pizza I’ve ever seen
Ben Alexander
Ben Alexander 20 kun oldin
No diagorno or Chicago pizza :(
Sick Trickshots
Sick Trickshots 21 kun oldin
I literally just watch these to hear link say “as you can see, we can’t.”
blazers12369 21 kun oldin
“The sausage came from John himself”
Creepzer178 21 kun oldin
where’s chuck e. cheese and digiorno.
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming 22 kun oldin
I don’t eat pizza backwards exactly but I start by eating the crust so I don’t lose the amazing pizza flavor after because I don’t like crust. I also don’t wanna waste it so when I’m done eating the crust, I eat it normally
Poet Anderson
Poet Anderson 22 kun oldin
what we all learned today was that little ceasers is poor mans pizza and sbarro is good pizza little ceasers just isnt that good, you get lucky if you go there and get a decent pizza
Teganthetiger 1
Teganthetiger 1 23 kun oldin
what is a sabaro
Dustan Peavy
Dustan Peavy 23 kun oldin
Is it just me or do they look like hungry babies going for the nip?
Clutch Boy
Clutch Boy 23 kun oldin
Pizza hut is easily the best chain and is ranked 1
KontoGS 23 kun oldin
“We’re not children.”
Hideyoshis Body
Hideyoshis Body 23 kun oldin
Has anyone tried Moutain Mike's? Cuz that's the pizza that should be number one.
TheFourohsix 23 kun oldin
*rips on sbarro entire episode* *loves sbarro*
bootstare 24 kun oldin
Yeah, I'd say Papa Johns is at #1 with me too, Dominos a close 2nd. I had Sbarros earlier this year and I thought it really sucked!
JPops Yoder
JPops Yoder 24 kun oldin
Am i the only one who likes Casey's pizza? Midwestern people know what I'm talking about.
Cameron Radaszewski
Cameron Radaszewski 24 kun oldin
How much they trashed Sbarro and then its at their top lmao
awesome face
awesome face 25 kun oldin
Don't forget to try pizanos
I am Blanco
I am Blanco 25 kun oldin
It’s funny cause dominos rarely answers their phone anymore lol
Kianne x De Guzman
Kianne x De Guzman 25 kun oldin
Other countries eating breakfast- Just gonna eat a sandwich In *america* -eat more than -1000- *10000* calories
Corey 26 kun oldin
I give Papa John's a 1
Princeyomi 27 kun oldin
This is exactly why you have to go to an actual italian restaurant and enjoy a real small and tin pizza full of savour
Asshole Temple Jocks
so like i got a movie idea a combination of people getting sixth sense and a minor rupture of the fifth element
SageOfBlades 28 kun oldin
Chicago Deep dish > Red Carpet >Papa johns > dominoes > little ceasars > Sbarros. And pizzahut and pizza 73 dont even make the list with their gross cardboard pizza.
SageOfBlades 28 kun oldin
I would have nailed it on this challenge ahha always fun seeing a normal challenge, instead of the Wierd like pig anus stuff 😂😂
Emiry 29 kun oldin
All that pizza is shit..
Lazerz 29 kun oldin
I love Papa Johns
Michaela Furmánková
Hi yeah papa john's? You're my faaavourite pizza place.
melissa jackson
You guys have the show that (to me) is the most fun. Really, family friendly, entertaining and very creative. Please do more of the guessing where food is from with the darts. That's my personal favorite.
Eric Mariscal
Eric Mariscal Oy oldin
When I had papa Johns it was extremely greasy it soaked the box and it would drench the napkins when I would dab at it to take the grease off. It was one of the worst pizza memories I’ve ever had. The second time I had papa johns it still was really greasy but it was slightly better. Little Caesars and dominos are really good where I’m from. There’s also a place called pizza express and it’s pretty good as well.
Chri5trap Oy oldin
I have the same exact shirt Rhett has
Baku Raijin
Baku Raijin Oy oldin
Papa John's is the only one I've never had...
Sal Leone
Sal Leone Oy oldin
People have stopped going to the mall because there's no more delicious Sbarro in most of the food courts.
thomas crown
thomas crown Oy oldin
One of my favorite things to do is to make a nice meal and pig out watching your blind taste test videos. Thank you!
I'd say that if you gave this test to a college student they would get it all correct.You get hit without enough pizza variety.
Julia C
Julia C Oy oldin
I like that Rhett’s “bites” is him eating half of the pizza
Jussi Myers
Jussi Myers Oy oldin
Yeah, Little Caesars is like cardboard with a laxative. Gross and inconvenient.
Viviana Young
Viviana Young Oy oldin
Im sad because I've never had papa johns and there are none where I live
Sof Odawg
Sof Odawg Oy oldin
I love how pink said little Caesar’s every time it wasn’t little caesars
chelsea smith
chelsea smith Oy oldin
Papa John's in the uk is awful I mean it's good coz its pizza but nothing beats Domino's here... for me mostly for the cookies 🍪🍪
Lucas Strong
Lucas Strong Oy oldin
These fools r gross, hey gave Pizza Hut a trash number... ewwww
Syed Husain
Syed Husain Oy oldin
I feel there is no diversity in this workplace
Elizabeth Reda
"Calling pizza places is for suckers and losers. And then they tell you the NAME OF THE PERSON who put it in the oven... 'Donovan just put your pizza in the oven.'" 😂😂😂
Shawn Palumbo
Shawn Palumbo Oy oldin
You guys are terrible man, Papa John's for real.. I remember all the years my parents would order this shit and I'd eat something from home, and sit at that table with them knowing I was having something better.. Papa John's is just naaaastay.. I personally like Sbarro's the most from the list but my favorite pizza is def Marco's Pizza..
Ed Robinson
Ed Robinson Oy oldin
the calZONE
Nero Mauritzen
Papa John's Pizza looks amazing though... ...Oh and great points too! My pizza instincts still work ☺️
babu Oy oldin
Am I the only one who finds their chewing appealing?
Todd Jones
Todd Jones Oy oldin
Completely discredited the moment they gave cesars and papa johns a 6 and 9. No. Theyre not good
mazzuua Oy oldin
Why is Little Caesars so bad in USA? Here in Mexico is the best pizza ever! Everybody loves it ❤
Yohan Scoobuko
Watch at 0.75 speed
Megan Burr
Megan Burr Oy oldin
Papa johns deserves the win 100%
Link says “will be comin in hot and ready” gf “that’s funny cause that’s all you’re gonna get” LOOOOL
Metal head bro yoeward
They managed to get another million subs in less than a year
Eric Fukawa
Eric Fukawa Oy oldin
Surprised they didn't go with the Gold Standard of just cheese pizza. #onebite
InsaneTacoz Oy oldin
Didn't Papa John and Little Caesar have like terrible pizza?
InsaneTacoz Oy oldin
Must’ve changed recipes then
Blue Missile
Blue Missile Oy oldin
InsaneTacoz no they're awesome around where I live
XxGacha_ LoverXX
Little Cresars pizza is one of my favorite pizza places.
XxGacha_ LoverXX
Love how Rhett gets excited in the intro
Katie Pottenger
My brother eats pizza backwards H
Stephen Zancheez
Get reked little zeezers, worst pizza