Blind Fast Food Pizza Taste Test

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Can we decipher the cheesy difference between Pizza Hut and Domino's while blindfolded? GMM #1271.1
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8-Fev, 2018



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NE14 Yil oldin
In 30 years I'm going to come back to this video and be like "I watched guys eating pizza when I was a kid"
Alex209 13 kun oldin
Ninja Wolf003
Ninja Wolf003 Oy oldin
kevin moore
kevin moore 3 oy oldin
Love the channel, but you gotta judge pizza based on the gold medal standard cheese
Blueberryymuffin 5 oy oldin
Taylor McCarter back to the future said the same thing
Michele Gillespie
Michele Gillespie 20 soat oldin
Sausage forward
ElektronT02 Kun oldin
"Oh gosh!" "You get bit by the rat?" "Yep"
KingK21 !!!
KingK21 !!! 2 kun oldin
Clearly Papa J bias. Their shit is not that good.
Romy Kitten
Romy Kitten 3 kun oldin
i love how at 7:57 link has guessed lil caesars every round except for the round that was actually lil caesars omg
Dappy Gent
Dappy Gent 3 kun oldin
Weirdly think pizza is better when its cut square
tyranomegosaurus 6 kun oldin
i want pizza so bad right now. lol
jamie Henson
jamie Henson 7 kun oldin
Domino's is easy to guess, they always burn the toppings
Dai3eb 9 kun oldin
Most of these pizzas are awful. I would definitely do a lot better at this. Not sure why they thought Sbarro has bad pizza, their pizza is really good. Anyways, pizza hut/dominos/little ceasers are edible at best.
Heather Donahue
Heather Donahue 10 kun oldin
After all that time Link guest Little Fraser's and then when it finally came, he guest it wrong
johnny palma
johnny palma 12 kun oldin
Whos watching in "pi" 2019?
Forgot about Giordanos, the best pizza
Billy Liu
Billy Liu 15 kun oldin
They didn't have chunky cheese pizza :( Like if u wanted them to eat chucky cheeze pizza
MrKhizo 13 kun oldin
Billy Liu I’m not eating cc pizza again after Shane Dawson theory
Josh Parr
Josh Parr 15 kun oldin
*eats sbarro pizza* “that is a really really good pizza.”
Sarah Anderson
Sarah Anderson 16 kun oldin
Rhett basically ate a whole dang pizza
Dark 16 kun oldin
Wut about cee cees
Jacob Denise
Jacob Denise 18 kun oldin
(Imo) S'Barro's >>>>>>>
Cameron L
Cameron L 18 kun oldin
Don’t you guys feel like “omg what! I could definitely guess all of these! what’s the problem?!” It must be harder than we think!!
Jvr10236 18 kun oldin
Un Treh!
fragile bean
fragile bean 19 kun oldin
Chuck e cheese lookin ass pizza thumbnail
Alex Christian
Alex Christian 19 kun oldin
Little Caesars is for children. Boring, plain, uninspired pizza. Tomato sauce from a can, frozen mozzarella. Terrible. -5/10
Soy Waz
Soy Waz 20 kun oldin
This has made me reeeeaaally want pizza
Captain Cancer
Captain Cancer 20 kun oldin
Pause at 10:51
Julia De soto
Julia De soto 21 kun oldin
Mr and Mrs pizza rat are so adorable!
FiftyShades of Kay
FiftyShades of Kay 22 kun oldin
Im rolling with Papa👍
Courtney Solsberry
Courtney Solsberry 23 kun oldin
Link be the most confident and the most wrong every time 😂
DameOfTheRose 23 kun oldin
Little ceasars is disgusting, I only eat it when I’m super hungry and need pizza ASAP
Kevonye Bennett
Kevonye Bennett 23 kun oldin
I would've gotten each correct because ❤ pizza and i know the differences in taste
Chef Doge
Chef Doge 25 kun oldin
The sad thing is when link guessed Little Caesar’s for 3 of his first 4 guesses, 1,2,4 and the number 3 was little Caesar’s
Jay Kosco
Jay Kosco 26 kun oldin
Rookie scores
Lindsay Jolley
Lindsay Jolley 27 kun oldin
If your ever in south OC eat ballpark. It’s the best pizza
Thomas Hobbes
Thomas Hobbes 28 kun oldin
Rhett has a midlife crisis while eating pizza with a blindfold on
Daviiied 28 kun oldin
sbarro is underrated
Chronic Clappzzz
Chronic Clappzzz 29 kun oldin
13 mil on 8th and now 15 mil a few weeks latwr
Nobith Thanksy
Nobith Thanksy 29 kun oldin
I worked at dominos fora few years, and have to agree that papa john's in the best cheap pizza
Jovaneh Gutierrez
Jovaneh Gutierrez 29 kun oldin
WHAT ABOUT COSTCO PIZZA???????? >.< second round of blind pizza test please!
xX Pepper Xx
xX Pepper Xx Oy oldin
Pizza hut and papa John's should be switched. Even tho papa John's is gross. CHANGE MY MIND.
Shannon Huntley
Rhett reminds me of a better version physicality wise (more handsome) of Ben, who plays the younger brother in the 80s/early 90s tv show, Growing Pains. LOL. I believe the actor's name is Jeremy Miller. Also, I didn't realize Rhett is a year older than Link. I think their both in their early 40s and they have a full head of hair so I would have thought Rhett was early 30s and Link mid to late 30s. Good for them!
miven666 Oy oldin
Banderascubsfan 31
Being from Chicago I can honestly say that all those are shit, but if I had to choose id go with Sbarro's
GoogleMinus 14 kun oldin
Being from NY, I agree these are all terrible. I have a slight preference towards Papa John's, but have never tried Sbarro.
Tk the boxer
Tk the boxer Oy oldin
Lil caezars is good but pizza hut number 1 then dominoes then papa johns then lil caezars
eclipsesonic Oy oldin
Yay, Papa John's all the way!
_Music boi
_Music boi Oy oldin
Where is me n Ed’s!?
Olivia Perkins
The thumbnail looks like chuckecheese pizza
Matt Foster
Matt Foster Oy oldin
You guys gave Papa John's a 9/10? Papa John's is terrible! Dominoes all the way.
Austin Simpson
This was so hard to watch
Tyler Hawthorne
You guys need to go study your pizza..
Elina Marie
Elina Marie Oy oldin
rhett: **eats papa johns** “that’s good” me, a new yorker: **cries**
GoogleMinus 14 kun oldin
Papa Johns is probably the best of the chains they tried, but I'd definitely rather have dollar pizza.
Elizabeth Timmons
we have Marco's pizza where I live and their pizza is the best I've tried .
Olivia Griffin
LaRoses Alfredo sauce pizza with sausage , green peppers is the go too !!!
Krusin Music 413
Watching at 15 mil subscribers!
Kyle's Korner
Kyle's Korner Oy oldin
They forgot the best one of all... ROCKY ROCCOCOS!
caden schroeder
Papa Bless
Waking up in the morning to go eat pizza blindfolded for a living?! *Where do I sing up?!*
Breanna Swails
Should do a chicken nugget test
Samuel Custer
Samuel Custer Oy oldin
Who else is eating pizza while watching this?
Hudson Uvalle
Hudson Uvalle Oy oldin
Y’all should’ve used the pizza plank
David Molinari
Paid for by papa johns
skillcoiler Oy oldin
Papa johns is by far by FAR the worst pizza on this list. It must be they just have a really weird high quality franchise near them.
Lindsey Fanning
I love that they’re like “This is gross, must be Sbarro.” Then they actually eat Sbarro and they love it 😂😂
David Altergott Jr
Love Papa John's, for me Domino's is by far the worst pizza I've had from pizza chains. Nasty
geoffrobinson Oy oldin
I'm so glad I live in the pizza belt.
dawsyn Oy oldin
Bruh your lil caesars is bad but our dominos is bad and we don’t even have little caesars all we got is a pizza ranch dominos and a Pizza Hut our pizza is like below 0
I like potatoes
I like bacon
Pizza Hut pizza is more then 18
Nathan C.
Nathan C. Oy oldin
Pieology is my favorite
Ga B
Ga B Oy oldin
I feel like each pizza place has different quality per state. Anybody else think that? Or region? Dominos in my area is trash. Little Caesars is decent. CPK, Sbarros, and Pizza Hut are all on their own yummy level. I’m in Michigan. Feel free to agree or disagree.
Lulu K
Lulu K Oy oldin
They should try fresh slice pizza
armouredcat23 Oy oldin
papa johns isnt that good
Sosa Wayne 01
Sosa Wayne 01 Oy oldin
I like little caesars but I loooove sbarro
TheTwoGamers Oy oldin
The pizzeria I order from is based off of whether I'm craving coke or pepsi.
TheTwoGamers Oy oldin
Dominos is distinctly different from any other pizza I've ever had.
TheTwoGamers Oy oldin
I've never heard of sbarro
Ninja Wolf003
Ninja Wolf003 Oy oldin
I love little Cesar’s. Why did you give it such a low score?
Always Anonymous
*yeah it is off* *It has an off taste to it* *Off*
Benici -o’s
Benici -o’s Oy oldin
All my friends call me crazy for eating crust first
glenn estrada
glenn estrada Oy oldin
Papas John's is ass....pizzahut all day
Wyatt Tuttle
Wyatt Tuttle Oy oldin
Where is hungry howies im outraged
Wyatt Tuttle
Wyatt Tuttle Oy oldin
Where is hungry howies i swear its the best pizza place near me
RigityRigity RektSun
I love the game title
Athena Bermudez
Sbarro has bomb pizza tbh
Liam McCaffery
Over 2 million subscribers in 1 year, congrats
Lazy Boyz Commentary
We LOVE gmm!! They are so creative and entertaining!! We tried our own blind food taste test!! Check it out on our channel and let us know if it's entertaining at all!! Don't forget to subscribe!!
Evelyn Pono
Evelyn Pono Oy oldin
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. :D
I wish they would have told them which one was which at the end though lol
Revival Fires! Media
They were payed by Sbarro. Look how fake they start to act on the last one compared to the others?
Brittany Coletti
9:13 Link eating the droopy pizza 😂😂😂
Mandy Davison
Mandy Davison Oy oldin
OmgItsKia Oy oldin
Idk how I got here but this is the funniest shit ever
Dave Mccall
Dave Mccall Oy oldin
Dude's...... the sharpie glasses on the blindfold is OUTTA CONTROL. congrats btw.
Caesar Hmmm
Caesar Hmmm Oy oldin
If they were blindfolded, how’d they know who had Mr & Mrs Rat ? 👀
Kyra Kent
Kyra Kent Oy oldin
I hope they do a frozen pizza test taste
Renraw Bigmovies
As a Domino’s employee, I do appreciate those who order online as opposed to on the phone.
Courtney Solsberry
Courtney Solsberry 23 kun oldin
Renraw Bigmovies I have never ordered a pizza over the phone lmao. Exclusively online.
Nightowl333 Oy oldin
I’ve claimed Papa Johns and Sbarro have been my two favorite chain pizzas for a long time. These were very accurate rankings, but I’m surprised how off they were guessing, I thought it would be easier.
Kyle Mills
Kyle Mills Oy oldin
Papa John's papa bless
Meri Dickey
Meri Dickey Oy oldin
Little Caesars used to be my favorite until they changed last year. That shiznit is nasty.
The Trucking Fish
Hungry Howie's is the best pizza hands down no competition for me
shamothecow Oy oldin
1.) you guys don't like pizza if you think papa johns is good. 2.) Canadian pizza is way different even under the same name
Dani Vasco
Dani Vasco Oy oldin
Idk why I really wanted digorno in the taste test
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