Blind Fried Chicken Taste Test

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Fried chicken tastes way better when we're blindfolded. GMM #976!
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9-Sen, 2016



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Headless Gorilla
Headless Gorilla 4 kun oldin
Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?* Why didn't you call it the *Chic-King?*
They should have done this with Keith from The Try Guys!
Tabitha Riggins
Tabitha Riggins 5 kun oldin
Keith from the Try Guys should've guest starred in this video lol
Richard Berglund
Richard Berglund 8 kun oldin
So crazy to here a episode with out stevey, Also do link really have Herpys or is this the longest running joke?
Canal da Isadora Dias
Spice but not spice... a little too spice... but not too spice... lol... I am so confused!!! A lot flavor ... lol... this is do good!!! So moisten.. this could be church’s kkk this one is kinda boring!!! Lol... crispy skin!!! Crunchy!!! I just wanna eat it... I don’t want guess it!!!
Canal da Isadora Dias
I love a little less!!! Lol...
Canal da Isadora Dias
You guys are so funny!!!
R_ Reveley
R_ Reveley 11 kun oldin
Link go back to your down hairdo... something is just not the same regarding humor and looseness or your personality since you both had updos.
Seethi C
Seethi C 16 kun oldin
No Jolibee? I’m surprised Jolibee hasn’t been on any of their episodes, especially considering their unorthodox foods.
Medical Doll
Medical Doll 16 kun oldin
Yea, Popeye’s is very disappointing. The one time I went there (I loved only a few miles from one for years) the chicken was so dry, tasteless and just not good at all.
Andy Martin
Andy Martin 17 kun oldin
11:20 white people never eat that part
Saibi Sureddo
Saibi Sureddo 23 kun oldin
When Rhett says 'the world needs more fried chicken' man all I can do is miss Mitch Hedburg now lol.
CrossGame CG
CrossGame CG 24 kun oldin
We have a spices chicken in KFC in my country heheheheh
Emily Bates
Emily Bates Oy oldin
Churches is the best. 💯
Zoe Peña
Zoe Peña Oy oldin
I was really enjoying this until that bone crown came out😂
Dovyeon Oy oldin
Fried food is pretty popular around here
william spangler
use your hands
SF2K4 Oy oldin
"With the syrup AND the hot sauce." Attaboy, Rhett.
Mr. Football
Mr. Football Oy oldin
fried chicken is my favorite food of all time.
Joshua C
Joshua C Oy oldin
Chicken. Express. End of story. Never frozen, perfectly cooked and amazing sides.
RigityRigity RektSun
Chicken sunscreen, white people...
butt Oy oldin
i love good mythical morning.
Mr. Football
Mr. Football Oy oldin
Link: back off buddy. Me: 😂
Justin Nguyen
Justin Nguyen Oy oldin
It Should Have Been The ChicKing
Matthew Duer
Matthew Duer Oy oldin
Still waiting for the chicken skin bed spread
jatsy 768
jatsy 768 Oy oldin
Fun story time; it must've been about 9 years ago, we went to KFC, ordered a bargain bucket and then they said sorry, we've run out of chicken, but we can give you extra chips if you want? ????????????? Why. Were KFC open. If they had. No. CHICKEN?!?!?!??
Ozan Akyıldız
Has anyone noticed Rhett mixing up Roscoe's and grocery store in both rounds?
GoldenBoy Oy oldin
Churches is the best ever
Tiffany Cameron
I love yall! Watch you every day on my lunch break!
Jonathan Griner
I bet I know what town you were in if you were in South Georgia for diving and saw KFC, Zaxbys, and Chick-Fil-A at the same intersection...it’s Moultrie, Ga! Home of Moss Farms diving and all we have is fast food, and all those 3 are at the intersection by the “Walmarts”.
Noe Samaniego
Noe Samaniego Oy oldin
Any one else dumbfounded that they got the chicken nugget episode more right then they did everything else. Like wtf. Lmao like is all u eat rett is chicken nuggets everything is is random bs. Lmaoo
Jareen Chowdhury
Omgg keith from try guys needs to be in this
LeslieBrooke64 2 oy oldin
Yall need to do a Smithfield's chicken n' Bbq review when you are in town again!!! Omg Pleasee!! LITERALLY THE BEST EVERR!! & THEIR HUSHPUPPIES WOW AMAZING! If you know you know, and yall know! 😂😍🐓
LeslieBrooke64 2 oy oldin
Yeah I'm literally 2 years late to this vid hahaha oh 🐳
curryna ;
curryna ; 2 oy oldin
salivating over the fried chicken
Harkness78 2 oy oldin
We only have KFC and Popeyes in Minneapolis, and I swear it is hard to find a KFC now, the three closest to where I grew up have all closed.
Nobody 2 oy oldin
2019 anyone
Emarie Mccutcheon
Who else is watching this and eating fried chicken?
Cameron White
Cameron White 2 oy oldin
Popeyes is the King of fried chicken
Mallory Bennett
Mallory Bennett 2 oy oldin
Omg I live bojangles❤️
Ian Jennings
Ian Jennings 2 oy oldin
You need to return to this place and rank them.
MacClellandMan 2 oy oldin
If I'm craving fried chicken terrible bad, and I can only find a KFC, I'll eat a taco instead.
Jeffrey O'Donnell
Spicy chicken from churches for the win
Princeyomi 2 oy oldin
Roscoe's gotta be insulted when they think your chicken comes from the grocery store lmao
TheSparkyWriter 2 oy oldin
Bojangles is literally the best fried chicken. It just is.
Chassidee McCarty
They are the best ☺😀
Sarah Manz
Sarah Manz 2 oy oldin
I was sad when link guessed churches for an mildly seasoned chicken...
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 2 oy oldin
Rhett gets all for chicken nuggets but none for fried chicken. Dissapointing
infinity XBL
infinity XBL 3 oy oldin
ChiKING wing chalange
Jonah Nelson
Jonah Nelson 3 oy oldin
Hunter Luers
Hunter Luers 3 oy oldin
Why isn’t royal farms up there????
Geeelz- 3 oy oldin
Drumsticks and thighs are better than breasts. Change my mind.
Irma 3 oy oldin
Do this again but with the ratings!
SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man
Church's is my fav chicken
John Denning
John Denning 3 oy oldin
Church's spicy chicken is dope
Amber Wilfong
Amber Wilfong 3 oy oldin
What grocery store did they get it from?
screwball the odd
Popeyes skin tastes like curly fries.
unit900000 3 oy oldin
you should know KFC the second you taste it by how lame it is.
Samarra Masengi
Samarra Masengi 3 oy oldin
y’all really should try McDonald’s chicken. i know it isn’t available outside of indonesia, but it really is lit. favorite fried chicken in the world.
Surjeet Kachella
Surjeet Kachella 3 oy oldin
Lol you have to get the spicy fried chicken from Popeyes if you want to taste the Cajun not original
Neolexious Neolexian
Cluck cluck cluck cluck
Happi Smilez
Happi Smilez 3 oy oldin
No Lee's Famous Recipe??!!😱
ValtooWild 3 oy oldin
I don't know about you guys but I will be really scared to be blindfolded that long
Ethan Owens
Ethan Owens 3 oy oldin
6:45 he sounded so dissapointed
Crazy Chicken
Crazy Chicken 3 oy oldin
NO No Noooooo grandmaaaaa!!!!😱
VPagon 3 oy oldin
"its sOo JuIcY"
Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott 3 oy oldin
I love how they dissed grocery store chicken and then thought it was so good when they tried it.
Chaos Bearded Gaming and more
I think these guys are missing out on the best Fried Chicken. Captain Spalding's Fried Chicken from House of 1,000 Corpses. GMM and Rhrett and Link please Try it
Samantha Campbell
Worked in a grocery store deli for years. Smelling like fried chicken all the time is not all that great
Digitalbumpin 3 oy oldin
Roscoe's is the blandest junk food you can get.
GabbyDuh 3 oy oldin
My pizza started to taste like chicken...Thank you
WaffleLappen 3 oy oldin
Alright, now we need a “Will it bed spread?”
Ichigo1554 3 oy oldin
we need a 2018 version :3
bibou Plays
bibou Plays 4 oy oldin
The way you guys eat is so satisfying and appetizing
Luke Parris
Luke Parris 4 oy oldin
KlassicFriedChicken (KFC)
Kevin Malone
Kevin Malone 4 oy oldin
I work in a fried chicken Resteraunt and every day when I come home my lil bros tell me I smell like chicken lol
Ashley Walsh
Ashley Walsh 4 oy oldin
WILL IT BEDSPREAD?? Lets talk about that.
Barry Leonard
Barry Leonard 4 oy oldin
I’m 8 min in the video and I’m wondering can Rhett only guess the same thing twice
Ashelynn Noelle
Ashelynn Noelle 4 oy oldin
*might hit roscoes, get a chicken wing*
Esther Greaves
Esther Greaves 4 oy oldin
Watching Rhett during these blind taste tests is the best! He loses his confidence and it's so cute!
Esther Greaves
Esther Greaves 4 oy oldin
Grocery store chicken varies depending on the grocery store! Where I'm from, the grocery store, Publix makes the BEST fried chicken in the city!
Maria Escamilla
Maria Escamilla 4 oy oldin
U make chicken look so good 😭
Misha Aracama
Misha Aracama 4 oy oldin
They should do chicken joy
Savion Jin S.Coups Ksoo
I feel like if anything they should have gotten KFC correct. It's the most distinct especially in smell
NebulaCow XOXO
NebulaCow XOXO 4 oy oldin
There should be a perfume for prostitutes that smells like fried chicken. Because apparently the more men smell fried chicken, the more they want it in their bed. 11:04
wiiztec 4 oy oldin
They really should tell them what everything was at the end and get their reactions, these videos are really missing that
Tristan Dietz
Tristan Dietz 4 oy oldin
Ville Platte, Louisiana is not far from me! About an hour north of me
Visionz_ Cloud
Visionz_ Cloud 4 oy oldin
You coulda let them hold these like if they can’t guess it by the smell how are they gonna guess it by it’s feel
Luke Barnwell
Luke Barnwell 4 oy oldin
Pooky1991 4 oy oldin
Kieran Crockett
Kieran Crockett 4 oy oldin
This is surprising to Me because they couldn't identify AND enjoyed the grocery store. I personally never really enjoyed store bought fried chicken so I feel like I would easily be able to identify it from this lineup but maybe it's all in my own head? Maybe because I KNOW that it's store bought fried chicken is making it a worse experience for Me......? Interesting....
_SleepyKangaroo_ 4 oy oldin
I love Popeyes.. Also people found out that KFC re heats their food if no one buys it. So technically they aren’t very fresh.. 🤮
Allen Jasper Aquino
No jollibee? 😢
Abbie Starr
Abbie Starr 4 oy oldin
Rhett and Link should do a reaction to this video, video.
Ngoc Le
Ngoc Le 4 oy oldin
Lol i just realized church’s fried chicken is called Texas fried chicken in malaysia Took me almost 6 years of traveling to realized this😂😂😂
Jacob Hampton
Jacob Hampton 4 oy oldin
They live in Georgia ????
TruEternal 4 oy oldin
I was going to get burritos to eat but while watching this episode I decided I'm going to get chicken....is this secretly product marketing ?
Green Boi
Green Boi 4 oy oldin
The only fried chicken I have is kfc
Junior Studios
Junior Studios 4 oy oldin
These episodes just make me so hungry
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