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HI SISTERS! For today's video, we're taking the blindfolded makeup challenge to the next level. I filmed with one of my favorite people, Molly Burke who has been blind since the age of 14. She's an amazing motivational speaker and youtuber who has not let her disability get the best of her. Enjoy our convo as she does my makeup... completely blind!
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15-May, 2018

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Molly Burke
Molly Burke 8 oy oldin
Love you, sister!
Jaydah Teel
Jaydah Teel 2 oy oldin
Lily Grace
Lily Grace 2 oy oldin
Molly Burke :)
Trinh Hoang
Trinh Hoang 3 oy oldin
Love your videos
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller 4 oy oldin
When I was young I wanted to be blind not for the attention or anything but because it was always somthing I wanted to understand I wanted to be in the shoes of some one who is blind to know what it’s like I wanted to be deaf bc I had a dear friend we talk through lots of body language facial expressions and my very very limited amount of sighn language I don’t want attention I want experience and understanding
Stela Danova
Stela Danova 4 oy oldin
How can you text when you can’t see?? Sorry for asking
Ruda Soat oldin
Molly, YOU ARE AWESOME. Also your sense of humor is great :)
Kara Wenerski
Kara Wenerski Soat oldin
How can she see the shimmer of the glitter?? I'm very confused.(I know she is blind I'm just confused)
Hay fever 2006
Hay fever 2006 4 soat oldin
Umm I think James Charles likes molly cause the way he is talking and sitting
Kwesi Bentil
Kwesi Bentil 5 soat oldin
Is it just me cause he is beautiful without makeup
Carly 5 soat oldin
He is a good listener
Ellas amazing videos kearney
I absolutely love you James and that you did this is the best thing ever
Jeanette MacRain _
Jeanette MacRain _ 7 soat oldin
I relate to James so much I always try to do light make up but end up doing full glam 😂😂😂😂😂
fridita tita
fridita tita 8 soat oldin
Next video: Sister Gallop does my makeup
Maria Ziolkowska
Maria Ziolkowska 11 soat oldin
Molly turned blind bc i was born 😅😂
Sarah Reuss
Sarah Reuss 17 soat oldin
Omg my mind is blown! Sister Molly is amazinggggg!!
Kaelyn Townsend
Kaelyn Townsend 18 soat oldin
I love molly Burke I watch her vids
camcam&jj branton
camcam&jj branton 20 soat oldin
Molly lost her vision the year I was born
Evellyn Winters
Evellyn Winters 21 soat oldin
She's so beautiful and talented and truely an inspiration. I think it's amazing that being blind hasn't stopped her fron doing what she loves.
Punpun Emily
Punpun Emily 22 soat oldin
I didn't finish it on 2018 but I finished it now on 2019
Willow Concepcion
Willow Concepcion 22 soat oldin
Omg that is makeup goals right there!!!😅😅❤️❤️
Veda Santos
Veda Santos 23 soat oldin
Kyaira Johnson
Kyaira Johnson Kun oldin
Wuf Pup
Wuf Pup Kun oldin
I've never really watched either one of them but I'm excited for this
cupid smite
cupid smite Kun oldin
she not lying she is actually blind i can see her eye shaking
Phoebe Leenhouwers
Molly... just warms my heart she is just- a bundle of sunshine
Roman Niko Zolanski
Sister Molly is such an awesome inspiration! Love this video!!
Roman Niko Zolanski
A "Sisperation" if you will. ❤
Erica Swan
Erica Swan Kun oldin
Happy UZvid? I finally watched it.
Purple kitten
Purple kitten Kun oldin
Lol molly looked so awkward at the end coz she literally just said that sometimes his videos can be hard to watch because James talks so fast and then he proceeds to do the sister shoutout talking 10 times as fast (26:35 - end)
Mandy M
Mandy M Kun oldin
I seriously just fell in love with this video all the way. Molly is so amazing!!
Hello There
Hello There Kun oldin
Molly needs to know she DOSE NOT need to worry about her looks SHES BEAUTIFUL 💕💕💕
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund Kun oldin
I watched a lot of her videos and your videos. and I want you to get the sister Squad and her and go to restaurant and just pretend that she's just normal person. and see if anyone asks
Becca Arfaoui
Becca Arfaoui Kun oldin
She's so gorgeous
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund Kun oldin
yes she is girl
M&B And the rest
Molly your beautiful sister don’t let anyone say other wise
Sarah Van Eyssen
molly u cant see, so how would u be able to watch james videos?
Nay Nay
Nay Nay Kun oldin
You turned blind when I was born
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund Kun oldin
Molly you turned blind before I was born because you went blind in 2008 I'm pretty sure that's right cuz I've watched one of your videos and I'm pretty sure that you said 2008 is when you blind
Emily Packer
Emily Packer Kun oldin
how did she see the tweets
Emily Packer
Emily Packer Kun oldin
ArianaSheesh ohhh thanks!
ArianaSheesh Kun oldin
Emily Packer her phone has special settings, it reads it out
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund Kun oldin
great question
Lunar Mist
Lunar Mist Kun oldin
10:37 I have this problem where sometimes I see a spot of color randomly like its usually the color yellow but im not blind
Isabel Waugh
Isabel Waugh Kun oldin
James secretly eats that peachy powder
kvinettaf09 Kun oldin
She's amazing. So are you James! I would love to know how she does social media. That interests me so much!
A Person
A Person Kun oldin
We need a counter for how many times he said "yeah" in this video
Katie Naslund
Katie Naslund Kun oldin
I know it was so weird like at the beginning of the video when he just kept saying Yeah
Mayera Talbot
Mayera Talbot Kun oldin
She can she just a little bit. Like when she said, "I can see reflection of highlighter" she can she just a little bit I guess
Luisa Velasquez
Luisa Velasquez Kun oldin
She can only see shimery and holograohoc amd stuff like that so essintly she can only see light reflecting off things
Mayera Talbot
Mayera Talbot Kun oldin
OMG God bless you both ♥️
TDkatgirl Kun oldin
This isn’t first video I ever watched of you. I was always scared to watch since I never really liked make up. But when I saw you with Shane and Jeffery I saw this in my recommends. I watched and I actually had a nice time. NO OFFENSE!!!!
Katie Nemaric
Katie Nemaric Kun oldin
I fucking love Molly, she is so fabulous
Summer Ce
Summer Ce Kun oldin
I loveee James' talking speed. I literally speed every single other video up to at least 1.5 in speed, 'cause people always talk so slooow. Also in this day and age, if you didn't get it - pause or rewind.
Lauryn W.
Lauryn W. Kun oldin
I love each of your looks! So beautiful!
natures baby BIRDS
natures baby BIRDS 2 kun oldin
My eleventh birthday coming feb 2nd and now I’m scared I might get blind
GalactikW01F Gaming
I feel you James. My eyes are -5.5. They've just been getting worse since I was 4.
Röyal Tii
Röyal Tii 2 kun oldin
James Charles is so tall and sexy
Cali Green
Cali Green 2 kun oldin
You will never change sister
krystal schmidt
krystal schmidt 2 kun oldin
The moment you realize a blind girl is better at makeup
Tom YT GamerM
Tom YT GamerM 2 kun oldin
This is my first time watching James charles He says yas a lot XD
Great Vibes
Great Vibes 2 kun oldin
Love that makeup 💄 sister
Is Math Related To Science?
21:50 i think you mean enunciate(say clearly).anunciate is to announce OMG
Prince Cess
Prince Cess 2 kun oldin
James! You're so cute! 😍😄
Rayya Ghachi
Rayya Ghachi 2 kun oldin
5:50 is she really blind ??? mmmmm i don't think so
- a
- a 2 soat oldin
Rayya Ghachi she can literally shop and know where everything is in an entire store. watch 1 video of hers, she’s amazing
I'm no good
I'm no good 7 soat oldin
Rayya Ghachi go on her channel
Rayya Ghachi
Rayya Ghachi 7 soat oldin
+I'm no good.. Really ? and she remembers exactly where the camera is ! come on dude, don't be "blind" :)
I'm no good
I'm no good 2 kun oldin
Rayya Ghachi ... well blind people easily remembers where things are palced.
Jacinda Skye
Jacinda Skye 2 kun oldin
omg how can she do that I barely know what things are and I can see mind blown I love her videos so much sorry James but I followed her before you but still love you sister
Vanessa Magee
Vanessa Magee 2 kun oldin
is it just me or do you guys notice how her eyes are moving super fast?!?!?
Nikki Lewis
Nikki Lewis 2 kun oldin
Vanessa Magee yes she’s mentioned it before! There’s a name for it I don’t remember, but has something to do with her eyes inability to focus
Bella Nentwig
Bella Nentwig 2 kun oldin
Girls and drag queens don't need a full glam of makeup. All u need is some mascara and some eyeshadow. That's all I use because I ahte full glam because I love seeing my own skin and my naturalness
Cassidy Lynn
Cassidy Lynn 2 kun oldin
If someone wants to start a channel but has no clue what to post or only have a iPhone as their camera, any advice ?
Laura Wells
Laura Wells 2 kun oldin
Rose are red violets are blue what the hell you looking at 2:22
Arwen Hughes
Arwen Hughes 2 kun oldin
Theres a blind boy at my school and I honestly think that if anyone bullied him every single jock would whoop the shit out of the bully
Taylor Hobbs
Taylor Hobbs 3 kun oldin
Omg her attitude ❤️
Aoife Temple
Aoife Temple 3 kun oldin
Expecting all of the annoying comments saying to that she doesn't look blind
Big boy Carter Carter
She not blind
I'm no good
I'm no good 2 kun oldin
Big boy Carter Carter yes she is
Niamh Urwin
Niamh Urwin 3 kun oldin
Love Molly and James so much xxxx
uhm ilikejin
uhm ilikejin 3 kun oldin
pros of being blind; you can survive bird box.
Hadley & Paige
Hadley & Paige Kun oldin
Also con of being blind; You don’t know how much Nutella you are putting on your toast
uhm ilikejin
uhm ilikejin Kun oldin
+RinsaneITM accurate.
RinsaneITM Kun oldin
uhm ilikejin cons of being blind: you don’t know when to stop wiping after you poop.
Kacey Lyon
Kacey Lyon 3 kun oldin
Very good lol
Vapor Wavy
Vapor Wavy 3 kun oldin
5:32 awww james😭😂
Ana Ignjatović
Ana Ignjatović 3 kun oldin
I'm just so confused byhow she knows exactly where to look like where James is at, where's the camera and all the makeup.. Skill
sawa albino
sawa albino 3 kun oldin
I love this episode but molly's ring is so pretty. It is a distraction. I want it
leaf selvi
leaf selvi 3 kun oldin
Im a little confused, how can she maintain eye contact?
I'm no good
I'm no good 2 kun oldin
leaf selvi training
ninesies 3 kun oldin
James‘s heart is soo beautiful 😭😭 He looks so touched hearing Molly talking [esp. in the middle of this video] He’s surely going to be even bigger in this industry😭💕🙏
NO-ONE NO-ONE 3 kun oldin
is she really blind tho?
I'm no good
I'm no good 2 kun oldin
NO-ONE NO-ONE training
NO-ONE NO-ONE 2 kun oldin
+uhm ilikejin i mean the way she make an eye contact and starring at the camera and the way she apply the makeup, she doesnt look blind !! and the make up result was also really nice.. hows that possible for someone who cant see
uhm ilikejin
uhm ilikejin 3 kun oldin
what do you think the videos title is.
Mandi 3 kun oldin
I love James but it really annoys me that the title is "Blind Girl Does My Makeup ft. Molly Burke". It should be "Molly Burke Does My Makeup". She is just like everyone else. You wouldn't have a video called "Sighted Person Does My Makeup ft Emma Chamberlain". Stop putting people in a box she is a beautiful person and UZvidr and she just so happens to be blind. I love Molly and I have so much respect for her and I feel like other people should too.
uhm ilikejin
uhm ilikejin 3 kun oldin
he's respecting her. stop misunderstanding.
Jasmine Velasquez
Jasmine Velasquez 3 kun oldin
Is she like blind blind where she cant see anything or does she see very but very blurry and cant see that much? But anyway love them both
Jasmine Velasquez
Jasmine Velasquez 2 kun oldin
+uhm ilikejin ohhh thxs
uhm ilikejin
uhm ilikejin 3 kun oldin
she can see light which is how she makes eye contact but still is blind
Gracie Ramirez
Gracie Ramirez 3 kun oldin
It’s funny how all the negative people can talk shit out of there ass like have you checked in the mirror much before judging James that way y’all are all idiots but all whale 🐳 hater are haters 😂love you James Charles 💕
Emilee Leedom
Emilee Leedom 3 kun oldin
She knows soo much and knows were everything isss
Emilee Leedom
Emilee Leedom 3 kun oldin
Omg how does she like knwo what everything isss
Samantha Gonzalez
Samantha Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
Molly:*picks up a brush* James:um that has purple on it...😰 Molly: "BOY CLEAN YOUR BRUSHES" James: oh sorry
kailey hughes
kailey hughes 3 kun oldin
i relized he said yes alot in this one she did pretty good
Gustavo Zárate Topete
This is just beautiful.
Kk R
Kk R 4 kun oldin
She honestly has great video presence
kphelpsofficial singer actress songwriter
Weird question if James was straight would u date him? I mean I would he looks like a snack.
Brigid M
Brigid M 4 kun oldin
That's so cool
Live Alone
Live Alone 4 kun oldin
james u r so cute plz dont put makeup plz
Bebe Ramirez
Bebe Ramirez 4 kun oldin
Sorry, people but this girl can see well enough that she should not be PLAYING THE BLIND CARD. Just saying.
Aza pineapplelemon
Aza pineapplelemon 4 kun oldin
He respects He protects But mosstly Hi sisters
tazzy801 4 kun oldin
Molly is amazing and your collab has worked so well!! You should do more videos together. You both gave such a warm and pleasant vibe :)
POTATAAA 4 kun oldin
Maybe molly is not fully blind but her eyes is just too damn blurry like my future
mld 4 kun oldin
Alex gacha
Alex gacha 4 kun oldin
Perks of being blind :you'll survive bird box
cutecupcakes1234 cuteies163
James is so genorous he gave her some of his make up and was a sweetheart to her 💙💙
Fun times Happy
Fun times Happy 4 kun oldin
How old is Molly Burke
Samantha Wong
Samantha Wong 4 kun oldin
Is Molly Burke blind like everything is really blurry? Or is it just completely black?
Samantha Wong
Samantha Wong Kun oldin
I'm no good That explains why see could see the highlighter, is that why she knows where the camera is right? Because of the lights
I'm no good
I'm no good 2 kun oldin
Samantha Wong she can perceive light but she sees nothing besides of that (or flashing colors like most of blind people)
alexis vafai
alexis vafai 4 kun oldin
sometimes i feel like she isn’t blind bc of how smart she is haha
Keeping up With Zoella
She’s thicc She’s slicc But most importantly she’s sister James
Faith Roop
Faith Roop 4 kun oldin
That’s amazing 😃 . Im shook 😱!! You go Molly!!!!!!😇
YT_heyletsplayl 4 kun oldin
Boy clean your brushes!!!!!!!
Jacob Poplaskii
Jacob Poplaskii 5 kun oldin
She literally looked at you in the right detection
Jacob Poplaskii
Jacob Poplaskii 5 kun oldin
She isn’t blind
I'm no good
I'm no good 2 kun oldin
Jacob Poplaskii you can see by her eye movements that she is blind, her eyes constantly twitch because they can’t focus
Jacob Poplaskii
Jacob Poplaskii 2 kun oldin
I'm no good wow I’ve meet her and she actually looked at thd camera lense
I'm no good
I'm no good 2 kun oldin
Jacob Poplaskii she is, get a life
Julianna Emeigh
Julianna Emeigh 5 kun oldin
27:03 minutes trying to avoid a sister scandal ft. Molly Burke!!!!
LordWhis 5 kun oldin
"Boy, clean your brushes !" LOL
Kayla Daley
Kayla Daley 5 kun oldin
James is so sweet to her. I love him