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HI SISTERS! For today's video, we're taking the blindfolded makeup challenge to the next level. I filmed with one of my favorite people, Molly Burke who has been blind since the age of 14. She's an amazing motivational speaker and youtuber who has not let her disability get the best of her. Enjoy our convo as she does my makeup... completely blind!
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15-May, 2018



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Molly Burke
Molly Burke 10 oy oldin
Love you, sister!
Jaydah Teel
Jaydah Teel 4 oy oldin
Lily Grace
Lily Grace 4 oy oldin
Molly Burke :)
Trinh Hoang
Trinh Hoang 5 oy oldin
Love your videos
Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller 6 oy oldin
When I was young I wanted to be blind not for the attention or anything but because it was always somthing I wanted to understand I wanted to be in the shoes of some one who is blind to know what it’s like I wanted to be deaf bc I had a dear friend we talk through lots of body language facial expressions and my very very limited amount of sighn language I don’t want attention I want experience and understanding
Stela Danova
Stela Danova 6 oy oldin
How can you text when you can’t see?? Sorry for asking
Emily Hill
Emily Hill 2 soat oldin
you rocked it
Petra Lynn
Petra Lynn 7 soat oldin
Omg her hair is so long
Alyssa Borlace
Alyssa Borlace 8 soat oldin
she is better at makeup than me and I am not blind
Alyssa Borlace
Alyssa Borlace 8 soat oldin
love that she can still see a serton way........LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bobby Joe is amazing
Bobby Joe is amazing 12 soat oldin
Did anyone else notice that Molly used both hands?
Bobby Joe is amazing
Bobby Joe is amazing 12 soat oldin
James, what r those wigs for
Raiders Nation
Raiders Nation 17 soat oldin
you are beautiful never dought yourself
Helena Pamela
Helena Pamela 18 soat oldin
I saw this video at the time that got upload, and today youtube suggest me, i was like..who is she? And then "omgg is molly!" Miss her beautiful hair, but prefer now hahaha
Kalani Singz
Kalani Singz 20 soat oldin
How does she know where u are
Olivia Roessler
Olivia Roessler 23 soat oldin
Wait Molly’s Canadian that’s so cool if so cuz I am
Ashley Douglas
Ashley Douglas Kun oldin
Millie Whittaker
I love molly don’t get me wrong, but when she was picking out the concealers and said ‘are these tarte’ she looked straight at the camera and pulled a face to say she knew, idk...
Cas Ross
Cas Ross Kun oldin
She's such a queen she's so gorgeous, smart and isn't afraid to be open about her differences Ugh I love you so much girl @mollyburke
The Lonely Artist
Her hair is so long in this!
April B
April B Kun oldin
My god i love to be james there listening in person with Molly her words are very meaningful 😭
Renee B
Renee B Kun oldin
I swear in the thumbnail she looks like Ashley Rickards
B Kun oldin
this is so cool! i love it!!
Eve Rennette
Eve Rennette Kun oldin
She is so good at eyebrows in my opinion ❤️😋🙂
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith Kun oldin
Absolutely inspiring!!!❤️❤️❤️
Eden Shiers-hawkins
Really not trying to be rude in any way but how does Molly type comments if she was blind or does she get her mum to help
Emma Isaman
Emma Isaman Kun oldin
Molly we’res your dog
Angela Rubio
Angela Rubio Kun oldin
at least she'd survive in birdbox
Alexa aa
Alexa aa Kun oldin
Is she really blind?
Arianna Carulli
Arianna Carulli Kun oldin
Molly is sooo beautiful!!!! I love her
Akshay Gowrishankar
She would be a great comedian as well as a sister amazing makeup artist.
Dawn Jones
Dawn Jones Kun oldin
I love everything about this!!!!!! Love you both! I want Molly to meet Jeffery Star! =D
jazzy cruz
jazzy cruz Kun oldin
Every one does a video with molly now days I LOVE it
The1stonemonkey 2 kun oldin
at first I thought she wasn't because she was so good at picking making and knowing the brand I thought she wasn't blind but now that's when she looks at the camera fro a couple seconds her eye lashes or eyes wiggle a little bit and that's not a normal thing(no harm) (I mean like as a cool thing) so she basically is blind but unice (I cant spell)
Jabami 2 kun oldin
Is she... really blind?
Bobbi Equestrian
Bobbi Equestrian 2 kun oldin
I love James (and it's not just him), but I find it kinda insensitive when people name their videos "blind girl" and then something else... just my opinion, don't come for me, lol
Zaina Ansari
Zaina Ansari 2 kun oldin
The most positive person I've seen!❤️
ElyKaye muzik
ElyKaye muzik 2 kun oldin
I got a lil confused.. But waw shes real cool..
Savannah love
Savannah love 2 kun oldin
Hey next time you go on tour can you please go to canton Texas bc I really really want to see you
Lifelong Studios
Lifelong Studios 3 kun oldin
Why does it seem like she can see
Lifelong Studios
Lifelong Studios 3 kun oldin
She knows his makeup better than he does
Stevany Pearce
Stevany Pearce 3 kun oldin
SiennaPlayz123 4
SiennaPlayz123 4 3 kun oldin
Love you Sister molly! Don’t believe anything people say about you. You are amazing and you have fought for your life this whole time and a little thing can stop that. But that is not you love you xx
Kelsey Starling
Kelsey Starling 4 kun oldin
James! This video is the best, I am the same way when it comes to trying to do my normal day to day makeup,lol...usually whinds up being at least an hour😑😂👌💘
Taylor Murphy
Taylor Murphy 4 kun oldin
Molly you are pretty do not worry girl!
Yayoi Vixen
Yayoi Vixen 4 kun oldin
I wouldn't be surprised if Molly does a better job at makeup than your average sighted person... cuz she's really a pro at it.
Harmony Brady
Harmony Brady 4 kun oldin
If you wanna see some diversity in characters watch Avatar the last air bender! They have a blind character who’s probably the toughest in the whole show and I live for it!
Phoenix’s Channel
11:49 who else has ocd looking at the powder on James eyebrow😱😂✨
Daniel Sidén
Daniel Sidén 4 kun oldin
Brown eyes? Doesnt he have green eyes?
Rebecca Mayer
Rebecca Mayer 4 kun oldin
I feel sorry for those who are blind. I know theres different types of blinds, but if she can see the shimmer in the lighting, then she is not technically seeing all black.
Mia Zaebst
Mia Zaebst 5 kun oldin
I always feel bad when people call molly blind. Even though she is it just makes me feel bad that they can't just say molly burke. Not throwing any shade I love both of there channels.
Morgannshoremann 101
I think it’s so sad how everybody uses this girl for views😖
Jillian Ghant
Jillian Ghant 5 kun oldin
her makeup is better than mine would ever be and i’m not blind 😭😭
Henney Ete
Henney Ete 5 kun oldin
Aww James ! He's so pure ,his affection towards Molly so soft and pristine 💙
KC Reddeman
KC Reddeman 5 kun oldin
I love the expression on his face at 13:38 after she did his face 🥰
Val W
Val W 5 kun oldin
I get what she's saying about asking people- but I would just be so paranoid that people would either be wrong or lying. That's why it's so weird to me when she said "oh this is this color" cause she's taking other people's words and I always always need to confirm things myself
Sara Popović
Sara Popović 5 kun oldin
Love you,sister!
Haidyn Cooks
Haidyn Cooks 5 kun oldin
Stop,wait, u have been to Coachella
Justin Williams
Justin Williams 5 kun oldin
hi sister im such a big fan but can u speak up a bit in your vids cause its really hard to hear u on my laptop but any ways im such a big fan and if i sound mean pls tell me im really not trying to be mean but love u and have a bueatiful day year and life
Sara Bell
Sara Bell 5 kun oldin
People are so discriminating against disabled people. Molly, she never lets people bring her down. I am in a wheelchair and, I get stared at and yeah, it bothers me. We as disabled people need to learn from this amazing lovely woman. God bless you molly.
TheShipperSquad 6 kun oldin
How did she lose her sight
Elliott Chen
Elliott Chen 6 kun oldin
I'm not blind and I can't even identify the things in my fridge. She's such a joy ❤️
Kool_Aid101 H
Kool_Aid101 H 6 kun oldin
6:00 she starts doing make up here
imma sock
imma sock 6 kun oldin
How does she kno how to match her foundation?Or pick a colour?Im confused......
Shaza Musa
Shaza Musa 5 kun oldin
She goes to the store and they help her match it. She mentioned it on her channel.
Lindsay Mencer
Lindsay Mencer 6 kun oldin
Once I fall into the James Charles rabbit hole i can't get out... I love everything about you sister James ❤
stupid cupid
stupid cupid 6 kun oldin
her handa are so small compared to his head its so cuteee.
Woo Shua
Woo Shua 6 kun oldin
Im your fan now Molly 💕💎
Keith Kogane
Keith Kogane 6 kun oldin
I’m watching this at 12;00. Fun
genderpunksap 6 kun oldin
the fact that she knows what all of them are from a touch is incredible, i'm so impressed
TheFemaleFoetus 23
TheFemaleFoetus 23 7 kun oldin
Im so grateful he wrote" blind girl " so we get the concept of why its special shes doing his makeupbut he also wrote "ft molly burke" because shes not just "a blind girl" love u both ♡♡
Redbird 7 kun oldin
She's so damn hot. I'm in love. 🔥🔥🔥
rtu iude
rtu iude 7 kun oldin
You should do your makeup using only metalics so Molly Burke can see it!😋
rtu iude
rtu iude 3 kun oldin
+Savage Fam she's blind, but she can see metalic colors when the light reflects
Savage Fam
Savage Fam 3 kun oldin
she's blind
Alicia Foley
Alicia Foley 7 kun oldin
My husband has Retinitis Pigmentosa, and this is so inspirational! It helps me have faith that he will be able to do things on his own when he does lose all of his sight.
Emma The gamer
Emma The gamer 7 kun oldin
At least she won’t know if she has ocd 😂😂😂
am_ 12
am_ 12 7 kun oldin
She reminds me of Hidaya Hijazi
Queen Rianna
Queen Rianna 7 kun oldin
Love it❤❤
Erin Destiny
Erin Destiny 7 kun oldin
both of you together is amazing
Sierra Léone Robinson
I'm just as shook as James
aesthete 7 kun oldin
The way she applies makeup looks therapeutic
Mia Martin
Mia Martin 7 kun oldin
James can you PLEASE do a collab with sssniperwolf!?!?
Andreanna Nosworthy
we love molly 😭😭😭
Mikey Ray
Mikey Ray 8 kun oldin
👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👽👽 👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👾👾👾👾👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👾👽👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👾👽👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👾👽👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👾👽👽👽 👽👽👽👽👾👽👽👽👽👾👽👽 Hey Sister!!!
Ginger Farris
Ginger Farris 8 kun oldin
I was born in 2008
Chloe LimeLight
Chloe LimeLight 8 kun oldin
Omg Gypsy is my dogs name 😱
Chloe LimeLight
Chloe LimeLight 8 kun oldin
I’m so used to Molly with short pink hair omg 😂 luv ya sisters
Lillie Winker
Lillie Winker 8 kun oldin
Is she color blind or just blind like not being rude I’m actually wondering
Laura Smith
Laura Smith 8 kun oldin
she has a condition called RP...so yeah, she's blind
Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat 8 kun oldin
They really inspire me because I have severe vision issues as well, I'm literally almost legally blind at the age of 15, my vision is in the negatives (-7 for the right eye and -8.25 for the left). The entire world is blurry without my glasses and my vision is just getting worse each year so I might go fully blind one day or need a percription that is so strong that the doctors can no longer provide me strong enough glasses to suit my needs. I can definitely relate with James because he's legally blind like I will probably be within the next few years. I can't imagine what Molly must have gone through when she was 14, I'm so afraid that the same might happen to me.
Genie Hudson
Genie Hudson 9 kun oldin
James I love your freckles!
Djina Sibalic
Djina Sibalic 9 kun oldin
She's amazing ! ❤
thepanestofcake 9 kun oldin
As a wheelchair user, I saw a Target ad on Instagram with a person in a wheelchair, and it was done without that whole *oh look at us, we're inclusive* it had like a normal caption, and talked about a photo op. aND there was just a girl in a wheelchair and it made me very happy. that's all
LazyLayla 06
LazyLayla 06 9 kun oldin
Wow Molly’s really good at makeup
-eon the killer-
-eon the killer- 9 kun oldin
She is sister-scamming y'all lmao there is no way she is actually blind 😂😂😂
Shannon Mott
Shannon Mott 9 kun oldin
This video just made me love Molly even more and I didn’t think that was possible. 😭❤️❤️❤️
Casey Somers
Casey Somers 9 kun oldin
That JuicyStar07 reference.... Same tho 😩
Elyse Howard
Elyse Howard 9 kun oldin
Wait James and I are the same age how
Trish Elliott
Trish Elliott 9 kun oldin
A blind girl that can see? Obviously not blind
Sydneyjessicabr 9 kun oldin
What a inspiration ❤️
H D 10 kun oldin
She's probably 25 or 26 years old
Abby Mclemore
Abby Mclemore 10 kun oldin
your eyebrows are perfect james
yoongis baby
yoongis baby 10 kun oldin
Love this video💜
purple puppy12
purple puppy12 10 kun oldin
1:45 me too, Molly!
Reeta Boro
Reeta Boro 10 kun oldin
I don't know why but I understand everything he says very clearly like it doesn't feel like his words are jumbling in my head although he speaks fast and since I'm asian I find it hard to understand it when spoken by english people that's maybe why I love listening to him like kinda obsessed.
S Strett
S Strett 10 kun oldin
What kind of monsters would bully a blind girl....
Avery Seymour
Avery Seymour 10 kun oldin
James: *agrees with molly that brands should arrange their eyeshadow palettes by color* Also James: *makes a palette with unarranged colors*
Kelsey Lucas
Kelsey Lucas 11 kun oldin
I love u so so so much James ur my idol
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