Blind Ice Cream Taste Test

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We're tasting popular vanilla ice creams to decide which grocery store brand truly makes us scream for ice cream. GMM #1336
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4-Iyn, 2018

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Oregon western railroad Productions
Man that hurt being a oregon native seeing no one geuss tillamook
Tabitha Breeding
Tabitha Breeding 5 soat oldin
Just so you know it’s winter right now in Kentucky and there’s snow everywhere and I’m still eating ice cream I had some yesterday
Amber Hanna
Amber Hanna 8 soat oldin
I want you to know, that I come here often just to hear Link exclaim "Ice cream is back, the ice cream is back! Winter didn't kill us, and the ice cream is back!" because it truly make me happy. I wish winter would go away already.
Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams 2 kun oldin
None of these compare to Blue Bell but its hard to find outside of the south :(
S M 3 kun oldin
Blue Bell is the BEST
Jacob Summers
Jacob Summers 3 kun oldin
Its pronounced tillamuk
Jack Morin
Jack Morin 4 kun oldin
Ben and Jerry’s reigns supreme! All hail Vermont!
jenae hardcastle rogers
You can’t leave out Blue Bell wow guys come on
shawn 6 kun oldin
*I have several questions*
That betch
That betch 6 kun oldin
Haagen daaz is my fav! I was so mad when they didn’t guess it right 😂
Tilamonk is the best out of those choices. Blue Bell would also be a good addition. All the others have excess gum as thickening agents and less milk because its cheaper, some have to be labeled "frozen dessert" because they dont have the required % of cream to be called ice cream kinda like tequila and agave
Sofie Toftgaard
Sofie Toftgaard 7 kun oldin
Cause we’re terrified of what’s around the corner.... DOWN IN FOOOREST. WE’LL SING A CHOOORUS!!! Josh is real guys...
The Lunch Files
The Lunch Files 7 kun oldin
That commune spoon was hilarious! Is it me or is that spoon moving alot? Hahaha! Love it!
Krisily Meldrum
Krisily Meldrum 7 kun oldin
The name of the game literally cured my depression
Maddie Spencer
Maddie Spencer 9 kun oldin
In Texas ice cream is a year round thing
OKCSABOT 9 kun oldin
Never heard of Tillamook
Marisol Romo
Marisol Romo 10 kun oldin
On behalf of all Texans... Where's the Blue Bell?
E J O 11 kun oldin
Rhett: this end keeps hitting me in the face for some reason Link: *proceeds to bounce spoon up and down* 😂😂😂
Hey Man
Hey Man 11 kun oldin
You guys should have tries Blue Bell
Vic. 12 kun oldin
Uhmmm is Dreyer’s’ actually Edy’s????
Ethan Anderson
Ethan Anderson 12 kun oldin
Where is the blue bell???
Brian Allman
Brian Allman 12 kun oldin
Links face at 13:08 is golden
Amy Whitney
Amy Whitney 13 kun oldin
What about Frendleys
Master Of All
Master Of All 14 kun oldin
What a funny idea to have two men eat from the same spoon lol
Joseph H
Joseph H 14 kun oldin
Dreyer's looks a lot like edy's
Bex Goo
Bex Goo 15 kun oldin
Please For the Love of All Things mythical try Ben and Jerry's Caramel almond brittle non-dairy ice cream I by far think is the best ice cream !I keep going back to it I keep paying almost four bucks for it and I love it! Whatever game you have to play with everything you have to do please try it! Also I know it's random but if you ever do a macaroni and cheese taste test you have to add in HEB easy melt mac and cheese the yellow and red box that is the best one in the Box trust me you guys I hope my taste buds don't fail you and I hope you can try these H-E-B is a store in Texas if you can't order or anything let me know I will send you a box myself so you guys can try it and of course I added an extra box for the crew love you guys keep it mythical
Gabriella 15 kun oldin
No Edy's ice cream cause they all ready won even tho dreyers has the same container as edy's
Ivo Deltchev
Ivo Deltchev 16 kun oldin
Just do 2 piles of ice cream in the same spoon. So damn messy and gross
Princeyomi 16 kun oldin
before even watching, haagen dazs is gonna take the cake.
Jasmine Salazar
Jasmine Salazar 17 kun oldin
Hannah M
Hannah M 18 kun oldin
red slime
red slime 18 kun oldin
I was eating ice cream while watching this episode.
Debra Monahan
Debra Monahan 19 kun oldin
My favorite ice cream is Cold Stone Creamery
Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un 19 kun oldin
Cookies n cream great value is prob the best on the market .
Nova Knight
Nova Knight 21 kun oldin
They could’ve had two separate spoons.
Jada Loren
Jada Loren 22 kun oldin
y’all have never had blue bell though, aka the best 🥴🤤
Priscilla Morales
Priscilla Morales 22 kun oldin
They missed the chance to make a “dairy king (instead of queen)” joke
Wyatt Perry
Wyatt Perry 23 kun oldin
Rhett: ICE CREAM DEATH MATCH Link: [Scared] let’s talk about that... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kitty Kat
Kitty Kat 24 kun oldin
“No, I said Breyer’s. Buh-buh-buh,” -Link Neal, 2018
Jake Lee
Jake Lee 24 kun oldin
Guyssssssss it’s pronounced tilla-muck
Kathryn Shaw
Kathryn Shaw 25 kun oldin
Commune spoon = ew
97Retrogamenerd 25 kun oldin
No Brigham's? Brigham's is the best ice cream I've ever had that you can buy at the super market
babybookworm003 26 kun oldin
I’ve been sick the last month and am finally starting to eat again and your blind taste test have helped to encourage me to eat
JACOB GAMES 26 kun oldin
Your not lucky in Texas no mater what season even winter the ice cream truck comes
Momma Bear
Momma Bear 26 kun oldin
😂 as someone who has lived in Tillamook their whole life it irritates me how you pronounce it. 🤦🏼‍♀️
emilyisakitty 27 kun oldin
The way they pronounce ‘Tillamook’ is killing me
Gerardo Padilla
Gerardo Padilla 27 kun oldin
You guys waste to much food
ryukdluffy 29 kun oldin
the spoon was a bad idea
Jason Lit_boii
I like how they would just say whatever came to their head since they didn’t know much
Megan Burr
Megan Burr Oy oldin
The best ice cream hands down is Tilamook Mudslide and no one will ever change my mind
Baleigh Nielsen
8:49 look at that dot on rhetts shirt
Baleigh Nielsen
I had the urge just to grab the balls of ice cream and shovel it into my mouth
r0bbyy2007 Oy oldin
No blue bell? Not even a real competition then in my opinion.
julie king
julie king Oy oldin
Once they should just give them the same thing over and over telling them they’re different. April fools prank
Alfie Spafford
watching this while eating ben and jerry’s lmao
t con
t con Oy oldin
I agree BJ is awesome
Shalynne Roudebush
Hannah Ware
Hannah Ware Oy oldin
Hearing them pronounce Tillamook makes me cringe.
Jeramie T
Jeramie T Oy oldin
Should have had blue bell
Jayme Bellinger
i had to do a math project in college sampling 5 different ice cream brands and writing a report on which one was best based on value, taste, and price. A lot of math equations involved with that one.
Shawn Palumbo
Shawn Palumbo Oy oldin
Velvet is the best Ice cream ever.. Then Blue Bell, I'll go with Ben and Jerry's on this list tho..
Jenna H.
Jenna H. Oy oldin
That is an ADORABLE shirt Link! Cuz I love all the things on the shirt 😄
Kaia Blauser
Kaia Blauser Oy oldin
Plz slap Link with the spoon
SithGaming Robloxian Measure Man
U didn't do blue bell one of the most common
Emily Con
Emily Con Oy oldin
Haagen Dazs per Rhett: cold and vanilla,how insightful Rhett
Katie F
Katie F Oy oldin
Dreyers with real milk and tillamook are soooo good. At Disneyland, they serve hand scooped dreyers Ice cream on Main st and it’s the best Ice cream I’ve had in my whole life! I usually get either strawberry, chocolate chip, or cookies and cream. So yummy
Am I the only one upset by the commune spoon?? You can’t tell me there wasn’t an easier way to eat this. They could have put it in a bowl since you don’t touch it with your fingers anyway lol. Idk found that method cringey and wasteful of ice cream 😭 Side note after further observation they look like blind kittens searching for mamas milk 🤣🤣🤣
Kara Bench
Kara Bench Oy oldin
empaintsthesky Definitely gross but probably the most entertaining method I’ve seen yet😂😂
joeyvesh13 Oy oldin
Feed yourselves, it’ll make a better bit.
Tyler Sobolewski
Ok, literally I like Breyers better than Hagendas. The latter is just too thick and not decadent enough. Breyers has so much flavour and they overdo their extract so their mint and vanilla bean is to die for
Jared Ferris
Jared Ferris Oy oldin
I my very biased opinion vanilla is trash.
Samarra Masengi
ppl be commenting about blue bell but i don’t know what that is, big love to baskin robbins
Jasmine Morales
This makes me happy cause ben n Jerry's is my fav
Derek Kras
Derek Kras Oy oldin
Brooke Hall videos
You spelled king wrong
Clayton Derry
Clayton Derry Oy oldin
You should of used blue bell also
MMH Productions
steak taste test
MMH Productions
chicken sandwich taste test
Mollie Jo Baylor
Where is the bluebell?
cptn Oy oldin
im sorry but the spoon wasnt funny at all and just gross
nah dylan
nah dylan Oy oldin
the Commune Spoon is my least favourite food delivery mechanism to this day
weldingbro Oy oldin
Best Vanilla ice cream hands down is Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla
Mollie Jo Baylor
weldingbro agreed
Michael Schneider
give em spoons and do it individually, and that thing is packed with ice cream.
em c
em c Oy oldin
I was confused about Dreyers. On the northeast it's called Edy's
Katt Ramen
Katt Ramen Oy oldin
God I really hope Rhett took lactose pill before this.
Samuel Erwin
Samuel Erwin Oy oldin
No blue bell?
Gijs W
Gijs W Oy oldin
Actually got a b&j ad on this
grace Oy oldin
I didn't know how badly I needed to hear Rhett say, "Yas, Queen"
Justin Hoskins
Link hitting the spoon with his chin was the funniest shit y'all have done on this show in YEARS.
Myah Ackerkand
I'm from the midwest and the fact that whitey's isn't up there makes me so upset
Danielle Valero
Skelassassin Oy oldin
no blue bell? :(
The Aquatic Blader
this is almost he 1337th episode and i love Haggin das ice cream bars i think they exist
Labella Vita
Labella Vita Oy oldin
Rhett trying his best but still missing the ice cream in his beard is a mood 😂
Raptor Nugget
Raptor Nugget Oy oldin
As someone who lives less than an hour away from Tillamook, it annoys the shit out of me how they pronounce it. I thought they were pronouncing it like that as a joke at first and then I realized... 😑
Jake Elliott
Jake Elliott Oy oldin
Its called edys on the east coast
Megan Behrmann
Rhett, I love your beard, but please NEVER slurp your mustache again 😖😷
Kelly Reardon
Kelly Reardon Oy oldin
Dreyers is called Eddys where I live
PaytonMemesYT Oy oldin
The noises they were making while eating the ice cream were noises I heard before...
Evelyn Herrera
i scream, you scream, we all scream cus we're teriffied.
Trevor Brightly
This is my new favorite episode of gmm...Yas Queen!