Blind Ice Cream Taste Test

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We're tasting popular vanilla ice creams to decide which grocery store brand truly makes us scream for ice cream. GMM #1336
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4-Iyn, 2018



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Fikrlar 7 866
Frank Edward
Frank Edward 14 soat oldin
I don’t think any of y’all have had Blue Bell. It’s the best ice cream!
crab rangoonz
crab rangoonz 17 soat oldin
that's so strange! out here on the east coast dreyer's is now as edy's :o
Fox Bear
Fox Bear 2 kun oldin
I miss ice cream 😭
Batman Blood
Batman Blood 2 kun oldin
The fact you left blue bell out is so sad
tyranomegosaurus 3 kun oldin
oh man a giant spoon of ice cream! yes please!! yall need to try vegan ice creams too!!!
Trae Boudreaux
Trae Boudreaux 4 kun oldin
Even in 2019 I’m still upset about blue bell not making its way in this contest!
Kyle Torches
Kyle Torches 4 kun oldin
Blue bell
Anthony Toledo
Anthony Toledo 5 kun oldin
Damn the disrespectful to blue bell is real
TMuSiC 6 kun oldin
Here in Estonia the best is either Magnum or Super Viva.
Thecanadianwitch 6 kun oldin
i'm high and can't stop laughing
Maggie Keenan
Maggie Keenan 6 kun oldin
It needs to be known to the public that it’s pronounced tilla-muck not till a-mook everyone from the pnw has been offended
Raul Alonso
Raul Alonso 8 kun oldin
Y’all missed blue bell 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😢
Z Mythos
Z Mythos 8 kun oldin
Remembered I had some leftover Haagen-Dazs in the freezer so I grabbed it to eat while watching R&L eat their ice cream lol.
SoyPetTurtle 8 kun oldin
Everything Rhett is saying about Blue Bunny, i have always thought! Least favorite ice cream brand by farrrrr
키라박 9 kun oldin
I scream you scream gimme that gimme that ice cream
Canal da Isadora Dias
The best vanilla ice cream is Haangedas !!!
Hockey 4 Days
Hockey 4 Days 9 kun oldin
Breyer’s is the best!
Mu 9 kun oldin
I'll just sit here all sad without any ice cream.
Jacob Jeckles
Jacob Jeckles 9 kun oldin
Y'all missing out by not having bluebell
Bailie Evans
Bailie Evans 9 kun oldin
Just found your channel this week and I love it! I have binge watched almost all of these blind taste tests!! Love them! BUT is blue bell not a thing where y’all live? Is that just a southern thing? Blue bell is by far the best in my opinion!
Seve Gandy
Seve Gandy 9 kun oldin
Wow not Dean
kool kid
kool kid 9 kun oldin
prairie farms is the best
ace taylor
ace taylor 10 kun oldin
link just DRAGGED dryers🍦😂😂
ace taylor
ace taylor 10 kun oldin
this is the best title yet, “what pint of ice cream will make us say YAS QUEEN!” i’m dying😂😂😂
Bob ross the boss
Bob ross the boss 10 kun oldin
Lactose intolerant people enters the chat: Lactose intolerant people are typing:
Skyrimking 180
Skyrimking 180 10 kun oldin
Sad blue bunny got a low score I love blue bunny ice cream
Derik Sandoval
Derik Sandoval 10 kun oldin
The only I icecream I knew of was Haagen-Dazs.........anyone else?? No.... Ok
TheRedstoneSword 10 kun oldin
I knew none of them...
Megan Reese
Megan Reese 10 kun oldin
No Blue Bell?
Nicole Lyles
Nicole Lyles 11 kun oldin
Y’all need some Blue Bell up in that commune spoon!
Jaiden Rivera
Jaiden Rivera 11 kun oldin
....and this video is brought to you by Dreyers :)
Rape Moist
Rape Moist 12 kun oldin
You should of put blue bell ice cream
dark death
dark death 12 kun oldin
Hagin dazz is my favourite
Eddi PL
Eddi PL 13 kun oldin
DameOfTheRose 14 kun oldin
blue bell with ben and jerry coming close
Amber Baker
Amber Baker 14 kun oldin
Should have had blue bell ice cream it would have won
Killian Jones
Killian Jones 14 kun oldin
I love their completely misplaced confidence.
Myveryname23 14 kun oldin
Why would they waste that much ice cream
nicolelylewis 14 kun oldin
I loooove Bryers vanilla. It’s so soft, no matter how long it’s been in the freezer
Murshh123 15 kun oldin
Isn't Dreyer's called Eddy's in NY bc the logo and coloring looks legit the same Update: totally did some research and was right... www.huffpost.com/entry/food-products-with-different-brand-names_n_1250304
Nói Páll
Nói Páll 15 kun oldin
wtf did i just watch
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 15 kun oldin
so rhett voted ben and jerrys and hagen dasz as his blue bunny but link though blue bunny was not good and link got it right
AGPumpkin Amor
AGPumpkin Amor 15 kun oldin
It's pronounced Tilla-muck not mook, even though that's how it's spelled.
Michaël X
Michaël X 16 kun oldin
MINOR SPOILER ALERT It's surprising how accurate this taste test was as Ben & Jerry's definitely seems to be a superior ice cream, with Häagen-Dazs also up there, and both Breyers and Dreyers being shit ice creams. I've not had Tillamook, nor do I have much recollection of Blue Bunny, but I would definitely concur that Dreyers is the worst of the bunch, and I've also never cared for Breyers.
Michaël X
Michaël X 16 kun oldin
10:24 Holy shit I had to pause from laughing to death, I can't even remember the last time I laughed so hard. 🤣
Mr Beast
Mr Beast 17 kun oldin
The 1.9k people that disliked this were lactose intolerant
felicia letke
felicia letke 17 kun oldin
Do new cereal taste
Daniela Solis
Daniela Solis 17 kun oldin
I don’t know why it’s so adorable to me, watching someone’s beard when they’re savoring something. It’s funny n cute haha
Kate Farris
Kate Farris 17 kun oldin
Breyer’s Natural Vanilla all day every day! Best vanilla flavor, easy. I love Ben & Jerry’s but their vanilla tastes so blah to me. Breyer’s > Haagen Dazs > Tillamook > Ben & Jerry’s > Dreyer’s > Blue Bunny
Will McCallister
Will McCallister 17 kun oldin
Dryers and breyers are the new no doubt 🙌
GamingBadly Good
GamingBadly Good 17 kun oldin
They didnt even do the best of the best Brahms ice cream
Leigh 17 kun oldin
(out of context) "Oh that makes me want to go in" "There, I found the ball." Think I get why I am not getting any ads from this one; thanks to that I got a better viewing experience anyways \^^/
idkroselle 18 kun oldin
Ben and Jerry’s isn’t even good
Keira Elizabeth11
Keira Elizabeth11 18 kun oldin
I got just a little bit on my beard Me:-_- NOPPPPE
Henry Sikora
Henry Sikora 19 kun oldin
why do you need to be blindfolded dawg
kirsti013 19 kun oldin
Really wasn’t fair to use dryers slow churned bc that’s the low fat version of their ice cream
Prestina Daniels
Prestina Daniels 19 kun oldin
Dryers?? Edy’s!!?
Sheepdog1911 19 kun oldin
My favorite Ice Cream is Chocolate With Peanut Butter Swirl. I love to crush up Oreos & mix it in What is your favorite?
Doodoopancakes 19 kun oldin
“Can I have some ice cream” “Only a spoonful
мonica ❤
мonica ❤ 21 kun oldin
As a Texan I'm so upset they didn't try Blue Bell :(
emmitt oliver
emmitt oliver 21 kun oldin
ok but where tf is the blue bell what are y’all even doing if you don’t have blue bell
xCarmæ Burnsx
xCarmæ Burnsx 21 kun oldin
When someone tries to converse with me in the morning 11:04
xCarmæ Burnsx
xCarmæ Burnsx 21 kun oldin
On the Tillamook they look like bunnies eating it xDD
Bleh Kshek
Bleh Kshek 22 kun oldin
Its pronounced Till-iu-muck. I live in the pacific northwest, and thats were tillimook is.
Bleh Kshek
Bleh Kshek 22 kun oldin
Icecream death match!
Nicholas Johnston
Nicholas Johnston 22 kun oldin
Turkey hill is my favorite
ali dig dag
ali dig dag 22 kun oldin
Did link dye his hair or does he have stress or his getting old
xydoit 22 kun oldin
I saw that.
xydoit 22 kun oldin
Chocolate is better.
xydoit 22 kun oldin
I Don't remember if i saw that.
Rory Sholl
Rory Sholl 22 kun oldin
Makes me a little I'm comfortable watching them use the same spoon since link likes to stick his tongue clean out of his head
Qui_Gon12 Gaming
Qui_Gon12 Gaming 22 kun oldin
Dreyers is called Edys where I'm from (or at least the same container design)
Michelle Ellington
Michelle Ellington 23 kun oldin
Not to mad about this video, but you forgot about Bluebell. I do like these other brands like Haagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry's, Blue Bunny, Dreyer's and Breyers. Bluebell is a high quality home made ice-cream here in Texas. It's also pretty amazing, gotta try this brand if you have not. It has been around for years, goes way back.
Summer Rose
Summer Rose 23 kun oldin
i've never even heard of tillamook, blue bunny or dreyers so i gotta say, it's a sin that turkey hill wasn't part of the line up
Darkceratops - Roblox
what is that intro thing at 0:29 from
GamesForNobody 23 kun oldin
I was yelling "WHERE IS THE BLUE BELL" Tbh... Is Blue Bell just a Texas thing? lmao
joosunkmybattleship 24 kun oldin
This was uncomfortable
No Body
No Body 25 kun oldin
So, you’d rather not storm in through the party like your name is Al Niño? You don’t want to hang out drinkin’ in the back of a casino
No Body
No Body 25 kun oldin
Zoe's Zoo
Zoe's Zoo 25 kun oldin
I think this might be the first time Link has gotten food on his mask
AenaëllePotato 27 kun oldin
I want their job please.
Rutvij Baller
Rutvij Baller 27 kun oldin
halo top ftw
Christian Madar
Christian Madar 27 kun oldin
These episodes are golden with captions
Alissa Spencer
Alissa Spencer 27 kun oldin
Bro blue bunny is some nasty ice cream. Rhett was right about everything
Andy the gamer
Andy the gamer 27 kun oldin
Not everybody likes icecream :P
iCantStopPlaying 28 kun oldin
if only it was cheap.
yumi Harajuku
yumi Harajuku 29 kun oldin
Ben and Jerry's is the shit
Corbin Brill
Corbin Brill Oy oldin
Mouth sounds.....so many mouth sounds
James Freshwater
This is what keeps me going through 6th grade
MOON SS Oy oldin
Use a cone
Katie Giles
Katie Giles Oy oldin
Rhett "This isn't 'ugh' its 2 guys eating out of a spoon u seen this before" 😂😂😂 wow lmao
Lucky Clover
Lucky Clover Oy oldin
I have bigger arms then link and I’m 12 sorry link big fan btw love you gues
binkari Oy oldin
"but rhett..... you got...... one correct."
Billy Vatcher
Billy Vatcher Oy oldin
Hmm it should have been the I Scream King. KIIIIING!
Mary Anne Ayumi
do they throw away the ice cream from the spoon after they tasted it?
Tinker Dasher
Tinker Dasher Oy oldin
Blue Bell is the best
Phantom Cat
Phantom Cat Oy oldin
Everyone is talking about how good Blue bell ice cream is, and I don't know what blue bell ice cream is.......
maxiking 881
maxiking 881 Oy oldin
Thats not icecream, thats creampie
Johnathan Brown
Tilla-muck... not mook
Doctor Potatoes
Why don’t you give them spoons to hold in their hands!?
Jack Klingensmith
Jack Klingensmith 26 kun oldin
Hunter Savage entertainment
Lowden Pratt
Lowden Pratt Oy oldin
Ok but honestly Stewarts has the best ice cream
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