Blind Peanut Butter Taste Test

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Break out the peanut butter, it's Link's dream come true! It's time to see which brand of peanut butter's the cream of the crop. GMM #1407
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24-Okt, 2018

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GoodEatz Kun oldin
link looks EXTRA hot today
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
I’ve had Justin’s pb
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
And Peter Pan
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
And Jif
Jamie Wilson
Jamie Wilson 2 kun oldin
How can anybody mistake JIF or Skippy for Peter Pan???? Both of those things are so gunked up with filler, it completely ruins the taste and texture.
Clay Crews
Clay Crews 2 kun oldin
There are parts of this video that could be really misunderstood without context
xSAxTullrosxGEx 3 kun oldin
"Enjoy it while it lasts!" Woah Rhett! The peanut butter or the honeymoon phase of their relationship?
Seyla Manzo
Seyla Manzo 5 kun oldin
8:19 was everything. I love link sm💕🤣
Captain Charisma
Captain Charisma 5 kun oldin
The ambiguously day duo ....lol smigel!!!
Kiraro The Kitsune
Kiraro The Kitsune 5 kun oldin
That staff got too close to the camera
R. Searle
R. Searle 6 kun oldin
Can they blind taste test Ranch dressings?
geovanna lucena
geovanna lucena 6 kun oldin
Yes i'm right ,you said "peanut burrer " yeee
Ashley Dô
Ashley Dô 7 kun oldin
Make link try cookie butter
Suhail Mohamed
Suhail Mohamed 8 kun oldin
'decimals are for losers', that's links inner engineer speaking.
Logikure 9 kun oldin
Whats that voice at 07.55 ? :p
Robin Rundqvist
Robin Rundqvist 9 kun oldin
"I literally felt the nuts in my mouth" -Rhett//2018
nashvillenightkat 9 kun oldin
justins is best brand , love their Maple Almond Butter on toasted bagels
Tiffani Harrison
Tiffani Harrison 10 kun oldin
Is Kraft peanubutter not a thing in the states 😮 that’s the main in Canada
Fierce Recognition
Fierce Recognition 10 kun oldin
M Lapointe
M Lapointe 10 kun oldin
I literally felt the nuts in my mouth - Reth, 2018.
Studio J
Studio J 10 kun oldin
Kailyn Thompson
Kailyn Thompson 12 kun oldin
At least Link still won
Brennen Mata
Brennen Mata 12 kun oldin
The way he said skippy
XxElitexX 13 kun oldin
I have jif rn
Ryan Dill
Ryan Dill 13 kun oldin
I hate ppl who pronounce Gif as Jif. Who decided that? Ugh. I don’t think they even said it in this episode but Jif peanut butter reminded me.
Spree Gaming
Spree Gaming 13 kun oldin
Its crazy how they made over $200,000 off this video.
LadyFox345 14 kun oldin
Where is Rhett's shirt from?
Mission Accomplished
Now you gotta do baked beans for Rhett!
LivLiv 22
LivLiv 22 15 kun oldin
I've been so obsessed w/ peanut butter since I was little and now I can easily differentiate which peanut butter I like and don't like lmao If something isn't right with my sandwiches, I can tell
Isobel Rowley
Isobel Rowley 16 kun oldin
Someone needs to make a GIF of 8:18.
Jayce Brazil #jayce
Jayce Brazil #jayce 16 kun oldin
You make me happy calm and greatful
J. P.
J. P. 17 kun oldin
Eat the Smucker's until you're used to it, then try going back to Jif or Peter Pan. They'll taste so processed and inferior.
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper 17 kun oldin
6:58 didn't he just say decimal places are for losers? Somewhere around 5:32
Junior Studios
Junior Studios 17 kun oldin
Usually I want Rhett to win these things but for this one I wanted Link to win
Lily H pie
Lily H pie 17 kun oldin
I cant have peanut butter
Henji 123
Henji 123 18 kun oldin
What about teddy
Muddyfox237 18 kun oldin
13:00 ‘Enjoy it while it lasts.’ 😂😂
Lily Smith
Lily Smith 20 kun oldin
Link- “decimals are for losers” 10 seconds later “I dip my spoon in peanut butter .8 times a day”
Waffle Clan
Waffle Clan 21 kun oldin
I accidentally clicked on this video, I’m glad I did.
Catherine Waters
Catherine Waters 22 kun oldin
I was really surprised that Rhett didn’t say “lord of the nuts” was his nickname in high school
Kit Cobb
Kit Cobb 23 kun oldin
i was lowkey sad that it was Lord of the Nuts and not Peanut Bryan
Carmelo Reyes
Carmelo Reyes 23 kun oldin
"Roll in the nutz"
S I N N E R 23 kun oldin
RAC Films
RAC Films 23 kun oldin
he felt the nut in his mputh
SATANAS 17:5 25 kun oldin
Why is links lip glossy??
Mike Fisk
Mike Fisk 27 kun oldin
Jiff is the best
Gabriel Varney
Gabriel Varney 27 kun oldin
I eat that honey roasted Kroger brand. It’s pretty solid.
Kenneth Smotherman
Kenneth Smotherman 27 kun oldin
Who doesn't like or love peanut butter.
Kenneth Smotherman
Kenneth Smotherman 5 kun oldin
+Herangatang Girl Yeah that's true my little brother is allergic to bananas he can't eat them.
Herangatang Girl
Herangatang Girl 5 kun oldin
Kenneth Smotherman ppl who r allergic to nuts?
Neil Peart 2
Neil Peart 2 27 kun oldin
All peanutbutter is good but is all good peanut butter? Philosophic question
Janessa Fehr
Janessa Fehr 28 kun oldin
$4.50 is expensive?? Wow that’s the price of some of the cheaper peanut butter in Canada 😜
CaahMoneyPlayboy 29 kun oldin
Anyone else catch him saying “enjoy it while it lasts” meaning their relationship before marriage?
Carry on my Wayward Bassoon
I just watched two grown men lick peanut butter off the lids of peanut butter jars that were on peanut cars
Esper Reads
Esper Reads Oy oldin
Fhskfsb “a ‘raw’ spoon”
K. A. U.
K. A. U. Oy oldin
Adams, friends. Adams.
Joelle Collins
I feel that smuckers has been misjudged. Having grown up on smuckers and declaring it my favorite, it would seem you missed a major element: refrigerate it! It has an amazing consistency if kept cold.
Cambridge Hathaway
12:50 "I'm Women! And I'm Disney!"
Jason Ramirez
Jason Ramirez Oy oldin
8:39 that’s what she said
Jacob McIntosh
This is the most unappealing way to eat peanut butter
Bryce Haye
Bryce Haye Oy oldin
Justin's Maple Almond butter is the best
ohare62693 Oy oldin
6+4 = 13 now. According to the ranking of Justin's.
Hannah Elizabeth
Dipping a PB&J sandwich into grape juice was my favorite lunch as a kid. =D
Laynea TheButterfly
You should do a blinde taste test with Molly Burke!
Sam Couch
Sam Couch Oy oldin
Figuring It Out
Link.... And his raw spoon HOW DO YOU COOK A SPOON
Advaita Manikkath Ambat
Haha Micah! XD
Tara Mclaren
Tara Mclaren Oy oldin
Do you guys not have Kraft??
Very N*IZ
Very N*IZ Oy oldin
I haven't watched GMM for soooo long. Link's smile is so wide for this one, of course.
Gabriel Leanowl
I like to eat freshly ground peanut butter without added salt or hydrogenated oil. It's good for you
Natasha Dean
Natasha Dean Oy oldin
how did you thank of good mythical morning name?
sash llama
sash llama Oy oldin
Skippy is really the best though 💯🔥
Andrew Cummins
this was posted on my birthday :] #iloveyouguys
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Oy oldin
How on Earth did Rhett and Link think that Great Value was Smuckers or Jif????
Big Boy
Big Boy Oy oldin
I say Peter Pan was the best
Link is Nuts Brian.
Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma Oy oldin
Brendon UrieWinchester
There’s more pan than peter....it’s a pansexual thing😂
MUBM Oy oldin
Smuckers all natural PB is amazing. I hadn't had it until recently. Very thick and can be kind of pasty in the mouth, but the all natural taste is unbeatable.
No One
No One Oy oldin
I haven't seen Link so happy in a long time
Spider O' Pumkin O'
Wildfriends peanut butter has to be my favorite
William Ackerson
This makes me wonder whether or not Japanese people watch our shows and think to themselves how strange American shows are...
Natasha’s ASL Course
Victoria Johnson
You guys eating the peanut butter looks like how my daughter searches for the boob to eat
AtriumGames Oy oldin
Is Kraft not a thing where you guys are? Likely the most prevalent peanut butter in southern Ontario.
April Mendenhall
Atrium151 It’s not sold in the US
Jake Edwards
Jake Edwards Oy oldin
If you live in Rochester NY.. WEGMANS
IRizofy Oy oldin
Before I watch the first taste test, I am just saying, Peter Pan, IMO, is the best tasting peanut butter. Especially the one sweetened with honey
bio kido
bio kido Oy oldin
You guys might have better luck if you don't use options more than once.
Ari Miller
Ari Miller Oy oldin
Does Link look and sound kind of like a young Dana Carvey to anyone else?
Zach Kennedy
Zach Kennedy Oy oldin
If it isn’t creamy Jiff then your definitely doing something wrong.
Blythe Hopper
Blythe Hopper Oy oldin
13:01 that one crew member that went "oOH" at rhett's statement lmao me too man
Ethan Shertzer
I don’t like peanut butter
Adam Flores
Adam Flores Oy oldin
“That’s everyday of the week my friend” Rhett’s voice was so relaxed
randal gradle
randal gradle Oy oldin
not gonna tell them what they gone right or wrong? thats a let down but okay fine. so disappointed im not correcting my punctuation.
randal gradle
randal gradle Oy oldin
+elanor S typically in things like this they would be told at the end which ones they got right and wrong. you know for them to know how disappointed in themselves they should be.
elanor S
elanor S Oy oldin
randal gradle if they told them then they would know what’s left to guess
maire kindley
maire kindley Oy oldin
See, the issue is that I would have been able to tell the difference based on the jar shapes 😂
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Oy oldin
10:14 rhett also said,'' is it in there'' Me: that's what he said
Adam Hall
Adam Hall Oy oldin
7:10 rhett said,'' i can feel the nuts in my mouth.'' Me: that's what she said
DannyWang93 Oy oldin
I hate the sounds they make when eating it
Joey Teter
Joey Teter Oy oldin
My favorite part is when Link says “decimals are for losers” and then goes on to say he dips a spoon into peanut butter .8 times a day 😂
dwelfusius Oy oldin
No calvé pindakaas? tssk
chloe Schocke
chloe Schocke Oy oldin
7:02 how do you did a spoon in penutbutter .8 times a day
chloe Schocke
chloe Schocke Oy oldin
Let's butter them nuts Like if you where dyeing to
Crazy Legs
Crazy Legs Oy oldin
To many nuts for no nut November
em c
em c Oy oldin
It's cute how excited link is for this