Blind Peanut Butter Taste Test

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Break out the peanut butter, it's Link's dream come true! It's time to see which brand of peanut butter's the cream of the crop. GMM #1407
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24-Okt, 2018



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The Ripped Reaper
The Ripped Reaper 20 daqiqa oldin
*Skippy Peanutbutter* It's not even a question
Scott Natale
Scott Natale Kun oldin
Reese’s peanut butter is by far the best
FoxTaterTot124 Tatertot
This made me crave peanut butter.. but the thing is, that I have a peanut allergy.
eawrfasd sdFSD
eawrfasd sdFSD 2 kun oldin
Wew this was the nuttyest video ever
Vagrant Ender
Vagrant Ender 4 kun oldin
13:05 link realizes the underhanded comment by rhett lol
MyHeartKeepsMusic 5 kun oldin
Yay JIF won! Take that my Skippy loving sister !😂 It would've been funny if they gave them sun butter (but it's not real peanut butter so I can see why they didn't)
wereid1978 6 kun oldin
Reese's has its own brand.
JadedJules 6 kun oldin
Jif is the best pb, hands down
Alexander John Babbage
For some reason, a two pack of the smuckers peanut butter would cost me sixty dollars to order from Amazon. Also, you guys are missing out because the best peanut butter is Planters Peanut Butter.
mike brennan
mike brennan 7 kun oldin
It’s all about the Honey Roasted Peter Pan Peanut Butter!
Juri Haataja
Juri Haataja 8 kun oldin
I used to be like "The heck..?" when bought my first Reese's peanut butter cup cake, now a year later I make daily smoothie with a spoon of unsweetened peanut butter and love its mixture of sweet and salty!
Matt Steemson
Matt Steemson 8 kun oldin
8:18 ......that is all
KR4V3N9 PS3 8 kun oldin
Should have tried Kraft peanut butter from Australia, it's the best no contest
Nika Grdzeli
Nika Grdzeli 9 kun oldin
I feel like someone that eats pb a lot has a disadvantage, because they eat it every single day, so often that they get super used to it and don't think about it as they eat it, and also when they have tasted all of the brands, and they choose their favourite and eat it for so much time that they don't remember what the other ones taste like.
Gandalf the Grey
Gandalf the Grey 10 kun oldin
I grew up with Smuckers and I can confirm it is the worst peanut butter out there...I would have eaten peanut butter ten times more when I was younger if we got Jif or Peter Pan.
ThatOneGuy 11 kun oldin
Looks like with the overall score, Rhett actually liked peanut butter better.
NIX 11 kun oldin
Question of the day:all peanut butter but is all peanut butter?
everlast19 12 kun oldin
I always buy skippy . But I’m Definitely trying jiff and Peter Pan next
Alexander John Babbage
Jif is pretty damn good. I recommend Planters, if you can find it.
Inubry 12 kun oldin
You lost the game
Agatha Clapper
Agatha Clapper 13 kun oldin
Wire One
Wire One 13 kun oldin
Spencer Pretli
Spencer Pretli 13 kun oldin
Kraft has the best peanut butter
Mainly Madeline23
Mainly Madeline23 15 kun oldin
I LOST THE GAME!!! You might not know what that is
Ethan McBabe TV
Ethan McBabe TV 15 kun oldin
Justin’s 6+4 is 13 good math on gmm
I'm Burstt
I'm Burstt 16 kun oldin
This video made we want peanut butter so much I paused the video and went to my kitchen and got a big spoon and just scooped a big spoonful and ate it.😂 man I love GMM
Rachel Otremba
Rachel Otremba 16 kun oldin
9:51 Link looked so startled 😂😂
Alyssa Bennett
Alyssa Bennett 16 kun oldin
I was eating peanut butter from a spoon when they said that in the episode...
Z G H 16 kun oldin
peanutbutter should just be peanuts and salt- no oil, no sugar, no molasses. especially molasses.
Michaël X
Michaël X 16 kun oldin
I've watched a few of these blind taste tests now, and I think Link's downfall is that he over thinks his guesses too much as opposed to going with his gut.
caleb hope
caleb hope 16 kun oldin
How is no one talking about "enjoy it while it lasts" XD
maxie fuqua
maxie fuqua 16 kun oldin
Am I the only one that's never heard of "creamy" peanut butter? "Chunky" and "smooth" is the only things I've heard to describe peanuts butter.
Lily Rain
Lily Rain 16 kun oldin
international peanut butter taste test international peanut butter dishes taste test more peanut butter vids : )
TheVengfulOne256 17 kun oldin
Blind cola test boys!!!!
joshua lee
joshua lee 18 kun oldin
hmmmm im confused why they used great value over reeses smooth peanut butter? :|
Whilom Forge
Whilom Forge 20 kun oldin
They are legumes!!!
teeheegirli 20 kun oldin
I don't think they mixed the Smuckers peanut butter before serving it.
Sollus Markis
Sollus Markis 21 kun oldin
Link: "Decimals are for losers." Link 1 minute later: "I dip a raw spoon in peanut butter .8 times a day."
TheLiquidChaos 22 kun oldin
Watching this while eating peanut butter on saltines. Brand...Jif
InsanityPlea100 23 kun oldin
it was not your jam. it was your peanut butter.
Charles Rae Clark
Charles Rae Clark 24 kun oldin
Half the fun is watching them try to blindly find what they are tasting.
Joy Durand
Joy Durand 24 kun oldin
Decimals ARE for losers
Alyssia Augenstine
Alyssia Augenstine 25 kun oldin
If you come to my house and you don't like penutbutter you are not welcome
Jessica Darlin
Jessica Darlin 25 kun oldin
I could live on Peanut Butter Alone...
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person 26 kun oldin
“I literally felt the nuts in my mouth.”
Matt Wiederholt
Matt Wiederholt 27 kun oldin
Link “decimals are for losers” then a minute later he dips a spoon .8 times a day in peanut butter😂
omgods1 28 kun oldin
rhet's mustache reminds me of walrus whiskers
Rider 28 kun oldin
Tbksrk99 29 kun oldin
6:30 Rhett thinks there are 6 days in a week...
Zack Oy oldin
Link I'm am with u because I looovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee peanut butter I could literally eat a ton of peanut butter for like 1 while meal soooooo good
killer joe
killer joe Oy oldin
" I literally taste the nuts in my mouth" rhett
The Iconic Critic
Laura Scudder’s is very underrated as a peanut butter
Hannah Sculley
remember when they were babies
Kinaibhlan Oy oldin
I've only tried Skippy but this makes me want to try Jif and Peter Pan.
gabriella_the _rarity
This peanut butter is great. -the great value peanut butter
Abigail Goller
So Reht has the spoon in his PB 80% of his day
Somerandomguy 04
Rhett says 'I feel the nuts in my mouth '😂😂
Snazzled Justin
How ironic that my name is Justin and I like my peanut butter both crunchy and smooth
jacob vance
jacob vance Oy oldin
Good math at the end
Doctor Potatoes
Now you have to do a beans taste test for Rhett
Grace Henderson
cries in allergy
at my house we freeze our peanut butter and cut off pieces and eat it like that lol
Ryan Bruno
Ryan Bruno Oy oldin
I dont like the “lets talk about that” can u change it
B Sarangi
B Sarangi Oy oldin
8:15 I present to y'all, an adult
B Sarangi
B Sarangi Oy oldin
8:15 I present to y'all, an adult
Tiffany Oy oldin
While this is really awesome and gave me a whole new look at peanut butter, I really think you guys should do peanut butter alternatives. Schools these days are peanut free and some nut free. That would be an awesome blind taste test and really cool for me since I'd rather buy what you guys vote instead of every single expensive bottle for my kid.
battlin Oy oldin
Crunchy the best thou
Mini Donutz
Mini Donutz Oy oldin
Link gets so giggly after the first one LMAO
Aaron Oy oldin
Anyone ever noticed that the first one never wins
Idk Seems Legit
Man I love Skippy Peanut Butter!!
Wedge 0020
Wedge 0020 Oy oldin
Smuckers has peanut butter?!
iiRadiationii Oy oldin
Favorite part of the video "Let's butter them nuts"
The Cody Roark 15
CaliberTM Oy oldin
No reeses peanut butter?
multiple smiles
"I haven't fully converted yet." Please, Rhett, don't ever fully convert.
Funny but not very appetizing how Rhett always brushes the peanut butter off the lid with his whiskers. Also peanut butter is disgusting.
KirstenS. Oy oldin
My favorite wheel intro video EVER! They are so so cute! I want to be their friends.
Matrix Madness
Somebody better make a GIF of them eating the jif peanut butter
Make a crunchy version
KB C Oy oldin
i just wanna say... 6 PLUS 4 IS NOT 13!!!!!!!!
Matt Katch
Matt Katch Oy oldin
Smucker's Natural is great! Link doesn't love PB, he just loves the sugar they put in it!
Sasquatch8600 Oy oldin
No Laura Scudder's? So much better.
Dizzy Oy oldin
Rhetts beard always ends up being a casualty in these blind taste tests
Perla Aguilar
Perla Aguilar Oy oldin
Idk why but their game names are longer and weirder each time..
cierrablue Oy oldin
I felt the nuts in my mouth. ...That's what she said.
Pumpkin Patch Exotics
Rhett "I dip a spoon in pb 3xs a week and 2 days a week I dip a square a chacolet and 1 day a week with coco chips. That's everyday of the week my friend." Anyone else catch that math?
Hannah Zvara
Hannah Zvara Oy oldin
My personal favorite is the honey roasted Peter Pan one
Justin Wong
Justin Wong Oy oldin
Hey my name is justin
Payton101 Oy oldin
What exactly is a ‘raw spoon’?
DanielNotJeffrey White
"If I've learned anything in math it's that decimals are for losers" -1 minute later:" I dip a spoon into peanut butter .8 times a day"
Boris Van Druff
“Peter Pan was my jam as a kid.” False. It was your peanut butter.
horse girl
horse girl Oy oldin
I hate skippy
super Womang
super Womang Oy oldin
“3 times a week. And then another two times a week I take a dark chocolate bar square and dip it into the peanut butter. And then once a week I dip a spoon in and decorate the peanut butter with chocolate chips. That’s every day of the week friend.” 3+2+1 = 6 Nice try, Rhett 😂😂😂
Vanessa Grimaldi
Chubi Assef
Chubi Assef Oy oldin
Chubi Assef
Chubi Assef Oy oldin
Blake Louthan
Blake Louthan Oy oldin
9:51 never do anything that cringy ever again or I’m unsubbing
Lexi K
Lexi K Oy oldin
That's the biggest smile i've ever seen on Link's face
Gordon Hu
Gordon Hu Oy oldin
Has anyone tried to call the number?
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