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Here are all of the bloopers from 2018 that we could upload and feel comfortable with out grandmas viewing. Tbh this was probably our most fun year on UZvid since we started our channel and that's all thanks to you guys. We love you :)
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1-Yan, 2019

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Nie Wiem
Nie Wiem Soat oldin
I don't like Emma
Natalie Tait
Natalie Tait 2 soat oldin
DUDE gray's smile at the very end XD
ZuHeY_wAs_HeRe !
ZuHeY_wAs_HeRe ! 2 soat oldin
2:43 ASMR?!?!
Doaa Zahra
Doaa Zahra 3 soat oldin
You guys the Dolan twins omg I can't explain how much I love you both really I love both of you more than you can imagine 😍😍💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙😍😍😙😙😙😚😚😘😘😘
Ragan Temple
Ragan Temple 4 soat oldin
um so I got a friend request from u guys and now it says suspended was I too late kms im crying
Leonah Xx
Leonah Xx 4 soat oldin
This was so so good 😍👍
Ariana 5678
Ariana 5678 8 soat oldin
LoVee yoU siStoORs 😂
piña colada girls
piña colada girls 8 soat oldin
Heyyyy.. so, if you guys already saw me or my friends comments then you think im annoying but just want you guys to know. People are pretending to be you guys and trying to hack your subscribers by friending them and giving them a link to a “free giveaway” . so yeah...
Rose 8 soat oldin
Best laughs of my life
ella brodie
ella brodie 10 soat oldin
ethan:" you just spit"
Maddison Ross
Maddison Ross 14 soat oldin
love it
Brandi 15 soat oldin
Im srry abt ur guys dad
Sakshi Agrawal
Sakshi Agrawal 15 soat oldin
10:51 Ethan and the uncle behind. OMG😂😂😂
Keren Corona
Keren Corona 18 soat oldin
Look at 1:42 Ethan:he is a good man
Addie Nicholson
Addie Nicholson 18 soat oldin
so we not gone talk about 0:41 or
The Cary Fam
The Cary Fam 19 soat oldin
u guys made my life so much better i was getting bullyed at school and i came home and watch u guys and it made me laugh and made me happy so thank u
Lexi’s Amazing Vlogs
survival challenge w/ the Sister Squad!
Ella G
Ella G 23 soat oldin
Why is no one talking about Ethan’s... at 0:39
Stephy Holt
Stephy Holt 23 soat oldin
Bloopers are the best .: I love seeing how many times people mess up and have to start again 🤣🤣
Daisy Reynolds
Daisy Reynolds Kun oldin
8:11 Grayson's face :))
Furious Cowboy
Furious Cowboy Kun oldin
Gotta sweep the trash up
Luzclara Gomez
Luzclara Gomez Kun oldin
Which video is that clip from fortnight from?
Adam Kuisian
Adam Kuisian Kun oldin
how is this funny? comedy? or anything worthwhile? pathetic.
•niyah wilson•
5:21 when ethma shippers point out stupid stuff
•niyah wilson•
It's okay I ship Ethma, but some go crazy with it, like can they live their lives for 5 seconds without someone shipping everyone in the sister squad, like hop off... *smh*
Dhhra Soni
Dhhra Soni Kun oldin
0:36, 0:43, 1:15, 1:47, 1:49 gray is literally the cutest
Brieann L
Brieann L Kun oldin
1:22 "i got all the wood that i am gonna need oops" gramy award for saying of 2018 love u guys grayson and ethan!!
Ethan is the best lol
Yadira Gamez
Yadira Gamez Kun oldin
u can see the guy behind them sleeping at 10:50
Louisa Pb
Louisa Pb Kun oldin
How do you be a channel member? x
Ashley Lopez
Ashley Lopez 8 soat oldin
It will only show the join button on a laptop or computer I will not show on a phone or ipad
DolXn Ed!tz
DolXn Ed!tz Kun oldin
How tf do u become a channel member?
Lxnii Kun oldin
6:20 me watching my crush
Annie Rae
Annie Rae Kun oldin
Lucy Williams
Lucy Williams Kun oldin
Not to be rude or mosey or anything but if you Ethan are dating Emma u have all us fans that will support u guys as a ship but if u guys aren’t dating it doesn’t matter and I’m sorry for the comment but I mean I think u guys will be amazing and so do ALOT of author people I just hope u read this and realise it won’t matter what anyone else says it’s not their life it is urs and they can’t do anything to change it ilygssm keep being fun little goofballs 😂😊
Moonlight Edits06
2018??? Lol 2019
Banana Cake
Banana Cake Kun oldin
Omg that clown sweeping Emma😂😂😂
Serena Dolan
Serena Dolan Kun oldin
how do you become a channel member
Mercy Artis
Mercy Artis Kun oldin
How do you Singh up to be a channel member
Hannah Illek
Hannah Illek Kun oldin
OMGGGG I want channel member soo daum much 😭😭😍😍💗
Jenna Breanne
Jenna Breanne 2 kun oldin
6:23 is a mood
Maya Veranneman Simonsen
You guys are amazing!
Belinda hdz
Belinda hdz 2 kun oldin
"Ethan doesn't touch his brother, he's a good man
jbasaves 10
jbasaves 10 2 kun oldin
At 3:26 why is Emma’s hand there😂
mollie molloy
mollie molloy 2 kun oldin
it wont let me be channel member on my laptop ;[
Heyit'shelen. -Bored-
Poor came4a man.
Niecey vibes
Niecey vibes 2 kun oldin
how do we be a channel member
Lamppost Smith
Lamppost Smith 2 kun oldin
Someone tell me how to become a channel member please 😭😭😭
Pandabear 15
Pandabear 15 2 kun oldin
Ik that the Dolan twins won't see this but u guys are the best you tubers ever. You are an inspiration to me.
Puhtatoo Taylor
Puhtatoo Taylor 2 kun oldin
So if Gray is Gray and Ethan is Ethan and Ethan is Nolan then who’s the camera man?
Amy Potts
Amy Potts 2 kun oldin
4:35 Molly:I’ve never really seen that before. Me:wait she hasn’t seen anything before!!!! (Ly guys x)
Sarah Leblanc
Sarah Leblanc 2 kun oldin
Sistors lol