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Here are all of the bloopers from 2018 that we could upload and feel comfortable with out grandmas viewing. Tbh this was probably our most fun year on UZvid since we started our channel and that's all thanks to you guys. We love you :)
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1-Yan, 2019



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The Adventures Of Jazzy
7:30 Emma used to be so awkward and shy around them 😂😂
Heather Mccracken
Heather Mccracken 14 soat oldin
So funny😂😂😂
Maria H
Maria H 20 soat oldin
look at the man in the back 10:50
Cat Freak
Cat Freak 22 soat oldin
14:18 Me: *sees behind the scenes abbreviated as bts* Also me: R THEY APART OF THE BTS ARMY TOO?!
Renai Paul
Renai Paul Kun oldin
10:51 u won't regret it
Sun Kissed hoochi mamas
King Blasian xo
King Blasian xo Kun oldin
Grayson and Elle🥰😍💫
Camryn Meagher
Camryn Meagher Kun oldin
the romeo clip made me have actual rage
Lil Mamas
Lil Mamas Kun oldin
1:26 “boobs”I know he said oops but I just couldn’t help it
Súsanna Fríða Petersen
How do you sign up?
Caticorn_11 2 kun oldin
Oh my goshhh y’all meant ummm can’t think of his name...... oh guapa
Ruairi Hunter
Ruairi Hunter 3 kun oldin
Graysons Laugh and smile omggg 😍😍
ItsMy Life
ItsMy Life 3 kun oldin
5:21 I wish I could have seen there reactions when he said that. 😂😂
Grace Mason
Grace Mason 3 kun oldin
Anybody else notice the old guy sleeping in the same exact position as Ethan on the plane?
Odessa Roopchand
Odessa Roopchand 3 kun oldin
3:58 Grayson would look pretty BOMB ASH AMAZING as a girl
Zeba Khan
Zeba Khan 3 kun oldin
9:44-9:52 killed me 🤣🤣🤣
Zeba Khan
Zeba Khan 3 kun oldin
8:42 thank me later gray is soo ugh 😱😭🔥❤️
Annabelle McHugh
Annabelle McHugh 4 kun oldin
6:31 Grayson sounds so Australian it’s insane holy shi- like.. i don’t know if only Aussies can here it but it’s so good 🤤🥺🥰
Panic! At Pilot's Fall Out Romance
1:29-1:37 literally every sibling ever
Racheal Canadian
Racheal Canadian 4 kun oldin
0:41 did Ethan get sick?
Sopha Lofa
Sopha Lofa 4 kun oldin
love you sistOrs
Maria Burnley
Maria Burnley 4 kun oldin
This part should have been in the video 1:27 switch lives
Tracy Gordon
Tracy Gordon 5 kun oldin
More sister squad
Random Person
Random Person 5 kun oldin
pause at 10:51 that guy at the background tho 😂😂😂
Lisi Tortora
Lisi Tortora 5 kun oldin
8:45 “are you a criminal?” “no” “okay cool”
omqItzJust Jáÿłá!!
8:25 I’ll take the food then just bring me some pancakes some burger and some fries
Harper Toberman
Harper Toberman 6 kun oldin
Excuse you Ethan why did you dress up as Nolan??😂9:23
Tara Joy
Tara Joy 6 kun oldin
Every time James messed up on the piano all of his friends started singing loudly to try to cover it up and that is the friendship I dream of having one day
Riley Livangood
Riley Livangood 6 kun oldin
4:13 omg😂💀❤️
Debbie Mbengo
Debbie Mbengo 6 kun oldin
Nolan looks so cute
Sofia I.
Sofia I. 6 kun oldin
At 2:58 Grayson is so cute but when is he not? ❤️❤️❤️
Riann's Worlf
Riann's Worlf 7 kun oldin
7:06 I hate that word that sounds like fun-key (I cant write it) and I almost just died
Tallulah :3
Tallulah :3 7 kun oldin
5:31 Grayson's sarcasm is actually the most adorable thing EVER
Riann's Worlf
Riann's Worlf 7 kun oldin
0:44 that laugh tho😂
eve ******
eve ****** 7 kun oldin
3:15 is the best 💀💀💀
Jennifer Zarenana
Jennifer Zarenana 7 kun oldin
Olivia Ramos
Olivia Ramos 7 kun oldin
So....is nobody gonna talk about that weird girl at the top of the live chat? No? Ok.
Leeyanna Hart
Leeyanna Hart 7 kun oldin
11:00 BICE ‼️
Leanne Daguiar
Leanne Daguiar 7 kun oldin
3:16 the way Emma looks at Ethan and starts snapping aweee 😱😱🥰😍😘❤️💕
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 5 kun oldin
For some reason I thought E looked really cute snapping his fingers lol 🤔😂
charlize soto
charlize soto 8 kun oldin
I wish I could do that but my mom won't let me have her freeking credit card 1:48 to 1:52 GRAYSON FULL DADDY MODE YES
Bob Ducanator 101
Bob Ducanator 101 8 kun oldin
The Ney_Ney
The Ney_Ney 8 kun oldin
Thank u for this blessing😂
Molly Grenci
Molly Grenci 8 kun oldin
Thank Grayson & Ethen for a wonderful 2018 love you both so much❤️😍
Golden hyung Seok
Golden hyung Seok 8 kun oldin
Haha bts my favorite 7 men on this earth
Kie Wilz
Kie Wilz 8 kun oldin
TaraLynn Maslowski
TaraLynn Maslowski 8 kun oldin
0:44 Why tf does he literally sound like a windex bottle? 😂
Mariam Baiz
Mariam Baiz 6 kun oldin
TaraLynn Maslowski omg 😂
kiersten crannell
kiersten crannell 8 kun oldin
HOT 😂🤤
Kitten Star
Kitten Star 9 kun oldin
10:13 😂
Daphne Rodriguez
Daphne Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
0:41 when the teacher says next one to talk leaves
Kayleigh Harruff
Kayleigh Harruff 9 kun oldin
Y'all got asked to prom by some twins, notice them uzvid.com/video/video-tBsV5O1RJBg.html 😂😂 Love y'all
nightshadow_04 9 kun oldin
Why do I laugh like Grayson
Alyssa T
Alyssa T 9 kun oldin
3:27 what was emma doing?? 😂
Lily 9 kun oldin
6:30 when Grayson says peanut butter he sounds like he's got an Aussie accent
Alana Malish
Alana Malish 9 kun oldin
the fact that the whole sister squad didnt even do anything at 10:24 had me dead
Daniella Cinquina
Daniella Cinquina 9 kun oldin
What video is 2:06 from??
Anisha Hodges
Anisha Hodges 10 kun oldin
Nora Brock
Nora Brock 10 kun oldin
3:45 James is an orange
Monique Smith
Monique Smith 10 kun oldin
I'm actually trying so hard not to cry knowing that I can't sign up cause I dont have the right type of card payment yet and knowing there won't be a yearly video😭🤧
mia renae
mia renae 10 kun oldin
i just watched the 4ou vid and now i’m crying
ye ye
ye ye 10 kun oldin
can every comment not be about graysons appearance?
Bangtan. _ .Editz
Bangtan. _ .Editz 11 kun oldin
5:42 just pretend I didn’t put this here...
Bangtan. _ .Editz
Bangtan. _ .Editz 11 kun oldin
Can we still become channel members?
Bri Bri
Bri Bri 11 kun oldin
8:56 NOLAN 😂😂 ily nolannn
☆Paws Plays☆
☆Paws Plays☆ 12 kun oldin
Are we just not gonna talk about 9:06 😂😂😂😍
Lesley Gutierrez
Lesley Gutierrez 12 kun oldin
9:12 they are pretty nice to Nolan
Ava Logan
Ava Logan 12 kun oldin
Ava Logan
Ava Logan 13 kun oldin
i love it when they laugh omg it's so cute🥺😂❤️
Ava Logan
Ava Logan 13 kun oldin
@4:13 me when i get 99th place instead of 100th in fortnite
Shankster Man
Shankster Man 13 kun oldin
*pornhub theme* 0:41
Alayna Kelly
Alayna Kelly 13 kun oldin
Pause at 5:42😂😂😂
Belle Anderson
Belle Anderson 13 kun oldin
2:39 omg I totally understand you like that always happens to me 😂
Hejhej12 Hejhej12
Hejhej12 Hejhej12 13 kun oldin
At like 11:00 grayson Said ”Bajs” and that actually means poop in swedish
Javii Faundez
Javii Faundez 14 kun oldin
you know, peace sounds like Pis, and that´s pee in spanish. I was laughing so hard (not in a bad way tho :) )
TheGreatWomanDoge I leik cheez
2:44 literally the best on XD.
Jordan Johnson-North
“Sistaaaaaars” James Charles 2018
Catherine February
Catherine February 14 kun oldin
Melissa Gonzalez Martinez
9:11 Yasssssssssss pls
Emily Budge
Emily Budge 14 kun oldin
4:15 rip head phone users😂😂
Savanna Akers
Savanna Akers 15 kun oldin
Avery Steinkamp
Avery Steinkamp 15 kun oldin
Idk if James knows he’s supposed to use his thumbs when he plays piano lol he’s still a queen tho
FATIMA Ch 15 kun oldin
0:42 im dead
ines machado
ines machado 15 kun oldin
3:26 emma that's fucking strange
Denny Ventura
Denny Ventura 15 kun oldin
How do you sign up for the channel member thing!?
Tyler sutton
Tyler sutton 15 kun oldin
When Grayson said peanut butter he sounded Australian
Foyin Aba
Foyin Aba 16 kun oldin
*LoVe YoU sIsToRs*
Katy Hubek
Katy Hubek 16 kun oldin
Right as e said at nine in the morning my clock changed to 9 pm
Alyxiah Salyers
Alyxiah Salyers 16 kun oldin
At 10:51 when gray was doing that thing I stop at the perfect moment and see the person right behind them in the same position as E when they r both asleep 😂😂😂😂😂
Yt. Dora !
Yt. Dora ! 16 kun oldin
This made my day 😹😹
I'm Joelle
I'm Joelle 17 kun oldin
10:50 omg twins?
Torrence Neeveacheak
“Ive never seen that before” says a blind person
Kip Romero
Kip Romero 17 kun oldin
Shereen Khan
Shereen Khan 17 kun oldin
8:39 - 8:40 they say it at the EXACT same time
Zoeie Smith
Zoeie Smith 17 kun oldin
Nolan: can I take you out own a dinner tonight Me: yasssssss plzzzzz!!!!!❤️❤️😘
Ivanna Negron
Ivanna Negron 17 kun oldin
Hey I cant find the channel member.Did you find it???
Mia Jackson
Mia Jackson 18 kun oldin
Sister James more like sister flat noo hate but yaaa
Kira Leah
Kira Leah 18 kun oldin
6:30 sounds like he is saying "peanut butter" in an Australian accent. 😂 "Penat butta"
I'mAvaJames 18 kun oldin
1:27 thru 1:42 OHMYGOD HAHAH
Madeline Doriety
Madeline Doriety 18 kun oldin
9:59 GRETHMA...i found it cute...but ik they are just friends
alexis and taiya Partch
I'm literally wheezing in class and everyone is looking at me 😂😳
Lisa Shaver
Lisa Shaver 19 kun oldin
1:15 sums up having siblings.
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