Blow Your Mind with Steve Carell

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Steve Carell and Jimmy take turns guessing whether mind-blowing facts are true or false, getting blasted in the face with an air cannon for every wrong answer.
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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games, and, of course, Jimmy's Thank You Notes and hashtags! You'll also find behind the scenes videos and other great web exclusives.
Blow Your Mind with Steve Carell




28-Iyn, 2017



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Ethan, Just Ethan
Ethan, Just Ethan 4 kun oldin
Suddenly the whole 'Fairy Floss' thing makes so much more sense 😯😂
md sayem
md sayem 4 kun oldin
The answer may surprise you.
Laura Llama
Laura Llama 7 kun oldin
Merida from ‘Brave,’ and Greg Allman
embrezar Oy oldin
"Is the thumb a finger?" The answer is both yes and no. It's a finger, as it is a digit on the hand, but it's also a specialized digit, so it's a thumb. It's like asking "Is a square a rectangle?" The answer is yes, because it is a quadrilateral with four right angles, but it also is a special quadrilateral in that it has four sides of equal length, so it's a square.
Patrycja Zdunek
I was so confused as to why Steve kept saying he can’t see then I remembered he WEARS GLASSES LMFAO
Samantha Mallory
*Steve Carell's mustcahe has left the chat*
Samantha Mallory
Their wigs FLEW when the cannons were shot *Shooketh Level 100*
Shane Tyler Riley
Jimmy looks so much like Jeremy from Studio C
Howie Feltersnatch
5:20 jimmy looks like the lorax
Maria B
Maria B Oy oldin
You guys look funny lol
Mark Oy oldin
and Gwen paltrow gets hit with water
M H 2 oy oldin
Let's see that again in slow motion. Fuck drawn out....
Aayush Sharma
Aayush Sharma 2 oy oldin
jimmy laughing wih mustache was creepy af😂😂😂
Drew James
Drew James 2 oy oldin
"Some turtles can breathe through their butts" is both true and false. If 60% can then it is true, but it also means that 40% cannot, therefore false.
Billy The diK
Billy The diK 2 oy oldin
Jimmy looks like a Gaul warrior. xD
Gilles 82
Gilles 82 3 oy oldin
Does Jimmy not know that metals contract in the cold and expand in the heat?
Joseph Palmquist
Joseph Palmquist 3 oy oldin
This should be a game show on Nickelodeon
Vegan it up
Vegan it up 3 oy oldin
I want to work for jimmy, Idk anywhere else that someone can have that much fun.
Gabo Roldan
Gabo Roldan 3 oy oldin
Steve Carell's laugh brings me joy!
Taylor Barrett
Taylor Barrett 4 oy oldin
There needs to be more of the blow your mind videos
Jaclyn M
Jaclyn M 4 oy oldin
He said “breef through their butts”
Des Cantu
Des Cantu 4 oy oldin
THIS IS FUNNIEST SEGMENT 😭😭😭😂😂😂 my makeup is all over my face from crying
PotatoExpress 4 oy oldin
Jimmy Fallon is the biggest jobber he always takes the loss in games
Colin 4 oy oldin
Missed opportunity: to call it "The Lightning Round"!
Rob Johnston
Rob Johnston 4 oy oldin
That crap is funny
Tanner Hicks
Tanner Hicks 4 oy oldin
I almost got into an argument with a patient about thumbs being fingers. They are indeed fingers.
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates 4 oy oldin
That's what she said
Sara Kirk
Sara Kirk 4 oy oldin
Steve looks like Hagrid from Harry Potter and Jimmy like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings 😂😂
nameless h
nameless h 4 oy oldin
Actually a thumb really isnt a finger. Carrell was right.
tja257 5 oy oldin
8:06 the moment Steve Carell turns into Serj Tankian xd Mind BLOWN :O
Dheepak Surya Kalyanaraman
This is hands down the best fallon game ever.
Elie Duguay
Elie Duguay 5 oy oldin
How about putting thongs in there.
Jaydeep Chakravarty
Wasn't really that funny! I think they r running out of content.
Universal Jake
Universal Jake 6 oy oldin
Jimmy looks like Lucius Malfoy
Wigless Sister
Wigless Sister 6 oy oldin
Lucius Malfoy is that you??
Burberry Perry
Burberry Perry 7 oy oldin
That last one was easy "All thumbs are fingers, but not all fingers are thumbs"
Steiner Eichmann
Steiner Eichmann 7 oy oldin
04:33 FACT bears eats battlestar galactica
hookahsmokingkat 7 oy oldin
Steve Carell'in Barış Manço olması xD
Kim Simmons
Kim Simmons 7 oy oldin
Steve looks so majestic @ 3:34
Edgard Pariona
Edgard Pariona 7 oy oldin
This program makes me laugh a lot please keep on doing it.also one learns new things
Edgard Pariona
Edgard Pariona 7 oy oldin
.this program makes me laugh a lot please keep on doing it
Brian Meaker
Brian Meaker 7 oy oldin
This is the greatest, I'm dieing laughing!!!!
Stupidmuffin64 7 oy oldin
3:40 if Con Air starred Yosemite Sam
10acious_D 8 oy oldin
Jimmy looks like Edgar Winter with the wig and stache.
Crystal KayNine
Crystal KayNine 8 oy oldin
I guess that's why some people call it "candy floss" :3
Tony Montana
Tony Montana 8 oy oldin
I love this show but this is so undeniably fake Like come on a live green screen!
Nelson Birch
Nelson Birch 8 oy oldin
Thumbs aren’t fingers, just ask Glen. uzvid.com/video/video-UVBkPRKRY2I.html
harrisnutter 8 oy oldin
Jimmy looks like robotnic when he gets blasted
Rich T.
Rich T. 8 oy oldin
Jesus, Jimmy. Learn how to keep a straight face for once!!
Aimee Shaw
Aimee Shaw 8 oy oldin
How is this not a regular sketch?
Jimothy 8 oy oldin
*Fact: Cotton candy was invented by a dentist, and his name was... Crentist*
cindi gram
cindi gram 9 oy oldin
That was funny.😜😝😉😝😉😍😉😍😘😛
Girly Jackson
Girly Jackson 9 oy oldin
This came out a year ago. How the time passes like gas.
Corbin Finchum
Corbin Finchum 9 oy oldin
Am I the only person that noticed that when Steve talked through the pipe someone said hi
Annie Stammreich
Annie Stammreich 9 oy oldin
steve looks like weird al yankovich
Mischief Managed
Mischief Managed 9 oy oldin
Why do they look like differently aged Albus Dumbledores
The Brown Eyed Poet
It kills me how Steve was more graceful about it. And I love how he keeps a straight face. 😂
IBmaster4 9 oy oldin
WTF....A Thumb is NOT a finger...that just sucked the fun out of the video...
Aurhorah 9 oy oldin
If they are “Facts” then they all should be true. This game is actually broken
arlichar11 9 oy oldin
its dwayne allman and jimmy garvin lol
wonderboy 28901
wonderboy 28901 9 oy oldin
Retirement suits u pretty fun Michael
The Memer
The Memer 9 oy oldin
*Is a thumb a finger* *True or False* What???
Luke 9 oy oldin
Crentist the Dentist invented Cotton Candy
Alina Mulder
Alina Mulder 9 oy oldin
i think this is Jimmy's first genuine laugh on this show
Night Nurse
Night Nurse 9 oy oldin
Jimmy looks like David Crosby
Noir 9 oy oldin
There should be one for Jimmy that says "Michael Scott once went 28 years without sex, and then another 7 years" and just watch Steve's reaction
AingeruEroiA 9 oy oldin
jimmy seems like THE LORAS XD
KashiOG 9 oy oldin
Its Thermal Contraction!
cute girl
cute girl 9 oy oldin
Who comes up with these dumb lil skits
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith 10 oy oldin
Questlove is lame
Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks 10 oy oldin
wow jimmy is goddamn annoying
Calysta McGinnis
Calysta McGinnis 10 oy oldin
He was pulling Jims
Alexa Tishma
Alexa Tishma 10 oy oldin
Was the dentists name Crentist?
Apocalypse HR17
Apocalypse HR17 10 oy oldin
Oh god.. Everytime he laughs or talks.. I'm like.. Oh god. Gru. Gru. Gru. Gru. Gru. 😂😂
Irene Corvington
Irene Corvington 10 oy oldin
Steve without the mustache looks like Weird Al
Seda Yorulmaz
Seda Yorulmaz 10 oy oldin
Jimmy looks like Santa is angry at us
Roastt U
Roastt U 11 oy oldin
0:00 illuminati sign at the start of the vid. Illuminati confirmed
david stevens
david stevens 11 oy oldin
jimmy looks like uncle pacos from when tom and jerry was a good show
HB_Tennis Bray
HB_Tennis Bray 11 oy oldin
At 5:25 jimmy looks like the Lorax
Maliceah 11 oy oldin
Steve makes this skit.
Mr. Tintin
Mr. Tintin 11 oy oldin
Get Hugh Jackman to play this.
Ethan Wagner
Ethan Wagner Yil oldin
Jimmy looks like the lorax
Eliise Tüür
Eliise Tüür Yil oldin
Every time Steve says ''i can't see''it was the funniest thing😂
Austin Powers
Austin Powers Yil oldin
Hulk hogan?
Daniel Miyake
Daniel Miyake Yil oldin
Jimmy looks like Gregg Allman.
jay cerv
jay cerv Yil oldin
Looks like steve got mad, that blast had a lot of pressure haha it looked like it hurt! LMFAO!
Jordan Blackburn
When he spoke into the tube someone replied
Brice O'Brien
Brice O'Brien Yil oldin
They should play with paint
dawgsfan1196 Yil oldin
Did Michael Scott come up with a new character?
dawgsfan1196 Yil oldin
Plus Crentist invented cotton candy
Anais Noel
Anais Noel Yil oldin
March employee pleasure age sister task derive here degree.
Cupcake Glittery
Suomi mainittu! Torilla tavataan!
Gus Yil oldin
I thought it was Serj lmao
lilia lopez
lilia lopez Yil oldin
a thumb is not a finger my dudes
Samuel Siqueira
Samuel Siqueira Yil oldin
Best game ever
Noïl Paprika
Noïl Paprika Yil oldin
How can the Eifel Tower shrink??!!
lolster 292
lolster 292 Yil oldin
Was it weird that I already knew the answer to the turtles breathing through their butts question?
Nina Bouche
Nina Bouche Yil oldin
Jimmy looks like the Lorax
Angela Sealana
Angela Sealana Yil oldin
Cried laughing at the lower lip stache 😂
David Van Skiver
Jimmy Fallon should add Dylan O Brien into the show to talk about Maze Runner: The Death Cure!
Leo Yil oldin
they should shoot condoms
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