Blue Berry Cheese Cake (Homemade Yogurt)

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(serves 2)
500ml milk
I pack of yogurt starter culture*
* Please follow the instruction of your yogurt starter culture.
-Blue Berry Jam-
200g blue berries
50-100g sugar
1tbsp lemon juice
200g double cream
1 clean bottle
You’ll have about 100g of butter and 100g of butter milk after shaking the double cream. You can just use unsalted butter instead of making it yourself.
-Cheese Cake-
(Chocolate lid)
200g white chocolate
1-2tsp matcha powder
1-2tsp blue berry jam
any berries you like to decorate (I used raspberry and black berry)
(Cheese cake layer)
200g cream cheese
100g yogurt
100ml butter milk
30g sugar
1tbsp lemon juice
5g agar powder + 2tbsp hot water
(Agar layer)
4g agar powder
500ml water
1/2 - 1tsp matcha powder
1tsp blue berry jam
(Butter cream flower)
200g white bean paste
100g unsalted butter
1tbsp lemon juice
1-2tsp matcha powder
1-2tsp blue berry jam
You can just use pre-made icing.
(Spun sugar)
70g sugar
1tbsp sugar syrup

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JunsKitchen 8 kun oldin
Sorry for the long wait! And thank you so much for supporting on Patreon. I was really happy to use all of the new equipment! Homemade yogurt is pretty easy to make and it's delicious so please give it a try! :) *I made a mistake in the video. I didn't use gelatin, I used agar. But you can use gelatin as well.
Damien Stratton
Damien Stratton 4 soat oldin
Jun why is it that I see you as the one guy off of food wars?
leticia lastra
leticia lastra 5 soat oldin
JunsKitchen thank YOU!!! Yours videos are so amazing!!! I love it!!! 😭♥️♥️♥️
玉Petra 10 soat oldin
Yogurt was easy but the whole thing look so difficult! I think one of the most difficult recipes you have ever shown us! But I would like to try even if it is in the complex so difficult
湊友希那 2 kun oldin
Matte Parent
Matte Parent 2 kun oldin
Great video as always ^^. Kitty on the right seems to be breathing really fast though, she okay ?
ゆー。 Soat oldin
Ana Luiza Santana
Ana Luiza Santana 2 soat oldin
Seus canais e vídeos são incríveis e eu amo ficar assistindo-os. Transmite uma paz e tranquilidade fora do comum, além do ótimo trabalho que você faz!! Espero continuar assistindo ainda por bastante tempo. São muito bons!! Mas, uma dúvida minha: por que os títulos dos vídeos estão sempre (ou quase sempre) em português?
Seth Ryan
Seth Ryan 3 soat oldin
I love this channel your technique is amazing. I'm a fan!
Yukia Hitsugaya
Yukia Hitsugaya 5 soat oldin
This channel would not be the same without Haku
leticia lastra
leticia lastra 5 soat oldin
Wowhooo new videooo
Star Dust
Star Dust 6 soat oldin
I love the cats always gotta inspect first lol
REBECCA BERRY 9 soat oldin
My dad showed me that exact way to make butter but with a jar same thing though and I tried it and it took forever
William Oldham
William Oldham 9 soat oldin
The expressions of the cats get me all the time xD
FuzzyCraft 9 soat oldin
I love the way you say blueberries!!!! I love your cooking btw. I wanna try this!
Its Casper
Its Casper 9 soat oldin
5:32 "stick baking *shit* on the turn table" r.i.p
Jeremy T
Jeremy T 9 soat oldin
Hey Jun, I'm fairly new to your channel and world you bring us. I just want to say that I feel such a sense of peace and tranquility watching you and your creations. Your cats are just so awesome too! If I ever get to Japan, I would love to have the honor of meeting you and the kitty's :) all the best and thank you for your videos.
laurine lns
laurine lns 9 soat oldin
I didn’t know i needed this until now
玉Petra 10 soat oldin
This recipe looks so difficult! I want to ask to one of my friends who is really good at cooking if he can do it, I already cannot make a good syrup and even cannot imagine how to do the rest! But it looks so yummy!!!
israa hajelamin
israa hajelamin 10 soat oldin
Why does the intro remind me of Anne with an E LOL 😂
szorohov85 10 soat oldin
woooooooooooooow. are you proffesional cook? have you stdied to cook at acoulinary school? woooow? looks amazing. the cats made the difference
Vinieta Meidy
Vinieta Meidy 10 soat oldin
Thoose cat's really cute
Easy Tasty Yummy
Easy Tasty Yummy 10 soat oldin
I love your videos. Very well done 👍🏼
Lady Kurai
Lady Kurai 10 soat oldin
So much work for just being eaten in five minutes. This is why I don't like cooking/baking xD
memelicious 10 soat oldin
but still the experience is very cleansing and fun and it's making something you're proud of... jk I only order pizza
Freijsing 57
Freijsing 57 11 soat oldin
You should have a restaurant
Martha Sosa
Martha Sosa 11 soat oldin
More udon recipes, boy I didn’t now you were Japanese until I watched the video comparing our cats,I believed that you were an American living in Japan your English it’s like a native speaker! I love your channel and you and Rachel look so cute toguether. But kohaku it’s the cutest.
henlo 12 soat oldin
Why do I feel like I’m on cooking mama
River & Sun
River & Sun 12 soat oldin
Wait. Cats like suger?,
River & Sun
River & Sun 12 soat oldin
Make cat cookies to Noki or what hes called(the black cat)🌸 i wanna see how he react while u cook. If he cant stand it dont do it. That would be sad
Jenny Ke
Jenny Ke 12 soat oldin
For those of you wanting to make yogurt but don't have a yogurt starter culture... use plain yogurt! Plain yogurt is, itself, a starter.
Meterora 12 soat oldin
i dunno if you guys even realize but jun books it on his bike (look at the opening screen bottom right)
pizza 12 soat oldin
This looks like a 5 michelin star cheesecake
Nur Badrina Mohd Nor
Nur Badrina Mohd Nor 13 soat oldin
Could you do cooking video on the fluffy Japanese pancake? Love watching your videos and your cats.
Jean-Christophe Hervé
Perfect,but too much advertising to the end! Sorry...
tuqx x
tuqx x 15 soat oldin
Andhika Aritonang
Andhika Aritonang 16 soat oldin
i missed the update :'( lost my 8 days :') but still love ur video jun san XD
slicer100001 16 soat oldin
this is asmr combined with cooking, I live this
Manny Godinez
Manny Godinez 16 soat oldin
My mind was blown. Whaaaat did I just see happen. That was awesome Jun!!!
Jeff Larda
Jeff Larda 16 soat oldin
But that's too beautiful to eat
jojoink 17 soat oldin
I click because of the cats
BobLynxis 17 soat oldin
You're a genious.
Harmonic Hana
Harmonic Hana 18 soat oldin
I miss Japan.
Mincer 18 soat oldin
bro can i be your wife
Arnon Kaewsrinaun
Arnon Kaewsrinaun 19 soat oldin
love心躍る食 19 soat oldin
love!!! it's so good!!!!!!
cpo旭 19 soat oldin
うーん… 作ってみたいけど普段使わないようなものが結構あって残念(´・ω・`) あとその百均どのメーカーですか?
닝낭눅 19 soat oldin
맛나보이죠! 정성스럽게 준비할려면 힘들겠죠 시간없죠...
성이름 20 soat oldin
고양이 순한거 보소ㄷㄷ
Zianthyst a
Zianthyst a 20 soat oldin
So my first question was why in the world you don't have your own restaurant. Then I realized you probably make better money and time with this UZvid channel. If you didn't train in a professional setting, then a world class cook probably trained you at home or something. You're waaaaay too good.
Nazir of the Dark Brotherhood
Must be fun being Haku, Nagi and Poki
TheJoeyPlays CZ
TheJoeyPlays CZ 20 soat oldin
Your videos are amazing! ^^
claudio astudillo
claudio astudillo 22 soat oldin
U have such beauty kittens 😸🙀😍. new subscriber. sorry my inglish isn’t good enough haha greetings and peace💖
Guess Who
Guess Who 22 soat oldin
Yay! Rachel got to eat his creation😀😀😁
Nguyễn An
Nguyễn An 23 soat oldin
For Vietnamese subtitles I would love to watch cooking with cats ♡
Moony 23 soat oldin
I like your cooking it's very special 😍and your cats are so adorable and polite 😄
Hancock 23 soat oldin
This is awsome!
India Saunders
India Saunders Kun oldin
Did anyone else cry? His videos are just so beautiful
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Mellifluous Kitten
Yum. :)
nhaomi agunod
nhaomi agunod Kun oldin
japan is the most best place evah!!!!!
Starcubed Kun oldin
the perfect man doesn't exis-
Fluffy Unicorrn
Fluffy Unicorrn Kun oldin
Wowie! Your cats are so well behaved
blu BLk
blu BLk Kun oldin
I always curious about where's black one when u cook? n how to train poki just smell ingridients not eat
Akki Mylo
Akki Mylo Kun oldin
"next, i'm going to make water. if you can't make your own water, store bought is fine."
Noemí Kun oldin
Wow.. estoy, ¿Cómo lo digo? ¿Hipnotizada? Literal, te descubrí hace poco, pero he estado desde entonces viendo tus vídeos. Eres asombroso, esto más que cocinar es puro arte... Gracias por los subtítulos, así te comprendo. Saludos desde el sur de América, Chile.
Arep Senpai
Arep Senpai Kun oldin
Ideal man for girls out there
everything asian
When I saw the thumbnail I was like awwww😆😆 He created little bird nests But then I read the title I was like well..... You can't blame me for thinking it was otherwise lol 😂😂
Livelox 25
Livelox 25 Kun oldin
Ok jun i can never tell if the cat with you when ever your riding your bike is haku or the other one (sorry no good with any type of names) but i love yours and Rachel's channel you guy are so cute together. 😄😊
D W Kun oldin
Maybe I'm just emotional right now, but I actually cried when I watched this. You made these food looks so beautiful, its so unhuman
Tina Moss
Tina Moss Kun oldin
Beautiful job as always!
gagajackson Kun oldin
Barbara Smith
Barbara Smith Kun oldin
I love how you and Rachel inspire each other through the little things you do for each other! I bet those were delicious :)
Noelia Gutierrez
I die for matcha, gimme gimme 😍😍😍 the flavor combinations, ingredients, and how you made everything from scratch just makes me want to try it even more
BBryy Kun oldin
It is confirmed he is an alchemist
Jessica Merrill
Jessica Merrill Kun oldin
Wow! Incredible. Your cats makes it even better 😂
Jocelyn yoonmin
Jocelyn yoonmin Kun oldin
I like how your cats just watch u cook
Ashley Lim
Ashley Lim Kun oldin
Such a great video Jun, appreciate all the effort you put into your cooking vids!
Jakobaker Kun oldin
Love your videos! These are amazing! Ever think of doing a video on some different styles of onigiri?
RxRMedicated Kun oldin
Bruh that sugar thing blew my mind!!!
Andrea M
Andrea M Kun oldin
Hikari Chan
Hikari Chan Kun oldin
You’re a character of Shougeki no Soma? (anime)
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another good video! it was a long wait
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Is that Nagi in the bike?!
Kosmic Kiwi
Kosmic Kiwi Kun oldin
This is beautiful! How long does the dry ice last after you've poured the water on it?
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I secretly come for the cats
Instagram Xpeach.y
Your video so calming
Kay Schattenmeer
Hello, I am watching your channel for a while. But my question has something to do with the music at the start of your video. May I ask what the name of this wonderful musical piece is?
HW Geez
HW Geez Kun oldin
Did you study cooking before?
ohmightychild Kun oldin
ooooh that looks sooo nice.
HW Geez
HW Geez Kun oldin
You are so kakoii!
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Overwatch Gamer Kun oldin
Jun your so talented
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Vlada Balinsky Kun oldin
im shook
Gracie Films
Gracie Films Kun oldin
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Kateri [Kat] Levasseur
#JUN Your content is Absolutely STUNNING!
Dee Herrera
Dee Herrera Kun oldin
I finally got around to seeing this video. I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. When I first found you and Rachel online I went back and watched all of the older videos that I could find. I am fully disabled and spend most of my time alone. I suffer from chronic pain and sometimes terrible depression. You have inspired me to start cooking again and you’ve given me so much joy by generously sharing your gorgeous cats and your life with us. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I really needed to tell you that you’ve made a huge difference in my life. I wish you both continued health, happiness and, hopefully, great success! 👏🏼 With gratitude, Dee
safira martha
safira martha Kun oldin
Awesome 😍
Just An English Comment Passing Through
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Rundelhous Code
Rundelhous Code Kun oldin
it's been so long. But so worth the wait.
KawaiiHammyJulia X3
Imma do it! Ty!
J 2004
J 2004 Kun oldin
He is not real, the cats are not real, and I’m hallucinating. 🙀
Junさん、才能の塊ですか…? 英語、動画編集、お菓子作りとは、、、恐るべし笑
EXO-L Kun oldin
I feel fancy all of a sudden
Generic Name
Generic Name Kun oldin
Hey Jun, how did you get that drone shot of you riding the bike? Did Rachel help you? :D
Yes! i'm disgusting!
Its beautiful But.... How can you eat it?
jean karmel
jean karmel Kun oldin
Hey jun I’ve been watching your videos for awhile now and i think that your videos really entertaining and gives me a lot of information abt cooking Your way of editing and explaining the step and your content really makes me think that the recipe can really be done by an amateur like me hahaha Anyway.. i’ve been trying to make mozzarella cheese lately and i have failed in all of my 7th attempt (I cannot stretch the cheese properly bcs my hand can’t take to be submerge in a really hot water that long ☹️) Can I request you to make video abt mozzarella cheese? I would help me alot Thank youu ❤️ (Lots of love from Indonesia)
Popcorn Rice
9 oy oldin
Hokkaido Sushi
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