Bo Burnham - Lower Your Expectations/If You Want Love

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Update: Captions added!
From the show "Make Happy" on Netflix.
The full show is available on Netflix worldwide.
Bo's Channel - uzvid.com/u-boburnham




4-Iyn, 2016

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Alfnir Bjornson
Alfnir Bjornson 12 daqiqa oldin
Why does he remind me of Chandler Bing so much?
Dena Pattison
Dena Pattison 2 soat oldin
This kid has it in Spades! (61 yr old lady)
TheMorgan Leverett
TheMorgan Leverett 3 soat oldin
how does this video has more views than his video? all they did was take is and repost it. just using this for views
Sven K
Sven K 3 soat oldin
Love can make it suck less. WELLL...
Green Tea
Green Tea 5 soat oldin
I’m a lesbian and trust me lesbians expectations for girls are wayy higher 😭
Who's here because Kill Yourself got snatched by Netflix?
Ghostbl33d 17 soat oldin
>Coming from the guy who also wrote "kill yourself". >says not to listen to what people say in songs. >reflects upon it. >decides to heighten expectationsof women...wait didn't he also tell me to kill myself? And if i do the opposite of what he says then that...uh oh, why did i hit send?
ImNord 6 soat oldin
It's sad people legit think like this xD
Obviously Fake Name
Obviously Fake Name 19 soat oldin
"my new boyfriend is a coconut taped to a mop" (not my joke it's on twitter somewhere)
But why tho
But why tho 22 soat oldin
I...have never related so hard
Rose E
Rose E 23 soat oldin
"Yeah "Whoo" that sadness out"
log. jpg
log. jpg Kun oldin
*Perfect girl didn’t exist?Your right there tho*
log. jpg
log. jpg 4 soat oldin
ImNord nvm I just found u
ImNord 5 soat oldin
Potato Pay
Potato Pay Kun oldin
Is this on iTunes? Because I love this song
scampoli25 Kun oldin
The end of this gets me every time. "We all suck but love can make us suck less"
XBakaTacoX Kun oldin
This song is kind of true though. Well, love means different things to different people, so it's subjective.
Captain shu
Captain shu Kun oldin
Loyalty and trust first, a lot of people joke around about those things but really, that person is someone that's with you till death and in a way is supposed to make death easier? -also tits-
Alextually Kun oldin
Alextually Kun oldin
jan taulagi
jan taulagi Kun oldin
it's true tho
Ajene Chan
Ajene Chan Kun oldin
Hes not wrong tho
Lola Millsap
Lola Millsap 2 kun oldin
Mine is at the lowest that it can be already, YOU’RE TO LATE
Sammus 9474
Sammus 9474 2 kun oldin
Love this fucking song
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 2 kun oldin
Love can make you suck more to
SkywardMoon 2 kun oldin
“You want a guy that’s sweet.” Me: Izuku Midoryia. Yes. “A guy that’s tough” Me: Katsuki Bakugo. “A feminist that likes to pay for stuff” Me: TENYA IIDA “A kind of guy that gets along with your friends without being attracted to any of them” Me: uhh im stuck on this one...? (Help me out Mha fans❤️) “A good boy. A bad boy. A good bad boy. A half good half bad half boy.” Me: SHOTO TODOROKI YES ❤️❤️ All mha characters lol 😂😂 If y’all have anymore please let me know down below ❤️❤️😂😂
sophie ward
sophie ward 2 kun oldin
The thing is I found the guy that I love, who Bo described at the beginning but he doesn't like me :(
Connor 28 stab wounds!!
Netflix blocked the kill yourself song
ChewBAKA! Godess
ChewBAKA! Godess 2 kun oldin
"(That's young)"
Kirn 2 kun oldin
But I don't have any expectations.
No one
No one 2 kun oldin
Zach Townsend
Zach Townsend 2 kun oldin
This song, despite being mostly comedic, actually almost made me cry
Ticker Chicken
Ticker Chicken 3 kun oldin
I don’t want a girl that laughs at my jokes, I want a girl that hates them, so when I make really bad dad jokes I can laugh at how she reacts.
Fluffy Suga Kookies
Lol I needed this after looking at all of the kpop dudes especially BTS
Louise Rose
Louise Rose 3 kun oldin
My fave part is the "but guess what .... You're right !" Bit idk but it always cracks me up
Chrystel 4 kun oldin
I should show That To a few of my friends.
reep 4 kun oldin
He looks like ninja
Mathew Johnson
Mathew Johnson 2 kun oldin
Time to start a conspiracy theory.
pure emo trash
pure emo trash 5 kun oldin
I'm still pissed this isn't on Spotify
PUTIN IV 6 kun oldin
Bo Mamba
Rith Trelin
Rith Trelin 6 kun oldin
No thanks. I'm a nonsexual.
Clorox lavender scent
We all want love. But why?
Jessica Dominguez
Jessica Dominguez 6 kun oldin
This is why I always manage my expectations, a little bit
White Chocolate
White Chocolate 6 kun oldin
this song got me a girlfriend
TheKnightYouNeed 6 kun oldin
How do you lower your expectations lower than what you are? I mean me?
VaGe GD 6 kun oldin
BuT LaSt WeEk ShE DiEd
・octrea・ 7 kun oldin
me when i set my expectations even lower and end up being happily married to a velvet armchair i left in my attic for 6 years
mollie sipos
mollie sipos 7 kun oldin
I was attending a duck funeral when this suddenly auto played.....
Musicals Are My Life
*sits down on aromantic ass* So my kiddies, tell me all about your love lives
The Viewer
The Viewer 3 kun oldin
Guest 7 kun oldin
Sweep me off them
Riggo The Cancer Cell
*gives this video to all the nice guys on the planet earth*
Favmir 7 kun oldin
Realest love song ever
Zellie McNabb
Zellie McNabb 7 kun oldin
How the hell does everyone have so many likes?!
Max J
Max J 7 kun oldin
Checkmate, Bo, my standards are “mutual feelings”
Nick 1026
Nick 1026 8 kun oldin
I dare you to send this to your crush