Bo Burnham - Lower Your Expectations/If You Want Love

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Update: Captions added!
From the show "Make Happy" on Netflix.
The full show is available on Netflix worldwide.
Bo's Channel - uzvid.com/u-boburnham




4-Iyn, 2016

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Jacob Wylie
Jacob Wylie 7 soat oldin
Guys help I lowered my expectations so much I'm having sexual activity with my fridge
Liberty Fritz
Liberty Fritz 13 soat oldin
But what if ur gay
Will M
Will M 18 soat oldin
so true
heather 22 soat oldin
what _is_ a half boy?
Beauty Bomboms
Beauty Bomboms Kun oldin
Half good half bad half boy
It’s Olaaamati
I love this
johnny budd
johnny budd Kun oldin
Deacon Maldonado
but love is pointless
Beanie Lord
Beanie Lord Kun oldin
I will wholeheartedly support everything this man does
Jess Geigler
Jess Geigler Kun oldin
I have lowered my expectations a lot yet I'm still lonely
Acclamator55 Kun oldin
Dude , he's right. Don't be stupid.
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Kun oldin
True meaning of life!😂😃
Moises Lugardo
Moises Lugardo 2 kun oldin
Lol even with the lowest a girls expectations can go, I’m still not good enough.
Life of a teenage otaku
This is way too funny
Bailey Callahan
Bailey Callahan 2 kun oldin
I’m actually not into the whole ‘dating’ stuff. It makes me cringe to even think of me dating anyone. I feel much more comfortable and happier by being on the sidelines watching everyone else fall in love. I love making ships with people and watching them come true or finding love in other people. But sometimes when I see all these people in relationships and being all couply. I realize I want it slightly. I won’t ever try and pursue a relationship, but sometimes I want one. The sidelines is the spot I prefer, and I rather not leave it to go and risk everything for something that possibly won’t last.
Luwdig Van Mozart
Luwdig Van Mozart 2 kun oldin
Damn I love this song... But only because I lowered my expectations
Luke Henry
Luke Henry 2 kun oldin
Looks kind of like ninja
Smelliest Jelly
Smelliest Jelly 2 kun oldin
“You might think your dick is a gift I promise it’s not” *Feminists Shrieks*
Fieryonion 285
Fieryonion 285 2 kun oldin
*Your GF whoos* _WELL FUCK_
I do Animations
I do Animations 3 kun oldin
"Bo used Lower Expectations!" "Your expectations can't go any lower!"
Gabriel Albert
Gabriel Albert 3 kun oldin
Guess what? Nothing
Saosaq Ii
Saosaq Ii 3 kun oldin
MGTOW theme song
“And if he’s got a thing for feet say fuck it sweep me off them” I would but Dylan Klebolds dead
lay lover
lay lover 4 kun oldin
My girlfriend never laughs at my jokes :( Maybe im not funny Or its just that pillows dont laugh.
Alexander Khlapov
Alexander Khlapov 4 kun oldin
Best message in a song ever
Ishtiaque Ahmed
Ishtiaque Ahmed 4 kun oldin
He's a genius and we have a lot in common. We both understand humanity and life at a deeper level.
Trey Putman
Trey Putman 4 kun oldin
Everyone missed the real doll joke?
Carlos_Adventures 4 kun oldin
A good boy a bad boy a HALF BOY
madisyn jessicagonzalezm
And you might think that this girl (Sayori) Only exist in ur mind But guess what She real BUT last week she died :3
anastag banerjee
anastag banerjee 4 kun oldin
It's insane how much it's relatable to so many people.
Soru 4 kun oldin
Anyone know why the songs Bo did in "Make Happy" isn't on Spotify, while all of his other songs are?
Blest Apollo
Blest Apollo 4 kun oldin
10 likes and I'll send this to my crush
Emma Jamieson
Emma Jamieson 4 kun oldin
I just want a symbiote tbh 😂
Ludvik 3
Ludvik 3 5 kun oldin
Why is it sarcastic to setup a second verse in a comedy song?
The Genius Gamer
The Genius Gamer 5 kun oldin
So long as it breathes I’m fine
Neek 5 kun oldin
Why do good girls always like bad guys?
Keith Austria
Keith Austria 5 kun oldin
I want to show this to friends, but cant because I have none
Anjdrhei Artillero
Anjdrhei Artillero 5 kun oldin
You see your gf cheating on you... Just send her this vid and breakup lmao
F!ØB5 5 kun oldin
Damn if my husband was a femisnit I would kick him out 😂
Jane 5 kun oldin
1:30 I will never not find that voice funny
GoLickAPineapple 5 kun oldin
I guess non-binary people never get love lmao
Musical Lover Female
“Only exists in your miiind. She’s real,but last week she died” *W H E E Z E*
Kalle Lellacévej
Kalle Lellacévej 6 kun oldin
I don't want a feminist wtf.
Zulfburht 6 kun oldin
I mean I’m looking for a girl that I’m compatible with that’s what I want
Mariam Almehairi
Mariam Almehairi 6 kun oldin
I can’t lower my expectations because I love anime boys Lol
delirious meatball
delirious meatball 6 kun oldin
Bo burnham fits my expectations tho
The Destroyer
The Destroyer 6 kun oldin
thx this really helped i got my boyfriend in two seconds after listening to this
Dihydrogen Monoxide
this should just become the song that automatically plays when you enter an incel forum
Jack Odonnell
Jack Odonnell 7 kun oldin
this is another example of how clever this dude is. I hope he keeps doing comedy, heard he got sick of it
Too Long Didn't Watch
fuck this gay earth, to hell with everything
AzQueen Z
AzQueen Z 7 kun oldin
I just realized when he said "whip out your dick and let the girl you love decline the offer," it doesn't just imply that men's dick aren't a gift but that you shouldn't force the girl to have sex with you. *Let* someone decline your offer, accept rejection. Took me a while, I was too focused on dicks not being a gift.
Anthony Passaro
Anthony Passaro 7 kun oldin
I need the gay version now lol
Anthony West
Anthony West 7 kun oldin
Bo burnham is the best god ever.
Lilly DiCaprio
Lilly DiCaprio 8 kun oldin
I don’t have expectations anymore because I know I will die alone. So I’m trying to die a single virgin.
ThatCreeperGirl 8 kun oldin
Withhomiee e
Withhomiee e 9 kun oldin
Jokes aside when he said love at 2:53 I was like 😭
Savannah Benzedrine
you need to lower your standards because its never getting better than this
GD- asherEU
GD- asherEU 9 kun oldin
Having a dick is NOT a gift and pretty much every guy knows that
Ophelia DrawsAndStuff
“You might think your dick is a gift I promise it’s not” iconic
Joey Lynch
Joey Lynch 9 kun oldin
God he sings such a sweet/beautiful note at 2:50
Zun 9 kun oldin
Like if he is better than lil puimp
Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness
"she's real but last week she died" Me: rip
Ihas candy
Ihas candy 9 kun oldin
You want a guy that's sweet, a guy that's tough A feminist who likes to pay for stuff The kind of guy that gets along with your friends Without being attracted to any of them A good boy, a bad boy; a good bad boy; A half good, half bad, half boy Loves your brothers is sensitive but not weak and Is a great lover, calls your mother on the weekend You might think this guy only exists in your mind Guess what: You're right! If you want love, lower your expectations a few Because Prince Charming would never settle for you If you want love, just pick a guy and love him And if he's got a thing for feet, say "fuck it" sweep me off them You want a girl that's nice, a girl that's not Obsessed with her looks, but is insanely hot The kind of girl that you can show to your folks Loves the movies that you like and always laughs at your jokes A real girl, a hot girl; a really hot girl; A brand new, really hot, real doll Wants to impress you, doesn't care if you notice Only ever uses you to tickle her throat with... You might think this girl only exists in your mind But she's real but last week she died If you want love, lower your expectations a lot You might think your dick is a gift, I promise it's not If you want love, just pick a girl and love her Then whip out your dick and let the girl you love decline the offer I don't want a neat freak, I don't want a slob Somebody with bedhead and a dead-end job 'Cause I won't settle for less than perfect We want perfect children, a perfect life A perfect husband or a perfect wife But deep down we know, we don't deserve it, but... We all deserve love, even on the days when we aren't our best, 'Cause we all suck, but love can make us suck less We all deserve love, it's the very best part of being alive And I would know I just turned 25
Ihas candy
Ihas candy 9 kun oldin
I just wanna be able to sing along 🤷‍♀️
Kuroteshima 10 kun oldin
He's so right lol
hahahahah ahahha
hahahahah ahahha 10 kun oldin
♡‿♡ ♡‿♡ ♡‿♡ ♡‿♡ ♡‿♡ ♡‿♡ ♡‿♡ ♡‿♡
MageBurger 10 kun oldin
*I masturbate because my standards are the only ones low enough to fuck me*
Lavender Boy
Lavender Boy 10 kun oldin
I mean he ain't wrong
AndRay Stuff N' Stuff
Now he tells me 😖😞😞
Monald Frump
Monald Frump 11 kun oldin
He sounds pewdiepie!
Jackof Blades399
Jackof Blades399 11 kun oldin
what's wrong with liking feet everyone has them so basically you can date anyone and if you like amputees as well then you got all your bases covered
Poopiepantz 34
Poopiepantz 34 7 kun oldin
Everybody pees but, not everyone has a fetish for it.
naglisky 11 kun oldin
Woooooooooooooo. There goes all my sadness.
Zendix & Zaliel
Zendix & Zaliel 11 kun oldin
I've lowered my expectations to been to earth dead or alive That good?
Faith *
Faith * 12 kun oldin
Could he BE chandler bing’s son?
Tyanna Wright
Tyanna Wright 12 kun oldin
2:10-2:13 that's what I came for lol
addison staats
addison staats 12 kun oldin
So GAYS have realistic expectations?
Ryru 12 kun oldin
So basically, women want a trans guy. And men want want a trans girl. Additionally androgynous people.
Furrybode 12 kun oldin
Ok bo
Guy ultimatecyberdog
"Only ever uses you to tickle her throat with." Underrated joke lol
Frederik H
Frederik H 13 kun oldin
Frederik H
Frederik H 6 kun oldin
+Poopiepantz 34 if you're gonna call the least you could do is upload it
Dihydrogen Monoxide
+Poopiepantz 34 I think the joke is that this is what Nice Guys (TM) actually do expect from girls, my friend I think you are the one who has been whooshed
Poopiepantz 34
Poopiepantz 34 7 kun oldin
Freddie The Dog
Freddie The Dog 13 kun oldin
My crush: I should lower my expectations Me: oh hi there
_Elaisla _
_Elaisla _ 13 kun oldin
*I already have the perfect girl.* *And she isn't dead, yet..* *BrEAkiNG neWs! INSERT GIRLFRIENDS NAME HERE juSt dIeD* Ah sh-
woahitsnix 13 kun oldin
Um actually just be a lesbian. Princess Charming is out there and so desperate she'll actually date you.
Gaming Day
Gaming Day 13 kun oldin
That would be if I had expectations...
arrghgarry 13 kun oldin
He is the best Lyricist
*Insert saterical name here*
My current girlfriend is a popsicle. Thinking about braking up. She’s always giving me a cold shoulder
pretend I’m shane Dawson
Fab 14 kun oldin
I know right,Now I date dead things😊
Harry Dunleavy
Harry Dunleavy 14 kun oldin
So motivational
Craig Biggam
Craig Biggam 14 kun oldin
But last week she died.
Demgphi x
Demgphi x 14 kun oldin
I love this 😄
Renae White
Renae White 14 kun oldin
Opposite energy of Jigsaw
Mr. Earrape
Mr. Earrape 14 kun oldin
but what if you are A STRAIGHT WHITE MALE
bleach hhh
bleach hhh 14 kun oldin
Ah already found le perfect girl but I fkd up with her NOW I GOT FANTASTIC MUSIC TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER
Bombiss_ 14 kun oldin
He said, sarcastically setting up a second verse caahmedy saaaahng
exuaa 14 kun oldin
please help I cant stop listening
Pegi Mirkhani
Pegi Mirkhani 14 kun oldin
Marry me
Cheil Kuran
Cheil Kuran 14 kun oldin
no truer words sang.
Arefin Dipto
Arefin Dipto 14 kun oldin
There is a thing called hentai.......
Fisenberg 15 kun oldin
His work is remarkable. Simply put.
Angeline Jesudasan
Angeline Jesudasan 15 kun oldin
love is...
9 yil oldin