Bodied Rap Battles - Adam vs Megaton Final Battle

Liam Cameron
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Bodied Movie Produced by Eminem
This clip is the battle between Adam and Megaton Final Rap Battle
DISCLAIMER : The following video clip belongs to Eminem, Adi Shankar, Paul Rosenberg, Jil Hardin
Movie Link : katcr.co/torrent/665564/bodied-2018-hdrip-xvid-ac3-evo-tgx.html?fbclid=IwAR3WdAOHgp1-wTe2VxDT0YHb4GXbKFS-t3bZS8BJcc-oDdvrnkbQeEeCEWQ



30-Noy, 2018



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 2 472
A._.S 2 soat oldin
Is this movie trying to make white people feel appreciated in rap? Like Eminem is already here for that.
Charlieputh fan
Charlieputh fan 3 soat oldin
Austin needs to be beat boxing lolllll
Charlieputh fan
Charlieputh fan 3 soat oldin
Charlieputh fan
Charlieputh fan 3 soat oldin
LOL OMG where is Austin where u need him 😂
Charlieputh fan
Charlieputh fan 3 soat oldin
Umm Idk
Umm Idk 9 soat oldin
So this is what dez has been doing in his free time
Eddy otu
Eddy otu Kun oldin
Who else thinks dizaster i mean megaton won this...lmao
Sydney McGee
Sydney McGee Kun oldin
I looked at the thumbnail and thought “is that my nigga deeeeezzzz”
they made Megaton a beast though lowkey lol
Honey Babe
Honey Babe 2 kun oldin
I love this movie
siphosethu koloni
siphosethu koloni 2 kun oldin
this shit is soooo dope
vision - spoken truth
that background music truly doesnt fitt at all
creamjuicer 4 kun oldin
Lemme just say glad I didn't see what ever shit show of a movie this was
Jaylon Pahsetopah
Jaylon Pahsetopah 4 kun oldin
So this is why Ed Sheernan decided to start singing
Phaze Clan
Phaze Clan 4 kun oldin
Calum's verse was shit
Max Payne
Max Payne 4 kun oldin
You can tell Em wrote these raps.
Adamextreme Playz
Adamextreme Playz 4 kun oldin
You scary bro
Matthew Derrick
Matthew Derrick 4 kun oldin
This is terrible
Vortex 5 kun oldin
This 9 mile is looking amazing
Jordan P.
Jordan P. 5 kun oldin
Wow I mean I knew Ed Sheeran liked rap but this impressive !
Animate Damons
Animate Damons 5 kun oldin
Who could have thought that disney could produce guys like this😐😐😐😐
Oliver Goodwin
Oliver Goodwin 5 kun oldin
"Battle rap is so corny im a battle rapper" 8 mile the sequel
W The Gamer
W The Gamer 6 kun oldin
It's weird how in my mind i see the words 8 Mile
Samuel Roy
Samuel Roy 7 kun oldin
100mandestiny 8 kun oldin
I wish I was there to jump in the way and get punched in the face. What the fuck did I just watch here......Eminem fuck't this game up. Got all these clones thinking they can rap using wordplay gibberish.....
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith 8 kun oldin
Ahhh the disaster sucker punch... I knew they were gonna throw that in there
James da Hughes
James da Hughes 7 kun oldin
Deja Vu
Stocton slap
Stocton slap 9 kun oldin
diz is a beast... Battle legend
Makaveli The Don
Makaveli The Don 9 kun oldin
Plus it s the corniest shit ive ever seen, you d think eminem would make a movie about battle rap how it acually is for real battle rappers
Makaveli The Don
Makaveli The Don 9 kun oldin
This movie is just bad, beside the fact that its a copied 8 mine, the actors and acting itself just doesnt feel right, the effects as well
Nadia Degale
Nadia Degale 10 kun oldin
Enemine produced this movie... So no need to battle enemine
The Juicy Player
The Juicy Player 10 kun oldin
This guy is Paranoid, quick somebody get his ass another steroid.
476,402 views 11 kun oldin
This shit is ass
moms spaghetti
moms spaghetti 12 kun oldin
I'm glad em cut his hair he look funny here
Justin Clark
Justin Clark 12 kun oldin
Punches him in the face, 5 seconds later compliments him like he's his best friend. W h a t
Jacob Labbee
Jacob Labbee 13 kun oldin
3:31 thats the face of a defeated man
WhiteShadow 69
WhiteShadow 69 13 kun oldin
I don't see anything wrong with this movie Yes it's kinda corny but to me this movies seems pretty good
John Contads
John Contads 13 kun oldin
When disney comes short on the cash...
Michael Goncalves
Michael Goncalves 13 kun oldin
Epic no other explanation
20,000 subscribers without a video challenge
I thought he was gonna pull out a Everybody from the 313 put your motherfuckin hands up and follow me.
Eli Smirnov
Eli Smirnov 13 kun oldin
for those who didn't saw the movie (SPOILERS!!! tho, who cares?) this canadian "rapper" is supporting sjw movement and dating an embodiment of feminism. But he likes rap and writes an essay about the use of N-word (mostly in rap, but in real life too). At some point he realizes that his girlfriend is a cunt and she, like sjw and feminism, is worse than a plague, so he chooses rap over PC culture, because apparently rap = free speech (yeah, especially when you realize how much $ rappers are paid by power holders, who may not be a part of governmental structure, yet they would if they want to). In the end it is ok movie, which stands against sjw scum, which is great. On the other hand, the sort of enemy of my enemy is not my friend. It is just another enemy, who shouldn't be attacked, until the arch enemy is completely destroyed. In other words, once the Ben Shapiro's Death Star will finish the feminism vermin, it would inevitably target the rap culture.
The trash mouth
The trash mouth 13 kun oldin
May you please upload the Adam vs Ben Grimm battle?
KnownBadSanta 14 kun oldin
White boy got bars
Adam. Watson
Adam. Watson 14 kun oldin
Lol......omfg we're here
Private 14 kun oldin
After watching the movie, I have no words and I'm sobbing my own tears for no reason because I didn't understand half what happened but was very emotional. k cool
Adam Furr
Adam Furr 14 kun oldin
Just watch all the battles and you pretty watched the whole movie
Catfish King
Catfish King 14 kun oldin
He needs to battle Eminem
Tuna sallad
Tuna sallad 14 kun oldin
Wait so he gets punched and three seconds later they huggin. Maybe it is because i have not seen the movie but I really can´t understand why that would happend.'
alex escobar
alex escobar 13 kun oldin
Yeh same
xZempty_ 14 kun oldin
this whole movie is full cringe
HulkByte 14 kun oldin
*ending Me: Nice! The crowd is coming in to congratulate him. Inner Self:WTF happened to his TOOTH!!! Y'all nigga ass fuckers are standing on it
† xLastRay_VI †
† xLastRay_VI † 14 kun oldin
Of course Em wrote freestyles
Demetri J
Demetri J 13 kun oldin
† xLastRay_VI † Eminem wrote none of these. That’s Dizaster you’re talking about, show some respect
erick del razo escalona
eminem and papa doc remazter xxddxdxdx
Nigel Vampire
Nigel Vampire 15 kun oldin
And then b rabbit walks into the ring.... CLIFFHANGER
OKG2000 15 kun oldin
Mannn i aint the kid to STEP TO!!! lol imagine that in your face
OKG2000 15 kun oldin
lolll Diz goes IN!!!
Jason Chambers
Jason Chambers 15 kun oldin
What movie is this
Peppermint 15 kun oldin
Dez fucking snapped
Moltrex Max
Moltrex Max 15 kun oldin
Mgk vs Eminem
SomthingAboutArt 15 kun oldin
Ooooh dammmmmm!!!!
Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes 15 kun oldin
This ain't a patch on 8 mile but coz Eminem and Paul Rosenberg Produced it people be like jheeze this is lit 🔥. listen im a BIG! fan of Eminem but I keep looking for chedder bob coz this is cheesey !! scratch lit and yes adam at the start you did look like you needed a 💩 . This is 8 mile for the next generation at best and im not impressed that dude needs to change that black top to white vest coz he,s a bully or wife beater at best and got that look like who,s next ! .. Stay blessed 📿 I'm out peace .. 🧢🎧👊✌💯
Ramauld Ramharack
Ramauld Ramharack 16 kun oldin
When Disney doesn't get paid enough.
Fuggin Degenerate
Fuggin Degenerate 17 kun oldin
Lmao you can tell thats dizazter in the into not even knowing the battle it's from
Micah Calrow
Micah Calrow 17 kun oldin
I have never cringed more in my life 😐
noah cruz
noah cruz 17 kun oldin
Wow my god
Tukang Baso Ikan
Tukang Baso Ikan 17 kun oldin
Cringe asf
Ankit The bad Geezer
Cringe level = 💯
Dylan 18 kun oldin
Wo2 the finalist was dizaster
EJ Andrews
EJ Andrews 18 kun oldin
B rabbit should have featured but we know he would have stole the show and yes j know eminem directed this shit so stfu before you post in the comments
Adnan Tanovic
Adnan Tanovic 18 kun oldin
8 mile wanna be
Jarrod Tollison
Jarrod Tollison 19 kun oldin
Benny Wright
Benny Wright 19 kun oldin
Dawg idk u was a straight savage
a You Tuber Has No Name
diz fked him up
Adam Davies
Adam Davies 20 kun oldin
What films this
Alaisha Williams
Alaisha Williams 15 kun oldin
Bodied it's youtube Premium
The Godslayer
The Godslayer 20 kun oldin
Kristaps Jankovskis
Kristaps Jankovskis 20 kun oldin
Wtf is this sh*t? Eminem parody? Kind a funny, kind a WTF lol.
Sagar Sehrawat
Sagar Sehrawat 20 kun oldin
Hillbilly entered the chat.....
Ashish khaitan Vlogs
Any ballads fan here
Christian Hillard
Christian Hillard 20 kun oldin
Eminem vs adam who will win eh o think eminem
Крольк 20 kun oldin
Можно перевод? Пожалуйста(
Phoenix Cheetah
Phoenix Cheetah 20 kun oldin
* Punched and a tooth came off * Says "ur amazing " Me : tf?
Levi Van de Westhuizen
Na 8 mile was way better.
Drake cant dance
Drake cant dance 22 kun oldin
YO pause at 3:04 where did Charlemagne go XDD looks like a different guy
HmongNinjatsu 22 kun oldin
Supa hot fire: But I'm not a rapper
Fegelein FEGELEIN 4 kun oldin
Wessel 20 kun oldin
He shouldve been in the movie as a joke
Joey Woolford
Joey Woolford 23 kun oldin
How u gonna punch someone and be like I love that after
KingCody DoubleGG
KingCody DoubleGG 23 kun oldin
This ruined Zeke from Austin an Ally for me
Nee-Iko Sakura
Nee-Iko Sakura 22 kun oldin
KingCody DoubleGG um...his name was Dez.....not Zeke
Меняющий Личность
бля ну и хуета
The Asian kid Jalen
The Asian kid Jalen 25 kun oldin
Hey it’s the dude from American vandal
Dude 313
Dude 313 26 kun oldin
Rhymes were hard af but everything else was so cringe and corny. Imma go watch 8 mile now
Jordan Mejia
Jordan Mejia 27 kun oldin
Eminem 8 mile: Autism edition
Andruxa 27 kun oldin
Oxxximiron whine 😂😂😂
Sort of got that low key Scott Pilgrim feel to it, if he was hardcore as fuck
LeBryant Jordanicus Walton
my nigga from austin and ally got me fucked up with this scene
Buster Walden
Buster Walden 28 kun oldin
Damn math
DRIVEN INSANE 28 kun oldin
Fuck that was hard
GoDrinkWater YT
GoDrinkWater YT 28 kun oldin
lili sprouse
lili sprouse 28 kun oldin
I cant find the scene on youtube but did anyone notice when behn took his daughter to go watch tv and he asked her what she wanted to watch and she said austin and ally. I screamed. also this movie is super underrated. yeah, some parts are super corny but some rap scenes, ESPECIALLY this one are so fucking intense and I like that it's not like 8mile. I think these live rap battles are better than the lip synced ones in 8mile
1995Rebel 29 kun oldin
i didnt watch this shit and i dont want to...this shit isnt for the people who already into battle rap its to branch out to a different, bigger audience. same way as 8 mile. cool to see everyone in a movie but imho shit looks terrible. sounds like diz wrote for both but the white kid is terrible. like at least but some fire in there
lil beanz
lil beanz 29 kun oldin
Is that Dizaster
The Entity
The Entity Oy oldin
sounds like 8 mile
Pasindu mahima
8 miles is amazing amd this is also amazing but you know what more is amazing than both of those? Eminem's ways such the reality cracks up
Sham Adams
Sham Adams Oy oldin
you dumb hypocrites think this film a rip off when Em produced it. GTFO.
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