Bodied Rap Battles - Adam vs Megaton Final Battle

Liam Cameron
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Bodied Movie Produced by Eminem
This clip is the battle between Adam and Megaton Final Rap Battle
DISCLAIMER : The following video clip belongs to Eminem, Adi Shankar, Paul Rosenberg, Jil Hardin
Movie Link : katcr.co/torrent/665564/bodied-2018-hdrip-xvid-ac3-evo-tgx.html?fbclid=IwAR3WdAOHgp1-wTe2VxDT0YHb4GXbKFS-t3bZS8BJcc-oDdvrnkbQeEeCEWQ



30-Noy, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 1 921
Skrata Gaming
Skrata Gaming 2 soat oldin
8 mile parody
Skrata Gaming
Skrata Gaming 2 soat oldin
8 mile parody
Caleb Ramirez
Caleb Ramirez 2 soat oldin
2:59 that was deep
justmeivangee 2 soat oldin
Austin Moon would be proud
Nick Jenkins
Nick Jenkins 4 soat oldin
Ctg- whatchu gonna do hit him again lol take that fuxking L
Conrad 6 soat oldin
What was the deal with all the Cat's?
Pyro 7757
Pyro 7757 9 soat oldin
Worse version of 8 mile
Shadow Master 21X
Shadow Master 21X 9 soat oldin
2:52 that nigga punch like thanos
Masons Reptile videos
Masons Reptile videos 10 soat oldin
I can’t take this guy seriously
Edward Banda
Edward Banda 10 soat oldin
King Vert
King Vert 11 soat oldin
so dizaster punches him out, kid gets back up and starts rapping and then dizaster, puts the kids hand in the air and cheers the dude on,crowd starts cheering, dizaster fucks with him now. the end... this all takes place within 45 seconds? yeah ok...
Kenny Jamison
Kenny Jamison 12 soat oldin
I just came home from doing 6 is this really a fuckn movie?😭😭😭
Dakota Matz
Dakota Matz 13 soat oldin
The fuq is this shit.........
D W 13 soat oldin
This had to be the worst blaxploitation film I've seen this year
Demons Rain
Demons Rain 14 soat oldin
Suicide bomber cause you got the eyes of an angry bird
Moykaaa 14 soat oldin
very cringy actually
Roman Black
Roman Black 15 soat oldin
Dizaster knows how to put on an act even when he’s not doin a movie like this....
Track Stars Music
Track Stars Music 18 soat oldin
Haven't seen this yet, looks terrible. Love Eminem, but this looks corny as fuck.
Miguel Hendrix
Miguel Hendrix 21 soat oldin
That was trash
Ralf Bilkenbiel
Ralf Bilkenbiel 21 soat oldin
The end was so corny I am glad I didn't have to pay for it
Scrim G59
Scrim G59 Kun oldin
This shit such cringe hahaha
Chronic Mute
Chronic Mute Kun oldin
Dez from Austin & Ally snapped in the corniest way 😭😭😭😭
Papua Boy
Papua Boy Kun oldin
this was directed by an 6 years old or what?
Patrick Newman
Patrick Newman Kun oldin
This was definitely a movie cause diz KILT EM!!
Isaiah Ellison
Isaiah Ellison Kun oldin
Hey zeke
Сима Kun oldin
Idk why they picked this guy... not saying he's a bad actor, but jesus man he's not meant to play this role
Dante Devilian
Dante Devilian Kun oldin
No mic?😅
Сима Kun oldin
You can't pronounce "CHOPPER JAMS" like that and not make me turn the video off
Itroll14 Kun oldin
Lmao this is corny af
Francis Manancis
Thought the protagonist was supposed to be likeable. I want to punch the shit out of this cornball
Beast Gamer
Beast Gamer Kun oldin
*When you listen to emeniem for the first time*
Mighty Mic
Mighty Mic Kun oldin
That was the corniest fucking shit ever !!!
jrodgers13 Kun oldin
What's the movie
Gabe Fritz
Gabe Fritz Kun oldin
Diz still punching people when they say too
Papua Boy
Papua Boy Kun oldin
no surprise Eminem produce this, cringe as fuck
LotusEden Kun oldin
Why he sound like 6ix9ine
Jamie Chambers
Jamie Chambers Kun oldin
I think the point everyone is missing is this was all in his head, so it wa s corny on purpose.
Zacky.N. Wendy
Zacky.N. Wendy Kun oldin
Dumb found dead is here 😏
Garrett Ritchie
Garrett Ritchie Kun oldin
white boy fucked him. up
MyMedsDontWork Kun oldin
Ctg tho 😂 I can rap but too sensitive for battles
Golden Tyrese
Golden Tyrese Kun oldin
Landon Sobkowski
Couldn’t get Austin and ally of my mind when I saw him
123GO Studios
123GO Studios Kun oldin
Ain’t no such things as halfway crooks. *cough cough*
Duran Marchand
Duran Marchand Kun oldin
Ron Weasley went in hard asf!
H2O Kun oldin
Dumbest shit of the year so far.
Golden Goof
Golden Goof Kun oldin
Yooooooooo What kind of switch is that?
Larry Batz
Larry Batz Kun oldin
What’s the name of this movie
TheFearLessGuy Kun oldin
This is why you don't hire Disney stars to rap lyrics for you...
Kane Ponelas
Kane Ponelas Kun oldin
He's the greatest white battle rapper cause b-rabbit is a niggah now
Rishawn Joseph
Rishawn Joseph Kun oldin
jonathan doran
jonathan doran Kun oldin
Greatest rapper probably didnt see eminem 8 mile
#_RIPXXX_# RIP Kun oldin
What's this movie called please tell me
Davion williams
Davion williams Kun oldin
When dez not only can be a director but rocky Balboa and a rapper
Kharuna Djibo
Kharuna Djibo Kun oldin
judging from just this scene here, this movie is pretty bad. I might be wrong, but the intense background music just makes it worse
Tuber Youb
Tuber Youb Kun oldin
Dizaster asked for unlimitted rounds.........................
Tony Nelson
Tony Nelson Kun oldin
Da hell is dis trash
Davonte Carter
Davonte Carter Kun oldin
It’s only ok cuz he’s nerdy and mad as shyt. They made his bars light the whole movie. They was better off using Charon
Barton B
Barton B Kun oldin
This movie is pure cringe and a mockery of rap....but then again that sums up modern day battle rap.
Michelle M
Michelle M Kun oldin
This shit was wack and boring
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Kun oldin
You're the greatest white battle rapper off all time. 😂. He ain't close they could have had better bars and delivery. Illmac body bag, charron body bag, Pat stay would put his body bag in a body bag.
Jhon Retries
Jhon Retries Kun oldin
ugh this is fucking cringy
memeboi with_originalcontent
if this was based on a true story it could have made half of 8 mile's earning
Sasha Romano
Sasha Romano Kun oldin
Megaton is the kinda punk who be like ' HEY YOU TAKE THAT BACK' If you out do him at his own game .
Nickolas Brown
Nickolas Brown Kun oldin
They stole dat rap style from that Cassidy rap battle with the white boy
Preznut Kun oldin
Yo wasnt some dude from Austin And Ally?
ElectricWolf87 Kun oldin
That was pretty good, I no longer wanna watch the movie for some reason..
Mahmoud Mowafak
Mahmoud Mowafak Kun oldin
Dizaster Spittin Bars Bruh !!
RAP NAME Kun oldin
Why justin bieber is always dragged in a rap battle!!😁
Cozensa 2 kun oldin
This dramatic ass music for a rap battle threw me for a loop lol
PK MODS TV 2 kun oldin
bruh he almost ko'd him n he was like i did not feel that ma
NzOakaNismo 2 kun oldin
and then he woke up, cuz this shit would never happen and the bigger dude had better bars just cuz he says he took the crown doesnt mean he gets it. white dude has no bars. lame
JOSEPH MIKAELE 2 kun oldin
You have to be on drugs to say this is not cringe ...i mean he was on AUSTIN AND ALLY
Jake West
Jake West 2 kun oldin
FYI Colgate rape will burn the dick also...so don’t do it people. Don’t do it.
Dree Chino
Dree Chino 2 kun oldin
This shit corny as fuck, why they tryna remake a 8 mile but with Dex from Austin & Ally lol
Skéw Skitz
Skéw Skitz 2 kun oldin
Dizaster was cringy
rey ortiz
rey ortiz 2 kun oldin
spoiler alert...fck
Kharin Simmons
Kharin Simmons 2 kun oldin
What’s the name of this movie
East Atlanta beats East Atlanta
Wow Adam close one I was worried dude said Kobe n 2 pac fucked you 😂🌋™️🤟🏾
Yenko 2 kun oldin
What in the fuck is this shit... Jesus fuck
randy daniels
randy daniels 2 kun oldin
Mouth seems like it dont match with the movie
randy daniels
randy daniels 2 kun oldin
This shit is dumb and corney
Daniel Coraccio
Daniel Coraccio 2 kun oldin
Lacks charisma lmao second dude makes me laugh when he goes at it
jade khan cabana
jade khan cabana 2 kun oldin
Way better than 8 mile. 😑 nope!
Rickyfyied 2 kun oldin
This movie looks hella goofy
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 2 kun oldin
This is fucking trash delete this stuff
AliEnigma Show
AliEnigma Show 2 kun oldin
this is really embarrassing to watch the white do bars are super trash this is almost a mockery of hip-hop culture
Pierre Hercules
Pierre Hercules 2 kun oldin
Dammnnn white boy, he just hit a 8 miles
kamil khalil
kamil khalil 2 kun oldin
Can’t take him seriously cuz of Austin and ally
Joe Brookins
Joe Brookins 2 kun oldin
8 mile 2.0 wit different characters n shit I’m glad I ain’t watch this shit
CSK ADJ 2 kun oldin
1:58 the way he said choppa had me dead
Caution_Flammable 2 kun oldin
Shoulda had better bars for Adam because Dizaster bodied him on this one.
Art Sanchez
Art Sanchez 2 kun oldin
wack ass..step down skittle
takumipd 2 kun oldin
Wtf is this shit?
Eric Southwell
Eric Southwell 2 kun oldin
Derek Otter
Derek Otter 2 kun oldin
8 more Miles
BossCityBossUp617 2 kun oldin
Just like lotto beat B Rabbit Megaton killed Adam... "you thought u could knock me to the ground so what I loss a tooth, i just beat u for the crown" ummm no you didn't 😂😂😂
FORTNITE BEE 2 kun oldin
Why tf am i cringing so hard tf
M E M E Goats
M E M E Goats 2 kun oldin
FORTNITE BEE 😂 Because He Sounds Like Morty
Ålmighty Døm
Ålmighty Døm 2 kun oldin
Is this a rap or a roast Battle lol
Ålmighty Døm
Ålmighty Døm 2 kun oldin
Bro dude hyped like he finna fight