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BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Final Trailer (2018) Rami Malek, Freddie Mercury Queen Movie HD

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BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Final Trailer (2018) Rami Malek, Freddie Mercury Queen Movie HD [Official Trailer]
DRAMA MOVIES 2018/2019: uzvid.com/group/PLYgSVLfLT3huLSE_KHHozqSs260dVOIt5

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25-Okt, 2018



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Marcello Fancello
Marcello Fancello 3 soat oldin
Nashim Dyola
Nashim Dyola 10 soat oldin
Ignited Minds
Ignited Minds 14 soat oldin
Miri Osorio
Miri Osorio 19 soat oldin
I saw the movie and it was so good it should I say more than great
czkj66 Kun oldin
I didn't feel he was Freddie not the look not the way of talk at all and body language specially Freddie's hand
Jamey Leanne Cooper
Not the coffee machine 😂
Dirk Nachtergaele
Dirk Nachtergaele 6 kun oldin
Fuck, goosebumps .....
Michele Huffman
Michele Huffman 7 kun oldin
Lets do it! Love this movie.
Hazel Turkey
Hazel Turkey 7 kun oldin
My Majesty love u Fred😪
N C 7 kun oldin
there's a silver lining to his tragic early demise really,...the worst tragedy would be Freddie in his 70's, bald and fat, playing the Las Vegas casinos, a mere cartoon character of his epic years. I live in Vegas and have seen Elton, old and fat, can't hit the high Rocket Man notes any more, I leave with nothing but regret and the sourest taste of my own mortality. The key is to enjoy greatness in it's prime, then savor the memories. If you haven't heard BORNS, he's another great singer/song writer, with a voice from God, in his prime,..check out, for example, Electric Love, he's just getting started if you ask me
billmeister 53
billmeister 53 9 kun oldin
Emily Iannielli
Emily Iannielli 9 kun oldin
Very beautiful tribute movie to a wonderful band and front man
John Martin
John Martin 10 kun oldin
Just watched this, amazing movie - Rami Malek is wonderful in it
Mikebro Notarte
Mikebro Notarte 11 kun oldin
The trailer it goes 6mins
Jamey Leanne Cooper
Mikebro Notarte and 8 seconds
WedJet Pachuau
WedJet Pachuau 13 kun oldin
Watching this after i watch the movie!
Carole R.
Carole R. 13 kun oldin
Guy 1 : the worst Queen's song? Guy2 : ...
julia olstad
julia olstad 13 kun oldin
The actor for Freddie Mercury is hot.. Please don't make fun
Jules Bakar
Jules Bakar 14 kun oldin
*so...now what?*
Tommy Sands
Tommy Sands 14 kun oldin
Rami Malek looks like a total freekshow!
Thomas Cavanaugh
Thomas Cavanaugh 15 kun oldin
Saturday night we sparked up the theater and watched Bohemian Rhapsody. I'm sad to say that it thoroughly disappointed me. The acting was just OK. Rami Malek played the part of Freddie Mercury pretty decent, however the script was about as cheesy as it gets. The rest of the cast was very much below average, probably also due to the script. I understand that it's probably somewhat difficult to write a movie about a singer and a rock band, but this one just didn't grab me at all. In fact, I went to bed about 20 minutes before it ended. How this movie earned him an Oscar baffles me. My advice would be to wait until it comes out on a streaming platform you don't have to pay for. We forked out $20 to purchase and own this flick....One that I will most likely never watch again. This coming from a person who likes Queen.
Paola Lazzarini
Paola Lazzarini 16 kun oldin
credo che questo film sui i Queen e freddie sia una minchiata...il bello dei queen è acoltare la loro musica ecc...ma chi se ne frega di quello che erano ...esise la LORO musica e basta e rimarrà sempre presente per intere generazioni ...erano il TOP e basta...premetto non ho visto il film e neppure lo andrò a vedere ...non voglio rovinare la stima che ho e ho avuto per i Queen e di freddie...❤buonanotte
Betzy cruz
Betzy cruz 16 kun oldin
Can anybody tell me what the song is in the begining here 0:15
Jamey Leanne Cooper
Ringthing Shimray it’s ice ice baby by vanilla ice
Ringthing Shimray
Ringthing Shimray 15 kun oldin
its under pressure by Q
Pia Hansen
Pia Hansen 16 kun oldin
It's a shame they changed the focus to only be on Freddy, as it is supposed to be the story of Queen...
Linda Casey
Linda Casey 17 kun oldin
Just WOW ... 🌹
Jay Bee
Jay Bee 17 kun oldin
What an amazing film loved every bit of it hope Freddie was watching from heaven
Aisling O S
Aisling O S 17 kun oldin
Please give oscars to the people who made the trailers!
Xaria Elbers
Xaria Elbers 17 kun oldin
Freddie was and is a legend💛💎
Andrew M
Andrew M 18 kun oldin
Freddie was way better looking than rami.
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Sexy dress
Rozli Yusof
Rozli Yusof 20 kun oldin
loved the movie..excellent performance by Rami,the way he brings out Freddi'es persona and Gwilym Lee-really makes me think its Brian May himself
FritzAlmighty 20 kun oldin
visit this fast before yourube removes it Bhohemian Rhapsody full movie uzvid.com/video/video-2xa9FYTlxV4.html
Leire 20 kun oldin
1:01 - 1:11 best part 😍😍
Raf LaFlame
Raf LaFlame 21 kun oldin
Everyone: *Nothing* Me: RADIO GA GAAAAAAAAA
viviennefoggie 21 kun oldin
''If I go any higher only dogs will here me!''
Jefferson Gutierrez
Jefferson Gutierrez 21 kun oldin
Rami loveeeeeee💖💖💖💖💖💖💓💓
Jefferson Gutierrez
Jefferson Gutierrez 21 kun oldin
Hooow for got 5 churt faciu uched
Rittenhaus 22 kun oldin
He died of AIDS like most of the gays at the time.
Terry Priv
Terry Priv 22 kun oldin
Omar Oo
Omar Oo 23 kun oldin
What a spectacular performance from Rami , stunning future waiting Rami malek
Marta Gorgeous
Marta Gorgeous 23 kun oldin
I watched this today and it made me cry. The best movie I have ever seen.
Angel Rib3ra
Angel Rib3ra 23 kun oldin
I like how the trailers all together match up the whole song. 6:07
Island Hopping Mactan Cebu
BUT .... did you paid your due ?
ultimatedeathmetal1 23 kun oldin
The actor who plays Freddie Mercury looks like shit. He is too small, too skinny and his fake teehth look absolutely terrible. The fake teeth and this little guy together look just fucking ridiculous SBC would have been a better choice. He also surely has more personality than this guy who wants to make it but looks stupid in his role. nothing against him, but he looks like a comic character. At least he shpuld have gained some weight for his role, as other good actors do to fit in.
Marcela Ortiz
Marcela Ortiz 23 kun oldin
My Band....our music!!...The film is great.
Gacha Girls Show
Gacha Girls Show 24 kun oldin
I watched this..It was so sad..
Chili Papas Official Channel
Pls check out our cover version - only three voices, no drums uzvid.com/video/video-1XaauSI-oVg.html
BaNG Palaca
BaNG Palaca 24 kun oldin
I will gonna watch this.AGAIN.
mitsovios rex
mitsovios rex 25 kun oldin
Is it only me or is he abit too cold and distant to be Freddie Mercury?
Depressed Dorito
Depressed Dorito 25 kun oldin
"-Roger, there's only room in this band for 1 hysterical queen " I lost it here XDD The trailer looks awesome,I can't wait till it's available online so I could watch it xd
micapalokazzopa 25 kun oldin
How can I rent this from UZvid then download it? Sorry guys its cost a lot if im going to buy it
Sung Ping Choi
Sung Ping Choi 26 kun oldin
Salute to the Director, the Producer of the movie👍well done
Kizzy Wallis
Kizzy Wallis 26 kun oldin
Miss you Freddy 💔💔
Riku Tora
Riku Tora 26 kun oldin
anyone can give me link of this movie T_T can't find it anywhere in google
Jay Eff Ess
Jay Eff Ess 27 kun oldin
I really like Rami Malek but there is no way in hell he should have won Best Actor for this role. Bale was snubbed to a historic degree
Sofia Rozas
Sofia Rozas 27 kun oldin
6 minute trailer
deberjeet usham
deberjeet usham 27 kun oldin
He actually looks more like Michael Jackson
Rororoy 27 kun oldin
2:03 ashiap ashiaap ashiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap Thanks.
Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar
he looks like a lost cousin of Serious BLACK family
Iman m.
Iman m. 27 kun oldin
We will rock you..
article john
article john 28 kun oldin
freddie would have never achieved such fame if he didnt leave india....more indians should leave india...forever
Biometrix 21
Biometrix 21 28 kun oldin
0:23 that voice sounds like it wants to conquer the 7 kingdoms.
Ammara Khalid
Ammara Khalid 28 kun oldin
Which song starts at 0:33
gabyy556 13 kun oldin
Under pressure
Deyzeh Vlogs
Deyzeh Vlogs 28 kun oldin
Alguem Brasileiro(a)?
Djjdjdjxj Ofhvbbv
Djjdjdjxj Ofhvbbv 28 kun oldin
I love it
love khan
love khan 28 kun oldin
And the oscar goes to
Thomas fan 1945
Thomas fan 1945 28 kun oldin
*under pressure starts* Vanilla Ice Ice Baby
Vavazelus 28 kun oldin
I say Malek looks like more Jagger than Mercury.
Nithesh Kumar
Nithesh Kumar 28 kun oldin
Who all are here after the OSCARS 👇
janardhanan janardhanant
Happy Oscars rami malek
Elise D
Elise D 28 kun oldin
This came out on my brothers birthday so we went to watch this movie and we were very impressed
Ariz Ray A Mamacos Mamacos
Yaaay, they have an Oscar award
Marie Anne
Marie Anne 29 kun oldin
It’s very hard to act in a language different than your accent and nailing it, Rami still did that and still won an oscar ♥️
Apitha Bagum
Apitha Bagum 29 kun oldin
Who else came here after the Oscars?
Mufeed Kunju
Mufeed Kunju 29 kun oldin
Tha oscar
Divine Mercy Elcano
Divine Mercy Elcano 29 kun oldin
And Rami Malek just made it to the OSCARS! Wow!
Specsy 29 kun oldin
Congrats on the Oscars ❤
pio liano
pio liano 29 kun oldin
Rami just won the OSCARS! Congrats, you deserve it.
Elizabeth Hoberg
Elizabeth Hoberg 29 kun oldin
So bad
jack richards
jack richards 29 kun oldin
He brought home the Oscar!
Emma Rose
Emma Rose 29 kun oldin
I love this movie sooo much
Andrea Julian
Andrea Julian Oy oldin
Mario and freddy and sonic Island
Bohemian will rock you
Orhan Kaunis
Orhan Kaunis Oy oldin
Loved the movie. The dental prosthetic was amateurish....were we supposed to notice it beyond beyond? Malik did a great job turning into Omar Sharif. Other than these, it was a great movie.
Conny V
Conny V Oy oldin
I will remember this movie for a long time. The cast could not have been more perfect and Rami did a brilliant job. One day, when he is an old man, he will look back and say "I made it with the movie Queen". I think Freddie M. would absolutely love it, that people still adore his music and they even made a movie about him. Queen forever! 🤘💋🤘
Jc Mechanical
Jc Mechanical Oy oldin
this band is the only thing that keeps my soul alive!
tata violata
tata violata Oy oldin
Whos watching this 2019?😆😃😁😀😎
Julissima Oy oldin
Freddie Mercury is my biggest role model. He was so clever, well spoken, wise. Beautiful and fierce. Courageous. I love you, man!
Flamez Oy oldin
Brilliant film
Melani Peireira
Trailer #1: Ehh Trailer #2: Umm better.. Trailer #3: Amazing
1:58 is that devon bostick in the leopard
em alberto
em alberto Oy oldin
3:10 to 3:12 is my favorite when in the last "meeeeee" the four are shown one by one in their individual shots singing into their microphone and then all of them into one mic. Epic effect on me.
Wilfrido Melchor
Freddie Mercury: We’re all legends
Cris Tian
Cris Tian Oy oldin
Is it just me, or Rami Malek doesn't look alike Freddie Mercury at all?...
Carla florentina Castillo alvarado
Amo esta película
Enrique Ramos
Enrique Ramos Oy oldin
the movie is boring old asf
gabyy556 13 kun oldin
Fuck off
Fast Food Review & Coffee Too
Oscars should be distributed accordingly
Night Sky Investigators
the overbite was waaaaaay to big... annoyed me the whole movie.. talking with a crazy slis.. movie is ok.. but an oscar?? hell no..
JP the sandwich
This trailer is only 1 second longer than the song bohemian rhapsody Its 6 bloody minutes
M-y-a Team
M-y-a Team Oy oldin
Was he a gay??
LpsTiger Star
LpsTiger Star Oy oldin
Queen lives on but what about elvis and prince. And micheal jackson
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