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'Bohemian Rhapsody' Star Rami Malek Asks Ellen for a Selfie

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Rami Malek talked with Ellen about his summer trip to Africa, and then asked Ellen to take a selfie with him to add to his fairly empty Instagram page.




1-Noy, 2018



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Liv M
Liv M 6 kun oldin
omg rami is so cute the way he held the phone with both hands lolololol
Kerry Nottelling
Kerry Nottelling 10 kun oldin
Happyhorsefan 11 kun oldin
Rami is just so humble, I love him so much
Trisha C
Trisha C 11 kun oldin
We’re still waiting on the Jimmy picture!!
hornetluca 12 kun oldin
He seems nice guy
Purba Mukherjee
Purba Mukherjee 12 kun oldin
Rami is so sweet. Ellen is so sweet. This video is oozing sweetness.
dylan Sprouse bae
dylan Sprouse bae 13 kun oldin
Oscar really deserved to go to Rami malek ....
H_ Jade
H_ Jade 13 kun oldin
Anybody else just obsessed with him because like same
Nancy Raga
Nancy Raga 16 kun oldin
He is so awkward and clam that it makes him weirdly and incredibly handsome
Chris Langford
Chris Langford 16 kun oldin
I wanted to ask you, but I wanted you to ask me". I felt that...
Keeks Dolan
Keeks Dolan 16 kun oldin
who else is on a queen/rami marathon??
Keeks Dolan
Keeks Dolan 16 kun oldin
“i noticed this and my feelings were hurt.”
yohenba luwangcha
yohenba luwangcha 18 kun oldin
I dnt see him as Rami but as Fredie
Inge Van Der Ross
Inge Van Der Ross 18 kun oldin
The funny thing is, most Africans cant afford to go on Safari.. I am from South Africa, and safaris are expensive..
Kangkana Kalita
Kangkana Kalita 19 kun oldin
"This is my meme as Hackerman" Im dead.
Fariha Tifla
Fariha Tifla 19 kun oldin
Oh god!!! He's the hackerman!?😬😬
Humaira J
Humaira J 21 kun oldin
iS RaMi Malek aN aLiEn ?
dannous 23 kun oldin
He s so talented chilly nd everything i love him
dannous 23 kun oldin
At 2:30 i think he wanted to kiss elle or hug her but she was like u should ask me before 😆
DroneTube 26 kun oldin
Get that man an iPhone X
Road to 100k subs without any video
After oscars
Aileen Carrillo
Aileen Carrillo 27 kun oldin
I think he is so cute
Love Skye Buckets
Love Skye Buckets 29 kun oldin
Rami and Ellen have a great chemistry. Wow!!!
Duong Vg
Duong Vg 29 kun oldin
Rami Is So sexy and Amazing Actor
EngLit Gal
EngLit Gal 29 kun oldin
Who is here after him winning the oscar yesterday??
Honey 29 kun oldin
Tbh I think he looks cuter as Freddie😂 (This is my opinion)
Evategaki 2 kun oldin
Yes, I think he should grow a moustache and wear his hair like Freddie's 💟💟💟💟💟
Marie Healy
Marie Healy Oy oldin
grace lynn
grace lynn Oy oldin
i’m sorry but i didn’t know who he was before bohemian rhapsody, & i watched it on wednesday & now i’m obsessed w rami
adindajp Oy oldin
hes just so...... gentle 🤧🤧
panpan de sara pan
I love his voice OMG
wig? snatched.
he is so awkwardly cute. omg i can’t.
J Jordan
J Jordan Oy oldin
“well.....well we could do one?”
Ruby Bennett
Ruby Bennett Oy oldin
Ronja Kallioinen
He mentioned his hackerman meme lol
Mary Marchman
Mary Marchman Oy oldin
He looks like he smells so good
Oliver der Fisch
Let's do live aid again!
Fleur Blanche
Fleur Blanche Oy oldin
He can one day play the role of Omar Sherif. Their voices are much alike 👍
Taki Tak
Taki Tak Oy oldin
Until Dawn Josh
vannessa Oy oldin
I want rami inside of me
Pelado Cuervo
Pelado Cuervo Oy oldin
You know how lgtb works... They care about africa!!! But they care for animals ,not little kids with malnutrition.
Jananath Banuka
I am from future and he is gonna put the caption as: "Always down for a photo @theellenshow" on instagram
Mehul Smriti Raje
He seems like a fellow dork. I love him ❤️😄
Angelina Srss
Angelina Srss Oy oldin
Everyone forgot then before being in a museum or being a rock star et was first Edward Cullen's cousin, from Egypt, really good with water by the way
Alessandra Gentile
Rami is so cute aww
Montgomery Darthvader
Josh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RamiDopeVlogs 2 oy oldin
I like his Red Phone 😂🤣🔺️
tdgnaruto agbaria
He is such a gentle soul ❤️
kassandra Moya
kassandra Moya 2 oy oldin
He’s such a sweetheart I’m in love 🥰😩
Mostafa Cheetos
Mostafa Cheetos 2 oy oldin
The egyption guy..he is awesome and i wish to see him alwayes like a star 😍😍😍😍
Eugene Danker
Eugene Danker 2 oy oldin
I love his voice
mimu linggi
mimu linggi 2 oy oldin
I see Rami , i press like 👍🏻
J G 2 oy oldin
vannessa 2 oy oldin
I want to marry him
vannessa 2 oy oldin
I want to marry him
vannessa 2 oy oldin
I’m so in love with Rami
vannessa 2 oy oldin
We need more Ramis in the world
Ahmed Gobbah
Ahmed Gobbah 2 oy oldin
The egyptian actress
Rin Rin
Rin Rin 2 oy oldin
I love him..
Humanimal 2 oy oldin
Allie C
Allie C 2 oy oldin
He is so adorable😍😍
B SARAH 2 oy oldin
It shows that he like her as a talkshow host
ТурбоТОП 2 oy oldin
Kennah Dumont
Kennah Dumont 2 oy oldin
He is SUCH a sweetheart
zahra 2 oy oldin
That selfie is my lock screen wallpaper
Sushanth Rameshan
Luv __
Luv __ 2 oy oldin
“Oh your gonna be hurt....well we could do one”
GunsNroses Fan
GunsNroses Fan 3 oy oldin
Kaya 3 oy oldin
hi Rami, can you say hi to my friends ?
Yelizaveta Ursuliak
You can see how much Rami hates social media. Same. Only for selfies with interview hosts hehe. No need to have 16273849 photos of yourself (unless you're in marketing or entertainment) in his case he probably more time efficient and has a portfolio for this, one for that, or an 'acting' résumé or something. I like Rami lol 😊
Bella W
Bella W 3 oy oldin
I live in South Africa...I go on Safari’s quite often...and no, animals don’t walk in the streets until there’s a zoo breakout that happens very rarely.....
Madison Mandy
Madison Mandy 3 oy oldin
Y'all I live in Africa 😂😂
Sabrina Ruiz
Sabrina Ruiz 3 oy oldin
Just saw it. Amazing. Loved it❤️😊Watch it.
thandi m
thandi m 3 oy oldin
im from swaziland😁😁😁😁
Valkyrie Glamour
Valkyrie Glamour 3 oy oldin
He is so cute!!!
Bon Jour
Bon Jour 3 oy oldin
He seems like such a genuinely sweet person
Marie Claire Buttard
Merci Rami Malek
Annisa Anindya
Annisa Anindya 3 oy oldin
I love his voice 😊
cmmr26 3 oy oldin
Will he win the Oscar? I think he should, what do you think?
VeganWorld Peace
VeganWorld Peace 3 oy oldin
cmmr26 Yes! I saw "BR" & I believe he deserves all the best actor awards out there.
Hachim Elmir
Hachim Elmir 3 oy oldin
This is so cute
Marjolein Pls
Marjolein Pls 3 oy oldin
Ellen Fund, Elephant
carolina sanchez
carolina sanchez 3 oy oldin
I love you so much Rami, do you have a sexy voice
Leanne Clements
Leanne Clements 3 oy oldin
Class act this man
Sannel Arce
Sannel Arce 3 oy oldin
He was 1M followers and follows no one, he’s basically another version of Beyoncé. (Please don’t come for me 😢)
just a person
just a person 3 oy oldin
rami malek is super gentle
Wojciech Wilimowski
His phone is too big for his damn pocket
Eric Warwick
Eric Warwick 4 oy oldin
Paul disliked this 148 times
Mo Na
Mo Na 4 oy oldin
He is so cute and lovely, I could stare at him the whole day, yes in a creepy way ♥️
Kate Pezeros
Kate Pezeros 4 oy oldin
He is handsome!
Khadija Aboalnaga
he is so handsome 😍
Jibin Thomas
Jibin Thomas 4 oy oldin
I feel he is still in character of freddie or naturally he is like that.
Krasidi127 4 oy oldin
Is he constantly on as Freddie or is he so much like him that we can’t tell because I just see and hear Freddie’s demeanour ❤️❤️❤️
Hema Sundar
Hema Sundar 4 oy oldin
He looks like the female version of Kristen Stewart..I feel so much better now🤡😂🤗
Starlight Bliss
Starlight Bliss 3 oy oldin
Hema Sundar Wouldn’t the female version of Kristen Stewart be...Kristin Stewart? 🤔
Jennifer Sleiman
Jennifer Sleiman 4 oy oldin
He is adorable 😂❤️
Mindy Andres
Mindy Andres 4 oy oldin
And the Oscar goes to, Rami Malek!😍😉👌👍👏
tatiana 4 oy oldin
Why he is so cute?? 😍
Nao Bolliger
Nao Bolliger 4 oy oldin
can l cuddle with you, Rami? 😂😍❤
S B 4 oy oldin
Ayy he is so cuteee
M. P.
M. P. 4 oy oldin
The movie is fantastic!
Florence Welch
Florence Welch 4 oy oldin
Little Nathan resembles him actually
Rishika Biswas
Rishika Biswas 4 oy oldin
I liked him since I saw him in night at the museum
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