Boogie Cousins: 'I don't give a f---' about who doesn't like move to Warriors | First Take | ESPN

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Tom Waddle, Ryan Hollins, Marc Silverman and Will Cain weigh in on whether Boogie Cousins' comments about people who don't like his move to the Golden State Warriors were warranted and if he will earn a new deal with them next year.
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19-Iyl, 2018

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The Troll
The Troll 5 oy oldin
Stephen A Smith First Take got all these shows screaming and hollering at each other now
soid drone slayer
Yes Boogie Cousins is gettin a 1 year $5.3 million dollar with an almost 90% certainty that he will win his first NBA championship with the GSW, that leverage alone put him in a perfect free agency position he can do what KD did and sign a 2 year deal with a player option for the following year. He can opt out in the 2nd year and go get more money elsewhere or he can resign with the GSW for a four or five year max deal to finish out his career.
Tracy Sharp
Tracy Sharp 6 oy oldin
You know he is saying to the haters?fuck you iam going to win a ring and get a max deal next yr ! So fuck you😡😈
Christian 6 oy oldin
Vincent 2099
Vincent 2099 6 oy oldin
Last time I checked, the fans are the ones watching the players. They have no business what Boogie decides. I don't like his move either but to allude to the idea that he should take into consideration what the fans think is just plain dumb. At the end of the day we are not the athletes, we don't live the same lives as them and we certainly don't go through the issues that come to them. The players don't owe us anything.
Cameron Morgan
Cameron Morgan 6 oy oldin
Usually the People who don't Give a Fuck don't need to say it out Loud.........
Patricia George
Patricia George 6 oy oldin
Maybe he will learn emotional discipline and team analysis and game winning strategy. If not he will have nowhere to go except to a lesser team's bench for 2 million
Kevin Caldwell
Kevin Caldwell 6 oy oldin
Idk y we even having this talk no team in the league made him an offer so if the warriors have him a shot what does it matter, does the media expect him to just be a free agent?
Shane Graham
Shane Graham 6 oy oldin
So he doesn't give an F about what the fans think. That is a double edge sword this type of stuff is why most people don't like his big jogging up and down the court ass. The guy is angry at the world.
Sid Serrano
Sid Serrano 6 oy oldin
Boogie is a bitch
jmorrow6406 6 oy oldin
Too bad the fans don't sign his paycheck.
WHAT IT Dooooh
WHAT IT Dooooh 6 oy oldin
come on he went 2 the perfect team he ain't in no rush 2 recover fast
Heath Sanders
Heath Sanders 6 oy oldin
Gotta love Will Cain
Shay Wilkerson
Shay Wilkerson 6 oy oldin
And the emotional lesbian returns! Wish Cousins would've stayed in NOLA with Davis. Best of luck Boogie.
C. Cosman
C. Cosman 6 oy oldin
I don't give a fuck that boogie did it.
Kill Monger
Kill Monger 6 oy oldin
White men trying to tell a black man what to say and do . A panel of no playing haters!!
Isai 6 oy oldin
Boogie will ruin chemistry think about it Boogie has to prove he’s a max salary guy how is he going to do that as a 4-5 option he’s going to want the ball and dominate and be the 1st option boogie will get frustrated and there will be issues
Kevin Green
Kevin Green 6 oy oldin
He may not give a fuck what people thing but that doesn’t change the fact that he made a pussy move to go to the warriors.
MCM Jakke
MCM Jakke 6 oy oldin
didnt he bash KD for it
Brent Suriaga JnJ
From Ryan Hollins to 10, how good are you at analyzing basketball?
Lone $tar OMG
Lone $tar OMG 6 oy oldin
In the future, only one co host is allowed to go on vacation.
legendary soldier
none of these cats ever played high level sports including this Ryan guy,wtf did he do when he played?
DJones21 6 oy oldin
Who is Ryan Hollins? Why do people keep saying he played in the NBA?
Grant420 6 oy oldin
And most of us now don't give a fuck about the upcoming season or this big turd
Noni Leon
Noni Leon 6 oy oldin
Ryan makes me like hearing Will Cain
YouHateMe 6 oy oldin
Lol @Ryan Hollins. ESPN does not know how to choose their employees
Devin Harp
Devin Harp 6 oy oldin
Thats the spirit boogie
Lord 2wice
Lord 2wice 6 oy oldin
He shouldn't give a fuck
Giovani Torres
Giovani Torres 6 oy oldin
He's not my favorite player...but any FREE agent can go to ANY team they WANT...So yes, who gives a FK...
Grainstn To Da Dome
I want to see A Boggie,Kawhi and LJ in Lakers
JUST US 6 oy oldin
As a okc fan i can care less do u really think boogie is gonna b the same after the injury? I wish him the best but the odds is stack against him smh!
James Matthews
James Matthews 6 oy oldin
Y cousins trrying to be like kd don't hurt your legacy like 20 years from now all there gonna say is that's that guy who played on the team with curry don't ride somebody else wave that's all I got to say
Evil In America
Evil In America 6 oy oldin
espn is corny af
VoDkAvi 6 oy oldin
Like the response. Whether he cares or not tho that was a gay ass move.
Coach KB
Coach KB 6 oy oldin
Felix Alexander
Felix Alexander 6 oy oldin
These guys are trash analyst wheres stephen a. And max??? Those are the smartest sport guys i hate these guys trying to bash on players characters
julian nicolas
julian nicolas 6 oy oldin
Most of the people the hate the super teams are the people who's teams are bad every year I understand that becouse I'm frustrated that every year we see the same team in the playoff while we and our teams sit home watching the good teams battle for the championship,and is the same team winning the championship, but there is no loyalty anymore like back in the days when u had a super star in your team you knew was going to compete for your team his whole career, now loyal players get traded away like nothing they get waived or buy out, that's why players do all this super team stuff becouse is about winning championship not about the fans or been loyal anymore is a business is about making your money and winning at any couse,this is a new generation of ball players things change and players know this, is about money and winning forget the loyal side of it, it rarely exits in sports
Glenn Angala
Glenn Angala 6 oy oldin
Fuck boggie and KD i dont care what they say they are both banwagon and a snake at the same time
D 416
D 416 6 oy oldin
The same fans crying about about Cousins decision they wish the GM of their team signed Boogie...
LakersLegend 2414
Nd yet ... the lakers are still going to win... 💯💯🙌🏽
George Tow
George Tow 6 oy oldin
Warriors the team to watch come new season. 3 drama queens together. Oh boy
hennd0gg 6 oy oldin
Wtf is Ryan Hollins an analyst, this dude is as stupid as his game when he was in the NBA. Waste of a seat and of 7ft.
BIGbby Huey
BIGbby Huey 6 oy oldin
Lol 😂 they hot the two dudes that can’t stand each other facing each other.
BusaridingT B.
BusaridingT B. 6 oy oldin
Correction before some dummy fan internalizes what was just said,Boogie is saying he doesnt care what sportscasters have to say, he isnt saying he doesnt care what fans think
Swoove 6 oy oldin
How you cut the video short like that????
YeazyNation 6 oy oldin
I show respect idc if u winning and I'm a heat fan my whole life talking about Alonzo mourning days era and Pats fan way before Brady had 5 titles and was considered to be the 🐐 so I respect winning if u a fan loyal to one team like me you should respect that if u bandwagon than I know why you mad
LGambit23 6 oy oldin
lebron was the first to punk out and go to a team with stars why is it a problem when someone else does
Mark Jaramillo
Mark Jaramillo 6 oy oldin
Hollins is annoying af!! Why is he even an analyst?
Thrill Films
Thrill Films 6 oy oldin
Is Ryan hollins retarded
skintbakdotcom 6 oy oldin
Abertugo Abertugo
Cool. He is a monster scorer!
Emmanuel Manny
Emmanuel Manny 6 oy oldin
Fuck the NBA fans! We don’t know shit until we put on that jersey and ball.
Blake Franklin 88
Why does this fuck boi keep reminding us he was a player? Your still a shitty analyst. On a side note, I’d love to see Will Cain on FS1
Svetlana Z
Svetlana Z 6 oy oldin
"everybody knows that, even guys that played with him know that"...ryan hollins doesnt know that. ryan hollins doesnt know anything...he is absolute trash on this show and i feel bad for will for having to deal with him.
Hebrew Thought
Hebrew Thought 6 oy oldin
The process is the best center in the NBA
Nick Garcia
Nick Garcia 6 oy oldin
As an Oakland fan who lives near sac I couldn't believe the kings got rid of him..ya he's intense he's also an awesome player and he really loved the city of Sacramento. A kind of guy like that doesn't come around often. I just want to know what exactly has he done so wrong.. dreymond can get out there but he works hard and makes things happen and he respects his role and t eamates. I think we can expect something similar from cousins
rambo 24
rambo 24 6 oy oldin
I dont like that he will walk through his first champ but its other teams fault if he comes back and is still a beast
Gibran Leon
Gibran Leon 6 oy oldin
lmfao so it was cool when Lebron guaranteed 6 titles in Miami with Wade and Bosh but now that the Warriors are running shit everybody is screaming bloody murder? lol it ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun now is it?
Antonio Montgomery
All across America people get screwed over. 20yrs on a job, but gives promotion to young intern, or a sexy woman less qualified, bosses son or daughter, layoffs no notifications. Be on contract for 2yrs still wont hire you permanently. Go back to school more education, but pay raise Nope....
rhandy cabrera
rhandy cabrera 6 oy oldin
I don’t ever recall Ryan playing a single game
rhandy cabrera
rhandy cabrera 6 oy oldin
I kind of agree with will Cain and that’s a first , oh and btw i hate Ryan Hollins
Devin Estrada
Devin Estrada 6 oy oldin
I don't like the move I think its a lazy nigga move, should've joined another team to challenge them & everyone else for some good real man competition
Charles Barton
Charles Barton 6 oy oldin
i cant stand this new guy
Ryan Hollins is a dick lol
Omar Torres
Omar Torres 6 oy oldin
Ryan Hollins messes up this show
Jimmy Bocanegra
Jimmy Bocanegra 6 oy oldin
Another asshole wants the ez way nothing new here
Andraus Grace
Andraus Grace 6 oy oldin
Bs ain't no best team might not win shit dis year Lakers still making moves
heavyjr1 6 oy oldin
Thank you. These teams willl switch up on a player in a heartbeat, but then its not ok for a player to make a move, gtfoh. Nice move cousins. Stay healthy. Get that chip.
John Cole
John Cole 6 oy oldin
He tore his Achilles’ tendon and that’s never good for anyone. He seems to function well when he isn’t the intersection of media looking to fulfill the narrative that he is a wild man. Honesty in difficult circumstances comes out aggressively hostile, which is a plus for a great athlete but not for a fictitious ambassador of goodwill. How does this deal have a loser?
Danilo Silva
Danilo Silva 6 oy oldin
Cousins won't play this season
Montez Demarrco
Montez Demarrco 6 oy oldin
Will Cain is retarded
Elijah Greene
Elijah Greene 6 oy oldin
This nigga Ryan hollands weak ass then played with everybody, been on every team with everybody looking ass boi
muffhugger jones 86
I remember when everybody said rasheed Wallace to the pistons wouldn't work cause his temper and people said he wasn't a good teammate and they won the championship the year they traded for him boogie will b a whole different person on the warriors that temper will die down a lot
Positivity Breeds Positivity
Professional athletes should not give an F about what anybody thinks of them. They should live their life for them and do what they think is best for them and their family. No one should live their lives for other people.
Zilla Jcbl
Zilla Jcbl 6 oy oldin
Everybody need to get the fuck over and who give a fuck what will Cain like
Joshua Deputy
Joshua Deputy 6 oy oldin
To me embiid got a lil edge on boogie to me that's jus me but I'm all for boogie these teams ain shi so go somewhere where u can win the raptors already proved that
What Yall Finna Do?
"Don't call me out then" - Ryan Hollins that's Dena
Brand Gadfly
Brand Gadfly 6 oy oldin
You cant do better than this hollins guy? Interrupting. Arrogant. Self absorbed. Condescending. Unwatchable.
James R
James R 6 oy oldin
Nigga boogie said fuck the fans lmao he a bitch for the decision but still gone say what he say and not give a fuck lol
Existent David
Existent David 6 oy oldin
I don't care about players opinions. I just want the warriors to lose in the playoffs one day. Make the NBA fun again.
Slap_Ah_Hoe 6 oy oldin
I’m one of the most loyalists kings fan but do not remember that guy talking first was he on the kings lmao
Rodney Walker
Rodney Walker 6 oy oldin
Why should he give af? White folks and their "character" shit keep that shit in golf and tennis this ain't y'all sport anymore.
Terry O
Terry O 7 oy oldin
Warriors supposed to Sign Monta Ellis too😄 I know y'all scared of that
Zuri Charles
Zuri Charles 7 oy oldin
when Stephen a coming back
Nicki minaj
Nicki minaj 7 oy oldin
I don't give a fuck who doesn't like boogie cousins comin to my team gsw 💪💪💪😂😂😂😂😂
KOD 7 oy oldin
Embiid is probably better already and Draymond is more effective as well as capala playing centre..
Keith Sweat
Keith Sweat 7 oy oldin
DeMarcus Cousins or funny asf dgaf about shit 😂😂
Styxx Jones
Styxx Jones 7 oy oldin
Best center is......... Trust the process Joel Embid
9some 7 oy oldin
Brian Miller
Brian Miller 7 oy oldin
I can't trust a guy that has a pencil thin mustache
Ismail Ismail
Ismail Ismail 7 oy oldin
His right ?I don't care is better
Eric Jackson
Eric Jackson 7 oy oldin
How does playing half the season at a minimal roll prove your healthy ? If Kobe came back after his Achilles and played half the season 20 min a game we wouldn’t consider that healthy...he’s a bitch and proved it with this butt hurt response
Joseph Johnroe
Joseph Johnroe 7 oy oldin
All these people having an issue where these athletes decide to play. They made the sacrifices and put in the work. Is anyone gonna complain when one of you leave 7/11 for Wawa? Sit your low level ass down.
The Real Skip Bayless
Who tf are these crackhead lookin commentators... ol dude in purple didn’t blink the whole time 2:54
brianka watson
brianka watson 7 oy oldin
Yeah its cool fuck the fans too and whoever else got a problem wit it
Junaid Desai
Junaid Desai 7 oy oldin
I would say that too if I wanted a free ring
Billy Crosby
Billy Crosby 7 oy oldin
I think the Warriors got Cousins for the toughness factor....GS is the gold standard right now and Boogie will toughen them up a little because that is how you have to play them....
CD 7 oy oldin
You guys bitching about easy way forgot so easy Rockets took them to 7 games. 18% come back to playing statically good from that injury. He can rehab his way back into NBA ready with line up.
Carlos Soares
Carlos Soares 7 oy oldin
You guys in america have no shame? In any other sport outside the usa, a supporter whinning about how much the other team is better is unimagible. It's such a pussy complaint. You guys should claim the head of yours GMs and players for not been able to achieve what you guys expected. Support your team, be pride and try to be better for God's sake.
Richard Garland Jr
Where is the regular team, Stephen A., Max and Molly? Enough of this crap
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