Border Walls: The Medieval Solution

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A medieval architect (Adam Pally) gets stuffed after his stone border wall doesn't please the king.
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11-Yan, 2019



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Scout Oy oldin
I guarantee you all of these anti trump celebrities ALL live behind a nice big wall
Yoder023 2 oy oldin
Every day it gets harder to stay an independent
Rocketman1292 2 oy oldin
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! I blow my farts in your general direction! Now go away before I taunt you a second time!
jeevan jose
jeevan jose 2 oy oldin
The background music used here is from "the sims medieval" game. I feel so nostalgic
Strange Wayfaring Stranger
Game of dolts.
Genie Cooper
Genie Cooper 2 oy oldin
Are you using music from The Sims Medieval? Ooh, EA gonna have a conniption!
Rick Stuifzand
Rick Stuifzand 2 oy oldin
Time for trebuchets!
arthur taylor
arthur taylor 2 oy oldin
Keep postponing the wall...a lot more brand new democrats have to come in illegally.You'll need them in 2020.
takata98 2 oy oldin
I"m not sure why... I'm watching this and thinking "Black Adder" Where's Balderick when you need him?.
saadick hurre
saadick hurre 2 oy oldin
"only peasants with shovel technology sir"
2ΩIMFJ CD5 2 oy oldin
Spike pits are banned from war and were highly effective. He'd want them if he could get away with it.
2ΩIMFJ CD5 2 oy oldin
11 ft. wall? = 12 ft. ladder. 4 ft. deep? = 5 ft. below Steel slats? = hacksaw Hardware store distance from border? = 1 mile Cost of ladder? = Under $20 U.S. Continuous? = NOT POSSIBLE.
Yousir Cantknow
Yousir Cantknow 2 oy oldin
No Border Wall No Paris Just facts.
Rachel 'RTNightmare'
This is so accurate.
malimillions 2 oy oldin
I’m counting down the days until trump learns about the sport of vaulting
Jen0714 Jen0714
Jen0714 Jen0714 2 oy oldin
Hey, Can we get a 'STORMY DANCE' out of you Colbert!!!! We're hurting out here!
MatchstalkMan 2 oy oldin
Oh dear. This is exactly what has happened. It’s still too subtle for Republicans…
Carol Shaw
Carol Shaw 2 oy oldin
Let me draw a picture to those who dont want a wall in the Southern Boarder. For all those that dont want the wall in the Southern boarder let me make a suggestion to you. When you go to work, do lock your house. In fact dont lock up your car. Do lock up your banks, churches, or business or schools. Take the locks off all your school your kids lockers and purses and banking accounts. Arent these barriers that stop people from stealing, and giving your kids drugs. Isnt the structure of you house has walls that separate the bathrooms from the bedrooms. Is the the outside door is lock . Isnt your window lock. Isnt the school outside door lock to a wall to keep your kids safety. If you dont want a wall at the boarder, just keep your schools doors unlock and when you have another school shooting, please dont call the police. Don go on the television, utubes, and Iphones and be this drama queen because you dont want to build a wall. In fact just visit Mexico and try to live there for a year. You are cowards. You want to safe guard your children. When there is a school shooting then you cry and have the whole world to feel sorry for you. Just stop!!!!! When somecome into your house and do damage to your house then you want make scene. Just stop and suck up to consequences for NOT BUILDING THE WALL. Pelosi has a wall around her house. She make enough money to send her kids to a safe school. What is your problem. BUILD THAT WALL!!!!!!
waterandafter 2 oy oldin
Horses are effective transportation technology and they're green too.
Bornearth75 2 oy oldin
João Freitas
João Freitas 2 oy oldin
The Sims medieval soundtrack
Mari Posa
Mari Posa 2 oy oldin
How could this sketch be done without Payton Oswald!??? Lol!
Andrew Daniels
Andrew Daniels 2 oy oldin
Ummmm... Bad work by the Late Show! When mocking others lack of knowledge of history, good to know history yourself. In 1219, there WAS NO SPAIN At best, you have to say Castile.............. If you think that's way above the knowledge of the average American, then you have to say King of France, because there was no SPAIN in 1219
Monsieur LaFlamme
Andrew Daniels it’s comedy bro. Don’t be so up tight about it unless you want us to make medieval Germany pay for it
Sun Rizing
Sun Rizing 2 oy oldin
"Well I'll shut down the kingdom until you do and I'm taking my rock! Bye! Bye!" 😂😂😂😂
palmkrawlerr 2 oy oldin
"The wheel is older than the wall" I love how Trump pulls alternate facts out of his rump. He makes an art form of it.
m d
m d 2 oy oldin
Wall will help but, all we need is a machine gun nest every 1000 yards and a few drones and snipers. MAGA 2020
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski 2 oy oldin
Trump is a medieval solution, just like leeches and a leather codpiece.
sfisabbt 2 oy oldin
The king seems much stronger than the builder, no matter how big his hands are.
sirMAXX 2 oy oldin
Damn! Foiled by shovel technology!
TheKira699 2 oy oldin
Simply electrify the Rio Grande...how they gonna cross then...come all you logic people? GOTCHA! Who let em have boats and planes....and a bridge??? Damnation.
Vera Garcia
Vera Garcia 2 oy oldin
beware when the wall is built the airports will be closed and you will all be trapped in trumpland...... get out now America!
Frank Winkhorst
Frank Winkhorst 2 oy oldin
That's the great thing about Dumbo's wall. It will be SO high even planes won't be able to fly over it! ;o)
feuriger Stern
feuriger Stern 2 oy oldin
Now let's break down the wall with catapults.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor 2 oy oldin
Why has Obama got a 10 foot wall around his house? oouch!!!! try some truth syrup Colbert.
Monsieur LaFlamme
Paul Taylor insults make you feel like a big smart boy don’t they. Daddy didn’t complement you enough? Poor thing
GSpotter63 2 oy oldin
That so called "Medieval solution" had no problem keeping the undesirables out of China for over 270 years. Perhaps you have heard of it. It is called the The Great Wall of China. It did its job for longer then the US has even existed. If the Trump wall lasts even 1/4 of the time the China wall did it would be a smashing success. Hay Dems....... Comparing Trumps wall to so called Medieval solutions that actually worked for over 270 year is not going to help your cause much..........
pschroeter1 2 oy oldin
I hope Trump treats all his medical problems with leeches.
mc st
mc st 2 oy oldin
... Only with shovel technology! Tropico 6 looks amazing!👍
Aden john
Aden john 2 oy oldin
Spain didn't exist. Portugal did
joeyconservative 2 oy oldin
Skit based on a true historical event
ramo moreno
ramo moreno 2 oy oldin
LOCK IT UP ! ! !chump's scared ,Who wants 2 go 2 jail ? like a "STOLEN CAR CHASE" in L.A he ain't stoping.Wants others 2 finish it & is DESTROYING usa like a STOLEN CAR ? LOCK IT UP ! ! !
Crypto Claus
Crypto Claus 2 oy oldin
The wheel is a medieval solution. This is a stupid argument against securing our borders.
David Pieper
David Pieper 2 oy oldin
More midevel parodies of Trump please!
unifieddynasty 2 oy oldin
Screw walls; if you really want to stop an invasion, hire a bunch of Polish Winged Hussars. :D
Gilang Raka
Gilang Raka 2 oy oldin
Monty Python and the Border Wall?
Ian Moone
Ian Moone 2 oy oldin
“It worked back then” yeah for a time. Until the invention of siege engines. Then they practically became useless. Pound a wall long enough and it comes down. Hey, how many functioning tanks are in Mexico?
Ah, that sweet Sims Medieval music.
Fiat Ziggurat
Fiat Ziggurat 2 oy oldin
A #WallUnderTheWall (and maybe over)! Reminds me of Rumsfeld's, "We know where the WMD are: North, East, South and West..."
Momszy Cat
Momszy Cat 2 oy oldin
Omg! Funniest skit yet!
Tynesha Claiborne
Haha, "shovel technology"
Jayyy Zeee
Jayyy Zeee 2 oy oldin
And that's when the peasants administered medieval justice upon the king. After that, everything was peachy-dory.
Jennifer Gridley
Jennifer Gridley 2 oy oldin
Let's ask the Chinese how well those walls work....
Alien Bacon
Alien Bacon 2 oy oldin
This King’s mother was a hamster and his father smelled of elderberries!!!
Cedric Parfait
Cedric Parfait 2 oy oldin
Sooo accurate!
jason harvote
jason harvote 2 oy oldin
I cant believe trump is getting hate for this when this whole time in the past border security and wall has increased and ilegals have always been deported and kept out by walls and borders and now people are acting like theirs no wall no ilegals migrant laws? They are fake lying hypocrites. If trump were not president any other president would have to do same deport and keep out ilegals and be forced to enforce borders ive no idea why trump is hated for only following the laws and comon sense to enforce borders and america safe. If anybody is to be hated its the people hating trump and his supporters because they are the ones that are doing nothing about migrants or laws about migration.
Darth Wheezius
Darth Wheezius 2 oy oldin
Why does this skit make me feel nostalgic?
Patrick Reding
Patrick Reding 2 oy oldin
Paula S
Paula S 2 oy oldin
On the subject of “medieval” - Many of the Dems appear to have brains that are pre-medieval - By their actions and words, those Dems could well be first-generation descendants of Neanderthal Man. For a short while, they escaped from civilized society to live secretly as ‘Big Foot” creatures, until they decided recently to emerge from hiding, as Dem politicians & supporters. That’s why we should stop trying to find ‘Big Foot’. (If this sounds crazy, most of you Dems should be able to identify.)
ursaltydog 2 oy oldin
Just perfect.. :) needs to be a PSA...
Moonlit 2 oy oldin
A million bucks says he can't spell Medieval.
Lucius1958 2 oy oldin
And now, get ready for the Ultimate Wall - the MAGA(NOT) Line.
Michi Mus
Michi Mus 2 oy oldin
Great idea coming from Trump ,the medieval village idiot
So accurate...
0 1
0 1 2 oy oldin
spain will pay for the wall...
Divinii 2 oy oldin
“And I’m taking my rock! Bye bye~” Haha 😹
Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander 2 oy oldin
Wow, history really does repeat itself
Charles Burrows
Charles Burrows 2 oy oldin
Literally the medieval era ends with the fall of Constantinople because the Turks used canons to break through their walls. Walls haven’t been effective since then. Great sketch though.
godlessyurifan 2 oy oldin
The truth is, there were plenty of medieval kings as kooky and stupid as Trump. Also modern dictators. It seems kookiness and stupidity comes with being a "strong man."
Sarah Kerrigan
Sarah Kerrigan 2 oy oldin
its so funny i am not even laughing
Seafox0011 2 oy oldin
He really does talk like a kid in kindergarten trying to impress teacher. You have to wonder if he thinks ‘Game of Thrones’ is ‘real news’... - - - ... !
J T 2 oy oldin
Every body take your doors off and let them in same concept right? You think the guys in Sacramento have walls? Think about it 🤨
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali 2 oy oldin
Stephen probably geeked out and suggested they should have a medieval themed skit on the show. Given how much he loves Lord of The Rings.
Mr420Spy 2 oy oldin
1000% Accurate to real life.
Raven Fields
Raven Fields 2 oy oldin
Hadrian’s wall
Soon Forgot
Soon Forgot 2 oy oldin
I'd love to see four walls...... around trump
veryunclear 2 oy oldin
There IS a national emergency. We have too many late night clowns bashing our president. It's time to go medieval on them. lol
CJ Ever
CJ Ever 2 oy oldin
The background music is from the Plants vs Zombies 2 (Dark World)
mark nbris
mark nbris 2 oy oldin
Bahahaha - shovel technology 🤣🤣🤣
Kevin Reardon
Kevin Reardon 2 oy oldin
Perfect description of the existing administration. They do think Trump is a Prince.
Rafal Wysocki
Rafal Wysocki 2 oy oldin
Take pic of the great wall of China and superimpose it on a location on the southern border. Show it to Trump and say 'Oh your magnificence we had built it as you desire'.
Rafal Wysocki
Rafal Wysocki 2 oy oldin
Spot on prody.
D H 2 oy oldin
If they spend 5 billion on a wall, what stops somone from putting cheap ladder or a cargo net or tunneling
Allenor 2 oy oldin
little error: spain didn't exist in 1219. You could've used the moors though, they were muslims, which fits even better.
t1tacal 2 oy oldin
It works perfectly against a medieval population. Areas where there is a fence wall along US-Mex border have cut down illegal activities by 90 plus percent.
Liberal Socialist
Walls were rendered obsolete in 15th century when Ottoman Turks used cannons to destroy Constantinople's walls in 5 hours.
ShuffMomo 2 oy oldin
Beyond accurate
Wildman2012 2 oy oldin
Show me a 50-ft. wall and I'll show you a 51-ft. ladder.
Rosalind Scotton
Rosalind Scotton 2 oy oldin
LOL 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Brett Palmer
Brett Palmer 2 oy oldin
Well yeap.
Ali Mudd
Ali Mudd 2 oy oldin
Loving the use of Edinburgh castle lol
blitzwaffe 2 oy oldin
Pfft walls aren't medieval, they're ancient!
Alex Landherr
Alex Landherr 2 oy oldin
Hey! They used my idea of Camelot!
mopeyfeels 2 oy oldin
Spain is paying for the wall lol
Plant Maven
Plant Maven 2 oy oldin
But the Great Wall Of China did not work.
Succubusisis 2 oy oldin
YAY Adam!
Jenny Daemons
Jenny Daemons 2 oy oldin
Trump needs to use his own construction company. To build the freaking wall.
Tam McD
Tam McD 2 oy oldin
DUHnocchio is astonishingly stupid at so many levels. Politically, he is sufficiently inept to erode RepuGNican support.
Gauss24 2 oy oldin
hey wait a second....that wasn't a real rock
Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones 2 oy oldin
Seems legit to me.
S L 2 oy oldin
Not so funny when that is the actual logic of the President of the United States.
The age of walls kind of ended when people got their hands on gunpowder and noticed they can, in fact, easily _break_ a wall. And walls even before that in ancient times weren't exactly 100% effective, because people had _ladders_ and _shovels_
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