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We decided to be Boujee for a WEEK!! We did a boujee thing every day this past week and our instagrams were poppin!! Subscribe to our channel: bit.ly/2dSP9Fg
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8-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 4 057
Paula Santos
Paula Santos 56 daqiqa oldin
Buy Gucci Clothes for Boujee for a week part 2
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We have Q.U.E.E.N.S right here!
arianna Johnson
arianna Johnson Soat oldin
Everytime drink a drink every time the say boujee
Aranganathan S
Aranganathan S 3 soat oldin
I love u ur the best
Bernardo Romero
Bernardo Romero 4 soat oldin
There was a man looking at you guys 👀👀
Aanya H
Aanya H 5 soat oldin
You guys look sooooo beautiful being boujee. You even look beautiful not being boujee. I think I am going to say the normal me. I can see how much you guys struggled. And I feel bad for Nessa. She got an allergic reaction. Hope your eye is better now. I love you guys sooo much!!!
Joanna Nguyen
Joanna Nguyen 6 soat oldin
Fendiman 💙💙💙😂
Klaudia Pry
Klaudia Pry 6 soat oldin
Boujee doesnt even sound like a word anymore 😂
YasCraft 7 soat oldin
You guys look like Bratz Dolls Not in a bad way tho!! I love you guys!!
Natalie Grace
Natalie Grace 7 soat oldin
“The Ferrari was to red” Lol Rich people problems
tyra Jackson
tyra Jackson 7 soat oldin
Question is boujee, or bougie?
Karen Nghambi
Karen Nghambi 9 soat oldin
I liked nessa in this video
Analeigh Nava
Analeigh Nava 9 soat oldin
1:05 I thought nessa said there’s nothing wrong with being a b
Lanysha Jones
Lanysha Jones 9 soat oldin
They should have put a boujee counter at the bottom that counts how many times the said boujee
Saleita Smith
Saleita Smith 12 soat oldin
I love ❤️ the way you edit your video on UZvid I love 💕 watching your video on UZvid I am your video on UZvid you make an amazing video on UZvid
Lauren Wurster
Lauren Wurster 13 soat oldin
I don’t see AirPods. Ur not Boujee w put them
Kindah Mustafa
Kindah Mustafa 16 soat oldin
btw its not an allergic reaction, i get it sometimes however i dont wear any makeup dw ily btw💙💙
Eryn Thompson
Eryn Thompson 16 soat oldin
If I had a chocolate bar for ever time they say boujee
sun shine
sun shine 16 soat oldin
Veronica u r so cute and beautiful
Flor Ence
Flor Ence 17 soat oldin
Gosh .... all i can say is. I LOVE YAH!😍 i mean even if they went boujee they still were not like HEY! WE WENT BOUJEE FOR A WEEK WERE COOL. I love how both of them told everyone the experience was and did not offend anyone . anyways spread love not hate😍
Elena Wong
Elena Wong 19 soat oldin
I like both of you guys Veronica is very funny and Vanessa is funny too
You guys are pz members
z a i m a
z a i m a 22 soat oldin
12:15 THE FIRST COMMENT IS ME!!! OML 😱😱😱 but now I changed my username coz I turned it into a fan page :3
jendeuk 23 soat oldin
*the type of content i signed up for*
klara harris
klara harris Kun oldin
12:34 😂
Isabella G
Isabella G Kun oldin
pause at 11:34 and read the comments on the photo...I hate how people can be so disrespectful like that *rolls eyes*
Yusra Ghori
Yusra Ghori Kun oldin
I just watched jane the virgin and they looked so young in it
jennifer li
jennifer li Kun oldin
that was not a week
Mashed Mashed
Mashed Mashed Kun oldin
Katooria Translated: Girl dog
The Comedy Girlz
U guys look nice with fake eyelashes =)
MyLifeAsMadelyn Kun oldin
*Me feeling poor for 15 minutes and 6 seconds straight*
Lelany Godinez
Lelany Godinez Kun oldin
nessa is so beautifullllllllllllllllll
Saniya Parmar
Saniya Parmar Kun oldin
Roni look like nessa when she has a lot of makeup
TaeKook Forever.
How about instead of Boujee week poor week like go around places in the worst clothes you have and post it on Instagram and see what people say Hope you see this and think about it. Btw Love you guys 😊❤️❤️❤️
Trang Pham
Trang Pham Kun oldin
That fendi dress was so pretty on Vanessa
Alishba_ 2901
Alishba_ 2901 Kun oldin
You girls are pretty
Maya Varma-Wilson
um so like *boujee for six days*
Izzy The Unicorn
I saw that Nessa looked like Tyjo. No? Just me? These lyrics aren’t for everyone only few understand. ||-//
AnitaPlays Kun oldin
How many times did they say boujee 😂
bismah iqbal
bismah iqbal Kun oldin
10:56 is that keith👀👀
LeyLing ng
LeyLing ng Kun oldin
Roni you are a model believe!!!!!!
Count how many times they say bougee
stinging pixie
stinging pixie Kun oldin
Yes this is what i call boujee & i love it.
C OnGmail
C OnGmail Kun oldin
Me being poooooooooor for 15 minutes straight
Reem Khalid
Reem Khalid Kun oldin
I really like their make up amazing. both of you gays OMG. I noticed rani was beautiful in this video.
Deyala Naaman
Deyala Naaman Kun oldin
I love this video and the Merrell twins but it does make me feel poor
Hannah Beatrice Mendoza
I tought acually u updated your phones?
Ooooft Oooft
Ooooft Oooft Kun oldin
Can anyone count how many times they said the word “BOUJEE”😂. Btw I’m not being rude I love the merrell twins ❤️
Azida Nurul
Azida Nurul Kun oldin
Victoria Devine
Victoria Devine 2 kun oldin
You could fly on a private jet!
Amai Sheet
Amai Sheet 2 kun oldin
Merrell twins exposed bonus ep xD
Willow Bo peep
Willow Bo peep 2 kun oldin
I really like the outfits on the fourth day
Alyse White
Alyse White 2 kun oldin
What if they did a video on making their dog boujee
mou paul
mou paul 2 kun oldin
Bougee food week
Elizabeth Jem
Elizabeth Jem 2 kun oldin
take a shot every time she said boujee
Maya M
Maya M 2 kun oldin
Scarbro is lilly singh’s puppy
Kendra Prebusheski
Kendra Prebusheski 2 kun oldin
Honestly if anyone out there comments “ oh they’re spoiled brats” I’m gonna kill em. Nessa and roni work so friggin hard for everything. They are such hard working girls and fr they deserved to be Boujee queens for a week 😂 and besides this is obviously what the fans wanted to see so they’re really doing this for us and our enjoyment 😂 love you guys so so much 💗💗
Mya Gregory
Mya Gregory 2 kun oldin
Same guys
wierd. com
wierd. com 2 kun oldin
Am I late.........meh who cares
Pizza 2 kun oldin
take a shot every time they say *_”boujee”_*
Mokbul Ali
Mokbul Ali 2 kun oldin
Elianna Sanchez
Elianna Sanchez 2 kun oldin
You guys are bootyful/beautiful
Leo Lai
Leo Lai 2 kun oldin
They need to swap lives with Niki & Gabi 😂
Fanu Ahmed
Fanu Ahmed 2 kun oldin
take a shot every time they say boujee
Jose Robles
Jose Robles 2 kun oldin
zoe gripper
zoe gripper 2 kun oldin
I love you guys so much 😍😍😍
Hassan Chami
Hassan Chami 2 kun oldin
you are so beautiful in BOUJEE week video and you are so cool in this video
layal and the cutiez
Boujee merells 👌🏻
Maya Varma-Wilson
Maya Varma-Wilson 2 kun oldin
wait shouldn’t the title be *acting like gabi demartino for a week*
Maya Varma-Wilson
Maya Varma-Wilson 2 kun oldin
let’s retitle this *making our subscribers feel poor for 15 minutes and 6 seconds*
Maya Varma-Wilson
Maya Varma-Wilson 2 kun oldin
awww roni saying “boujee” i was literally like wow. most innocent youtuber ever
Follow Mika_Moo On TikTok
1:48 pause on the fluffy photo. And look at *russqui8* ‘s comment. 😂😂😂😂
Jenica A.
Jenica A. 2 kun oldin
Guys... Can we get another Merrell Key collab??? I really love them and it’s been a while since it happened!!! Love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Luul hassan
Luul hassan 2 kun oldin
Can we get a hair routine
sweetener Bae
sweetener Bae 2 kun oldin
Love the bouujie twins
Candace Anderson
Candace Anderson 2 kun oldin
I know you are from a movie on Netflix
Diana Arredondo
Diana Arredondo 2 kun oldin
Omg I woke up with puffy eyes from the glue as well and I could only find videos from like three years ago. This made me feel less weird 😭
Ada May Edwards
Ada May Edwards 2 kun oldin
I wish i could be boujee for a week but my family really doesnt have the money to buy anything expensive, so my mum is sadly changing jobs, somewhere that is very far away from where she used to, she used to work at my school as an assistant, but...I guess not anymore , imma miss her..im going to miss that feeling of knowing shes there if anything happens... :(
A n n e
A n n e 2 kun oldin
" The FERRARI was TOO RED! " HaHHahahaahHAHHHA
mariami ghoniashvili
I saw your insta photos a long ago and I was like "OMG you rock it girl".i said that because you both are soooooooooo beautiful
ESHA DUGGAL 2 kun oldin
You both are looking AWESOME in all the boujee outfits
Julia swift
Julia swift 2 kun oldin
OMG you girls look amazing love merell twins
Miss Black
Miss Black 2 kun oldin
is there gonna be a 4 milion subs song
Lizbeth Rivera
Lizbeth Rivera 2 kun oldin
Boujee means candle in French
Brooke Pinto
Brooke Pinto 2 kun oldin
U guys are sooooo close to get 4 million subs ! U Guys totally deserve it !
Savannah’s World
Savannah’s World 2 kun oldin
14:37 got me dieing
Brooke Pinto
Brooke Pinto 2 kun oldin
I wanna be boujeeeeeee
Lizia Zhao
Lizia Zhao 2 kun oldin
More hahahahah 😍 😂
Yumna Zafar
Yumna Zafar 2 kun oldin
You guys are gonna hit 4 million subs soon
Shalaka Choche
Shalaka Choche 2 kun oldin
swag yourself
swag yourself 2 kun oldin
If they didn’t explain what “boujee” meant I would just think it’s some type of clothes brand 😅
Khairah Hashim
Khairah Hashim 2 kun oldin
You are a soo cute
Miranda Serrano
Miranda Serrano 2 kun oldin
I was living for those boujee photos! You girls looked STUNNING! 😍 (more than the usual) lol nessa really wants a second boujee week, I don't blame her though! 😂
BTS trash
BTS trash 3 kun oldin
*Gabi has entered the chat*
Zoie Bacal
Zoie Bacal 3 kun oldin
can someone make a video of evreytime they say boujee the vid goes faster?
liliana puppy
liliana puppy 3 kun oldin
its past tusday know
Adiya Met
Adiya Met 3 kun oldin
Crazy boujee idea for next video: fly to Italy for shopping or to France to eat croissants lol
Diego Rivera
Diego Rivera 3 kun oldin
Who did a back flip at 1:37 ?
Ali Abourkiba
Ali Abourkiba 3 kun oldin
OMG you guys look so so cute and cool love you guys and can you do challenges or do part 2 of being boujee I really like it so much and probably other people agree too
Kun oldin
How Are Ya?
Oy oldin