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We decided to be Boujee for a WEEK!! We did a boujee thing every day this past week and our instagrams were poppin!! Subscribe to our channel: bit.ly/2dSP9Fg
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bouji fendi pg




8-Yan, 2019



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Fikrlar 4 719
Potato _Lover
Potato _Lover 23 soat oldin
Do a part 2 and buy from gucci and chanel please
Carla Isacov
Carla Isacov Kun oldin
Omgggg plsss part twoooo
Thanvi Yarabham
Thanvi Yarabham 2 kun oldin
God, they really got it
ReedyReedy reed
ReedyReedy reed 3 kun oldin
They're so pretty
TealSeal5683 4 kun oldin
Drinking game, take a shot every time one of them says “Boujee”
Joshua Wooldrik
Joshua Wooldrik 4 kun oldin
The worst part of the video is 15:06
Asim Ayub
Asim Ayub 4 kun oldin
omg this video was just awesome...u guys rocked....i so want a boujee week#2
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 5 kun oldin
4:28 that perv whatching them 😒😡😤
Madison Burgess Rosetta Clara
Who saw superwoman
Angelique Heaton
Angelique Heaton 6 kun oldin
vanessa i dont think you had an allergic reaction, if you were allergic to the glue you would've known the first time you used it. The sensitive skin around your eye just became irritated.
Nhung Phung
Nhung Phung 6 kun oldin
Ur dimples r so cute tho like I want cute dimples):
Ms Rock
Ms Rock 6 kun oldin
Totally should of brought Amber Scholl with you guys💕 love her and you two (:
Feli Khobung
Feli Khobung 7 kun oldin
Camellia Camia
Camellia Camia 8 kun oldin
Can you guys do a video like dressing like each other ???😂😂
Krysta Green
Krysta Green 8 kun oldin
I’m allergic to eyelash glue and that same thing happens to me!
Sheila. Vicentidad
Sheila. Vicentidad 9 kun oldin
it's so boujee I love it it is the best I've ever seen
Sheila. Vicentidad
Sheila. Vicentidad 9 kun oldin
just like Vanessa clothes at the end
Sheila. Vicentidad
Sheila. Vicentidad 9 kun oldin
Your Ferrari was to red as in
Sheila. Vicentidad
Sheila. Vicentidad 9 kun oldin
Hi rosana and merrel your 'll pretty
Sheila. Vicentidad
Sheila. Vicentidad 9 kun oldin
bojee week yay
Zena Kayy
Zena Kayy 9 kun oldin
The Ferrari was to red! 😭💀❤️🏰
Zia Shaikh
Zia Shaikh 10 kun oldin
Really 😎
Lorraine Mercado
Lorraine Mercado 10 kun oldin
I love the Merrell Twins but in this episode it just seemed like they were showing off and the pictures were kinda dumb.Girls should smile and be themselves, but I don’t like it when they always show their stomach and not smile. But I still love u guys!
quamar sultana
quamar sultana 11 kun oldin
Roni: We met a football player there Me: OMG! Did Nessa's dream to meet Christiano Ronaldo become true!?!?!?! Bye the way love you guys
Mrs. Dolan
Mrs. Dolan 12 kun oldin
What happened to Petunia?!
Arif Mohammed
Arif Mohammed 13 kun oldin
Did anyone also spot Lilly singh in the doggie party ?????
Mrs. Deer
Mrs. Deer 13 kun oldin
1:43 why are people so mean. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it like did your family or parents NEVER TEACH YOU THAT and dont look at their post, unfollow them its not that hard like c'mon
Farah Imran
Farah Imran 14 kun oldin
Yo! Is that doggie wearin a tuxedo
Middle School Life Queen
I think they're always boujee
ანა ბაი
ანა ბაი 15 kun oldin
I love bojee week
Joanne Sohs
Joanne Sohs 15 kun oldin
in the beginning you guys rented A FERRARI?
Lisa Chang
Lisa Chang 16 kun oldin
and poor nessa fr her alirgic reaction
Lisa Chang
Lisa Chang 16 kun oldin
Roni “ nooo!!!! the ferari is to red”
Gwyneth Fabioline Ie
The _Ferrari_ was *TOO RED. Rich people problems lmaoo
Henry Chuailou
Henry Chuailou 16 kun oldin
Please invite zhavia in your video one day love from India and it's my request that please invite celebrity singer for video .....then may get more subscriber coz u deserve more
Eve Slyth
Eve Slyth 17 kun oldin
Nessa if u liked using fake eyelashes, use magnetic lash
Eve Slyth
Eve Slyth 17 kun oldin
Petunia must be sad/mad coz she wasn't invited to style the Merrell Twins
Thaly Roger
Thaly Roger 17 kun oldin
Yesss you were queens 👸 as always!
kasandra keizer
kasandra keizer 17 kun oldin
Um did you just say "subscribe to your channel"😅
Janessa Martinez
Janessa Martinez 18 kun oldin
Ferrari is too red lol
Bushra Albastaki
Bushra Albastaki 19 kun oldin
when I traveled to America I was in the Beverly Hilton hotel
Zainab Hussain - Claireville PS (1504)
you guys look pretty in every video because you guys are naturally beautiful and you guys are so funny too and thats why you guys are my favourite❤️🥰🥰
Ekaterina Kuznetsova
When Roni said the Ferrari was too red I couldn't stop laughing. 😂
Aashika Nevatia
Aashika Nevatia 20 kun oldin
In India one designer item can go up to at least 33 thousand dollars
Anneliese Tambakeras
Im dying. One of the comments said please come and f... me omg lmao
TEN'S TOP TEN 20 kun oldin
ronni at 3:52 😂
S Ks
S Ks 23 kun oldin
Ahhhhh white girls
Kadro Hassan Dahir
Kadro Hassan Dahir 23 kun oldin
Liberty Becker
Liberty Becker 24 kun oldin
I loved the dog party one
Ayesha khuram
Ayesha khuram 24 kun oldin
Ava’s World
Ava’s World 24 kun oldin
Do a part 2!
itta tephany
itta tephany 25 kun oldin
Boujee or bougie in french means candel
qistina hadini
qistina hadini 25 kun oldin
Can veronica make a music video of mochi i’m desperate
Gaming With ALEENA
Gaming With ALEENA 25 kun oldin
Roni and Nessa I always eat in Nobu it is so good!
tusje1 26 kun oldin
You were at Rosanna pansino dog's birthday party
MG Mayhem
MG Mayhem 26 kun oldin
Alright they said boujee about 3 million times
Lilyana Akel
Lilyana Akel 26 kun oldin
The Ferrari was too red❤❤😂😂😂
Melissa Leiva
Melissa Leiva 27 kun oldin
1:43 anyone see the comments?! rude
Rizwan Hussain
Rizwan Hussain 27 kun oldin
Why didnt you have petunia
Ava’s World
Ava’s World 28 kun oldin
Love this
ho thanh
ho thanh 28 kun oldin
what is your height?
Jessica Blair
Jessica Blair 28 kun oldin
Ness is driving while looking at the camera. Lol
Arlene Alcala-Sy
Arlene Alcala-Sy 29 kun oldin
Have you know the Beverly Hills brat girl?
Moka Alfred
Moka Alfred 29 kun oldin
Someone give me a $1 for every time they say bougie
victorias gacha and more Lol
For 5 year old me being bougie would be opening american girl dolls
SSP P 29 kun oldin
You guys are such braggers. Sorry
Jacqueline Cervantes
Boujje #2 please
Peep Carr
Peep Carr 29 kun oldin
Both of you look so beautiful 😍❤️💖❣️💜
Alejna Farizi
Alejna Farizi Oy oldin
Is nessa ok
CESIA heavenly
guyssss... i noticed that the fendi oufit at 5:00 that nessa wore was the outfit itzy YEJI wore in their dalla dalla music video
tintin 411
tintin 411 Oy oldin
I love how practical you are... Having a little amount of designer stuff is ok but you guys are amazing even tho you can absolutely afford those stuff you are still simple
Christine Sheldon
I've been so confused for so long why she is being called rony if her name is not rony
Bev Giles
Bev Giles Oy oldin
For a second I thought they said Gucci instead of boujee
Just Sky
Just Sky Oy oldin
Pause at 11:34 did ya'll see that comment on Roni's photo by russqui8 lmfao.
Pasta Dabs
Pasta Dabs Oy oldin
The fendi dress was worn by Lia from itzy...
Queen JJ
Queen JJ Oy oldin
Was it a eye stye?? Anyways....... LYGSM❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Santa Vásquez
It started
Faith Magdalina
who else herd Fanessa 0.17-0.19
Nasra Rooraye
Nasra Rooraye Oy oldin
Omg at 1:43 pause and you'll see one person comment" ugh you guys are Soo ugly Everytime I see u I vomit" Like and comment if you noticed that too 💜
Diy makers
Diy makers Oy oldin
I like their twinned up cloths and pretty dresses and boots, Lucky
Diy makers
Diy makers Oy oldin
PHXNTXM Oy oldin
“THIS PERSON THINKS I’M MODEL!” I love how she reacted to that hater. That was baller af! 💯🔥
Shådow KC
Shådow KC Oy oldin
*My Boujee is My Phone and My Food* What's your Boujee??? *I WISH I'M RICH LIKE U GUYS I MEAN I'M KINDA RICH U GUYS ARE SOOOOO RICH BOUJEE GUCCI PRADA!?!? OMAHGA! i want to be you guys lil sissy cus i labbb u guys*
Mona Faiz
Mona Faiz Oy oldin
Hey was that Lilly Singhs’s doggy birthday party????!!!!!!!!🧐🤩
Ryanne Santos
Ryanne Santos Oy oldin
I wish there were more options for the captions
soob vaj
soob vaj Oy oldin
OMG! I’m inlove with ur guys makeup! Whoever did it? It’s AWESOME😂❤️ I never seen u guys in that much makeup on u guys! Oh well bye!❤️❤️❤️😂 just to tell u umm..did that girl with the yellow jacket that was walking next to u guys, did ur makeup!? Just asking
Gabi Jones
Gabi Jones Oy oldin
Megan Moya’s Father
They say Boujee more then my rent
Sssniperwolf Jr
Oml they say boujee alottttt
Melissa Yiu
Melissa Yiu Oy oldin
take a shot every time they say boujee
GM Sparkle
GM Sparkle Oy oldin
Who can count how many times they said boujee
Sheetal Mehta
Sheetal Mehta Oy oldin
Mariam Ahmed
Mariam Ahmed Oy oldin
Mariam Ahmed
Mariam Ahmed Oy oldin
This is a really gonna is vudeo
morethancoupons2010 Meiz
Lilly love u
Cyan Unicorn
Cyan Unicorn Oy oldin
since I'm extra, I counted how many times they said BOUJEE and they said it approximately 42 times.
Amani Hodges
Amani Hodges Oy oldin
The Ferrari was to red...rich ppl problems
Amani Hodges
Amani Hodges Oy oldin
Legit my first thought when I saw the Ferrari was wait how did they get it on a roof lol😂😂
Brianna Gilmore
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