Box of Lies with Gal Gadot

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Gal Gadot take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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Box of Lies with Gal Gadot
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24-May, 2017



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C Pat
C Pat 7 soat oldin
I love gal gadot
John Byron
John Byron 17 soat oldin
I think you LIE! I TELL THE TRRUUUTH!!!!
Yağcı 20 soat oldin
Could you please put Kurdish subtitles?
Alex Petersen
Alex Petersen Kun oldin
Does no one get the pun of the last item? It’s a foothill!
Kathrin Hampson
Kathrin Hampson 2 kun oldin
Who is the guy behind Jimmy?
Ayaz Hossain
Ayaz Hossain 3 kun oldin
Gal you ROCK
Fatiha A
Fatiha A 3 kun oldin
You know, it'd be super amazing if they took the lies they tell and use them in future What's In the Box games. Some of their lies are so outrageous and stupid, or complex and funny, they're good enough to be in the box 😂😂😂
Kathy and Arien
Kathy and Arien 5 kun oldin
She is so cute, gotta love her😍
Two Impossible Girls
my little sister has those exact Wonder Woman socks...this is amazing
USAlien234 6 kun oldin
I cant believe the producer can dance so well....he did the moonwalk and everything! 👏
Angry British Frog
Angry British Frog 6 kun oldin
Okay but that dance was good?
Azareal Bheri
Azareal Bheri 7 kun oldin
Her eyes are sooooo sparkly..!!!
Manuel Manny Villarosa
Dill Funk
Dill Funk 7 kun oldin
She's Jewish so she should kill herself
cere tomer
cere tomer Kun oldin
fuck off you anti Semitic dreg. The world would be better off without thugs like you.
Felix Somoza
Felix Somoza 9 kun oldin
Shes so beautiful
Grace Varghese
Grace Varghese 9 kun oldin
what the hell
Anshi Jain
Anshi Jain 11 kun oldin
At 0:45 the way she said "it is awesome" was so cute
Jocelyn Reyes
Jocelyn Reyes 11 kun oldin
5:26 oh dam I’m in luv
Maddie Greer
Maddie Greer 12 kun oldin
He gave the first one to her you can tell
ashley lauryn
ashley lauryn 14 kun oldin
Company 56
Company 56 15 kun oldin
she was really good
cas 291
cas 291 15 kun oldin
JIMMY!! You clearly do not know that you CANNOT lie to Wonder Woman. Didn't you know that she has the Lasso of Truth?? XD Oh and Gal Gadot is a goddess...that is all. How is it possible that I can find someone so freaking gorgeous and adorable at the same time??!
Elvis Van
Elvis Van 16 kun oldin
2:37 Well that's one good smile~~😂😂😂
Elvis Van
Elvis Van 16 kun oldin
_⛅10AM Mar 10 2019~_
Big Pete's
Big Pete's 18 kun oldin
Frickin gal drives me nuts she is so frickin good looking 😍
Sëcrët Përšøñ
Sëcrët Përšøñ 19 kun oldin
Is nobody talking about....Wonder woman...
Colt Henderson
Colt Henderson 19 kun oldin
She is gorgeous!
S. R.
S. R. 20 kun oldin
She's so fucking perfect and I'm so gay 😍
Aliyah Rose
Aliyah Rose 20 kun oldin
Didn't they used to have chairs?
Ron Garielle Tesoro
Ron Garielle Tesoro 24 kun oldin
5:27 - 5:29 She is stunning
Yosh Ikeda
Yosh Ikeda 24 kun oldin
We all know Gal Gadot is a literal Wonderwoman in real life, but is no one gonna talk about Seth Herzog at the end?
Anggie Oktria
Anggie Oktria 24 kun oldin
5:27 🥰
Skep ster
Skep ster 25 kun oldin
She’s so fit
Baraa 28 kun oldin
I hate how he keeps making fun of her accent :/
cere tomer
cere tomer 28 kun oldin
It's a fute. Beautiful and with an accent. Oh my.
Abhideep Singh
Abhideep Singh 29 kun oldin
Except for last-minute everything was nice
Erick Aparicio
Gal Gadot is as captivating as she is beautiful. Incredibly charming as Fallon says!
Leyla B.
Leyla B. Oy oldin
That pineapple can be from me
Ad4m B
Ad4m B Oy oldin
Aditi Lodhi
Aditi Lodhi Oy oldin
What do you expect? She worked in for the army!
Aaron Oy oldin
So freaking beautiful and adorable
Hafsa Omar
Hafsa Omar Oy oldin
She is beautiful
Samuel Johnson
Cutest woman alive
Anuvintha rajeev
Love her
John James
John James Oy oldin
It really amazes me that the viewers seem like they didn't even notice the extremely weird bit at the end.
So glad Gal Gadot beat Jimmy! Always rooting for the show guest. :)
Ine Aranda
Ine Aranda Oy oldin
The perfect woman doesn't exi-
Miguel Monge
Miguel Monge Oy oldin
Gal gadot could cheat on me and id apologize
Lesver Oy oldin
Damn, she’s so Sexy!!! I love the way she says foodtt!!!
Jessika Oy oldin
Gal is so sweet and cute omg!!!
Rebecca Logan
Rebecca Logan Oy oldin
She is so gorgeous
Annabelle Ortega
OMG this is awesome
Annabelle Ortega
She's Beautiful I love you guys so much
cheeto seal of awesomeness
jorge martinez
Jimmy has a crush on her you can tell
Suzy E
Suzy E Oy oldin
hrrrmmmm.....why are they standing when all other "box of lies" clips the guests are sitting??? hrrrmm...........
M Lyons
M Lyons 5 kun oldin
Suzy E Gal injured her back and couldn’t sit. She stood for a lot of her interviews during that time.
Aqil akhtar
Aqil akhtar Oy oldin
Somehow I now like Israel 🇮🇱 and its people. Gal Godot is amazing
Lukeeツ Oy oldin
I smiled through this whole video
Rogue Qwarts
Rogue Qwarts Oy oldin
is case if you are wondering what she said in 00:35 she said "three, five"
Geneva Cann
Geneva Cann Oy oldin
One of my favorite things ever.
123avnee Oy oldin
earlier on whenever i thought of Nastly Gal i simultaneously thought of Gal Gaddot haha
Kamikaze Light
Gal doesn't need that Lasso of Truth to really know it.
Ken D
Ken D Oy oldin
You go Gal!
NOT YOU Oy oldin
Thats so funny cuz I leave in israel and when she speaks hebrew no one understand and I'm like dying😂
Hal Oy oldin
why do they keep playing after the pinneaple box? she wins twice, the game is over
FreakMagic Oy oldin
She's amazing.
Rajesh J
Rajesh J Oy oldin
She could be a great poker player!!
dinavienna Oy oldin
Smart wonderful lady 😍
Yashua Adonai
Yashua Adonai Oy oldin
God Bless Gal Gadot! Brave, beautiful, IDF veteran!
Swapnil Chavan
God I Love Her
MrJedabak Oy oldin
4:59 And in that moment, Jimmy forgot all about Nicole Kidman.
Landon Singleton
God shes hot
عمر النواوي omar elnawawy
No they have just weapons to kill children in Israel
Yazan Ghadban
Yazan Ghadban Oy oldin
Imagine if he did this with Jeffrey Star That's going to be "iconic"
Kris LaWho
Kris LaWho Oy oldin
I watch this video everyday and take close notes on how to be a girl
Karim osss
Karim osss Oy oldin
Gal gadot i love you 😘😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😘😘😘😘
K-Pop Lover
K-Pop Lover Oy oldin
I lobe her accent!
subaru [RATED]
She is so fine here. Perfection.
anonymous alien
She's one fine woman
BreakerofHope Oy oldin
5:24 F**k me she is hot
Tricia Fradrick
Idk who she is but damn she's actually gorgeous ohmygosh
Ashley Hall
Ashley Hall Oy oldin
I love how excited she got when she said, "I tell the truth!" with the foot
Resident 00100
Gal Gadot is female god. I have a man crush on her. Females are awsome when they are funny.
Sammy Uwu
Sammy Uwu 2 oy oldin
She's one of the best guest you'll ever have, bring her quite a lot please!!!!!!! The world needs it, and my brother is begging!!!!!! Hahahahahahahaha
Sammy Uwu
Sammy Uwu 2 oy oldin
I'm keeping saying it, best entertainment talk show EVER!!!!!........... ( infinite periods)💖💜💛💚💙😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 I'm sorry for her at the end 😥
chuqell 2 oy oldin
3:26 When you get caught cheating on her
Camille Rossillon
I m watching this sitting on the floor
Kisഗmat Al Wakrah
She is owsm in always She just have a way of cute charming smile
IM666 2 oy oldin
Gal... so fucking beautiful!!! :D
Batfan 559
Batfan 559 2 oy oldin
Fuck! She's so hot!
Kisഗmat Al Wakrah
Gal gadot what a charming smile she have..really in always even in wonder women f5 etc ...she is so charming pleasant cute.... ..
Kisഗmat Al Wakrah
Jezer Baltazar
Jezer Baltazar 2 oy oldin
I love gal’s accent
purple avocado with mayo
Damn i might be a lesbian falling in love with Gal. I mean she's such a beauty and she's so smart 😍💙💚💛💜
Kisഗmat Al Wakrah
4.28 what a smile that she holding on that time. She is such a cute and charming actress..the most powerful chrctr in justice league
Kisഗmat Al Wakrah
Really such a cute smile..Gal gadot is soooooo cool and charming
Pranav Rathi
Pranav Rathi 2 oy oldin
Why gal is not picking the box on her own?
Ju Nomura
Ju Nomura 12 kun oldin
'Cause she had back injury, and so that's why they were standing ...
Aarushi Sakhardande
She is so charming and stunning .
ninja 103 GT
ninja 103 GT 2 oy oldin
She's very beautiful 😍😍😍
Aaliyah Gaming
Aaliyah Gaming 2 oy oldin
Comment plz
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