Box of Lies with Gal Gadot

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Jimmy and Gal Gadot take turns trying to stump each other about what items are hidden inside their mystery boxes.
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Box of Lies with Gal Gadot
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24-May, 2017

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Raymond Beerman
Raymond Beerman 21 soat oldin
She's so funny and beautiful!!
ThatKid Allen
ThatKid Allen Kun oldin
Jimmy it’s freakin Wonder Woman she knows if your lying she gonna pull out a lasso on you
DarthChris96 Kun oldin
Gal ❤
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo Kun oldin
She is soooo hot
LatterDay Meme
LatterDay Meme 2 kun oldin
Wait nobody is going to talk about 5:40 it's worse than PewDiePie
Rae’Quan Morgan
Rae’Quan Morgan 3 kun oldin
That’s one fine Gal
Mark 3 kun oldin
standing in this one?
a muffin
a muffin 3 kun oldin
3:25 “You’re lying” I got so scared
סנייק ג׳ייק
יאללה גללל
Elias Hz
Elias Hz 4 kun oldin
That guy at the end is a legend
WhiskerMoon 4 kun oldin
What do I have to have on my resume to apply to get the job on the show that is in charge of making stuff like that.
Tammy Forbes
Tammy Forbes 4 kun oldin
I wish I was in her box I could live in there and be happy for the rest of my days. God she is a doll.
Dale Spencer
Dale Spencer 4 kun oldin
she's so fine
ALFIA NADEEM 4 kun oldin
Wow she actually did look like a wonder woman in that dress!
xGerriiit gerrit
xGerriiit gerrit 4 kun oldin
I´ll take it back...Amber Heard is not the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, its her damn
TaeSoo 5 kun oldin
She's a godess❤️
ellaept95 6 kun oldin
Oh my.. this is hilarious! 😂
Anuradha Joisar
Anuradha Joisar 6 kun oldin
Why is she married
Kwame Zane
Kwame Zane 6 kun oldin
She should have worn heels not flats with this dress.
Vinny 6 kun oldin
If ever she looked at me in the eyes like that I would lose all my shit too
Nikesh Shrestha
Nikesh Shrestha 7 kun oldin
She is so beautiful LOVER HER😍😍😍
Flashback Gaming
Flashback Gaming 7 kun oldin
Oh gosh I love gal
Rary n
Rary n 7 kun oldin
חמש ha ?? 😂
jemmy squad
jemmy squad 8 kun oldin
מי שמישראל שיתן לייק
JEE trends
JEE trends 9 kun oldin
4:54 It doesn't matter which mood u are in but will love and literally adore at this moment...
123456 123456
123456 123456 9 kun oldin
Ugly gal
Leyla Rustamova
Leyla Rustamova 10 kun oldin
Malu Okram
Malu Okram 11 kun oldin
5:02 am I the only one who notice it
Alexis Fuhr
Alexis Fuhr 11 kun oldin
Who is she ? ? ?
Josue David
Josue David 11 kun oldin
Her smile IS. SO. PRETTY. OMG
squeezeNlemon 11 kun oldin
She really brought out the lasso of truth
Don Jon
Don Jon 11 kun oldin
Why does he play games with celebrities but totally fakes it so he always looses ? Whats the point on such "games" ?
Lauren Cooper
Lauren Cooper 12 kun oldin
The dance😂🤣
3amr 1416
3amr 1416 12 kun oldin
وش ذا الحلى وش ذا الزين اقصد الله ياخذ إسرائيل لاحول هذي خطه من الماسونيه
Helene 10
Helene 10 13 kun oldin
He plays this with an actress. Did he really had hope to win this?😂
hYEna Meena
hYEna Meena 14 kun oldin
My God for sure She wins here. She Freakin using the Lasso of Truth Dumbasses
wcwindom56 15 kun oldin
I want that CAT figurine!! Where did it come from?
Marchen Oro
Marchen Oro 16 kun oldin
i wished her to be one of marvel new character. no offence DC fans
Tobias잭 16 kun oldin
The dance was gross as fuckmm. 😂😂😂✌
inês loves stydia♥
Steven Alley
Steven Alley 16 kun oldin
She cant grab her own boxes like everyone else?
Matan Omer
Matan Omer 14 kun oldin
Steven Alley she had back problems that day
kamalakar A
kamalakar A 17 kun oldin
This is the best episode
Jesse Toler
Jesse Toler 17 kun oldin
Since the media is so worked up about Russian oligarchs, why no discussion of Gal Gadot's connection to Russian crime boss Roman Abramovich? The British denied his visa, the Swiss don't want him, so he flies into Tel Aviv and claims citizenship under Israel's Right of Return laws. After arriving, he buys the Gadot-Varsano hotel for 26 million when it's estimated worth is reportedly at 16 million.
Deivy H
Deivy H 17 kun oldin
She is soo fucking beautiful
Dimple Girl
Dimple Girl 17 kun oldin
Elegant Gal 😍
Prajeet A
Prajeet A 17 kun oldin
Cat supremacy
gal Gadot...really wonder woman
mr selavii
mr selavii 18 kun oldin
2018s sexiest woman alive. Isreali women are nothing compared to their goddes gal gadot.
Owen Shaw
Owen Shaw 18 kun oldin
Cats rule dogs drool
Guardiann 19 kun oldin
So charming
Mandi Willett
Mandi Willett 19 kun oldin
Who thinks Chris Pratt and Gal Gadot should do one together?
fulllydisturbed 19 kun oldin
Gal Gadot is an amazing person. She is so cute and fun.
Literatura BDSM
Literatura BDSM 21 kun oldin
She's so pretty Though someone should tell these people that seeing man dressed as woman stopped being funny a long time ago.
Enhriimaa Tsagaantsooj
This is the best box of lies ever!!!!!
mariz galo
mariz galo 23 kun oldin
She's a QUEEN!
Eclipse2582 25 kun oldin
Don't know why, but @4:50 makes me laugh when I pause it. Prime meme material right there, haha!
Music is my Love
Music is my Love 26 kun oldin
i can feel their chemistry from my home
iAdam 26 kun oldin
I am from Israel
newsjunkieish 26 kun oldin
Gal Gadot is so the woman of my dreams.
Marlon Siqueiros
Marlon Siqueiros 26 kun oldin
That hand shake just killed me
Gilles 82
Gilles 82 28 kun oldin
3:35 just when I thought this goddess couldn't get any more gorgeous she goes and sticks her tongue between her teeth. I need to go lie down now.
manish sridhar morey
4.20 sec a guy is sleeping behind😂
Eun Woo
Eun Woo 29 kun oldin
Omg she's so good at playing games like this and charades ...amazingggg
Luna Edits
Luna Edits 29 kun oldin
6:16 someone come get their dad
Jasmine Santana
Jasmine Santana 29 kun oldin
Y did jimmy have to get like her box and stuff
Mike Jaqua
Mike Jaqua Oy oldin
I love her face 🙂 and oh god how I would love to run my tongue up the inside of those thighs.
theredrobin Oy oldin
Can't lie to the one with the Lasso of Truth, Jimmy...
Cursed Oy oldin
4:21 poor guy at the back I feel bad..
Chathura Madhusankha
Her eyebrows ❤❤❤❤❤
Laughy rafisdiys
Gal is so pretty I luv her so much
Juliano Sena da Silva Carlos
She was so beautiful in that dress
xXMairusuXx Oy oldin
He lost because she's Wonder Woman.
Min Park
Min Park Oy oldin
Gal Gadot is the best!
I am groot
I am groot Oy oldin
This is aweesoomme!
Andrea Oy oldin
nanrob Oy oldin
Gal gadot is sooooooooooo cute 😘😘😘😘😘😘 love her
Jose Alfaro
Jose Alfaro Oy oldin
this woman is so sexy holy fuck
Ulf Holmström
She played him like a fiddle... holy wow... he’s always winning but he had no chance
tsuki97 Oy oldin
smol little pipol skiing off the foot
irish Fernandez
She's so gorgeous😍😍
Joe Petrillo
Joe Petrillo Oy oldin
That’s hashtag the panda! Must be they dance very similar!
Sean Cook
Sean Cook Oy oldin
Oh... My.
The Lord Darkrai
She's one dynamite Gal
birdie Oy oldin
God i love her.
I'm Player One
I'm not gon lie I'd fuck her like theres no tomorrow
Chuck Hampton
Chuck Hampton Oy oldin
Whatever that writer was smoking...I need some of that.
Dharmendra Prasad
OMG..i can't believe,How can someone be so gorgeous.
Mizo Book Club
The soldier in her was amazing
njt002 Oy oldin
is she real? omg
Eshan Raikar
Eshan Raikar Oy oldin
It's a footh 😂😂😂
Miller Malao
Miller Malao Oy oldin
OMG she is so pretty😘
darkmax2007 Oy oldin
It's not fair for Jimmy, if you look closely you can see the lasso of truth is wrapped around his ankle :O
BattleBornTv Oy oldin
**Creep Alert** 4:42
Isaac Omisore
Isaac Omisore Oy oldin
I am so happy😃😄😁
Jemay Oy oldin
3:24 damn i would melt if she looks at me like that
Jemay Oy oldin
antony robin
antony robin Oy oldin
Gal”s eyes 👀 looks zombie 🧟‍♂️
SaAd AbIlMoNa
SaAd AbIlMoNa Oy oldin
You meant to say: we have dolls in palestine. Israel is inexistant. Gonna dissappear kn a while
White Lottus
White Lottus Oy oldin
Aravind Samy
Aravind Samy Oy oldin
She has a seducing voice