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Bon Appétit Test Kitchen Manager Brad Leone is back for episode 38 of “It’s Alive” and this time he's making beef jerky. Join Brad as he walks you through cutting, seasoning, and dehydrating two flavors of jerky.

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The Old Timer:
1¼ lb. eye of round beef
3 Tbsp. pure maple syrup
¼ cup Worcestershire sauce
1 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. onion powder
1 tsp. kosher salt
1 Tbsp. drained capers
1 Tbsp. caper liquid
1 tsp. chili powder
¼ tsp. cayenne pepper
½ tsp. dried oregano
1½ tsp. Tellicherry pepper

Bringin’ the Funk:
1¼ lb. beef
10 dashes fish sauce
2 Tbsp. honey
3 Tbsp. soy sauce
3 garlic cloves
1 Fresno chile
1 1" piece ginger
¼ cup gochujang
¼ tsp. Chinese five-spice powder
Sesame seeds (for topping)

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.
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Brad Makes Beef Jerky | It's Alive | Bon Appétit

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6-Sen, 2018

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Gray Witch Corner
Gray Witch Corner 3 soat oldin
My dad made a nice sriracha and red pepper flake jerky :)
radhamantys87SW 3 soat oldin
who's the terrible shaky cameraman? all wobbly , unfocused, it gave me headache... too bad the video was interesting
Magik Army
Magik Army 5 soat oldin
Gochujang gochujang gochujang gochujang
Alyssa King
Alyssa King 6 soat oldin
He's just so cute
Name Name
Name Name 15 soat oldin
Yo Brad I really don't appreciate the flak you're throwing your cochef if that was me I wouldn't take that shirt for a dam second. Watch your flogging attitude. Just cuz they're permissive doesn't mean you can be a jackwagon. 4:57 Ya those seeds sure didn't get left in. That was a subversive lie. 5:24 I learned about garlic allicin from you :P 10:30 Though your demeanor was entropic in respect to general mood and positivity earlier.. Still thumbs up. Thanks for the vid and info.
Leslie Aguirre
Leslie Aguirre 16 soat oldin
I have a crush on Brad now, but I love his relationship with Vinnie
Danielle Jade
Danielle Jade 17 soat oldin
I love Brad and Vince they're so funny and have a great friendship! Also if they edit these videos I love the editing too! I also love Brad's friendship with Claire! Just all round a great series!
MadMaxx :D
MadMaxx :D 17 soat oldin
this guy in white sucks
Ashley Zuniga
Ashley Zuniga 23 soat oldin
3:20 jskskks 🤣🤣🤣
Little Mess Miniatures
Sometimes when I watch this I find myself wondering “is vinnie a real person” 🤔
Nathan Pieterse
Nathan Pieterse Kun oldin
Please try making biltong
Dr. Certifiable
Dr. Certifiable Kun oldin
Hats off to the editor.
Jael Brooks
Jael Brooks Kun oldin
Brad is really fun, but he shouldn't use Jesus' name as a curse word
MyNamesChance Kun oldin
That Karen girl.... wow
Rhiannon Rhea
Rhiannon Rhea Kun oldin
Molly's a babe
Daniel Delotte
Daniel Delotte Kun oldin
Can I leave it outside ion have a dehydrator
Daniel Delotte
Daniel Delotte Kun oldin
The fact that he keeps looking a venny and not the camera lol so funny
Squiggley Kun oldin
Victoria Kun oldin
selp helf
Adam Warlock
Adam Warlock Kun oldin
i believe that the world would be fine without capers
Fritz Kondjela Naunyango
Vinny seems hella cool 😂
Cheyenne Hamilton
Cheyenne Hamilton 3 kun oldin
Lawwd hamercy 😍😍
Elizabeth Meier
Elizabeth Meier 3 kun oldin
Should make yogurt next!
Ish Casey
Ish Casey 3 kun oldin
Brad and Vinny work so well together
jamaicawaka 4 kun oldin
secret ingrediant = orange juice in the maronade yw
Sarah W.
Sarah W. 5 kun oldin
@ 15:40, I snorted so hard when he asked Vinny to wink twice for help and he did😂
Maddie Marie
Maddie Marie 6 kun oldin
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed out loud more than when I’m watching this show😂
Senan Collins
Senan Collins 7 kun oldin
billtong is far more superior, lol
Mewgan lul
Mewgan lul 7 kun oldin
Brad makes me feel like it is okay to fumble my words. I do it a lot, so this is really reassuring
Summer Baker
Summer Baker 7 kun oldin
Obnoxious editing lmao, I couldn't even finish the video
Gingie Plays
Gingie Plays 8 kun oldin
He's trying way too hard to be entertaining... It shows.
john perrone
john perrone 8 kun oldin
is this the most pretentious kitchen in america?
Mackenzie Schrantz
Mackenzie Schrantz 9 kun oldin
Is anyone else in love with brad? 🥰😂
The Professor 10
The Professor 10 9 kun oldin
I always knew the dark episode would include a t-rex
Dr Noble
Dr Noble 10 kun oldin
My friend made some with vegemite and Parmesan, sounds a bit gross but was delicious. Give it a go!
Storm Evans
Storm Evans 10 kun oldin
They be growing mescaline in their test kitchen.
Alex M
Alex M 10 kun oldin
Omg "Ed Geeeiin" hahaha
Asi Marx
Asi Marx 11 kun oldin
9:47 It's gonna be black garolick
Justin Turtle
Justin Turtle 11 kun oldin
This dude is totally a marshal from “how I met your mother” 😂
Hanserfratz 12 kun oldin
As a dead by daylight player the noise at around 0:46-0:48 gave me flashbacks
James Mackes
James Mackes 13 kun oldin
Why does this vid in particular have so much Brad thirst in the comments
Melody 13 kun oldin
Do you have to add the big fans?
Melody 13 kun oldin
I thought he said "have u ever eaten hard". Omg
Ivana Humpalot
Ivana Humpalot 13 kun oldin
very good way more interesting and entertaining than claire except her concept is better
literaly god
literaly god 14 kun oldin
Selp helf
vlad luck
vlad luck 14 kun oldin
yo amie whats up babe
vlad luck
vlad luck 14 kun oldin
a whole friggin half a ham!!!!!
Blatty26 14 kun oldin
Can we get Rachel on camera more often?
makeupvv92 14 kun oldin
Omg I love you!!!!! I you have the best videos out here!!!
TheFadedFate 14 kun oldin
Venison jerky with juniper berries (along with cedar and other spices)
Joshua Mavez
Joshua Mavez 14 kun oldin
Editor was on a low dosage of DMT for sure.
Ray Nelson
Ray Nelson 14 kun oldin
Binge watching & the tears are flowing... Delaneyyyyy
Bo Bandy
Bo Bandy 15 kun oldin
I would have loved to see him make two one beef and one buffalo it’s so good I’m a big jerky fan
Toxik 16 kun oldin
I want to marry the editor.
Carson Murray
Carson Murray 16 kun oldin
Chilli lime habanero jerky (beef and salmon) got me across Canada and back. It's always as good as the first time you try it.
WilliamEmzy 16 kun oldin
Can we do make these without a dehydrater?
Tracy Hopkins
Tracy Hopkins 16 kun oldin
I live for this show
Monica Soberon
Monica Soberon 17 kun oldin
selp help
Bailey Haungs
Bailey Haungs 17 kun oldin
Yessssss BAE 😂😂
Josue Morua
Josue Morua 17 kun oldin
Who ever is editing this, please stop, please
Alan Jo
Alan Jo 19 kun oldin
It's kinda like bulgogi flavored jerky
Lynn Meiger
Lynn Meiger 19 kun oldin
Brads style of talking to the audience reminds me of Trump. Some times incoherent and you don't know what they're talking about half the time. Though brad is funny and seems nice
Mark Alvarado
Mark Alvarado 19 kun oldin
brad is daddY
Wayne's Hammer
Wayne's Hammer 19 kun oldin
I like the bubbles like pop up video lol
gildarmesh 20 kun oldin
lois and clark you know the people who went west with the native american superman
Ali Shkak
Ali Shkak 20 kun oldin
lovely show. this guy is great at entertaining
Alannah 21 kun oldin
Yes, UZvid I've watched this video already; yes I'm going to watch it again.
Dwight Mercado
Dwight Mercado 21 kun oldin
You are the man Brad. I never do the rehydration. I'm making a batch right now and I will definitely rehydrate. Thanx again.
Melissa Finau
Melissa Finau 21 kun oldin
I love brad hes like such a happy person, its great👍😂🥰
artehou no
artehou no 21 kun oldin
15:57 made me giggle
artehou no
artehou no 21 kun oldin
I love brad more than words can describe
ImDisconnected 21 kun oldin
DUDE i thought the Guy Amiel Stanek was Charlie Puth XD
Dignitary Poodles
Dignitary Poodles 22 kun oldin
We absolutely love our Cabelas Commercial dehydrator; they have some great sales a few times a year. I have the nine tray; it is exceptional!
Mariah Carpenter
Mariah Carpenter 22 kun oldin
This editing 😂❤️
Faith Taylor
Faith Taylor 22 kun oldin
Hey can you not like this guy? If you don't love Brad and Vinny you need your head checked. He's legit best ! 😆
Jazmine Stevens
Jazmine Stevens 23 kun oldin
my new favorite is selp help
Diana Leite
Diana Leite 23 kun oldin
I’d really like to see Brad make some tomatillo salsa ASAP!
John Bradford
John Bradford 23 kun oldin
Whoever edits these videos is awesome and deserves a raise.
dillbill2A 23 kun oldin
My favorite flavor profile for jerky... Black... Pepper.
shad0wrune 24 kun oldin
Soz, I stopped at 10:00, I couldn't watch any longer. I am sick of you be "funny". Yesterday I watched about 90 minutes of Claire.
HappilyBlue 24 kun oldin
Andy's extra sassy today!
Flavia Chiappini
Flavia Chiappini 27 kun oldin
7:27 I stan those two so hard
Harrison Rich
Harrison Rich 27 kun oldin
Where are the new episodes?!
Joshua H
Joshua H 28 kun oldin
Brad and Clair are my favorite. ^_^
Heather Lynn
Heather Lynn 29 kun oldin
I love brad and his adhd lol😊🙌
José Enrique Roca
José Enrique Roca 29 kun oldin
I think Brad can speak faster than he thinks!
Sinthetik Oy oldin
Him saying selp helf literally made me almost die of laughter 🤣 loving these brad videos I'm binging them rn
Tori Castillo
Tori Castillo Oy oldin
I died when he said gochuJANG
Allie Oy oldin
The gouji stuff looked like Harrisa
Brenden Jemison
Carne Seca is a big deal in New Mexico, we loves it, try green chile.
Ron DeVries
Ron DeVries Oy oldin
Liquid smoke
Lisa Leung
Lisa Leung Oy oldin
Go-ju-jang omg that mispronunciation ;_; its killing me
Korri Lauk
Korri Lauk Oy oldin
Snatcherpuss Oy oldin
Bless him. He's special. XD
Ganat Suliman
Ganat Suliman Oy oldin
when I was in Sudan, my late aunt used to make plane beef jerky, she'd spread them on the laundry rope which was like 2 miters high, one day we saw the cat just pouncing and snatching the jerky one by one, we told aunty , and she chased the cat with a broom.. good days .. lots of memories
Toroidal Zeus
Toroidal Zeus Oy oldin
Add a PID controller to your dehydrator.
Julie Rebecca
Julie Rebecca Oy oldin
this is for you Babi *mwah*
Mark Sconce
Mark Sconce Oy oldin
What knife is that?
John Desolator
Adding vinegar to the mix makes it super good
couldn't you just mix it in the bag directly?
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