Bradley Cooper Leaves with Jimmy Mid-Interview to Check if He's Wearing a Repeat Suit

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Bradley Cooper chats about his chemistry with his A Star Is Born co-star, Lady Gaga, and his first No. 1 song on iTunes, and he ditches the studio mid-interview with Jimmy to confirm he is wearing the same suit he wore during his last Tonight Show appearance.
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Bradley Cooper Leaves with Jimmy Mid-Interview to Check if He's Wearing a Repeat Suit




4-Okt, 2018



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Fikrlar 1 358
Don’t worry about it
My mans squirming in his seat under these Gaga questions..
mygirls687984 2 kun oldin
He’s way too sexy for his own good
Jeanae Rowley
Jeanae Rowley 4 kun oldin
I freaking love the two of them together! They always crack each other up 😂
Monica Tame
Monica Tame 6 kun oldin
These guys...every time they get 2gether they just bust up! Man I love them! 🤣😂🤣😂
Bourne Jason
Bourne Jason 11 kun oldin
Can’t believe this is the guy from the wedding crashers
Don’t worry about it
Milad Barzani
Milad Barzani 13 kun oldin
What did he say in 2:45. I’m not from the States. He said that real quick haha
Milad Barzani
Milad Barzani 13 kun oldin
Maddie Trainer Haha! ♥️
Maddie Trainer
Maddie Trainer 13 kun oldin
Milad Barzani I’m from the states and I have no idea lol
dieguillo1982 14 kun oldin
I think he should play batman or superman he would do justice to any of those characters i think
cihcegarevatonmi 15 kun oldin
Thats how I always am around close family lol
Don’t worry about it
You’re very lucky
John Corbett
John Corbett 16 kun oldin
U know he touched more than her nose in his trailer on the set
Jay Cee
Jay Cee 17 kun oldin
I love seeing them together it's like they just have to look at each other and they make each other laugh lol
Kallie Merrick
Kallie Merrick 18 kun oldin
4:20 that small zoom in made me laugh harder than it should've
astrophile 18 kun oldin
3:01 that was the moment he realized that they wouldnt be able to do anything anymore lmfaoo
KNO 21 kun oldin
I have a theory people in the music industry judge people harshly about their looks for the sole purpose of them rising above that judgement.
Mitch Burberry
Mitch Burberry 21 kun oldin
I love you Bradley!! 🙈❤️❤️❤️
Michelle Mybell
Michelle Mybell 22 kun oldin
oh Bradley💜💜💜
S W 22 kun oldin
the freakin bromance
Alice Sierra
Alice Sierra 22 kun oldin
ONE MEDIA 22 kun oldin
What's with the door??
Zack 22 kun oldin
Which one of them broke wind?? Think Bradley.
Tamiris andros fernandez
3:02 "here we go"...almost repeating the whole laugh attack on that legendary interview!! I love it...
Crystal Garcia
Crystal Garcia 24 kun oldin
Mini coopers lol
Kelly Kim
Kelly Kim 25 kun oldin
Such a nice genuine humble guy
Sophie D
Sophie D 25 kun oldin
SHE CAN ACT?! HE CAN SING?! My life is now complete 😇
E T 25 kun oldin
I love Bradley said they’re running out of time and they still waste time by laughing HAHAHA
Mason Nekola
Mason Nekola 26 kun oldin
I cant believe ian made it. Boom shockala
r k
r k 28 kun oldin
22/2/2019 and the shallow still number one on the WW ituns (for the 109 th day) and US ituns wow
Chrissy Mclain
I love that they can never keep it together
Sara Hassan
Sara Hassan Oy oldin
Sandy Clarke
Sandy Clarke Oy oldin
Same suit but he didn't wear the waistcoat.
afrizak Oy oldin
I can't help thinking when I see Cooper especially for this role, he's got the late Robin Williams going on. May he RIP!
Aakarsh Dureha
I thought Bradley left Jimmy at the set to see if Jimmy was wearing a repeat lol
Anna Barron
Anna Barron Oy oldin
I'm definitely a mini Cooper 😂
John Dough
John Dough Oy oldin
He is getting old... :-(((
Raptor Royale
Raptor Royale Oy oldin
I'll get that arm
Madeline Weidenhamer
At about 2:43 I literally can’t understand a single thing Bradley cooper says until he says “whatevs” 😂
Survivrs Oy oldin
Who doesn't know that when you say someone's "the shit", it's a supreme compliment? It's obviously not just a midwestern term or a NYC term.
timber_beast Oy oldin
He’s not speaking French
Rachel E
Rachel E Oy oldin
“ it’s one of those things where you see somebody and five years later you’re doing this crazy thing together” UMMM THATS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN U MEET A SOULMATE SO
Fandom Bananerz
Why did Jimmy pretend to smack his head on the door?
Natalie Zayas-Bazan
I can safely say even myself as a fan of Bradley’s for a long time I came out of ‘a star is born’ asking ‘how’d THAT happen?’. I know he’s a good actor but that movie is on another level! So yeah I’m sure his friends Are very confused. 😂
Valerie Harrison
Ok, wouldn’t it be sweet if they fell in love?
Helen Carroll
Helen Carroll Oy oldin
Love it thanks
Moll Oy oldin
Jimmy's face when Bradley gets bleeped out, I can't stop watching it lolol
Lyda Visus
Lyda Visus Oy oldin
Magnificent and stellar. Combustion that keeps hearts and minds on fire.
Barbara Rivera
Wow i love them together
Kathy May
Kathy May 2 oy oldin
2:45 it happened again 😂😂
Shazre Shahid
Shazre Shahid 2 oy oldin
John Dimambro
John Dimambro 2 oy oldin
These guys crack me up, every time they're together they turn into 5yr olds
Daniel Loonasz
Daniel Loonasz 2 oy oldin
Jimmy r the true 🍻hangover🍾 on bradley real lifes
Giuliano Gisotti
Giuliano Gisotti 2 oy oldin
3:13 there it goes
Louis Fiorina
Louis Fiorina 2 oy oldin
What the hell happened at 5:50? Did no one else see that?
Kelsey Hirakawa
Kelsey Hirakawa 2 oy oldin
“Here we go” 🤣
Gosia Gosia
Gosia Gosia 2 oy oldin
Olivia Xoxa
Olivia Xoxa 2 oy oldin
I love when Bradley said "here we go" like he remembered the last time they died laughing
L Jay
L Jay 2 oy oldin
i love movie 'Star is a born' especially bradley😍😍😍
Fernando Paulino
Fernando Paulino 3 oy oldin
Mark17780 3 oy oldin
how about "Cooper Troopers"
Femina Fahmi
Femina Fahmi 3 oy oldin
What's just happened at 5:50?? An invisible block??😲
generation ask channel
Ya guy's that's the same suit is same as it was in 2014
JML Productions
JML Productions 3 oy oldin
My favorite film of the year.
RekterGames 3 oy oldin
2:42 Here we go again xD
Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang
7:15 Jimmy's fake head bump into the door. He's so fake
Zack Tu Nan Zing Hang
7:15 Jimmy's fake head bump into the door. He's so fake
Lance Calvin
Lance Calvin 3 oy oldin
They should honestly do a movie together... seriously
Noelia Jaime
Noelia Jaime 3 oy oldin
That movie Bradley,just awesome...as an actor a singer AND a director.Well done man!
Meg Kwarciak
Meg Kwarciak 3 oy oldin
Their laughs are so contagious! Love them!!
doyenboone 3 oy oldin
letterman's crew would have 100% had a camera ready to follow them into the hallway.
Sherry Morrow
Sherry Morrow 3 oy oldin
I think Bradley needs to be a guest once a week. Him and Fallon cracking up together, cracks me up every single time. I’m talking tears here. They are a must watch. Do yourself a favor and watch them during Bradley’s The Elephant Man promotion. I guarantee you will cracking up with them!!
JKL 4 oy oldin
He's a real person and wore his suit more than once!
Araceli Vargas
Araceli Vargas 4 oy oldin
Love Bradley Cooper!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
felixshengyang 4 oy oldin
Glad they kept their composure this time😂
Julie Clark
Julie Clark 4 oy oldin
they had sex
Marianna zone
Marianna zone 4 oy oldin
Me and Bradley would get along so well i love his humor
Mr. Kamran
Mr. Kamran 4 oy oldin
Who remember The Hangover
Sarah Febriani
Sarah Febriani 4 oy oldin
NZT for sure 😂
Becca Antoine
Becca Antoine 4 oy oldin
I wish this interview was longer 😢
ANDY CHRIST 4 oy oldin
If there's two straight men that would make a cute gay couple it's Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Fallon! they just bond together , it's unbelievable
dua xx
dua xx 4 oy oldin
These two are always on crack lmfao 😂😂😂😂
Stephanie VC
Stephanie VC 4 oy oldin
And who's buzzed 😜
Andy H
Andy H 4 oy oldin
the first interview was amazing and funny.. this one seems like fallon is forcing the laughter ... not a fan
AnnMartindale7 4 oy oldin
Nona fierce
Nona fierce 4 oy oldin
Bradley God Cooper 🔥❤❤❤❤
Giuseppe DiMarco
Giuseppe DiMarco 4 oy oldin
I'd love to work with these two guys it would be so much fun I bet.
Echo Whiskey
Echo Whiskey 4 oy oldin
5:50 Was it me, or did Jimmy hit an invisible wall?
Guılherme Scherbatsky
he kicked the door
SBakerNYC 4 oy oldin
Bradley Cooper is clearly a decent and humble guy... dont think i can say that about most people in hollywood based on my superficial personal judgements and whatevee i read/hear about them.
Donna Spaller
Donna Spaller 4 oy oldin
I am definately a mini-Cooper!
Joshua Appah
Joshua Appah 4 oy oldin
they are high as a kite bro
Steffi K
Steffi K 4 oy oldin
Omg 🤣 cant stop laughing 🤣
Fátima Elizondo
Fátima Elizondo 4 oy oldin
Beth Sp
Beth Sp 4 oy oldin
Cooper is soooooo cute!
sandrute09 4 oy oldin
AHAHAHA they are doing this again :DDD
Sarah Mason
Sarah Mason 4 oy oldin
Haha! I'm proud to be a miniCooper!
Blue Ocean
Blue Ocean 4 oy oldin
❤️❤️❤️❤️ he s sooo cuteeeeeee
Micah Edgin
Micah Edgin 4 oy oldin
6:57 would have been funny if he picked her nose.
Mohd ali
Mohd ali 4 oy oldin
Oh man.. I've been waiting for this deja vu for a very long time and finally its here. I cant stop laughing..
0bstinacy 4 oy oldin
lmfao i was wondering when these two would lose it. XD they cant be in same room together, they just make each other laugh so much LOL
I Connect
I Connect 4 oy oldin
Wow...I love the brotherhood....
Vanessa Ferreira Franco
he should sing "alibi".. ❤️ lovely movie
The Elephant
The Elephant 4 oy oldin
Come on Jimmy! Stop laughing like a teenager
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