Bradley Cooper Praises 'Incredible Actor' Rami Malek After Losing to Him at 2019 Golden Globes (E…

Entertainment Tonight
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ET spoke with Cooper at the National Board of Review annual awards gala at Cipriani 42nd Street in New York City.




9-Yan, 2019

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Jennifer Coats
Jennifer Coats 2 kun oldin
.Rami Malek is such an amazing human being, he deserves everything that is coming his way after all that hard work he pulled off playing Freddie Mercury. Well done😊😊😊😍😍😍❤❤❤!!!.
Leo Eriksson
Leo Eriksson 4 kun oldin
The Queen film is good But not the same level as a star is born. And bradly deserved to win
Bobbie Jean Mizelle
Leo Eriksson ...nah! Disagree; a remake of a remake of a remake! It was slow and as an actor, Cooper has done better. Lady is a fabulous talent but should really stick to her musical gifts. BoRhap better all around; especially casting and Rami Malek's performance was amazing! (My opinion)
Patricia de Pastors
He’s all class! One of the many reasons I’m glad he worked with Lady Gaga: you only hear them speak positively and with genuine love and appreciation. Kind of rethoric we need more of!
S C 8 kun oldin
Forever classy
AncalAegon 8 kun oldin
Sophia Bush looking fine
clang theo
clang theo 8 kun oldin
Here for Rami.
Mona Winn
Mona Winn 8 kun oldin
I have watched both movies. I like Bradley Cooper but I didn’t know Rami Malek. This is my first movie of Rami. I think Rami is the good choice for Golden Globes. And he should get other awards too. His acting as Freddie Mercury is so amazing.
Courtney Bartels
Courtney Bartels 8 kun oldin
Bradley you are awesome!
Katherine L
Katherine L 9 kun oldin
Title is very misleading. He praised Rami for 2 seconds. Nothing wrong with Bradley doing that, but title should reflect the focus of the video.
Say it isn't So
Say it isn't So 9 kun oldin
He's never going to marry Irina, poor girl.
Irina Tsedrik
Irina Tsedrik 7 kun oldin
Say it isn't So You are so an idiot!
M Rodriguez
M Rodriguez 9 kun oldin
I hope so... I didnt like Irina But why you think that ??
Ewa Sliwowska
Ewa Sliwowska 10 kun oldin
You don’t deserve any prize for the remake, sorry
richfictionfighter 3 kun oldin
Al Pacino won his only Oscar for a remake
arieshema 4 kun oldin
It's like a sequence movie
arieshema 4 kun oldin
I dont think it's a remake. It's different story of another rising star, in this case is about Lady Gaga. The original one was about Barbara Streisand. But yes the idea is not original.
Jonny Martin
Jonny Martin 8 kun oldin
a tad harsh
Eileen Pizarro
Eileen Pizarro 10 kun oldin
Props to Bradley Cooper. Class act. Bohemian Rhapsody is a wonderful movie. I have seen it three times. 🏆Rami Malek transcends Freddie Mercury.🏆
Tamlyn Adolph
Tamlyn Adolph 10 kun oldin
So glad Rami is finally getting the glory he deserves.
Tamlyn Adolph
Tamlyn Adolph 5 kun oldin
+RandomCrapOnly You and I both.
RandomCrapOnly 5 kun oldin
I have been wanting glory for him since Kenny from The War At Home
Sieren Tokiio
Sieren Tokiio 8 kun oldin
Me too I would like to see him and Sam Elliott in a movie together
Lucas Cra
Lucas Cra 10 kun oldin
I love how he's a fucking academy award winner and still gets hyped when he's in a room with Dick Van Dyke and Denzel Washington :D
CatACor 10 kun oldin
I’m I the only one who doesn’t understand his appeal? He’s a good enough actor but he’s not attractive or charismatic. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Karen Newell
Karen Newell Soat oldin
Who are you talking about: Bradley Cooper or Rami Malek?
manel manel
manel manel 2 soat oldin
He looked better with a beard
Ce Ha
Ce Ha Kun oldin
Not my cup of tea. Just another white american good looking actor. Plain.
Victoria Balfour
Victoria Balfour 6 kun oldin
+Ezekiel Butterscotch Tip: When you call people "you people", they stop reading.
Ezekiel Butterscotch
this whole thread is absolutely pathetic. you people know nothing about what makes an "incredible actor"
Rami Malek Speech
11 kun oldin