Brandon Ingram Hard Fall / Lakers vs Warriors

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Brandon Ingram Hard Fall
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19-Dek, 2017

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HW Chan
HW Chan Yil oldin
Bi got smacked on the head by Javale but all they are talking about that 'good' block by Bell.. smh
Jafalks BongZ
Jafalks BongZ Yil oldin
Ingram hit bells face first. That defence is just a retaliation of Ingrams hard play.
speedyfeint Yil oldin
if you look closely, ingram kisses javale mcgee's ass on his way down...
dontizzle805 Yil oldin
Mcgee slapped him in the head and made him fall
Sher Khan
Sher Khan Yil oldin
McGee's momentum caused Ingram to fall awkwardly.
watchful news
watchful news Yil oldin
ha ha ha gtst fuk outta hear wit yo skinny ass
Isaias Castrejon
Hahaha! All up in him! Warriors are the best team on both sides of the floor. Woo! Repeat champs, without a doubt.
Kyle Ornelas
Kyle Ornelas Yil oldin
How is that not a foul though? Just wondering since people get fouls for just touching another player
dEsPaCiTo 3
dEsPaCiTo 3 Oy oldin
because when ingram tried to dunk it, jordan bell went straight up and put his hand on the ball, causing ingram to lose balance and fall over because of the block
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee Yil oldin
these young lakers will not be together for long. first ball didnt care about his teammate, now the whole lakers didnt care about ingram.
CptCanada Yil oldin
He got owned! He was rejected so hard that he had to leave the game.
The Equalizer
The Equalizer Yil oldin
Clean block from bell
The Phenomenal One
great clean block, great defense 💪✋👏
The Phenomenal One
hahaha Bell destroyed the weak ass Ingram 😂😂😂😂😂
Bijan Z
Bijan Z Yil oldin
Fix title. Brandon Ingram gets sonned by Jordan Bell
khalifa kush
khalifa kush Yil oldin
Why people always find to.hate the people . You all said this era is soft because of that three point play then this man trying to be physical and no complain about contact he got then all of.you find to hate this man . Fuck internet warriors for reeeeaaaaal!!!
Trail Weaks
Trail Weaks Yil oldin
This guy never gets his calls. Got elbowed in the eye. Two plays before that he got hit harder than durants ticky tac fouls. Ingram don't complain.
Melanie Tabornal
That's what happen when you are skinny NBA player...
Bob Durant Jones
Liumination Yil oldin
real question dafuq are those shoes
Mr Assist
Mr Assist Yil oldin
Plz don’t forget 4-1 😂 😂 😝 😆
King Taylor
King Taylor Yil oldin
Kavalan Yil oldin
I think that stare-down hurt more than the actual fall.
AJ Yil oldin
Bell you savage you .
vinci castro
vinci castro Yil oldin
Just at the right timing
Elias Vargas
Elias Vargas Yil oldin
vinci castro wtf
Antoni Kristofer Lim
I think he just landed on his balls.
Alvin Ling
Alvin Ling Yil oldin
Should be a foul he just got hit right on the face there
lonzo vlog
lonzo vlog Yil oldin
Bell is a fkin bust
K Y R E E 5 oy oldin
Xoaubrey30 I can have a ring if I played for that team
Xoaubrey30 8 oy oldin
Lorenzo Ramayla bell has fucking ring
JR Yil oldin
Reverted RF
Reverted RF Yil oldin
Lorenzo Ramayla what?
Khe Yil oldin
Lorenzo Ramayla huhhh?
Quicktwosteps Yil oldin
Just because you're lanky it doesn't mean you'll just dunk on everyone. =P
Ebaneser 11
Ebaneser 11 Yil oldin
You can see McGee's forearm hit his head and McGee also went under him. This is one of the times where a tech should truly have been called.
Reverted RF
Reverted RF Yil oldin
kyoukoujin I don’t think he’d knew he’d ducking smack the ground like that no one thinks before they dunk oh hey imma bounce off the ground after this
MrAddidas2 Yil oldin
He's 12 yrs old. He'll be ok.
CrippledFries - Road To 100!
He deserved it
Knee Grow
Knee Grow Yil oldin
watchful news nah
watchful news
watchful news Yil oldin
Brian Hoang because he called kd, durant dumb cross eyed nigga looney or sumthing ha ha ha ha
Brandon Untouchable Ingram
CrippledFries - Road To 100! U a fuckin punk ass bitch yo momma shoulda swallowed you
Knee Grow
Knee Grow Yil oldin
CrippledFries - Road To 100! For what
Elias Vargas
Elias Vargas Yil oldin
CrippledFries - Road To 100! Fuck you
Milchias Jacob
Milchias Jacob Yil oldin
Fuck mcgee
Big Maj
Big Maj Yil oldin
F**k Jordan bell
Cedric Jacobs
Cedric Jacobs Yil oldin
So y’all gonna act like that block was clean? Like McGee didn’t hit Ingram across the head?
Isaiah Riddle
Isaiah Riddle Yil oldin
tom cam but he got hit while in the air by a defender that wasnt going straight up. The havent changed the rules so by definition thats a foul... I mean flagrant if you really want to
tom cam
tom cam Yil oldin
got blocked before hit in the face , so , still clean blocked by bell.
Unbiased nba fan
Lol 😂 try doing this on bron and you will get exposed
Kyle Ornelas
Kyle Ornelas Yil oldin
Bob Durant Jones dont forget when bogut blocked lebron all game to lmao bron got exposed
Bob Durant Jones
Bron can get this HOF block treatment like last year when Kd blocked his soft ass
Mugen Yil oldin
i didn't see the cavs here ?!
Mr Assist
Mr Assist Yil oldin
4-1 foh
Unbiased nba fan
Kyle Ornelas nah as I said he would expose him!! Mc gee tried in game 1 and got his shit dunked and now he knows better
moneycash23 g
moneycash23 g Yil oldin
Ingram trash af. Gets blocked back to back to back and still tries to force shots up instead of passing.
TVAGaming Yil oldin
Mogli Bear BRUH you got a Pokemon as your Profile Pic Lmao why you talkin? Who do you consider a Lyricist? 69? lil pump? Lmao Foh You aint shit
Mogli Bear
Mogli Bear Yil oldin
TVAGaming bruh you listen to russ anything you say is irrelevant af nigga 😂😂😂 trash ass mf “lyricist” what lyrics basic ass bitch? LMAO
TVAGaming Yil oldin
blueboyV These dudes are lyricist You enjoy mumble rap And why you pullin away from the Topic? We talkin bout fouls now you talkin bout Rappers Lmaoo foh
blueboyV Yil oldin
TVAGaming you already listen to russ and montana, if anyone here was listening to gucci gang its you fool
TVAGaming Yil oldin
blueboyV What does my choice of music have to do with Knowledge of sports? Fuck outta here nigga 😂😂 You prolly listen to GUCCI GANG foh 😂
Steve Kim
Steve Kim Yil oldin
none of the lakers give a shit about the fall wtf lol
Anthony Williams
lmaooo the way he looked at him 😂😂😂
Brent Foster
Brent Foster Yil oldin
I mean, damn!!! How long was it gonna take them to realize that Ingram was down???
Ky Yil oldin
They walk away from him wtf
speedyfeint Yil oldin
because teammates don't like ball hogs
Ky Yil oldin
Jerry Lee he coulda broke his shit
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee Yil oldin
cause they know he will be ok. lol
1400 Curry
1400 Curry Yil oldin
Michael jordan bell rocked that nigga
I fucking hate these GSW commentators
wtf why nobody helping him
Omari Holley
Omari Holley Yil oldin
I think Bell only did that cause Ingram hit him in the face earlier. And I'm go need Kd to wake the fuck up!
imalowkeygoatt t
Of course the Larriors always tryina get someone hurt
Bob Durant Jones
Alfie Maglasang good one😂
forsaken dota
forsaken dota Yil oldin
cock roach. Well what happened to Hayward
Meow -_-
Meow -_- Yil oldin
cock roach rosick time lamer
1400 Curry
1400 Curry Yil oldin
cock roach no he just got ass blasted and fell
Bi Tran
Bi Tran Yil oldin
You ain't LBJ dunked over Garnett lol
ZuffyG Yil oldin
Bi Tran and Bell ain't no Garnett 😂
Jonathan Nelson
Jonathan Nelson Yil oldin
My man BI needs that mid range if he wants to keep his head. He’s obsessed with taking it to the rim, and the last five teams have stopped him every time. That’s what you get, learn that footwork and trust that shot.
Omar Usmani
Omar Usmani Yil oldin
Bell is a beast.. If Ingram thinks that his skinny ass is just waltz into the paint without punishment then he can guess agian... Get that weak stuff out of here skinny boy.. Bell fucked that shit up.. Bell has KD's back, who got dunked on three times.. They're tired of getting dunked.
Diego Yil oldin
Reub Tan Hey man wtf, take your racist ass out of here if thats the type of shit you going to be saying. God damm, how the fuck you going to go straight to offending some ones race like that when we talking ball.
Diego Yil oldin
Ebaneser 11 It wasnt that bad he wanst trying to hurt him he was just hustling but he did get him in the head and body checked him. So I would say tech and MAYBE a flagrant II if they really felt soft that day. But bells block was monstrous IMO.
Ebaneser 11
Ebaneser 11 Yil oldin
ZenD I agree on the clean block, but they should have called a flagrant on McGee just for the contact to the head alone. That was just a terrible play by Mcgee.
Somebody hurt my dick!!
Omar Usmani shut the fuck up u muslim dog lol
Omar Usmani
Omar Usmani Yil oldin
cock roach HELL NO, NBA is too soft these days.. If you deserve the disrespect, then you should get it. Thank you ref for not calling a tech.
Gabriel Nuku
Gabriel Nuku Yil oldin
thats what you get when you do the same damn drive up the paint everytime
Germain Chris
Germain Chris Yil oldin
Wtf Javale have silver teeth
Jake Skywalker
Jake Skywalker Yil oldin
Germain Chris 😅😅2007 police comming to get him 😆
Kingdom K
Kingdom K Yil oldin
Where the foul at on McGee
Diego Yil oldin
Why are lebum fans the first to comment on a warriors game🙄🙄
Kyle Ornelas
Kyle Ornelas Yil oldin
Because they got whooped 2 times in the finals by them lmao
Bambi Williams
Bambi Williams Yil oldin
Slim God sad and lonely for what?your context is sleathered with your Pidgin anonyms like "bronsexual"..again be AUTHENTIC and CREATIVE!!
Bambi Williams
Bambi Williams Yil oldin
Be authentic what is lebum?can you detect it in a Dictionary?pidgin MOFO
BryanKent Yil oldin
because warriors fans are mostly bandwagons and probably too slow
Slim Kingslayer Reaper
Bronsexual was happy kd got dunk on then kd respond that with a game winner shot. Now they’re sad and lonely
Andrew Chung
Andrew Chung Yil oldin
jordan bell acting like he has relevance in the nba
A P Yil oldin
He's gonna have more rings than the entire okc franchise once his careers over
Kushy Yil oldin
Omar Usmani This bandwagon cracks me up. I swear I always wonder what team y’all gonna bandwagon after the warriors die down.
Isaiah Riddle
Isaiah Riddle Yil oldin
Omar Usmani so they go with the hard foul from mcgee and yes the angles provided definetly show mcgees' whole forearm and elbow going into the head of ingram. Be grown ups guys, its basketball shit like this needs to stop getting no calls and bad attention from fans who even themselves see that their are obvious fouls. If you dont play basketball you wouldnt understand but those who do definetly would have called this a foul even if they were bandwagon worriors fans
Name Here
Name Here Yil oldin
i bet your dumbass wishes you had him on your team though, hed probably start over what garbage yall have at center honestly. jordan bell is getting prepped to be a good ass defender with draymond and klay, get used to hearing his name cause youll see him catching alley oops and blocking your team all series in the playoffs. that is if your weak ass team can even make it far enough in the playoffs to play the warriors
Samuel Freitas
Samuel Freitas Yil oldin
Andrew Chung he's a rookie and is way more relevant than you lol
LeBron James
LeBron James Yil oldin
Bell is one cocky mf, ima dunk on him on Christmas
Isaiah Riddle
Isaiah Riddle Yil oldin
cicciobello Tube nah fam, just stating facts
Meow -_-
Meow -_- Yil oldin
Isaiah Riddle poor, are you crying?
Isaiah Riddle
Isaiah Riddle Yil oldin
cicciobello Tube kd is kind of a pussy if you cant remember. Its kind of why thats the only reason golden state won that year.
LeBron James
LeBron James Yil oldin
cicciobello Tube triggered
Meow -_-
Meow -_- Yil oldin
LeBron James GWS dominated your trash team. 4-1 LMAO😂😂😂. Nice breaking ankles for KD😊, he destroyed you.
Jake Skywalker
Jake Skywalker Yil oldin
Thats a flagrant on Javelle.. 😑
Silver Wind
Silver Wind Yil oldin
Yeah that was a clean block by Bell but a hard foul on Javale
Knee Grow
Knee Grow Yil oldin
Brent Foster look at Javale’s arm.
Jake Skywalker
Jake Skywalker Yil oldin
Be a bro and Sub to me I would if you can talk Proper english not ghetto trash.
super soaker
super soaker Yil oldin
Treekz nigga learn how to spell
Jake Skywalker
Jake Skywalker Yil oldin
Brent Foster Yeah, he didnt block the ball.. Because he swiped ingrams head 😂😂
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Yil oldin
Fuck the Warriors always injuring players when they are losing
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan Yil oldin
The Larriors are a dirty ass team
Omar Usmani
Omar Usmani Yil oldin
fuck you, that's a clean ass block by the BEAST JORDAN BELL. GET THAT WEAK SHIT OUTA HERE.
Arafat Best
Arafat Best Yil oldin
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