Brandon Marshall wants Antonio Brown, Steelers to reconcile | First Take

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Brandon Marshall says that right now Antonio Brown and the Pittsburgh Steelers are not on the same page and they need to figure out what his role will be before looking to trade him.
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7-Yan, 2019



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Carol Carney
Carol Carney 3 kun oldin
I see why I don't watch this... One, SAS is too DAMN loud Two, they won't let a Mofo finish a doggone sentence!!!! Damn, let em talk!!!!
Diabeetus 4 kun oldin
3:01 lmao let max talk 😭😂
Abdul Adams
Abdul Adams 7 kun oldin
Brandon Marshall wearing his rite of passage. 😂
ThaKidd PaulieB
ThaKidd PaulieB 8 kun oldin
I hate when People who never ever step on the field try to argue with guys that have been elite for years. Smh
Paul Williams
Paul Williams 9 kun oldin
This nigga just came back from Wakanda
Rashon A Riddick
Rashon A Riddick 11 kun oldin
Max don't like AB smh lol
Rashon A Riddick
Rashon A Riddick 11 kun oldin
Stephen A a real one he one of da only ones that AB side
jaqen h'ghar
jaqen h'ghar 11 kun oldin
Molly has a huge crush on Brandon.
C Truth
C Truth 17 kun oldin
I can't take anything Brandon Marshall says seriously. The guy is under psychiatric treatment and sometimes spends a LOT of time in the mental ward. Its really sad.
Dman4901 25 kun oldin
I feel like Marshall should ask someone where is his money... 😂 😂 and baby powder slaps just start popping off 😂
BangzOut24 Billion
BangzOut24 Billion 25 kun oldin
Stop interrupting damn ! The only one who’s stepped on the field can’t even get his point across without being inturupted . Look how many times he has to raise his voice
keep smile'n
keep smile'n 26 kun oldin
Too late....they had the meeting already and AB is OUT !
Dwain Trent
Dwain Trent Oy oldin
How can anyone take Brandon Marshall serious looking like this??
Keith Moore
Keith Moore Oy oldin
Ab is the reason why Ben will go to the hall of fame? Probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.
dan nelson
dan nelson Oy oldin
And this is why i dont watch espn anymore. Browns done move on. wtf is brandon wearing
Dodger Blues
Dodger Blues Oy oldin
Max cant argue with a Pro Bowl WR..Marshall knows what he's talkin about
Good Doctor
Good Doctor Oy oldin
I still hate these non-ballers constantly cutting off the ballers when they are schooling folks.
Daniel Dow
Daniel Dow Oy oldin
Fuck dion sanders why is he on tv anyway steeler fan 4 life
Flat Earth Frank
Just maybe it's all entertainment like the WWE and politics so you guys have a job and something dumb to talk about. No, I didn't listen to all this nonsense.
Kratos The Rager
I’m not watching this show unless molly is removed
Uria85 Oy oldin
you are talking about a diva receiver and you are wearing a fur coat. maybe the argument is better if you listen to it rather than watching it.
Crispy Chris
Crispy Chris Oy oldin
That man didn't just conquer some NFL records that man finna conquer Wakanda
KPAD Oy oldin
Will Mundy
Will Mundy Oy oldin
Molly... shut the fuck up please
Jebediah Judah
I'm glad I'm the only nigga that ain't seen Blacc Panther
Jeremy James
Jeremy James Oy oldin
Marshall looks like a struck match.
Deadpool Oy oldin
Wtf is wrong with the horrible hair and the far back hairline
Dovakin Ethesda
Now thats a no b.s game face haha. Gotta crack down on the devas
Patty Ferguson
Fuck you smith. Your a punk. Did Ben miss practice? Did Ben miss walk through? Did Ben have his agent call the Rooney’s? Fuck no. Shut the fuck up smith. Get your fat lips off Ben. This is all on AB asshole
Billy Bedard
Billy Bedard 2 oy oldin
The whole video was just people nonstop interrupting each other and Steven a smith screaming at them
Angel 2 oy oldin
I don't want to hear Steven Analyzing Football anymore! I mean why would you when he doesn't know jack!
Jarvis Wright
Jarvis Wright 2 oy oldin
Why is it ppl who never played a down in 🏈 have so much to say in opinions.. Just full of shyt coming out their mouths
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 2 oy oldin
Look at this fools hair hes probly on medication these days
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 2 oy oldin
Reconcile my dick the only thing I’ll reconcile is my middle finger as brown leaving
Jon Davis
Jon Davis 2 oy oldin
Brandon Marshall should stfu cuz he’s a pussy bitch in this subject
aqua wil
aqua wil 2 oy oldin
Thumbnail got me dead 😂
Lostin Thegarden
Lostin Thegarden 2 oy oldin
lmfao you kidding me with that fucking hair right? jfc
Anthony Nafegar
Anthony Nafegar 2 oy oldin
I want brandon marshal to get a damn hair cut l
Joey Retros
Joey Retros 2 oy oldin
Brandon Marshall looking like the dude Iraq from the game Watch Dogs
REGGIE PERRY 2 oy oldin
Damn B. Marshall, Must've been cold on that flight from Wakanda😂😂😂
Spencer Wyatt
Spencer Wyatt 2 oy oldin
This man Brandon look like one of these new villains . That bump trap music and will go on Instagram live so regular people can know how much more crimes he does than regular villains
Andres Mena
Andres Mena 2 oy oldin
Advanced Everything
So happy the Saints cut him
RON THATGUY 2 oy oldin
Brandon Killmonger 😂😂😂
ronnie banik
ronnie banik 2 oy oldin
Max your an ass, Big Ben us a top 5 qb, sorry.
Fox Molnar
Fox Molnar 2 oy oldin
Brandon Marshall made some good points early, but lost all credibility once he tried to compare JuJu to Decker. lmao.
Barrington Morris
Mint coat!
Barrington Morris
Pete Smyth
Pete Smyth 2 oy oldin
NICK Walton
NICK Walton 2 oy oldin
I hate how max told Brandon to let him finish but constantly tried to cut him offf
Hope 2 oy oldin
From one Diva covering for another Diva, they all love Fur Coat, TO, AB and BM.
Ramiro Ruiz
Ramiro Ruiz 2 oy oldin
Steven A is so fucking annoying needs to get fired asap!!
Alexander Leonard
I enjoy smith but it’d be cool if he let someone else talk for min than 5 seconds
Alexander Leonard
Like maybe let the man who played receiver for a decade get his opinion out haha
James Halloway
James Halloway 2 oy oldin
Bro look like he belong with the people of wukanda
Terry Jones
Terry Jones 2 oy oldin
Steven A Smith needs to reconcile his hair line.
Peter Kelemen
Peter Kelemen 2 oy oldin
The discourse in this show is hands down catastrophic. I literally gives me a headache. Somebody should instruct these people in proper communication skills and rules of debate.
Alan Shaw
Alan Shaw 2 oy oldin
Brandon Marshall looks like he's in 21 Savage's Slaughter Gang
begs100 2 oy oldin
Brandon "last boss in ong bak" Marshall
Mika Lasha
Mika Lasha 2 oy oldin
MAD MAX 2.0, make it happen Hollywood 🤯🤯🤯
Chumnley snoop
Chumnley snoop 2 oy oldin
Brandon look like a Batman villian
Nori Rak
Nori Rak 2 oy oldin
Brandon looking like an Alaskan Pimp!!!
Jj Aze
Jj Aze 2 oy oldin
Anyone know why Brandon and Molly are wearing furs? They weren't wearing them in other clips. Did they put them on for this segment or something. Anyone watch the full show that knows what's going on?
Gotham 2 oy oldin
BM sees himself in AB and wants AB to reconcile with Pitts......
DAndre Jones
DAndre Jones 2 oy oldin
I gotta agree with b Marshall we needa figure it out
AB isn't the ONLY stud receiver in the world. Pitt will find another one to compliment Ju-Ju eventually, but what the Steelers won't do is bring back a locker room cancer.
StevoTheAce71 2 oy oldin
Max stop interrupting fuck
Robert Gibby
Robert Gibby 2 oy oldin
Plexico burress anyone anyone? can we stop with this diva receivers can't win super bowls crap? Deion Sanders was the biggest diva in all of football and how many rings does he have? Jerry rice didn't like getting wet and would change his jersey in the middle of a game don't tell me diva receivers don't win super bowls. Michael irvin loved to have the cameras looking at him. lets quit acting like this is a bad thing. reggie wayne said he even got upset and shoved peyton manning on the sideline in a game. frustration happens and patience runs out don't burn the bridge. It's not like the guy is in trouble with the law.
punkysable 2 oy oldin
I can't stand when people keep cutting in while others are trying to talk. Smith will jump in and shout until he is out of air.
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz 2 oy oldin
It's a double-edged sword to say Ben Roethlisberger will make the Hall of Fame because of AB (i dont agree). A few things before getting into that did he not put up numbers with Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Juju you understand where I'm coming from. And you could flip it and say well maybe AB eventually have a chance at being a Hall of Famer because Ben Roethlisberger was throwing all those yards and touchdowns to him.
hbukh jhbui
hbukh jhbui 2 oy oldin
Everyone comments on the same shit stfu with how he looks ,so fucking annoying.once one person does everyone basically says the shit shit.dumb people
Cole Man
Cole Man 2 oy oldin
If Antonio Brown not who he is getting doubled all the time then ju ju not givin the opportunity to be who he is. Not talking about opening it up greatly for bell to new who he is and not forget about Ben stats the best of his career. That's how important AB is to the Steelers
Jay steven
Jay steven 2 oy oldin
This dudes hair is FUCKED UP
Kobe Keomany
Kobe Keomany 2 oy oldin
Juju got doubled too so that point isn't 100% right
Bryce Bryson
Bryce Bryson 2 oy oldin
Max kellerman is a fucking idiot
Bryce Bryson
Bryce Bryson 2 oy oldin
Juju is not a number 1
Bryce Bryson
Bryce Bryson 2 oy oldin
Steven Smith shot your mouth and listen. Ben is the problem hands down. And get rid of that other idiot
Bigfoot270 2 oy oldin
AB. 100 mph. Down a shopping mall street. Throwing furniture out the window. Not showing up for practices tipping over the water containers young yet head coaches it’s not the white golf guys fault all the time
Bigfoot270 2 oy oldin
Blame the white guy . JuJu Smith is the new star and AB is jealous. He is a chump .
Brandon Giordano
Brandon Giordano 2 oy oldin
Why does Brandon Marshall look like killmonger as a pimp
Terrance Macklin
Terrance Macklin 2 oy oldin
Looking hot as hell in that fur coat😂😂
LC Jones
LC Jones 2 oy oldin
Steelers handle their stars poorly.. allll except Big Ben
Jojo Cartwright
Jojo Cartwright 2 oy oldin
Why does he yell everything
Lisa Riley-Levine
okay enough! I'd like to see Julio Jones be the new WR for Steelers!!!! I'm sick of all this shit.....
Miles a
Miles a 2 oy oldin
Wait I'm not even 21 seconds into this video but Big Ben got to Super Bowl rings without Antonio Brown just had to put that out there he got it with other wide receivers that weren't selfish and understood what it took to win the bowl
187Ares 2 oy oldin
Why is that short haired negro shouting all the time? Edit: also the white dude
King Leo XVII
King Leo XVII 2 oy oldin
Enter the Thunderdome!!
Yin Liu
Yin Liu 2 oy oldin
What da fuck is the Viking outfit Brandon got on?
mil182 2 oy oldin
came here to hear about AB, stayed for Brandon Marshall's final form
gOd 2 oy oldin
Tomlin does not know how to handle superstar egos. Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown drama is Mike Tomlins fault.
Lord Warhol
Lord Warhol 2 oy oldin
I love they say Bell is the best back in the game when he just took an entire season off. He's top 5, but give me Gurley, Zeke, D. Johnson and Barkley all before Bell.
LordOfNothingham 2 oy oldin
Holy hell. When I seen that first side shot of Marshall I thought that was a Mohawk warrior sitting there with a bear coat. Secondly why do they always yell on this goddamned show?
The Eradicator
The Eradicator 2 oy oldin
JFC Brandon, start taking your meds again.
J Dolo
J Dolo 2 oy oldin
look like he just left the wakanda players ball. wtf a monkey suit without the head still a monkey. never seen one with shitlocks. and I'm still wonder wtf is the point of the women in mens sports. smh
Adventures of Kevo
Steeler are a perfect example on why you shouldn’t be selfish #lifelesson
Brandon Bloomer
Brandon Bloomer 2 oy oldin
Let him speak, damn
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson 2 oy oldin
What the hell has Brandon Marshall got going on? Lol
pimnmike 2 oy oldin
Brandon and Decker were an amazing duo
Biond john
Biond john 2 oy oldin
Brandon Marshall lookin like a clown but absolutely agree with the situation FIGURE IT OUT
Max 2 oy oldin
Brandon Marshall looks like a porcupine smh
Don Newman
Don Newman 2 oy oldin
Wtf in that nigga head ?? Lmfaoo
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