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Kitchen Nightmares
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Gordon catches up with Mark, the old manager at Santa la Brea, to see how his life has been since leaving the restaurant. He managed to find a new job working at a raw food company, but he still has a problem when it comes to sweating. He hasn't even been working today and his arm pits are soaked. Mark bravely asks Gordon for a job. Gordon says he'll consider it once the sweating stops.
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18-Mar, 2011

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Victor Yepez
Victor Yepez Oy oldin
He is not even asking he is demanding it xD
ginger psycho
ginger psycho 2 oy oldin
Not many of us are even religious. We have a community but it’s mostly Hindu, Muslim and some catholic. The rest of us are either atheist or spiritual from my experience
newlend six
newlend six 3 oy oldin
Kev Shearer
Kev Shearer 4 oy oldin
its mad that he is now head waiter at gordons restaurant in london
ao el
ao el 4 oy oldin
Sauvage Ascension
The Drenching In Funk Sweaty Waiter.
Cobb Knobbler
Cobb Knobbler 6 oy oldin
Royal asshole. How about saying something and genuine. Essentially kiss his fucking ass and ring. This dude was a full blown douche bag.
YouDummy 6 oy oldin
Wow, he's making fun of the guy because he sweats? How about Gordon make fun of himself because he cheats on his wife!
Bendigo Dashcams
Bendigo Dashcams 6 oy oldin
"God delivered you..." That did it for me.
Malec Ray Wachira
Is the guy still sweating? Someone confirm this please
SinisterPlotter 7 oy oldin
Soooo he didn't get the job? Lmao
Abcity 7 oy oldin
I thought this was going to be all cute and emotional then I heard the comedic music and RAW FOOD bitbhcd b bh bjw bds cxjn
dogs aren't dangerous
At what point have you gobbled all of the scaly pecker ramsay?
Donald Pump
Donald Pump 7 oy oldin
Erica Sambogna
Erica Sambogna 7 oy oldin
Rename this to "Gordon insults a man's armpits"
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker 7 oy oldin
Well that wasn't awkward
FluffyTheComedy King
I think he thought he was ordering food. Gordon give me a job. Lol
bigjosh2517 8 oy oldin
I’d be a sweaty mess if I met Gordon too
Xylospring 8 oy oldin
More like he demanded a job rather than asked for one.
raachellbaaby xoxo
maybe ask instead of dsaying 'give me a job'
relunnie21 8 oy oldin
Stop taunting him for sweating, it's not his fault seriously! I feel bad for the guy :(
Azam Roslan
Azam Roslan 8 oy oldin
So What r u doing beside sweating... lel
hostile blueberry
saying "Give me a job" is rude, a simple "could I have a --" would have upped his chances by 100 percent
Kali Izunia
Kali Izunia 8 oy oldin
I really hope he got his sweating problem sorted and got the job
Brandon Clarkx
Brandon Clarkx 9 oy oldin
It's not what you say... as much as How you say it
Yoseph Pambudhi
Yoseph Pambudhi 9 oy oldin
Get chassi's powder mate. Or thompson tee's shirts.
SpartanMatt117 9 oy oldin
*R A W* Food
Julio Rodriguez
Julio Rodriguez 9 oy oldin
They say he Is still waiting for Ramsay to call
Tessa Jalloh
Tessa Jalloh 9 oy oldin
That took some serious balls. I applaud him for having the guts to do it.
King Brilliant
King Brilliant 9 oy oldin
when the sweaty man started talking about god i knew he was fucking mad.
CHARrrrrrrrr 10 oy oldin
Hrmmm, he quit cos everyone was making fun of him for sweating, then ramsay makes fun of him for sweating multiple times? Good work.
ArtsyRooster 10 oy oldin
Everyone in hr comments are like "oh Gordon such bully eeehhh" but honestly let me get some things straight 1. He yells at people normally due to the fact he is EXTREMELY passionate about cooking and he'd never be where he is if push hadn't come to shove for him in his youth but this is my argument for other clips In this scene he is not talking about cooking soo..2. All tv media all of it at least on the big networks are amplified by a thousand if Gordon in real life would say "Ah no thanks" then gordon in the show acts the way he does it's his tv personality Gordon is a genuinly good person (check season 5 ep5 part 2 for a better example of how sweet he can be) 3. He also swears a lot in general and people tend to have bad associations with swearing. Ps. Jesus freaking Christ I just wrote a horribly written essay on why Gordon Ramsay is a good person I'm that person.
ArtsyRooster 10 oy oldin
Excuse the essesive amount of typos in my comment.
eric burhed
eric burhed 10 oy oldin
Coo coo
Brandon Greenleaf
Brandon Greenleaf 10 oy oldin
Poor guy. He seems nice
Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemuhwem Osas
Raw food is heresy/apostasy to a chef such as Ramsay.
The Garage Band
The Garage Band 11 oy oldin
But did he gethim a jerb?!?
Rogue Boi
Rogue Boi 11 oy oldin
I'd ask for a job too if Gordon was in front of me
Pink Jones
Pink Jones 11 oy oldin
Well he didn't get the job....😒
Shane Warner
Shane Warner Yil oldin
niagra falls
Amadeus Yil oldin
"Give me a Job" Maybe try "Great to see you Gordon" "I left the restaurant and am currently looking for work would you have anywhere I could maybe work at as I'm now unemployed? Comes off much nicer
MrStensnask Yil oldin
Antony Manuel
Antony Manuel Yil oldin
Brendon Tan
Brendon Tan Yil oldin
Could it be medical?
Waddler Yil oldin
So did he GET a job?
sheaR Yil oldin
it's fucking raw
Casper L
Casper L Yil oldin
Maybe if he was blind, gordon would have been nicer to him
ammar azeem
ammar azeem Yil oldin
So what r u doing apart from sweating
Amar Shah
Amar Shah Yil oldin
Nino would’ve cleaned up his sweat.
mike856ms Yil oldin
What he has is a medical condition. A simple procedure can fix this.
Emperor Palpitate
yuut01234 Yil oldin
Did he get a job? Apart from sweating?
Honza Marek
Honza Marek Yil oldin
You cant ask for job in front of camera...
Pussilaik Tis
Pussilaik Tis Yil oldin
wich ep was?
Sarthak Katewa
Sarthak Katewa Yil oldin
Your fucking resume is RAW !!!
If someone has a problem sweating its not there fault what the fuck do you want them to do about it ?
Raymond Chen
Raymond Chen Yil oldin
Nino would've cleaned up that sweat
Antony Manuel
Antony Manuel Yil oldin
he is working for company who makes raw food. ramsay didnt kill him because after that he made ramsay laugh for that funny request of working to him, hahaha someone slap this idiot face so he would wake up from his sweaty dreams
Crosshair Yil oldin
I have the exact same thing, it's called hyperhidrosis, it's basically when your body simply sweats too much with no reason.
Jovetj 4 oy oldin
Not using antiperspirant doesn't help.
Windex Spray
Windex Spray Yil oldin
Fitter people sweat more, look it up
timothy fogarty
timothy fogarty Yil oldin
God he was gross
Primal Self
Primal Self Yil oldin
I don't think he meant that God delivered Gordon. I think he meant Gordon was a godsend.
Robin van den Berg
Great. The guy was probably nervous knowing what he was about to ask. Yet he obviously had no idea how to ask it, seeing the way he asked was ... either an attempt at either poking fun, or he was at a loss for how to form a question. Then he even threw in God for good measure. What a wanker.
Beerus - God of Destruction
looks like Mark is left off bad and boujee
s r
s r Yil oldin
poor guy
Big Boss
Big Boss Yil oldin
He isnt asking for a job he is asking for *His* job
159Fender159 Yil oldin
I remember reading an AMA that Ramsay did on Reddit. Some guy posted a comment saying how he was getting tired of being a chef, particularly because of the specific restaurant where he worked, asking Ramsay for any tips for motivation. Next thing you know, Ramsay replies to him telling him to send his resume, and to contact him in private. Everyone in the thread went fucking bonkers. It was great. Never did know if the guy got a job, though.
Either he was very brave or very foolish. I'm leaning towards the foolish with his demand
-:King:- Yil oldin
You work for raw food and u think Gordon will allow yoi
Forsythe Jones
Forsythe Jones Yil oldin
Fwank iz a very wazy cook, he doesn't even fwy the eggplant anymore, my mudda and fadda end up fwying it oops wrong video
Dave B
Dave B Yil oldin
Did he say "Give me a job" or "Give me your job?"
dutty sushi
dutty sushi Yil oldin
Deluded people I swear 😂
Jacko Walshy
Jacko Walshy Yil oldin
Im suprised that Gordon didnt flip his shit when that guy said he works for a raw cookery
Muhammad Baig
Muhammad Baig Yil oldin
i work at company for raw foods me; i realize at that moment he fucked up
Dale Trevors
Dale Trevors Yil oldin
Spoiler alert: Turned down.
Rob Shane
Rob Shane Yil oldin
Well that was awkward...
ToastyMemes Yil oldin
Im on a tablet and the title was cut off at "The waiter asks Gordon for... " I thought it was going to say the lamb sauce
Jack D
Jack D Yil oldin
So the answer was no basically
thirsty cowboy
thirsty cowboy Yil oldin
did he got the job?
NigNog Playz
NigNog Playz Yil oldin
I have an ad about stopping sweat lol
Mario Perez
Mario Perez Yil oldin
the fact that Ramsey took it ass joke is somewhat sad my uncle worked for a steak house and in his first 3 days they gave him 500 bucks in only tips
katiebug080592 Yil oldin
Needless to say that took some balls to up and ask him for a job.
Tunsi26 Yil oldin
Gordon Ramsay should consider to hire Nino. He will do everything without sweating
Potato Pulp
Potato Pulp Yil oldin
ok that dude is clearly gay for gordon
ThinkFloyd Yil oldin
Thomas Zorbaugh
Thomas Zorbaugh Yil oldin
asks? demands and gets laughed at you mean.
Boom15 Yil oldin
Your company is FUCKING RAWWW
Termo Yil oldin
He didn't ask lol
Mariyah Ali
Mariyah Ali Yil oldin
Sweaty baastard.
dyy Fethiiyhn
dyy Fethiiyhn Yil oldin
Raw food is life. Research Eskimo's and other people living long healthy life's just on meat.
C-137 Rick Sanchez
Island Mike
Island Mike Yil oldin
"What do you do besides sweating"?
AccelGamer Yil oldin
Looking at these comments..I'm guessing this is gona be a cringy request...
lil ativan
lil ativan Yil oldin
I love how he rejected without saying no
rosimendez011 Yil oldin
The look on Gordon's face when he scratched his head hahahaha
wan lolipopca
wan lolipopca Yil oldin
i remembered him
Nico Hermandung
Nico Hermandung Yil oldin
try botox
B. Emma
B. Emma Yil oldin
"It's like Niagara Falls in your armpits." Now that's pure awesomeness
Buk_ Lau2
Buk_ Lau2 Yil oldin
"give me a job" what a fucking spastic