BREAKING: President Trump Walks Out On Democrats During Border Wall Talk

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President Trump walked out of a White House meeting with congressional leaders Wednesday afternoon over the partial government shutdown after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi again rejected supporting new funding for a border wall, according to those in the meeting.
Speaking to reporters after the brief session, New York Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, the Senate minority leader, said the “president just got up and walked out."

“He asked Speaker Pelosi, ‘will you agree to my wall?’ She said no. And he just got up, and said, 'Well we’ve got nothing to discuss,'" Schumer said.
The president, in a tweet, called the meeting “a total waste of time” and appeared to confirm that he left after Pelosi's answer.
“I asked what is going to happen in 30 days if I quickly open things up, are you going to approve Border Security which includes a Wall or Steel Barrier? Nancy said, NO. I said bye-bye, nothing else works!” Trump tweeted.



9-Yan, 2019



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Jennifer Weston
Why was Obama not accused of "temper tantrums" when he shut down gov't for 18 days when he couldn't get Obamacare passed?????????????????????????
ROBZTA M Oy oldin
These Elite pedophiles need the borders wide open so they can keep smuggling in their sex slaves
Serena Scott
Serena Scott Oy oldin
I love Nancy
Angel Guerra
Angel Guerra Oy oldin
Nancy Pelosi is a great woman, she cares about us Americans 😊. She would be our president!!!
sixto silva
sixto silva Oy oldin
When the PRESIDENT builds the wall what a legacy to leave behind for his country and his future predecessors.
꧁Wesley꧂ Oy oldin
I think it’s funny how Bush put back billions of dollars for a wall, and then Obama came in and that money disappeared.
TinyBOss Oy oldin
No both of you are you fuckers. Impeach everyone in Washington DC.
Maspretty Ikaw
Vanessa Garcia
We dont want old ass people running the country .. we need more millennials in leadership roles
Rico Oy oldin
whats the point of building a wall that could be shattered with 3.6 pound of TNT or climbed with 11 meter lasso?? lmao such efficiency
Daniel Penn
Daniel Penn Oy oldin
Hey fancy pants Nancy, your days are coming to a head. President elect trump will have the last laugh. And you and the old devil next to you will be embarrassed when all hell brakes loss on the border. Jail Hillary. ! NOW
Tania Battiau
Tania Battiau Oy oldin
Democrats are worried about people’s payments, maybe she can offer her wage to the people and put her money we’re her mouth is. The Democrats are the reason for all this. They refused to talk ,compromise prior to the government lock down and continue to play games. Tell us the reason why you don’t want the wall build and what your alternatives are? You keep talking about Trump and what he is doing, yet never talk about what the Democrats are doing. Shame on all of you - blood money talks. I suggested that if you are so against the wall that you take what’s there down, that boarder security is dismissed and allow everyone to walk in and out of America free. Let’s see what happens than.
JamAL Young
JamAL Young Oy oldin
Open the government
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Oy oldin
Wall is simply TERRIBLE idea, we can do it in better way. Govt shutdown is pathetic idea and it'll lead us to recession soon. Bit rich to talk about Border security when president himself shutdown the government which cause many TSA and Border officials to skip their job. Make America Great Again...!!!!
Andrew Schumm
Andrew Schumm Oy oldin
R.I.P. Bernie Sanders is Dead!!! 1941-2019
Andrew Schumm
Andrew Schumm Oy oldin
R.I.P. Donald J. Trump is Dead!!! 1943-2019
ImGodsSon 19
ImGodsSon 19 Oy oldin
Thats wt i said that wall wont stop anything,prolly slow it dwn but wont stop anything
Rodney Stephens
Rodney Stephens 2 oy oldin
You Democrats want to talk about needing pay checks to pay their bills well where in the hell have y'all been out on vacation what about the protection for the American people the wall how about that
Wunschel Ledesma TV
Trump said mexico would pay for that wall. How stupid are you all for still kissing his ass???
420 gamer
420 gamer 2 oy oldin
they are asking YOU, not their parents and if walls dont work, please take the one down around your house
Kamikaze Warrior Productions
What a big baby Donnie is!!!
CgersMusic 2 oy oldin
Just let the wall be built! It’s te same amount of money as one month Afganistan 😅
anthony furtado
anthony furtado 2 oy oldin
Bull crap , they were never for boarder security , give him the wall , that is what the USA voted on , shoemaker if you are worried about people's mortgages you would not hold the people hostage , build the wall , the people have spoken .
rosely covali
rosely covali 2 oy oldin
At least this channel allows comments. The other channels (libs) shut comments off. THE PEOPLE LOVES TRUMP AND OUR THOUGHTS AND HEARTS ARE AND WILL PROTECT HIM AGAINST YOU BUZZARDS. These people are all focusing victimhood. They see small. Trump is right to walk out because you are all imbeciles!!! You are all poo-poo me. Weak humans in collective feud to scapegoat the best man as a President now. FOOLS! We are watching the evil pressure you are building for him to fall. GO TO THERAPY and leave Trump alone. The light of his people will turn all tables on you. You just play POWER. Go home you old man. Pelosi can go to Hell. A traitor. All republicans disagree with you no matter how much bla-bla-bla you use.
William Diemert
William Diemert 2 oy oldin
When Nancy Pelosi walks out she needs to be not reelected. Nancy Pelosi just doesn't care about the American people she only cares about those who are not from the United States of America. And it's a slap in the face to the American people including her State of California.
non yayet
non yayet 2 oy oldin
if you are for border security, why haven't you fixed it? is your better idea lining you and yours pockets? or securing our nation? do you really expect us to cry about federal employee's that get paid 2 and 3 and 4 or more times more money than most hard working americans? have you totally lost touch with reality? Good for trump. shame on ya'll that are, and have been trying to stonewalling him since the day he announced his run for presidency. the american public spoke loudly, let him do the job we elected him to do.
Skyler Cogburn
Skyler Cogburn 2 oy oldin
Kick these ridiculous people off the White House lawn.
King Reh
King Reh 2 oy oldin
Make new leader
Stevin Douglas
Stevin Douglas 2 oy oldin
He understands people problem more than you democrats
fibsernum30 2 oy oldin
The fact that Trump would hold millions in economic hardship just to get his way with his silly, horrendously expensive, wall folly is disgusting, but not surprising. It is surprising, though, that so many so-called conservatives are willing to kiss the pouty jackass's butt and support the wasting of tens of billions of our tax dollars and add even more to the gigantic, soaring Trump national deficit. Any notion that Republicans represent conservative and responsible fiscal policy is a complete joke.
Tony Stephens
Tony Stephens 2 oy oldin
Alin Corpodean
Alin Corpodean 2 oy oldin
Democrats and Merkel are both stupid
Republican forever
Democrats =cancer of United States!! TRUMP best PRESIDENT ever!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Brandon Burgess
Brandon Burgess 2 oy oldin
Walls work people!
marpa 2 oy oldin
He was elected on the promise to build that wall. You're the insensitive one by trying to force the president's hand into a government shut down.
Awesomeness Channel
He walked out because he’s a baby and is not getting what he wants.
Erik Wright
Erik Wright 2 oy oldin
So let’s get this straight....Trump says if I open the government will you agree to the wall, answer is no....but in the same breath u say if he opens up the government your willing to discuss...Hey Dumb and Dumber, get ur heads out of ur asses
ella zurar
ella zurar 2 oy oldin
Yes to TRUMP!!!
English Springer
English Springer 2 oy oldin
The dems are being idiots! They need to stop acting like victims! Maybe u could stop giving free stuff to bad people just for votes!
Kiet Nguyen
Kiet Nguyen 2 oy oldin
These two Nancy and chuck really need to be shot down not shut down
Jack Beanstock
Jack Beanstock 2 oy oldin
Mr and Mrs bobblehead
Wade Suhr
Wade Suhr 2 oy oldin
Everyone forgets how both parties voted on Secure Fence Act of 2006. Since two years ago the Democrats care only about moral posturing about victim culture. They weren't compassionate toward illegal immigration until recently. The Democrats liked immigration reform until Trump showed up. The Democrats are on video stating these opinions from 13 years ago and after. It is all on UZvid.
Tyrus House
Tyrus House 2 oy oldin
The source of trump power is the red cap legend has it that the cap grants him The power to influence others to believe that he won't fire your azz ...
Tyrus House
Tyrus House 2 oy oldin
What really happened was they were about to make a human sacrifice and Trump said wait a Dame minute where The hell is my red cap then he walked out in the middle of the sacrifice .thus excluded him from any future relations..
LtMistral Lexor
LtMistral Lexor 2 oy oldin
Awww I’m so sad. I Know all about financial insecurity. You cause it Nancy.. you are all a bunch of liars. I am sick and tired of dishonest people. Build the wall already.
Overlord One
Overlord One 2 oy oldin
Explain how this idiot woman Pelosi who is on a government salary can have $70 million in the bank!!! I’ll tell you... conflict of interest! She’s bought by special interest!!! Long live Donald Trump. Self made and driving the US in the RIGHT direction.
Daniel Montes
Daniel Montes 2 oy oldin
These people are the definition of fake. Look what idiots you voted for.
Aussie Shelia
Aussie Shelia 2 oy oldin
YOU'RE the ones holding the paychecks! agree to the wall and it will end! its not what YOU want! its what the PEOPLE want!
chad 2 oy oldin
the democrats simply want to continue their shady practices, the democrats are getting paid by the cartels to look the other way!!! screw them, build the wall!!!!
big t baggins ya
big t baggins ya 2 oy oldin
Which comment the polli-grip or how the elites are pedophiles
Question Everything
Trump ❤️
User 917
User 917 2 oy oldin
hey pelosi, why not just fund the border wall and then you can get the paychecks out?
Von Gundaker
Von Gundaker 2 oy oldin
Go polinsk go
star thrower
star thrower 2 oy oldin
Trump's ship is sinking faster than a lead brick. People are avoiding him like a leper. The empire run by a corporate megalomaniac and his corrupt family is ending. Long live democracy.
dave h
dave h 2 oy oldin
Wow, you're dumb.
MrSchmolko 2 oy oldin
they arent against the wall, just against paying. cant trump pay and collect from the mexicans? if he promises that they will pay, where would his risk be?
Mark Solomon
Mark Solomon 2 oy oldin
The real problem with our country is that uneducated people get to vote and breed.
Rocithard 2 oy oldin
Give it up you don’t have the support you think you have
Devon Gibbons
Devon Gibbons 2 oy oldin
It's ironic Pelosi argues for unpayed government employees because she is not payed by the government, she is payed by private interests--just like most others there. Hopefully Trump holds more for longer just so we can see what other absurd things they do.
jutara 2 oy oldin
If we choose to put aside that you make a false argumentation (she can perfectly well argue for unpaid gov employees without being one of them herself), are you equally concerned that Republican political campaigns and U.S. government agencies have spent more than $16 million on Trump properties since Trump launched his campaign in 2015? Or that his business receives probably even millions a year in revenue from foreign and domestic government stays in his Washington hotel - often with the express purpose of cultivating his good graces? Or that he apparently got Russian money for his inauguration? And it is "paid".
rotorspeed 2 oy oldin
democrats should be all relocated (shot) to the moon. Globalise the moon with your idiotic ideology! If you wanna keep motherfucker's from shithole country's out you need a wall!
jutara 2 oy oldin
+rotorspeed Everyone who doesn't agree with you should be relocated? Well, that's one mature opinion! Ever occured to you that YOU might be in the minority with your simplistic fixation with a wall which, as Trump's early aidees just revealed, was just a memory trick for an undiciplined candidate, who couldn't stick to a message? I.e. Trump has no policies, his "policies" are random slogans that are easy to chant in rallies with nothing in them - no thinking, no planning, no insight, no policy, nothing. What was Trump's approval rartng again? Was it not 40.5%? You call that a winning position?
rotorspeed 2 oy oldin
Hi jutara, well then those need to be relocated too. We need people with common sense these days and not those with corruptive minds! +jutara
jutara 2 oy oldin
Only 69 of the 292 REPUBLICANS on Capitol Hill said "yes" when asked in Sept 2017 whether they support Trump's initial $1.6 billion budget request to begin construction.
Michael S
Michael S 2 oy oldin
Why isn't there a warrant out for George Soros? It is he who is funding the caravans so he is the one responsible.
George Margo
George Margo 2 oy oldin
Nancy Pelosi is overrated. She has no business in politics........She detests Trump.....
Sheila Michael
Sheila Michael 2 oy oldin
why waste your time talking to idiots like pelosi or any democrats,,, i would walk too, You might as well talk to a wall.
jutara 2 oy oldin
Well, maybe because your wall depends on them, for instance?
Dave M.
Dave M. 2 oy oldin
Waistless chatter build the wall!!
James Preston Thomas
Pelosi and Schumer, you couldn't care less about those not getting their paychecks! You two are absolutely disgusting! The WALL IS necessary!!! ALL far left Liberals like yourselves should make a Caravan migration to Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, and Mexico, ONE-WAY!!! Do NOT return, EVER!!!
James Preston Thomas
+jutara, And your point is??? We know there are a lot of RINOs among us, and we are prepared to 'deal' with them. Don't ask how because I wouldn't share a recipe or taxi, much less a secret with you! YOU are the disease we are curing!!! A Cancer of Freedom! You're a PC Liberal Asshole!
jutara 2 oy oldin
Only 69 of the 292 REPUBLICANS on Capitol Hill said "yes" when asked in Sept 2017 whether they support Trump's initial $1.6 billion budget request to begin construction.
zepguwl thistle
zepguwl thistle 2 oy oldin
They show their stupidity, again blaming it on others. They are just wicked
Fist Fury
Fist Fury 2 oy oldin
Donald Trump is a villian
Andy Jiao
Andy Jiao 2 oy oldin
You should be thankful that on your Northern border is Canada. haha
Andy Jiao
Andy Jiao 2 oy oldin
Democrats are bad.
jutara 2 oy oldin
Only 69 of the 292 REPUBLICANS on Capitol Hill said "yes" when asked in Sept 2017 whether they support Trump's initial $1.6 billion budget request to begin construction.
My Vu
My Vu 2 oy oldin
Democrats, you are bunch of liars
AgnesRose Mbembu
AgnesRose Mbembu 2 oy oldin
Why Schumer looking down?
crazyboy 2 oy oldin
if the oval orange liar wouldnt haved used this delusional wall he preached to get his votes and make their voters looked liked fools , this mess wouldnt have existed now its eating his orange ass inside and out ...just like the many other lies are !!! This clown and his Empire is about to crumble to the ground ...
Redi2ride 2 oy oldin
They knew it would happen. Give him the wall. We all want so Gov. Can get paid. You share the blame! They are throwing the temper tantrum as well!
jutara 2 oy oldin
Well, why didn't the GOP fund the wall when they had the whole effing Congress? Why whine about it now?
Sammy Spaniel
Sammy Spaniel 2 oy oldin
The scariest thing about the Trump administration is that it will end in 2024.
John Chamberlain
John Chamberlain 2 oy oldin
Since there is such a difference in both statements maybe all meetings on camera are the best way to get to the truth? Someone is being misleading and I think I know which one.
jutara 2 oy oldin
Real negotiations are not reality TV. Was Trump's televised "cabinet meeting" a real meeting? No, it wasn't. Instead, it was a mindlessly rambling monologue by Trump with a ridiculous "movie poster" of himself on the table. You think that is how real governing works? Trump is all about show.
Gunmen01 2 oy oldin
He got up and walked out because hes a straight forward man🇺🇸 And looking at yo you're standing there talking about all this while one's talking though the ones got a smirky grin on their face you people are or something else🇺🇸
Gunmen01 2 oy oldin
You're blaming it all on Trump🇺🇸its both parties for God's sake this is America people try to work together ya'll have buttoned heads from day one🇺🇸
Maide Tahar
Maide Tahar 2 oy oldin
If you know peoples are hurt! Why won’t you open the shutdown?
Gunmen01 2 oy oldin
My sister is one that is not getting a paycheck she works for the feds but I believe the border needs to be secure we need that wall build the wall🇺🇸 I know there are tons of people that are not getting paychecks and that sad it's not all president trump's fault the blame lies on both parties🇺🇸
jutara 2 oy oldin
Only 69 of the 292 REPUBLICANS on Capitol Hill said "yes" when asked in Sept 2017 whether they support Trump's initial $1.6 billion budget request to begin construction.
David Williams
David Williams 2 oy oldin
no temper tantrum, trump didn't want to babysit a couple of idiot liars, pelosi and schumer are to stupid to be in office. BUILD THE WALL!! WALLS DON'T MALFUNCTION LIKE POLITICIANS DO SO TAKE YOUR TECHNOLOGY AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS
RoseAgnes Mbebuh
RoseAgnes Mbebuh 2 oy oldin
Mr. President, you have done your best. Use the 14B to build the wall, open the Gov't, and also busy draining the swamps.
Sam's son
Sam's son 2 oy oldin
I think Schumer is lying, first he says Trump asked if they would support the wall, then Trump said, Then we have nothing to discuss. And walked out. Schumer then goes on saying he asked Trump to open up the Gov't. And keeps going on with his story. Either Trump walked out or he didn't. Schumer and Pelosi are adding to the story to get their talking points in.
USA America
USA America 2 oy oldin
What happen with mexico who was gonna pay for the wall lying MF
Rich Bùi
Rich Bùi 2 oy oldin
Don't need to Pelosi .....Bad
Rich Bùi
Rich Bùi 2 oy oldin
Bad talk
Candy Diggs
Candy Diggs 2 oy oldin
Since Hillary Clinton's defeat, the Democrat Party has become a democrat destroyer and often gives a bad view of the trump Democrats just want to reach the level of voters, not wanting to improve the American state
Guru Gutt
Guru Gutt 2 oy oldin
I am no longer afraid of trump, now I pray that everyone remember that all their days are counted. We hope they live long enough to see the wall.
Kevin Gomez Jr
Kevin Gomez Jr 2 oy oldin
can you and trump shut up you and every politition have done something bad so shut up. fund the wall alreast just do it. stupid
Dennis Ludolph
Dennis Ludolph 2 oy oldin
Watch for the Trump deranged syndrome trolls most of these people don't have a job and they got nothing else better to do but troll the internet and bother middle-class hard-working citizens that like President Trump
Dennis Ludolph
Dennis Ludolph 2 oy oldin
You just need to declare a national state of emergency and completely bypass those Democratic Stooges they're playing politics for 2020 and they never cared about the American people and they're not going to care now these are the same Democrats that voted for Border walls five years ago under Obama's presidency and now all of a sudden because they have Trump derangement syndrome they don't want to work with this president
jutara 2 oy oldin
Declare a state of emergency because he is a loser negotiator? Give me a break! And please, try to use your common sense.
Muhammed Zafar Khan
U say that it's wrong Trump is holding hostage 800 000 workers pay etc....becos of u Dems ur holding the entire USA population hostage Cos u don't Wana budge and are being stubborn. All other times u can donate billions of dollars to countries for pointless things to fund yet u can't fund ur own nation. Honestly it's pathetic the Democrats are hypocrites bloody pathetic and foolish it's ur fault. Trump shud declare national emergency band just build it. The democrats can go get stuffed sit in the corner with Hillary Obama Bush and crew with there dumb hats on.
jutara 2 oy oldin
Trump said he takes the blame for the shutdown, and won't blame Dems. Anything unclear there for you? Declare a state of emergency because he is a loser negotiator? Give me a break! And please, try to use your common sense.
Quincy Wily
Quincy Wily 2 oy oldin
Wyrd Blogger
Wyrd Blogger 2 oy oldin
The only thing the Dems built in that talk was a strawman.
angrysammo 2 oy oldin
More illegal immigrants coming in will help lower the national obesity rate per capita!
N S 2 oy oldin
I was homeless in big cities and it was very sad for me to see people on heroin but one thing I know is that the people who sell heroin are white and black. They are not hispanic.
Cynthia Watson
Cynthia Watson 2 oy oldin
She is there with blood on her hands of all the dead Americans. BUILD THE WALL! We do understand that you forgo your oath for your hatred of POTUS. Schumer YOU LIE! Loved the podium speech. SNL worthy
Arvind Swatch
Arvind Swatch 2 oy oldin
Its 2019. Why build a wall, when we got some much technology now? I support both parties. This just doesnt make sense.
Eddie Herrera
Eddie Herrera 2 oy oldin
I am Mexican American! Yea I said MEXICAN! God bless America.
Frans Dav
Frans Dav 2 oy oldin
It is clear that it is these two democratic idiots that is the cause for people not getting their paychecks. So it is crazy for them to blame Trump, they obviously have a hidden agenda.
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