Brendon Urie Reacts to Me

Tristan Paredes
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Tristan Paredes
Tristan Paredes 10 kun oldin
My reaction to Brendon's reaction is coming soon, so be sure you turn on the bell notification icon to know when it's out!! Also, be sure to follow Brendon Urie on Twitch :) Brendon Urie's Twitch: www.twitch.tv/brendonurie
Mr Hoo
Mr Hoo Kun oldin
Then he gonna do a reaction on your reaction on his reaction on your reaction on his performance?
Aubree Chattic
Aubree Chattic 3 kun oldin
Wait. Us watching you watching him watching you watching him. Interesting...that's a lot if watchins goin on.
Cam 3 kun oldin
Tristan Paredes Oh Shit, this is gonna go back and forth until someone gets bored.
Random Person
Random Person 4 kun oldin
react to Kennedy Holmes "Turning Tables"!!
RosewayWitch 4 kun oldin
I appreciate it so much that you didn't put any ads on this video. God bless you
Roguespartan119 47 daqiqa oldin
May I just say the everything about Brendon Urie is effortless.🤟🤟🤟
Ashley Nicole
Ashley Nicole Soat oldin
Shyanne Helms
Shyanne Helms Soat oldin
BRENDON not Brandon
• fluent sarcasm •
Tristan reacts to Brendon reacting to Tristan reacting to Brendon. Wow
Galadhon X
Galadhon X 2 soat oldin
Are you high in the beginning of this! :D
Mollie 4 soat oldin
Tristan reacts to Brendon reacting to Tristan reacting to Brendon.
Jessica Clifford
Jessica Clifford 4 soat oldin
Lucky duck
NotA GamerGirl
NotA GamerGirl 4 soat oldin
U kinda look like him lol
mak 5 soat oldin
you look like jarrod alonge
Carl Go
Carl Go 5 soat oldin
I love brendon urie because he's so like Freddie mercury hes range is so wide and he moves around it with ease and the type of songs they sing really like the same person.
Abriel 8 soat oldin
And stop telling us to not pressure him like you have any say so ABOUT what we can do what to him and comment on his socials ho
Abriel 8 soat oldin
Your annoying and I think beebo Deadass only feels sorry for you
Hvney Peach
Hvney Peach 10 soat oldin
Brendon trying to act like he isn’t the most talented person on earth for 20 minutes straight
alex c
alex c 10 soat oldin
It kills me that Tristan comments on the skills Brendan uses to produce amazing music and Brendan’s like “Oh! I didn’t know that!” 😂 it just solidifies my opinion that the best voices don’t need coaching or anything- they just have talent, range, projection, everything just comes so naturallly.
Jv t
Jv t 10 soat oldin
2:22 *let me get my fart headphones back on*
M S 11 soat oldin
i can tell some people in the comments aren’t really fans of panic cause they’re legitimately confused as to how brendon doesn’t know that much about the techniques and shit but brendon is always telling everyone during his lives that he doesn’t pay attention to that at all and just sings. so i’m not surprised at him not knowing shit 💀
PhilaSophia1094 11 soat oldin
This made me so happy
Der fröhliche Apfel
Der fröhliche Apfel 12 soat oldin
What's the track used in the outro?
rainbow phoenix6
rainbow phoenix6 18 soat oldin
*makes a twitch just for Brendon Urie* 😍😍😍
Lia Martinez
Lia Martinez 19 soat oldin
This was a great video
Sofia Guedes
Sofia Guedes 19 soat oldin
brendon urie é um bb ai amo demais
Rita Choudhury
Rita Choudhury 19 soat oldin
Brendon is too beautiful
Catrina Tulowiecki
Catrina Tulowiecki 19 soat oldin
tristan fanboying about brendon urie for 20 minutes
raven rivera
raven rivera 19 soat oldin
Its crazy how he says he is not cute,but he is so fucking cute love brendon urie
MISCHIEF M 21 soat oldin
u look like the son of andy samberg and brendon urie.
Kaitlyn 21 soat oldin
I am seeing Brendon live this upcoming Sunday, and I am beyond excited to hear his beautiful voice in person, let alone be in the same room as him. He is amazing.
Rose Productions
Rose Productions 21 soat oldin
His face when you said you loved him lmao
Hannah Wise
Hannah Wise 21 soat oldin
He looks like brendon and ansel elgort has a baby
Josh Logan
Josh Logan 22 soat oldin
I never noticed how innocent brendon laugh is
Sophia DeMella
Sophia DeMella 22 soat oldin
Beebo is amazing that is the why i liked the void
Chi_ Sandcrackers
Chi_ Sandcrackers 23 soat oldin
BrEndon Urie BrEEENNNNNdon
Ally Garcia
Ally Garcia 23 soat oldin
hes perfect...im talking ab brendon... and casual affair is life
Bevi B
Bevi B Kun oldin
love that
Meccaroni Kun oldin
I have a panic concert Jan 25 and I’m so excited
Oakley Newham
Oakley Newham Kun oldin
WE need to see Brendon Urie and Jack Black Sing together!
Mochi uwu
Mochi uwu Kun oldin
i love how flattered he gets from the compliments awe
Alice Rose
Alice Rose Kun oldin
Brendon reacting to himself is anyone when happy birthday is sung to them. Uncomfortable and jittery
Delphynium Rose
Delphynium Rose Kun oldin
React to HIM! (like the band)!!
Gloomy .Sadie
Gloomy .Sadie Kun oldin
So it's Tristan reacting to Brendon Urie reacting to Tristan reacting to Brendon Urie...woah.
Noor Al Ain Ayoob
Why is Brendon such a mooooooddd I love him ❤️
xpedrox23 Kun oldin
This is a reaction of a reaction of a reaction. Man...
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon Kun oldin
2:31 literally me inside my head doing anything
Madeleine Kun oldin
*Brendon Urie not knowing anything about his own vocal techniques for 20 minutes* 😂❣️
Lea hill
Lea hill Kun oldin
Poor Brendon looks so uncomfortable
Purpur Kat
Purpur Kat Kun oldin
Honestly if I was a vocal coach and Brenden reacted to one of my videos I would loose my crap I would be so happy
Angela Nix
Angela Nix Kun oldin
My bf looks like him from some angles,and when he puts on a ball cap I get plain turned on.
Marci Sleightam
Marci Sleightam Kun oldin
I never noticed before ... when the song - I write the sins not the tragedies ... when he signs poise and rationality and stretches it out and breakers in down into syllables it takes on a second meaning of poisoned rationally 💖 I love that so much . It's the details that keep unfolding and the layers of sound and meaning
Hannah Bakos
Hannah Bakos Kun oldin
I want someone that looks at me like Tristan looks at brendon
Blue Rose
Blue Rose Kun oldin
CrazyLists Kun oldin
What mic do you use, can you give me a link to buy it, I LOVE IT, it’s quality is amazing
"I like to watch myself"
Liyah Harris
Liyah Harris Kun oldin
Brendon: Look at all them beauties on stage.....the girls too. bReNdOn
vegan feminist
vegan feminist Kun oldin
You are so adorable, and so is Brendon :)
gee cee
gee cee Kun oldin
I strayed away from listening to panic’s music, but watching this reminded me why I became a fan in the first place- not just for the great variety of music, but because Brendon is a down to earth and talented guy who isn’t affected by the fame
Xpro Glxlxr
Xpro Glxlxr Kun oldin
Brendan is a Angele No he is a gos
KrispyyFilms Kun oldin
well getting brendon to say my name is one off the bucket list
I Do Not Post Anymore
Brendon reacts to him reacting to him reacting to him singing
Mocking Jade
Mocking Jade Kun oldin
HAHAAHAHAHAH Mostly Brendon doesn't know what he's actually doing with his voice so cute
Mocking Jade
Mocking Jade Kun oldin
Well now Brendon knows how we react to his songs and how cool he is. Omg congrats
Aarya Louise
Aarya Louise Kun oldin
I didn't know that. What does that MEAN? - Brendon's like Naaah dude, you can't just say something and not explain it. Man, that's triggering me, stop it
buck'd out
buck'd out Kun oldin
dude what's that outro?? i love it! is it u singing or something?
vil beez
vil beez Kun oldin
plzzz react to ally salort !!
Sub to pewdz chicken strips
No wonder how in Say Amen (It's Saturday Night) he can hit that high night when he gets kicked in the balls in the video
SHYEE12 Kun oldin
Brendon plays Fortnite... EVEN BETTER!
Dan Jeffersan
Dan Jeffersan Kun oldin
What a good sport omg
Alexandre Henrique
Aoownnnnn the monkey outfit is sooooooooo cute!!! *-*
Camz Ramos
Camz Ramos Kun oldin
17:55 Brendon almost sang along to himself. Ughhh. You are both such a wonderful people, Tristan. ❤ Congratulations on being recognized and reacted to by Brendon Urie.
Jenny Tyndall
Jenny Tyndall Kun oldin
I love Brendon Urie he is the most amazing and loving human I ever came to know of!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Jae Evanoff
Jae Evanoff Kun oldin
The views is the same as the subs
Stylhus Kun oldin
Brendon is such an attention whore lmao he knows he loved to watch you compliment him
Karll Kun oldin
Tristan Paredes reacts to Brendon Urie reacts to Tristan Paredes reacts to Brendon Urie
Delena Price
Delena Price Kun oldin
Brendon is just too nice 😂😆
Monique Esparza
Monique Esparza Kun oldin
I'm watching a video within a video within a video.
That Awoo
That Awoo Kun oldin
Tristan: *says something good about beebo* Beebo: *Ooooo*
foffisimmer G
foffisimmer G Kun oldin
Can you react to Vic Fuentes?
bella Kun oldin
Omg I completely agree with you 😂
Darkling Doodles
I smiled so much while watching this.
Good Old No Name
I just saw four videos in one video 😂
Maci Dismuke
Maci Dismuke Kun oldin
I’ve never heard of this guy... but I am so glad to know him now.
Iamthealan Kun oldin
Bet you Brandon is the peacock in “the masked singer” 🤔
Dork Tailz
Dork Tailz Kun oldin
rose wedel
rose wedel Kun oldin
I fucking love brendon urie so much omg.
jeremiah fox
jeremiah fox Kun oldin
The video is 20mins and 19secs long. 2019
Raven Leigh
Raven Leigh Kun oldin
I like how Tristan's feedback almost gave Brendon more confidence in himself/his performances since he said in the beginning that he doesn't like to watch them back. It's very sweet 💕
Nenny Melodias
Nenny Melodias Kun oldin
lizz Kun oldin
*troll hates on brendon* brendon: ~blatantly bursts out laughing~
Jess Syvertsen
Jess Syvertsen Kun oldin
He’s so adorably awkward sometimes... I love him so much
werido pizza
werido pizza Kun oldin
What did you guys tell him that fuck you /I just died Lmfao Brendon Urie is amazing I love him
TheHeavenly FB
TheHeavenly FB Kun oldin
I like how when Tristan is giving notes on Brendon's singing, Brendon just reacts in a "yeah that's what I meant to do" sort of way.
paigie.so.crazy 13
I feel like Brandon urie isn't appreciated enough for his voice😩😩😩😖😖
Kalea Jakic
Kalea Jakic Kun oldin
Coverzzz.by.Lexi. Jaide
So Brendon is reacting to Tristan reacting to Brendon Ok just checking 😂
Coverzzz.by.Lexi. Jaide
Sarah Lamb
Sarah Lamb 2 kun oldin
This is so pure :-)
melissa bernatchez
melissa bernatchez 2 kun oldin
I've been subbed forever it's nice to see you at 1.5M! You work so hard, same to Aloona by the way 😍
pashi 2 kun oldin
I love him but somehow it looks like he don't like his voice that much. Brendon you are awesome!!
Lizy Gutierrez
Lizy Gutierrez 2 kun oldin
Can you please react to Shawn Mendes bad reputation at the O2 Arena in London!! Please!
Ashley Ervin
Ashley Ervin 2 kun oldin
Anyone else just instantly become so happy watching Brendon Urie? I love his energy ❣️
Yvania O
Yvania O 2 kun oldin
Brandon was being so cute and embarrassed and omg hes is just so squishy