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Broncos vs. Cardinals Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018

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I LOVE DOGS 6 kun oldin
I will never understand the modern way of thinking in football. Passing the ball on 3rd and 1 in the first quarter. Glad it got picked off.
Drano White aka Dominic
4:27 that was smart for Phillip Lindsay to go for a screen on that play
Drano White aka Dominic
Phillip Lindsay, Emmanuel Sanders, and Demaryius Thomas favorite on Broncos and the Broncos are my team
Naji Abuirmeileh
Naji Abuirmeileh 17 kun oldin
Cardinals, CONGRAGULATIONS, you guys finsished dead last this season.
Owen Priscott
Owen Priscott 18 kun oldin
Todd Davis finally got his moment
Breanna Parenteau
Breanna Parenteau 21 kun oldin
Hi is Breanna
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 26 kun oldin
This game was over before the 2nd half
Javier Hernandez
When you realize Sanders and Rosen had the same amount of TD throws lol
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
R.I.P Arizona Press F to pay respects
Noah2578 King of YouTube
Go Broncos
Marie Godinez
Marie Godinez 2 oy oldin
Broncos 🙃
WarmKitten Asmr And Randomness
Owen Priscott
Owen Priscott 2 oy oldin
ultimate Domination
Erick Aguilar
Erick Aguilar 2 oy oldin
Daniel Leyva
Daniel Leyva 2 oy oldin
Denver vs Texans should make for a great offensive game. But I’m pretty Watt, clowney, Hopkins, Watson, Blu and fuller are going to dominate
Amie Guinn
Amie Guinn 2 oy oldin
Let's go broncos
DrGanja99 2 oy oldin
How is Lindsey allowed to wear #30?
Gregory Brown
Gregory Brown 2 oy oldin
Not only did they get their ass beat by their franchise QB limps off the field in garbage time lol
Law 2 oy oldin
Rosen Bust
Mario Gus
Mario Gus 2 oy oldin
I miss Bruce Arians
Zach Kim
Zach Kim 3 oy oldin
Never knew broncos is that good oof
Juju smith sr
Juju smith sr 3 oy oldin
I love Larry fits his 1st td this year
Ryan Shaffer
Ryan Shaffer 3 oy oldin
Joe buck is terrible
smodelux 3 oy oldin
Looks like the Cards gave up before the end of the first quarter.
_ Excel
_ Excel 3 oy oldin
Seeing the Cardinals getting their ass kicked makes me happy 😁 - A Cheesehead
Joyce Thompson
Joyce Thompson 3 oy oldin
Who cares, the NFL is dead to many Americans.
Fuck off
Fuck off 2 oy oldin
Lmfao not really.
xxbatman69 xx
xxbatman69 xx 3 oy oldin
Trash > cardinals
mtnbikr107 3 oy oldin
Kinda felt like I was watching the Panthers-Broncos Super Bowl again
Ken York
Ken York 3 oy oldin
There were more broncos fans then cardinals fans at the game thats sad they even said it lol oh an let's go broncos
Don Huevos-Rancheros
dang who knew.. emmanuel sanders gotta an arm 🤨
eureka0521 3 oy oldin
1:33 That's a great fckin catch..not getting enough credit in my opinion lol
Tyler Stephens
Tyler Stephens 3 oy oldin
Courtland Sutton is going to be a beast
Terry Bernardasci
You can tell the Broncos got tired a tiny bit
KFC Cow 3 oy oldin
NFL is rigged
LDL 88
LDL 88 3 oy oldin
If Broncos play like this rest of season they'll be in the Superbowl.👍😉
Hijack Maniac
Hijack Maniac 3 oy oldin
i heard Broncos played against some team, but just couldn´t see it
Nun Ya
Nun Ya 3 oy oldin
I love my Broncos but they shouldn't be so cocky beating such a shitty football team. #firevancejoseph
Fuck off
Fuck off 2 oy oldin
Lmfao you're not broncos fan.
Aligums 3 oy oldin
All coaches for the cardinals better start look in for a new job
FaceLifeBook Blog
Read this article about sports psychology.. facelifebook.com/5-tips-on-mentality-on-a-game-day/
GamerSkull 3 oy oldin
Broncos can win the rest of there games with chad Kelly or Emmanuel Sanders as qb
Fuck off
Fuck off 2 oy oldin
Chad Kelly isn't on the broncos anymore.
Victor Manuel Torres W Jr
super bowl 2019 Chiefs vs LA Rams.. today's Monday night football November 19 I was right.. super game..
Luke Downie
Luke Downie 3 oy oldin
VONN IS THE🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❗❗❗❗❗❗
Luke Downie
Luke Downie 3 oy oldin
F-IN funny how he can go THREE STRAIGHT games with NO sacks, and then POOF..... HE'S LEADING THE NFL!!!!
Rikelme 3 oy oldin
Can't believe I missed this game, but the losing streak the Broncos had been on had killed my excitement. Lesson learned.
AmeerahR 3 oy oldin
3:03 Sanders flip though!
Newchie 3 oy oldin
Defense looking like 2015.But we did play shitty Arizona lol
Calicoe 313
Calicoe 313 3 oy oldin
This game was fire 🔥🔥🔥and I don’t go for either team just being honest.
Mats 101
Mats 101 3 oy oldin