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Broncos vs. Cardinals Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018

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Marie Godinez
Marie Godinez 6 kun oldin
Broncos 🙃
WarmKitten Asmr And Randomness
Owen Priscott
Owen Priscott 12 kun oldin
ultimate Domination
Erick Aguilar
Erick Aguilar 13 kun oldin
Daniel Leyva
Daniel Leyva 16 kun oldin
Denver vs Texans should make for a great offensive game. But I’m pretty Watt, clowney, Hopkins, Watson, Blu and fuller are going to dominate
Amie Guinn
Amie Guinn 16 kun oldin
Let's go broncos
DrGanja99 21 kun oldin
How is Lindsey allowed to wear #30?
Gregory Brown
Gregory Brown 22 kun oldin
Not only did they get their ass beat by their franchise QB limps off the field in garbage time lol
Law 23 kun oldin
Rosen Bust
Mario Gus
Mario Gus 23 kun oldin
I miss Bruce Arians
Zach Kim
Zach Kim 25 kun oldin
Never knew broncos is that good oof
lms1976 25 kun oldin
I love Larry fits his 1st td this year
Ryan Shaffer
Ryan Shaffer 25 kun oldin
Joe buck is terrible
smodelux 25 kun oldin
Looks like the Cards gave up before the end of the first quarter.
Zstuff 25 kun oldin
the crowd was aghast ! - - them spastic endzone dances infuriated the birds
_ Excel
_ Excel 25 kun oldin
Seeing the Cardinals getting their ass kicked makes me happy 😁 - A Cheesehead
Joyce Thompson
Joyce Thompson 26 kun oldin
Who cares, the NFL is dead to many Americans.
Fuck off
Fuck off 23 kun oldin
Lmfao not really.
xxbatman69 xx
xxbatman69 xx 26 kun oldin
Trash > cardinals
mtnbikr107 26 kun oldin
Kinda felt like I was watching the Panthers-Broncos Super Bowl again
Ken York
Ken York 26 kun oldin
There were more broncos fans then cardinals fans at the game thats sad they even said it lol oh an let's go broncos
Don Huevos-Rancheros
dang who knew.. emmanuel sanders gotta an arm 🤨
eureka0521 26 kun oldin
1:33 That's a great fckin catch..not getting enough credit in my opinion lol
Tyedye _
Tyedye _ 26 kun oldin
Courtland Sutton is going to be a beast
Terry Bernardasci
Terry Bernardasci 26 kun oldin
You can tell the Broncos got tired a tiny bit
KFC Cow 26 kun oldin
NFL is rigged
LDL 88
LDL 88 26 kun oldin
If Broncos play like this rest of season they'll be in the Superbowl.👍😉
Hijack Maniac
Hijack Maniac 26 kun oldin
i heard Broncos played against some team, but just couldn´t see it
Nun Ya
Nun Ya 26 kun oldin
I love my Broncos but they shouldn't be so cocky beating such a shitty football team. #firevancejoseph
Fuck off
Fuck off 23 kun oldin
Lmfao you're not broncos fan.
Aligums 26 kun oldin
All coaches for the cardinals better start look in for a new job
FaceLifeBook Blog
FaceLifeBook Blog 26 kun oldin
Read this article about sports psychology.. facelifebook.com/5-tips-on-mentality-on-a-game-day/
GamerSkull 26 kun oldin
Broncos can win the rest of there games with chad Kelly or Emmanuel Sanders as qb
Fuck off
Fuck off 23 kun oldin
Chad Kelly isn't on the broncos anymore.
Víctor Manuel Torres jr.
super bowl 2019 Chiefs vs LA Rams..
Luke Downie
Luke Downie 27 kun oldin
VONN IS THE🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯❗❗❗❗❗❗
Luke Downie
Luke Downie 27 kun oldin
F-IN funny how he can go THREE STRAIGHT games with NO sacks, and then POOF..... HE'S LEADING THE NFL!!!!
Rikelme 27 kun oldin
Can't believe I missed this game, but the losing streak the Broncos had been on had killed my excitement. Lesson learned.
ameerah1717 27 kun oldin
3:03 Sanders flip though!
Newchie 27 kun oldin
Defense looking like 2015.But we did play shitty Arizona lol
Calicoe 313
Calicoe 313 27 kun oldin
This game was fire 🔥🔥🔥and I don’t go for either team just being honest.
M HEEK 27 kun oldin
MarioYT -Games
MarioYT -Games 27 kun oldin
My Fantasy game point went up
Rebecca Coughenour
Rebecca Coughenour 27 kun oldin
I was at the game
Geoff Thompson
Geoff Thompson 27 kun oldin
The Broncos could easily have a couple more wins. But if you're paying attention, you can't be very critical of Case Keenum and their offense. Von Miller and the Broncos Defense showed that in how they dominated the Cardinals.
Jeremy Olden
Jeremy Olden 27 kun oldin
Arizona offensive line sucks or hates the QB
Jonny five
Jonny five 27 kun oldin
Stop giving these people your money They are playing a game Games are for children
Jake From state farm
Y can Sanders throw on target better than case Keenan btw von miller god damn i love the man i feel bad tho for rosen
Ed Mattingley
Ed Mattingley 27 kun oldin
I love my broncos, But! Was this just a so called game comeback when they knew it was a 1 and 4 team, what about a 7 and 0 team????
J. Bond
J. Bond 27 kun oldin
Ed, they took on the Chiefs and scared am a little but all in all I think the Broncos fell into a stupor of sorts and it took "The Von" a bit of media hypin to get am back on track. The stupid game was against New York. They gave that one away.
Happiness Bunny
Happiness Bunny 27 kun oldin
Cardinals offensive line sucks
JorgeBurrito 27 kun oldin
UZvid shouldn't show graphic grape like this
Jared Collins
Jared Collins 27 kun oldin
I just realized Emmanuel’s TD celebration is mocking a chicken. Aka a bird.
WhatANerdyLoser 27 kun oldin
Gosh. Josh Rosen is so bad.
OLCtv 27 kun oldin
That move Von Miller at 7:10 whoa
Paulo Henrique Sousa Silva
Bad start for Cardinals... 6 loses in the first 7 games
Xzviur Azai
Xzviur Azai 28 kun oldin
Amazing players actually play for these teams. Right now the Cardinals Giants Jets Browns And a couple more are teams that are completely wasting some talented athletics from being champions as they rightfully should.
Cameron Fish
Cameron Fish 28 kun oldin
Suck it Rosin
Charles Martel
Charles Martel 28 kun oldin
The key to Denver's success on offense is getting Phillip Lindsey and Royce Freeman going in the run game. Case Keenum shouldn't be throwing the ball more than 25 times per game.
Taumainuumau Pereira
That was a perfect ball placement right there from Sanders. 😨🤘
Saltytears 248
Saltytears 248 28 kun oldin
Rosen sucks
Mathization eBook
Mathization eBook 28 kun oldin
Arnulfo Martinez
Arnulfo Martinez 28 kun oldin
The Cardinals were MURDERED. I only wish the Broncos would always play like they did this game
Jerry the Gnome
Jerry the Gnome 28 kun oldin
You should allow gnomes in the nfl
Starbuck 28 kun oldin
Looks at crowd. Asks the question, why don't more Cardinals support their team? Watches game. Oh, right. I understand.
Fadi khalifa
Fadi khalifa 28 kun oldin
lovers broncos go and buy T-shirt von miller here : www.etsy.com/listing/652621551/von-miller-lovers-shirt-denver-broncos?ref=listing_published_alert
Andrew PLas
Andrew PLas 28 kun oldin
This is disgusting
novato tornero
novato tornero 28 kun oldin
The Cardinals will be 1-16 this season.
Reggie Davis
Reggie Davis 28 kun oldin
I feel like I just watched madden on arcade mode 😂😂😂
Raul Rojas
Raul Rojas 28 kun oldin
Who here is from Denver?
Sean Cunningham
Sean Cunningham 28 kun oldin
#36 on Trending???;) #GoBroncos
RCYoung Sr.
RCYoung Sr. 28 kun oldin
Phillip Lindsay and Emmanuel Sanders are MONSTERS!!! Those two have lightning speed... No joke! Go Broncos!
Kanasa Gordon
Kanasa Gordon 28 kun oldin
My headt started melting whilest watching this 🤗
Kanasa Gordon
Kanasa Gordon 28 kun oldin
My headt started melting whilest watching this 🤗
lil sci
lil sci 28 kun oldin
Not fair how Broncos get 9 home games and the rest of nfl get 8
Robert Dorsey
Robert Dorsey 28 kun oldin
Jeez... this looked like my high school football game yesterday
Ty Cox
Ty Cox 28 kun oldin
Broncos did great need to play like this at all times
The Doc
The Doc 28 kun oldin
I think people forget that McCoy was using the same playbook he had at Denver which makes sense why it was such a huge point gap
Jimothy 28 kun oldin
Broncos vs JV High school team
Abdulrahman Gadry عبدالرحمن قادري
I do some magicks can you help me please
King Flacko
King Flacko 28 kun oldin
The broncos coaching finally wasnt 100 % predictable lol
Roger Carrothers
Roger Carrothers 28 kun oldin
i like the browns a lot
Ethan Andrew
Ethan Andrew 28 kun oldin
If Broncos don't go at least 9-7, Vance Joseph should get fired.
Cheese 28 kun oldin
Why tf didn't they put swag kelly in with that lead
Topcat 28 kun oldin
The inmates are controlling the organization (Cardinals).. Look at the Cardinals sideline and look at the Broncos sideline during the National Anthem. The Bronco's were lined up and demonstrating respect. They looked professional. The Cardinals were all over the place. Players were literally walking around without a care. Steinbrenner would not have allowed his Yankee's to behave this way. Keep it Simple people, this is a major leadership problem. The business model of this team is broken. Wrong people overseeing this program. Get to work Cardinals.... Fan's, stay home. They do not deserve your entertainment dollars.
James Wicker
James Wicker 28 kun oldin
What a hidden gem Broncos running back
Born Winner
Born Winner 28 kun oldin
I like the Broncos. They appear to have a new head coach who is extremely articulate & charismatic. Therefore I downloaded the broncos app.
corwin11412 28 kun oldin
1:02 "You want Bronco Bronco?"
Marco Fierro
Marco Fierro 28 kun oldin
Man that oline is trash
Kingsway322 28 kun oldin
Broncos need to drop Keenum and Pick up Eli Manning.
Austin Elliott
Austin Elliott 28 kun oldin
Unknown One
Unknown One 28 kun oldin
If they lost like that to the patriots it wouldn't be a big deal
Unknown One
Unknown One 28 kun oldin
All of a Sutton it happened
Kenny Loiseau
Kenny Loiseau 28 kun oldin
Larry Fitzgerald to the patriots is a garanteed superbowl win
Abdullah Abdullah
Abdullah Abdullah 28 kun oldin
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Kenneth Bryant
Kenneth Bryant 28 kun oldin
the cardinals this game were worse than the Browns were at any point last year and the year before last. I don't remember the 2008 Lions very well but I'm sure they were close.
Lor Yang
Lor Yang 28 kun oldin
Josh Rosen is with the wrong team.
Buttery Dips
Buttery Dips 28 kun oldin
It's Broncos (45) - Cardinals (10), in the 4th quarter, with 2 minutes left in the game, 4th & 16...and you have Josh Rosen in why? That injury could've been completely avoided, there was no point in having your "future quarterback" in, at that point in time of the game.
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance 28 kun oldin
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Asar Ptah
Asar Ptah 28 kun oldin
Broncos and its defence dismantle a loss Arizona. Peace!
Sean Hamlet
Sean Hamlet 28 kun oldin
Gotta Like Lindsay Brotha Got Swag & He’s A Dog 🐕
KinG Benz
KinG Benz 28 kun oldin
Denver Colorado Native Feels Like This Game Had Great Playcalling This Game With Musgrave On The Sideline Dont Know If That Did It But We Played Great
Jay Thomas
Jay Thomas 28 kun oldin
Arizona got doo doo’d on