Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

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Convenience stores in Japan are great for tasty cheap food, and two of the more popular stores are 7-Eleven and Lawson. Today I try a bunch of food from each to see if they carry better products than the other.
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Uan Doee
Uan Doee 18 daqiqa oldin
every video is dope your a beast at consuming food an you do it with love thats great keep up the good vids peace
porshia Okay
porshia Okay 27 daqiqa oldin
Mikey is so cute
Strawberry Muffins
Strawberry Muffins 35 daqiqa oldin
Wow! I love how you describe everything! 😍😍😍
Alonso Verdin
Alonso Verdin 2 soat oldin
Why is this satisfying
Karla Saadani
Karla Saadani 2 soat oldin
Is 10.40 pm, I will check my frige now.
GeekFitNYC 2 soat oldin
Why am I watching this at 1 AM??
12BFAVORED 3 soat oldin
you are so funny... I love watching you videos...
Emmett Lathrop Brown
Food all looks good, be hard to live over there though. Don't know which brands are healthier and don't contain things like pcb, msg, and other toxins or preservatives. Like plastic bi-products from the wraps.
Putri SN
Putri SN 3 soat oldin
Japan univ student must have great meal
airyballoon 4 soat oldin
AMAZING VIDEO Mike!!! My fav kinda compilation. Your reactions make me salivate. You’re why I can’t go to bed without food first
I made you read this
He’s a beast!
Poochie 1022
Poochie 1022 4 soat oldin
Road trip to Japan 7-11 lolol
Tiago Umino
Tiago Umino 5 soat oldin
Jackie's brother! Im pretty sure!
Maria Delwiche
Maria Delwiche 5 soat oldin
living the dream, wish that were me
Brent 5 soat oldin
The level of quality you get at convenience stores in Japan vs the US is staggering.
xodelgado 5 soat oldin
Your hands are a little gross, but great video!
LonelyCweed Jayson
LonelyCweed Jayson 5 soat oldin
I see that women behind u she looking mad she want some a dat
Paula Ingram
Paula Ingram 6 soat oldin
Wow they have better food there then we do in the usa in 7 eleven
S P 6 soat oldin
LOL The price looks right for a 7-11 4000 dollars...big brunch lol (yes, I know there is an amount difference)
Dan Harrington
Dan Harrington 7 soat oldin
How can he eat all that food!
Theodosia Goodman
Theodosia Goodman 8 soat oldin
I’m peeping major side eye
Trump the Fraud Jr
Trump the Fraud Jr 8 soat oldin
I just gain 10 pounds just by watching this video
K Comm
K Comm 9 soat oldin
I mean....damn....better than cockroach nachos and cold mystery meat dogs in the U.S.
Kawaii Otaku
Kawaii Otaku 9 soat oldin
Japanese desserts are very elegent
someone you shouldn't care about.
RIP Anthony Bourdain.
babosayshi 10 soat oldin
The egg sandwich dipped into the broth is the go to! I love it! I'm the same way, combining foods and that already exist is must. Same reason why I put fries in the middle of burgers... it just works! Awesome video once again!
Cringe Alert
Cringe Alert 10 soat oldin
Don't play that race card on me
Professor. Teddy
Professor. Teddy 11 soat oldin
After watching this imma tell my dad " this is what I want to do when I grow up"
Raychel Bitney
Raychel Bitney 11 soat oldin
I wish I was Japanese
Mirage Mirana
Mirage Mirana 12 soat oldin
I wish I can eat as much as Mikey in one go so I can taste & experience more food. But even at a sushi restaurant, I can only eat like 5-7 plates and I'm stuffed, done lol
eagle claw
eagle claw 12 soat oldin
plz do some more japanes stuff
Sara Mendoza
Sara Mendoza 13 soat oldin
What are the flavor balls that he placed in his sparkling water called?
Narcissus 14 soat oldin
Lol this video makes me miss Japan.
rees 14 soat oldin
my mouth is watering
Pork Ball
Pork Ball 14 soat oldin
Americans are freaky with their food consumption
Anny Lama
Anny Lama 14 soat oldin
I love niku man😋😋😋specially yellow one 🙂
Istvan Kiss
Istvan Kiss 14 soat oldin
I'm on a diet so this is basically torture.
ben 15 soat oldin
Gotta go make myself some food now..
Maria Rose
Maria Rose 17 soat oldin
I think all the good food is finally catching up to mike😂😂
Donald Parlett jr
Donald Parlett jr 17 soat oldin
Dude where do you fit it all?! But really why doesn't the American 7-11's offer up such variety, seriously, it's a lot healthier and tastier than a hotdog or a slupee.
Naz Z.
Naz Z. 17 soat oldin
have you tried comparing their bento?
Seb Gauthier
Seb Gauthier 17 soat oldin
that ummm delicate mochi roll you got at lawson is basically just a high class twinky lol XD
ᄁDoki 18 soat oldin
Right there, your’re eating _anime food_
Aeons of Blight
Aeons of Blight 18 soat oldin
Dont watch while hungry 😭
ramadani pratama
ramadani pratama 18 soat oldin
jackie chan is that you
Eron Evangelista
Eron Evangelista 18 soat oldin
He ate alot of food
Merve Duru
Merve Duru 18 soat oldin
good job
tlanand21 19 soat oldin
great video, straightforward title. 10/10
Pollo Loko
Pollo Loko 19 soat oldin
This nigga got the munchies
borjitasstoi 19 soat oldin
*seems legit*
tyiis .z
tyiis .z 19 soat oldin
I love this video the most😍
Helloanime Yt
Helloanime Yt 19 soat oldin
How are you not full any more after the first ramen bowl
Helloanime Yt
Helloanime Yt 19 soat oldin
I become more hungry than a bear after hibernation
Helloanime Yt
Helloanime Yt 19 soat oldin
Just imagine someone just walk by than see he eat everything and be jealous
Deric TGM
Deric TGM 20 soat oldin
U dont just put ur chop sticks like that
H U 20 soat oldin
We all know a good food vid gotta start with some laundry detegent and bleach
nick03vershina 21 soat oldin
Mike certainly knows how to choose his food.... And how many buns a man can have in one sitting🙆
what the vic
what the vic 21 soat oldin
It’s not a Strictly Dumpling 7 11 video without Mike saying “If you served me this at a restaurant, I wouldn’t know that this is from 7 11”
Sternritter 21 soat oldin
I want to go Japan so bad!!!
Kyle Matthews
Kyle Matthews 22 soat oldin
Holy snap, 5 bucks in Japan has seen more quality than my constant ramen here in college
Kimora Pinson
Kimora Pinson 22 soat oldin
Where do you store the food like what and how but what
Yuza Daffa
Yuza Daffa 23 soat oldin
You should try 711 at korea mike
cheonjae yeoja
cheonjae yeoja 23 soat oldin
I haven't ate but it's lunch time here. But I'm full.... Soooooo satisfying.
cheonjae yeoja
cheonjae yeoja 23 soat oldin
I'm the female version of u when it comes to shopping food😂😂😂
Robbie Zboril
Robbie Zboril 23 soat oldin
Duke Magazine
Duke Magazine Kun oldin
SO what IS that ramen/soba? I can't read japanese!!!!
Black Cat
Black Cat Kun oldin
You should try Family Market!
cool_cat _77
cool_cat _77 Kun oldin
How does he eat so much
Half Baked Beatz
maine quek
maine quek Kun oldin
Subbed bc this us an awesome video and rlly stimulated my appetite! 💜
atuatasi89 Kun oldin
Lol just a guy who loves to eat 😂😂 I loved watching this video
Monkeygoneholy Kun oldin
One of the reasons I want to goto japan is the food because it looks beautiful and it’s like an art and the fact that if I get hungry there’s food 😂. But loving the videos.
djmikio Kun oldin
2 million views for a 30 minute 7-11 lunch video. DAMN
Garouchieflol .Gaming
meanwhile on my 7e they only have bad frozen pizzas feelsbadman
fghfg Kun oldin
$40 for brunch from 7-11??? m8...
Filthy Prank
Filthy Prank Kun oldin
Life Tip #420 Dont watch a man eat for 28 minutes after you eat. You'll get hungry.
andrewt248 Kun oldin
Noodles in a hotdog bun. LOLZ
So Much Smart Mic
How much time u spent inside 7/11
Keepit Simple
Keepit Simple Kun oldin
7/11 in Japan is so cool for breakfast especially the rice wrapped in sea weed (onigiri)
bb ikon
bb ikon Kun oldin
i think i can live happily just by japans convenience store🍿🍲🍱🌮🍔🍕🍕🍗🍖🍞🌯🍕
sky 1187
sky 1187 Kun oldin
Japanese has the best food and instant noodles
sky 1187
sky 1187 Kun oldin
There is like an explosions in everything you ate there . Wow! I love his English it's so perfect.
sky 1187
sky 1187 Kun oldin
Ok this is bad camera man. Sorry bud it's too shaky
Savage Cabbage
Savage Cabbage Kun oldin
Ive just spent half an hour watching a man eat
Jockjammer Kun oldin
by the way,eating all those eggs must be a bit…."explosive" on the digestion. Did you notice any unwanted loud effects on your digestion after all those Tamago sandwiches? Not being funny or gross, just genuinly curious.
Jockjammer Kun oldin
I got so insanely hungry watching this! Thanks and damn you to a thousand lifetimes of Natto for showing all these amazing things I cannot buy in Germany. Keep up the good work!
Dao Fu
Dao Fu Kun oldin
i need to find that ramen!!!!!!!!!!!
Garouchieflol .Gaming
you can find em on ebay
Ramos Sangma
Ramos Sangma Kun oldin
Loved this video
Monique Scheurwater
I wish they have so many healthy and delicious food options here in the Netherlands!!
Moonessence1 Kun oldin
Sir how can you eat so much!😜
Amy Showers
Amy Showers Kun oldin
God, I want that Snoopy T-shirt hehe. That is totally me.
COLIN Keck Kun oldin
R.I.P Anthony Michael Bourdain you are missed greatly
LetstryTV Kun oldin
Now i have to get myself some ramen!!!
Aniket Dhage
Aniket Dhage Kun oldin
"this is a pretty great lunch for 4 bucks" while eating it as part of his enormous BRUNCH
Pilot Jones
Pilot Jones Kun oldin
I don't know about he rest of the US but you can get some decent food (like pizza) and some awesome drinks (like frozen horchata) at Quicktrip
jimster1111 Kun oldin
do they have superstores in japan? like how we have walmarts or home depot in the USA.
Bryan Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen Kun oldin
I think in Japan, no matter what you eat, always expect it not to be bad
jdderew1 Kun oldin
This dude eats so much and so fast he for sure shits bricks
Jasmine Kun oldin
how do u eat that much
Chris 1
Chris 1 Kun oldin
It’s just a shitty egg sandwich. SMH