Brunch at 7-ELEVEN VS LAWSON in Tokyo Japan

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Convenience stores in Japan are great for tasty cheap food, and two of the more popular stores are 7-Eleven and Lawson. Today I try a bunch of food from each to see if they carry better products than the other.
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8-Iyl, 2018

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SilentBN TEAM MUBR & TBM 56 daqiqa oldin
Can you go on a 7 11 food tour
CARLOS A SOSA 2 soat oldin
Pig out
gottfer 2 soat oldin
thats just some average supermarket spongy whit bread cmon already Don't overdo it or maybe you've never actually tasted real quality bread to compare which would not surprise me considering "MURICA"
MUSIC IS LIFE 2 soat oldin
does 7-11 in japan provide the spoon for foreigner to eat rice ? because I cant use chopstick😢
Carlos Uriarte
Carlos Uriarte 2 soat oldin
This man can eat a flip flop and say it needs hot oil
Britneyy 3 soat oldin
Why does japan always gottado everything better
BlueLitonian 3 soat oldin
Why am I up at 4am watching this
Mr. Hakim
Mr. Hakim 4 soat oldin
Hey guys, it’s Jackie Chan
The Shadow
The Shadow 5 soat oldin
First Will Smith, now Jackie Chan on UZvid.
TDE SONG 5 soat oldin
Japan food look so good
MidnightZ7 5 soat oldin
0:27 mfw kitsune udon
Kimberly Yen
Kimberly Yen 5 soat oldin
Your videos always make me hungry and wanna travel to asia 😭
Sakura Beats
Sakura Beats 5 soat oldin
You can literally go to one of these and buy your whole lunch near your work
Jai Grace
Jai Grace 9 soat oldin
You had until you dipped egg sandwich in noodle broth
MoreArt Online
MoreArt Online 9 soat oldin
I wish the 7/11 in america had buns and ramen😭😢
Vincent 10 soat oldin
のんびり休憩中 12 soat oldin
I wanna go back to my country (I am Japanese, but I live in Swiss
Jimmy Baldoz
Jimmy Baldoz 13 soat oldin
Wow, I really loved tbis video. It so entertaining to watch.
Kohei Imamura
Kohei Imamura 13 soat oldin
I think that the pudding brand called Morning in english(ohayo) and the chicken nugget is karage...
chanelor 13 soat oldin
ur fingers are very dry LOL
PowerGamer 100
PowerGamer 100 13 soat oldin
Tropicalnight 18 soat oldin
I’m sorry but ‘onagiri’s’ ?? Cringe 😖
Avit Thapa
Avit Thapa 19 soat oldin
I thought I eat too much then I saw this video
T A V I O N 20 soat oldin
That 7-11 is huge mine is small
Dr KIlljoy
Dr KIlljoy 20 soat oldin
in england we call them yellow rolls with cream artic rolls thumbs up if you know what im on about XD
FURRYtheFox334 22 soat oldin
there 711s are like the target for us XD
_i_d0n7_ c4r3_
_i_d0n7_ c4r3_ 23 soat oldin
This dude is always eating good af
HotZ 23 soat oldin
Yo why we ain't got those buns here
Mce 1863
Mce 1863 Kun oldin
Viscous the broth was nice and viscous not thick. What am I doing with my life it’s midnight and I have class tomorrow and I’m here commenting on a dude who referred to a liquid as thick instead of vicious.
Christian Davila
I clicked out when i heard egg-citing
Joe Lockwood
Joe Lockwood Kun oldin
All that food made me hungry
Rex Kun oldin
Why am I watching this instead of getting/making food
Jodi Wong
Jodi Wong Kun oldin
Did you finish it all? 😯
Rex Nakamura
Rex Nakamura Kun oldin
How is he not full yet
Dylan Kun oldin
The punishment your toilet must take
uriel galindo orozco
Someone needs to show this at Twitter to Jackie Chan Dammit I only clicked on this because I thought it was him lol
Enoshima Junko
Enoshima Junko Kun oldin
you should re-name your channel into "7-Eleven Check"
Patreon Pirate
Patreon Pirate Kun oldin
i wonder how much they sponsored this video for
Ning3n Kun oldin
I do believe I heard Mike say "Starfucks"
PUBG Elites
PUBG Elites Kun oldin
Anthony bourdaine is dead
OldskoolNP Kun oldin
I love 7 eleven food in Japan. Family Mart also has a lot of good stuff! And that melon drink is my favorite! I always buy that when I am in Japan. :D
Millennial Travel Confessions
Oh I forgot all about how delicious that melon drink was! Now that you've reminded me!!!
DiscoDude752 Kun oldin
Please don't become an Asmr channel
caely_ things
caely_ things Kun oldin
No offence I hate your Chinese accent lol
Sun Heqiao
Sun Heqiao Kun oldin
Should be a soyabean pudding.
Jack Jiang
Jack Jiang 2 kun oldin
Why do I kill myself watching these vids at night..... so hungry after watching Great vid!
NachoBandito 2 kun oldin
24:15 lady galadriel blessed the noodles with her gaze
Denzel Persad
Denzel Persad 2 kun oldin
I love all your videos
Chilly 32168
Chilly 32168 2 kun oldin
No wonder your name is Strictly Dumplings you eat so many dumplings and stuff lol
rhuezo504 2 kun oldin
I'm here for the terrible puns they're eggxcellent
Intro Spectre
Intro Spectre 2 kun oldin
The confidence you can have in Japan to eat packaged eggs, bento, sushi or even meat is amazing, where in IN America you have a 1 in ten chance of shitting yourself that or the following night.
Laura Marie
Laura Marie 2 kun oldin
Saul Vasquez
Saul Vasquez 2 kun oldin
Love this video! Only thing is that you can’t tell if he likes the item or not the majority of his reactions. It’s the same reaction and same face for everything lol.
Anton K
Anton K 2 kun oldin
I am so addicted to watching videos of people eating food in Japan! Only 10 days until I get to try all this food for myself!
Rice Bunny
Rice Bunny 2 kun oldin
I have no idea how much times I watch this video
Refaw 2 kun oldin
how can you eat that much food in one day....?
Septembers Oblivion
that moment when you think you're the only one who thinks he looks like Jackie Chan, but then you read the comment section... Dang, he really looks like Jackie!!! Jackie with a black hole for a stomach, because that was three meals squeezed in one... kudos, man.
Ashutosh Joshi
Ashutosh Joshi 2 kun oldin
What is it with japanese people and squids 😂😂😂
AV GEAR 2 kun oldin
Please go to SEIZERIA in Japan (Osaka I don't know that is there in Tokyo or other places) that's the no 1 place quality and taste wise in all of Osaka
リ一ジュ 2 kun oldin
i got full watching him eat
Isaki Tahashi
Isaki Tahashi 2 kun oldin
I am so jealous of all that good looking food and also jealous at how much you can eat! It sucks being pregnant and not being able to eat much :(
Games Kaylan
Games Kaylan 2 kun oldin
Vlw o Jackie Chan 😂😂
iNom onGuam
iNom onGuam 2 kun oldin
I'm screaming this all looks so good I dream of food adventures like this but I'm cursed with food allergies so it would probably be a bad time
Sharpshooter12345 2 kun oldin
Young Jackie Chan
caca yang
caca yang 3 kun oldin
we got kwik trip..our version of 7/11
abass kassim
abass kassim 3 kun oldin
I just bought that sushi from japan Now your girls trying to kick it JACKIE CHAN. - post malone
石臼えりか 3 kun oldin
Some of those products are also available in supermarkets and you can get them cheaper than convenience stores.
kidstaysdope only
kidstaysdope only 3 kun oldin
Accidentally clicked. Watched it to the end.
kushal kumar
kushal kumar 3 kun oldin
How does this 7/11 store work? Buy there and eat there?
Necrobadger 3 kun oldin
Ok, can someone PLEASE explain something to me? WTF is with red bean paste being in desserts? It has almost no flavor, and isn't even VAGUELY sweet. How on earth is it even close to a dessert?
Steven Hall
Steven Hall 3 kun oldin
That might be a cat bun
Mr Loons
Mr Loons 3 kun oldin
Is this guy a competitive eater. Goddaaaaaaanm
momofmakai 3 kun oldin
Omg! Marry me, Mike!
Ose Aburime
Ose Aburime 3 kun oldin
sponsored by 7-eleven
Narcissistjin Yayayayayaya
“Haha, sure” idk why but I found it so cute when he sed that
Me Myself and I
Me Myself and I 3 kun oldin
what are the 0 calories noodles called?????????????
TheDumpPanekake 3 kun oldin
I wanna live with you god dammn
MotoJunkie400 3 kun oldin
2:07 Egg... 🥚
jacob wilson
jacob wilson 3 kun oldin
just came across this video and I have to say sir that you have a new subscriber.
Priya Sharma
Priya Sharma 3 kun oldin
U eat alot😁
NuLL 3 kun oldin
that dipped sandwich is where I draw the line .. ... .... ..... Someone get me a plane ticket
Bethany Maryon
Bethany Maryon 3 kun oldin
Why have i never seen an ice cup before???!!! I need this in my life!!!
Abella 3 kun oldin
I watched a man eat a bunch of food for almost 30mins. 10/10 really wholesome.
rolfyyy 3 kun oldin
jackie chan? xD
Life Stealer
Life Stealer 3 kun oldin
I can only eat 2 buns and you ate all of that! You must have a big appetite
Furuichi Dono
Furuichi Dono 3 kun oldin
Bro you must destroy your toilet... lol.
deathechete 3 kun oldin
Why so I watch these I feel like a starving African child
Apache Beard
Apache Beard 3 kun oldin
Go to the alleyway next to Lawson next
Iwana Davina
Iwana Davina 3 kun oldin
I must say, if you looking for fried chicken in Japan convinience store, so far Family Mart reach the top for its famous juicy Famichiki. Should try that next time you r in Tokyo!
Monkeydoodle66 4 kun oldin
Ahhh man, you got the chicken nuggs. They okay, but the one you want is the fried chicken thats like the size of your palm. Piece of leg meat with skin in there and so juicy and rich . Also the Bigu American Dogu ( giant corndog)
kenny playz gamez
kenny playz gamez 4 kun oldin
I was hoping for alot more sandwiches because japanese sandwiches really have no rules applied to them just food in between 2 peices of bread u can put anything u want like katsu, egg, strawbarries, tempura, noodles, etc. if u can put it between 2 peices of bread without falling out then its a sandwich
TheDalmah 4 kun oldin
How big is your stomach dude? You legit just ate $40 worth of food in a single sitting
julian destroyer
julian destroyer 4 kun oldin
Forgets to eat the yogurt
Yassin Mokbel
Yassin Mokbel 4 kun oldin
I stopped a nigahiga vid for u And it was worth it
Ray Wells
Ray Wells 4 kun oldin
Bouncy white bread with no crust looks pretty good... Mike was in an awesome mood on this one. LOL
Tristian Lefebvre
Tristian Lefebvre 4 kun oldin
And in Canada and the United States the food is junk with near to no nutrients.
Shadowwulf665 4 kun oldin
When I watch u i think of kung fu panda
유줄리 4 kun oldin
"what in the world is.... sure." IF THIS AIN'T ME
the invisible me
the invisible me 4 kun oldin
I feel like I want to see a marathon of Jackie Chan's movies
natsu dragneel
natsu dragneel 4 kun oldin
Just earned a sub this is my first video of yours too you're good
jjcs1381 4 kun oldin
Dude, everything is better in Japan. Love the food.