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Watch to find out how Bryan Cranston really felt about Kevin Hart on the set of their new movie, The Upside. Get your tickets now. In theaters everywhere Friday, January 11th.
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10-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 579
Kev should've gotten a little more sleep, I think his brain shut down before he made that impression
Paolo Brigante
Paolo Brigante 2 soat oldin
Am I the only one who was hoping Brian was gna say Dwayne the Rock Johnson as the last person on the Mt Rushmore
Stephen Kersting
Stephen Kersting 2 soat oldin
Feel bad for the editor here. Producer must've told them to end it abruptly, some strange cuts.
Gentry Moyes
Gentry Moyes 3 soat oldin
Cranston is the best!
YP S 5 soat oldin
Seems like you gotta have patience with Bryan. What’s your favorite pizza? We’ll you see the complexity that comes with maki 🙌🏽👏🏽👐🏽☝🏽👋🏽........
Christopher Lackey
Christopher Lackey 5 soat oldin
Seen the upside today. It was so funny. Great movie.
Butters Gaming
Butters Gaming 8 soat oldin
Anyone else had their phones do a Google search at 3:10 (actually opens ok Google at 3:14?)
Ty E
Ty E 13 soat oldin
go to 4:10 for the impression 😭😭
Ty E
Ty E 13 soat oldin
i would of been more interested if the guy from noahs ark was the co star instead of bryan
Notice they say “13” right st the 3:00 mark. You will see that a lot. Look for it.
Dale Deforest
Dale Deforest 15 soat oldin
Hey KEVIN, did you know Native Americans are real, and they're PEOPLE too? Not party favors... and some of them were even actors in BREAKING BAD.
Dushyant Bangal
Dushyant Bangal 16 soat oldin
The title just describes 7 seconds of the 7 minute video
globalbattery 17 soat oldin
I think Bryan Cranston could play really well the lead role in a biopic based on George H. W. Bush; he could play George H. W. Bush.
Wavy Trino
Wavy Trino 19 soat oldin
😂😂😂 I can’t wait to meet you
emilward85 19 soat oldin
GuacamoleJenkins 22 soat oldin
Bryan is amazing but remake of great Untouchables is make no sense to me. Sorry.
huhreally 23 soat oldin
Exceptional movie! I loved it and can't wait to buy it! Very well done gents!
Chanzeland Kun oldin
All I see is Walter white...
juan hoshkaboo
juan hoshkaboo Kun oldin
Isn't Kevin Hart homophobic?
John lamar
John lamar Kun oldin
Chris Lane
Chris Lane Kun oldin
not funny
Luis Santana
Luis Santana Kun oldin
I may need help! as soon I start watch this video... can’t help notice the bottle of Woodford Reserve 🤣 cheers 🥃😍
Travis Stanaway
Travis Stanaway Kun oldin
Without Tony soprano there is no Walter white
Hamza Khomri
Hamza Khomri Kun oldin
It's like he's imitating The Rock imitating Kevin Hart
ABrokenHeart 9
ABrokenHeart 9 Kun oldin
I still see him as the dad in Malcolm in the middle.
fw muhammad
fw muhammad Kun oldin
4:16 😂 Bryan Cranston=genius
Diren Alexander
Diren Alexander Kun oldin
Well...it’s a choice 😂
Matthew Vermeulen
If he had said dwayne The Rock Johnson as the third. I would have died
Dominique Rose
Dominique Rose Kun oldin
"He has asthma?" Hahaha
Anthony Seward
Anthony Seward Kun oldin
Ihhhhhhggghhtt... where's my coffee lol 😂
Morpheus X
Morpheus X Kun oldin
You can see in every interview and every appearance Kevin Hart does after the shitstorm over the 10 year old joke he evolved beyond and apologized for that all the joy is gone from him. He looks angry, serious and embittered.
Ana Moran
Ana Moran Kun oldin
Good movie 2019.
Hallaladies Kun oldin
Google white man with downs syndrome, then look at Kevin Hart
KingXOreo Kun oldin
Brian sounds like James Brown instead of Kevin lol
Katrina Byrd
Katrina Byrd Kun oldin
Kevin almost couldn't breathe when Bryan started his impression! Lol.
Janelle Etsitty
Janelle Etsitty Kun oldin
I just love Bryan... read his book, very inspiring ;*) and Kevin, just wanna squeeze him; he's so cute lol ;*D
Kendra W
Kendra W Kun oldin
Spot on imitation of Kevin!
Mitchell Irons
Mitchell Irons Kun oldin
Both of them need to do an episode of cold as balls!
the _Inevitabl
the _Inevitabl Kun oldin
4:25 “Spongebob caught me”😂
Carri's 3RingCircus
This movie was amazing 👍👍
Like A Sambu D
Like A Sambu D Kun oldin
94 gays who couldnt take a joke from a decade ago disliked this video
Toni Salic
Toni Salic Kun oldin
Two of my favorite actors
Bryan would be great in playing a James Bond Villain. He has this aura that can play both Hero and Villain
Norberto Smirnoff
give him an emmy for this.. :D :D :D
Jarrod Valencia
Jarrod Valencia Kun oldin
KH is on the way to being the most honest man alive. And the award for most honest man alive 2019 goes to. KH if you love them by showing them just 10% of how much they're worth, by understanding you're worth, by making it safer bc of your cognitive awareness. And if they hate then understand they're hurting bc w/o love it's a lesser life. They cheat and lie, alot of pain then they die. My life rn in few words from a flaud man, is about the accepting the reality of the Greatness in front of us.
Florencio Almirol
In terms of acting, Hart is lucky to even be in the same interview as Cranston let alone Mt. Rushmore. Producers should have cast Dave Chappelle instead of this annoying Academy reject.
babygangster77 2 kun oldin
He deserves it for playing Hal in malcolm in the middle
MADD SPORTS 2 kun oldin
that was actually a pretty good impression of Kevin lol
Jacob Reeze
Jacob Reeze 2 kun oldin
lov kev but saying the breaking bad character was the first of its kind is ridiculous. Its a great character, but the double-sided male anti-hero was already well established. The Sopranos. The Shield. Etc. Biggest of all is that Breaking Bad was just a different take on the essential premise of Weeds. Kev, you don't have to falsely pump up Breaking Bad. On its own merits its one of the greatest television pieces of all time.
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 2 kun oldin
You can really see that Kevin is full of rage from that situation...
Justice Warrior
Justice Warrior 2 kun oldin
So much class!! He looks like an English gentleman
Sherman Tank
Sherman Tank 2 kun oldin
Lol spot on
SignifieD 2 kun oldin
great actor!
oscar delgado
oscar delgado 2 kun oldin
That Kevin Hart impression OMG! He is a great actor!
oscar delgado
oscar delgado 2 kun oldin
That Kevin Hart impression had me in tears. You can tell how great of an actor he is wow
MaTeOWaNnA ReMaSt'RzEr of LoLs
Love ya both. Very funny & well produced. Ty for the upload.
Mona J
Mona J 2 kun oldin
I love his Mt Rushmore choices.
5.000.000 2 kun oldin
He will always be malcolms father
Kobe Jamez
Kobe Jamez 2 kun oldin
5:51 Richard +(family sized car)-Rosie O'Donnell Like if you get lel
2020 - 2021
2020 - 2021 2 kun oldin
MrNocca11 2 kun oldin
Malcolm in the middle ...there he was my king
cody Jones
cody Jones 2 kun oldin
Better impersonation than I was expecting . Bryan is a very complex actor. He can do so many diffrent roles and really transform into that person.
warsshan 2 kun oldin
Bryan Cranston needs an Oscar!!!
glendale6 2 kun oldin
Kevin hart: inarticulate
Luke’s Vintage Rc car restoration
Bryan has Kevin’s intro down😂
Pillsberry 2 kun oldin
One question. Is Upside is like a funny remake to the French movie ‘Untouchables’?? it’s basically the same story, even the switch for the Arab character with a black one.
Sterlo 75
Sterlo 75 2 kun oldin
Man Kev this movie is one of the best!👏👍👏🤩🤩😱
ocubex 2 kun oldin
This cracked me up!
Cesar Fierros
Cesar Fierros 2 kun oldin
I'm fucking done 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup 2 kun oldin
It's always interesting to see people with zero chemistry
tumbleweed Roach
tumbleweed Roach 2 kun oldin
Kevin is apart of hollyweird..look into it.
Cookie Tee
Cookie Tee 3 kun oldin
Upside Movie is AWESOME,👍💯 Emotions all over the place. 5 STARS!! If you don't EVOLVE in Life, you are not LIVING. The UPSIDE to that is People can Change for the better. Great movie guys!!
Emcy Osias
Emcy Osias 3 kun oldin
You came For 4:15
The Jew
The Jew 3 kun oldin
Universal Mind
Universal Mind 3 kun oldin
this is great!
Cybr Friends
Cybr Friends 3 kun oldin
Time for a Freaky Friday with Bryan and Kevin.
Tl S
Tl S 3 kun oldin
Cybr Friends 🤣🤣
Viral Video Channel
What is a human ? What is DNA ? What do the views on UZvid mean ?
Paolo Alfante
Paolo Alfante 3 kun oldin
This is so great! Kevin and Bryan are hilarious!
C Lockett
C Lockett 3 kun oldin
His description of working with Kevin was good and totally lines up with Ice Cube answer to the same question the he wanted to take his belt of and put him across his knees like a little kid
Mariana Gonzalez
Mariana Gonzalez 3 kun oldin
That was the greatest Kevin Hart impression I’ve seen 😂😂😂
JoeCnNd 3 kun oldin
Thumbnail looked like robin williams
Charles Ndung'u
Charles Ndung'u 3 kun oldin
Heisenberg and keV ❤️
TheJohnmuniz 3 kun oldin
Don Howard
Don Howard 3 kun oldin
The impression is at 4:16
Don Howard
Don Howard 3 kun oldin
4:10 if you would like context.
Nicole Johnson
Nicole Johnson 3 kun oldin
Lolol they fools
HASAN AL-ghamdi
HASAN AL-ghamdi 3 kun oldin
best two in this video
Dan 123
Dan 123 3 kun oldin
The impression really was hilarious hahahaha
Kiera Kiers
Kiera Kiers 3 kun oldin
I love how articulate and professional Kevin has become
Mr Phd
Mr Phd 3 kun oldin
Kevin hart look like one guy from Power
Jarrel Walcott
Jarrel Walcott 3 kun oldin
Those chairs suck.
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson 3 kun oldin
I can't tell if the "I wasn't your first choice" "I wouldn't have said that if I'd known you didn't know that." was them trying to be funny, or if that really was as awkward as it looked.
Keith Anderson
Keith Anderson 3 kun oldin
I am imagining a reboot of Breaking Bad starring Kevin Hart...not sure if it would be amazing or really terrible.
The Blaziken
The Blaziken 3 kun oldin
That imitation was perfect 😂😂😂
Drath Sidious
Drath Sidious 3 kun oldin
I wonder how far the God complex goes?
Chuggeez _
Chuggeez _ 3 kun oldin
That was so spot on it's scary, Bryan. lol I love his version of mount rushmore, those were great picks. Good interview.
Blessing Sungai
Blessing Sungai 3 kun oldin
Cranston's Kevin Hart's impersonation was spot on ... lol
teriyak1 4 kun oldin
I'm dying.... Bryan Cranston just bursts into Kevin Hart's imitation 😂😂😂
Sergiu Salcău
Sergiu Salcău 4 kun oldin
brownsugarglamour 4 kun oldin
Why doesn't this video have more views? HILARIOUS