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Filmed at thefifthfloorutah.com




27-Noy, 2018



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ThePianoGuys 4 oy oldin
Get this song on our new album "Limitless" bit.ly/Limitless_Album
Victoria Ugbah
Victoria Ugbah 2 kun oldin
ThePianoGuys I absolutely love the magic you guys make!! Can you do a cover of ”Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac pleeeeeeaaassseee😍😍
mikepinx2006 Oy oldin
@thepianoguys Hi. Will you be publishing a Piano Play Along with minus tracks for your Limitless album?
Yuri Ichiro
Yuri Ichiro Oy oldin
ThePianoGuys can you also cover BTS Kimseokjin's Awake and BTS Truth Untold??? Please???
happyg KFAin
happyg KFAin 2 oy oldin
피아노 가이즈 화이팅!!!👍👍👍👍
Geovane Amaral
Geovane Amaral 2 oy oldin
Muito bonito. Estou em São Luís, capital do Maranhão no Brasil. Não entendo quase nada do que está escrito nos comentários acima, mas acredito que sejam coisas boas pois essa música tocada por vocês é muito bonita e inspiradora.
ryouko misato
ryouko misato 11 soat oldin
😳 JIN is that you i hear singing
ryouko misato
ryouko misato 11 soat oldin
ღSenpai Yurisaღ
ღSenpai Yurisaღ 23 soat oldin
이무기 Kun oldin
Yin Ha
Yin Ha 2 kun oldin
In first I think guyzz can't do at all but unexpected you are so awesome I love it it's so pure and beautifull to hear and one more thing if you wear headphones you can listen in right ear to left its like moving a sound to touch your heart I know
Pk Love
Pk Love 2 kun oldin
You guys are awesome did you joy the BTS ARMY yet? I hope you do spring day next. this song is so beautiful. keep it up! You guys need to do other KPOP songs too like Astro all light
Zhiyu Keh
Zhiyu Keh 4 kun oldin
Love this!!!
reinjimjim forever
reinjimjim forever 4 kun oldin
Love it I💜u
JIN KOK 5 kun oldin
*_I'll playing this at my wedding_* 👏🏻 _I promise_ 💜
Oh Crap
Oh Crap 5 kun oldin
pure art
Viktoria Nam
Viktoria Nam 5 kun oldin
это очень нежно!!!!
dvmshshin 6 kun oldin
감사해요ᆢ Thanks to Piano guys
Tamara Laorga
Tamara Laorga 6 kun oldin
Que hermoso y que canción más preciosa😍😍😍😍. 👏👏👏👏
Soyun Lee
Soyun Lee 6 kun oldin
sooooo i stan you now
Rama Permana
Rama Permana 7 kun oldin
0:46 Yamaha Piano Made in Indonesia?
Mya Caparas
Mya Caparas 7 kun oldin
I instantly fell in love with Epiphany the first time I heard it - during its launch. And now I'm loving it more because of the Piano Guys :-)
Emeriza Belgica
Emeriza Belgica 7 kun oldin
Omg. I almost forget my coocking. Thats how I amaized on you. Wow. Love it.
KiM TaEgUcCi
KiM TaEgUcCi 7 kun oldin
I have been summoned! 🙄
Taehyung's Wife
Taehyung's Wife 8 kun oldin
I love and I like this cover Its made me cry and imagine how I got married in the future❤❤💜💜💜
VALLEY OF MUSIC 8 kun oldin
You are awesome.The song is really heart touching
Crystal Yeow Ching Ching
join us。
씽푸 8 kun oldin
연주로 이렇게 들으니 정말 멜로디가 너무 좋고 멋지네요 !!
Serena Rubio
Serena Rubio 9 kun oldin
Me encantan las canciones en violín y piano . Like si a ti también. 👍👍👌💞💖💜
ray j
ray j 9 kun oldin
every time i listen to this music i imagine myself walking in my wedding then my heart start beating so hard and my tears falling down , my wedding after 3 months , today i just realized that i should add this beautiful music , thank you guys for this art ..
luzbey mentado
luzbey mentado 9 kun oldin
me guara esta cancion por que es jin de bts
kotte Mama A.R.M.Y
kotte Mama A.R.M.Y 9 kun oldin
que maravilloso !!! 💟🌷
Rebecca Carlisle
Rebecca Carlisle 9 kun oldin
We watch you guys in my music class
Austin den Hoed
Austin den Hoed 9 kun oldin
You guys should do a version of “You Say” by Lauren Daigle!
Kurt Cobain FanBase
Kurt Cobain FanBase 10 kun oldin
I really love this guys when play it, it relaxing for me 😍
Isora Castro
Isora Castro 10 kun oldin
Stoneworks Granite
Stoneworks Granite 10 kun oldin
now we are free from gladiator???!
Datu Jibriel Utto
Datu Jibriel Utto 10 kun oldin
Vitaly Paley
Vitaly Paley 11 kun oldin
ishita goel
ishita goel 11 kun oldin
why can i hear jin in my head .... can any ARMYs relate...
그로고 s
그로고 s 11 kun oldin
첼로의 아름다운 선율로 듣는 에피파니라니.... 감격이에요
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji 11 kun oldin
kelly Alucema
kelly Alucema 11 kun oldin
Wao!!!! Me encanta realmente transmiten lo que tocan
Merryl Cu
Merryl Cu 12 kun oldin
So beautifuly done
Nusaibaii ١
Nusaibaii ١ 12 kun oldin
الله 💚💚
Najwa Putri
Najwa Putri 12 kun oldin
is anyone here crying while listening to this music that sounds like heaven, cuz i did
OkieMommy 12 kun oldin
This is the one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard
kimye0825 12 kun oldin
Army's out there
roknavy pkm273
roknavy pkm273 12 kun oldin
Chiahuey Choo
Chiahuey Choo 12 kun oldin
the cello guy is so handsome =)))))))))))
핑크토끼 13 kun oldin
I want to comeback here after Jin joins the miltary.. 😭
Official 김무경P
Official 김무경P 13 kun oldin
Fuck this, Imma subscribe The Piano Guys and get fuck up by their awesome covers Oh wait, I already subscribed them. Oh well, let's just get deep into them :)
GabGar223 13 kun oldin
Too bad these guys are Trump supporters. They don't want my mexican money.
Jooheons Left nipple
Wow I remember when these guys did a one direction
Ekiyu 13 kun oldin
Omg I literally had this song on my playlist not knowing it was Bts and then when I got into Kpop this song just started playing on Spotify and I was so surprised
Distraction Play
Distraction Play 14 kun oldin
Cade os Brasileiros para representar, deixe seu comentario aqui.
Taetae 14 kun oldin
So beautiful....😢😢😢💖💖💖
Maryan Hi
Maryan Hi 14 kun oldin
Army 💜Bts 👍🏽
Asiah Min
Asiah Min 14 kun oldin
Wow😢 this is so emotional😔
Tae Tae
Tae Tae 14 kun oldin
this cover fits to a dramatic scene in a movie. is so emotional and sooo good. thank you guys for this cover 😆😘
Makenli Essert
Makenli Essert 15 kun oldin
I loved this. Felt like I was floating up on a cloud with only good thoughts in my head. Thank you covering Jin's ode to self-love so wonderfully!
Life is cool
Life is cool 15 kun oldin
유정란 15 kun oldin
Do Bts serendipity
Ester Nunes
Ester Nunes 16 kun oldin
Aaaaaa é tão lindo 😍😍❤️
아이시핫 16 kun oldin
i have nothing to say ,, just clap clap clap clap
Keila Chandler
Keila Chandler 16 kun oldin
can u guys colab with bts it would be awsome
Barbara Barbi
Barbara Barbi 16 kun oldin
I just saw this on Argentine TV, is so beautiful ❤👏
Lisbet YCF
Lisbet YCF 16 kun oldin
Para mi matrimonio , Todas las armys están invitadas y BTS también ahre
Antonio Vicente Soares Cunha
Meu som favorito, ouço mais de uma vez durante o dia. Acalma meu espírito ,me da uma paz incrível e me faz acreditar que a vida é bela. LUZ E PAZ PARA TODOS NÓS !
January's Fall
January's Fall 17 kun oldin
I've seen some of their videos a year back (and they are absolutely fantastic!) and being a BTS ARMY and not knowing this made me feel sad... BUT OH WELL!! KIM SEOKJIN YO!!
Nova Roemer
Nova Roemer 17 kun oldin
This song alone makes me want to buy the album but I am a broke university student...😅
hobi sweetie
hobi sweetie 17 kun oldin
So beautiful.. .tq for this cover🖒
Mollie Quiton
Mollie Quiton 17 kun oldin
You need to get Jin to sing this with you.... I'm pretty sure that if you got Jin to sing this with you, I will cry so much.
Bts Army
Bts Army 17 kun oldin
Maybe more from BTS?
Matthew Ackah
Matthew Ackah 18 kun oldin
This is a new world of music to me...but I'm certainly going to stay here forever. First contact, straight to my seemingly impenetrable heart and soul.
Hana Kafri
Hana Kafri 18 kun oldin
You're so talented❤❤❤ Please do for exo, specially exo-promise ❤❤❤
Bangatalandia 7 rings
Esta Melodia voy a Usar en mis 15,se ha Dicho😊💜🌹
Katie Bolland
Katie Bolland 18 kun oldin
*my future wedding song*
우리 석진도 들었을까?정말 좋네!!역시bts음악!!^^♥^^
Zhila Zahrouni
Zhila Zahrouni 18 kun oldin
Love ur songs.
Zhila Zahrouni
Zhila Zahrouni 18 kun oldin
Colleen Catalano
Colleen Catalano 19 kun oldin
I love you guys! You are amazing!
김지석 19 kun oldin
이분들 선곡 잘하셨네요 K-POP도 한참뜨고있는 방탄노래를 고르시다니~
h a j i m e
h a j i m e 19 kun oldin
Amo ésto, lo escucho everyday
김은정 19 kun oldin
I'm Margarita
I'm Margarita 19 kun oldin
Los señores lucen tan contentos tocando que si o si, utilizaré ésta melodía para cuando me case con SeokJin🤧💜
I'm Margarita
I'm Margarita 19 kun oldin
Valentina Salas
Valentina Salas 19 kun oldin
OMG 😍 es hermoso
Emily Turcato
Emily Turcato 19 kun oldin
"Music transcends language. BTS communicates with our fans by staying true to ourselves and believing in music every day." -- RM ❤
Jessica Lean
Jessica Lean 20 kun oldin
The piano guys, please do more covers of the famous Kpop Boy group named BTS ! I would love to hear more covers from the piano guys! Thank you all so much !!!
Mind your Language
Mind your Language 20 kun oldin
It's painfully perfect 😳😳
nada kf
nada kf 20 kun oldin
قد ايش تجنن😭😭😭💓💓
Binti Rosida
Binti Rosida 20 kun oldin
i'm the one i should love,,,,,,,in this world😭😭😭😭😭😭 kim seokjiiiiiinnnnnnn
BB 2B BM 20 kun oldin
I like this music so much🙂
Ysabel _Yl
Ysabel _Yl 20 kun oldin
I feel peace
BTS ARMY 20 kun oldin
😍😍😍😍😍Oomgg i love your covers and thank you so much for doing it for epiphany BTS i'm à big fan(army) of them i hope you guys do many BTS'S covers keep going love ya
Nikki loves B TEA S
Nikki loves B TEA S 21 kun oldin
Hello! I am back and once again, I am snatched. You never disappoint! (Please do Truth Untold 💖)
Es simplemente espléndido... Gracias 😍❤❤ Esto es música!!!
真身;;h y u n a .
真身;;h y u n a . 21 kun oldin
¿Así suena el cielo? ;; ♡
Bonnie Sias
Bonnie Sias 21 kun oldin
Angelic Angel
Angelic Angel 21 kun oldin
This is amazing!^^ I’ll subscribe ;)
정유진 22 kun oldin
I love you so much!!!!!! Thank you for covering this song(I'm crying)...... I'm ARMY so really appreciate for this!!!!!
Angelic Angel
Angelic Angel 22 kun oldin
Silmia Hayati
Silmia Hayati 22 kun oldin
This ia so beautiful 😂😂😂😂😂
Maria Alejandra castro rodriguez
Esto es demasiado HERMOSO ❤️😍😍😍
BTS, the Korean pop sensation
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