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Every so often the inspiration for a music project is such that we know exactly what to do and things come together very quickly. Such was the case with Epiphany. In a time when so many people are battling feelings of self-doubt and worthlessness as they navigate a social media world, the positive message of this BTS song is so important:: I’m the one I should love.
Watch BTS (방탄소년단) LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer 'Epiphany' Comeback Trailer here: uzvid.com/video/video-fIkZOLsnoqY.html
Filmed at thefifthfloorutah.com
Who are The Piano Guys?
Since formally introducing themselves in 2011 on UZvid, The Piano Guys - Steven Sharp Nelson (Cellist/Songwriter), Jon Schmidt (Pianist/Songwriter), Al Van der Beek (Music Producer/Songwriter) and Paul Anderson (Video Producer/Entrepreneur) - unassumingly arrived as a musical phenomenon. Over the course of five studio records, two Christmas releases, and a fan favorite live album, they have impressively tallied 2 billion-plus global streams, clocked upwards of 1.6 billion UZvid views, earned six No. 1 debuts on the Billboard Top Classical Albums Chart, sold out concerts in almost every corner of the world, averaged nearly 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, and attracted a diehard audience. Not to mention, they’ve appeared in The New York Times, Fast Company, BuzzFeed, Mashable, and People, were featured on CBS Sunday Morning and performed on the TODAY Show, Good Morning America and The Tonight Show.
Their latest album, Limitless catapulted to the top of the charts, holding the No. 1 spot on iTunes, Apple Music and Amazon classical charts. With over 28 million digital streams worldwide, the newest release from The Piano Guys lives up to the name Limitless as the foursome once again leap past boundaries for the 13-track collection. Limitless features the guys’ take on the latest pop hits - from Shawn Mendes to Ed Sheeran to Coldplay and The Chainsmokers, The Piano Guys continue to break new ground, even exploring the K-Pop world with two BTS covers. Rounding out the collection are two tracks from the box office hit The Greatest Showman as well as four new original compositions, culminating in a diverse new album with massive multigenerational appeal.
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Story of My Life - One Direction: uzvid.com/video/video-yET4p-r2TI8.html
Arrangement produced & written by Jon Schmidt
Steven Sharp Nelson and Al van der Beek. Piano: Jon Schmidt Cellos: Steven Sharp Nelson vocal textures:Al van der Beek. Recorded at Big Idea Studios, Draper, UT. Engineered and mixed by Jake Bowen. Mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios, Utah
Filmed & Produced by Paul Anderson & Shaye Scott
Edited by Shaye Scott
Behind the Scenes: Kyle Fisher




27-Noy, 2018

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ThePianoGuys 17 kun oldin
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Helena Smith
Helena Smith 3 kun oldin
PowerOn YT
PowerOn YT 5 kun oldin
i am the 70th reply i bought the album
Baiq Mita
Baiq Mita 5 kun oldin
This is soooo beautifull, i was cried, so amazing!!! I love you BTS and the piano guys you are so amazing!!!!
Sharmili Adhikari
Sharmili Adhikari 7 kun oldin
This is an extraordinary rendition of amazing song. Thanks guys! You made my day. Hopefully Jin of BTS notices this as well!
gray mint
gray mint 31 daqiqa oldin
This is just a masterpiece.
jeehee_kim04 Kim
jeehee_kim04 Kim 2 soat oldin
Is so beautiful, >_< very sentimental :(
Ellen Pereira
Ellen Pereira 2 soat oldin
Lindooooooo! ^^
Ellen Pereira
Ellen Pereira 2 soat oldin
Beautiful! ^^ Gospel music too, please! ♡
Ayyy 3 soat oldin
Best cover everrrrr! You know , im just comeback after watching mama2018 in hk and after kimseokjin said they thought about DISBAND in early of the year , OMGGGG IM CRIED SOOOO HARD 😭😭😭
Nicole Chang
Nicole Chang 10 soat oldin
carmen the bookworm
carmen the bookworm 13 soat oldin
My ears have been blessed...
Rica Nofrita
Rica Nofrita 14 soat oldin
So Beautiful 💜💜
Maya Ardhaswari
Maya Ardhaswari 16 soat oldin
The smile..
Ren Ache
Ren Ache 16 soat oldin
I cried..oh my god..its so beautiful..i really love this song..thank you so much for cover it so beautifully..love u guys
Viona Shafira Haviana
Viona Shafira Haviana 18 soat oldin
im crying......
Karen Cornejo
Karen Cornejo 18 soat oldin
What a masterpiece 👏👏👏💜
Miss Minchin
Miss Minchin 19 soat oldin
i'll ask my older brother to play this at his wedding. HAHAHAHA
Melani Arce
Melani Arce 19 soat oldin
This is talent!! Thanks for the cover, I appreciate it very much💜
방탄은 어디든지..
I STAN BTS 19 soat oldin
This is so beautiful 💜
jefry pram
jefry pram 20 soat oldin
Fallin love with this cover 💙
alanis Min
alanis Min 21 soat oldin
Me enamoré No hay nada más hermoso que Epiphany.... Hay Diosito llévame ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️🤯👑✨
Camila Diaz
Camila Diaz 21 soat oldin
My sister saw this and was like I want you to play this on my wedding
jeon Anna
jeon Anna 22 soat oldin
es p
es p 23 soat oldin
음이 너무 신비롭고 아름답네요!!감상 잘했습니다
Ivy Lu
Ivy Lu Kun oldin
I knew I could trust you guys. I've been listening for 6 years and I love all of your covers, but this is the cherry on top, man. Piano guys + BTS??? Sign me tf up. Beautiful cover, blessed :')
Morelia Casillas
Alyssa Kun oldin
i cried this is so beautiful
Jobriel Art
Jobriel Art Kun oldin
Simplemente hermoso ❤
Aaaaaaa amei demaissss❤️💖😍😍😍😍💖😍💖😍❤️😍💖😍💖😍❤️😍💖😍💖😍❤️
Becky Alzate
Becky Alzate Kun oldin
Me encanta❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍❤❤❤❤❤❤💜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
임진영 Kun oldin
한국인 손~
Afiza JK
Afiza JK Kun oldin
l love your cover...it's soulful...and make me remind me the old days
SO what
SO what Kun oldin
What a beautiful cover! thank you guys for this
Bangtan Queen
Bangtan Queen Kun oldin
OH MY GOSH!!!...this is so so beautiful....I was in a majestically dream...imagining my self walking down the aisle 😭😭😍😍💜💜
Ibyang Ramiro
Ibyang Ramiro Kun oldin
*duh obviously playing this on my wedding that’s never gonna happen*
Dibery Mellit
Dibery Mellit Kun oldin
I want this melody on my weeding with one member of BTS(it’s joke) Thank you so much 🙈😭😭😭😭😘😘💜🥰🤗✨✨💜💜💜💜💜
Lizeth Mendez
Lizeth Mendez Kun oldin
Me encanto....simplemente talento
Wondering Soul30
thankyou for making this beautiful cover :)
Kim Seok Jin Ahjusi
Thankyou... This is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍 seokjin would be so happy when he watch and listen to this... 😍😍😍😍
Angelika Pénzes
De gyönyrűen játszotok. 😊
Angelika Pénzes
Piusa Das
Piusa Das Kun oldin
One word: mesmerising
Rosemary Pino Quispe
I love 😍😍😍
Maryori Gonzalez Corzo ARMYBTS
Carlisha Strauss
This is so beautiful 😭😭
Mint_Suga de Kookie
For wedding guys. Aww that will be sound lovely and emotional
Roznen Soberano
Roznen Soberano Kun oldin
I would love it if you covered BTS - 'Euphoria' and the color theme was yellow and blue. :)
kira fernandez
kira fernandez Kun oldin
wow, it's soooo beautiful, i cried, thank you for covering epiphany... the blending you can feel the emotion embeded from the song...
Blair Amber
Blair Amber Kun oldin
it so weird that u can feel the music in your heart what the song meant ❤️😍 truly music break languange barriers
Levi Miller
Levi Miller Kun oldin
Hello, Mr. John Schmidt. I have seen and listened to your piano performance and I am practicing your music. John Schmidt, do you know Libera? Libera is a boy's choir and is nicknamed angelic. It's so beautiful. What I want to say is that it would be great to meet your performance and the voice of an angel in Libera. sent from South Korea
Levi Miller
Levi Miller Kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-C8WT0ydvjTI.html Libera sooooo good you to
sky 20
sky 20 Kun oldin
OMG 😭😭 so cute
橙Orange Kun oldin
OMG~~~~~this will make me cry Oh...I had cried... Can I make a wish that someday JIN will do a cor. with ThePianoGuys ?
wairah wawa
wairah wawa Kun oldin
I'll use this cover for my wadding soon😍😍
kokoro-hands Kun oldin
wonderful~ 영어로 더 표현을 못하겠지만....이 안에서 진이가 노래부르는 거 듣고싶다..너무 아름다워요
Pacha Vang
Pacha Vang Kun oldin
Can someone upload this on Musio so I can download it ? Lol
Panda Uniris
Panda Uniris 2 kun oldin
jimin's jibooty
jimin's jibooty 2 kun oldin
From someone who plays string instruments and the piano, i have never seen such a beautiful and perfect cover for beautiful song.🤧💜
Alexia Gabriele
Alexia Gabriele 2 kun oldin
this song is sure to be in my marriage!
Quratulain Alam
Quratulain Alam 2 kun oldin
can you guys please do titanic my heart will go on! you guys are soo talented and your music is beyond soothing
Permata Syarifah
Permata Syarifah 2 kun oldin
Its so beautiful💜
mollie 2 kun oldin
Thank you so much for covering this phenomenal song. This song melts my heart and Jin would be so proud and ecstatic if he heard your rendition of his song💜💜💜
Kaia 2 kun oldin
This was beautiful.
loli Pop
loli Pop 2 kun oldin
Ahhhh this is the best thank uuuuuu
#Hogwarts is my home 4ever#
OMG!!So calmingg. LUV THIS MUSIC #ThePianoGuys#
suzane kuten
suzane kuten 2 kun oldin
I love it.....
ʍєɭє ɭǰ
ʍєɭє ɭǰ 2 kun oldin
I wish with all my heart that Jin notice this beautiful cover.
L- 97
L- 97 2 kun oldin
بحطها في عرسي🌚❤️
Julia Paek
Julia Paek 2 kun oldin
I'm so proud of my BTS boys. I can't believe that Piano Guys made a cover.
dieonada 2 kun oldin
Ok but how can we get them to play for bts while they sing this song bc I know that would get them so much $$$$$. Not to say you're not making money already and admittedly I dont know how popular you guys are or how much dough you're raking in but more is always better right?? Like...imagine them playing in the white suits and white cellos, snow (fake) snow falling from the ceiling and stage onto the audience, the vocals , bts in some extra ass white outfits too. I'm imagining it as a winter holiday show for some reason XD
Jennifer Ramses
Jennifer Ramses 2 kun oldin
Listening to this masterpiece on 13/12/18 😌❤
Lil Army
Lil Army 2 kun oldin
this bts song will be amazing. pls do it uzvid.com/video/video-xEeFrLSkMm8.html
Lil Army
Lil Army 2 kun oldin
woooow you're really perfect. that was amazing. pls spring day will be perfect. what do you think guys
nisa nisa
nisa nisa 2 kun oldin
yeahhhh all for spring day plssssss 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Nour mharzi
Nour mharzi 2 kun oldin
yeahhhh spring dayy
kawaii kawaiii
kawaii kawaiii 2 kun oldin
yeah spring day 💜💜💜💜💜 woooooooow
Vimhaseno Neikha
Vimhaseno Neikha 2 kun oldin
So soothing!! I am working on my thesis now and this song is my Jam. Great job guys...I only wish I could play as good as you guys do..
Chandler Miles
Chandler Miles 2 kun oldin
Yes yes yes yes yes YES! Thank you sooooo much!!!
Drink my Tae with Suga'r and eat my Kookie
Epiphany never failed to made me cry😭😭 and this version make my tears fall even harder
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0
No way, thepianoguys?! Covering epiphany? :D
Ellen Platova
Ellen Platova 2 kun oldin
guys you are amazing ) love you
pjmkr 2 kun oldin
thank you 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Jessa P
Jessa P 2 kun oldin
Jea Colipano
Jea Colipano 2 kun oldin
It almost made my cry. It's soo beautiful. 💜 i didn't cry because my dad's here. I don't want to think I'm crazy. 😂
Stephen Ochwoto
Stephen Ochwoto 2 kun oldin
Awesome,,,, talent worth a trillion
boogiemie 2 kun oldin
The Piano Guys, you did it again! Been following you for many years since I was in school. And this is my favorite song from BTS, I'm so happy when I saw this in the thumbnail :')
Iris Rico
Iris Rico 2 kun oldin
Wow this sounds BEAUTIFUL
Jart 2 kun oldin
andi karya
andi karya 2 kun oldin
so i love me.....suit for wedding day..... Please another song BTS ballads
Lani Nusalawo
Lani Nusalawo 2 kun oldin
Love This...
인스톨 IT 채널
callme Nightangle
callme Nightangle 2 kun oldin
Love it.. The best💜
L iz
L iz 2 kun oldin
My future wedding song
mochi餅 3 kun oldin
ジンのEpiphanyは雨の日に聴きたいけどThe piano guysのEpiphanyは狐の嫁入りから晴れた時に聴きたくなる
mochi餅 3 kun oldin
The piano guysがBTSの曲を演奏してくださるなんて…!!!!美しいです…💜💜
Sofhia Rodriguez
Sofhia Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
Excelente trabajo que alegría saber que personas como ustedes son los instrumentos tan maravillosos que nos logran trasmitir mensajes tan lindos como lo tiene está cancion de un grupo de kpop que amo y que agradezco que hallan abierto las puertas a nuevas ideas Musica letras y sonidos que tal vez nunca nos dimos la oportunidad de escuchar pero que gracias a esto y mucho más no me arrepiento de amar la música así Gracias chicos More love ¡¡¡
Mi Yu
Mi Yu 3 kun oldin
정말 연주가 너무 아름답습니다.
Cookieel 3 kun oldin
My ears and soul are blessed.
Helena Smith
Helena Smith 3 kun oldin
Bánh Bao Của SeokJin
Omg so good 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤
Annelise Bedan
Annelise Bedan 3 kun oldin
*excuse me since when*
Wolfie Subliminals
Wolfie Subliminals 3 kun oldin
Imagine getting married to seokjin and as you walk down the aisle this dudes started playing and you glanced at seokjin with tears in his eyes
Júllia Martins
Júllia Martins 3 kun oldin
3 coisas que eu gosto em um vídeo só!❤️😍😍cello+bts+piano ❤️
79 Va Va
79 Va Va 3 kun oldin
Paul Pak
Paul Pak 3 kun oldin
Can you guys do a cover of "Avenger's Theme" song?? Please that's my only Christmas wish!