BTS Sleeping!

Squishy Min Yoongi
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hello im eating ramen right now and just finished making the thumbnail for this video but i dont really like it, so i might change it later on :// idk yet. Oh well, i have so much hw tonight but im probably not gonna do it until 9pm rip. okay oh well, i hope u liked the video!!




24-Apr, 2018



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AluxvY 16 soat oldin
12:54 his lips sure r 'thicc' omg that killed me
しゃどw Shadøw
しゃどw Shadøw 17 soat oldin
8:19 Jin looks like Jungkook
bts can rape me
bts can rape me Kun oldin
I wouldn't be surprised if the whole vid was just yoongi Oh btw i wouldn't mind if any of bts disturb my sleep i would wake up and huggie them
Annie Akbari - Hazel McCallion Sr PS (1549)
Sanjay Pandey
Sanjay Pandey 2 kun oldin
00:43 jimin died of sleep attack
Rosie Starbucks 234
I feel very tirdeu now from watching this 😴
Asmr Akasuki
Asmr Akasuki 2 kun oldin
Even without makeup so cute
Sarah Zalfa
Sarah Zalfa 2 kun oldin
Omg bangtantv watched this
PÃRK WOUROUD 2 kun oldin
Cuties 😍 ❤
haley xX
haley xX 2 kun oldin
alternative title: hobi pesters poor sleepy bois
haley xX
haley xX 2 kun oldin
1:44 god bless
TheGreatZandria 3 kun oldin
I thought people sleeping wouldn’t be that funny I was wrong
Janice walker
Janice walker 3 kun oldin
My favorite bts member is RM/ Rap Monster and JK/ Jungkook
Alexa Jimenez
Alexa Jimenez 3 kun oldin
AJ Sparkles
AJ Sparkles 3 kun oldin
this is the most cutest video i ever seen in my life they are so cute when they sleep specially my little angel RM at 10:14 i have a pic of him sleeping on my phone he is adoreble i love him so much ♥️
h h
h h 3 kun oldin
It should be easier to put there stage makeup on and do their hair when there sleeping. Lol
Sweet Mochi
Sweet Mochi 4 kun oldin
This is creepy how would you like it if you were Filmed while sleeping
GoOnS! Yas
GoOnS! Yas 4 kun oldin
I felt like the video would just be Yoongi sleeping for how ever long this video is
surati80 Ramli
surati80 Ramli 5 kun oldin
I think sleep is fun. I think I'm SUGA &JUNGKOOK ....ALways sleepy
Sayeda Yeamin
Sayeda Yeamin 6 kun oldin
Aww their so tired,They have bunches of journeys,Many Adventures,and lots of singing and dancing!!! Theres a reason for them to sleep so much!!
Azaria Hindsman
Azaria Hindsman 6 kun oldin
Jungkook looks cute when he’s sleep 🐰🐰
Azaria Hindsman
Azaria Hindsman 6 kun oldin
0:22 awwwwwwwwwwww so cuteee
Noa the Notebringer
Jungkook is my spirit animal
Noa the Notebringer
0:20 awwww
Jasmine Azurina
Jasmine Azurina 7 kun oldin
Jungkook is literally me cause my sister always thinks I'm dead because i sleep thru anything😂😂😂😂
yuno gasai
yuno gasai 7 kun oldin
Cristina Reyes
Cristina Reyes 7 kun oldin
felicity gaces
felicity gaces 8 kun oldin
Melany Valles
Melany Valles 9 kun oldin
do they always wear heavy makeup for every shoot, music video, etc?
Sabrina Rocha
Sabrina Rocha 8 kun oldin
Normally yes
Emma Yang
Emma Yang 9 kun oldin
Lizeth Estefania
Lizeth Estefania 9 kun oldin
Jungkook dormí tan bien como un bebè Pues si ya lo eres menzo
레인: 10 kun oldin
방탄소년단이 이거 봤어ㅡㅡ
Angel Piper
Angel Piper 10 kun oldin
1:08 who else heard aii booty hole
Rūta Bytautaitė
Rūta Bytautaitė 10 kun oldin
Pleas send me a ticket to korea and the consert plz dude
Linge van Schooten
Linge van Schooten 11 kun oldin
Maybe i have to go to sleep as well, it’s 3am oops
Cici Zhang
Cici Zhang 11 kun oldin
Cute little bunny Jungkookie!!!
GGAnimations YT
GGAnimations YT 12 kun oldin
GGAnimations YT
GGAnimations YT 9 kun oldin
Why is my comment higHliGhTeD HhHDKjbsjkdLBKhsfeU
Mariah Buzzard
Mariah Buzzard 12 kun oldin
Chim chim snoring 😴 😂😂💜
Fergiawan Ss Indra
Fergiawan Ss Indra 12 kun oldin
Ditonton bangtan tv gila
Zairel MF
Zairel MF 12 kun oldin
Vengo de un video de el ayuwoki y me vengo a refugiar viendo cosas tiernas de bts :3
Nicole Zlotnicki
Nicole Zlotnicki 12 kun oldin
J-Hope is like “I will kill you you all later” when his sleep is disturbed.
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 12 kun oldin
J hope is cute🤗🤗🤗
Abdul Wahid
Abdul Wahid 12 kun oldin
You guys are so funny and cut i want to be your fan pls🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥺🥺🥺
JeonJungkookArmy BTS
Chim chim is so cute and jungkook while they sleep 😰❤
nina 12 kun oldin
Loving Jimin
Jerry XD
Jerry XD 13 kun oldin
I've been watching this whole week the BTS' music videos, live performances, video/funny clips, awards and many more, but i don't know why??? 😱 Can anyone explain this to me? 😂 I want to be an official member of ARMY! 😊 How can I? Where to sign up? 🤔 Please tell me... 😭 Btw I'm falling inlove to Jungkook! 😍 He's verry cute! OMG! 😘 Filipino ARMY? Hello there! 👋😉
sol A.R.M.I
sol A.R.M.I 13 kun oldin
l love BTS too much❤❤
Faith Moka
Faith Moka 13 kun oldin
wht is tht flute music called where is it from?
-Miss Crink 13-
-Miss Crink 13- 13 kun oldin
5:17 *why meh-*
live chicken
live chicken 13 kun oldin
i love how there is like barely any vids of RM and Jin sleeping
Bts Army
Bts Army 13 kun oldin
Never sleep when the others are awake
Wade Martin
Wade Martin 14 kun oldin
Awwww so cute
Jessica Harrison
Jessica Harrison 14 kun oldin
10:57 - 11:08 major V-hope vibes 😂❤😍✊
Yaoi Fujoshi
Yaoi Fujoshi 14 kun oldin
8:00 That scared me😂
Shaelynn Smith
Shaelynn Smith 14 kun oldin
Well at least now I know that both me and RM look hilarious when we sleep and we both attack people if they wake us up so that's nice to know.
Lakshmi Gokari
Lakshmi Gokari 14 kun oldin
Jungkook is even cuter during his sleep 😃😃
l and you
l and you 14 kun oldin
Bts đáng iu quá đi
maggie allen
maggie allen 14 kun oldin
8:30 Jin is that a lobster phone case 😂
Zaide TP
Zaide TP 15 kun oldin
I love jimin
Ashfa Anika
Ashfa Anika 15 kun oldin
These guys are so beautiful
тнıcc sеок
тнıcc sеок 15 kun oldin
Tbh, Kim Namjoon sleeping is the sexiest thing i have seen today.
lilian marquez
lilian marquez 16 kun oldin
9:00 this woman is so cute Wait I think I knew that woman Is that J - hope ? *look closely* What the hell He looks so good as a woman
Expensive_ Trashcan
Expensive_ Trashcan 17 kun oldin
Aww my little tae tae♥
I was thinking only one thing THERE SKIN IS SO STRETCHY
Jishana Jaleel
Jishana Jaleel 17 kun oldin
Look like they don't get time to sleep in their house 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
Awake05 Kookie05
Awake05 Kookie05 17 kun oldin
It's quite pity nman kasi lagi silang busy sa sched nila at tsaka hectic pa
Andrea Shannelle
Andrea Shannelle 18 kun oldin
11:58 Jin is freaking ADORABLE!!!
• Itz_tuffle z •
I was watching this in class, and all of my friends were staring at me. I wonder what was happening in their brain while they’re watching me, watch Korean guys sleep
cutie pie
cutie pie 18 kun oldin
Bless your soul u BTS army mind reader
Lera Kiba
Lera Kiba 18 kun oldin
13:12 гадкое пятнышко 😂😂😂представляю реакцию когда проснется🤣🤣😂😂
Lera Kiba
Lera Kiba 18 kun oldin
10:56 по 11:01 это супер няшный V
Lera Kiba
Lera Kiba 18 kun oldin
10:55 такой няшный момент😍😍😍😍
Lera Kiba
Lera Kiba 18 kun oldin
Как же Чонгук любит поспатььь🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
Mielonnie The Flamby
Please What Is music flute ? Im sorry for my english im russian and french
Alexia Mukendi
Alexia Mukendi 18 kun oldin
Omg rm looked possessed when he woke up with the night sight
Melody Rose
Melody Rose 19 kun oldin
jh: bothering the rest of the boys me: plz jh let my babys sleep
If jungkook doesn't want to touch jhopes hair while he sleeps then I'll do it😔
Chiara Short
Chiara Short 20 kun oldin
I love BTS always have and always will #army xx
Hobi Wifeu
Hobi Wifeu 20 kun oldin
Stella Nguyen
Stella Nguyen 20 kun oldin
I died of laughing at 11:17 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂
compton simon
compton simon 21 kun oldin
jh said " he hate my touch right now" did he like them before \\\oo\\\
Kookie's Waifu
Kookie's Waifu 21 kun oldin
4:37 the best angle they got in lion king, my wittle baby tiger! 😍
katty avakin
katty avakin 21 kun oldin
BTS Got me high
BTS Got me high 21 kun oldin
Tbh it makes me kinda sad how sleepy they are :c,but so cute 🥰🤗
zaynxjaan 21 kun oldin
Amo verlos dormir :(💜
It’s Sadaf
It’s Sadaf 21 kun oldin
AhmadBahran MohdIsa
AhmadBahran MohdIsa 21 kun oldin
Awwwww they cute
Kristina Tiwin
Kristina Tiwin 22 kun oldin
7:59 I really got scared in this part 😂😂 He wakes up like a monster.
astralbieber 22 kun oldin
how didn't jimin be tickled? even i was tickled from here 5:44
Hannah Huynh
Hannah Huynh 22 kun oldin
Ai là fan của Jimin điểm danh
Hannah Huynh
Hannah Huynh 22 kun oldin
Jimin ngủ đẹp quá hà
Gio Rosso
Gio Rosso 23 kun oldin
How tis he song at 10:58 called?
sharmila sharmi
sharmila sharmi 24 kun oldin
Jimine looks awesome while sleeping 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
TAEHYUNG is my life
TAEHYUNG is my life 24 kun oldin
Coffee House Gacha
Coffee House Gacha 24 kun oldin
I am *literally* in love with Jungkook ❤️❤️❤️
Lana Sučić
Lana Sučić 25 kun oldin
I died 11:11 😂😂😂😂
iihxneyybee -
iihxneyybee - 26 kun oldin
0:21 AWWWW!!! Jinkook ^-^
Suga Kookies and Tae
10:48 song?
Sage Dingy
Sage Dingy 27 kun oldin
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️BTS
KammiSama 28 kun oldin
This is seriously making me sleepy😂
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