BTS So Happy Challenge with Brent Rivera | Radio Disney Music Awards

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Watch BTS try not to laugh at each other during Brent Rivera's RDMA So Happy Challenge! Make sure to watch the Radio Disney Music Awards Saturday, June 23 at 8p on Disney Channel!
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3-Iyn, 2018

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Flawless Jayden
Flawless Jayden Soat oldin
Jin is my spirit animal
Agressive dancer
Agressive dancer 2 soat oldin
jin's laugh tho
Lim Peck Chew
Lim Peck Chew 5 soat oldin
0:29 jin said tzuyu
Sandra Owono
Sandra Owono 6 soat oldin
Ndd Yapa
Ndd Yapa 6 soat oldin
Brent u are so lucky to meet them love all of ya
Crystal Craft1
Crystal Craft1 9 soat oldin
You should ask Big Marvel to do this challenge! 😂 I swear he won’t smile at all 😂😂😂
Miguel Bellon
Miguel Bellon 10 soat oldin
Yoongi for the win.
dani.edits.ox 10 soat oldin
Brent was so awkward during this. Like awkwardly patting them on the back and fake laughing.
literally me.
literally me. 11 soat oldin
Namjoon : I'm Soo hapy
literally me.
literally me. 11 soat oldin
Imagining Brent become foreign member of bts.. cuz yeah only bts that doesn't have foreign member lol
Gym Sentry
Gym Sentry 11 soat oldin
I'm very serious man, 2 seconds later he luaghing! i love BTS
•Yoongi_Chan• 12 soat oldin
He Could Had Ask For There Names Instead Of Saying Him, You, Etc🤦🏽‍♀️
Violet The Witch
Violet The Witch 12 soat oldin
They don’t understand English, he doesn’t understand Korean...beauty
Violet The Witch
Violet The Witch 12 soat oldin
“I’m so happy” awww
sugainurtae 12 soat oldin
1:48 *Jimin-ssi” That made me laugh so hard
peekaboo 14 soat oldin
its 6am and im tring not to scream
NOTganster kpoplover
NOTganster kpoplover 14 soat oldin
Amy Batislaong
Amy Batislaong 14 soat oldin
Jungkok 😄
Elda Gerzon
Elda Gerzon 15 soat oldin
Jin's laugh is so hilarious
Jennifer Pineda
Jennifer Pineda 16 soat oldin
Rm “I’m very serious” starts laughing 😂
lubna ambareen
lubna ambareen 18 soat oldin
Jin's laughs OMG!!
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl 18 soat oldin
Viviana Di Chiara
Viviana Di Chiara 19 soat oldin
yoongi *loads his rock mode* just give it up guys, you know you can't make a rock laugh
Sophie Blower
Sophie Blower 19 soat oldin
Of course Suga would win. I called it before I even started the video
Lenis Lim
Lenis Lim 21 soat oldin
The way Jin says Jin lol
Mangle Endoskeleton
Mangle Endoskeleton 21 soat oldin
The best feeling is,when you live in Korea for 6 years and you understand their jokes xddd
Theodora Peter
Theodora Peter 21 soat oldin
Chadani Rai
Chadani Rai 22 soat oldin
Omg jin laugh😍😍😍💘
ادلبي حر
ادلبي حر 22 soat oldin
Ohhhh koottttt❤❤❤😘😘💖💖bts
Arilen Chan
Arilen Chan 23 soat oldin
I love Yoongi 😁
J. Santos
J. Santos 23 soat oldin
UK Evana
UK Evana Kun oldin
I don't know what Jungkook say that Tea lough. Please can anyone tell me.
Sharlinne Salvador
I love Namjoon is like trying to cover up their cute goofy dorkiness 😂 1:50
Izzy Yue
Izzy Yue Kun oldin
Maybe if they watch Brent Rivera’s videos........
Your cat friend uwu
I like the fat that jin's laugh is the loudest kakskskkakskska
Your cat friend uwu
I like watching brent look confused on how they laugh automatically
Flox Fox
Flox Fox Kun oldin
Aliah Azam
Aliah Azam Kun oldin
jin is so funny.He makes me laugh until cry😂😂😂😂
Muaaa Mo Farah
Muaaa Mo Farah Kun oldin
Omg jin😅😅
Lizzy Playz
Lizzy Playz Kun oldin
Bts chanced a lot
yessica ong
yessica ong Kun oldin
JUNKOOK ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Meera Bhatia
Meera Bhatia Kun oldin
Our RM very serious man 😂😂😍😍😍
Ayesha Qureshi
Ayesha Qureshi Kun oldin
Jin 💗
Gina Kun oldin
*Jin making whale noises for 2 minutes and 37 seconds*
Maria Ranivânia
O mais sério é o Jin kk
Fedelyn Alba
Fedelyn Alba Kun oldin
Jin’s laugh lol
Cherry Playz
Cherry Playz Kun oldin
All i could here is Jin’s Laugh 😂
Hailey Viken
Hailey Viken Kun oldin
Ba-doom JINNNNN i lost it😂😂
Butterfly Pheonix
Jins laugh was like a seagull! 😂😂😂
Mikaila Williams
Good job D boy 😍😍
Mikaila Williams
I'm not surprised that Suga won cuz I know it's hard to make him laugh
Oof Idk
Oof Idk Kun oldin
*Suga comes up* Namjoon: *”Shugah”* *Everyone dies* What 😂😂😂😂😂 especially Jimin and Jin 😂😂😂
Abby Sutherland
Abby Sutherland Kun oldin
Jungkook- 5 seconds Jin- 2 seconds Suga- wins all cause he’s ice V- BOI I SAW THAT SIDE SMILE.. but I’ll give you 13 seconds RM- 4 seconds J-Hope- WOW OUR SUNSHINE DID GOOD!! 11 seconds Jungkook- Jiminshi* Jimin: *dies* 0.5 maybe 1
stellarious !!!
stellarious !!! Kun oldin
imagine how the stokes twins interrogated brent after this xD
TaEliEn22 Kun oldin
0:30 who the fuzz says “Jin” I watched all of their mouths, it was none of them!!
Miss Owen
Miss Owen Kun oldin
LOL RM at the end
M8 Fam
M8 Fam Kun oldin
I love Jin's laugh😂
Where are my chicken nuggets ???
selin berk
selin berk Kun oldin
Jin neden öyle gülüyo ya😂💛
Rylie Bryantt
Rylie Bryantt Kun oldin
They should have said min holly to make suga smile •3•
faerieskies Kun oldin
my god i love my boys
•Kawaii Banana•
Poor brent , hes just like “haha yes, OK NEXT PERSON” XD my bias is V ;-;
Suci Suci
Suci Suci 2 kun oldin
From indonesia sarangheo bts
bo laynwe
bo laynwe 2 kun oldin
V 😍
Stranger things 2.0
Labiba Masfin Sara
Labiba Masfin Sara 2 kun oldin
1:33 Did anyone saw Taehyung just beat kookie for making him laugh?
KY 2004
KY 2004 2 kun oldin
1:06 trying to avoid saying the names... Relatable sometimes
ExtraTrqshy 2 kun oldin
I cant breathe Jin is so extra
BTS JUNGKOOK 2 kun oldin
RM: he is a ice Suga: (TT) ( When the video end ) Suga: (^^) ( thinking) I won yes RM : I am so happy 😄😄
Basma Saad
Basma Saad 2 kun oldin
*Jin's laugh tho*
Den N' Roses
Den N' Roses 2 kun oldin
2:23 RM: "I'm so happy". Me: *dies* HE'S SO CUTE. I CAN'T.
Dope Unicorn
Dope Unicorn 2 kun oldin
Omg I love Brent Rivera!
ChimChim Jimin
ChimChim Jimin 2 kun oldin
I didn’t know Brent met bts.. luckkkkyyy
ya boi trash
ya boi trash 2 kun oldin
“I’m not a smiler” *Jin says Jin* “*laughing*”
TheAuroraRed 2 kun oldin
This make me happy 😁
DANKGAMER II 2 kun oldin
Jin sounds like the only one laughing
Payal Patel
Payal Patel 2 kun oldin
Pause at 1:40 the face of an angel
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee 2 kun oldin
HI I love your video BTS
borhaebts 2 kun oldin
Silver Star
Silver Star 2 kun oldin
1:07 Hahaha brent pushing Suga off the chair, suga just sitting there, like what?
.::GachaMelody::. 2 kun oldin
Of course bts fans will press this video c:
Jungkook is mine Forever
Once Jin laughs everyone laughs so cute 💜💜💜💜🇰🇷
Zainab Hussain
Zainab Hussain 2 kun oldin
haha rapmonster says" he's ICE" instead of ACE😚😘😂 1:04
helena plays
helena plays 2 kun oldin
Brent didn’t know their names so he said “you” and “him” and “he” lol i thought it was hilarious
LonerLoneEmu 2 kun oldin
0:40 Makes me laugh so much, Jins laugh + With with Namjoon said 😂😂
Danielle Napier
Danielle Napier 2 kun oldin
What did jungkook say that made tae laugh? In english
Cookies! Nom nom
Cookies! Nom nom 2 kun oldin
They say things that would make THEM laugh but not Yoongi.. lol
Charlotte Asklund
Charlotte Asklund 2 kun oldin
why do they always pick the most boring/awkward people in the universe to interview bts?
Mikaela TSANG
Mikaela TSANG 3 kun oldin
Omigawd their laughs 💜 poor Brent doesn’t understand anything.
Scarlet Heart
Scarlet Heart 3 kun oldin
Notice how Yoongi smiles when the member smiles😊😊
تمرحنا ابوغزله
انا بحب bts روعه
Bubble Tea
Bubble Tea 3 kun oldin
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki 3 kun oldin
what do you mean jwiminssi?
janine p
janine p 3 kun oldin
Your so luky brent
JiKook B T S
JiKook B T S 3 kun oldin
All I can hear was Jin's laugh😂😂😂😂
Garima sohal
Garima sohal 3 kun oldin
can anyone tell me what make jungkook laugh
Trisna Gemarita
Trisna Gemarita 3 kun oldin
Suga is the winner
shaa deep
shaa deep 3 kun oldin
Suga will be suga🤣 I love this man dude❤️
Danesha Nura
Danesha Nura 3 kun oldin
"Can't stop looking at jungkook and v😙😙😘😘😙"
Flinch w/ BTS
10 oy oldin