Build Stone Fish Pond

Primitive Survival Tool
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Hello Everyone,
Today we build fish pond using Stone , we take time 2 week to complete this fish pond.
Thank you for watching...



8-Iyl, 2018

Build Stone Fish PondStone Fish PondFish PondPool Fishpondfish



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Fikrlar 6 090
I have no creativity for a name
Honestly this seems fun
블럭스유튜브 29 kun oldin
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Oy oldin
what breed of SMALL freshwater fish can live in this pond? please answer me !!!! 😉
Dulce’s picture life Picture perfect
Okay but do you just leave all you’re projects behind or are you making one big house resort for yourself a our what
Shaun Lin
Shaun Lin Oy oldin
This some next level minecraft shit 😂
_ DeroyDolphin _
What do they use to make the water stay there is it cement?
Reese Oy oldin
Why is the sound so relaxing. Almost like asmr
superior subway man
Y'all are so talented
Allassea1980 Oy oldin
Wow. Just. Wow. The skills we lost....
Brittaney Few
Brittaney Few Oy oldin
That a big ass fish
Brittaney Few
Brittaney Few Oy oldin
I wonder how far it is to walk to get to the water
소먹 Oy oldin
Hello, I am Korean. There's one thing I need to say, if it's not I'm just doing it right now, without finding any source on the other channel. I've reported it, but I'm saying it because I think I should know. His channel is down. Keep reading. And there's a profanity coming from your video. Let's go now.짱TV두두
Jetfuel Cold
Jetfuel Cold Oy oldin
I wonder how many times they've been digging and stabbed there foot
Wiki Wiki
Wiki Wiki Oy oldin
Sari look kharab kar di pehly waly ki
*the stonefish is a stone-fish* You don't get it do you I mean *the pond is full of stone and it's a fish* OK I don't think anyone gets the joke
Agustina Kwe
Agustina Kwe 2 oy oldin
This ia amazing keep IT up
Shawanda Darden
Shawanda Darden 2 oy oldin
We build build build hahaha money money money money
Sri Kumar
Sri Kumar 2 oy oldin
Super da amazing tank very very!! Awsome
Ed D
Ed D 2 oy oldin
These guys are amazing.
Doreen Hurley
Doreen Hurley 2 oy oldin
Those are store bought rocks, that looks more like cement then mud, and the pond needs a filter and some type of shade otherwise that fish will die because the water is not moving or being cleaned..... They do good work but lets be honest here dam
Dick Nickler
Dick Nickler 2 oy oldin
You know, if you were to weave baskets to hold your water pots, you could make a handle and carry two or more pots at a time on a stick over your shoulders, per person. Imagine how many trips could be saved...
Marline Harrold
Marline Harrold 2 oy oldin
Truly liked the video. ☺️
Haider Mufeed
Haider Mufeed 3 oy oldin
Beast click
Beast click 3 oy oldin
I kept thinking use a hose
ludmila insaurralede
Sam P
Sam P 4 oy oldin
These videos make me wanna do this so baddds
nifael08 4 oy oldin
why do u need to wash the fish just throw the fish is the pond
Kurt playz Roblox
Who’s gonna feed the fish?
Matthew Ferrara
Matthew Ferrara 4 oy oldin
Ok the real questions are where in the world are these dudes and who is filming, and how do they stay so quiet
Little Regina
Little Regina 4 oy oldin
Top Films HD
Top Films HD 4 oy oldin
Thanks for these amazing videos!!! 😁😁😁
مثنى شاكر
STI828 5 oy oldin
so did the fish died from all that cement water?
INSANE_BANANA 5 oy oldin
Then there are people who can't even cook dinner
FeelsWeirdMan 5 oy oldin
Its a shame the fish will die within some days because the water will be bad.
Felix Keenan
Felix Keenan 5 oy oldin
Thanks for demo!
xxDrain 5 oy oldin
Basically instead of tools they've developed some technique, that's basically how an animal builds its home as well. I'd like to see if they have any ingenuity building contraptions to ease the workload tho.
Hannah S
Hannah S 5 oy oldin
This stuff is super cool, these guys have great work ethic but one question - when putting the fish in the water, why did they dump them on the grass first then individually put them in? Why not just dump the whole pot of them in the water?
leonardo alflen
leonardo alflen 5 oy oldin
bt 038
Muffin Time
Muffin Time 5 oy oldin
Bob the builder, you better get to work these guys have over done it.
Alexander Polonsky
Was that hard
Ying Yang
Ying Yang 5 oy oldin
Were gonna do the same thing today
Sogoh 5 oy oldin
It's so amazing
عبيدة Az
عبيدة Az 6 oy oldin
Foxcrest Cutiepie films
im not sure ill just watch
Foxcrest Cutiepie films
like a primitive movie set up....
Foxcrest Cutiepie films
hungery when you think of recent events
manu kaniyamparambil
Is that mud or cement and what is the quantity of raw materials you used for building it. I really want to build one.
Millie L
Millie L 6 oy oldin
Il pay them to buil stuff in my garden
Love Audio
Love Audio 6 oy oldin
I bet they worked so hard not bet but thay worked hard I feel bad and that other man got sooo dirty
Leonel Landín
Leonel Landín 6 oy oldin
Increible que buen trabajo no manches quisiéra yo tener una casa así
Darling Sanawi
Darling Sanawi 6 oy oldin
you guys or so perfecte
Estefany Acosta
Estefany Acosta 6 oy oldin
You guys are amazing 😯😯
Jackson Rodgers
Jackson Rodgers 6 oy oldin
Ustedes son muy buenos trabajadores que pasan mucho tiempo y trabajo duro. es difícil no estar orgulloso de lo que haces. No parar de construir
Erin Esguerra
Erin Esguerra 6 oy oldin
Who is toking in the background.
Niki Lo
Niki Lo 6 oy oldin
yo ablo español Y lo veo
wiluitterlinde 6 oy oldin
Victoria Madrid
Victoria Madrid 6 oy oldin
I just wonder if can do that with there hands I wonder what they can build with electric tools
Willian Souto
Willian Souto 6 oy oldin
Poderiam fazer um video se apresentando e mostrando curiosidades ,esses caras são muito bons !! fico imaginado se fossem engenheiros ,já teriam realizado grandes feitos !!! 👏👏
Plastic Productions
Sure you can build a Koi Pond but can you build a M1 Abrams Tank
Daily Entertainment SR
I am waiting for next video.
Gamers Universe
Gamers Universe 6 oy oldin
great work guys
Storm Animations
Storm Animations 6 oy oldin
They are gonna village someday
IcyZ Apollyon
IcyZ Apollyon 6 oy oldin
I don't get where they find all the materials to build this in a day.......do they have a black hole to give them what they want?
busch 6 oy oldin
that is quite the project to undertake
Edvinas Narijauskas
Wonder if they'll be adding co2 to it 🤔
PLANE TERRAIN ! 6 oy oldin
孤儿院 莫测 必得
PLANE TERRAIN ! 6 oy oldin
孤儿院 莫测 必得
Quiara Miller
Quiara Miller 6 oy oldin
I am inspired to be an architect 😃
t.k stussy
t.k stussy 6 oy oldin
Truc Tran yuri
Truc Tran yuri 6 oy oldin
Đẹp quá à
Nagisa Shiota
Nagisa Shiota 6 oy oldin
I need to know where you're at so I can be your neighbours and I can use your swimming pool~~~
tria vang
tria vang 6 oy oldin
Flawless Johnson
Flawless Johnson 6 oy oldin
Who will not like this
Chan Joyce
Chan Joyce 6 oy oldin
active team work lol
MAGIC WORLD 6 oy oldin
where they live
Gatito Lindo
Gatito Lindo 6 oy oldin
Solange Tatiana
Solange Tatiana 6 oy oldin
Ai chega um creeper pra dizer tchau 😂
susant mal
susant mal 6 oy oldin
Your all videos are amazing and whenever I see your video I feel like I am in village
Tradisional Channel
ranging from stone age, very beautiful
Tiago Murillo
Tiago Murillo 6 oy oldin
Lucas 6 oy oldin
Wouldn't the fish die from lack of oxygen because the water isn't circulating?
현승 6 oy oldin
고인물은 썩을텐데...
Mystic Knight
Mystic Knight 6 oy oldin
+ Where are the fish?
Mystic Knight
Mystic Knight 6 oy oldin
I knew there was another building there
Where do you find that grass pieces?
Shana Terry
Shana Terry 6 oy oldin
It gives me idea of what to build if I get lost in the woods
Armando Chay
Armando Chay 6 oy oldin
Jen Viloria
Jen Viloria 6 oy oldin
Fatcat Progress
Fatcat Progress 6 oy oldin
So much time doing that and some people dislike
Jae The Youtuber
Jae The Youtuber 6 oy oldin
I like how the pond looks I always watch it twice
Andiiy Castru
Andiiy Castru 6 oy oldin
You guys are so kind
Gavin Verbeek
Gavin Verbeek 6 oy oldin
They need to put in more water for the fish
Ivani Batista Do Amaral
gallonsofgabriel 6 oy oldin
where is this
Raphael carlos be gaming
omg you have alot of channels!!
Eugeny Krasitsky
Eugeny Krasitsky 6 oy oldin
Есть кто?
ben koh
ben koh 6 oy oldin
(To c) Sorry, I can't help you with that 😢 wish you luck
ㅤㅤ순진 6 oy oldin
카메라는 있나보네 영상 찍9
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