Build Stone Fish Pond

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Hello Everyone,
Today we build fish pond using Stone , we take time 2 week to complete this fish pond.
Thank you for watching...



8-Iyl, 2018

Build Stone Fish PondStone Fish PondFish PondPool Fishpondfish



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Winplays 101 3 soat oldin
Who would dislike this????
Ali Matador
Ali Matador 8 soat oldin
Great job
jadalyn Velasquez
jadalyn Velasquez 8 soat oldin
These people are magnificent
2760db 8 soat oldin
What Minecraft server are these guys on?
TristeRobot 9 soat oldin
Looks like the cameraman got the easy job
Nadeem L
Nadeem L 11 soat oldin
This is amazing!! Fantastic job guys. You guys are really hard working. May I ask a question. Do you guys plan to build some kind of filtration system to oxygenate the water for the fish? Thank you very much. I really look forward to seeing more awesome videos!
Kevillyn Santos Da Silva
Ótima ideia. 👏🏻
Mia Kyle Blanco
Mia Kyle Blanco Kun oldin
Are these two builders the owner of this channel or someone else?
이하은 Kun oldin
이거 만들면 고인물이라 나중에 썩어서 더러워지고 물 마르면 다시 물 길어다 놓고 해야겠지..? 왠지 슬프다ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ저렇게 멋있는데 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
King of Pigs
King of Pigs Kun oldin
What recipe(s) do you guys use for your cement/clay mud
St Jacques St Charles
I like it seems like fun
Ulv Odinsson
Ulv Odinsson Kun oldin
Somebody please show them how good shovel looks like or bring them one or two
เล็ก อ่างทอง
kaiosinhg _7066
kaiosinhg _7066 Kun oldin
Quem é br da o like
Soledad Lezcano
Soledad Lezcano Kun oldin
Christine joy bautista
The rain help them to finish the build stone fish pond
valentina Gomez
valentina Gomez 2 kun oldin
Capos quisiera ser como ustedes
Scott Reilly
Scott Reilly 2 kun oldin
I'm only 1:30 in and WOW this is impressive.
Avelia Roman
Avelia Roman 2 kun oldin
Need more water!
Niubility 2 kun oldin
Looks like a huge hot pot.
wilberth jesus castro
Como no se cansan de trabajar tanto
Tumble Sisters
Tumble Sisters 2 kun oldin
These guys are so cool!
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 2 kun oldin
At 9:40 what are those, exactly? Probably a stupid question, but fuck it.
Worp Out
Worp Out 2 kun oldin
How are they going to feed the fish
kevin santiago carabali rodriguez
creativos al 100%
Bruno Sebastian Rios
Hello primitivo 😃☙
Johnny TSC
Johnny TSC 2 kun oldin
Why not use the biggest bucket?
Maia Rudi
Maia Rudi 2 kun oldin
enak nya
Draven Miller
Draven Miller 2 kun oldin
れみふくはら 3 kun oldin
day and night videos daily
Love the vids
Maia Rudi
Maia Rudi 2 kun oldin
love liat foto
claymorexnex 3 kun oldin
Just a question why not build a wheelbarrow and make less trips
Ocean Piester
Ocean Piester 3 kun oldin
How is that comment there?
Ocean Piester
Ocean Piester 3 kun oldin
Umm I didnt send that?
Charlie Conners
Charlie Conners 3 kun oldin
If these people are this good they would be doing this for 20 years I tried it hard
Avocado Snatcher
Avocado Snatcher 3 kun oldin
So this is what it's like to go outside
Lesley Huang
Lesley Huang 3 kun oldin
I want to survive like you
pub gaming Vanhemert
Bulde a tree house
The Kykling
The Kykling 3 kun oldin
The fish are going to die. low oxygen, no food, wtf
Jess_Diamond 123
Jess_Diamond 123 3 kun oldin
i feel like that they can build a whole city but it will take time
Ganamead Gaming
Ganamead Gaming 3 kun oldin
Awesome work guys!
VG gameplay
VG gameplay 3 kun oldin
I good! is happy 👏👏
Willa Zeeburt
Willa Zeeburt 3 kun oldin
Why would anyone dislike this?!?!?
David C
David C 3 kun oldin
Herr Schweizer
Herr Schweizer 3 kun oldin
Fot whatttT?
Pedro Prati
Pedro Prati 3 kun oldin
Bem legal
Fletcher Hartwick
Fletcher Hartwick 3 kun oldin
I wish you guys would do a video about your life outside of building these amazing structures! Who are you guys? What’s your job? Does UZvid support you? Where did you learn these skills? I have so many questions! Im so curious!
Fletcher Hartwick
Fletcher Hartwick 3 kun oldin
Obviously you monetize your channel and get a large amount of views. You must be doing well??
Cinthia Funes
Cinthia Funes 3 kun oldin
Tienen arte
Miavour's Bees Cakes
They are amazing !!!!!!
Gablood C
Gablood C 3 kun oldin
No entry and exit for the water ? The fish will die
Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray 3 kun oldin
Seeing no metal tools makes me think prehistoric people had some sweet houses. When they decided to put down roots that is, circa 12k BCE or so Gobekli Tepe has us believing. I wonder what creature comforts they would have added? Would they be similar to what these gents have done?
Joe KB
Joe KB Kun oldin
Very intresting thought. You don't really think of neolithic man having fish ponds or swimming pools etc... but I guess it could have been done!
むぽ 3 kun oldin
Twitterであなた達の動画を見て、そしたらたまたまyoutubeで見つけました(笑) 本当にすごいです\( ˆ ˆ )/♡
Ary bowo
Ary bowo 3 kun oldin
Peter banget sih😍
Christian Lagunero
Christian Lagunero 3 kun oldin
They have Strong Patience !!!! that makes them productive!!!!!
Itzme_kyle _
Itzme_kyle _ 3 kun oldin
Y is the water so dirty
nabil rafid
nabil rafid 3 kun oldin
For real?!
Yanih Gonil
Yanih Gonil 3 kun oldin
Bang ajarin toh kalo bisa
Charlotte Nourse
Charlotte Nourse 3 kun oldin
Connor Ritchie
Connor Ritchie 3 kun oldin
Dam I don't think I could do that, that is so lit🔥🔥🔥
Rihana Nikaj
Rihana Nikaj 3 kun oldin
If I built that I wouldn’t use for my fish but only for me 😂
Omar Elshabassy
Omar Elshabassy 3 kun oldin
Where are these guys located?
mariusz alamido
mariusz alamido 3 kun oldin
Nurlaila Usman
Nurlaila Usman 4 kun oldin
Mereka tidak mandi kali ini 😂
Eleanur Bahira
Eleanur Bahira 4 kun oldin
i hope you become rich
MarioAndres 4 kun oldin
This guys play Minecraft in the real life xd
TaviriGamer 4 kun oldin
Did you know? Wasn't Aliens! Remember! Wasn't Aliens!
Shinay McCarter
Shinay McCarter 4 kun oldin
It's so nice how they build and they use mud to connect rocks cool!
Gustavo Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
TBH I love watching these videos and chilling in my bed and just watching them build it's so comfortable and I grab a snack to I love this. HaHa.
Chris Williams
Chris Williams 4 kun oldin
These guys would make a lot of money if trained in a western country. They’d be millionaires..
akachuy 4 kun oldin
I watch porn when I'm bored,. Just thinking about what I could have built in so many hours is so depressing
Rocko Yao
Rocko Yao 4 kun oldin
Who wants to hire them?
Helin Cilgin
Helin Cilgin 4 kun oldin
Wherever they living those fishies are creepy af
jackspeckneck 4 kun oldin
Nice catfish
Kevin Tovar
Kevin Tovar 4 kun oldin
Jenny Quishpe
Jenny Quishpe 4 kun oldin
Filisidades hermoso como asen con sus propias cosas 👏👏👏😍😍😍
Kim S
Kim S 4 kun oldin
This is the kind of thing I would find myself doing at 3am instead of studying for an 8am exam
TheChallenge Channel
Dang I don’t know why but I actually enjoy these videos btw I subscribed😉
Sophia Freitas
Sophia Freitas 4 kun oldin
sofia flores amor de Deus
It's Madge's Zone
It's Madge's Zone 4 kun oldin
Literally, when I saw the underground home and the pool from the other video, and a wooden fence, I was pretty satisfied.
Maritza Diaz Rosas
Maritza Diaz Rosas 4 kun oldin
The best thing ever I am going to go and build that right now
edwin Ivan
edwin Ivan 4 kun oldin
Estos weyes son la vrg :v
EL HISH META 4 kun oldin
Me cae viven mejor que yo jajaj
ToxicVibez 4 kun oldin
Your guys videos are awesome and you guys are so creative
sleepy cabbiege
sleepy cabbiege 4 kun oldin
Do they ever talk to each other
chinga tu madre bro :v
Pishi maincra en la vida real
Lorenzo Pellegrini
Lorenzo Pellegrini 4 kun oldin
Why did they put the fishes on the grass and then in the water? Wtf
Harmony Bunnell
Harmony Bunnell 4 kun oldin
Tell me how to do that please 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😄😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅😃😃😃😃😃☺☺☺☺☺😏😏😏😏😶😶😶😶
KB7 Ronaldo
KB7 Ronaldo 4 kun oldin
It really is legit.Keep up the hard work.
Rosa Rodriguez
Rosa Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
It's all fun in building until you get roasted by the sun😂😂😂😂 I admire their dedication.
Thomas Neuhaus
Thomas Neuhaus 4 kun oldin
How do they make cement?
Thomas Neuhaus
Thomas Neuhaus 4 kun oldin
I just watched one of the other videos and they just have a large pool where they grab clay off the bottom. Amazing.
Upside down detective
I think they use clay
Nyra Draws
Nyra Draws 4 kun oldin
See what the nature can make without any chemical stuff? And their is so many ways u can do without a help from a machine just it's slow but what matters the nature is there for us too give us stuff too make a new chapter.
Sajjal Aftab
Sajjal Aftab 4 kun oldin
Minecraft in real life 😂
Edson Yoel Valdes Calvo
Simplemente, ellos son los amos, son los mejores constructores, en cambio uno se dificulta la vida para poner soluciones a problemas sencillos
tigerwaz73 4 kun oldin
ItsMe ProGuy
ItsMe ProGuy 4 kun oldin
You guys need to build fences you might fall down there
Dipanjan Choubey
Dipanjan Choubey 4 kun oldin
Salute to you all , you work so hard
Butch Nixon
Butch Nixon 4 kun oldin
These guys just keep doing the same shit over and over. Ohh look a swimming pool, ohh look a rock pond, ohh look another damn swimming pool. Great guys, your creativity it about as limited as Verizon data rates.. Hmm, I wonder what they will build next, it couldn't possibly be another hole in the ground filled with water could it?
Yiğit Efe
Yiğit Efe 4 kun oldin
Build Bathtub
2 oy oldin