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Bullet For My Valentine - Letting You Go

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Letting You Go taken from the new record Gravity, out now. Get it now bfmv.com/gravity
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Music video by Bullet For My Valentine performing Letting You Go. © 2018 Bullet For My Valentine, under exclusive license to Universal Music Operations Limited
Directed by, Stuart T Birchall
Produced by: Numinous Pictures
I don’t understand just why you wanna keep me guessing
What I’ve done or what I’ve said to make
make you feel this way
I get the feeling this is never getting any better
Seems to me we need to draw a line
For everybody’s sake
Before it washes us away

First you wanna hate me
Then you wanna love me
This is how I’m feeling
I’m just letting you know
Don’t wanna hear it
I aint gonna fake it
This is how I’m feeling
Now I’m letting you go

Coldest heart I’ve ever known
Now I’m better off alone
First you wanna love me
Then you wanna hate me
This is how I’m feeling
Now I’m letting you letting you go

So I know this hasn’t gone the way that we expected
You had to try and make a fool of me
And leave a bitter taste
I try to compromise with open eyes but we’re disconnected
Seems to me we need to draw a line
For everybody’s sake
Before it washes us away




3-Iyn, 2018




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deazy777 16 soat oldin
Песня пиздатая, клип ниочем...
Batool 829
Batool 829 Kun oldin
Vick Motionless
Vick Motionless Kun oldin
Algum brasileiro de bom gosto ?
Ashton James
Ashton James 5 kun oldin
This was one of the best songs I've heard you guys sing live I wish I could go back to the concert
Chris Cantu
Chris Cantu 6 kun oldin
Is this the original singer ?
NoobyKing 6 kun oldin
what? Bullet For My Valentine is back? i'm hype!
Ty Miner
Ty Miner 6 kun oldin
Fantastic song this and over it They have complex rhythms compared to most other rock today I love it
vyom raina
vyom raina 6 kun oldin
Please scream more because you are unique please reply me
villa. alfredo
villa. alfredo 7 kun oldin
Who going today.?
Jessica Myslinski
Jessica Myslinski 7 kun oldin
awesome song I Love you Bullet For My Valentine
Alice in Payne
Alice in Payne 8 kun oldin
Bullet for my Linkin Park
Denis Martìnez Amador
Valió la pena esperar este álbum😍👌
Jesse Himmelfjord
Jesse Himmelfjord 8 kun oldin
Gravity is high on my 2018 list...great work BFMV...😊😊😊...
Christopher Hill
Christopher Hill 9 kun oldin
great stuff
ReptileKeeper 9 kun oldin
this is a BIG improvement from them i stopped listening when temper temper hit as it just totally let them down but from listening to more recent stuff i'm enjoying the turn this band has taken. Been a fan for about 10 years now glad to have new material to listen to.
Mike Molloy
Mike Molloy 10 kun oldin
Wtf happened to you guys lol....
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
Que buen video
Rodrigo Rodriguez
Rodrigo Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
No soy gay
Google User
Google User 11 kun oldin
This is an awesome song to run too!!
Bailey Sparrow
Bailey Sparrow 13 kun oldin
Omfg seeing them tonight in Michigan, just saying you can look at Anon and you could get pregnant 😂😂 *stares intensely at his pictures on google*
Christina Ph
Christina Ph 13 kun oldin
the melody beat/sound sounds like Somewhere I Belong by Linkin Park. (0:45 - until before the chorus and also outro)
Iron Gauntlet
Iron Gauntlet 13 kun oldin
This song is phenomenal!!!! Bullet For My Valentine is a amazing band!!!
Aries The Ram
Aries The Ram 14 kun oldin
The breakdown during the chorus sounds like a dubstep drop
WarmPotato 14 kun oldin
A weaker title for the album but still better than most music
Johnny DjJediNite
Johnny DjJediNite 14 kun oldin
YO this shit is dank! nice work guys! been putting out hits like this for a minute now!
Hector Mosqueda Garcia
Bullet For My Valentine es el mejor grupo de metal que hay! 🎸🎸🎸🎸🤘🤘🤘🤘
VWGamingZone 16 kun oldin
www.loudersound.com/features/matt-tuck-i-dont-give-a-fck-what-people-want-to-hear-its-what-i-want-to-write No wonder why they suck now..
Tacarmato 17 kun oldin
BFMV 2018
Ольга Литвиненко
Мне это нравится 2018 ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike C
Mike C 18 kun oldin
I feel like they changed thier style but its fire
JVM 18 kun oldin
Why is the fucking Cristiano Ronaldo with a fuckin' long hair there? At 1:08
Zdziczały Obszar
Zdziczały Obszar 20 kun oldin
Tylko ten klip coś za ciemny jak na te brzmienie.
Anna WHO
Anna WHO 21 kun oldin
at first i didnt like the album, but the more i listen to it, the more i like the "new style"
Exauce Matanda
Exauce Matanda 22 kun oldin
i want matt tuck to suck my toe
neonwingz 22 kun oldin
This may not be the BFMV song that everyone was waiting for, but it's still a pretty good song
Heavy Metal Heretic
Heavy Metal Heretic 22 kun oldin
This sucks,not becauuse it's a linkin park rip off, but because the bass-less weird production is garbage
Hollow Hands
Hollow Hands 23 kun oldin
Big boy tune!
Axcess Player
Axcess Player 23 kun oldin
Page lost his phone?
WickedlySweet861 24 kun oldin
Hey my sister witch is only 14 and she loves someone she got in trouble
nickwick35 23 kun oldin
Top Trending
Top Trending 24 kun oldin
Revising my emo days Lol
Top Trending
Top Trending 24 kun oldin
Man im glad they came out with this new album
Michael Isles
Michael Isles 25 kun oldin
I like this song but other 2 that are clips are pretty garbage compared to their first album I saw when I was younger live maybe they need to get back to their roots not change style like bmth (which pulls it off)
Chester ska punx Thiha
Dana Hardy
Dana Hardy 25 kun oldin
MSnyderMusic 25 kun oldin
If you like bfmv, check out 'Caged' by Embrace the Sun!
Dave Mustaine
Dave Mustaine 26 kun oldin
And again no Solo. RIP BFMV!
Benjamin Sanburg
Benjamin Sanburg 28 kun oldin
this album is trash
Infinity Percival
Infinity Percival 19 kun oldin
No it ain't lol
Zihao Huang
Zihao Huang 28 kun oldin
Try stop listening to metal for 2 years and come back to listen to Bullet. This is bomb.
Luis Tovar
Luis Tovar 28 kun oldin
I want the Poison Bullet not this industrial Breaking Benjamin crap
Luis Tovar
Luis Tovar 19 kun oldin
+Infinity Percival ? Ok
Infinity Percival
Infinity Percival 19 kun oldin
I'm not getting any Breaking Benjamin vibes from this album at all lol
Дмитрий Тороп
СУПЕР!!! Впрочем как и всегда!
JoelShafferVlogs 29 kun oldin
I really wanna see a music video for Breathe Underwater! That would be awesome!
DragonNomak 29 kun oldin
i love this group since 2006 and i get it i mean bands progress and change their style over time and stuff like that but but i really wish i can hear something that sounds a bit similiar to Tears Don't Fall from them atleast 1 more time
James Jackson
James Jackson Oy oldin
The transition is incredible you guys wrote a killer tune
dimitris physio
if you like this music, check this band uzvid.com/video/video-rYzGMczrdiA.html
Inferno Gaze
Inferno Gaze Oy oldin
Oh my god this is absolute dogshit what happened to the good bfmv?
Inferno Gaze
Inferno Gaze 19 kun oldin
Infinity Percival because thier fans want something like tears don’t fall again and that’s hard to top but not impossible
Infinity Percival
Infinity Percival 19 kun oldin
Oh c'mon bro, why can't you just let them do something different for once? 😂😂😂
SPuDMe Oy oldin
Hahahahah wtf is this shit!! 😂😂 so glad moose left, the stuff he’s creating on his project is so much better than this!
Infinity Percival
Where can I hear Moose's new stuff?
emre aydın
emre aydın Oy oldin
Xviper Oy oldin
I love this new saund and new effect from this cool Album Gravity Thanks for this awesome Album and Crawling is a drug Thanks BFMV
bmtusmc Oy oldin
So psyched these guys are on Shiprocked!!!
nickwick35 Oy oldin
The guitar at 3:34 is my favorite moment off the new album.
BlueFlameBird Oy oldin
I know this is a "boring song" according to the internet but it's catchy as hell and I love it
Galaxy Kingz Channel
Someone please help Matt he's out of ideas all songs structure are fucking the same
Infinity Percival
No, they're not. Lol
Ken Hilton
Ken Hilton Oy oldin
Always been a fan but been distant from metal for the past few years.. This song is just what I needed right now! Fucking awesome thanks guys
Neeraj Prasad
Neeraj Prasad Oy oldin
0:25 Seth Rollins?
Pink Harlequin
I don't like it
Yasmine K-pop
Yasmine K-pop Oy oldin
2018 ? 🖤
Fronk Fuentes
Fronk Fuentes Oy oldin
Who’s the dude?
Fronk Fuentes
Fronk Fuentes Oy oldin
Infinity Percival sad :(
Infinity Percival
Yeah... I don't know either. 😐
Fronk Fuentes
Fronk Fuentes Oy oldin
Infinity Percival 1:08
Infinity Percival
Which dude are you referring to?
beunjoris Oy oldin
just one more retarded
2:09 looks like CR7 punk lol
Addison Sparks
I love this album. favorite album since the first two. And I've seen a couple comments saying this isn't metal.. how the fuck is this not metal? Just cause there's a little electronic influence? It was done in very good taste here with great melody and rhythm.
Birdofterror Oy oldin
This is probably the best sounding one they've put out, ive always been a hit or miss fan of this band, but this one here is my favorite song ive heard from them.
frankenstien psycho
shitty chorus messed it whole song... i want only that beginning... guys do u understand wat have u done?? u revived that old LP feelin in our mind...
frankenstien psycho
beginning i thought the old linkin park revive... wowwwww.. but second verse messed it all....
Ilham T Guitar Project
I just make a guitar cover and little bit improvisation for this song. check this out !! uzvid.com/video/video-9VrYfLISW1Y.html
Alex Splicer
Alex Splicer Oy oldin
Those in the comments that don't like the newer stuff just leave, if you truly love a band and what they do you'll adapt with them. I'm adoring every song.
good joke, please share real songs now
Dannz0 0
Dannz0 0 Oy oldin
Fuck yeahh
blango lyz
blango lyz Oy oldin
Bfmv 4 ever.not Linkin Park but bfmv you child
Maria Maronian
The best song of the album is the very last time\M/
MasterWurm Oy oldin
more Autotune please. Jesus.
Brandi Yardley
Bullet is letting u know that their "letting you go" & getting 'over it' which led 2 ''the last fight'.. 😂😂😂🤔 clever bfmv this is why ur my #1 top fav band, hands down!
Javon Mateo
Javon Mateo Oy oldin
I love this song so much and love to workout to this
vual grimoire
vual grimoire Oy oldin
Why is this under a rock n roll bands search? This is emo rock. And singer not good looking so can't be a rock n roll star. Wtf....
GhostCode RG
GhostCode RG Oy oldin
Gravity is VERY experimental, not one of the better ones but its a cool change of pace, Venom was fucking brutal, so this is an interesting change
Mike Faller
Mike Faller Oy oldin
The new album really grew on me. It took some time but now I love it! Weird how that works.
Cem Ulaş Atar
BFMV FUCKED UP..! this album is fucking pop music..!!!!!!! WFT
Infinity Percival
It's clearly not complete pop lmao
muhammad ridho adriani
Yaelah bfmv skrg ikutan kekinian metal nya
Миха Анакин
Samantha Motionless
The only thing helping me get through my life as of current. Describes my current relationship perfectly. “I love you” then “I hate you.”
Minha Bike Minha Vida Carlos Henrique
Música chave🎶
lil d
lil d Oy oldin
I need me some matt headbanging and his lovely long hair in this video to be complete.
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Oy oldin
I'm not feeling this one. "Tears Don't Fall" still sends shivers down my spine every time I hear it, but this, this makes me feel nothing and I'm baffled because I really like this band.
Chris Norman
Chris Norman Oy oldin
Man he's been through hell. The whole album is due to a divorce. It's only temporary.
Zachary Bale
Zachary Bale Oy oldin
The beginning would have sounded better acoustic instead of that linkin park sounding beat. Otherwise it's not so bad
Сергей 1
Егор Крид красава. Могёт.
mohamad yazdan
every one that think they must do a differnent sound and think this sound is good is fools
mohamad yazdan
mohamad yazdan 2 kun oldin
oh and you must be an asshole
A-Lo Man!
A-Lo Man! 2 kun oldin
Your opinion differs from my opinion therefore you must be an idiot
Tim Churchill
Tim Churchill Oy oldin
In the video..... Did the old man let that small ass broken TV go?
Marcus Law
Marcus Law Oy oldin
Kaan Cantürk
Kaan Cantürk Oy oldin
Shitty song and shitty album. Worst album of BFMV. We don't want a pop album.
Infinity Percival
Lol. This album is not clearly not complete pop.