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Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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5-Iyn, 2018



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Loong Zai
Loong Zai Soat oldin
Jetfire...I THINK I SAW JETFIRE!...I hope It's Jetfire...It's that or Starscream...They looks alike sometimes....
em Soat oldin
KayRyNautical 2 soat oldin
GASP!!! OHMIGOSH HE'S A LITTLE KID IN THIS MOVIE AND HAS HIS GENERATION 1 FORM?!?!? THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! Charlie: You know Bee, music can help you say how you're feeling. Try this. (gives bee a music slot) music: Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down! Bee: (spits it out) No... XD XD XD Old Starscream from Generation 1 is back! Finally! No more of Micheal Bay's giant walking dorito! XD
Filip kémon
Filip kémon 8 soat oldin
Let me tell you something...The driver don't pick the car... The car pick the driver... *I have chills*
Craig Clayton
Craig Clayton 10 soat oldin
it looks like these people took their time with this movie, looks as good as michal bays 1st one
Ramdeen Productions
Ramdeen Productions 15 soat oldin
😄😄 Can't stop watching this.
Chuky 18 soat oldin
Pls make Transformers 7 pls dont make us fans sad :(
Dinohunter 654
Dinohunter 654 19 soat oldin
Bumblebee is ma baby boy! I want a bumblebee IRL please!
Endershockwave 39
Endershockwave 39 22 soat oldin
This looks so amazing so far I can already tell this is gonna be my favourite and it's gonna be heartbreaking
GhostRider GAMING
GhostRider GAMING 22 soat oldin
there's no way i'm seeing this in cinema. let's face it, micheal bay is just doing this because he wants the people he lost from his last to come back and so he could make bucket loads of money.
stephababe2007 2007
yawn last transfomers movie made me feel so ill all that camera shaking and boring crap
Krusty Kraken
Krusty Kraken Kun oldin
0:29 I didn't know how attractive lip fat was.
Blitz Attacker
Blitz Attacker Kun oldin
... Did I just get Rick Rolled by a transformers trailer...?
black black
black black Kun oldin
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Kun oldin
John Cena
Jesse Cota
Jesse Cota Kun oldin
My Favorite Transformers Movie And TV List Tv: G1 Rid 2001 Unicron Trilogy Animated Prime RID 2015 Cyberverse Movies: G1 Movie 1986 Transformers (2007) Dark Of The Moon (2011) Bumblebee (2018)
DJ.TK.Kobra 1771
Wait, is this John Cena!!!? XD 1:46 Jokes a side, the cgi on Bee & the colours on the "Unidentified Decepticon" (I don't wanna say his name for those that don't wanna hear it) looks more like the 80's animated show instead of how they looked almost real with the cgi metal on their bodies before. This looks kinda...dull, why doesn't Bee's face look the same like before anymore while WWII Bee did?
Master view
Master view Kun oldin
*Hit like you're not an transformers fan*
Melvin Crews
Melvin Crews Kun oldin
Yeah take that Michael Bay with your trash self Bumblebee:"I hate cheap knockoffs" Me: Oh don't worry bumblebee this is not going to be a cheap knockoff Bumblebee: "I'm tired of people messing with me" Me: I am not messing with you Michael Bay is not going to ruin your legacy this time again Bumblebee: "Michael Bay is a punk ass bitch" Me: I know bumblebee but Travis Knight is here to bring you back in action Bumblebee: "That's how get to the big league" Me: I know MICHAEL BAY GO SHOVE A MIDDLE FINGER UP YOUR ASS CAUSE MY MAN BEE IS BACK Bumblebee: "Sting like a bee" Me: That's right well I love you bumblebee I will never give up on you Bumblebee: Love you too my friend I LOVE BUMBLEBEE SO MUCH I may need help😓😓😍😘💖💗💓😇🙏
PS4GAMER500YT Kun oldin
Finally an oragin story on one of the transformers
Kathy Jean
Kathy Jean Kun oldin
Chicken God
Chicken God Kun oldin
man stop hating on Micheal bay he is really good and i loved all his movies and im sad that tf7 got cancelled and stop hating
M P Kun oldin
Can't wait for it! I saw all Transformer movies and a ton of cartoons, such a fan since childhood! Can't wait to see this, so excited!!
tiffany’s maid
i love bumblebee so much, it breaks my heart that all of the people he guarded are either dead or gone, like her and sam.
Pasta Movies
Pasta Movies 2 kun oldin
Already best Transformers movie. You know why? Because there's not Micheal Bay!
Clay 2 kun oldin
Reboot? Or nah?
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime Kun oldin
Clay half-reboot it will lead the franchise into a new direction where new ideas are possible
Ralf Husen
Ralf Husen 2 kun oldin
Still milkin
Josh Hoskie
Josh Hoskie 2 kun oldin
Yeah, Finally Bumblebee gets his very Own Movie!!!
IdioticGreenBoi 1
IdioticGreenBoi 1 2 kun oldin
I think it would be better if it was Optimus prime
John Dohn
John Dohn 2 kun oldin
Didn't they learn with Ghostbusters and ocenas 11 all female movies come on really transformers then terminator what a joke
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime Kun oldin
John Dohn what abt Wonder Woman?
Majd Khawandy
Majd Khawandy 2 kun oldin
1:50 starscream?
Romil Patel
Romil Patel Kun oldin
blitzwing unfortunately
Kiron Gauff
Kiron Gauff 2 kun oldin
Is it me or does bumblebee look like a little smaller than he was in the previous movies. Also he looks more childlike compared in this movie compared to the others I wonder why.
Kiron Gauff
Kiron Gauff Kun oldin
Kiron Gauff: true I'm just wondering how on earth does this all time into transformers 1 and that bumblebee looks smaller than his previous appearances. But come to think of it he looks adorable like the minicons from transformers.
tiffany’s maid
Kiron Gauff it’s because this is a prequel to all of those movies.
Multi Verse TV
Multi Verse TV 2 kun oldin
Sub for a sub
HeroicStatic 3 kun oldin
solidflees gaming
solidflees gaming 3 kun oldin
The original looking of bumblebee
Jackson Cohn
Jackson Cohn 3 kun oldin
Can’t wait!😊
Nijum Mon
Nijum Mon 3 kun oldin
That's a flashback
Summers Animations Lets Talk
Why is bumblebee so fucking cute!
Millie226 3 kun oldin
I loved that they used Bernie Macs voice for the intro!
RS2002 3 kun oldin
As others have commented let us hope they SLOW the transitions down. The franchise has been massively let down by complicated and fast pace transitions/transformations which makes it too visceral for the audience.
THE WALKING DEAD 3 kun oldin
“ I’m not famous “
Voldemort 3 kun oldin
i don't give a fuck about what people say about the transformers movies, i love them ALL
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime Kun oldin
Voldemort yep me too
debkamal mullick
debkamal mullick 4 kun oldin
That girl has beautiful eyes
Oropher420 4 kun oldin
Is this a prequel or a different take on transformer
Adimus Prime
Adimus Prime 4 kun oldin
Oropher420 its a prequel but refurbished and fresh.
Shake Zula
Shake Zula 4 kun oldin
Finally a transformers movie with actual heart in it! I'm so excited for this!
Angus Ng
Angus Ng 4 kun oldin
This looks better than Christopher Robin.
jason wenn
jason wenn 4 kun oldin
I can see this being good...
Daniel Perez
Daniel Perez 4 kun oldin
Dear paramount pictures please make this some form of rboot, I mean why make this connected to the bayformers, there are so many flaws in the bayverse for example why is ironhide hangin with pirates in the painting when he clearly landed on earth in 2007 also why where was quintessa in dotm when she clearly states that she was there for ever on cybertron I mean come on someone plz tell me how this takes place in a world where devastator had BALLZZ!! anyway plz Hasbro/paramount make this some type of reboot.
The GhostRacer
The GhostRacer 4 kun oldin
we need an optimus prime sequel
TSan 4 kun oldin
Hailee Steinfeld looks 12
Heroes & Villains
Heroes & Villains 5 kun oldin
The great quotes of bumblebee uzvid.com/video/video-_3nRGksZmEE.html
Seth Craig
Seth Craig 5 kun oldin
It is his FIRST TIME ON EARTH! They really had to take it back
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 4 kun oldin
Seth Craig do you think the movie looks good?
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 4 kun oldin
Seth Craig oh ok.
Seth Craig
Seth Craig 4 kun oldin
bumblebee never saw a human until now
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Seth Craig huh? What do you mean?
Lady Wither Girl
Lady Wither Girl 5 kun oldin
That Bumblebee has to be the CUTEST I've ever seen!!! EEEE!!
Ahjaah Jewett
Ahjaah Jewett 5 kun oldin
2:13 Don't give me that! Sheesh
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Ahjaah Jewett 😂
Akshay Peddada
Akshay Peddada 5 kun oldin
God I love Bumblebee! 🖤💛 🐝
MasterXiotis 6 kun oldin
is the story of this movie before or after the transformers movie? im confused
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
MasterXiotis most likely neither but Idk for sure. Its been said to be a prequel which is most likely not true. Hasbro confirmed it to be a reboot or a soft reboot. And some have said its a prequel reboot.
Hiatt Grey
Hiatt Grey 6 kun oldin
Guys Michael Bay is part of this project, he will act as producer, so this film must be like a apology to fans after four movie and the disappointment of last year's The Last Knight. And that red Decepticon is not Starscream, it's Blitzwing.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 20 soat oldin
Tobytyty101 ok.
Tobytyty101 22 soat oldin
Kai Chen but he's on board with changing up the franchise. Heard he didn't even want to make another one after Dark of the Moon, but the companies kept pushing him to do more (and money was probably a big part). But he blew out after the third movie, and I think he's glad with the switch in direction.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Hiatt Grey yeah. But hes probably not really doing to much with it I heard.
Zer0Gaming 6 kun oldin
You know shit is going down when starscream appears
DarKKnightt07 6 kun oldin
This might be the best transformers movie ever made.
skycraftVR 6 kun oldin
Starscream look like the cybertron starscream
Cassandra F.
Cassandra F. 6 kun oldin
Cant believe this is directed by the same guy who made Kubo & the Two Strings. Like whaaaa??
Karun Sagar
Karun Sagar 6 kun oldin
Oh, a likable protagonist, thank you!
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Karun Sagar 😂
Hershela 6 kun oldin
Guess the song let him down.
Nazar Dubinskyi
Nazar Dubinskyi 6 kun oldin
Starscream Ee Boyyyy!!! This is Starscream from Transformers 1987!!
Erik C
Erik C 5 kun oldin
Kai Chen Its Blitzwing, buddy. Sorry ya had to hear it here.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Erik C It's Starscream.
Erik C
Erik C 5 kun oldin
Kai Chen Lol its not Starscream.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Its Starscream.
Erik C
Erik C 6 kun oldin
lol its Blitzwing...
Björn Thorson
Björn Thorson 6 kun oldin
This movie is supposed to have a very Iron Giant-esque feel to it.
Björn Thorson
Björn Thorson 6 kun oldin
Uncle Bobby B, Baby. Uncle Bobby B
Akuma 7 kun oldin
I love you, Bumblebee
Esperanza Hernandez
Best transformer ever and I love bumblebees he my favorite transformer character
orlandobabe 7 kun oldin
I will watch it if someone can tell me that MICKEY asshole Bay has absolutely nothing to do with this film, not as director, not as producer, not even assistant. NOTHING.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
orlandobabe I know that he didn't really care and I agree. I don't like how the films we're done as well. But it still doesn't make him a bad person, yes him not caring and not putting enough effort is a dick move though I'll say that.
orlandobabe 5 kun oldin
Kai Chen he didn't care about the franchises, he just wanted to make his pockets bigger then his tiny penis. I'm so made at the way the films were done.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
orlandobabe so making bad movies I guess means somones a bad human being? Yes, the women stuff I could see why you say that but it doesn't mean hes a bad person. And he and his crew saved the franchise with the 2007 film bro. It just went down hill after with Revenge of the Fallen. Rotf is the worst one in my opinion and 2007 is by far the best.
orlandobabe 5 kun oldin
Kai Chen he is an egotistic, narcissistic, male Chauvinist, sexist and finally man child. He makes the women in his film look and walk like skanks which means he has zero respect for women. His films are horribly written with all those explosions and destructive scenes, fast talking characters, all characters seem to always be obnoxiously rude and disgusting. He didn’t save the franchise, he made these films impossible to enjoy let alone get nostalgic.
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
orlandobabe as much as I don't like what Bay and his crew have done you gotta give them credit for saving the franchise. I also don't hate Michael Bay like some people do for who knows why.
Vinod Sunar
Vinod Sunar 7 kun oldin
Ninja Hyper
Ninja Hyper 7 kun oldin
I don’t like this bumblebee Cleary he could talk in the last knight and here he is a shitty car and can’t even speak no hate but I don’t like this movie
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Does anyone realise that its a prequel/ reboot / soft reboot or whatever it is.
Erik C
Erik C 7 kun oldin
This is before those movies.
Caleb Favela
Caleb Favela 7 kun oldin
For the record, nobody saw John Cena lol
Jynx Feary
Jynx Feary 7 kun oldin
Not liking the way bumblebee looks lol rip
Eric Robertson
Eric Robertson 7 kun oldin
enderman TV รวงข้าว
Darline Whitt
Darline Whitt 7 kun oldin
2deep4u 7 kun oldin
Shape Of Wather Transformers Edition
Cooper Dillhoff
Cooper Dillhoff 7 kun oldin
1:47 Was that John Cena?😱
Robin Bejarano Pacheco
hahaha Bobby b baby
Kate Gasparri
Kate Gasparri 7 kun oldin
Baby boy!!!
MyBean 8 kun oldin
So this is a Prequel?
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
MyBean No clue.
Erik C
Erik C 7 kun oldin
epic gamer
epic gamer 8 kun oldin
PENTA RENGAR 8 kun oldin
The Savage
The Savage 8 kun oldin
The beatle was the Transformer 1
Dylan Demafeliz
Dylan Demafeliz 8 kun oldin
Never gonna give you up?
Prathamesh Zingade
Prathamesh Zingade 8 kun oldin
Where is the prime?
Rodrigonio H.C
Rodrigonio H.C 8 kun oldin
Omfg Bumblebee!!!!!
Shankara Scott
Shankara Scott 8 kun oldin
The Iron Giant 2 looks amazing. Seems like the wait will be worth it.
Haiden G
Haiden G 8 kun oldin
Bee just needs someone to believe in him. Gee, why does that sound familiar.
Gaming Studio
Gaming Studio 8 kun oldin
1:47 is he is John cena?
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Gaming Studio I can't see anything at that 1:47 mark besides a floating rifle.
Alina Lewis
Alina Lewis 6 kun oldin
He is
Michael Evelyn
Michael Evelyn 8 kun oldin
Jarrett Wolokoff
Jarrett Wolokoff 8 kun oldin
Herbie??? Actually is bumblebee?
Steve St-denis
Steve St-denis 8 kun oldin
how to make money ? do movie for kids ! but how ? check wich charactere they love the most and make a movie about him
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Steve St-denis this movie looks good in my opinion. Not saying your calling it bad but this looks better than the overly sexualised human movie I mean Transformers movies.
Dhanren Angon
Dhanren Angon 8 kun oldin
So cute hailee 😘
Restricted Videos
Restricted Videos 8 kun oldin
Sorry but i dont like the look of bumble bee
Kai Chen
Kai Chen 5 kun oldin
Restricted Videos I love it.
Ellison Jusino
Ellison Jusino 8 kun oldin
I'm not gonna lie, given how good Kubo was....I CANT wait for this to come out.....Hope I wont be disappointed!The feels......
Spider Panther Prime
But where’s barricade
Spider Panther Prime
That’s blitzwing not starscream 1:49
Sergio G
Sergio G 8 kun oldin
What year is it supposed to take place
Romil Patel
Romil Patel 7 kun oldin
Benz MU
Benz MU 9 kun oldin
Bee so cute.>////
lil jay
lil jay 9 kun oldin
I love bumblebee