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Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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5-Iyn, 2018



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metaphysical meme
metaphysical meme 17 daqiqa oldin
What the fuck is this, Solo?
Mam0ra Knightfall
2:03 he looks similar to an old jeep or Humvee.
Travis Maguire
Travis Maguire Soat oldin
Wait I swear bumblebee was like a full blown adult during ww2
Reese Romeo
Reese Romeo 2 soat oldin
So bumble bee isn’t 100 feet tall anymore lol
Phantom Flame
Phantom Flame 4 soat oldin
Can't wait for this
Lukeinator 4 soat oldin
I hope that this is some sort of a reboot! Then they can make the movies great!
dennnis2781 5 soat oldin
Okay, does this motherfucker ever talk? He still can't speak in this movie, either!
Eric McLoughlin
Eric McLoughlin 5 soat oldin
One of the best overall movie trailers I've seen in a long time.
marvel transformer
marvel transformer 6 soat oldin
2:13 bee just got rick rolled and charile too 💛🐝
Just Call Me Lynx
Just Call Me Lynx 6 soat oldin
Holy shit... This Michael Bay Transformer Movie actually looks good... :O
Mark Whitelegge
Mark Whitelegge 7 soat oldin
Chroma music - Jupiter (the song)
Barnabas Oyarero
Barnabas Oyarero 8 soat oldin
How to train your bumblebee
NITROxWolf 8 soat oldin
Let me tell you something , the driver don’t pick the car the car pick the driver. It’s a mystical bond between man and machine, you got the right I can’t wait for this 💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
Dhani Muhammad
Dhani Muhammad 8 soat oldin
John cenaaaaaaaaaaa
Rubic Cube
Rubic Cube 8 soat oldin
In The Last Knight it was said Bumble Bee has fought in WW2 it would make sense if the film was set in that era so theres no gap fill ins like how he came to Earth and how he fucking got back to cybetron like really!?!
Mr. Mailhot
Mr. Mailhot 8 soat oldin
So this is after the movies?
Daily Poison
Daily Poison 9 soat oldin
Bumble bee is a little smaller
James Anglim
James Anglim 10 soat oldin
Bumble bee movie
Evan Douglas-Smith
Evan Douglas-Smith 10 soat oldin
You know music can help say how you’re feeling... I want bumblebee and to fly see like cassette!
Evan Douglas-Smith
Evan Douglas-Smith 10 soat oldin
Who are you? I want bumblebee... what’s your name.... beetle she even sounds like a beetle when she transforms..
Hayaller Paris
Hayaller Paris 10 soat oldin
Hiii...please subscribe 😘😘😘✋
Brave Soul
Brave Soul 11 soat oldin
Its not created by michael bay??
I&at CPPR 11 soat oldin
I&at CPPR 11 soat oldin
Rail 11 soat oldin
We just got rickrolled, all of us
petrice dobson
petrice dobson 11 soat oldin
Finally Bee’s time to shine!!!
jason fasthorse
jason fasthorse 12 soat oldin
@ 1:57 that expression your ugly when you cry, I don’t care I still wife that...
Frenki EF
Frenki EF 12 soat oldin
Leonard Lee
Leonard Lee 12 soat oldin
Wait everyone's talking about how they saw John Cena. Where tf is he? I went to 1:46 because people in the comments said he was therebut I don't see him? Is he one of the guards in the background? Guys help.
19747975 13 soat oldin
BlueDragon992 13 soat oldin
A live-action Transformers movie made with no involvement whatsoever from Michael Bay!? Color me intrigued...
CeltycSparrow 14 soat oldin
Good Lord, I have gone soft. I am feeling pity for freaking Transformer. lol My heart just felt compassion for Bee when he was cowered in the corner. He looked....scared.
UnResistableNoob 14 soat oldin
Like the concept, but not what a lot of people want, make a movie about the fall of cybertron. :)
Jason Matty
Jason Matty 14 soat oldin
Just...... why?
Erik C
Erik C 14 soat oldin
Jason Matty Why not?
Rocco sances
Rocco sances 15 soat oldin
He’s not even a camaro he’s now a pussy car just great
Erik C
Erik C 14 soat oldin
Rocco sances Fuck off, he was ORIGINALLY a VW Beetle. Idiot.
Dennis Harold
Dennis Harold 15 soat oldin
Instructions from the Avasva site are perfect for beginners.
stabilisedchaos 16 soat oldin
I thought Bumble Bee was HUGE,he was fighting prime in the last movie and looked 20 foot tall,yet here he is standing in a 12 foot high garage and still he looks small.
Erik C
Erik C 15 soat oldin
stabilisedchaos No, he’s a minibot. He’s suppose to be small. Around 8-9 ft.
Maysta Mirra
Maysta Mirra 16 soat oldin
fm /
fm / 17 soat oldin
starscream omfg dhgjfdsgjshfejf
Awais Mazhar
Awais Mazhar 18 soat oldin
Did i just saw John Cena? Or you guys also saw him?
George Tony
George Tony 18 soat oldin
Herbie meets the Iron Giant?
VideoShow App
VideoShow App 19 soat oldin
I tought his voice has already fixed when he fights optimus, plz answer why quickly
Erik C
Erik C 17 soat oldin
Its a prequel.
Matt Pina
Matt Pina 19 soat oldin
OH SNAP! I think I've connected the dots... so Bumblebee is Optimus Primes main scout/spy (hence why he is fashioned as an old VW beetle to blend in, one of the best selling cars at the time) so he is sent to Earth at this time to find a new home for Cybertron or maybe find a weapon but falls in love with the people here (much like Optimus did in T5) so he decides to make it his new home. He is named Bee because he essentially flys through the universe looking for ripe plants or in this case, Planets; that his home world can devour in order to continue survival.
russel felix Mejes
russel felix Mejes 20 soat oldin
Reggie Tjahjadi
Reggie Tjahjadi 20 soat oldin
When you're exhausted of "Bay Effect ", this is the cure people
Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy 20 soat oldin
For anyone who saw the clear truth, this movie is romantic comedy about a woman and a car timwittedgenius.com/bee-movie-2-bumblebee-and-hailee-steinfelds-forbidden-romance/
Erik C
Erik C 15 soat oldin
Tim Murphy No thank you ;)
Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy 15 soat oldin
Thank you for respecting and understanding my brand, please like and share ;)
Erik C
Erik C 15 soat oldin
Tim Murphy OH ITS YOURS LOLOLOL Everything makes sense now. Hilariously horrible write-up then, howabout that? :) This relationship is based on friendship. Its not clear if its suppose to be romantic, dude.
Tim Murphy
Tim Murphy 15 soat oldin
If you wanna deny the very clear romantic subtext of this movie, that is your own prerogative! BUT TO CALL MY WORK AN "ARTICLE" WELL NOW THAT IS SIMPLY TOO MUCH!!!!
Erik C
Erik C 17 soat oldin
Ya, no. What an unprofessional "article".
athman bakari
athman bakari 21 soat oldin
is it Mr invisible there @ 1:47
Trevor Niddrie
Trevor Niddrie 21 soat oldin
A perfect example of bonds between people and machines! This is definitely a thing to see!
성진 21 soat oldin
And Trailer Music Is Awesome!
성진 21 soat oldin
This is Pre-Quel And Reboot Movie Of Transformer Series.
Pixel Paranoid
Pixel Paranoid 21 soat oldin
Things you'll notice in the trailer 1.the transformers are from g1 2.trailer was emotional 3.There's no Micheal Bay as you don't see blasts 4. why TF is that gun and a soldiers uniform floating?
Pixel Paranoid
Pixel Paranoid 21 soat oldin
her "i won't hurt you" me "of course it's a giant 2 ton metal bot"
Priyanka Debnath
Priyanka Debnath 23 soat oldin
This trailer is really heart warming and actionful trailer
danielangel vega
danielangel vega 23 soat oldin
Michael Bay is getting good at this franchise 🤔
Hanley Charles
Hanley Charles Kun oldin
Herbie fully loaded
Vp03 Pogodin
Vp03 Pogodin Kun oldin
1:32 owwww 😄
A Ricky
A Ricky Kun oldin
check this BumbleBee watch collector edition on www.d-finition.com uzvid.com/video/video-lj3liKl4r-k.html&feature=youtu.be
Riley Powell
Riley Powell Kun oldin
Sorry guys but i ain't huge on bumblebee he's cool but seeing no other autobots like optimus prime just seems a bit weird and shitty
Riley Powell
Riley Powell Kun oldin
Is this before optimus prime and the others came to earth or are they just fucking us with some terrible storyline that makes no sense
EliBoy12 Kun oldin
I just wanna know if this is a prequel or are they restarting? Or are they making all the other movies non canon?
boneless chicken
Shilla Elfiadri
Shilla Elfiadri Kun oldin
Yeesssss the old beetle Bumblebee 😄
Patreek Sterfetish
of course a human and a robot becoming partners in a transformer related movie lel
NitroHawk777 Kun oldin
My favorite Transformer is getting his own movie...... BEST CHRISTMAS OMFG
Naufal arif
Naufal arif Kun oldin
Ohh damn amazing 😍😍😍
Willson Contreras Fan Account
Sting like a Bee
Chris Holth
Chris Holth Kun oldin
This is a good trailer. Doesn’t give away anything and it’s also not too short.
I Havent eaten since i was born
a super robot car with a cute face.. that's awesome!
Takaya in Action
Keep doing great work
Derek Hardy
Derek Hardy Kun oldin
Just...just please don't include the crude and racist humor of past Transformers movies and everything will be ok (I hope/I don't know...)
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
Derek Hardy it wont
Icrazycloudz Vlogs
I hope we see Shia LaBeouf in this movie or the next one or soon
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
Icrazycloudz Vlogs Sam died off-screen.
Shrek Wazowski
Shrek Wazowski Kun oldin
The lights on his chest are nipples
TheGameIsReal Kun oldin
They had too make him look like a little bitch🤦‍♂️
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
TheGameIsReal Um, how?? :/ He had every right to be scared.
Chris Vargas
Chris Vargas Kun oldin
Rolled my eyes when I saw this another yet transformer movie, but then I see Hailee. Definitely gonna watch this just because she's in it.
Aquamarine Mystique
Jedi Bacon
Jedi Bacon Kun oldin
I’m saying he changes forms in the movie
justin s
justin s Kun oldin
Camoro not a beetle
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
justin s nope
nathan montes
nathan montes Kun oldin
I'm a Memer
I'm a Memer Kun oldin
🅱️ees 🅱️een R I C K R O L L E D
Ricky Tran
Ricky Tran Kun oldin
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
Yesss! ;)))
justin s
justin s Kun oldin
The ruined him
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
Odin Lee
Odin Lee Kun oldin
God this is ugly af
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
a i
a i Kun oldin
Dio Drando I had really hoped the cassette was gonna play, "I'm soooo excited!" 😂
Farris TheLaggy
Farris TheLaggy Kun oldin
Please be a reboot. It's dearly needed at this point.
VisiBle Kun oldin
I just hope Travis did better than Bay. I mean Bay legit destroyed and trashed this franchise. Really eager to see this spin off even though my hopes are not that high after seeing Bay on the producer's list. So if I see any weird explosion that resembles chandeliers or welding sparks, I will straight pirate it.
jon williams
jon williams Kun oldin
VisiBle Being that a helicopter is in flames in the trailer it's obvious the movie will have explosions. Also obvious is the fact the movie will be a remake of the first film. Act 1 Love Bug. Act 2 Iron Giant. Act 3 Black Hawk Down.
MadAboutRoblox Kun oldin
I like the transformers as realistic as possible like they were in the first movie! Bumblebee and all the other transformers look so animated! Change it
The Squirtle Turtle
whatever happened to sam? This is the same as tf1 just a name change.
Erik C
Erik C Kun oldin
Sam died off-screen.
mr mister
mr mister Kun oldin
The Squirtle Turtle This is 20 years prior to the first film. He wasn’t even conceived yet lmao
1:47 john sinna
The PuertoRican Gamer
Nice Bernie Mac Tribute
Jose Davila
Jose Davila Kun oldin
Chris Corley
Chris Corley Kun oldin
This should be the reboot universe, with BUMBLEBEE staying in Volkswagen form.
Ayokunle Coker
Ayokunle Coker Kun oldin
Girl: Who Are You Do U Speak I Won’t Hurt You What Is Your Name Bee : My Name is Bee 🐝I Here To Help You From Bad Guy
Zaki Gaming 2
Zaki Gaming 2 Kun oldin
The speech in the beginning is when in TF1 Sam buys bumblebee
Tristen Rowe
Tristen Rowe Kun oldin
Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down what is the name of that song plz tell mr
Brittany Owens
Brittany Owens Kun oldin
Rick roll-never gonna give you up
Tristen Rowe
Tristen Rowe Kun oldin
Tristen Rowe
Tristen Rowe Kun oldin
Who is ready for this movie to come out
Nik Syamil
Nik Syamil Kun oldin
actual size car to robot transformation! yeay science
MetroGaming Kun oldin
They finally look more like robots and not with faces of humans