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Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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5-Iyn, 2018



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Smokin LoudB
Smokin LoudB 18 soat oldin
Rip Bernie Mac💪
Xin Fa
Xin Fa Kun oldin
Why does he need to be a jeep
zayn 26
zayn 26 2 kun oldin
Everytime bee get hurt, like i'm gonna cry alot😢and can't stop😏
Masoud Mansori
Masoud Mansori 3 kun oldin
Without Shia what is the point really? This is like watching Fast and furious without Paul Walker.
Hadenfanboy 3 kun oldin
And the second trailer with more G1!
Kristy :3
Kristy :3 3 kun oldin
Farhan Chowdhury
Farhan Chowdhury 4 kun oldin
I can't see John cena😂😂😂
Nate Collins
Nate Collins 5 kun oldin
*Not a Michael Bay Film* , YES !!!
Golden W.T.Y
Golden W.T.Y 5 kun oldin
John Cenaaaaaaaaaaaa
Hrvoje Rajić
Hrvoje Rajić 5 kun oldin
Lemme tell you something son, driver don’t pick a car, car picks a driver. It’s a mystical bond between man and machine. - Bobby Boliva rip man
Adam Ross
Adam Ross 5 kun oldin
I hope Ironhide or Ratchet make an appearance in this movie...
HOLA SUKAH 6 kun oldin
Whats wrong anyway? Not having powers at all?
Tyler Ford
Tyler Ford 6 kun oldin
In this new movie the guy who's talking about Driver to Bumblebee which is a girl is from Transformers 1 with Sam is the African america guy, shout out too him my name is Tyler Ford your a Awsome guy, you guys tell me who his name is in real life or I'll look on Xfinity , I growed up liking Bumblebee infact I had a small easy Bubblebee toy transformation, love you guys pease✌😊!, also thanks to the people who made this movie because I like Bumblebee!!!😊
Tania Solorzano
Tania Solorzano 6 kun oldin
Wtf jone cena
Sander Nielsen
Sander Nielsen 6 kun oldin
Why on earth wasn't Travis Knight hired to direct Transformers 1-5 instead of Bay ????
Jesus Sagaon
Jesus Sagaon 6 kun oldin
wtf is this ? this movie sucks wtf happen to the transformers transformers 1,2,3 where the best movies ever we miss Shia LaBeouf
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 6 kun oldin
A Transformers movie that is actually respecting the source material. You can like the first 3 Transformers movies, but they are not good Transformers movies. Also, please stop asking for Shia Labeouf. He quit himself and he doesn't want anything to do anymore with this franchise
Awiemetal36 cAwie.
Awiemetal36 cAwie. 7 kun oldin
Bumblebee Woww!great!greetings from KK Sabah,Malaysia🇲🇾🇲🇾✌🇲🇾🇲🇾✌
fan war every where
The Wandering Chemist
It's about time they made Bumblebee a VW bug....... and had him kick John Cena's ass....... (ok, maybe not the latter... Cena seems like a cool guy).
Marry Chase
Marry Chase 8 kun oldin
I love Hailee❤😊
#Ellie BellyLPS
#Ellie BellyLPS 8 kun oldin
The B music tho! 😂
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
I hate Bayformers...another movie of walking and running trashheaps.
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
Movies going to suck...like most modern day movies..
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
+Harry the cat You still don't grasp this...if there was "never a Bee" there'd be no bayformers Bee.....at all.....you also can't say that he would never come back simply cause he was in the movie fans loved Bee before and after the movie almost as much as Optimus Prime. Classics Bee came out in 2006 and is close to G1 and G2 Bee was 1995 so it wasn't 20 years, TF as a whole died. 4 game appearances for a new generation of kid fans and a transforming CG yellow robot that resembles Bee in color and name only other then those two vague descriptors, it's a completely different character. The only thing I can thank about the movie is that it renewed an interest in Transformers as a whole..but not a specific character because the two groups of characters are very dissimilar.
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 4 kun oldin
+X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew and if there was no Bayformers bee, he would not have had anymore appearences in future cartoons. "Hmmm, strange. This character disappeared for 20 years, but all of a sudden he got 4 videogame appearences and 4 cartoon appearences right after he appeared in this hit movie that earned a lot of money. Nah, there's no connection in any way there." Also, I sometimes mix a few words up with their german variant.
X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew
+Harry the cat LOL you're wrong guy..First off it's Chara"c"ter it doesn't have a K in it....second of all Bumblebee has always been popular just because he disappeared for years doesn't mean jack as to who he is or was...any TF fan worth his/her salt or any fan who lived through the original era who is an autobot fan names Bumblebee as one of the top 10 on the list of autobots regardless of being before or after the crap movies. The movie sold well but it wasn't a mass hit...finance doesn't equate to being good it equates to mindless droves of people convinced it is...it doesn't sit well with G1 and purist fans anyways, the mass majority flocked to the movie cause it was new and something to bring their kids too. The character is popular because it's supposed to be bumblebee from our childhoods but it is not. If there was no orignal Bee there'd be no bayfromer bee plain and simple.
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 5 kun oldin
+X-plus Kaiju Collectors Crew no, that's the thing. Hasbro lost the name of the charakter and that's why he disappeared for 20 years. The charakter itself only became popular again after the 2007 movie. The charakter did not gain his popularity from the G1 cartoon, but after the movie was a massive hit. Don't believe me? They were originally gonna use Hotshot for Transformers animated, but decided for Bumblebee after the success of the movie instead. The movie Bumblebee might not be the most popular incarnation, but it did give the charakter his popularity.
Keegan Chalupnik
Keegan Chalupnik 8 kun oldin
Keegan Chalupnik
Keegan Chalupnik 8 kun oldin
Lee 9 kun oldin
Is this another feminism movie? Shame on you Paramount if you remade this movie just to have a female protagonist...Shame on you.
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 6 kun oldin
What? What's wrong with having a female human lead? I could understand the hate with the Ghostbusters, since those are iconic charakters. It's not like the autobots were replaced with females. So why not a female human lead?
Máté Erdei
Máté Erdei 9 kun oldin
The love stroy... its big, strong, emotional, doesn't want sex (hopefully) and yellow so every other girl notices..... way to go transformers. This is not that cheap of a trick. I am seeing. Also if you like this comment the target audience will palm face we can ruin transformers!
MGLondon 9 kun oldin
Well! my first question would have been, wtf are you or what are you, and certainly not who are you? 😂 😂 😂 😂
Lazaro Estopinan
Lazaro Estopinan 10 kun oldin
What happen to him
Blake Hardy
Blake Hardy 10 kun oldin
Was...was that Starscream that ACTUALLY looked like Starscream from the TV show?
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 6 kun oldin
Sorry to disappoint you, but that's actually Blitzwing. Yeah, I don't know why he isn't purple.
EvilBlackBunny 11 kun oldin
I'm actually looking forward to this? Huh.
Haiden G
Haiden G 11 kun oldin
Also, I have been watching Transformers since they first arrived, way back. Not until now, do I realize, how much alike we are. We have faith in Bee, yet, no faith in ourselves. We ALL love the underdog. Well, who is more of an underdog than we , ourselves? Answer: None.
YNG Prod
YNG Prod 11 kun oldin
This literally looks like a childs movie.
Autobots! Roll Out
Autobots! Roll Out 11 kun oldin
Please make transformers rise of the unicron
boby j
boby j 12 kun oldin
carl10_ 392
carl10_ 392 12 kun oldin
Finally the transformers are in safe hands , thank you knight!!!!!!
Jovanny A Rodriguez
Jovanny A Rodriguez 12 kun oldin
Bumblebee! *I LOVE YOUUUUUU!*
Anderson A
Anderson A 12 kun oldin
Drake Mogan
Drake Mogan 13 kun oldin
Why no one in the mainframe at 1:47 ???
BloodEnthused 13 kun oldin
i cant believe a transformers movie looking good and marvel's captain marvel looking bad lol
SHINE 13 kun oldin
disliker never success in life
Charles Iannini
Charles Iannini 13 kun oldin
it's just not the same without Micheal Bay he made love transformers
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 6 kun oldin
Well, this is just what the Transformers have always been like
cool_cat 216
cool_cat 216 13 kun oldin
Action News
Action News 13 kun oldin
stupid movie
Faze Towel Rack
Faze Towel Rack 13 kun oldin
I love how they included those lines from the first transformers movie, it actually goes really well with the relationship bee and the girl will have (forgot her name).
Homesh Nasre
Homesh Nasre 13 kun oldin
Firefly 14 kun oldin
Weird. The video went blank for a brief moment at 1:47.
George Pachoumis
George Pachoumis 14 kun oldin
The hype 🔥
Fares Almaraghi
Fares Almaraghi 14 kun oldin
i dropped a tear for bumblebee in this trailer he will suffer so much... and im 30 years old, is that normal or am i half transformer?
Alexei Volkov
Alexei Volkov 14 kun oldin
At least he looks more like a Bee.
Hilmi Ariq
Hilmi Ariq 14 kun oldin
What is your favorite Transformers movie? TF,ROTF,DOTM,AOE,TLK,BB or G1?
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi 14 kun oldin
Lord Saladin
Lord Saladin 14 kun oldin
John Cena's supposed to be in the movie but I can't see him
Dreamer Animations
Dreamer Animations 15 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-JVlKRp1MXec.html TRAILER MINECRAFT VERSION
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne 15 kun oldin
It’s gonna suck even it’s without Michael Bay
Syleans 16 kun oldin
Looks like the director really knows how to put memes into the movie.
ToryDaGoat 16 kun oldin
For every saying this is better than Michael Bay version I’m guessing your not informed that he is the main producer in this film he wanted to do this for a long long time he said back in a interview (movie premiere) in 2014 bumblebee will have his own movie and will standout very different from his other films.
Lucas 16 kun oldin
"Do you speak" *shakes head no* "whats your name" -_-
Marcus Wilson
Marcus Wilson 16 kun oldin
this is gonna be interesting
Mike will gaming Channel
Am not gonah watch this we want the real man who made transformer the first movie that came out 🧠🧠he is a legend nice replace 😭😭😭 why is the actor gonh 😪😪😪
Nick Vin
Nick Vin 17 kun oldin
Sound wave you better come with it. The fact that Michael bay is not directing means this will be a massive hit.
Grimlin's Chaos
Grimlin's Chaos 17 kun oldin
Ain't noone gonna be rickrolled today XD
Pointless Piece Of Hair
Tbh, I like how a girl is the main character. Show's much better development than a weird ass boy
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 6 kun oldin
Gender does not matter when it comes to the lead charakter
dkcholo 18 kun oldin
see it’s funny because it doesn’t like the song, hahahaha, get it? it’s funny, guys? guys isn’t it funny?
sierra lewenza
sierra lewenza 18 kun oldin
WAS THAT JOHN CENA..... or was it
Hayden Frye
Hayden Frye 18 kun oldin
I really want to see this this looks like a really good movie
Dominique duarte
Dominique duarte 18 kun oldin
He carried her 😭
Neyzza Trevino
Neyzza Trevino 18 kun oldin
Rip bernie Mac great quote
Pointless Piece Of Hair
1:47 AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!!! also the theme is sicc! It's so cool!
rima bartkute
rima bartkute 18 kun oldin
It looks cute
Baka :v
Baka :v 19 kun oldin
John Cena will kick decepticon Ass
Mayur Dudhe
Mayur Dudhe 19 kun oldin
But where the hell is John Cena?? I can't see him :/
Trường Võ
Trường Võ 19 kun oldin
Phần này đậm chất tranfom luôn ko có nhàm như mấy phần trc
Cherez Janiya
Cherez Janiya 19 kun oldin
Bumblebee adventure
Brian Thiebold
Brian Thiebold 19 kun oldin
Oh my god this looks so badass
Carkua 19 kun oldin
Is that a Jeep bee transformed from at 2:04?
Brenda Soler
Brenda Soler 19 kun oldin
I wached every transformers movie even old ones from 19
Zosia Dziewiecka
Zosia Dziewiecka 19 kun oldin
Where is sam witwicky?
Harry the cat
Harry the cat 6 kun oldin
Not born? This takes place in the 80s
Hajid LOL
Hajid LOL 20 kun oldin
2:13 Never gonna give you up **bumblebee throws the CD**
Blackbird Galvez
Blackbird Galvez 20 kun oldin
YourOreo Has Been Taken
Bumblebee always plays meme song Lol
Divine Hunkin
Divine Hunkin 20 kun oldin
i love the soundtrack in the background 😍😍
SCH0LARS HUB 20 kun oldin
🔴 Watch/DownIoad *BUMBLEBEE* fiIm : t.co/SXlJaxeAPC Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati!!
Azaria Hawthorne
Azaria Hawthorne 20 kun oldin
Touched my heart.
swetomboy 20 kun oldin
When I heard Bernie Mac say those powerful Worlds echo out I teared up. So Beautiful so Inspiring to hear and to see Bumblebee as a boy melted my heart. Love you Bee😍 This is gonna be the movie to see in Christmas. Take care of your car because he/she picked you. Amen
criz lorecha
criz lorecha 20 kun oldin
bumblebee were not gonna stop fighting if he never beet you
Xeno Glitch
Xeno Glitch 20 kun oldin
Finally, a Transformers movie I actually want to see!
Sweta Pandey
Sweta Pandey 20 kun oldin
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad 20 kun oldin
Greatest music ever
Meghan Deckard
Meghan Deckard 20 kun oldin
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Ike G
Ike G 20 kun oldin
@ 1:22, Charlie asks B-127 "Do you speak?" and he moves his mouth, trying to speak, before he realizes that it doesn't work. *(ASSUMING THAT THAT ISN'T ONE OF THOSE ALTERED AUDIO/VIDEO SCENES, FOR THE TRAILER)*
Valeria Guerrero
Valeria Guerrero 20 kun oldin
Omg i wanna see this movie 🎥
Kareen Victoria
Kareen Victoria 20 kun oldin
I love the time when Bumblebee hug charlie
lauboy de gamer
lauboy de gamer 21 kun oldin
AND NOW WATCH DIS VARIANT! uzvid.com/video/video-hSk0Fd_4mh4.html LMAO!!
lauboy de gamer
lauboy de gamer 21 kun oldin
AND NOW WATCH DIS VARIANT! uzvid.com/video/video-hSk0Fd_4mh4.html LMAO!!
lauboy de gamer
lauboy de gamer 21 kun oldin
AND NOW WATCH DIS VARIANT! uzvid.com/video/video-hSk0Fd_4mh4.html LMAO!!
Ziggy Wynder
Ziggy Wynder 21 kun oldin
I have the feeling that Bumblebee will be a huge improvement over Michael Bay's Transformers... And the start of a reboot of the Transformers franchise.
rockdvd 21 kun oldin
VW Power lol
JCARLOSMITH 21 kun oldin
why? bumblebee is new car
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 21 kun oldin
Was this when bumblebee was little or something