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Unconscious Bunny Rescued From Lake by Incredible Guy | When this guy found a bunny floating in a lake, he decided to save his life. He even made him a little bed to recover in. Special thanks to Jordan Ring for this incredible video! For more, follow him in Instagram: thedo.do/jordanring.
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15-May, 2018

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Thunder Storm
Thunder Storm 14 soat oldin
Well done mate !!!!!
The D and E family 😘
wait he named the bunny "bugs" then at the end said "DAVE"???
Kelly Li
Kelly Li Kun oldin
*C O M E O N M A T E*
Will090681 Kun oldin
We'll call you Bugs.... Where the f*ck have you been Dave?
apricot frog
apricot frog Kun oldin
He's off love island;!!!!🤣🤗
Chris Bishop
Chris Bishop Kun oldin
i have a education with bunnys and i have a pet bunny named thumper
vibeze FEli
vibeze FEli 2 kun oldin
I had a black rabbit and have a white one
Vincent DiPietro
Vincent DiPietro 3 kun oldin
as soon as the bunny was released he was probably eaten by a snake or raptor
Loser 99000
Loser 99000 3 kun oldin
I have a pet rescue bunny!
gamardog 1234
gamardog 1234 3 kun oldin
If your a bunny lover Do not Read this comment So uh me and my dad found a bunny and i went inside and grabbed some spinach and when i looked outside my dad said uh i stomped on it by accident... Rip bunny 2016- 2019 i think.
Mochi - san
Mochi - san 3 kun oldin
I just love how a dude that looks tough like him just saved a small, fragile bunny 😍
A180CombatBowser Game pro
Hi hate the bunny he left guy he would be dead right now if not for guy
ITZ ZAFI 3 kun oldin
I Need A Taespoon Of Suga And A Kookie For my Tae.
how i wish i was the bunny.
Livi_Lou The gaming freak
“Where the f*ck have you been, Dave???”
Allen Ouyang
Allen Ouyang 6 kun oldin
The bunny is so cute I want to bite it XD
Mia Wasabi
Mia Wasabi 6 kun oldin
Tanner Rogers
Tanner Rogers 7 kun oldin
I bet that bunny got eaten by a fox the next day😂
Felicia Giordano
Felicia Giordano 7 kun oldin
Other bunnies 🐰: “where the carrots🥕 you been Dave?” Dave: “took a swim got rescued got fed got to lie in bed 🛌 explored someone’s house 🏠 then he brought me here” other bunnies 🐰: “who’s he?” Dave: “the guy who saved me” other bunnies 🐰🐇: “ok”
Potato Man
Potato Man 8 kun oldin
Um when bunnies sqeak it means they are in pain...
HappyFunJenn 9 kun oldin
"Where the f*** have you been Dave?!" *DiesLaughing*
A Gymnast
A Gymnast 9 kun oldin
ꀤŦ ꌩꂦꀎ ꉓꍏꈤ ꋪꍟꍏꀸ Ƭꃅꀤꌗ ꃅꍏᐯꍟ ꍏ ꈤꀤꉓꍟ ꀸꍏꌩ
александра ковальчук
I have had a bunny. His name was Charlie )
Kira Whitwell
Kira Whitwell 9 kun oldin
LOL "Where the *BLEEP* have you been, Dave?"
Madam Yoongs
Madam Yoongs 9 kun oldin
Kookie..? okay srry for the bts joke ik its serious.
Kira Judd
Kira Judd 9 kun oldin
Awe I cried 😭 being pregnant makes me more emotional
Fadina B.
Fadina B. 10 kun oldin
Bravo to this guy!!
Desi’s World
Desi’s World 10 kun oldin
This was adorable. The bunny is so lucky to be alive. If you never saw him it would have been bad. I'm happy he gets to be back in the wild happy ( :
Dejitarumonsuta! 10 kun oldin
"The f*ck have you been, DAVE?" Yes. Because bunnies can swear.
Marilyn Ortiz
Marilyn Ortiz 11 kun oldin
Lucas Vinicius de Castro
when he squeaks a tear happened
AwesomeSpider4 11 kun oldin
" _Goddamnit_ Dave."
Pope Badang LXIX
Pope Badang LXIX 12 kun oldin
Now Big Chungus is off to mock off some fatty redneck
ave b
ave b 12 kun oldin
i never knew rabbit made sounds..
animalloverhailey crazylady
Thx for doing that i love animals
The cat with evil plans
Later that night he became a owl's meal
Aqua Emerald
Aqua Emerald 13 kun oldin
This makes me sad because it reminds me of my rabbit. He choked on a piece of food and stayed like that overnight until the next morning where he died in my arms
Gabby Elizabeth
Gabby Elizabeth 13 kun oldin
*Where the f*** *have you been, Dave?*
dpeeps83 14 kun oldin
You kept him:)
emilia chimichanga
emilia chimichanga 14 kun oldin
He’s an awesome guy
Lesieli Holo'ia
Lesieli Holo'ia 14 kun oldin
What a good man saving animals
Shannon Feathers
Shannon Feathers 14 kun oldin
If I go lay in the lake outside his house wonder if this beautiful human being will pet, warm me up, and make me a bed!! ❤🙄🤑
Faith Rollins
Faith Rollins 14 kun oldin
When I see hashtag dogs on anything that has nothing to do with dogs I'm like 🤦‍♀️💁. W H Y
Galaxy Gacha Fox
Galaxy Gacha Fox 15 kun oldin
Omg so cute! The dudes also cute I guess.
Chara Dreamuur
Chara Dreamuur 15 kun oldin
Watership down ruined this video for me.
MetallvanaAA 16 kun oldin
“Where the f*ck have you been, Dave?”
arianna malhotra
arianna malhotra 16 kun oldin
Kuuchiiii puuuuuchii
Petra 16 kun oldin
squanch 16 kun oldin
Don’t judge a book by its cover.
Jaaman06 17 kun oldin
Bravo à ce monsieur pour le sauvetage de ce lapin qui a failli se noyer 🐇😃👍💗. Et merci à lui de l'avoir remis en liberté.