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Unconscious Bunny Rescued From Lake by Incredible Guy | When this guy found a bunny floating in a lake, he decided to save his life. He even made him a little bed to recover in. Special thanks to Jordan Ring for this incredible video! For more, follow him in Instagram: thedo.do/jordanring.
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15-May, 2018



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Mars Shell T.V
Mars Shell T.V 3 soat oldin
Free Bunny
stevej1609 3 soat oldin
I had two bunny's one of the passed away I cried watching this video
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 3 soat oldin
Aww! The fist time I heard the mans voice in my head I thought he would look different but what a nice person even though he looks like he is not lmao 😆
Glam Ghoul
Glam Ghoul 3 soat oldin
Sad how alot of makeup brands and perfumes and etc test on bunnies 😞 ...
Elsje Massyn
Elsje Massyn 6 soat oldin
Thank you for rescuing the bunny youre a great person 😘
Stacy Elrod
Stacy Elrod 7 soat oldin
Why would anyone give this a thumbs down? That was an awesome act of kindness. Great job!
Adriana Love
Adriana Love 8 soat oldin
So nice of him
scrub.y 8 soat oldin
He protecc He attacc But most importantly He got bugs bacc
Jennifer Murnan
Jennifer Murnan 9 soat oldin
Banana Manchester
Banana Manchester 9 soat oldin
This man wakes up each morning to find carrots on his front doorstep. During the winter months, he is gifted hats and gloves which have been knitted from what appears to be brown rabbit fur, from an unknown source. One day, at his hour of need, a small army of brown bunnies will ride to his defence, and with claws and teeth will subdue the threat. This man will be forgotten to humankind, but to the bunnies, he is a hero and a God. Long live the bunny man!
BloodMasterLink 9 soat oldin
Big tough guy saves a lil bunny. Tough have soft spots too.
XcuddleXbearX11 10 soat oldin
Very good deed, mate
UNI_CHAN 10 soat oldin
Bugs is a cute name😊
xxjusticeeツ 11 soat oldin
and I’m over here eating a chocolate bunny...
valerie reyes
valerie reyes 11 soat oldin
I’m watching this on Easter......
Leona Chan
Leona Chan 11 soat oldin
I have two bunnies at home and im a bunny lover. Whoever that guy is, he should receive a prize from us who are in the rabbit/bunny community. And that is more respect from us :-)
Gacha Xeno
Gacha Xeno 11 soat oldin
*sees title* *presses on video* *reads hashtags* *sees a ‘dogs’ hashtag* Me: *inhales* REEEEEEEEEEEE
Ld Potter lady
Ld Potter lady 12 soat oldin
Hafsa Yasir
Hafsa Yasir 12 soat oldin
Omg i love these kind on videos
Jia Polly
Jia Polly 12 soat oldin
He sounds like Jeremiah!
Tolly Snelgar
Tolly Snelgar 14 soat oldin
You would have killed him if you left that lid on him there will be no air
Trinity Bowles
Trinity Bowles 14 soat oldin
You get some people like him who care for animals and who save them and then you got some who don't give a dam but you now what good on you mate for saving tiny fluffy bunny thumb up for you
Budgie Fun
Budgie Fun 16 soat oldin
Awwww well done
Christopher Schiffermiller
Great Rescue and wonderful guy, just not so sure returning a baby bunny to the wild alone without a mom will be the best for the Bunny. I had them in my yard a few times in holes in the ground a few inches deep where they are all packed in and the top of the grass is like a cover or lid over it; and they stay all together for a while and with mom. Hope this guy meets up with mom or a group of other rabbits. Nice job though! Love Chris
Daria Marrello
Daria Marrello 16 soat oldin
God bless this man ❤️
aditya Konnur
aditya Konnur 17 soat oldin
😕Those who disliked have their heart in their buttocks!!😂😂
Leilani -chan
Leilani -chan 18 soat oldin
Saves cute little animals and is incredibly hot? Sign me up
Chøcoツ 18 soat oldin
*And the legend sais that he's still swimming in that lake...* I know its not funny! But this really touched my heart.. ❤💋
snowboarding raptor700
Medal in the post on its way👍🏼
Vendetta Worm
Vendetta Worm 19 soat oldin
After working a nine to five for 35 years, Dave's bunny wife left him and took everything. He slowly enters the water ready to embrace the relief of death. Wakes up to a giant fingering his belly.
xime ximenita
xime ximenita 19 soat oldin
I love this mannnn 😀😍😍😀😍😀😍😀🐰🐇🐇🐇🐇
Maristella 20 soat oldin
I first watched part of this without sound. I am so glad I watched it again. Wow!!!! Wonderful!!!!
GJ K 20 soat oldin
God bless you Sir
Taylor Baggins
Taylor Baggins 21 soat oldin
I love brits... and bunnies
Kirsten Sawyer
Kirsten Sawyer 22 soat oldin
Did not expect the rescuer to be Khal Drogo. But thank you very much for that!
Roseee xx
Roseee xx 23 soat oldin
i freaked when i realised this guy was on love island
Thank Frith for people like you. ♡
Platina Kun oldin
God bless you for that what you have done! There should be more people like you in the world!❤
Infinite Pikachu
*Only If This Was Only Posted On Easter*
Occam's Razor
Occam's Razor Kun oldin
Good man.
John Markham
John Markham Kun oldin
Keep him
dao yeager
dao yeager Kun oldin
That was a great act of kindness, but honestly you should've kept him
Training Grounds
Training Grounds 10 soat oldin
No, he did the right thing. All animals are our pets in the wild and we as care takers have no need to take them from their home.
Jake West
Jake West Kun oldin
Don’t feed him carrots....they don’t really like carrots, to feed him carrots would be racism.
Jake West
Jake West Kun oldin
Dodo always makin me cry while restoring my faith in humanity
LxckyG Kun oldin
Leeth24 Kun oldin
Big ol’ tough guy Savin a bunny
Atorx KE
Atorx KE Kun oldin
1-catch and drown animal. 2-get it out. 3-open camera. 4-act caring. 5-make him recover. 6-release him. 7-get attention and praises for being a good human.
Clear Skiesツ
Clear Skiesツ Kun oldin
better than all the things PETA has done. My hero.
Giulia Ambusta
Giulia Ambusta Kun oldin
Good job Dodo boy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Marco Sharko
Marco Sharko Kun oldin
Df just eat it
Gabs Alot
Gabs Alot Kun oldin
That was so sweet😊
cardashian77 Kun oldin
Damn he fine asf😍😍
Dylan Hopson
Dylan Hopson Kun oldin
What kind of person dislikes these videos😐
vonvoni Irraba
vonvoni Irraba Kun oldin
There should be a double like button 💓
Vav Aryeh
Vav Aryeh Kun oldin
Imagine walking past the lake then you see that big guy trying to revive a bunny That's was so fucking nice of him.
Anna Burr
Anna Burr Kun oldin
no else noticed he was on love island?
Jen Spurling
Jen Spurling Kun oldin
Yes finally ! I’ve been looking for comments saying about love island, but there are none ! 😂
Paul De Ville
Paul De Ville Kun oldin
Nice one. Your a good man.
A A Kun oldin
Omg he’s gorgeous 💗(not the bunny) lol
LeGgo MyEggo
LeGgo MyEggo Kun oldin
Where the f*ck you’ve been Dave?
Jess a
Jess a Kun oldin
amanda sermon
amanda sermon Kun oldin
That guy is beautiful, I'm off to go drown in Australia!!
Simone Hall-Williams
Earth worm Sally
The people who disliked are devils that have no heart
MaxWell Miller
MaxWell Miller Kun oldin
I have a bunny. Thank you
Exploding rubies
After the bunny runs off Hunter: *shoots bunny* Hunter: yum some food and it’s all fluffed up and healthy too.
Nawgi Official
Nawgi Official Kun oldin
Ah yes the guy from Love Island. Guess hes doing pretty good these days and rescuing bunnies.
Destiny Nimmich
Destiny Nimmich Kun oldin
Awh ♥️♥️♥️ what a great person ❤️💕
Thomas gunns
Thomas gunns Kun oldin
hotjazzbaby Kun oldin
tubez4321 Kun oldin
If you're ever drowning some day, this bunny will run to the water with all his buddies and make a bunny body raft to save you.
mz204455 Kun oldin
Bastard didn’t even say thank you. He/she just ran off what terrible manners.
FinHazel Kun oldin
Video: Bunny Rescue Tags: *Dogs*
Romy Masella
Romy Masella Kun oldin
I want to marry someone like this guy
Sandra Kun oldin
I would not keep him. Maybe it is a rabbit mom to its kids.
ArchGirl Kun oldin
Anyone notice how he rescued the bunny from the lake BEFORE he started recording, too. That's what I like to see; focused on the rescue at hand and not on garnering fame from the event.
Raid: Shadow Legends
"The f*ck have you been, Dave?" LMAO 😂 🤣 (2:48)
黃志玲 Kun oldin
what a kind person.
LunaWolf164 Kun oldin
Omg I was crying 😅😅
Skullface 1000
Skullface 1000 Kun oldin
It was so cute the way the bunny sqeauled when he found him....❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Zaven Kun oldin
I know how to skin a rabbit with my bare hands
DinosaurLova 2005
'Bet all of his mates are like, "Where the f**k have you been, Dave?" ' 😂😂😂😂😂
Lug Nut
Lug Nut Kun oldin
I thought it was a lizard in the thumbnail
Ashleigh Shepard
is it bad that i thought it was a frog?
Avocado Kun oldin
Bunny 15 mins later: OH COOL WATER IM THIRSTY *drowns*
Graham Cracker
Graham Cracker Kun oldin
Guy with a heart of gold! Where are more of them?! Sweet sweet sweet!!!
Alexandra Kennedy
So great to see someone with a good heart for change.
Brookie Paige
Brookie Paige Kun oldin
Jesus Dave, not again. I thought we talked about this.
Alley - Sama
Alley - Sama Kun oldin
Aw! I can't imagine how terrified I would be if that happened to my little Lola!
Rei Lea
Rei Lea Kun oldin
Been about a year, you ever seen him since? Thanks
Avatar Zhang
Avatar Zhang 2 kun oldin
If I were him, I would ....
Ellie Roberts
Ellie Roberts 2 kun oldin
He went on love island I swear I thought he was just a hunk guy looking for love turns he caring considerate and saved a bunny from drowning 🥰
Karolina Walichiewicz
How could he tell it was still alive? Or how long it had been floating there when he pulled it out? I found a dead bunny in my pool once but I didn't want to touch it :/
toney barnes
toney barnes 2 kun oldin
Why they gotta draw line coming from animals mouths we know they're making sounds we're not fucking stupid so stop draw those queer ass fucking lines!!!!!
Kittyville Central
Kittyville Central 2 kun oldin
You absolute star. I salute you. Thank you for having a big heart xx
Teresa Barnes
Teresa Barnes 2 kun oldin
Wonder how the poor bunny got in the water to begin with?
Walrider Iris
Walrider Iris 2 kun oldin
Damn, that's actually amazing. What a great day, indeed
Martyna Stachyra
Martyna Stachyra 2 kun oldin
My favourite Animal is bunny thank you for saving this small creature
Sergi_cal 559
Sergi_cal 559 2 kun oldin
Cat kills it lol
spooked 2 kun oldin
*_i have a pet bunny its name is Oreo because it’s coat is black and white and this hurt me so hard to this bunny almost drown, I need to give Oreo more attention_*
A little Yeetus Feetus
“Where the f*** have you been Dave?” LOL I’M DYING 😂
Meja Karlsson
Meja Karlsson 2 kun oldin
I actually started CRYING! 😭❤ i wish evryone was nice like you
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