Burnett: Trump refusing to accept responsibility to lead

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CNN's Erin Burnett dissects President Donald Trump's argument to not end the government shutdown over the border wall. #CNN #News



12-Yan, 2019



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Erik Shakh
Erik Shakh Oy oldin
This CNN CIA puppy looks HUNGRY after a 20 day of $ZERO pay, well I say HEY What goes around will come around, it’s the public’s time to eat...ITS THE HARD WORKING AMERICANS TIME TO TAKE THERE FORTUNE IN WHICH THEY SLAVE AWAY To earn. By earn I mean, Not to feed a singular gvernment that seems hungry after just 20 days...GUESS WHAT IF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OF THE MID CLASS COULD DO IT since the 911 attacks,,,then I say so can this unlawful puppy who can’t find other ways of income except sucking the governments nipple for every last drop of milk that belongs to the people,,,LIVE WITH IT AS WE ALL HAVE SINCE 2001...maybe now the democratic blood sucking stalkers who harass whine ever they find intimidating,,,NOMORE BABY ITS MY TURN TO SHINE...it’s America’s moment to shine,,,,nomore unnessary governed payouts out to foreign investors, countries, personal selfish debts that have nothing to do with the people who swear for every cent....SO FUCK YOU AND EAT WHAT YOU DID BABY
The scariest people in government are NOT those that go in rich and can't be bought. The scariest people are those that go in poor and come out multi-millionaires. THEY are the people the lobbyists love. THEY are the people selling the sovereignty of this nation to the highest bidder. It's not for nothing that the most abusive mega-business owners, like Jeff Besos, are ALWAYS democrats. Besos counts heavily upon his dem friends in power to wipe out all of his competitors that play by the rules. Why don't dem voters have the smarts to get that????? Why? Because the dem psychopaths in positions of authority are out there everyday telling their stupid constituents the obvious lie that they are the only ones in government on the side of the poor and downtrodden. They are careful not to speak a sentence without snidely throwing one or more of the most politically useful buzz words (morality, ethics, integrity, etc) that assure their easily manipulated followers that they must indeed be standing on the moral high ground. They have actually convinced their pathetic herds that becoming filthy rich while 'serving the people' is acceptable as long as one can claim to have come from humble beginnings. While they purposefully 'obstruct' the great potential of this nation to provide wealth to EVERY law-abiding, hard-working American, they themselves roll in ill-gotten dough. What's worse is that they manage to perpetuate the lie that the rich are morally inferior by virtue of their wealth and that the poor are virtuous because of their suffering and poverty, creating the very division that they accuse others for having caused. What an easy scam on the gullible! Yet, let's get one thing straight, while the lies the dem bureaucrats tell are unabashedly evil, the stupidity of their constituents is just as evil. Yes, you heard me. Stupidity is a form of evil and must be judged accordingly. Why? Because self-pitying stupid people take no responsibility for the fact that they are colluding with the worst humanity has to offer to rob and hurt the lives of decent, innocent people. The majority of 'confused' dem voters are people that demand love and respect for themselves but never learn to give it in return. They have convinced themselves that their commercializable pain is the hallmark of sensitivity when, of course, it is just the hallmark of narcissistic immaturity. These are people who believe they are somehow exempt from having to live according to the rules of fair play, always seeking out their UNDESERVED ADVANTAGES instead, never caring about the injustices that must be perpetrated to provide them. These are people glued to the dem masters that know how to expertly nurse their mean-spirited desire to even up some historical scoreboard so that they never have to open their eyes to the pain and devastation they are causing in the lives of people that only want to do right in this generation, people that most often have far more to offer for the greater good than those that wish to prevent them. That's why. SO TO ALL GOOD AMERICANS WHO STILL CARE ABOUT THE GREAT PRINCIPLE OF LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, FOR THE RICH AND THE POOR, FOR THE AMERICAN AND FOR THE STRANGER AMONG US, IT IS HIGH TIME TO CALL FOR THE JUDGMENT TO BEGIN. WE have no reason to fear and we do have a great nation to save.
Silence DoGood
Silence DoGood 2 oy oldin
He's doing just fine sister best damned Potus we ever had!!!
Michael Eric
Michael Eric 2 oy oldin
SHE'S A FUCKING LIAR!!! SHE JUST LIED TO ALL OF US ON PURPOSE AND I'VE PROVIDED THE PROOF!!! This dishonesty is still so surreal even though hours out of each day are spent sifting through lies and shoveling bullshit. It's equally terrible that so many of you are so gullible and so lazy that you just blindly follow and believe what any of these idiots tells you! No wonder so many people seem to be in favor of destroying this country and all that was so great about it. Please note that Erin did not simply make an honest mistake, because the video clip has been specifically shortened by just a few key seconds and if Erin simply started the video of Trump saying "bye" about 5 seconds earlier, Erin would've been forced to report that the entire shutdown has to continue solely because of Pelosi and her very recent change in opinion (non-expert opinion FYI) about the morality of border barriers! This ONE senile old hag with the soggy stinky diapers is so out of touch with reality that she still thinks she's a little Jewish American Princess like when she was little. Thank God people are finally starting to hear how badly they've been lied to about this shutdown, caravans of hostile criminals, and the death and crime that victimizes good American's each week in border towns. If the video of Trump saying "bye" was started just about 6 seconds sooner, a very different perspective would be shown (one that is also verified by every single person at that meeting except for the two traitors, Schumer and Pelosi). HERE'S A LINK TO WHAT REALLY HAPPENED - THE TRUTH! (Clearly, this Canadian reporter also has his/her own biased opinion that they just couldn't leave out, but despite the lack of professionalism, they managed to at least report a more detailed account of what transpired and the reason the President saw no further reason to suffer by having to look at that disgusting witch and even worse, smell the stink of her adult diaper after a long day when it's on the verge of exploding apart. www.cbc.ca/news/world/trump-walks-out-shutdown-meeting-1.4972128 Just read the 3 small paragraphs immediately after the screenshot of the President's Tweet to learn the TRUTH - the info that Erin removed from the video and refused to mention in an effort to deceive us all. She doesn't respect any of us if she thinks we are ALL that stupid. I see from a lot of comments on here that a scary number of us are that stupid, but not ALL of us. Erin didn't respect you enough to tell you. It provides more context and . I would love to post the video, but this article was difficult enough to find - the manipulation of search engines should anger ALL of us, regardless of what is being manipulated. The President is willing to and has been trying to negotiate with her, but as you can read in the link provided, she REFUSES to negotiate at all!!! If she cared about the people who are not getting paid, the people that died during the attempts to get in here illegally, and the legal citizens killed each year by illegals, then Pelosi would simply negotiate and get something favorable for her "side", like legality for the Dreamers! Would a border barrier hurt or endanger anyone in any way at all? NO! 100% NO and in fact, it would probably save many immigrants trying to make that trip. If you don't live in a border state, or even better, a border town, then I really hope you aren't one of the idiots running your mouth and keyboard with your opinion as to why barriers at the border would be bad. You're an idiot who mistakenly believes you have an important opinion. That's the lie Twitter sells you! Experts and people who live at the border areas actually know the reality and facts - and it's not this bullshit CNN and Pelosi and Jewmer continue to spread! I wonder if Schumer and Pelosi act that rudely each year when they go to their homeland, Israel, to attend the annual meeting for the World Zionist Congress. I also wonder if they ever complain about the walls Israel uses so successfully. Probably not, because that's where they intend to move back to once they have sufficiently destabilized the US. What country will you move to after they complete their goal of ruining our country? You can't go to Israel unless you're Jewish, so don't think you can follow along with them! Pelosi Princess is a terrorist and I want to know who those few that voted for her actually are. She did admit to cheating to win the midterms, but as she ointed out, SOME people still voted for her, so please let me know if you are one of them, so I know where to send the piles of shit!!
small ed
small ed 2 oy oldin
Trump refuses to accept responsibility for any demand of the fascist DS and its FAKE NEWS parrots and poodles.
Jason Boggs
Jason Boggs 2 oy oldin
Who is this lady...Ronald McDonald's little sister? Why is she even talking and more importantly....is anybody really listening? I was surprised to find this video considering I thought CNN was off the air since their ratings are so low.
dya76tube 2 oy oldin
F.B.I. should open an investigation on the senators from the Congress, smell like CORRUPTION !
Silver Jones
Silver Jones 2 oy oldin
God bless our president. .. Chuck and Nancy have blood on their hands
Silver Jones
Silver Jones 2 oy oldin
Wonder how many of the leftists commenting including Erin are willing to sacrifice of their children as the angel parents have in order to realize the urgency of building a wall/ fence whatever they want to call it. Bunch of cowards
frosty pablo
frosty pablo 2 oy oldin
Frosty wonders whether welfare obligations were met. Especially the punative but desperately needed government funded nursing homes. Frosty hopes Don was hard but fair.
Silver Jones
Silver Jones 2 oy oldin
The resistance anti citizen security party can ever the shut down immediately but their allegiance is to illegals, ms13 and the sex traffickers
frosty pablo
frosty pablo 2 oy oldin
You are aware that by leaving the rubbish alone Don has stopped it milking the nation for a month and saved the US billions. The rubbish will get picked up. Pick yourselves up along with it !
frosty pablo
frosty pablo 2 oy oldin
Government workers are upset about what now ? Value your job next time. STOP using our public institutions as a mortgage paying meal ticket ! Thats NOT what your employed by the TAXPAYER for.
frosty pablo
frosty pablo 2 oy oldin
Government employees have long snubbed everyone else because the government secures their employment and wipes their flabby arses for them. They're a sheltered lot. Meanwhile staff of wealthy restaurateurs are forced to steal because their wages are shit and the public has to pay their wages through tips. Which has become a disgusting practice. The appreciation has turned to guilt. FUCK THAT. Why the HELL should you feel guilty because some bastard won't pay his workers, expects the public to kick in extra while charging you top shelf for deep fried trash.
frosty pablo
frosty pablo 2 oy oldin
Frosty knows government workers well. They're pricks. Servile sloths that move at a hair an hour. Don't ask them to do anything. It takes 30 days. They look down their noses at other workers. Because their job is secure. Yet grown adults working for the Gary Indiana municipality are working 16 hours 6 days a week at $9per hour.
mtongoli daniel
mtongoli daniel 2 oy oldin
CNN is fake media of all time believe me!
arthur riley
arthur riley 2 oy oldin
Mr trump, I am one of 325 million Americans who are beginning to wonder if you are? If not, you should resign before we get angrier. Your continuous clown act is not doing well. And to all you trump supporters, you are being aligned with a russian stooge- time to come home. He is going down.
arthur riley
arthur riley 2 oy oldin
This not 'a wall', rather 'extortion by fat man'!
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen 2 oy oldin
Trumpty Dumpty want to build a wall....Trumpty Dumpty will have a great fall.....
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 2 oy oldin
Where is the context to these quotes? This is a bad coverage
UTU49 2 oy oldin
Somebody tell Trump... "My way or the highway" is not a negotiating tactic.
Mo Ana
Mo Ana 2 oy oldin
Let’s get your kids on some working diets ..!!! Pigs
Mo Ana
Mo Ana 2 oy oldin
Your kids need diets and emotional help ... obviously horror ..!!!
edward lubin
edward lubin 2 oy oldin
Trump's frightened, he has done but one thing so far and that has been to give a sweet tax decrease to his cronies. Now he has to make a big show on how he is doing something for the rest of the country. For the little people.
BBQSmoker NC
BBQSmoker NC 2 oy oldin
Trump is melting you snowflakes down. 2020 more to come. Lmao !!
Julie Gurley
Julie Gurley 2 oy oldin
I think peaches is a good name for the border. Wouldn't you like to see a border wall built up and maintained by workers from both sides that producing free fruit tree foods and supporter by the volunteer workers and by taxpayers.
Bad Kitty Kitty
Bad Kitty Kitty 2 oy oldin
This news anchor is one hot milf 😍😍😍
kimberleygrace 2 oy oldin
keith wilson
keith wilson 2 oy oldin
Come on America sort your shit out cuz ur country is fully going down the SHITTER !!!
ONNIE TALONE 2 oy oldin
God almighty the pope was changed two popes, lol two Presidents that way Mike Pence will be tie breaker,, its not about the wall its about changing Nancy Pelosi plan,
Hope and Grace
Hope and Grace 2 oy oldin
"Make the lie big. Make it simple. Keep saying it, and eventually people will believe it" - Adolf Hitler. "A lie told often enough becomes the truth" - Vladimir Lenin Now I know where Trump's draws his inspiration.
Harris Avan
Harris Avan 2 oy oldin
5:03 - I cummed on her peaches.
koez koez
koez koez 2 oy oldin
Maybe trump can send burgers to all the people who are not able to buy food due to the Trump shutdown.Its a Shame cancer patients can't pay for chemo with his jokes.
learn learn
learn learn 2 oy oldin
A bunch BS
Catherine S. Todd
"It wasn't an emergency then... now it's an emergency." Why is that? GOOD QUESTION!
Catherine S. Todd
Federal workers unpaid do NOT agree with this! Another pack of lies from the tRUMP monster-in-chief. He is Master of Lies.
Michael Bertrand
Michael Bertrand 2 oy oldin
Yeah, hey, please wake me up when America is great again, OK?
Jim Menard
Jim Menard 2 oy oldin
Jim Menard
Jim Menard 2 oy oldin
TRUMP IS DRAINING THE GOVERNMENT SWAMP FOR GOOD.DUCH WASTEFUL SPENDING ON THE DEMONRATS WELL NO MORE.like Qand Trump said the DEMOCRATS will CEASE to EXIST in the WHITEHOUSE and this could be the time because there all going to GUANTANAMO BAY PRISON ANYWAY.Report that lying CNN .fake news thinks it's about border funding that's why Trump loves to Troll Fake News.brilliant trump
Jim Menard
Jim Menard 2 oy oldin
Trump is absolutely Genius and why is Fake News panicking about the SCHUMER SHUTDOWN Because Trump is DRAINING THE GOVERNMENT SWAMP FOR GOOD Do that's why he's not declaring a national emergency yet ,what better time for Mass arrest and get rid of the wasteful Government it's happening and Trump is brilliant.PANIC ON FAKE NEWS LYING MEDIA THERE TIME IS ALMOST UP GITMO AWAITS YOUR ARRIVAL.
Valerie Texan
Valerie Texan 2 oy oldin
Damn more trolls on this site. Wow they are really fired up. Putin must have made them all come for CNN. THEY HAD SLACKED OFF. Guess Putin is getting worried to many pple are seeing them saying facts and that is just to dangerous. He hates the truth and light. That's why all putin an conalds dealings are so secret and shady. Just makes us stronger. We never expected this we were blindsided by the enormanity of it all. Now the giant is awake and we are mad as hell. This is ending now. Impeach this treasonous motherfuc.er. dont feed trolls makes the scum mulitply.
Bryan Ramos
Bryan Ramos 2 oy oldin
Stewart Professional Services
"Democrats aren't stuck on the wall". I sense a talking point, an elegant solution to a logically flawed fight to begin with.
Stewart Professional Services
The strategy of putting up an AG, Mr Barr in front of a divided congress during the shut down seems risky?
Bryan Ramos
Bryan Ramos 2 oy oldin
Just let him build the stupid wall . People will still find a way to get threw weather its with help from the cartels or the border patrol. Those agents got bills to pay too if the goverment wont pay them other people will.
kvdgadj 2 oy oldin
Trump will go down in history as the President, who didn't give checks to 800,000 goverment workers?
cnn is F A K E N E W S FXCK cnn
Other News: KGB/FSB has a Mole in the Oval Office "AGENT ORANGE". The Vladiministration of America.
William  Frazier
William Frazier 2 oy oldin
Mitch McConnell & Lindsey Graham is a couple of old twits.
fido 2 oy oldin
Lead what , to do what the Democrats want make all Dreamers automatically U.S. citizens also pay Mexico 12.8 billion or give the house of Reps a 150,000 dollar raise on top of their yearly salary and no border wall. Also every time the government has shutdown the Republicans were blamed even when it was Obama. You people at CNN are racist because you gave Obama a free pass on everything because he was black, so what you would give me a free pass and suck my dick because I'm Native American if I was president? Rep.Mrs Wexton why not say what was on that bill like 12 billion for Mexico no money for border security all Dreamers to become U.S. citizens and a raise so how is that a compromise? Also Mrs.Wexton it was Democrats who called it the problems at the border a emergency and a crisis, or don't you remember Obama H.Clinton and many others so yes Sen.Graham is right and you know it, just by your expression also why is it you all keep saying fabricate when your the ones who said it first.
THIS IS OUR TIME 2 oy oldin
Snaggletoof 2 oy oldin
If Trump decides to run for office in 2020, we all need to ensure that the slogan that everyone thinks of when they think of Trump is "Trump 2020: THE BUCK STOPS WITH EVERYONE"
Stop looking at me
Don't go into the Fox news section you'll lose brain cells
barrych mak
barrych mak 2 oy oldin
Credibility and accountability are the 2 words missing in Trump's Dictionary. Would you ask your son to treat Trump as his role model ?
Phillip Nettles
Phillip Nettles 2 oy oldin
Nathan Pender
Nathan Pender 2 oy oldin
Insurrection Mr. President USA SOS
Justin H
Justin H 2 oy oldin
CNN IS SOOOOO DESPERATE AND PATHETIC 😂😂😂😂SURELY YOU LIBTARDS SEE THE LIGHT BY NOW, RIGHT? You don’t have to agree or believe in Conservative ideologies, but you have to agree and believe that CNN IS FAKE NEWS!!! Otherwise the AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL NEVER TAKE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUSLY. Oh, and for any of you soy boys that want to bring up FOX news.... I’ll say this and drop the mic.....I challenge you to show me one story FOX NEWS HAD TO RETRACT THROUGHOUT 2018....I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO ASK ME TO DO THE SAME FOR CNN/MSNBC😂😂😂😂....done...
Matthew Clark
Matthew Clark 2 oy oldin
Pure HATRED TOWARDS President Trump nothing MORE
Hot 88s
Hot 88s 2 oy oldin
4:42, who are the dopes with the stupid looking hats?
robert budd
robert budd 2 oy oldin
The longest shutdown in American history will give Trump something to Bragg about in the future. "Look, Look, no one can do a Government shutdown like I can do a Government shutdown"
Thorny Ninja
Thorny Ninja 2 oy oldin
These comments have a lot of brainwashed people lol. Grow up and pay attention to what good he is doing for our country
MrBlue Taylor
MrBlue Taylor 2 oy oldin
What the f*** are they waiting on? Get rid of this clown! Send him to Russia!
josephine quintella
People you better wake up...Democrats are the cause of the shut down...Federal workers get paid a high salary should have something put back....President Trump is leading this country out of the Shit Hole O"VOMIT and Hillary put us in...WAKE UP Listen to the tone of her voice,,HATE
Billy Sunsteel & Friends Transactions
Drew Mitchem
Drew Mitchem 2 oy oldin
Bias bias bias bias bias
Tammy Atkins
Tammy Atkins 2 oy oldin
BUILD THE WALL your not going to corner the American people yes the Buck Stops Here what planet are you people on do any of you have just alittle SENSE
W and S
W and S 2 oy oldin
Who is the major asshole wearing that stupid hat indoors? Hats are to be removed indoors. Who raised these creatons?
Nune Coco
Nune Coco 2 oy oldin
Perhaps someone from CNN should run for 2020.... ....maybe Jim Acosta could be our next candidate!!!!!!!!!!!
JHH 2184
JHH 2184 2 oy oldin
I really wish he would just die. It’s terrible. Like I’ve never hated anybody this much in my life.
Liberal Hater
Liberal Hater 2 oy oldin
Why doesn't little cnn play all the video of schumer, pelosi, obama and clinton WANTING THE WALL? Oh yeah, cnn suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump 2020 PENCE 2024 MAGA
Pamela B
Pamela B 2 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-qOLcfQqFmE0.html CNN is fake news and the enemy of the people.
Fight socialist communist Democrats candidates for 2020 election. Bernie - Castro - Beto and the rest are all communist socialist sum bags. American stand for freedom and our constitution Trump 2020.
babygangster77 2 oy oldin
Can name it “peaches.” The only peach we talking bout is impeachment
babygangster77 2 oy oldin
He’s gona declare a national emergency eventually
Datsun510zen 2 oy oldin
Take a minute and read the comments on a Fox News vid. Those folks say the same kind of unoriginal crap to each other in support of their demigod president Captan Cheese Puff. Don't waste your time preaching to the quire here. Have you ever yelled at you TV when some brain dead Trump zombie parrots a bunch of lies? Invade their space and confront the disinformation machine. SHOW THEM HOW THEY'RE BEING LIED TO!!! You get a bunch of angry insults, you know you've struck a nerve. Tell them they're acting like a bunch of hypersensitive snowflakes who need to stop whining and prove you wrong. Provoke them to do the research that backs up any of Trump's ludicrous BS. Hours of entertainment there and it feels like I'm doing something about this xenophobic spell casting horror in the White House who's hijacked MY government.
Ziva David
Ziva David 2 oy oldin
Mitch Is spineless and Graham is a racist
Jeffrey Nguyen
Jeffrey Nguyen 2 oy oldin
Book him
nashi nash
nashi nash 2 oy oldin
The buck stops with everybody except for Trump the Yellow POTUS...
Ernesto Ybarra
Ernesto Ybarra 2 oy oldin
And reporters refuse to take responsibility just as: San Diego station 'stands' by claim CNN turned down reporter over differing wall narrative! And the pecker heads at CNN can't figure out why they call them the fake news
Claressa Lucas
Claressa Lucas 2 oy oldin
He's not entirely wrong. Mitch McConnell could put this up for a vote. Congress has the power to override his veto. This impasse is as much McConnell's responsibility now as Trump's.
Four Seasons
Four Seasons 2 oy oldin
You're correct. Mitch is far more concerned with his job than the well being of the country and its citizens. There are now several Republican Senators willing to side with the Democrats for reopening the government, but Mitch refuses to bring the vote to the floor.
Steve Parks
Steve Parks 2 oy oldin
John 1:1-14
Andrea Mendenhall
What??? He's trying to lead and you stand in his way!!!! How dumb can you be???
Cheryl Bullard
Cheryl Bullard 2 oy oldin
Stop Trumps Check along with the other federal workers and I bet this shut down ends when He gets a $0.00 paycheck
haim zargari
haim zargari 2 oy oldin
To all my friend don't believe CNN do your research before you believe them CNN is fake news
Cheryl Bullard
Cheryl Bullard 2 oy oldin
I feel for the Federal Workers but We all know that the Only people that Trump pays is Porn Stars. So whats the Problem ? Is it because They Changed the name of Prostitution to Porn Star ? So guess what everybody Prostitution is Legal if you just claim to be a Porn Star !!! I couldn't avoid that Truth.
Michael Conger
Michael Conger 2 oy oldin
Too thick to form a cogent argument. So like all her kind, she's just another leftist degenerate braying at the moon.
Shane Duhaime
Shane Duhaime 2 oy oldin
with all the people dying and there's a lot of people dying from unchecked immigrants who are hurting our country and mowing people down with tracks they're stabbing people they're bringing drugs across that border I'm not going to say that's why all the drugs come from let's not forget I soldiers god the poppy fields in Afghanistan it's a lot of drugs come in there to write and let's not forget about Fast and Furious so I think we forgot about that and I think you know what I'm talking about don't you CNN remember Eric Holder and if Mama was part of that then they had a shooting them of that and they found one of the guns that was tied Eric Holder nobody ever goes to jail right cuz we have two sets of log books in this world don't we double standards but you don't report and stuff like that do you you know why cuz you're part of the same trash as he's people I wish just once you would do some fact-finding and ask the people of Texas and ask the people of Nevada and ask the people of California how how many people I've been killed and different variations of ways by people who are not vetted coming into this country cuz we don't have any type of security protecting us any type of wall any type of Border any type of anything so all's you give a shit is about money you know the government shutdown once you try reporting some actual facts and understand that there is a lot of people dying in this country hey don't take my word for it just ask the governor of Nevada Texas California cuz the only thing you really want is because your Democrats an extension of them CNN is you want open borders at the cost of American lives cuz all you want is a One World Government how do we know that as long as you do is trash Republicans but the Republicans and the Democrats being funded by both sides the part of the same team but you won't tell anybody that way all you want is a One World Government it's like professional wrestling you think they're enemies and they're really playing the same part the only loser in this is the American people it's like George Carlin said there's a big Club and the American people 99% of them are not in it so stop brainwashing the American people stop being fear-mongering okay stop being trash thank you bye
Joey Durborow
Joey Durborow 2 oy oldin
As the green arrow says, “Trump YOU HAVE FAILED THIS COUNTRY!!!!!”
kjfuell 2 oy oldin
CNN refuses to accept responsibility to report real news. Fake news
Gus 2 oy oldin
Trump is a stupid fucktard
Billy Sunsteel & Friends Transactions
TRUMPED BY PRESIDENT TRUMP CNN’s Jim Acosta was roasted on social media for inadvertently proving we need a wall. President Trump just took it one stop further when during a meeting on border security, he thanked Acosta for doing such a good job at proving his point. PRICELESS! Watch Trump Thank CNN’s Acosta For His Reporting Proving We Need A Wall [Video] 100percentfedup.com/priceless-watch-trump-thank-cnns-acosta-for-his-reporting-proving-we-need-a-wall-video/?utm_source=spotim&utm_medium=spotim_recirculation&spotim_referrer=recirculation
Fu man Chu
Fu man Chu 2 oy oldin
Traitor trumpanzee.... Your sinkhole party control Congress for 2 years and the Wall doesn’t even exist.... what a shame on Rat party.... the facts that federal workers wanna hang u up in front of front lawn cause u starves their families
Roving Punster
Roving Punster 2 oy oldin
Holding 800,000 federal employees (and the nation who depends on them) hostage, just for a self glorifying medieval public works project the majority of voters dont want and experts say we dont need, is yet another abuse of power, one of many. Too many. LOCK HIM UP ! TRAITOR.
J P 2 oy oldin
F A K E---N E W S
Justin K
Justin K 2 oy oldin
Trump is clearly pointing to and offering a solution. The House Democrats aren’t. And their intransigence is highlighted by the fact that Republican members of Congress are calling them out
Billy Sunsteel & Friends Transactions
WATCH: Pelosi Just Called Border Wall ‘A Luxury Our Country Can’t Afford’ [Video] Nancy Pelosi must think Americans are a bunch of dimwits because she just said that the border wall is a ‘luxury our country can’t afford’ (video below). Does she have a clue about how many billions it costs for us to have open borders? What about the drugs and crime coming across our border? Does she not care about that? James O’Keefe just went down to the border to check out what’s there and it’s a total disgrace! 100percentfedup.com/watch-pelosi-just-called-border-wall-a-luxury-our-country-cant-afford-video/?utm_source=spotim&utm_medium=spotim_recirculation&spotim_referrer=recirculation
Anna Reddy
Anna Reddy 2 oy oldin
very soon America will be part of russa under this president for sure wake up ameraca
Billy Sunsteel & Friends Transactions
5 INSANELY WASTEFUL Taxpayer-Funded Projects Democrats Could Slash To Fund Border Wall 100percentfedup.com/5-insanely-wasteful-taxpayer-funded-projects-democrats-could-slash-to-fund-border-wall/
Ray Wild
Ray Wild 2 oy oldin
Seems like he's leading to me, of course CNN and the Dems would rather Trump give in than they, if Trump relented, who would be the leader then? Anything that even makes it harder for illegals and smugglers is worth the 5 bil , we spend almost that much on food stamps every year, we give hundreds of millions to Mexico every year, several Americans were killed by illegals in very recent times, some just gruesome, what if it was your family? Billions of dollars of drugs every year coming across, what would you suggest a fucking picket fence! Build proper border security, what we have isn't working, build the wall, should of been done years ago, and the Dems? If it was their precious Hillary instead, they would of already built it with much celebration! The Democrats are to blame for the shut down, not Trump, but nice twist, their not leading, he is......
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