The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

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i feel like die

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D the only thing you should burn out is birthday candles, folks

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Fikrlar 69 816
Boyinaband 4 oy oldin
Ahahaha just noticed the microwave meals you drew all over my desk. Accurate. ...Remind me to tidy up before we vid chat again.
Robyn Keays
Robyn Keays 8 kun oldin
Hey boyinaband saw you in life is fun witblylh theodd1sout Also love your vids jaiden
Fred Nathan
Fred Nathan 12 kun oldin
Hi dave
Muhammad Naufal Rayhannida
Take a break. Or don't
Creator Chan
Creator Chan 17 kun oldin
So it *was* you she was talking about!😊
Tori Great
Tori Great Oy oldin
499 comments..., Hold my drink
KiaTheGreat Miracle
KiaTheGreat Miracle 14 daqiqa oldin
Im also going to LA when I'm going to college! (Or until I finish my school)(I hate college)
KiaTheGreat Miracle
KiaTheGreat Miracle 14 daqiqa oldin
I can't try something new since my sickness has a strict diet and I can't eat anything else rather then vegetables and meat.
Elsie Haugdahl Haugdahl
Elsie Haugdahl Haugdahl 14 daqiqa oldin
I had a week without sleep
titus inc
titus inc Soat oldin
You see I don’t have that problem. I’m a healthy procrastinator... Oh wait🙃
DylanTheGameGuy Soat oldin
Mike Soat oldin
Alukard TheDeathknight
Yeeeeeeeeeeeah listen to that little scream in you're mind it's far more reasonable in what it says
Scarlett 2 soat oldin
Update: Currently 1:30 AM and I have to wake up at 4:30 AM... Please help
TheGachaSeries xox
TheGachaSeries xox 2 soat oldin
✋🏻. Me
David The Dipshit
David The Dipshit 2 soat oldin
hey, at least driving is pretty cool
Oscar Molina
Oscar Molina 3 soat oldin
I think I did this once. And went to the hospital. So now I don't.
Sherneth Mae Vemien Lovgren
Is it me or dose the tongue that sticks out look like teeth?
GachaFairytail 4 soat oldin
This comment has nothing to do with the video....... I'm hungry but if I go eat somthing everyone will wake up in my house....... it sucks.......
patrick Katalenas
patrick Katalenas 4 soat oldin
fun fact- it was scientifically proven that homework doesnt improve peoples education, it hampers it. as jaiden says folks need a break, especially kids and teens.
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I put all my hands up 3 hands
Mine babies
Mine babies 4 soat oldin
I’m in 7th grace and everyone is always like “ I only slept 3 hours last night “ or “I was up til 2am watching anime/binging a show/game” and I’m like you NEEEEED to sleep.
panda lover
panda lover 5 soat oldin
Suck a jelly fish
Ava Knight
Ava Knight 5 soat oldin
0:00 - 0:11...... raises hand......
panda lover
panda lover 5 soat oldin
Mediocre Gamer
Mediocre Gamer 5 soat oldin
3:07 literally me as I watch this and eat food to survive
Pablo Benitez
Pablo Benitez 5 soat oldin
Katsu Amla
Katsu Amla 6 soat oldin
I have just discovered your channel and OMG your soooooooooooooo funny ! Love your channel keep up the good work ;)
tonio 6 soat oldin
I needed this video thanks!
David Choi
David Choi 6 soat oldin
1:43 Me, everytime I overwork
Wooo Roo
Wooo Roo 6 soat oldin
My family force me to burnout
scooby doo 1 2
scooby doo 1 2 7 soat oldin
That's not feeling like your going or dead clickbate
Z-E- -R-O
Z-E- -R-O 7 soat oldin
I have a story So during the last EVER race in marathon running for my senior grade highschool. I ran the WHOLE trail just so that I could get a feel for it for when I actually run it in the race that would start emediatly after I finished getting a feel for it. THEN after all that I did really good even though I was still the slowest on the team and then I told my dad, aunt +uncle and friends and you know what they said? "Ok?" I lost my fucking MIND. I had shin splints so I took ibuprofen before the race, still it was the worst most hardest I ever ran. And I got an "ok?" Fuck my life,
Starlaxy Plays
Starlaxy Plays 7 soat oldin
3:12 and 3:29 is so true im a small youtuber and at school I even whisper i should be making a vid”
Rabicc 8 soat oldin
Amber Potter
Amber Potter 8 soat oldin
Amber Potter
Amber Potter 8 soat oldin
I am a far- no one askedyou
noah varney
noah varney 8 soat oldin
Or just take adderal
Amber Potter
Amber Potter 9 soat oldin
I don't trust you so stay back
Searaz Gaming
Searaz Gaming 9 soat oldin
Fan-guy Or.
Fan-guy Or. 10 soat oldin
Fuck it!, i'm putting my head in the oven...
Mohammed Eihab
Mohammed Eihab 10 soat oldin
6:38 I'm in tears
cute girl sweetie
cute girl sweetie 10 soat oldin
3:52 He can go suck a jellyfish
* Anonymous *
* Anonymous * 10 soat oldin
i relate to this so much! anyone else xD
Edward M
Edward M 10 soat oldin
Uh oh I just did this. I haven't slept in 2 days, I've been taking adderall like surger pills, help I want to die.
Akseli Ruokonen
Akseli Ruokonen 11 soat oldin
whaaaat sleeping for 6h and drinking lot of coffee isnt safe?
nstarmega800 __
nstarmega800 __ 11 soat oldin
*nOt On ThE cArPet*
Gäłäxy Kìtkät
Gäłäxy Kìtkät 12 soat oldin
I have like a million times :l
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin 12 soat oldin
Akasha Morin
Akasha Morin 13 soat oldin
*raises hand* yes yes I do
xQSxBladezX Gamez
xQSxBladezX Gamez 13 soat oldin
At 3:47 thats the mspa logo as in the forums from which homestuck was born
HAIQ 13 soat oldin
All I want to say THANKS
Mason Allott
Mason Allott 14 soat oldin
I don’t work hard enough- like genuinely I’m so lazy compared to the rest of my family well I’m gonna go do my hw
Franco 15 soat oldin
Loved the red moustache xD
Nicholas Eiti Dan
Nicholas Eiti Dan 15 soat oldin
The problem is that I take self care too much time (my relaxing bar is always overloaded)
random guy
random guy 15 soat oldin
Element 55
Element 55 16 soat oldin
Take a look at the first time people went out on strike in space. It's a really cool thing that shows how breaks can increase workflow.
GhostNinja .
GhostNinja . 16 soat oldin
The 3.5K dislikes are perfect people/the devil
Wilder 1957
Wilder 1957 16 soat oldin
7:15 oh it’s bob ross
Incognito Butler
Incognito Butler 17 soat oldin
I admire people who can even do work... Because i cant
clementine sky
clementine sky 17 soat oldin
I have because I kept messing up my drawing
Joey Melo
Joey Melo 18 soat oldin
Well my problem, is NOT working. Yeah rip grades and due assignments.
Teo Dimitrijevski Games And Vlogs Every friday
i had about 72 hours of english homework
BigBooty Goobly
BigBooty Goobly 19 soat oldin
3:16 - 3:30 is soooo relatable. It’s so easy to beat yourself up. Some of the best advice that I ever got was to not compare myself to an imaginary self who works harder. Just taking it day by day.
The Devil
The Devil 19 soat oldin
David 21 soat oldin
Oh yeah I totally overwork.....
Hello Hello
Hello Hello 21 soat oldin
if u dont ur nether perfect or the devil. or just lazy like ME :D
TeeQoz 21 soat oldin
I don't think I've ever overworked myself, the most homework I did at once was like 3 hours
Rirocx 21 soat oldin
ive still got a lot of live in front of me... but i suppose im close to the devil XD im way to far from perfect... i wanna have a simple live with simple things, im happy with a bed,food,netflix,computer and of course the tool send from heaven ... Tinder
pikachu ash
pikachu ash 21 soat oldin
U play minecraft? I only in ps3 my id S-teve321.(if no im not responsing, sry)
Jack Mckeever
Jack Mckeever 22 soat oldin
Just noticed title change...WTF thats cheesy!
lil_ bigfeet
lil_ bigfeet 22 soat oldin
adderall or vyvanse not xanax but ok
anonymoose 22 soat oldin
Right are u with boy in a band or james I have to know
john avila
john avila 23 soat oldin
This is why I'm thankfull to be a procrasintor
Anna Carrera
Anna Carrera 23 soat oldin
I literally rolled my eyes to the self care, and then it gave me anxiety at the thought of giving myself time to relax when I could be studying or working. Help me. **nervous laughter**
Itachi Uchiha
Itachi Uchiha Kun oldin
Thnx ill go watch anime until next year so i can refuel and catch up on all the episodes i missed from work... Great Advice
Haven Dubroy
Haven Dubroy Kun oldin
Talking about all nighters...3:00 am watching this...👌🏻
Grom _09
Grom _09 Kun oldin
3:54 that's a good book right there :D
TheGamingNerd Kun oldin
1:01 Error: Person.exe has stopped responding
A folding chair
A folding chair Kun oldin
dis chanel makez me so sad yet so happy at the sam tim jaiden can u leik dis 4 miself plz and alexxa play eezpacito
Dumbass Kun oldin
one time I died.
Hannah Redfield
Hannah Redfield Kun oldin
That’s gonna me my new cahchfrase: “Go suck a jellyfish”
Sans x Abbs
Sans x Abbs Kun oldin
0:08 *raises hand*
ErnyNet Mc
ErnyNet Mc Kun oldin
"I promes to not to pull any all-nighters" *curb your enthusiasum theme starts playing*
Nate Eisel
Nate Eisel Kun oldin
4:38 is that you 4999?
Leonel Ignacio andres Espinoza Sepúlveda
I think that the mesagge of this video not only works for over-working, I think that also work with the sloth xd I dont know, sometimes I feel just sick from just do nothing and be like... Lay on the couch
Boi MackyD
Boi MackyD Kun oldin
Tristan Clement
Tristan Clement Kun oldin
And you see, the opposite of this video is procrastination, which can also reach this level of feeling like death. I won't say it goes beyond because at least with procrastination you're putting off what you dislike by doing things you like so that's a positive.
Osvaldo Pereira
Osvaldo Pereira Kun oldin
I'm lazy, I don't overwork, I'm not proud of it, but I just can't force myself to do something even I want to do
Kittycatgamer43 Kun oldin
Omg lol "I didnt go to bed till 4am" "last week i had to study 4 3 tests and I pulled an all nighter and havent lived on anything but coffee 4 2 days" I HAVENT SLEP 4 A WEEK" hahah
Zynth Kun oldin
The peer pressure actually make me end up the opposite way... I enjoyed myself too much all the time and didn't put enough work in the end.... How about this problem... I'm still confused of how to overcome this....
litlaznprincess Kun oldin
This is relatable on so many levels.
Vu Duong
Vu Duong Kun oldin
I’m a student who watched boyinaband videos
FantazyFangirl 13
Im such a hardworker before and now... Im lazy af. huh
medusasXgaming Kun oldin
3:52 thank you for including me
MasterG BG
MasterG BG Kun oldin
5:02 heeyy its boyinaband
Dawn Williams
Dawn Williams Kun oldin
What the fu!!!!!!
Roody Tooty
Roody Tooty Kun oldin
What if you have trouble doing any work at all?
The Trashy Trashcan
1:46 Does that remind anyone of the toca boca waffle?
Caleb Brothers
Caleb Brothers Kun oldin
PANDA #ARMY Kun oldin
Your videos are always relatable!!
Afshaan Londhe
Afshaan Londhe Kun oldin
Hah the amnesia thing
Diego Miranda
Diego Miranda Kun oldin
I don't overwork myself... I just sleep... Go to school... Sleep... And sleep... Things go well, Not perfect or the devil tho
Xx Petraeus The Princess xX
*I have amnesia in real life, such a mood* I pull all-nighters to fucking much. Help
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3 yil oldin
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3 oy oldin