The Closest Feeling to Death that isn't Death

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i feel like die

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Boyinaband 2 oy oldin
Ahahaha just noticed the microwave meals you drew all over my desk. Accurate. ...Remind me to tidy up before we vid chat again.
bilingual ppl
bilingual ppl Oy oldin
026 x011
026 x011 Oy oldin
Big me
Laila 2 oy oldin
Boyinaband hi Dave
Lilah Shawley
Lilah Shawley 2 oy oldin
Boyinaband :/ don't stay in school kids
ZippyZipra 25 daqiqa oldin
my school says stress is good
Pizza Frog
Pizza Frog 49 daqiqa oldin
Thomas Reda
Thomas Reda Soat oldin
Put it this way, be to serious about work is what kills you in the end.
Dragonfire10 2 soat oldin
Well getting bullied since kindergarden and now im in 3rd class high school, i was pretty depressed. Almost enough to kill myself.. Couldnt be happy with that happenin. Now it finally ended. Now i got a nice class
Wonder Wolf
Wonder Wolf 2 soat oldin
"I haven't slept for a week my blood is filled with red bull and zanax"great line 2018
Brianne Davidson
Brianne Davidson 3 soat oldin
this video is really well written, decently long and has a lot of more complex and fluid animation...... did you overwork yourself making it?
GamrPwayzMinecwaft 3 soat oldin
I actually put up my hand
360 Gaming
360 Gaming 3 soat oldin
I hade to wake up at 4 to revise for a test because I forgot :/
Mydaboom 3 soat oldin
h hi hi i hi im hi im s hi im so hi im soo hi im soo b hi im soo bo hi im soo bor hi im soo bore hi im soo bored hi im soo bore hi im soo bor hi im soo bo hi im soo b hi im soo hi im so hi im s hi im hi i hi h
StreatLey 4 soat oldin
Thank you Jaiden! Watching this and working at the same time, it helps me to concentrate.
Milosz Cntryballs
Milosz Cntryballs 4 soat oldin
Lets say you're a human. I am a human- NOONE ASKED YOU
Aryan Ahmed
Aryan Ahmed 4 soat oldin
Zoeneedsahug 5 soat oldin
“Admiring something that stupid and unhealthy isn’t commendable!” *Me, currently fangirling over JD from Heathers:* pshhh of course there are no other examples of when that might be true p s h h h
Marshmellows Forever :3
Jaiden: *pulls down the blanket* but i could be working... Ari: *W0T I WAS SLEEPIN U BI-*
nanzeeba ibnat
nanzeeba ibnat 7 soat oldin
i am in jaiden's situation right now. I'm dying but not actually dying but I would rather prefer death than this almost dying situation
GachaAnthonny 8 soat oldin
My teacher says "Work until you die, you be benefited!" *Lifespan: -30%*
Happy Friends
Happy Friends 8 soat oldin
I love Jaiden animtions and boy in a band
Luna Moth
Luna Moth 8 soat oldin
This doesn't happen to me, but instead I have a half hour long panic attack at midnight then finish it mostly the next day. Don't ask how, idk
Luci the Fox
Luci the Fox 10 soat oldin
XD That title change
Dam4en !
Dam4en ! 11 soat oldin
Too much work! Huh! What is it good for?! Absolutely nothing!!!
A Normal Wall
A Normal Wall 11 soat oldin
Man, Staying up would make a great video!
HMoD Productions
HMoD Productions 12 soat oldin
Wtf this is actually me I need to chill out BUT I COULD BE WORKING
Syrelle Pacanza
Syrelle Pacanza 15 soat oldin
did you know that your animated avatar-which is you, has a rule34? reaction video when?
Tj Crocker
Tj Crocker 15 soat oldin
Ok I will be there for you too 🙁🙁🙁
DancingCheese 15 soat oldin
Jaiden: *makes a title that describes objectively what the video is about* Also Jaiden: hmm,,,,. it’s not accurate enough.
Enderall 89
Enderall 89 16 soat oldin
7:39 fEel LiKE POoP
Troy L
Troy L 16 soat oldin
I am watching this while doing my hw and sacrificeing my sleeeeeweeeeeewwwwwp time
miserable.yaks 16 soat oldin
(Ginganinja w/ Roxanne)
Kona AnubisOffical
Kona AnubisOffical 17 soat oldin
Otherpeople: kona you need to sleep you have been working on the drawing for 168 hours not including shool and 2 hour naps Me: shut up i will sleep when i am dead People: oh ok we'll put that on your tombstone Me: jaiden help Jaiden: don't work your life away Me: the galaxy has opened *passes out in drawing*
Cyber Cat
Cyber Cat 17 soat oldin
I pulled an all nighter making my furrsuit
Falling Angel
Falling Angel 17 soat oldin
Thats why i throw up every day befor work :( but money
radicalmatt1 17 soat oldin
I feel i do all of this advise naturally. I'd love to have a chat with Jaiden and she can see that taking time off doesn't help, just creates more problems. For real, at the end of the day it still feels the same
Cyber Cat
Cyber Cat 17 soat oldin
Hope you get better from your anarexia
Aaron Buachur
Aaron Buachur 17 soat oldin
Bo Burnham
Aaron Buachur
Aaron Buachur 17 soat oldin
Aaron Buachur
Aaron Buachur 17 soat oldin
Bo burnham
Aaron Buachur
Aaron Buachur 17 soat oldin
Bo Burnham
Aaron Buachur
Aaron Buachur 17 soat oldin
Bo burnham
Cyber Cat
Cyber Cat 17 soat oldin
I’m a dragon
Kris Parra
Kris Parra 17 soat oldin
Why did you stop making videos
darting 18 soat oldin
You should have finished college
EternalfoxAJ 18 soat oldin
Cocolps Official
Cocolps Official 18 soat oldin
Loved it sooooooooo much can’t wait for another video. P.S. I have a final two days and I am stressing. This helped me a lot again Thank you
Little Nesia
Little Nesia 18 soat oldin
The farmer/lumber Jack needs a name lmafo I love him
Job Psalms23SCR
Job Psalms23SCR 18 soat oldin
Yoatzin Zayago
Yoatzin Zayago 18 soat oldin
*raises hand so high it goes up to the clouds*
A Random Hooky Nerd
A Random Hooky Nerd 18 soat oldin
Did she change the title?
Monica Corral
Monica Corral 18 soat oldin
Me 👋👋👋👋👋👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🖐
Monica Corral
Monica Corral 18 soat oldin
Braely Holliday
Braely Holliday 18 soat oldin
3:20 asmr
real elon musk
real elon musk 18 soat oldin
Remember kids dont overwork yourself... U WILL BE A DORK LIKE ME!
Lauren Ryder
Lauren Ryder 19 soat oldin
Wow, I really needed to hear that right now.
cavon gavin
cavon gavin 19 soat oldin
*raises hand*
lex luger
lex luger 19 soat oldin
66,195. I feel that.
That Pastel Lesbian
That Pastel Lesbian 19 soat oldin
||•raises hand•||
sans 64649
sans 64649 19 soat oldin
I do the complete opposite of all of this aka im lazy using my phone to much and barely get anything done is that bad? I know thats bad
Tim Melvin
Tim Melvin 19 soat oldin
You are wrong it was 3 years ago
TheHappyHamburger 2233
5:37 shirt idea
ebeks16 Playz
ebeks16 Playz 19 soat oldin
0:13 ** raises hand **
Emeraldkiller 1230
Emeraldkiller 1230 19 soat oldin
0:57 LOL
TheHappyHamburger 2233
2:03 that 3 years though
Sotsu 19 soat oldin
I also feel like die
James the fox
James the fox 20 soat oldin
Esther Chin
Esther Chin 21 soat oldin
The only thing that cheers me up is watching Boku no hero academia and fairy tail
GingerGaming 14
GingerGaming 14 21 soat oldin
It’s Okay
NixinDaKiller 21 soat oldin
i dare you to go to the school in gardena called St. Catherine Laboure which is a church school
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
Biiiiiick is a great night to stay here with you too soon 😉😉🌻🌻😄😄
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
I hate hello are you
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
It’s time for toward her
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
Hey Jaden if you murder you like it re-ward
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
I love misery it hurts it makes people like you hurt ha ha ha ha ha ha
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
I am a psycho
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
I have better hair
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
I like big butts and again I don’t like her to know that I want to know what is going on and I have an idea or you know again
Barbara Gaskins
Barbara Gaskins 21 soat oldin
Oh Emma say that part
Garrett Bowen
Garrett Bowen 22 soat oldin
0:00 **raises hand**
popisonic 22 soat oldin
Sudden death
Haggly Entertains
Haggly Entertains 22 soat oldin
I'm not murican jaiden im finnish u dummy
addibwolb Chanel
addibwolb Chanel 22 soat oldin
*raises hand*
Magne Sellereite
Magne Sellereite 23 soat oldin
I under work myself, today i woke up eated, went to school, got home from school, watched my phone, says to my mom that i had done my homework, one hour before my bedtime i did my homework😐
MadCreeper1221 Kun oldin
“Honey, I brought you some lemonade-“ *-HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS-* Btw IceCreamSandwich at 4:42
JulezGacha !
JulezGacha ! Kun oldin
*raises hand*
Hidden Figure Unknown
You live in LA! :D
blacktiger 911
blacktiger 911 Kun oldin
I do 12 hour work days 5 days a week soon to be 14 hour day and 5 hour saterdayys
KeiraTheUnicorn Kun oldin
oH yEs. This is the best video to be posted on my birthday 😂👏🏻. As the title of this video is... ‘The closest feeling to death, is death’ 😂😂😂👏🏻💖💖
Zohaib Zarrar
Zohaib Zarrar Kun oldin
I definetly do
Moldey Brownie
Moldey Brownie Kun oldin
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destiny_ross Cutie
No you doof
Sarah Joya
Sarah Joya Kun oldin
0:14 who wants to play fortnite
logicchecks Is Sad
At the moment i am typing this, this video has 333k likes and 3.3k dislikes with 66k comments
Challenger gaming
Suck a jellyfish
Challenger gaming
Why did jaiden and james drop out of college
Typhlo Explosion
I agree on the chocolate thing + eating too much chocolate will also give you diabetes (yes too much will give you diabetes)
Albert Saycon
Albert Saycon Kun oldin
Awww james is alone in arizona😂
Carlos Hernandez
2:06 you could have useds don't starve as this reference
skelebones Kun oldin
a person made a remix of this video called 'Its Okay' PLZ GO CHECK IT OUT
Mashaer Mohmed EL amin
I saw it. I love it
skelebones Kun oldin
*raises hand*
Yusuf Mikaeel
Yusuf Mikaeel Kun oldin
Akuma-Chan Desu
Akuma-Chan Desu Kun oldin
For those who always sacrifice food and fun for work... Here's another thing to consider. Doing these things, is actually more work efficient than not doing them. The longer you go without food, the harder you will mess with your brain, and the slower and slower your production is going to become. you might be worried about spending 30 minutes playing a game you like, but if you don't take that break, you're going to end up spending 4 hours working on something that might have only taken you 1. You are strategically getting an extra 2.5 hours work done, by messing around for 30 those minutes. Heck, sometimes your body might even go to the point of saying forget it I need to take a whole day off for myself (as I'm not working well), and increase the productivity of your entire week. Learn to listen to your body, and take care of your heart like you do your work. You come to realize that a healthy mind, is as effective getting things done as drinking coffee.
Princess Serinity
I do like chocolate
Mashaer Mohmed EL amin
no one asked you
Lemon Boi
2 oy oldin
How to be Stupid
3 yil oldin
2 yil oldin