Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sweet Pickled Celery | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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Gordon Ramsay's very own version of fried chicken - a street food feast for the whole family, with a little help from young Jack. A real treat, but perhaps not for every night of the week!
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11-Fev, 2017

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Adam Wilkinson
Adam Wilkinson 31 daqiqa oldin
4:57 to 4:59 Yeh sound good to me but on the inside screeming
Adam Wilkinson
Adam Wilkinson 33 daqiqa oldin
WHere Is ThE lAmB SAUCE! 😤 😠 😰 😱
IOS Terraria God
IOS Terraria God 2 soat oldin
TaDas T
TaDas T 2 soat oldin
Ahmm.. Ahmmm. Nice
Stu 5 soat oldin
*Gordon looks at Jack* ... a moment's silence falls over the kitchen. The droning murmur of the extractor fan and lightly bubbling pickling vinegar is all that can be heard. Gordon's piercing eyes continue to gaze, unbroken, at Jack. A distant siren, muffled through the £40,000 double glazing, rings out over west London as 'chips' the cat hurriedly escapes through the cat flap. The gaze is held. The feint yet staunch aroma of the mustard seeds causes a single tear to trickle down Jack's face. The camera crew quickly shuffle out of the room. They know what is coming. Gordon takes a deep breath, his bright red face begins to swell. A vein on Gordon's wrinkled forehead emerges from a single crevice. *BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR*. Gordon lets out the loudest fart Jack has ever heard. Jack: Noice.
Tyrik Rice
Tyrik Rice 7 soat oldin
Fuck this I need some Mac and cheese and a extra piece of chicken some bread maybe another side item this was to small for dinner for a family
Best Information
Best Information 12 soat oldin
80% are talk about the dialog, 20% common comment
Reaper Main
Reaper Main 15 soat oldin
Police : where's the shooter ? Gordon: it's in thaaire
Lun Xiao
Lun Xiao 15 soat oldin
Gordon: What’s 9+10 Jack: Yeah Gordon: Are you f**ken listening Jack: Mmmhu Gordon: I wish your mom signed the paperwork kill you so that I wouldn’t have to do it (grabs knife) Jack: Nice
Rizki Maulana Akbar
Rizki Maulana Akbar 19 soat oldin
Gordon : I don't finy any original comments Jack : Nice.
BookOfAccount BookOfAccount
Gordon: *Jack, you're Grandma just passed away.* Jack: *Nice*
Iz Muhd
Iz Muhd 22 soat oldin
Gordon: It's Rawwwww!!! Jack: Nice..
Tang 7
Tang 7 Kun oldin
Every like this comment gets, ill add a 👌 tribute to Jack’s nice. I’ll start it off. 👌
Chaitanya Khamar
LMAO how are they full from having one piece of chicken
João Felipe
João Felipe Kun oldin
Cadê os Brazuca?
One piece of chicken each. What is this even
varunshivin rambaran
lol lol
lol lol Kun oldin
sponsored by NICE
Wk Chang
Wk Chang Kun oldin
Where does he buy his jar?
Jose Rizal
Jose Rizal Kun oldin
Me:I Disliked The Video Jack:Nice
Dhrutiman Bhattacharjee
Gordon:- You are Donkey Jack:- Nice
Zarox Kun oldin
Gordon: Nice Jack: WHATS WRONG WITH YOU?!
Z Zheng
Z Zheng Kun oldin
Hi FBI? Yes this video right here please
Brandon Price
Brandon Price Kun oldin
Gordan: once every 3 weeks? Jack: Shut up ras clart
Hayden Peters
Hayden Peters 2 kun oldin
Jack: I'm hungry Gordan: Nice
Imposter Carcass
Imposter Carcass 2 kun oldin
Gordon: the oil is my ear wax Jack: sound great to me
Padirov 2 kun oldin
Jack: can we have this everyday? Gordon: nooo Jack: NICE
Shine 2 kun oldin
Lets remember this meme Gordon: im going to raid your house and steal all of your ingredients for my dish Jack: Nice
Pack of kardz
Pack of kardz 2 kun oldin
Gordon: Jack your a virgin for life Jack: Nice
Troy Kazuya Dela Pe±a Nagata
Gordon: Cdjjcrncjrnfjvnrvuhrucnjechurcn Jack: Yeah Definitely
Vortex 2 kun oldin
They have 1 chicken each lol
James Drawss
James Drawss 2 kun oldin
At 3:05 that dog is watching em cookin😂
Gizmo Gaming
Gizmo Gaming 2 kun oldin
Gordon : ur adopted Jack : nice
Skull black knight Troop
When Gordon sees jack with chicken from the chicken shop bitch slaps him
Ethoids Bitch
Ethoids Bitch 2 kun oldin
Jack you are dopted Nice
Boah Nobbe
Boah Nobbe 3 kun oldin
Gordon: I ate your father Jack:
Muhammed Hanifa
Muhammed Hanifa 3 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay a better Narrator.....
Terry Mardy
Terry Mardy 3 kun oldin
What a miserly twat!!
Marshmello FAKE
Marshmello FAKE 3 kun oldin
Not as good as my mom's fried chicken
Padfoot 3 kun oldin
The celery is fucking raw
Tinted Visor
Tinted Visor 4 kun oldin
Gordon: jack your mum and I are brother and sister Jack:nice
Vamblet X
Vamblet X 4 kun oldin
If I was his son and I got it wrong he would say WHaT ArE u DoIng u FuCkinG dOnKey
BLaCk PanThER 4 kun oldin
Gordon ramsey: jack Jack : nice
Roderick 4 kun oldin
You guys are evil rofl.
Benkku 4 kun oldin
Gordon:*Jack you have cancer* Jack:Nice
MisterCrabzFTW 4 kun oldin
KFC is nothing.
DenkMemeZ 4 kun oldin
i feel bad because 1 person only had 1 piece
DenkMemeZ 4 kun oldin
jack should be black
Black Diva
Black Diva 4 kun oldin
Gustavo Widman
Gustavo Widman 4 kun oldin
Why am I watching this at 3 am
Alexis Tosta
Alexis Tosta 5 kun oldin
For sure that kid will become another great chef. Cooking is something fun and it is a thing that can be done with lots of passion but at home for family and friends.
Nadeem Raja
Nadeem Raja 5 kun oldin
1 wing each 😂😂😂 hahaha
The coolins Bloodyhunter x
Who the fuck eats chicken like this?
RagingAspie 5 kun oldin
As if you're eating fried chicken with a knife and fork though. *dies inside* The coating looked patchy at best and you wanna place it on a wire rack when you pull it out too... paper towels gonna make that kinda soggy coating. I don't want chef to punch me but yeah... come have some of mine., ;)
BTS IS MY LIFE 5 kun oldin
His family is so lucky being able to taste these
Alan Lujan
Alan Lujan 5 kun oldin
Poor camera 🎥 person. I wonder if Gordon feeds them too or just makes them hungry 😋 as fuck and tells them to go to McDonalds.
AnderssonArad 5 kun oldin
Gordon :-- "" we have no more food in the house .... i got to cut your arm and cook it for dinner "' Jack: -- "' Nice. "'
brainless body
brainless body 5 kun oldin
this comment is ,....................... nice
omadongalong 5 kun oldin
what show is this?
jordan fuschino
jordan fuschino 5 kun oldin
Tilly phoebe moms nino!
Carmen García
Carmen García 5 kun oldin
Jack: Nice
Mus A
Mus A 5 kun oldin
Gordon: I pissed in the celery jar Jack: Nice.
Ananaswerfer 5 kun oldin
Why can't u be my father I want Ur food so badly
Tenzin Kyishi
Tenzin Kyishi 5 kun oldin
They eat such small proportions
Big Boy Huandisimo
Big Boy Huandisimo 6 kun oldin
5:33 WTF Jack! Chill out man!
Big Boy Huandisimo
Big Boy Huandisimo 6 kun oldin
Big Boy Huandisimo
Big Boy Huandisimo 6 kun oldin
MARSH KING 6 kun oldin
Gorden: your my scientific test tube baby Jack: 0:50
Rishabh Chatterjee
Rishabh Chatterjee 6 kun oldin
This family seems too perfect, HOW?
Gregor Carlin
Gregor Carlin 6 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay makes his son do lines of garlic powder
Gamer Hero
Gamer Hero 6 kun oldin
Gordon: bloody hell jake: nice...
محمد العجيري
محمد العجيري
Anurag Bhatlawande
Anurag Bhatlawande 6 kun oldin
Me: Take a shot every_ Jack : Nice
B.K.A. Pokemon
B.K.A. Pokemon 6 kun oldin
Gordon: I ate ur mom last night Jack: nice
Xx Sweetopotato xX
Xx Sweetopotato xX 6 kun oldin
GORDON:... JACK:nice
Xx Sweetopotato xX
Xx Sweetopotato xX 6 kun oldin
*n I c E*
SUDHIR PATEL 6 kun oldin
Appreciate that you have a very great father, for some of us had 'evil' fathers - far less than zero education. Backward thinking and psychological abuse on Freudian 'could not' understand levels.
nub slayer123
nub slayer123 6 kun oldin
Gordon: Your real Father is Steve1989MREInfo Jack and Steve1989MREInfo: Nice
Thanos 6 kun oldin
1:57 someone farted
Can I get 50 sub?
Can I get 50 sub? 6 kun oldin
I got a mc donald skip add it it looks better than this
MrCountBleck1 6 kun oldin
Jack: Can we have this every day? Gordon: Jack, you ungrateful little fuck.
Waffles PG3D
Waffles PG3D 6 kun oldin
What A good Family :(
Nic_323! 7 kun oldin
The best comment section in UZvid by far 😂
W1ll Nash
W1ll Nash 7 kun oldin
Gordon: hits jack on the thy and child abuses him Jack: nice 👍
Darth Vader
Darth Vader 7 kun oldin
Gordon: Jack your .... never mind Jack: nice
GunShot 7 kun oldin
1:33 *oh god it's so spicy but I dont want to be roasted alive* Nice.
MusicIsAllAbout s
MusicIsAllAbout s 7 kun oldin
5:13 Gordon: I love Fried Chicken, I'm telling you Jack: pretty sure I love it more than you
You are right
You are right 7 kun oldin
Just wanna remind you. You gonna die someday. That's all *Have a nice day*
HippoButtSecks 8 kun oldin
Gordon: We cloned you from my poop. Jack: Nice!
Glory Getter
Glory Getter 8 kun oldin
The buttermilk was gordons semen
van nguyen Thai
van nguyen Thai 8 kun oldin
Gordon: *Stop breathing* Jack: nice
DeluXe :v
DeluXe :v 8 kun oldin
Gordon: You have aids Jack: Nice
Andres Valdevit
Andres Valdevit 8 kun oldin
Is Buttermilk like Caesar Dressing? That's a bit strong taste for chicken...
Zyn Titan
Zyn Titan 8 kun oldin
Gordon:I’m a furry Jack:NICE
gusion lag
gusion lag 8 kun oldin
TEACHER:jack guess what................... you have high grades JACK:
os epic streams and videos
First to say first
Khalaf Amath
Khalaf Amath 8 kun oldin
Gordon : * farts * Jack : Nice!
Doggo the Froggo
Doggo the Froggo 8 kun oldin
Gordon, why is your son keeps saying nice?
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