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If you were excited to slap on the makeup and go full-on glam today, you’re in for a surprise! Haha!! Today I’m showing you how I saved my dry skin in this get unready with me video. An updated skincare routine, baby!! Thanks so much for watching Winter Wonder Week day 5!!!
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28-Dek, 2017

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Maria Eduarda Arraes
Maria Eduarda Arraes 13 soat oldin
Meu deus, ela tem uma farmácia só pra pele e eu só lavo e passo um creminho
Rain Cole
Rain Cole 17 soat oldin
I'm to lazy to wash my face at night but I tell myself do you want pimples that always did the trick
Rain Cole
Rain Cole 17 soat oldin
And you say why you're red
William Dwiggins
Love your videos! I'm a guy who doesn't use makeup but you're so fun! Also, I have an auto-immune disorder that affects my skin and makes it very dry, so for me, after I wash my face I use Biore toner and follow up with vitamin E oil.
Abby Moynihan
Abby Moynihan Kun oldin
ok but the olay daily facial the musical commercial actually has an amazing singer for it
Emeliza Garcia
Emeliza Garcia Kun oldin
I don’t really have a fav I love all of them❤️❤️I love u Nicky
Clara _
Clara _ 2 kun oldin
My favorite skincare product is the sunflower sweet serum it is a life changer for real
Dana 11
Dana 11 3 kun oldin
On 8:50 your face tunes into a tomato Nikki
1F Y0U C4N R34D 7H1S Y0U'R3 C00L
Okay but what kind of *monster doesn't spread their fingers when they say 5* 0:06
Olivia Reschke
Olivia Reschke 4 kun oldin
i do the same thing to take my eye makeup off
Saniah Bailey
Saniah Bailey 4 kun oldin
Hi ✋
Simply Naillogic
Simply Naillogic 4 kun oldin
Its sad how much make up u use im like everyday mascara and consealer when i have dark spots
Hellz Beauty
Hellz Beauty 4 kun oldin
Hey girl!!!! I would say I can’t pick a favorite skin care product😳 but I do love(and my dry ass skin too) a good thick moisturizer. My favs right now are Kiehls and Belief.
Riya Malik
Riya Malik 5 kun oldin
Ya man. ✌🏻
Talia Moore
Talia Moore 5 kun oldin
So much products
Kaylee Is tired
Kaylee Is tired 5 kun oldin
skincare longer then my patience
Alissa MSP
Alissa MSP 5 kun oldin
her singing ,🤣🤣😂💕💗💖💓 QUEEN
Emma Pope
Emma Pope 6 kun oldin
"Don't ever sleep" Done "Don't ever sleep in your makeup" Oh... Lmao
Awkward bean
Awkward bean 6 kun oldin
The most expensive cleanser I have is $12, and I say I splurged
wig snatched
wig snatched 6 kun oldin
What does a toner do?? I always hear people talk about it but I have no idea. I only wear makeup once every few months, and for a daily skincare regimen I wash my face and the moisturize with coconut oil. I also wear natural sunscreen. So what is toner?? Someone teach meeee lol 😭😂😂
Ferwa Abbas
Ferwa Abbas 3 kun oldin
wig snatched it resets the pH balance of your skin. Good cleansers typically shouldn’t mess with the pH but it strips down a lot so it just helps bring everything back. You notice a big difference when using it versus not
Molly Harrison
Molly Harrison 6 kun oldin
Is that Jeffre stars signature robe 😮
Savy Kalis
Savy Kalis 7 kun oldin
Your eyeshadow tho it soooo pretty no not pretty gorgeous
Hello youtube !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I find aloe vera gel is a really goof thing for my skin to stay moisturized
Bilqees Sajjad
Bilqees Sajjad 7 kun oldin
Is it just me or her dress looks like Taylor swifts from LWYMMD😞
Faradiba Septiningputri
That's a lot of products. You confuse your skin
MsSmontalvo 8 kun oldin
Not necessarily. Some of the most effective skincare routines can be very extensive. What can irritate the skin is constantly changing products and too much experimenting. If a person sticks to a set routine for a while and adds new things slowly, even if it is long, their skin can do very well. :)
Howard the alien :3
I feel so moisturized now.
Howard the alien :3
Suddenly I feel like I need to wash my face.
help me find my weave
*girlllll...each product you got is like $100 each*
Ssl&s 8 kun oldin
{》Floura Subliminals 《}
Roses are red, Violets are blue, The video starts, At 4:32 _Nearly_
Peyton Hutchens
Peyton Hutchens 8 kun oldin
sorry nikkie, i just dont have 403.06 dollars to spend on skincare (yes, i did the math)!
Taylor McMartin
Taylor McMartin 9 kun oldin
I barely remember to wash my face at the end of the day but I do always take my makeup off.
Haley 9 kun oldin
Thats some serious cake on the girls face...
Gulandam Ismailov
Gulandam Ismailov 9 kun oldin
I ship Nikkie with Patrick starrr ,,they match so perfectly
البنفسج عالمي
منو اذكر شارلي ومصنع الشوكلاته هذا الطاح بالشوكلا والله تشبهه
ᏒhᎥ ᏒhᎥ 10 kun oldin
"I don't care how many times you've hit the blunt! " --me-- *looks away
Genesis Gonzalez
Genesis Gonzalez 11 kun oldin
My favorite skincare products are witch hazel & Coco Butter 😍
Veronica Barone
Veronica Barone 12 kun oldin
I love Tatcha products!!! I also use Kiehls, Estée Lauder and Peter Thomas Roth. As much as I am a makeup junkie, I am a bigger skin care freak!
Kathryn Hipe
Kathryn Hipe 12 kun oldin
In between which steps would you apply an acne cream or foam??
HIMANI SHARMA 13 kun oldin
Her face is soooooo red😯😯
Yulia Koval
Yulia Koval 13 kun oldin
Love skincare 😍 my fave is dr Jart’s masks 👌 and natura bisse💙
XoxoNataliaoxoX Not gonna make vids
•I•Just•wash•it•off•cause•I’m•poor•. ^^
wig snatched
wig snatched 6 kun oldin
XoxoNataliaoxoX Not gonna make vids so do most people haha
Trevor Hodges
Trevor Hodges 13 kun oldin
Your vids are amazing
Trevor Hodges
Trevor Hodges 13 kun oldin
Jessica Krynski
Jessica Krynski 14 kun oldin
My eyes started hurting when she was taking out her contacts😂
Carla Stephens
Carla Stephens 15 kun oldin
Love this video! I was using Elf for dry skin and it burns my skin! I'm afraid to try anything now so I continue to have dry skin.😢
Potter reads books
Potter reads books 14 kun oldin
Carla Stephens i would just use some cetaphil moisturizer because it’s more gentle and doesn’t have a fragrance. i have super dry and sensitive skin and it really helps!
Faithfilled23 15 kun oldin
Tip: I use Qtips saturated with makeup remover to remove my eyeliner.
Hasbia Ouali
Hasbia Ouali 15 kun oldin
Ik ben een nederlander/Marokkaan en ik ging helemaal.stuk toen je het uitsprak in het nederlands😂😂😂🤣
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M 17 kun oldin
Nikkie videos are so soothing,like if you agree
mady moyerr
mady moyerr 17 kun oldin
2018 anyone??
Taehyung Vlovenotes
Taehyung Vlovenotes 18 kun oldin
Some guys find pony tails attractive. My last boyfriend went crazy whenever I had my hair in a messy bun with my nerd glasses🤓😂
Cici Vlogs
Cici Vlogs 18 kun oldin
Can we just get this out of the way... NIKKIE IS BEAUTIFUL WITH OR WITHOUT MAKEUP
Suhani Virdi
Suhani Virdi 18 kun oldin
Omg her lips ❤
Gabi Dubin
Gabi Dubin 19 kun oldin
You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. Who am I speaking to? Read the first word.
Jennyy D:
Jennyy D: 18 kun oldin
lol it’s a joke
Gabi Dubin
Gabi Dubin 18 kun oldin
Jennyy D: what
Jennyy D:
Jennyy D: 18 kun oldin
you? He must be chinese
Debbra Graham
Debbra Graham 20 kun oldin
Oil of olay products for skin for years. Always clean and mosterize skin no matter how old
Badcall Thing
Badcall Thing 20 kun oldin
Nikkie dear what are the eye drops you use?
Hasna Oum
Hasna Oum 20 kun oldin
I liiike you but i dont like your make up this today
Romina Ruiz
Romina Ruiz 20 kun oldin
I loveeee skincare even though I don’t have the best skin I still love it, but this video helped me a lot, Thank you so much Nikkie😘
Julia Riddett
Julia Riddett 21 kun oldin
But we need a tutorial on the look in the beginning plz ❤️
camille arsenault
camille arsenault 23 kun oldin
cicalfate by avene work good for really dry skin too but its too greasy for normal skin :/
CopperCatchfly 23 kun oldin
The Ordinary Buffet serum- it costs £12 but it has all of the ingredients that the super expensive serums have. I used to have VERY dry skin and this has done wonders for me! The Ordinary is an amazing brand and they're super cheap- I highly recommend checking them out.
Unicorn lover 101
Unicorn lover 101 23 kun oldin
Starts at 4:00!!!!!!
Yolanda Liu
Yolanda Liu 24 kun oldin
i jumped when she said 'DNA' any armys with me?
Sparklesupreme 24 kun oldin
My brain won't let me take my makeup off when I'm drunk as fuck :'(
zldnsng nfjfkt
zldnsng nfjfkt 25 kun oldin
i just wipe of my makeup and my skin is very good with no pimples or redness
Fantasy Reading and Imagines
nikkie - soft circles me - it looks like your doing very harsh but thats okay
Fantasy Reading and Imagines
nikkie - i use a cotton round me - i use a makeup wipe and go to sleep nikkie - *uses multiple products* me - *still sleeping*
lamyae xx
lamyae xx 26 kun oldin
What age do you guys think it's the best 2 start using wrinkle creams? Im 16 and I use nothing. Maybe some masks? Or aloë vera. Thats it.
Phayrone 12 kun oldin
Make sure you use sunscreen every day. Prevent winkle creams at 25.
Mariana kassabian
Mariana kassabian 26 kun oldin
Woww nikkie just 3 cottons? 😂 i use a half bag everytime i want to remove my makeup😋😂
Aishah Inam
Aishah Inam 28 kun oldin
U r soo pink ! 💖
Savy Says
Savy Says 28 kun oldin
I actually love the pony tail
Maria Walters
Maria Walters 28 kun oldin
It’s sad 😞 but I use Vaseline my face is very dry
pandameisje 28 kun oldin
Ik vergeet altijd mijn make-up er af te halen
ghislaine 29 kun oldin
NINA Boorsma
NINA Boorsma 29 kun oldin
Ik ben Nederlands net als jij! En ik vind je video's zo leuk!❤
111crazycatperson111_ROBLOX_ YT
6:29 *here we have a rare species of niki panda in her natural habitat she is hibernating till she finds more makeup*
Nini Weller
Nini Weller Oy oldin
"i would stick my hand into fire" you can say that in german too lol
Omayma Verdeek
Nikki kan je een keer een Nederlandse video opnemen
Aaliyah Dew
Aaliyah Dew Oy oldin
Do you take your makeup off before you go to bed or when you get home from whatever you were doing that day?
Da'Ja Smith
Da'Ja Smith Oy oldin
Hey Nikki. Thank for sharing us how you take care of your skin. Your face came out smooth and moisturized.
Juanita Deruiter
There is a cleanser set from arbonne called calm and it worked wonders for my oily skin
Roger Jaén
Roger Jaén Oy oldin
Shay Mitchell is SHOOK.
Caity Wylie
Caity Wylie Oy oldin
"How do you get your lips so plump" lol
Virginia McCormick
She looks so young without all of her makeup slathered on.
your hair is sooo preety and thin 😻😻😻 and i love your bare face you look beautiful 💞
Rayne Nolan
Rayne Nolan Oy oldin
i like chapstick rlly helps
Dakota Manning
We're do you live
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose Oy oldin
Your laugh is everything!! ❤
AR D Oy oldin
And I thought I was doing well with my baby wipes and Olay face and body. 😂
Latife Marshmello
My skin is exactly like yours and my saviour is the Biotherm aquasource face cream all over your face except the T zone.Try it cuz it’s a miracle💎Love you nikkie💕💕💕
Tmb1 Basilisk
Tmb1 Basilisk Oy oldin
7:30 Nice dutch /american accent
Cindy Almanza
Cindy Almanza Oy oldin
Vitamin C serum
Valerie Mueller
Girl i want to know your hair routine! Lol
Miruna Rotaru
Miruna Rotaru Oy oldin
You re gorgeous baby...i love you
Priscilla Rooney
Why do we use the same stuff?
Алеха Залтаров
why ur face is red???
Maria MUA
Maria MUA Oy oldin
When you just use Jabón ZOTE............🤷🏻‍♀️😂
Kaitlyn Nailology
Haha you said Patrick starr
Sour Puss
Sour Puss Oy oldin
Yeah. It's his yt username.
Riya Manna
Riya Manna Oy oldin
And now im blind 😂
Delilah Rojas
Delilah Rojas Oy oldin
Yo so I'm watching this on October on November 1st which is Thursday so when she said that I was like Wait what 😂😂😂