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If you were excited to slap on the makeup and go full-on glam today, you’re in for a surprise! Haha!! Today I’m showing you how I saved my dry skin in this get unready with me video. An updated skincare routine, baby!! Thanks so much for watching Winter Wonder Week day 5!!!
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28-Dek, 2017

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miss potato
miss potato 15 soat oldin
my fav moisturizer EVER is the chok chok green tea watery cream
awsome man
awsome man 16 soat oldin
Can we just talk about the LAYERS of foundation and concealer after taking off the eye makeup PLEASE
Mckenna Ormonde
Mckenna Ormonde Kun oldin
I like lorel paris
Perla Perez
Perla Perez Kun oldin
For your eyes removing makeup use your ring finger instead of middle finger because it’s the most gentle finger
Čupavi Kaktus
Čupavi Kaktus Kun oldin
"When i say a little bit, i mean a lot!" 😂
Nadia Furness
Nadia Furness 3 kun oldin
I've heard of Nikkie but this is the first video I've ever seen of hers. She is honestly stunning.
Gwn Lottie
Gwn Lottie 3 kun oldin
Tf je je stem klibkt anders aps je nl praat😂😂
Iga Sobczyk
Iga Sobczyk 3 kun oldin
I don’t do anything to my skin lol. I don’t even wash my face and people tell me I have clear skin.
Jaxon Holmes
Jaxon Holmes 3 kun oldin
Keep it sticky nikkie
imad elkaychouhi
imad elkaychouhi 3 kun oldin
Jij bent ook nederlansds
KlaraAnimeGirl Cool
The L'OREAL Hydra Genius really saved my skin ,because it kinda seals the moiturizer and it just smoothed my skin so much xD . I don't use make up that often anymore ,but if I do ,it really helps so much xD .That is a great video Nikkie ,thanks a lot ,I love you
Ishrat Esha
Ishrat Esha 4 kun oldin
You are very red face
meme sanho
meme sanho 4 kun oldin
I thought she would use alot alot more for some reason
Music Lunde
Music Lunde 5 kun oldin
The reason she is so red in her face. She done aloooot of surgery`s.
Samuel Hernandez Herrera
She's fuck*ng disgusting
Laura Sophie
Laura Sophie 6 kun oldin
you are SO beautiful without makeup
GIVE ME ROBUX 6 kun oldin
Next video: “get undressed with me”. ;-;
archi ta
archi ta 6 kun oldin
Every single thing i have same with my fav beauty blogger.. From the skin type watering of eyes, everything 🙈🌹❤
ally. 6 kun oldin
Her skin care routine is longer than my morning, night and skin care routine put together.
Lili Greens Vlogs
Lili Greens Vlogs 6 kun oldin
jocalyn beemon
jocalyn beemon 6 kun oldin
I love Halo Beauty by Tati and i love to moisturize my face because i have dry skin too with Clinique.
leah curran
leah curran 6 kun oldin
Nikki what happens if its during the day and you have a snooze?????????
Andrea Balogova
Andrea Balogova 6 kun oldin
Her face is so red 😭
anne irma reyes
anne irma reyes 7 kun oldin
like your hair
Limelight Imagines
Limelight Imagines 7 kun oldin
Actual video starts at 4:12
Daniela Cordova
Daniela Cordova 7 kun oldin
The clean and clear face wash
Raegan Amerson
Raegan Amerson 7 kun oldin
i love her eyeshadow
Rya Arreazola
Rya Arreazola 7 kun oldin
You should do something called the brush swap challenge. It’s something I made up and haven’t seen anyone do it. You use brushes for the opposite thing like eyeshadow brushes for foundation or a fluffy brush for eyeshadow. I think this would be super cool and I think you’d be good at it but I doubt you’ll see this.
ZUZU 22 7 kun oldin
My pores are screaming.
Ava Pittman
Ava Pittman 7 kun oldin
Roses are red violets are blue her second lash off at 4:52
Aalya Qureshi
Aalya Qureshi 7 kun oldin
Her lip shape like I waaaant and their so plump
sin801 7 kun oldin
where is your cleanser after cleansing oil gurl???? And holy moly pls apply your eye cream first before anything else, all these layering of skincare will inhibits the penetration of the eye cream since the area around your eyes is the most delicate
ام اميرتي
ام اميرتي 7 kun oldin
بصح تهدر قاااااااوي
ام اميرتي
ام اميرتي 7 kun oldin
حاطة كيلو فوندوتان
Bernice 8 kun oldin
Quick question why is her face so red like what causes the redness?
Music Lunde
Music Lunde 5 kun oldin
No its because of all her surgery
Student Person
Student Person 8 kun oldin
Bernice I think its just rosashia or hyper pigmentation. [dont Know how to spel rosashia]
Glam Teen
Glam Teen 8 kun oldin
I have read that too many products in combination can actuslly damage your skin so dont follow her routine
Mahisha Maniseharan
I can smell the moisturiser from my phone.
Ceyda Tekgöçen
Ceyda Tekgöçen 8 kun oldin
Me: *don't even wash my face*
Prateeva Bhattarai
Prateeva Bhattarai 8 kun oldin
She *Without contacts: Now Im blind and I can't see if I'm in focus😂 That is so relatable😂
gacha Bella
gacha Bella 8 kun oldin
Nikki: never where your makeup to sleep, NEVERRRR Me: I’m to lazy to even put on makeup...
Jojojo 8 kun oldin
Your bare skin is flawless and with pinkish glow 😙
Eva Schaefers
Eva Schaefers 8 kun oldin
Video stars at 4:12
Elif Yerlikaya
Elif Yerlikaya 8 kun oldin
Çok tatlısın
Barney JF
Barney JF 9 kun oldin
Omg your laugh remind me of umbridge
Sammy Moore Fans Channel
See how useful all the creams you use ... All your face is red ... You should not make yourself so much makeover
Zoe Aungon
Zoe Aungon 9 kun oldin
I am totally shocked when she removed her lipstick her lips are amzing and red
Ella Galich
Ella Galich 9 kun oldin
I think she ment eye make up not bye make up
Sophia Ybanez
Sophia Ybanez 9 kun oldin
Is That her Natural Eyes? Gosh i shookkk😵
Sophia Ybanez
Sophia Ybanez 9 kun oldin
Mindy Bas
Mindy Bas 9 kun oldin
O my god
Life of Soha
Life of Soha 9 kun oldin
Hi guys can you please subscribe to my channel
Leblanc Facts
Leblanc Facts 9 kun oldin
when she said font sleep 2 hrs ago I slept watching her doing my makeup
Stephanie Zermeno
Stephanie Zermeno 9 kun oldin
I love drunk elephant 🐘 skincare 😍💕
Emilia Guerrero Pallés
you are so beautiful with ot without makeup
Allison Rodin
Allison Rodin 9 kun oldin
I’m here almost a year later but does anyone else think she looks really cute in a ponytail?
Gemma Ashworth
Gemma Ashworth 9 kun oldin
Can you do a budget get unready with me? X
Mia Delavin
Mia Delavin 9 kun oldin
Sabia Khan
Sabia Khan 10 kun oldin
This takes twice as much girls take the time to get ready!!! Lord what have the world come to??? 😓😓😓😩😫😂
Iren’s ideas And friends
I like u more without makeup
Rachel Trevor
Rachel Trevor 10 kun oldin
Oil goes last? Oops.
Javaria Syeda
Javaria Syeda 10 kun oldin
Favourite skin product is the Aveeno foaming cleanser. Definitely helped my skin !
Madalyn Sumner
Madalyn Sumner 10 kun oldin
Dear, NikkiTutorails and everyone else who reads this comment but mostly Nikki (no offense people) I love your videos first of all and love you but I also love skincare but the problem is I am 12 I do not have the money and I don't think anyone else has the money either I there 18 and under so if anyone else has really dry skin like me just use coconut butter also Nikki this is not a hate comment I just thought I should say that works to
Charlotte Clark
Charlotte Clark 10 kun oldin
Her eyebrows ran away when they saw the amount of cotton pads used No hate
Ynea Van Ingelghem
Ynea Van Ingelghem 10 kun oldin
Your so beautiful without makeup to !
Sukhmanpreet Hunjan
Sukhmanpreet Hunjan 11 kun oldin
Okay the eye shadow is fucking sexy
Aaliyah Farooq
Aaliyah Farooq 11 kun oldin
Why guys don't trust girls
Annalena Klein
Annalena Klein 11 kun oldin
Omg I can't really say why, but this video comforts me so much and just calms me down 😍 I always watch it before bed 🙈 Love you Nikkie, keep up the great work 💕
Leah B
Leah B 12 kun oldin
Larissa 12 kun oldin
much much better without makeup! :)
Eliza Cepeda
Eliza Cepeda 13 kun oldin
What is toner and where can I get a face moisturizer I thought those were just primers I have much to learn
Eliza Cepeda
Eliza Cepeda 13 kun oldin
I thought I wanted to do a full face of makeup every day when I could (hs) but now that I think about it doing so much everyday just to take it off a few ours later and PIMPLES idk Imma still do it tho lol
Eliza Cepeda
Eliza Cepeda 13 kun oldin
I thought that EYELASHES had to be thrown out after 1 use
Irene De Asis
Irene De Asis 11 kun oldin
Yahh me too
Skylar Moore
Skylar Moore 13 kun oldin
Lavender face oil
Megi J
Megi J 13 kun oldin
Thick eczema cream is amazing for my skin as my skin is as dry as the Sahara desert
Emily Bridgett
Emily Bridgett 13 kun oldin
I’m slightly stuck cuz I’m allergic to makeup remover but I survive!!
Sophie Whiston
Sophie Whiston 13 kun oldin
Girl you look good with and without makeup 🤗
Rainbow llama
Rainbow llama 15 kun oldin
You have beautiful skin
maisie !!
maisie !! 15 kun oldin
Starts at 5:00
cher _cd
cher _cd 15 kun oldin
You are so beautiful, gurl!
•Galli Glu•
•Galli Glu• 15 kun oldin
I luv
Albatoul Rakem
Albatoul Rakem 15 kun oldin
i use a proactive
Irene De Asis
Irene De Asis 11 kun oldin
Yahh me too
Cat McCalister
Cat McCalister 15 kun oldin
...everyone’s skin out there IS their DNA..
Esmeralda Canchola
Esmeralda Canchola 16 kun oldin
It is too much product for me
Daisy Herdman
Daisy Herdman 16 kun oldin
Does anybody else just use a makeup wip
Milena C.
Milena C. 16 kun oldin
The way she spoke out ,,Augentropfen'' (Eye drops) is sooo cute
Millie Brown
Millie Brown 16 kun oldin
By far my favourite look Nikki has ever done
Isabel G.x
Isabel G.x 17 kun oldin
Subscribe to me I post vids and have just started and have uploaded 2 vids already 💖love your vids nikkie
Ku waaah
Ku waaah 17 kun oldin
Basically you can do a horror makeup after just padding those things on ur eyes it looks so creepy like the skin is falling off haha
zahraa elfi
zahraa elfi 17 kun oldin
i love you
Mahtab Jabin
Mahtab Jabin 17 kun oldin
I love you 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Kennedy Hankinson
Kennedy Hankinson 17 kun oldin
All I do is wash my face and put lotion on it😂
Samantha Atkins
Samantha Atkins 17 kun oldin
she looks like a drag queen
Anabia Owais
Anabia Owais 18 kun oldin
It’s Thursday today and it’s Thursday but 2018 october
If you hate BTS I will kill you
Starts removing makeup at 4:30
If you hate BTS I will kill you
2:59 mom: I TELL YOU THIS EVERY NIGHT!😎hahaha Now you will have to follow it!
Tuấn Lê
Tuấn Lê 18 kun oldin
Why is her skin so red?
Music Lunde
Music Lunde 5 kun oldin
Because of all the fillers she taken
A G 18 kun oldin
“I would stick my hand in the fire for this”
lala la kurda
lala la kurda 18 kun oldin
Unfortunately i didn‘t find till yet the perfect product for my combination skin. I‘m 22 years old and i always have break outs. I tried so many things but i never found a „miracle“ product for me.
Jasmina Soliman
Jasmina Soliman 19 kun oldin
Niamh Rose
Niamh Rose 19 kun oldin
Chamber nod clear rhythm stranger depict.
Eh G Paw
Eh G Paw 19 kun oldin
I have dry skin what kind of foundation did I have to use