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If you were excited to slap on the makeup and go full-on glam today, you’re in for a surprise! Haha!! Today I’m showing you how I saved my dry skin in this get unready with me video. An updated skincare routine, baby!! Thanks so much for watching Winter Wonder Week day 5!!!
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28-Dek, 2017

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Keya Knaus
Keya Knaus 8 soat oldin
U should definitely start wearing ur hair up in a hair tie. It looks rlly good😘
Nina 2 kun oldin
The eye drops are sold in America. They're by Weleda and called the Euphrasia 3x Soothing Eye Drops.
Slimexangelx x
Slimexangelx x 3 kun oldin
Then there’s me. Grab a baby wipe and call it a day 😂😂
Chubby 210
Chubby 210 3 kun oldin
I need skin care
Chubby 210
Chubby 210 3 kun oldin
I heared BLUNT LOL
Nalita 4 kun oldin
I thought that I use many products but that's kinda too much 🤔
Mar Tomada
Mar Tomada 4 kun oldin
Το τίτλο get unready with me πρώτη φορά τον βλεπω😂😂
Mia Hoi
Mia Hoi 4 kun oldin
Ik gebruik avogel oogdruppels, helpen die ook goed voor jou??
Linn 5 kun oldin
oils do not go last they go in combo whit a serum to make the serum work harder
Queen ,!!!
Queen ,!!! 6 kun oldin
I see the video after sleeping with my make up 😂😂
Vanessa 6 kun oldin
Weleda Augentropfen Haha 😂😂😂 I‘m German
Kaley Zeller
Kaley Zeller 7 kun oldin
bro i just use petroleum jelly bc it breaks down makeup so well then wash my face with foaming cleanser....and that takes to long for me lmaooooo
suzu menyangbo
suzu menyangbo 7 kun oldin
Your hands are so cutee n beautiful 😍😍
InTheLifeOfMe 9 kun oldin
Does anyone else think she has an amazing sweet soft and soothing voice?
Lila Lila
Lila Lila 9 kun oldin
Omggg is niki dutch???
Cosine 8 kun oldin
hintube 9 kun oldin
roro rahaf
roro rahaf 10 kun oldin
Ok let's take out the skincare part YEP THATS THE MOST CASUAL LOOK IVE EVER SEEN
Heba Kashif
Heba Kashif 11 kun oldin
GIRL How does your hair stay so flat and perfect ?😱
Anshika Sinha
Anshika Sinha 13 kun oldin
I have honestly watched this video 7 times
HeyItzEma 16
HeyItzEma 16 14 kun oldin
She does this everyday and I'm lazy to wash my face
Nami -san
Nami -san 15 kun oldin
Watching this video while i'm about to sleep with my makeup on 😂✌🏻
Idk.and. Idgaf
Idk.and. Idgaf 15 kun oldin
Guys just course she use this products doesn't mean that it works for u or that u need to spend 403 dollar on skincare - u can try out Neutrogena visibly clear wash gel it's like 5$ and it's fucking good {I have the orange one but the pink one is good too } 😊
Evelyn StClair
Evelyn StClair 16 kun oldin
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this makeup look. I would love to see a tutorial on the eye shadow application.
Kara Grant
Kara Grant 17 kun oldin
Idk why but I literally cant stand this girl..
5TR4N63R TH1N65
5TR4N63R TH1N65 20 kun oldin
8:19 except for all that Botox and lip filler🤣🤣
Alexandra Solomon
Alexandra Solomon 21 kun oldin
I'm so tripped put I'm watching this on a Thursday and she said let's get ready on this Thursday I was like wot
Elie _
Elie _ 21 kun oldin
her dragging her skin down.... i cant
Sally Willow
Sally Willow 22 kun oldin
video from 2 years ago but I will comment anyway. Through skin care videos I have found serums, especially Vitamin C with green tea and vitamin e. I think it has done a lot for my very mature skin.
Mayra van de Logt
Mayra van de Logt 25 kun oldin
Woon je wel in Nederland of woon je ergens anders? ❤️ btw je doet het zo goed je bent nederlands en je word een soort van bekend door je engels ( niet verkeerd opvatten ❤️ ) je bent zoooooo goed !
Aurora Mazzi
Aurora Mazzi 25 kun oldin
can you do a new video like this? like: 2019 version? love you
cheryl bradley
cheryl bradley 29 kun oldin
Can you do a tutorial on this look
Makeup K. W.
Makeup K. W. 29 kun oldin
Am I the only one who likes watching Nikkie before I go to sleep?
Amz Pixie
Amz Pixie Oy oldin
7:00 😭😭🤷😂
Seeled _beauty
Clinique moisture surge
-Ism Oy oldin
"This moisturizer is very moisturizing"
Dxgxmx Oy oldin
Doe je in de ochtend dit ook allemaal eraf wassen? Ik ben aan het leren voor schoonheidsspecialiste en ik heb nu al zó veel geleerd, een van die dingen is dat je écht je nachtcrème in de ochtend moet afwassen anders blijf je van allerlei lagen over elkaar smeren en gaat het onder de huid schimmelen. En veroorzaakt daardoor dus ook meer onzuiverheden
Emma Nordberg
Emma Nordberg Oy oldin
Bist du von Deutschland 🇩🇪?
Antzeli1 Oy oldin
Can you make an other one like this?
Antzeli1 Oy oldin
Are your lips even natural
Hubert van Dalen
Toners dont do anything for your skin its just expensive liquid
can’t relate
2 0 1 9???
Alyssa my
Alyssa my Oy oldin
I just use makeup remover XD
Dalia Hussain
Dalia Hussain Oy oldin
I need routine for oily skine
Faye Brabander
Oh my god, the eye makeup 🤩😍
Be HuurHuunPuppy
I first time watching her and I think she is young, not necessary to use 100 products. You have nice skin!
Evan Bagley
Evan Bagley Oy oldin
She looks so cute with a low pony
Emmie Jane
Emmie Jane Oy oldin
i love the cinique moisture surge 72 hour moisturiser , its so good!xx
V SG Oy oldin
Concealer in the nose TRIGGERED
Reese Swaim
Reese Swaim Oy oldin
Anyone watching this in 2019???
Wolfie Biscuits
7:07 omfg she looks like sally face with the mask ok lmao
Wolfie Biscuits
Why so people whisper for autotune like i dont get it -^-
Lora Shagus
Lora Shagus Oy oldin
you missed your neck, nikkie
Can I get 50 likes And no vids?
This whole video and all of these products were for dry skin....my skin is so oily I cantttt
Purnima Gurung
You have magic in your hand
Lucy Oy oldin
i wish she was funny
Alexa Bich
Alexa Bich Oy oldin
love how she says “jewery” sksks
Joyce Donnelly
Oh my god, get to the POINT
-Ayushma- X
-Ayushma- X Oy oldin
I scrub, cleanse, tone, and then moisturise
Natascha Die coole
She starts at 4:51, thank me later
Molly Shaw
Molly Shaw Oy oldin
When I take my makeup off, I use the neutrogena makeup remover wipes, then I use the Bioré cleanser, then I use the Bioré charcoal face wash and to finish I use the body shop vitamin E moisturizer! Like if you use one of these products or comment if you want to know where to get any of these! ❤️❤️❤️
Slime By Lola
Slime By Lola Oy oldin
Hello! ❤️
Multifandom Heart
4:08 the actual video starts
Georgia Housten
Анастасия Литвинова
Интересно , тут есть русские ???
Emma Conway
Emma Conway Oy oldin
5:00 I felt that so hard!!😂😂
Kate Martelon
Kate Martelon Oy oldin
Hey Nikkie love you the most and also I’m jealous of your skin. Like so much.
Raven Sage
Raven Sage Oy oldin
I just wash my face...... sometimes
Abbie Kari
Abbie Kari Oy oldin
8:19 “this is how it came out of the womb” i DIED 😭😂
lauren t
lauren t Oy oldin
6:52 *where did her eyebrows go*
Nikkie je voed je huid te veel hier door blijft je huid afhankelijk van de producten die je gebruikt zelf ben ik een schoonheidsspecialist en zie dit vaak gebeuren bij mensen die een droge huid hebben mijn aanrader is dan ook om rond de zomer tijden je huid minder te gaan voeden en rustig aan het einde te gaan afbouwen zodat je huid er niet afhankelijk van word en pak altijd de nek mee
upasna sharma
upasna sharma Oy oldin
Just get a 2$ soap girllll
Jess llama
Jess llama Oy oldin
2019 ?
Jodie trueman
Jodie trueman Oy oldin
Who else is watching in 2019, happy new year lol
lll l
lll l Oy oldin
Ain't NOBODY got time for that, I use dudu osun African black soap to remove everything and then use Nivea moisturizer, the end.
Ellen Erskine
Ellen Erskine Oy oldin
my skin care routine-baby wipe
Paige Goodholm
the queen of masks and becoming a different person with and without makeup.
Anna Andrade
Anna Andrade Oy oldin
i only use vitamin e oil 😭
Itz Tia
Itz Tia Oy oldin
Does her contacts contain any color?
Just Grace
Just Grace Oy oldin
I use a nose strip, wash my face with two different products, do a mask, do a charcoal mask, do a moisturiser and put on a pore minimising moisturiser
Meyra Oy oldin
All you need is coconut oil...
Roberta Magliola
Are you very very cuteeee! !😍😍😍😍
Thais De Faria
Watching this in 2019..... :/
Thais De Faria
9 million views!!!and I can’t even get 1 :,)😪👏👏👏
Tristan K
Tristan K Oy oldin
Anyone else notice how she says jewelry? 😂♥️
idk what username to use
ye i just wash my face and put on moisturizer...
Melissa Housley
I use olive oil and makeup wipes to remove all of the makeup, then a good wash and massage with a wet washcloth to exfoliate. I’ve been trying the full Tatcha line and cannot decide if it’s worth the money!! Moisturizer is tough...I’m going to try your Cenza recommendations without a doubt! Thanks Nikki, Happy New Year 2019!
Maryam Abdelhamid
SoCalled Disney
If she just remove around the eye area, she looks like she’s wearing facial mask xd
Ben Coombes
Ben Coombes Oy oldin
Jojo is that you
Freja Vinther
Freja Vinther Oy oldin
My favorite skincareproduct is the origins overnight mask.
Naomi Alexis
Naomi Alexis Oy oldin
I honestly just wash my face and moisturize,and I don’t even do that everyday😂
Haylee Penland
New Years anyone
Thais De Faria
Haylee Penland yup
Nothing Non ya
8:24 did she mean Jeffrey lmao
Katarinaa A
Katarinaa A Oy oldin
Nothing Non ya nope there is guy called patrick star u can look him up😊
V ‘
V ‘ Oy oldin
I think you using to much make up.. if you look straight in to the camera i dont even see your eyes anymore caus of the heavy eyeshadow. Your beautiful with less make up
Sopikko Pepper
My skin care routine: never sleep in makeup too! Lashes Off ..Makeup whipes Face Mask That's it 😂
Grace Bassett
Grace Bassett Oy oldin
*cries in poor*
magdalene Oy oldin
inexpensive has left the chat
Mad Musician
Mad Musician Oy oldin
She doesn’t even need to wear lip stick. Her natural lip colour is gorgeous.
High_ Princess_
Coconut oil is the best Make-up remover
dalilah cazares
yes to tomatoes 🍅 is the besssstttt 🥰
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