Cake Decorator Vs. Artist

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Who will be victorious?
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Bree Miller



26-Yan, 2018

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Abril Hernandez
Abril Hernandez Soat oldin
as a sixteen year old i dont like the bakers cake its just too girly and rainbowy... More like for a 6yr old.I mean not every girl likes pink and purple. I like green
Violeta Mendez
Violeta Mendez Kun oldin
Maggie's cake is 100% the best! Bree's cake reminds me of my little pony and not at all representing sweet 16. Also, to all those weird people who came to judge the cake, how do you not know The Little Prince..??
jennifer tepepa
jennifer tepepa 2 kun oldin
I watch cake boss
Ilaria Fu
Ilaria Fu 3 kun oldin
I like Maggie's cake... I mean at least she had fantasy unlike Bree ...
Violet12 3 kun oldin
The Little Prince should have won
Mady Ouellet
Mady Ouellet 5 kun oldin
Omg it's the girl from bogus beauty
Elizabeth Scott
Elizabeth Scott 7 kun oldin
no offense buzzfeed, but this wasn't that hard to guess who won because cmon', an 8-year professional, or just a regular artist who has no experience with decorating cakes!
Maddy A
Maddy A 8 kun oldin
how is this a contest
Jessica Putri
Jessica Putri 9 kun oldin
bree was just rude and cocky. and plus her cake was for an 8 year old lmao and.... …I wish Maggie won :(
Rashi Rocky
Rashi Rocky 9 kun oldin
As a 16 year old pink is not a more liked color among youth of 16 year old and children are crazy and I like Maggie's idea as well as nature
Elise Juethner
Elise Juethner 9 kun oldin
Bree is kinda mean
Arini Dinda
Arini Dinda 10 kun oldin
Cake decorator vs artist?? What did they expect? I mean, by only reading the video title, we can easily guess who's technically gonna win. I think buzzfeed should do a more fair competition next time, like cake decorator vs cake decorator or 2 professional chefs competing
Javier Soriano
Javier Soriano 11 kun oldin
I read that book for Spanish class it's name is in Spanish Principito
Krazy Lel
Krazy Lel 11 kun oldin
Maggie is so sweet! I love her and she’s my child
cherry bømb
cherry bømb 13 kun oldin
This isn't a fair contest. 😐
Arabell Rose
Arabell Rose 14 kun oldin
Trust me bree, you may have wanted that cake when you were 16, but trust me no 16 year old would want that cake or anything like that these days. I think Maggie should’ve won. And what’s with bree’s attitude, she’s being rude
viata vy
viata vy 15 kun oldin
i wanna make the cake decorator bald she is damn annoying
Yoon Min
Yoon Min 16 kun oldin
I love the movie The Little Prince💜💜💜
Megan Nguyen
Megan Nguyen 16 kun oldin
Maggie’s is way better then Bree pls never bring Bree back
Lily Rowlett
Lily Rowlett 17 kun oldin
that part where she made the icing smooth is so satisfying😍
Chloe Shin
Chloe Shin 17 kun oldin
“Can we eat them now?” 😂😂😂
Azeema Farook
Azeema Farook 17 kun oldin
I would take Maggie's cake over Bree's anytime. ❤❤
Misheel Tamir
Misheel Tamir 17 kun oldin
Maybe bree won but at least Maggie has good manners
Foxy _
Foxy _ 17 kun oldin
Ellie Cram
Ellie Cram 18 kun oldin
Do it again other way around
farhinzehra naqvi
farhinzehra naqvi 18 kun oldin
Ofcourse cake decorator wins
Punkadunk The monkey
That is unfair because it is a cake decorator v.s. A artist making a cake
4,108,624, 018
4,108,624, 018 19 kun oldin
Sure, some 16th year olds love pink, purple and blue. But do they like braggers? *HELL NAH NO ONE LIKES THEM*
May Lin
May Lin 19 kun oldin
I love the story The Little Prince.
Girish Sahu
Girish Sahu 21 kun oldin
Bree is sooo rude bcuz maggie wants to make frnds and she is like no we are not here to do that. Mannerless girl bree
FoxyGames 21 kun oldin
Of course she's gonna win, it's inevitable! Bree's cake was too babyish, most teens would be disappointed with her's! They should turn the tables and get Bree to do art!
Lucky gamer Lin
Lucky gamer Lin 21 kun oldin
Cake decorater
Jacha 22 kun oldin
amina Noor
amina Noor 23 kun oldin
I am a beginner on most stuff WHO CAN RELATE
Dujuan Brooks
Dujuan Brooks 24 kun oldin
Can we eat them now ??? XD
Fluffyhamster 25 kun oldin
I would have chose Maggie’s cake ❤️❤️❤️
Zombie Yusha
Zombie Yusha 25 kun oldin
I still think Rie won
Chill Naval
Chill Naval 25 kun oldin
Ly Khunnea
Ly Khunnea 25 kun oldin
Maggie: Aww I’m not here to win, I’m here to make friends.. *This is just so nice and cute of her to say*
Basically Beth
Basically Beth 27 kun oldin
This is like if me and Lin Manuel Miranda had a rap battle Like if you love Hamilton
thot forlife
thot forlife 27 kun oldin
this isnt fair tbh
Nafisa Alifia
Nafisa Alifia 28 kun oldin
real 16yr olds should judge those cakes..
Tawakkal COMM
Tawakkal COMM Oy oldin
"I'm not here to win, I'm here to make friends" Awww... Like if you like maggie more than bree
Shivam Mull
Shivam Mull Oy oldin
This is so unfair. Bree is actulally pretty mean. The artist doesn't do this often so you should help her out or just give her some confidence. She was quite mean. Like this if you felt kinda bad for the artist. Let us see Bree vs the artist in a drawing competition! She would kick her ass! GO ARTIST! Like if you agree!
Shivam Mull
Shivam Mull Oy oldin
The artist even congratulated her at the end. Awwww so sweet! So kind and not a bad sport at all. Honestly, for me, I am just turning 16 in 3 days and I would have picked Maggie's Cake cause bro, I am growing up, I don't want pink and purple and bows! I want weird, fun, creative and to get drunk! LOL :) GO MAGGIE! Like if you agree!
George Katsadze
That's one rude cake decorator 😡
Somebody Oy oldin
Colors too odd for a sweet 16 cake. Bree, did you forget what it was like being 16? Am actually 15 n I'd go with dark n chocolate n liquid and soft baked stuff that melts in mouth. Not some rainbow sugar syrup covered cake 😅😂
ProzSkilLz Oy oldin
Id eat brees cake since theres more. Hahahhaha i'm so fat 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭
Glen rees
Glen rees Oy oldin
Bree’s kinda rude and a show off...Maggie wins in my heart 😊😊😊
Kiey Oy oldin
Very nice!
Ljubica Zivanov
I like bouth