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Who's better at guessing the calories of food items? GMM #1045!
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15-Dek, 2016



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Mening pleylistlarim
Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 6 333
verdatum 2 yil oldin
Rhett absolutely won round one. Because at the end of it, he had a banana peanut butter nutella and bacon sandwich, and Link didn't.
Siena Schettino
Siena Schettino 3 kun oldin
verdatum it was marshmallows fluff
TehDankKnight Oy oldin
+Tmoney2115 r/douche
Tmoney2115 Oy oldin
+TehDankKnight r/whoosh
Good Old Dragon
TehDankKnight r/woooosh
average avery
average avery 2 oy oldin
TehDankKnight woooooooosh
Tmb Gaming
Tmb Gaming Kun oldin
kate behrends
kate behrends 2 kun oldin
Please make another one of these!!!! This is my favorite good mythical morning episode!!
Drake F
Drake F 2 kun oldin
Graham Lent
Graham Lent 2 kun oldin
Siena Schettino
Siena Schettino 3 kun oldin
Rhett should of won the first round
An Anonymous Person
They missed a perfect opportunity to call it snackjack
Bigman Dennis
Bigman Dennis 3 kun oldin
He just had to add on the bacon in the first round. Good sandwich though
Sam Reyes
Sam Reyes 3 kun oldin
10:17 idk why but this part always cracks me up!!!!
Extremlit team Sage
my alexa responded to the food tracker
DauntingNight 4 kun oldin
Are we going to ignore Rhett saying they would try not to bust.
Hailey DeLorge
Hailey DeLorge 5 kun oldin
Can u guys make another one of these
ELLA LAFOSSE 5 kun oldin
Rhett: how should we start off the video link? Link: I got it. Rhett: Okay Link: *bAbY gOt SnAcCs*
Paul Punzalan
Paul Punzalan 5 kun oldin
Cmon guys, im still waiting for another episode of this game.
Syahmi Rosli
Syahmi Rosli 7 kun oldin
God, Stevie's cute.
Crzy Shrf
Crzy Shrf 7 kun oldin
Stevie's voice is so relaxing 😂
TheSophaloaf 7 kun oldin
Awwww Stevie is an adorable lil squish
Sarah Li Piano
Sarah Li Piano 7 kun oldin
Do another one pleaseeeeeeee
Max Montoya
Max Montoya 7 kun oldin
Nabil Eftekhari
Nabil Eftekhari 7 kun oldin
more snack balckjack
Dy1an Gi11ey
Dy1an Gi11ey 8 kun oldin
8:43 I have a dirty mind😂😂
King Maui
King Maui 8 kun oldin
It’s 2019... and I haven’t seen a part two yet😭😭😭
Oceane Bilong
Oceane Bilong Kun oldin
We need a part 2
Bethany Call
Bethany Call 7 kun oldin
jaime cordova
jaime cordova 8 kun oldin
stevie looking fine
Lilly Williams Turland
sad very
sad very 9 kun oldin
*_aRe YoU rEaDy To Be WhIpPeD?_*
Ive always thought stevie's voice was so subtle and warm to hear! But i never imagined she would be that beautiful! O.......M.......G😍
alex 1234nsiw
alex 1234nsiw 10 kun oldin
all you had to do was ask the damn train, Link
Russ Tee
Russ Tee 10 kun oldin
Alexander Mashman
Alexander Mashman 10 kun oldin
Damn Link sucked at this 😂😂 if I was Rhett i would have been pissed when Link compared his ridiculous bust to Rhett's close one though 😅
JDAWG Gamer 10 kun oldin
Hmmmm waste of food.....
Brooks Davis
Brooks Davis 10 kun oldin
ARe YoU ReADy TO bE WHiPpEd!? -Link Neal
Luke Meyer
Luke Meyer 11 kun oldin
I thought the comment would mean blindfolded taste test lol
wig 12 kun oldin
5:19 the moment you came here for.
Rien Reid
Rien Reid 12 kun oldin
I vote they do this again but have to eat what they make
Mr. blag
Mr. blag 12 kun oldin
You should do another one of these videos
Vinit Soman
Vinit Soman 12 kun oldin
Stevie ❤️❤️♥️😍
Ledgendary Pimpyojeez
Weirdo 👎👎🖕😕
Giizby 13 kun oldin
this will forever be one of my favorite episodes, hopefully we’ll get a part 2 one day
David R.
David R. 13 kun oldin
"I know how it feels to bust and still be happy" -Link Neal 2016
NOAH AUSTIN 13 kun oldin
AlexTheOtter -
AlexTheOtter - 14 kun oldin
You should have done snackjack
Ledgendary Pimpyojeez
You should try being original
Lazuro 26
Lazuro 26 14 kun oldin
“YOu ReaDY To BE WhIPped!!” -Link, 2016
Kobedie 14 kun oldin
Ready to be *(bleeeeeep)*.
SneekyLizurdBoi 15 kun oldin
Madi Trevino
Madi Trevino 15 kun oldin
Can we have a part 2 please?
ジェームス 15 kun oldin
90% of these comments are people talking about what 90% of the comments are about wtf
Deathslay123 16 kun oldin
I feel like Rhett won, because 5 calories thats like taking a bite of someone elses food dosent count
crazymonkey0518 13 kun oldin
Deathslay123 but I think they are playing blackjack, even if you go one over and even if your opponent is 10 under, that’s still a bust for you so you lose
Rosie ASMR
Rosie ASMR 16 kun oldin
i bet link just wanted that much whipped cream on his ice cream so he can just slap his whole face into it and eat it like a a dog with no worries!! XD
Drewthecubbie 16 kun oldin
should have called it blacksnack
Question Mark
Question Mark 17 kun oldin
I love food videos like these
Al Clelland
Al Clelland 17 kun oldin
00:15 ...didn’t they go to engineering school only to become UZvidrs?
Max Montoya
Max Montoya 7 kun oldin
But they did finish school, and for a few years actually worked as engineers.
John Denver
John Denver 18 kun oldin
His first sandwich was 505 calories but he didn't count the bite taken from it. Easily 5 calories or more in the bite
Tristin McClain
Tristin McClain 19 kun oldin
This is literally a 15 minute ad with ads, but it’s still my favorite episode
Yoziey 19 kun oldin
for 1850 calories, i'll chose stevie. she's the sweatest
Crystal Hoffer
Crystal Hoffer 14 kun oldin
Mmmm, the sweatest. That's what i always look for in something yummy too. Nothing like a little sweat!
ChickenTeller 19 kun oldin
I see all these comments about people talking about Stevie, but I don't see the actual comments about Stevie
DangleSnipeAndCelly 12 kun oldin
That’s what I’m looking for right now 😂
Anthony Tah May
Anthony Tah May 19 kun oldin
rhett's food actually looks really good except the anchovies one 😂
KyahTheAuthor 20 kun oldin
One of my favs. Bring this back Stevie!
Lily Katherine
Lily Katherine 21 kun oldin
What color is rhetts hair
Lily Katherine
Lily Katherine 15 kun oldin
Dirty blonde
K9_NEMESIS 21 kun oldin
Rhett eats weird sandwiches lol
Katie Camp
Katie Camp 21 kun oldin
Amanda Huynh
Amanda Huynh 21 kun oldin
They should call it snack jack
Mistic_ WolfCookie
Mistic_ WolfCookie 22 kun oldin
Amazon Echo must be thinking what the f*ck are these people eatting?
Skalex05 22 kun oldin
Anyone elses alexa listen in on this?
Clay Hall
Clay Hall 22 kun oldin
How did Rhett’s Alexa not pick up link talking
this girl
this girl 22 kun oldin
Had to pull out my headphones because I have an alexa in my room
Nessa Fadden
Nessa Fadden 23 kun oldin
I am very constricting with my calories and I would way to good at this challenge it's kind of sad
Kirsten Rellic
Kirsten Rellic 23 kun oldin
I would love to see more videos of them doing this. It was fun to watch
MY NAME IS LOL 23 kun oldin
"i'm gonna put this on my tumble" "link?" If you see what i'm getting at
Mckenzie Kemp
Mckenzie Kemp 23 kun oldin
it bothered me that they never said please other than that good vid
Mckenzie Kemp
Mckenzie Kemp 5 kun oldin
Cynical YT 😂 no why
Cynical YT
Cynical YT 9 kun oldin
Are you Canadian by any chance
Bruhster 24 kun oldin
This comment section: 50% People creeping over Stevie 20% People stealing the comment that says that they should have called it "Snackjack" 20% Miscellaneous 10% People asking for a part two
Oceane Bilong
Oceane Bilong Kun oldin
Acctually so tru (PS please dont complain that I spelt actually incorrectly - and true - but it's just how I roll)
Tardersauce35 25 kun oldin
Link went from way too few, to WAY too many, too extremely close
Lori Payne
Lori Payne 26 kun oldin
They could have called the game snackjack. They missed a golden opportunity there
Strapping Lad I post dumb shit.
Can we have a good meme morning as well as this from you guys?
Sarah CP
Sarah CP 27 kun oldin
I play this game everyday
Owo [] Best
Owo [] Best 27 kun oldin
When the other player loses he should eat the food he created
Bluesassin 111
Bluesassin 111 28 kun oldin
Anyone else think stevie is low key kinda hot
Oceane Bilong
Oceane Bilong Kun oldin
At least I know 50% of the comments section think that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
mooses rule
mooses rule 29 kun oldin
Play again please
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts 29 kun oldin
Stevies voice is so soothing
That’s Not Mayo
At 2:36 link admitted he doesn’t know his calories. Rhett wins by default.
Zak Unknown
Zak Unknown Oy oldin
Anyone else find Stevie's eye brows at 2:05 super attractive
Zak Unknown
Zak Unknown 11 kun oldin
+Ledgendary Pimpyojeez Yeah well your mom said i was super creepy last night
Ledgendary Pimpyojeez
Nope I find you creepy tho
Bryan & Issac
Bryan & Issac Oy oldin
5,670,001th view
*rEaDY tO gEt WhIPpeD*
Can we hit 200 subs with no vids
That hat 👌👌
Rhiannon Moss
Rhiannon Moss Oy oldin
Lando definitely looks just like Link at 0:01
Michelle Koh
Michelle Koh Oy oldin
What a tasty game! Great idea guys! Got me reaching for choco chip cookies
Speedee C
Speedee C Oy oldin
How is link so lacking in intelligence??
Jillian Darby
Jillian Darby Oy oldin
Love this video and channel!!! You guys are so funny! I have an Alexa in my room and when Rhett said,”Alexa,” it activated mine! 😂
Josh Roc007
Josh Roc007 Oy oldin
This game should have been called snack jack.
The Sir Charlie!
You should have said WHEN
David Compean
David Compean Oy oldin
You should of named it snackjack
Bookity Oy oldin
you didnt put me, the best snack
Lexi Black
Lexi Black Oy oldin
Forgot to turn my volume down so my Alexa went off and logged Rhett's calories the first time😂😂😂
Georgia Cole
Georgia Cole Oy oldin
I went this whole episode without my amazon echo responding, until the last time Rhett said Alexa lmfao
Z G H Oy oldin
i hate this video
Rhett: YOU CANT GIVE IT TO HIM!! THAT WAS ALMOST SOO PERFECT! Link: no dude Rhett: *yOu tAke iN fiVe caLoRiEs evErY tIme yOu BReAtHe!!!!* Me: I cant
jens brandt
jens brandt Oy oldin
Are you ready to be whipped?
90% of the comments are people saying “90% of the comments are people Stevie”
Blueberry shortcake
10:52 is it vore in the backround on the wall?.. LIIIIINK?!
Kiersten Thompson
So ironic I'm eating mini wheats
Trent LaCompte
Who's down here looking for Stevie stalkers.
Chansey A
Chansey A Oy oldin
i laughed so hard when he said "this is how it's done, son" lol
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