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Camila Cabello - She Loves Control (Official Audio)

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"Camila" album available at:
Spotify smarturl.it/Camila_Sptfy
Apple Music smarturl.it/Camila_AM
iTunes smarturl.it/Camila_iTunes
Google Play smarturl.it/Camila_GP
Find Camila Here:
Twitter: @camila_cabello
IG: @camila_cabello
Facebook: @97camilacabello
Website: www.camilacabello.com
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12-Yan, 2018

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Camila She loves Control Lauren And Halsey She doesn't let me have control anymore
Patricia Castillo Hurtado
Sigo esperando el vídeoclip >:v
Lilla Loal
Lilla Loal Kun oldin
She loves control? She's lost control!
Agus Llanes :D
Agus Llanes :D Kun oldin
Ronaldo Damasceno De Sousa
Menina do céu que swing!
my beautiful dark twisted fantasy
How could her release the other song as single with a video and not this summer hit.
Myéka Farley
Myéka Farley Kun oldin
Camila : she loves control=lauren loves control Lauren : expectations=lauren expect control from camila Omfg
Jessie Mac
Jessie Mac 3 kun oldin
I love all your videos😍
Minimalist Vlogger
Minimalist Vlogger 4 kun oldin
i love the hispanic vibe to this song ahhh its so miami
xBlanketsOw 5 kun oldin
Goran Jekic
Goran Jekic 5 kun oldin
avocado in distress
I read this as "she likes being controlled" that's 2 words more wow i must really be a sub
G-ni Fer
G-ni Fer 5 kun oldin
Hit no aprovechado
Polly Punani
Polly Punani 7 kun oldin
Why wasn't this a single!! UGH SO GOOD!! Makes me wanna dance lol 😛😛
Mel Lloyd
Mel Lloyd 7 kun oldin
😏💓 love this...
kendra querubin
kendra querubin 7 kun oldin
I love Havana
kendra querubin
kendra querubin 7 kun oldin
I am your big fan
Mon Mcdonie
Mon Mcdonie 7 kun oldin
Esta canción me recuerda demasiado a cuando Camila estaba en Fifth harmony y los momentos "camren" que recuerdos.
ELIAS STADLER. 7 kun oldin
Camila ama a Lauren dos olhos verdes e brilhantes 💞,♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ beijos Camren 🙄👍.
Person on YouTube
Person on YouTube 8 kun oldin
this and particular taste by Shawn Mendes seems to be about the same girl😂
Ayumi Gacha
Ayumi Gacha 8 kun oldin
Diego Moraes
Diego Moraes 8 kun oldin
E esse clipe que nunca sai???
TaylorSwift_fan214 9 kun oldin
I remember hearing this live at reputation stadium tour ❤️❤️😍🥰
Jenny Margaret
Jenny Margaret 9 kun oldin
I love vibes like this... leave it to the queen to deliver 💕
kelly danielle
kelly danielle 9 kun oldin
em pleno 2019 e ainda nao saiu o clipe dessa musica maravilhosa .
ELIAS STADLER. 10 kun oldin
Eu Te Amo♥ Camila Cabello 😍.
Anie Gomez
Anie Gomez 11 kun oldin
Listening to it with 1.25 speed sounds better (Y)
ELIAS STADLER. 11 kun oldin
I Love You ♥ Camila 😍😘.
Taffy Pink Heart
Taffy Pink Heart 11 kun oldin
Why does this song sound like waterfall by sia???
Guadalupe Martin
Guadalupe Martin 11 kun oldin
Shh, I'm trigard.
Shh, I'm trigard. 12 kun oldin
It doesn't sound very similar to Sia's part from the "watterfall" melody?
KK’scounty 13 kun oldin
She loves control~🥀❤️
ThisLittleGurl lol
ThisLittleGurl lol 14 kun oldin
This should honestly be on the radio
Leane Santos
Leane Santos 14 kun oldin
I love Camila ♥
hey it’s lucy
hey it’s lucy 14 kun oldin
This song is so underrated
ジッパーさん 14 kun oldin
Cold 'cause she has been here before 冷酷で、なぜなら彼女には経験があるのだから She doesn’t cry anymore, no looking back 彼女はもう泣くことはない、振り返ることもない No, she doesn't go to the bar いいえ、そのバーに行くこともないわ Too many lovers she's scarred, and they want her back 何人もの恋人が、彼女を傷つけてきた、彼らは彼女とよりを戻したがるの [Chorus] She loves control, she wants it her way 彼女は主導権を握りたがるわ、彼女のやり方があるの And there's no way she'll ever stay unless you give it up (give it up) そして彼女は落ち着くことがないわ、あなたが諦めるまでわね She loves control, she wants it her way 彼女は主導権を握りたがるわ、彼女のやり方があるの And all it takes is just one taste, you wanna give it up (give it up) そして一度味わうだけで、あなたは諦めたくなるの [Verse 2] Bold, you know she lives for the thrill 大胆に、知ってるでしょ、彼女はスリルを求めているんだって You know she lusts for the kill, so they won't come back だから彼らは戻ってきたりしないわ No, no, no, no, no, no, no Don't, don't you try taming the storm やめたら?嵐を手懐けようだなんて Don't say you haven't been warned (oh) そんなこと警告されなかったなんて言わないでよね 'Cause she won't like that, like that だって彼女はあなたの思った通りじゃないから [Chorus] She loves control, she wants it her way 彼女は主導権を握りたがるわ、彼女のやり方があるの And there's no way she'll ever stay unless you give it up (give it up) そして彼女は落ち着くことがないわ、あなたが諦めるまでわね She loves control, she wants it her way 彼女は主導権を握りたがるわ、彼女のやり方があるの And all it takes is just one taste, you wanna give it up (give it up, give it up for love) そして一度味わうだけで、あなたは諦めたくなるの [Post-Chorus] She loves control (control, hey) 彼女は主導権を握りたがるの She loves control (control, hey) なんだってコントールしたいの [Bridge] Say what you want 言いたいこと言えばいいわ But the way she kills you makes you feel alive でもあなたは彼女のやり方に生きていると感じてしまう And you know that it feels right そして分かるでしょ、それが正しいと感じてしまうの [Chorus] She loves control, she wants it her way 彼女は主導権を握りたがるわ、彼女のやり方があるの And there's no way she'll ever stay unless you give it up そして彼女は落ち着くことがないわ、あなたが諦めるまでわね She loves control, she wants it her way 彼女は主導権を握りたがるわ、彼女のやり方があるの And all it takes is just one taste, you wanna give it up そして一度味わうだけで、あなたは諦めたくなるの [Post-Chorus] She loves control (control, hey!) 彼女は主導権を握りたがるの She loves, she loves 彼女は、彼女は She loves, she loves 彼女は、彼女は Oh, you know that she loves it; she can't live without it, no あぁ、分かってるんでしょ、彼女がそうだって、そうじゃなきゃ生きられないって She loves control (control, hey) 彼女は主導権を握りたがるのよ Control, hey コントロールしたいの
Je suis Carlos
Je suis Carlos 16 kun oldin
where the f*ck is the official video?
katherine rodriguez
katherine rodriguez 17 kun oldin
camila para cuando el videoclip ??? muy buena musica ....
Kalena Silva
Kalena Silva 17 kun oldin
Na moral, sou muito apaixonada nessa música e nessa garota ❤️😍
Larissa Castro
Larissa Castro 18 kun oldin
Brasil 🇧🇷❤
_Moonlight 夜
_Moonlight 夜 19 kun oldin
*this song explains me*
Ana Cecília Estelita
~Lauren Jauregui left the chat~
Aleks Maybe
Aleks Maybe 5 kun oldin
so true 😂
itsyoboyeric_ pro
itsyoboyeric_ pro 19 kun oldin
Oh yeah army?
Michelle Collazos
Michelle Collazos 19 kun oldin
Hii boooo
Hoppie Grey
Hoppie Grey 19 kun oldin
What a cool song! I love the beat! I imagine cool dance moves while listening to this song!👍❤️
Luiz Augusto
Luiz Augusto 19 kun oldin
2019 ?
spilled tea
spilled tea 20 kun oldin
i sometimes just have mental breakdowns to her songs
Vanessa Fernandez
Vanessa Fernandez 20 kun oldin
Litterally not going one of your songs are dull, work it Camilla! ESO ES HERMANA!!!
Zoya Mahmood
Zoya Mahmood 21 kun oldin
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima 21 kun oldin
hino injustiçado 😢😢
Sabrina Lima
Sabrina Lima 21 kun oldin
vem 30 milhoes ❤
ren 23 kun oldin
2021! 💟💖 Anyone?
Prince Linus
Prince Linus 24 kun oldin
TheMemeTeam 24 kun oldin
The title should be *Lauren loves Control* I’m gonna like my own comment because no one will
adi rizkiawan
adi rizkiawan 24 kun oldin
Marcos Zapatero Barajas
Caminho da Verdade
Caminho da Verdade 25 kun oldin
Love you♥!
Alondra Cisneros
Alondra Cisneros 26 kun oldin
*Hi person,that who looking the comments* 🤨🤠
B L 26 kun oldin
Mayrin Cota V
Mayrin Cota V 26 kun oldin
Pase. X. Mal. Gusto. .. X. Beber. Tomar.
nathalia souza nathy
Umas das melhores músicas do álbum💕🌹 Obs: Quem é Brasil deixa like❤
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko 27 kun oldin
This song desorves a music video and this song is so good and chatchy.
Jenom Elizabeth
Jenom Elizabeth 28 kun oldin
Sara Field
Sara Field 28 kun oldin
Control is what breaks us 🎤
Kiley Givens
Kiley Givens 28 kun oldin
Ítalo Thiago
Ítalo Thiago 29 kun oldin
Camilla o Brasil te ama ❤️❤️
manuela porras
manuela porras 29 kun oldin
We stan a bitch that have control
J V 29 kun oldin
Te amó ❤️
Mirna .Q
Mirna .Q 29 kun oldin
Ojala que cante esta en los grammys
Ompuia Bolte
Ompuia Bolte Oy oldin
Copied From Sia And Pink's Waterfall
Joly Mo
Joly Mo Oy oldin
2 0 1 9?🌹🌹 OMG I GOT A LIKE YES. wait i forgot that nobody gave me a like and i gave myself a like .ohhhh😢😢😢😢
Juwel Setropawiro
Make a song with selena gomez. Please
Taerîa Kiuzz
Taerîa Kiuzz Oy oldin
Camii mata con ese oufit 😍💗💗💗💗💗💗🙌
Livs MSP
Livs MSP Oy oldin
i never get noticed : - ) .-.
O mundo das nuvens solitárias
Ou sobre uma personagem fictícia
O mundo das nuvens solitárias
Não faz sentido, não bate com a personalidade dela. Fria? Machuca muitos amantes? 👀 talvez seja sobre ela, mas ela adicionou características de outras pessoas ou mentiu dizendo que era sobre ela
Snigdha Chatterjee
Gibby20 Oy oldin
Produced by Sonny and best track from her album! Can't understand why 'she loves control' is not in charts or radios
sarafarias 14
sarafarias 14 Oy oldin
"She Love Control" 2019???? ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍
Nay RF
Nay RF Oy oldin
Mi HIT desvalorado 😭
dont know her
dont know her Oy oldin
we get it you love lauren
Thays Ianna
Thays Ianna Oy oldin
Camren is real
Prateek Kamath
Do a collaboration with Zayn.
Just another Gay
I think this song is about Rose Ellen Dix
Her voice🔥🔥🔥
WHO is listing to this in 2019
Who is listing to this in 12/2019
ohboredom Oy oldin
camren. :)
Nayely Moran
Nayely Moran Oy oldin
Is this for camren like if agree
Dani Stout
Dani Stout Oy oldin
Omhashem Kamal
Well, this song really represents me
Caroline Oy oldin
i think it fits good in jane the virgin idk why
HOOP GIRL A G Oy oldin
Awesome song, do check out my HoopDance salsa fusion on this song. Share and subscribe if you like. Thank you :)
Zahraa Khuraibet
I have one word C A M R O M
Christopher Moreno Salazar
No se q tiene Camila Cabello pero cada vez q la escucho cantar me enamora 💝💝💝
sıqɐuuɐɔ Oy oldin
-Heriko Hernàndez-
alguien q me explique como descargarla
David Martínez Reviejo
Copias la url del video buscas en Google convertir videos de UZvid en mp3 pegar la URL donde te lo indica convertirlo y descargarlo
Rashveeni Ruben
Armin El UniKopp
It is very easy and good SALUJA
2019???? Anyone??
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