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Camila Cabello - Something's Gotta Give (Official Audio)

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12-Yan, 2018

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Shiv D
Shiv D Soat oldin
Perfect song to listen to in the shower cos I’m a depressed shit This song is deep af tho love Camila so much wish her the best 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala 7 soat oldin
Christin Leal
Christin Leal Kun oldin
This song is just hearting me. Ok this is probably about Austin or Fifth Harmony
TheGwordl Music
TheGwordl Music Kun oldin
Amo está canción no la dejo escuchar. nunca. Me encanta la letra todo. ♪♥️
Robson Williams
Robson Williams Kun oldin
My favorite of album
Luis Fernando
Luis Fernando Kun oldin
Mario Adiu - Playlist Maker
that's it! Which one of you people starting chopping the onions?
Asuna Yuuki
Asuna Yuuki 2 kun oldin
I always knew she was going to be A GRAMMY NOMINATED after this album released
Maria Sousa
Maria Sousa 2 kun oldin
Love more than all 😍😘
Cristian Saravia
Cristian Saravia 4 kun oldin
Te amo❣
Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala 4 kun oldin
Adorei essa música
Daniela Ibañez
Daniela Ibañez 4 kun oldin
I love you Camila
Deuan Silivong
Deuan Silivong 5 kun oldin
Ill never be her the one who you love ☺
Anika G
Anika G 5 kun oldin
Nobody loves you Nobody thinks you're smart Nobody believes you're beautiful Nobody thinks that you are perfect Nobody hopes you'll be successful Nobody wishes for you to be healthy Nobody wishes for you to be happy Nobody hopes you'll stay Don't worry though, my name is Nobody 😁 😁 💜
alice psc drk
alice psc drk 5 kun oldin
Ela e linda cantando e mas ainda bonita eu estou esperando música nova camila cabello;-),
Rev.Todd Perkins
Rev.Todd Perkins 6 kun oldin
Praise the Lord Forever. We Thank our Holy Father God Almighty for Everything, especially Eternal Life through our Lord Jesus Christ in Love & Faith to our perfect Home in Heaven.Amen. Congrats you Miss Beautiful Singer have received the honor & award by being added to my God given Beloved & Beautiful sounding Singers List to shine to Heaven in Eternal Love & Faith in Jesus name. Amen. Know our True Riches are in Heaven in the Glory of God through Faith & Love Saved by our Lord Jesus Christ. For I am your helper to Heaven as the Holy Spirit is our Helper of Truth & Love in us my Beloved Singer. I'm God's Servant of Faith Love & you have received a formal invite to Heaven to be well clothed forever in Faith&Love in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. "In Christ Jesus you are all children of God through Faith." Gal3:26 + To be Saved Repeat: "I Confess Jesus is my Lord and Savior Eternal and I Believe in my heart and mind God raised Him from the dead, I am Saved and my name is written in the Book of Life." Jesus Preached, "Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Now this is how we can Pray together as One Faith Love: Lord forgive me & us all,& our family & Beloved washed clean of all sins in the Blood of Christ, help, heal, protect,and guide us in all forms in the Holy Spirit in us through Faith & Love shining in Your Glory to overcome anything to Heaven in Jesus name. Amen. "God is Love (all Love now & Eternal)and he(& she) who Lives in Love Lives in God and God in him(& her)."1John4:16 + Love suffers long and is kind..." ...Love endures all things. Love never fails. "1Cor13:4,7-8 + May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God,and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. Amen. 2Cor13:14 + "Keep your Life free from love of money and be content with what you have, for God has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." So we can confidently say, "The Lord is my Helper, I will not fear.."Heb13:5 + "Pray without ceasing in Everything give Thanks for this is the Will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 1Thes5:17-18 + Fear only God Almighty. For God Desires we Love each other & give: Glory to God in the Highest,and on earth Peace and GoodWill towards everyone. I Bless you as One of my Beautiful God given Singers, with your Sister Singers we are family, with True Love & Faith Eternal to Heaven in Jesus name. Amen. As the News was proof of Revelations Fulfilled except: Jesus Come. "The Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.Amen." Rev22:21 Peace & Joy be with us.
///love lies///
///love lies/// 5 kun oldin
Je kjoh
Je kjoh 6 kun oldin
Please make a video of this song Cami
Safina Mulembwa
Safina Mulembwa 7 kun oldin
I love this song
Jack Benjamin
Jack Benjamin 4 kun oldin
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 5 kun oldin
Lilliana Orozco
Lilliana Orozco 7 kun oldin
I love this album
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira 7 kun oldin
Uma das minhas preferidas.
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira 7 kun oldin
Muito bom
Abdul Hamid Dimarun
#CarGel brought me here. :( No matter how kilig we feel seeing them together but if the romance no longer exist between them then they should set each other free. they should give way to the right people to come long in their lives.
Alison Mendoza
Alison Mendoza 8 kun oldin
no reason to stay is a good reason to go ... no hay razon para quedarse es una buena razon para irse ... amo esta frase
Adam Kaščák
Adam Kaščák 8 kun oldin
kéka Trindade
kéka Trindade 9 kun oldin
Essa musica❤❤❤❤❤❤
Ali Hanan
Ali Hanan 9 kun oldin
Brokenhearted, and now here i am
Maeva Cox
Maeva Cox 10 kun oldin
2018 who's still listening
M Soledad
M Soledad 11 kun oldin
Jac Marquestv
Jac Marquestv 11 kun oldin
Cade o clip ?😍😍😘
Emily Bradley
Emily Bradley 11 kun oldin
this entire song hits me so hard
relive. B
relive. B 11 kun oldin
Everytime i scroll down her channel.I found my new favourite song
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira 11 kun oldin
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira 11 kun oldin
Lifenotbeperfect 11 kun oldin
Jason Hunter Likes pie
Aviator Joe
Aviator Joe 13 kun oldin
This song is toxic.
Gab X
Gab X 7 kun oldin
I think the opposite: it is healing. We gotta learn to love ourselves enough to walk away from what's toxic and move ON. Pick up your broken pieces and go on. That's brave.
anasianperson 11 kun oldin
But very true.
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 14 kun oldin
23 million views already good job on this song camila
Nay RF
Nay RF 14 kun oldin
Verdad que está canción merece más reconocimiento? 😭❤
andreza lima
andreza lima 14 kun oldin
DeLaCa 15 kun oldin
3 days before my birthday
Maple Manju
Maple Manju 15 kun oldin
thank u, next
thank u, next 15 kun oldin
My favorite song from Cami deffinetly better than havana..
Edson Balieiro
Edson Balieiro 15 kun oldin
Love Music
Love Music 16 kun oldin
"I have never heard a silence quite so loud" "I walk in the room and you don't make a sound" - Camila Cabello, 2018 (Something's Gotta Give) "I've never heard silence quite this loud" "Now I'm standing alone in a crowded room and we're not speaking" - Taylor Swift, 2010 (The Story Of Us) 100% Camila was inspired by Taylor, as they were tourmates, they're friends and Tay is one of Cami's idols.
Letícia Leonel
Letícia Leonel 16 kun oldin
Musik top🎶
Love Music
Love Music 16 kun oldin
"...all I do is give and all you do is take..." Life is so unfair.
x Yeremeseul x
x Yeremeseul x 18 kun oldin
Daina Nitzel Arellano Martinez
Leyendo sus comentarios como si neta supiera inglés
April Baby
April Baby 19 kun oldin
1:30 😭
Vanesitaanto Alvarado
Vídeo camila por favor
Pablo Resendiz
Pablo Resendiz 20 kun oldin
I Love this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
K C 20 kun oldin
I think this is one if the best songs she has ever made😭 we need more songs like this
Nay RF
Nay RF 20 kun oldin
Esta canción es una de las mejores de los últimos tiempo de la industria músical
Shadow program
Shadow program 20 kun oldin
No wait this is the trash version i gotta find the fallout one
Shadow program
Shadow program 12 kun oldin
Lol k
n m
n m 12 kun oldin
Shadow program Imagine being as pathetic as you
Giulia Cimignolo
Giulia Cimignolo 20 kun oldin
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. piango.
Giulia Cimignolo
Giulia Cimignolo 20 kun oldin
fa piangere.
canal família
canal família 22 kun oldin
Hopper Central
Hopper Central 22 kun oldin
"All I do is give, and all you do is take" sounds like what I do with everyone. And I'm the only one who breaks
people crazy
people crazy 22 kun oldin
ela sempre nos surpreende ,nao é mesmo?
Sara Field
Sara Field 23 kun oldin
This song gets me in my feelings 😓
Alexander Diaz lopez
Ta bonita la cansion
Dwight Schrute of Schrute Farms
" counterfeit emotions only run skin deep " **Cries in depression**
eloi m.l.
eloi m.l. 23 kun oldin
This song is amazing, the lyric, the vocal part, and all, makes me cry too because the letter is so emotional!!! And only have 23 million views, I don't understand it...
Shantanu Kushwah
Shantanu Kushwah 24 kun oldin
most addictive voice ever
Ronaldo Navarro
Ronaldo Navarro 24 kun oldin
Alguien que able ESpañol
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 23 kun oldin
Paloma Costa
Paloma Costa 25 kun oldin
Pascal SORDON 25 kun oldin
J adore cette chanson 💖👍🌹
Karla Almendra
Karla Almendra 25 kun oldin
Hola jaja
Antonio Jose Viana Junior
Essa música é muito linda
Salima Uddin
Salima Uddin 26 kun oldin
'no reason to stay is a good reason to go' gets me every time.
Evergreen ESM
Evergreen ESM 26 kun oldin
I remember subscribing on her channel when she was at 704k and now she is at 9.3m.... I feel so proud of her
Maria Rinta-Rahko
Maria Rinta-Rahko 26 kun oldin
No reason to stay is a good reason to go😥that line gets me everytime🙂Camila has such a special voice♥️and this album is incredible♥️🙂😥🥇🔥😍👏this song is so special♥️inspiring♥️and beautiful♥️we♥️you Camila♥️🙂
ricardo scarlett
ricardo scarlett 26 kun oldin
Definitely the best choice to go solo❤❤❤❤
andreza lima
andreza lima 26 kun oldin
Trazmo 26 kun oldin
Hello Camila, i love this song... i made a remix what do you think ? soundcloud.com/trazmo/camila-cabello-trazmo-remix
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 23 kun oldin
not to be mean but that was horrible
Rae Johnson
Rae Johnson 27 kun oldin
Absolutely love this song! 💕So relatable. 😜 Lyric that hits me the hardest: *”somethings gotta change but I know that it won’t* *I’m officially shook*
Edgar Lopez
Edgar Lopez 27 kun oldin
Excelente version
andreza lima
andreza lima 27 kun oldin
REAL MADRID COREA 28 kun oldin
Nahelia Vazquez
Nahelia Vazquez 28 kun oldin
Me encantan todas tus canciones eres la major te amo
KIRA XD121 28 kun oldin
Que día en ustedes
KIRA XD121 28 kun oldin
Que linda cansiion
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 28 kun oldin
play this song on repeat 1,000 times
CalL'Em SíDì
CalL'Em SíDì 28 kun oldin
😭😭😭😭😭😭 je t’aime 💕
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira 29 kun oldin
Façam streams,peçam nas rádios,essa música merece.
Jade Sellner
Jade Sellner Oy oldin
Seriously I haven’t heard such a beautiful voice in FOREVER ❤️💚🧡💛💜💙
Shia Sierra
Shia Sierra Oy oldin
"You're good at making me feel small' Its a love song but relate because my friends make me feel small.
nara catleia
nara catleia Oy oldin
Me encanta esta canción ❤
Kimberly Salgado
Camila tu voz enamora ♡♡♡ #eresarte ☆
Ana Andreolli
Ana Andreolli Oy oldin
princesa, rainha , maravilhosa, diva, GOSTOSAA kkkk, linda ,divertida, louquicha ,doce ,fofa,bela, corajosa,gata, A MELHOR MINHA INSPIRAÇÃO CAMILA VC É TUDO VC É VIDA TE AMO MUITO VC NEM TEM IDEIA DE QUANTO MAS AMO se ler mesmo eu sendo Brasileira por favor me de um coraçãozinho MELHOR 2 coraçoes um aqui no youtube e outro...💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 NO MEU PRA SE PREENCRER PRA SEMPRE E PRA MIM SABER QUE VC SABE QUE EU EXISTO E QUE VC SAIBA QUE EU SEMPRE ESTAREI COM VC PRO QUE DER E VIER SEMPRE IRMÃ CUBANA !! amo voçê pro resto da vida !!!!!😍😍😍😍😘😘😘
Les Rogers
Les Rogers Oy oldin
Hits like a sledgehammer to the heart...
Jess Pereira
Jess Pereira Oy oldin
I loveeee this song. Music video made for fan goo.gl/wXfaku
Lu Oliveira
Lu Oliveira Oy oldin
Sid G.
Sid G. Oy oldin
This is honestly the only song that makes me sob my eyes out, it's such a beautiful song and also being a song that can also be seen towards friends. I recently got out of a huge fight with one. I thought that our friendship was symbiotic, but it turned out to be parasitic. I've stopped talking with him, and I've had insane turmoil because of it. This song really helped me understand that it is okay to leave when you're unhappy, and that your feelings matter too. So I want to say, Thank you Camila Cabello! Keep doing what you're doing and be you. Any singles or more albums yet to come, I'll be right here listening!!!
Into It
11 oy oldin
Yil oldin