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Camila Cabello - Something's Gotta Give (Audio)

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12-Yan, 2018

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Richard Meister
Richard Meister 6 soat oldin
this song needs a music video! like if you agree
Kaylee Rae
Kaylee Rae Kun oldin
If I doesn’t hurt me why do I still cry?
24burgessMa Kun oldin
This awesome song needs a music video!
Yasmin Mendes
Yasmin Mendes 2 kun oldin
Essa música, a letra dessa música simplesmente um Hino de música😍🎵
Val capa
Val capa 2 kun oldin
Hoy está en Argentina y yo no voy 💔
Toni Pinedo RN
Toni Pinedo RN 2 kun oldin
Beautiful sometimes I think I'm all alone thank you for helping me . Lol #cannabislatinanurseceo #420nurses
Terezinha Santos Santos
LOVE! 😍😍
Ronel Romano
Ronel Romano 2 kun oldin
This song really touch my heart camilla love u so much
Path bloos
Path bloos 3 kun oldin
Aaaaaaa apaixonei ♡
Baby Blue
Baby Blue 3 kun oldin
Thank you camila!
Vimean Um
Vimean Um 3 kun oldin
My favorite song from the album 💖
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 3 kun oldin
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 3 kun oldin
katieeexox 3 kun oldin
Amazing song! ♥
ani boo
ani boo 4 kun oldin
eu te amo ♡
Laís Silveira
Laís Silveira 4 kun oldin
Amo ela maravilhosaaaaa
kaj si
kaj si 4 kun oldin
know you're lying when you're lying next to me
Sara Mahfud
Sara Mahfud 4 kun oldin
I hope she makes this the next single it’s so good, honestly my favourite off the album
Zig Zag_46
Zig Zag_46 5 kun oldin
I thought she was singing in another language at the beginning. Her voice is sexy as her. Damn!
Karina Queen
Karina Queen 5 kun oldin
I love Camila Cabello😍😍
paige sadler-Davey
paige sadler-Davey 5 kun oldin
I love camila cabello her songs are so relateable and she is so amazing xx
G B 5 kun oldin
🇨🇺 Bella! Arriba Cojimar!
erika kordei hernandez
Camila cabello 💞👄😫😥🤦😥no Camila 😥
Khaiflin K
Khaiflin K 7 kun oldin
i miss me and my best friend listening to her new songs
BR Lyrics
BR Lyrics 7 kun oldin
*”No reason to stay is a good reason to go”* 🇧🇷❤️😢
Kamylla Lopes
Kamylla Lopes 7 kun oldin
Meuri Naza
Meuri Naza 7 kun oldin
Ameiiiii muito essa música é linda demais 😄😊😉
Samara Cristina
Samara Cristina 7 kun oldin
Essa música me derrete por dentro me faz chorar 💔💔
jai wuz here
jai wuz here 7 kun oldin
can we get a music video pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
This song is just perfect and beautiful... 😢❤💔
BaltaLietuviS 7 kun oldin
Your album is a masterpiece! All you songs is o magical! I love you so much Camila! This song makes me cry, best song in album! Thank you Queen!
mary may e Marcelo Moura
I love is music ❤😍😘 i love camila cabello ❤😘😍🌸 mayor fã the camila cabello ❤❤❤😍
Barnali Deb
Barnali Deb 8 kun oldin
How many of you think that Camila looks a bit like grace vanderwall in her album ???
Camz 8 kun oldin
This song is ever sadder if your suicidal 💔
Victoria J.
Victoria J. 9 kun oldin
I don't know why i waited so long to listen to Camila's songs smh, I was rly missing out but happy im hearing them now lol better late than never
Nay RF
Nay RF 9 kun oldin
Siempre será está canción una de las más profundas y perfectas de Camila Cabello! Espero que todos la aprecien el verdadero arte musical. ❤
Vanessa Tacosi
Vanessa Tacosi 9 kun oldin
Es una cancion muy fuerte para mi
Nunthida Thipphanet
liseth veronica bonilla sanguino
Me encanta la cancion
Kelly Freitas
Kelly Freitas 10 kun oldin
Meu amor 😻
mary may e Marcelo Moura
I love IS music is best music for world 😍😘😍😘❤❤👏
sharon mairi
sharon mairi 10 kun oldin
Letícia Sales
Letícia Sales 10 kun oldin
Omg, love
Angel Piñero
Angel Piñero 11 kun oldin
Sam 11 kun oldin
PLEASE CAMILA. Please release this as a single because this so good! This song deserves it's own music video!
Puerta Valdivia
Puerta Valdivia 11 kun oldin
This deserved to be single
Angela. 11 kun oldin
Te amo Camila beba
Angela. 11 kun oldin
Mi fav
Nkosingiphile Sebenzile
if doesn't hurt why do i still cry ,if didn't kill than i'm half alive half alive camila though
Machante Burns
Machante Burns 12 kun oldin
you should do a video for this song!!
Taylor Regnier
Taylor Regnier 12 kun oldin
Such great LYRICS!!!
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 13 kun oldin
fad@@@@@@@ ♡♡♡♡♡
GhoStrike 13 kun oldin
If it didn't kill me, then I'm half alive.
Alejandra Espinoza
Alejandra Espinoza 13 kun oldin
still hurts
Jessi Barone
Jessi Barone 13 kun oldin
Te amo tanto
What's Up World?
What's Up World? 13 kun oldin
"No reason to stay... is a good reason to go." That hit me hard. It's so powerful.
Júnior Jão
Júnior Jão 13 kun oldin
Uma pedrada doeria menos! 😂
dolantwinzeez 13 kun oldin
ooooff this song... gets me in my feels
Angelina L.
Angelina L. 13 kun oldin
Lol i was waiting to say “Its not where you come from its where you belong” in the beginning becuz it sound the liek the fosters theme song lololol
Katie Flores
Katie Flores 14 kun oldin
2:43-2:46 is it me or does it sound like ally?
Sa Shelly
Sa Shelly 14 kun oldin
Come to the Hilo, Hawaii
Steffany Gomez
Steffany Gomez 14 kun oldin
Você não sabe o quanto eu te amo
Hong yaowalak
Hong yaowalak 15 kun oldin
love u camila❤
Hong yaowalak
Hong yaowalak 15 kun oldin
my favorite song💓💕
Neptuned 220
Neptuned 220 15 kun oldin
Last song before the voice breaks 😪
Dania Mohamed
Dania Mohamed 15 kun oldin
Favorite out of Camila's album
Heydi Medina
Heydi Medina 15 kun oldin
Donde están los latinoooos!
Elias Elias
Elias Elias 16 kun oldin
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 16 kun oldin
E top mesmo!!@@@@♡♡♡♡♡
Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanchez 16 kun oldin
I'll I do is give and all you do is take / something's gotta change , but I know that it won't... the 2 lines that I felt/relate to the most 😏
Mashed Potathoes
Mashed Potathoes 16 kun oldin
She didn't even swear ONCE in the WHOLE album, no nasty lyrics about sex and dick and twerking in music videos. Whole album is a MASTERPIECE FORREAL, every song has amazing lyrics and emotion, so beautifully written and sang, camila truly created a masterpiece she's a real artist and she's so talented it's unreal, and she was only 19 years old. Gives me goosebumps, sorry everyone else, this is the album of the decade. It deserves everything.
Aholf Ditler
Aholf Ditler 7 kun oldin
Mashed Potathoes if you like these kinds of songs I highly recommend Rachel Platten. She is severely underrated but I would argue she’s just as good as Camila
Sofia Villalta
Sofia Villalta 16 kun oldin
Vikalp Agrawal
Vikalp Agrawal 16 kun oldin
"No Reason To Stay Is A Good Reason To Go" So Depressing 😣 Listening Daily.. Do i need a Doctor 😣
J M 17 kun oldin
Stupid lyrics
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 17 kun oldin
princes@@@@@@ lind@@@@@@ ♡♡♡♡♡
Lucii Mendes
Lucii Mendes 17 kun oldin
I love this song 😍😍😍😥😭💔💛💛💘
Maksymilian Słowik
Maksymilian Słowik 17 kun oldin
"I should know by now, You should know by now, i think i breaking right now" how she sing this... it knocked me to my knees
E C L I P S E 18 kun oldin
I always get emotional every time i hear this song
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 18 kun oldin
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 18 kun oldin
Lykah Carvalho
Lykah Carvalho 18 kun oldin
P E R F E C T 🖤
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 18 kun oldin
Madison Bawa
Madison Bawa 19 kun oldin
i’m shook😫 i love u mila
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 19 kun oldin
música de princesa!!!@@@@♡♡♡♡♡
Khairunisa Daud
Khairunisa Daud 19 kun oldin
Her song is nice but i dont like her voice
anasianperson 19 kun oldin
1st Album name: Camila 2nd Album name: Cabello. Lol hahaha.
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 19 kun oldin
Loving i thought i could i couldn't get no higher Your November rain could set the night on fire, night on fire But we could only burn so long Counterfeit emotions only run skin deep Know your lying when your lying next to me, next to me How do we get so far gone I should know by now you should know by now we should know by now Somethings gotta give, Somethings gotta break but all i do is give and all you do is take Somethings gotta change but i know that it wont No reason to stay-ay ay ay ay ay ay Is a good reason to go, Is a good reason to go oh oh mmm I have never heard a silence quite so loud I walk in the room and you don't make a sound, make a sound Your good at making me feel small If doesn't hurt me why do i still cry If it didn't kill me then i'm half alive, half alive How do we get so far gone I should know by now you should know by now we should know by now Somethings gotta give, Somethings gotta break but all i do is give and all you do is take Somethings gotta change but i know that it won't No reason to stay- ay ay ay ay ay ay Is a good reason to go, Is a good reason to go I should know by you should know by now i think i;m breaking right now oh I should know by know you should know by now i think i'm breaking right now Somethings gotta give Somethings break but all i do is give and all u do is take Somethings gotta change (Somethings gotta change) no i know that it wont No reason to stay- ay ay Is a good reason to go, Is a good reason to go Somethings gotta give THAT'S THE WHOLE LYRICS TO SOMETHINGS GOTTA GIVE BY CAMILA CABELLO
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 4 kun oldin
if u listen to this to this song like me and youĺl the know lyrics to this song
jayla vanison
jayla vanison 4 kun oldin
thx for the likes
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 19 kun oldin
Eimy Camacho Flores
Eimy Camacho Flores 20 kun oldin
"No hay razón para quedarse, es una buena razón para irse" :( eso me dolió
Adriano Trevisan
Adriano Trevisan 20 kun oldin
Nossa que música deliciosa!!!!@@@@♡♡♡♡♡♡
Karla Gomes
Karla Gomes 20 kun oldin
Me encanta esta cancion,cami ya quiero oírte cantar esta canción en español porfa🙏🙏
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 20 kun oldin
This yells Lauren sorry not sorry
Harry Potter
Harry Potter 20 kun oldin
Don’t insult me I’m Harry just Harry
Floyd Montero
Floyd Montero 20 kun oldin
love this song... really touches my heart....
Minh Thủy
Minh Thủy 21 kun oldin
Love u Camila
Gojess Inna
Gojess Inna 21 kun oldin
Her voice, make all her songs perfect. My idol ❤️🙆🏻‍♀️🌸
Andres Torres
Andres Torres 21 kun oldin
Hermosa Canción Gracias a Camila tuve la fortuna de escucharla en vivo y fue de lo mejor 😍
Travis Searles
Travis Searles 21 kun oldin
Absolutely beautiful musician and person in general who was the original Queen of the World in a race for the king!😀
Travis Searles
Travis Searles 10 kun oldin
I just started a new race and you win it which gives you a better reason to go or leave whoever youre singing about in this song! See you shortly in Denver "Queen of the 🌎 Camila Cabello!
Michelle Lima
Michelle Lima 21 kun oldin
música muito boa demais 🖤😘 adoro mesmo até mais 😍😍😍😍
Into It
9 oy oldin