Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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16-May, 2018

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Valerie Pritt
Valerie Pritt 4 daqiqa oldin
The guy in the white shirt ✌
Michael Bidandi
Michael Bidandi 4 soat oldin
All lives will always matter and believe me it doesn’t matter what you think. Nothing can justify any-thinking against all lives matter . Change my mind (I’m black)
ruby thomas
ruby thomas 5 soat oldin
The police do not seem like racist violent people whaesoever
Ryan 4 soat oldin
True. Unlike BLM.
KillerDoc42 14 soat oldin
The guy in the white shirt should never be a cop, the young kid with the hat really did not bring anything to the table. The female cop needs to remain a cop, need more like her.
Conner Rain
Conner Rain 14 soat oldin
I still feel even after this video that the “black lives matter movement” just splits the country and I feel that people should stop thinking about race and sex and should come together and not choose sides on “black lives matter” or “all lives matter” we just need to get along and stop separating into different groups.
00Animosity00 15 soat oldin
BLM has a toxicity about it that new age Feminism does. It inherently exludes other people rather that having an inclusive standpoint about it. Thats why you find so many people going against movements like it because they feel attacked, they feel they're not welcome, they feel that they're sidelined. I would be considered black in America and I'd still feel like I'm not allowed to have an opinion. When you alienate certain portions of the population, you essentially do a disservice to your message and your movement. The whole thing about all lives matter is because black people aren't the only ones going through certain situations anymore and it's hard being another race listening to black people go on about situations that happened to them when it happened to you too and you get classed into a group of so called privileged human beings because of your skin colour. I have felt personally victimised by black people and I am not white, but I don't get to say anything about it. On another note. I can actually see where the guy in the white jersey is coming from with statistics. We have made things extremely emotional and the facts are in poorer communities which because of certain circumstances may have a higher percentage of a certain portion of the population crime is more likely to happen. However, the way he went about it could have been better.
balham456 22 soat oldin
“I’m Alisa. I’m African-American.” Er...you’re not.
The Goat
The Goat 22 soat oldin
In canada, 98% of the time police officers don’t even have to pull out a gun because they communicate so well they are able to et along with criminals.
Anthony Alanis
Anthony Alanis Kun oldin
Girl cop was kinda hot
Sneaking Raccoon Gaming
I don't care what these two say. I only see one black guy
Notorious.U.W.U !
Black lives matter is a terriost group there the more violent ones
FightClub Kun oldin
The bald guy is more white then black
G3MiNi Kun oldin
Blonde looks like my Exes mom
Cholo Gladiator
Cholo Gladiator Kun oldin
The man in white shirt does bring facts that must be addressed by both sides. Regardless if he seems "heartless" and "ignorant", facts are important to get things done and is something both sides can hopefully agree to address and to find a middle ground.
Mel K
Mel K 2 kun oldin
Major respect to the blonde officer 👌🏽 people question when I say I support law enforcement 100% as well as supporting black lives matter. Each group should voice their opinion. We definitely need more officers like her.
Shaquoya Delona
Shaquoya Delona 2 kun oldin
The Blm guy's face after the white woman says the Black Lives Matter movement was "exciting" 😭 Like Yeah No I was with you until you said that
Kendall McKay
Kendall McKay 2 kun oldin
This is always a hard topic for me so I kind of felt like the white woman the in the red sweatshirt I love her btw I’m black my my dad is also a law enforcer my dad has grew up in these rough neighborhoods he has provided for me so I wouldn’t have to live out his same life I believe officers should enforce law but be smart with their decisions as the white officer was saying killing shouldn’t be your go to ever I like the way she said a social worker with a gun cause this hits all points in my life my mother is also a social worker and she works with the police to help examine certain positions when having dealings with a black man or woman cause both my parents believe and so do I life is valuable and you can only live it once so you can’t let it be waisted also I’m not standing behind all actions of black folks cause sometimes we’re really tripping and get ourselves out in bad positions and you can’t argue with certain things but if death could be avoided that would be a great goal
The Black guy should be a motivational speaker 🙏🏽🙌🏽
Elise Battles
Elise Battles 2 kun oldin
so is that bald man implying that whenever a cop is behind him, he's trying to obey the law and drive safely, as to not get pulled over? BC same?
Kali Satterfield
Kali Satterfield 2 kun oldin
Pushing us back, we never left? I guess when caucasian people see a few blacks doing well, we have all made it? Segregation is alive and well.
Liberty Scott
Liberty Scott 2 kun oldin
The blonde lady is a fantastic example of a police officer, America needs far more like her. I'm genuinely confused why the guy in white is against de-escalation training, how is that a bad thing, just training in how to keep situations calm and communicate and understand behaviour is wrong now?! I trust the blonde lady to protect my community more than him quite frankly.
Autumn Harding
Autumn Harding 2 kun oldin
I disagree with the man in the white shirt about police officers not being social workers with a gun. They come across many cultural backgrounds and people with mental issues, health issues. Like the blonde woman said, their job is to deescalate the situation if possible. The best way to do that, without having to be violent, would be some sort of social training. Educating the people who enforce laws seems like the bare minimum that should be done. They do put their lives on the line and respect is deserved to the ones who carry out their job respectfully and in a responsible way.
kassarolekittah 2 kun oldin
I feel like that white guy is a Jordan Peterson fan boy
dezzioo 3 kun oldin
Aaron Green
Aaron Green 3 kun oldin
We all need to be a little more like the blonde officer
Aaron Green
Aaron Green 3 kun oldin
These 2 groups are living in really different worlds
kittysrock16 3 kun oldin
!!! Props to the blonde lady for using her privilege to stand up for oppressed people. That’s how you use your privilege
Micah Swaby
Micah Swaby 4 kun oldin
This gave me chills! Everyone should see this video and people need to wake up about things happening around our country. We can’t just be as blind as the law enforcement officer in the white shirt because clearly he’s missing the points but the blonde law enforcement officer and the bald guy really are moving to listen to!
Dante DiBello
Dante DiBello 4 kun oldin
To the public defense attorneys don’t ever put words in somebody’s mouth especially a dead role model
SummerRocks50 4 kun oldin
I agree that the term for the Black Lives Matter movement should not be changed to All Lives Matter, but rather recognize that it does apply primarily to black people. That being said I believe it does apply to all lives, others of importance being hispanic (or any poc) or muslim lives. Same thing can happen to them. Recognize that.
Jacob Critch
Jacob Critch 5 kun oldin
So divided and racially segregated still , sad
Quinn Reverance
Quinn Reverance 5 kun oldin
The only criticism I have for BLM is their generalization of Law Enforcement. I really liked that one bald BLM supporter guy, his points were very intelligent and articulate.
Mike Mac
Mike Mac 5 kun oldin
When a cop is driving behind me I signal, don't speed too. Huh.
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 4 kun oldin
Theres a difference between being cautious so you don't get a ticket and being cautious because you don't want to be murdered
Joshua Rathbun
Joshua Rathbun 5 kun oldin
black lives don't even matter to other black lives, so why should the rest of us care?
Holy Shit
Holy Shit 5 kun oldin
No lives matter
Steff James
Steff James 5 kun oldin
My guy in the white shirt speaking facts
Austin Bedwell
Austin Bedwell 5 kun oldin
problem with pulling officers from communities is, they have to actually qualify to be an officer and not a drop out or criminal
Zee K
Zee K 5 kun oldin
I love this. Especially when the black guy got to speaking🙌💯
Retjudge 5 kun oldin
1:08 should you not make sure you do that all the time while driving? And not when only police is behind you ?
Retjudge 4 kun oldin
+Laura Beth then look what i wrote....
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 4 kun oldin
+Retjudge He never said he ignores traffic laws, he said he is extra cautious when there is a cop car near him
Retjudge 4 kun oldin
+Laura Beth so did you...
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 4 kun oldin
+Retjudge You missed my point
Siaji Elisha
Siaji Elisha 5 kun oldin
That policewoman won my heart with her comment at 10:30 woah
Karina Guerra Galvez
I applaud the man representing the BLM.
Evan Harris
Evan Harris 6 kun oldin
Daryl seems like a dick. Don’t be like Daryl.
amelia kay
amelia kay 6 kun oldin
very smart group of people
Minnah Badruddin
Minnah Badruddin 6 kun oldin
That white guy made my blood boil
SS Robs
SS Robs 4 kun oldin
Minnah Badruddin Miss, calm down. You brought up this conversation, don't start to cry when people confront you with ACTUAL reality and correct your misinformation. The wage gap has be throughly debunked for years now. It's been illegal to pay people different based on solely sex for literal decades. What part about it do you have trouble understanding? I could cite some excellent videos proving it to be false, if you explain what you're having trouble with. I promise it is not real in modern U.S. society. The point is its sexist for no reason at all, not to mention ridiculous. But the more you go on it seems you are pretty sexist and ridiculous, not to mention racist and close minded. And finally 10 years old is not a teenager or anything close to it. You are a small child. While the age explains your very misguided views and opinions, it does not excuse them or the ignorance. You can run away from the conversation but it won't change the facts. I suggest you spend that long time before you even begin to grow up, trying to work on your education. Good luck with that, I hope you outgrow your very questionable beliefs.
Minnah Badruddin
Minnah Badruddin 4 kun oldin
Minnah Badruddin
Minnah Badruddin 4 kun oldin
+SS Robs sir the wage between man and women is a valid talking point and i WOULD TAKE SOMEONE seriously if they used the term womensplain because it DOES HAPPEN IN REALITY maybe your grasp on reality is extremely faint cause at least im not fighting a 10 year old SIR also mans plain is something that should be held as a NON COMEDIC STATEMENT i will no longer fight with u grown white men who have no further grasp on reality you trump supporting CRACK HEADS GOOD DAY TO YOU ALSO I WILL NO LONGER FIGHT WITH GROWN MEN WHO HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO WITH THEM SELVES ON THIS SOCIETY
Steff James
Steff James 4 kun oldin
+Minnah Badruddin also, realize how your comment has no likes but my and the other's guy reply has 2 likes. Lol
Reyna Ramos
Reyna Ramos 6 kun oldin
Can y’all make a podcast so i Can listen to this On my way! To work everyday?
Kai Schmidt
Kai Schmidt 6 kun oldin
Racism isn't going anywhere as long as it's a liberal media tool and excuse for others. The media uses black people and democrats need them for their politics. Thing of it is if we don't figure out how to get over it so we can move forward as a country we will fail and life as we know it will end. All of our enemies must enjoy watching all of this. The simple fact that their is such an internal battle to secure our borders speaks volumes. By the way I am not a racist....i hate everybody equally based on what you do and not who you are.
Chunks Bunks
Chunks Bunks 6 kun oldin
Most people use black lives matter as an excuse
max 123
max 123 6 kun oldin
Jack Hessey
Jack Hessey 6 kun oldin
*cough* *cough* more white people get shot by cops annually
My penis is incredibly small, but
+Laura Beth cough cough the number one killer of black Americans are other black Americans
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 6 kun oldin
Because white ppl make up the majority
Sabrina 124
Sabrina 124 7 kun oldin
The bald guy’s eyes are soooooooooo pretty!!!! Just saying ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Adwoa Chrappah
Adwoa Chrappah 7 kun oldin
I like the officer girl I felt like she took from both sides
Jada Wong
Jada Wong 7 kun oldin
That white guy really has 0 clue what the law is, how laws were made, and the social aspect of the legal system.
Элла Розенберг
same with the girl thats a cop
JustMai 7 kun oldin
"All lives can't matter until OUR lives matter" Revolutionary Manifesto, CUPSI team It actually is a White man's privilege to wish to look beyond any skin color, as if the color of the skin ISN'T the very point of conflict.
Courtney Rene
Courtney Rene 7 kun oldin
Omg the guy in the white shirt is such an ignorant smart ass... the bald guy is looking at him like don’t you try it
Youssef Edward
Youssef Edward 7 kun oldin
Another great episode! Keep up the great work! As a non-american, I'd be interested in a more international group of six discussing American issues like gun laws and capitalism vs socialism. Thank you.
Egg Salad
Egg Salad 8 kun oldin
Sandra is an SJW who didn't add anything of value to the dialogue
Egg Salad
Egg Salad 8 kun oldin
Daryl was in the rich and poor people video too. He really knows what he's talking about
Egg Salad
Egg Salad 8 kun oldin
"I think it's concerning that any movement would reject the fundamental premise of that(intrinsic god given life) while preaching for equality" spot on
Antonio Flores
Antonio Flores 8 kun oldin
How did she become a cop
Young Renegade
Young Renegade 8 kun oldin
I like the guy in the white. Like an off brand Ben Shapiro
Nick Name
Nick Name 8 kun oldin
The argument should be the rules on how police... "police" Most police men and women are abiding by rules and training given to them by their higher-ups.
Jenny Titus
Jenny Titus 9 kun oldin
1:25 He's rattling off all his accomplishments. That's great but how the hell is some officer know him as an individual?
T Bone
T Bone 9 kun oldin
Idk about y’all but when a cop drives behind me and I’m driving I make sure to do all the right things, and I’m not even black 🤷‍♂️
Intensely Delicious
Blonde girl looks like Jenna Marbles
nmkaspr Kasprowicz
nmkaspr Kasprowicz 9 kun oldin
I loved the female officer. She seemed to know what to do and when to do it.
Mykal Montgomery
Mykal Montgomery 9 kun oldin
Don’t get mad but can someone please explain why people are mad about all lives matter? I feel as if the statement is true but I just don’t know the whole story behind it.
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 5 kun oldin
+Michael Strom Professor David Theo Goldberg "The universalizing politics of “All lives matter” is one of racial dismissal, ignoring, and denial." Alicia Garza (blm co founder) "Other lives are valued more than black lives, and to take blackness out of this equation is inappropriate." President Barack Obama "I think that the reason that the organizers used the phrase Black Lives Matter was not because they were suggesting that no one else's lives matter, rather what they were suggesting was there is a specific problem that is happening in the african american community that's not happening in other communities." Sociologist Joe Feagin "white people use the phrase all lives matter to ignore the Black Lives Matter movement, which is already about liberty and justice for all." And quite plainly stated by Professor Carla Shedd "All Lives Matter' can actually be interpreted as racist."
Michael Strom
Michael Strom 5 kun oldin
+Laura Beth how so? From what I recall all lives and blue lives started around the time there were a few attacks on police officers from black people. I've never once heard somebody when saying all lives matter was not meant to be exactly what it says. ALL lives matter.
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 5 kun oldin
+Michael Strom The name is a misnomer
Michael Strom
Michael Strom 5 kun oldin
+Laura Beth but how can a movement that would include blm be attempting to negate it? All lives includes black lives. Like said in the other one alm seems to just be saying hey this isn't just an issue for black people.
jack hayes
jack hayes 9 kun oldin
black people like this act like every cop hates black people
Creeping Shooter
Creeping Shooter 9 kun oldin
I went to jail a lot for fighting for woman's rights. Yeah, I think you were just fighting.
Creeping Shooter
Creeping Shooter 9 kun oldin
This video needs to be reported for lack of logic.
Dalton Lewis
Dalton Lewis 9 kun oldin
The law enforcement supporter was a genius
SS Robs
SS Robs 4 kun oldin
Dalton Lewis Laura doesn't like him because he disagrees with her.
Dalton Lewis
Dalton Lewis 5 kun oldin
Laura Beth what
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 6 kun oldin
Pepe Le Kek
Pepe Le Kek 9 kun oldin
I can't wait for the next episode, "Can BLM see eye-to-eye with a tribe of gorillas?"
Pepe Le Kek
Pepe Le Kek 8 kun oldin
+Ryan true
Ryan 8 kun oldin
But BLM are the tribe of gorillas...?
Mark Aswad
Mark Aswad 9 kun oldin
Amazing how the liberal media has brainwashed everyone on here. The white guy was using statistics from the FBI, and facts. Facts help you understand THE REAL situation, not the one being displayed by propagandists. The question was simply: Do you believe that all lives matter? NOT Do you believe in the slogan: All lives matter? You twist the things with your own mind. That question was simple. American communites, ESPECIALLY minorities blame everyone for their failures but them. It's sad, that even with how great the economy is doing, that's why the US is going down the drain in terms of international influence, and watching Russia, China and Iran take over. That's coming from an outsider by the way.
SarkastikO 9 kun oldin
People, no matter what, will be bad or good, that's what really counts. The other aspects are just statistics. Educate yourselves more, cherish life more and when you decide to have kids, try to be a model for them, a good one. Otherways mankind it's on a brink of loosing the battle with itself.
kandilynnnnnnnnnn 9 kun oldin
Anyone else hoping bald hunk and bad ass beauty fall in love?
Valencia Owens
Valencia Owens 9 kun oldin
The Lady in the Red, the officer made me cry.
Laura Alanis
Laura Alanis 9 kun oldin
My penis is incredibly small, but
+Laura Beth yea....that's what all means....
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 6 kun oldin
That includes black lives.
Bogusgal 9 kun oldin
The BLM was too soft here. The white guy was willfully arrogant and an embarrassment to the human race.
megachef04 8 kun oldin
+Michael Strom what data?! He calls the white guy an embarrassment to the human race, he knows nothing about him, that was a ignorant comment. But plz tell me where the "data" is Einstein
Michael Strom
Michael Strom 8 kun oldin
Willfully ignorant of what? He used data to back up his view point. At least in thst regard seems to be quite the opposite of ignorant.
megachef04 9 kun oldin
Explain what you mean, I couldn't read through all the ignorance in your comment
Chelsea Bailey
Chelsea Bailey 9 kun oldin
Random conversation with a coworker who doubles as an actor. He got a gig to play a criminal in police deescalation training because powerpoint was considered highly ineffective by that police department.
Samya 9 kun oldin
The B.L.M man spoke in a way that people can really understand like he broke down everything he said without sounding like a broken record if that makes sense.👏🏽
Park Noah
Park Noah 9 kun oldin
okay, I see a lot of arguments. all lives do matter, however, the all lives matter movement was created after the black lives matter to say that they shouldn't be focusing on one community but the whole. the problem with this is that it underrates the struggle that black people go through because of racism and doesn't specify the problem whereas black lives matter focuses on the rights that black people don't normally have, and it is pretty clear that racism exists. All lives matter is great but it diminishes the value and meaning of the black lives matter.
Michael Strom
Michael Strom 7 kun oldin
+Park Noah give me 1 example of a police officer killing a black person because they are black in the last 10 years. Actual proof they did it solely because the person is black. You realize plenty of white people get shot by police as well right? Ever heard of Daniel shaver? I'm still wondering what rights black people don't have as well.
Park Noah
Park Noah 7 kun oldin
Michael Strom people from other race are also affected by racism but the black lives matter movement started because of the deaths of black people which shows the severity of the situation
Michael Strom
Michael Strom 8 kun oldin
Indeed I mean we wouldn't stop police brutality as a whole we need to make sure it only stops for black people. exactly what rights don't black people have that others do?
maddie hall
maddie hall 10 kun oldin
all lives matter ❤️
Taetae is baebae
Taetae is baebae 10 kun oldin
I can see where the guy with the white shirt is coming from, but I can't agree with some things he says.
Taetae is baebae
Taetae is baebae 10 kun oldin
I completely agree with the blonde officer. I was expecting her to be arrogant 🙃, guess you can't judge a book by its cover
Asya A
Asya A 10 kun oldin
Im sorry did my dude really just try to compare shootings in chicago to school shootings??
Michael Strom
Michael Strom 8 kun oldin
+Asya A shouldn't it be though? The phrase is black lives matter so one would think their top priority would be focusing on the issue of what takes the most black lives and what takes the most black lives is other black people. Makes perfect sense why he would bring it up.
Ryan 9 kun oldin
+Asya A Don't care. BLM is pure evil.
Asya A
Asya A 9 kun oldin
Ryan that’s so not the point
Ryan 9 kun oldin
Shooting in Chicago are 100x the number of school shootings.
ReflectionDesmond 10 kun oldin
This whole video makes me cringe black that black this first of all.... color is a title to identify what our perceptual eyes see as color so to identify people as white or black is basically identifying them by not there historical culture one comes from African and European. Using those words gives a back round of the one. Using the words African and European.
ReflectionDesmond 10 kun oldin
Do we say black people or African people, black berries or African berries....
YadaGamer 10 kun oldin
White guy seems like Chael Sonnens cousin lmao
FEARTHESPEAR 10 kun oldin
Martin Luther King was going thru a heckuva lot different problem, that's when blacks actually WERE oppressed
E W 10 kun oldin
Black people aren’t the only ones that start paying super close attention to whatever they’re doing when there’s a cop behind them and making sure they do everything correctly. I’m pretty sure that that applies to everyone.
Laura Beth
Laura Beth 6 kun oldin
There's a difference between paying attention because you don't want a ticket and paying attention because you don't want to be murdered
Pa Jamas!!!!
Pa Jamas!!!! 10 kun oldin
I think that the dude in the white shirt is a racist
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores 10 kun oldin
They’re black? They’re lighter than me lmao. Why black people complain too much. But how they more likely to commit crime. Asians, Latinos and brown combined doesn’t compare! Doesn’t even come close to the crime that is committed by the blacks. Blacks are toxics I experienced more racism from the blacks more than everyone.
Soul Bruteflow
Soul Bruteflow 10 kun oldin
The dude in white was in rich and poor people episode. It's strange.
Dara Conner
Dara Conner 10 kun oldin
I’m not feeling the guy in the white shirt.
JxJxJxJx 10 kun oldin
5:15 Oh you mean the implicit bias training that has zero scientific credibility and if anything is shown to cause more problems that it's intended to solve? Oh yeah, great, more of that.
Biovox13 10 kun oldin
Yea its...totally only "white" men walking into schools with "AR-15s". Come on. Don't be naive
Emmanuel Wehgar
Emmanuel Wehgar 11 kun oldin
I love this!
NeonShadowhand 11 kun oldin
I wish there was an uncut version
poppy seed
poppy seed 11 kun oldin
Those people don't even look black
Conservative Corps
Conservative Corps 11 kun oldin
None of the blm people were even “black” (brown skinned) sooooooo