Can Black Lives Matter & Law Enforcement See Eye To Eye?

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16-May, 2018



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jiggums 43 daqiqa oldin
The guy in white is very respectful
The New York Kid
The New York Kid Soat oldin
That guy talking in 9:32 made me annoyed because the black lives matter supporters were trying to address it in a peaceful manner and he was too but he was pulling out every stop to basically make somebody get aggravated by saying “ ThAts NoT ThE QueSTiOn” like ok but they were addressing it!
Kara Ames
Kara Ames 3 soat oldin
UNPOPULAR OPINION! Black lives matter just as much as everyone else's lives. You're not better and neither is anyone else.
Adam James
Adam James 6 soat oldin
Bryson Batch
Bryson Batch 14 soat oldin
See that female officer! Now that’s the kinda women that is the PERFECT police officer. By the end of the video the black dude eyes were softened by her compassion. More cops like her!!!
paige michalowski
paige michalowski 20 soat oldin
the question was do you believe all lives matter. a simple yes or no. it's not a question you need to break down
Ali Jaffery
Ali Jaffery Kun oldin
The cop is the one dressed the most thug like here.
TheOfficialChef Kun oldin
"(((((White men))))) walking into schools with ars" why do they always have to hit us with the white men
Joel Mesfin
Joel Mesfin Kun oldin
I'm black and I agree with the dude with the white shirt he was referencing statistics and empirical data the rest used anecdotal experiences. I'm sorry but stating black lives matter doesn't help the black community the black community have a crime problem in america because of the culture they see the political party they support. Black lives matter doesn't do anything but create riots and destruction to the infrastructure spent by tax payers money. Honestly at some point black people have to start owning up to their own actions instead of labelling every injustice in society racist. I'm scared the world is turning to a world of feelings rather than facts the fact is black population is 80 times more likely to commit a crime than a white person that's a fact and no amount of feelings is gonna hide it. Instead of shouting black lives matter go to school go to higher education get a degree actually work hard. Instead of sitting on your butt working at McDonald's and complaining about the lack of a 6 figure check. The solution has to come from within the black community no more spending trillions of dollars on this problem.
Jala Lake
Jala Lake Kun oldin
That women police officer is the 🐐🐐 there needs to be more officers like her in the system
carlos pena
carlos pena Kun oldin
That white male cop looks like the rich emo from one of their other videos or is it just me ?
Brian Hartman
Brian Hartman Kun oldin
I like to imagine that after this video wrapped, the bald dude took that greasy incel out back and beat the ever-living sh*t out of him.
Ryan Kun oldin
So BLM resorts to violence? Typical.
Smooth Shaven Balls
🔴 Come to my house for drinks snacks and conversation. ✔
daff152 2 kun oldin
The dude in the white shirt really irked my nerve. You are not a police officer or attempted to become one and speaking on the ways police should police other people. And thanking them for their service like they are military members. Get out of here with that.
insulinfish 2 kun oldin
The bottom line is as an organization Black lives matter is immoral. I will never judge you on skin color or sex but simply by the decisions you make
CaliKat 2 kun oldin
Officers need to be social workers, they need to understand their communities, their job isn't "just" enforcing the law...any officer who believes that is a danger to their community.
RebzTheDuke 2 kun oldin
I support a small fraction of the blacklivesmatter movement but i dont support the fact that the blacklivesmatter movement keep on blaming the death of black men brought by white cops. The blacklivesmatter movement is constantly avoiding the fact that black on black crime is the number one cause of a number of black men being dead. According to statistics about 87% of black men are killed by a white cop whereas about 98% of black men are killed by their fellow black men. It doesn't make sense to focus on one aspect of something rather than looking at two valid points in the us. I am a 19 black male that says the blacklivesmatter movement is only focusing on one aspect of the number of deaths of black men rather than looking at two aspects which is black on black crime.
JaM EvolvE
JaM EvolvE 2 kun oldin
Idk if I should watch this
karina ferguson
karina ferguson 2 kun oldin
Owen Pagliaro
Owen Pagliaro 2 kun oldin
I actually liked the guy in the white
cynthx 3 kun oldin
Conservative African Americans Find Common Ground with Liberal African Americans
Tryinggs 3 kun oldin
Let’s just say it simply, blacks are not oppressed, woman have equal rights, and blacks and whites have equal rights. Simple.
Deus Vult
Deus Vult 3 kun oldin
Is the guy in the white tee the same person from the Rich/Poor video?
Trent P
Trent P 3 kun oldin
So the question “Do all lives matter” is asked, only 2 people get up and sit down. Later, the rest of them sit down and say all lives matter but using different words. Honestly, have the BLM people seen how many black on black homicides happen each day? It’s significantly higher than the number of homicides police commit on black people. Also, police don’t shoot people because of their skin color. They shoot people because they feel threatened because everybody is against law enforcement in today’s society.
Keith Herrera
Keith Herrera 3 kun oldin
FBI crime statistics table 43A shows that based on the amount of violent crime commited by black men they are actually underrepresented by an insane margin in police shootings and to top that off black people are 9 times more likely to resist arrest than whites. Stop committing violent crime and comply with police officers and no one will ever get shot and you can take that to the bank. BLM has caused more damage to our country and to race relations than the current KKK has. I will pay someone $1000 if you can prove me wrong.
Blase Clay
Blase Clay 3 kun oldin
everyone is scared when a cop is behind them in the car.
Zoe 3 kun oldin
You know I'd love to see more black officers, I feel like it would increase the empathy among officers who used to only encounter black people in the bad parts of the city because they would have black colleagues to relate to. For black citizens, having officers that know and understand what it's like living as that race and in that community, I feel it would be a comfort and know that the police as an organization is actually trying to protect you as it should. I know the answer isn't that simple but I feel like being a police officer should definitely be encouraged.
kili sloe
kili sloe 4 kun oldin
Black lives matter is a joke.
Zach E
Zach E 4 kun oldin
That female police officer is fineeeeee😍 0:30
Cody Rogers
Cody Rogers 4 kun oldin
Hate to break it to the first guy talking about when a cop car drives behind him but pretty much everybody in that same situation does the same thing as far as trying not to get pulled over whether they fear for their lives or not.
Brittany Higgins
I, as a white female, do the same thing. It gives me so much anxiety having a police officer behind me lol
Yegroid 4 kun oldin
These "African americans" look more white or Hispanic than anything lol
Matthew Johnstone
Matthew Johnstone 4 kun oldin
there’s no point in continuing to argue against pro BLM people because they will never stop crying and getting over the mass black slavery that occurred almost 200 years ago.
Matthew Johnstone
Matthew Johnstone 4 kun oldin
*police officer dresses like a gangbanger* kowalski, analysis.
Jay 4 kun oldin
I think MLK wouldn’t want to be part of BLM
makeupbby.emily 4 kun oldin
we need more people like the dude in the white top
Ricardo Ruiz
Ricardo Ruiz 4 kun oldin
If anyone thinks that their race matters more because they’re “highly targeted” you’re racist.
Adam Hoke
Adam Hoke 5 kun oldin
Dude in the white looks like he has been put on suspension a few times
minervaeiou 5 kun oldin
I agree with the white male and what he said about kids out of wedlock is important. I don't think is a bad thing to memorize statistics, he is trying to make a point.
Hello 123456789
Hello 123456789 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or do the black people in this video not look black?
Kayli Carr
Kayli Carr 5 kun oldin
can you do a black and Hispanic spectrum
Elijah 314
Elijah 314 5 kun oldin
5:55 No he wouldn't because if he got trained in a police academy then his whole mindset would change on how to handle those situations and even then he'd know that there will be assholes out there that still wont listen and cause a problem that results in someone getting killed. 6:55 No he'd be against it because he'd be confused between the ones who are more civil and the ones who cause trouble and disturbances when they protest. She's thinking of Malcolm X who was more radical than MLK where MLK's method was to march peaceful which is not always common with BLMs practice of protesting and the fact that he wouldn't like so BLM protest excluding other races from joining in the protest as he would've probably researched and realized white people are affected by this as well and need to join to make the protests much more effective
rose ashley
rose ashley 5 kun oldin
people say oh man im not racist but yet you see a african american man driving a lexus and the police officers be asking licsence and regrisration but if it was a white man they would say " have a nice day" . just stating facts
Rejoice ChristisKing
This was the most amazing- peaceful, diverse and such sportmanslike conversation on such a heated topic...Yes middle Ground
Cari Lz
Cari Lz 6 kun oldin
He said children out of wedlock is social chaos 🤦🤦🤦 he memorized all those 'stats' just for this show😂
Danny Burke
Danny Burke 6 kun oldin
All lives includes black lives
KN Games
KN Games 6 kun oldin
Quick question the cop with the black hair was also in another video saying that he was a multi millionaire, I’m petty confident that this UZvid channel is tell certain people what to say, cops are not millionaires so.....
Anshura A
Anshura A 6 kun oldin
This is great’ but why is police training only needed when dealing with black people in any situation’
Zachary Alexander
Zachary Alexander 6 kun oldin
Yes, there’s higher crime rates comparatively between blacks and any other ethnic group. The question is probably why though!
Anya Manson
Anya Manson 6 kun oldin
I bet you that guy doesn’t believe in white privilege🤣🤣🤣
Anya Manson
Anya Manson 5 kun oldin
Ryan white privilege is real white privilege has nothing to do with how much money you make, where you come from etc white privilege is how society views and treats white people and also the advantages white Americans have white privilege happens only in America ..one example in school we learn a white washed history we talk about “African American” history for only 2 weeks now they’re just now creating those classes but here’s the catch you’re not required to take those African American history classes ..why not? Is that not fair it’s equal bc we have both classes but it ain’t fair bc not everyone has to take it...another example of white privilege when black Americans are STILL scared of the police but white Americans aren’t bc the law was and is always on their side🤣🤣..I asked my friend “how does it feel to be white I’m America?” She said “it’s annoying bc everyone assumes that I’m the rich little white girl and they assume that I’m all proper” but when black people are talked about it’s like they’re dangerous ,they have no money and they’re ghetto..WP IS REAL
Ryan 5 kun oldin
Stop thumbing yourself up, WP isn't real.
Anya Manson
Anya Manson 6 kun oldin
That guy knew where “all lives matter” came from he knew that it was a response from self centered white Americans(not all) who basically say “idc if you’re dying of thirst We’re all a little thirsty too so just deal like it like the rest of us” when it comes to black lives matter
Get Good
Get Good 6 kun oldin
The black guy with green eyes and light skin.... Is he not 1/2 white? We are all human, respect that, get over yourselves and bury the victimhood mentality.
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage 6 kun oldin
You should pay more attention to what he was saying instead of him possibly being half white....also the older lady with the glasses as well...listen to them and stop dismissing issues as just a "victimhood mentality"
Jared Moreno
Jared Moreno 7 kun oldin
If you stop attacking police officers when they are telling you to remain claim then they would stop shooting you.
nora g
nora g 7 kun oldin
that guy with the white shirt really ain’t it
reshi p
reshi p 7 kun oldin
The black masters degree holder diiiin-duuuooo nuffin
Diego Trujillo
Diego Trujillo 7 kun oldin
BLM is a joke
Daylight NL
Daylight NL 7 kun oldin
Conclusion? NOTHING..
Ether 7 kun oldin
People love holding onto the black crime is more than white crime myth
Ryan 6 kun oldin
It isn't a myth. PROVE it's a myth. Show me statistics. NOT ones made by Huffpost or washingtonpost.
Brylee Dean
Brylee Dean 7 kun oldin
That one white dude: Social chaos-yeah those children born out of wedlock that end up being total failures simply because they were born out of wedlock. Dude are you actually serious? Are we living in 1652?
lawson Elijah
lawson Elijah 5 soat oldin
😂 he got it all wrong there.
cynd winzeler
cynd winzeler 7 kun oldin
BLM was started based on controversial cases already researched and tried and found where the VAST majority of ALL evidence/witnesses/forensics showed the opposite of their stance. Many within do NOT believe that, but the leadership seems to
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage 6 kun oldin
Ya? Malcolm X started as a hustler/Criminal....things change
YadaGamer. 8 kun oldin
There's always two extremes. On one side there's the guy in the white who believes people are robots and should have no compassion. On the other side there's the woman in the grey who tries to be empathetic to the point where it becomes delusion. The one real gem in this video is the beautiful blond lady in the red. Logical, strong, but compassionate and understands that we are human beings with emotions. That's who everyone should try to cumulate
bridget marie
bridget marie 8 kun oldin
“rampant social chaos”
Kirsten McCormick
Kirsten McCormick 8 kun oldin
That melonin officer has so much anxiety and anger. Clinching Jaws and fidgety the whole time
Isaac McCabe
Isaac McCabe 8 kun oldin
Bruh on god the two black people don’t even look black
L A 8 kun oldin
Black Lives Matter is extremely racist organization
L A 8 kun oldin
Martin Luther King would NOT be down for BLM..
p1ounce 3 kun oldin
“The white man does not abide by the law... His police forces are the ultimate mockery of law.”
p1ounce 3 kun oldin
"I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard.”
p1ounce 3 kun oldin
"We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality."
One Deep Savage
One Deep Savage 6 kun oldin
Malcolm X would have lol
Keenan Rivera
Keenan Rivera 9 kun oldin
14:18 she giving him the sex eye tho
Jacob C
Jacob C 9 kun oldin
I hate when people like the guy in the white shirt frame things in the way he does. A lot of the people that claim to be about "facts" and "logic" really only apply it when convenient. He never gives any thought to the "reality" he claims to be focusing on, which has a history and society that develops a context under which things happen. He doesn't think about why black people may commit more crime, or why BLM advocates disregard AllLivesMatter. He just completely ignores the whole picture, and the way he makes it seem like he's the reasonable one is just so hard to watch.
Thank you____, very cool! !
Old lady with the white hair said she got arrested for being a feminist lol. I would be willing to bet it wasn’t because she was a feminist...
Xors 9 kun oldin
1:08 pretty sure everyone obeys every single traffic law when they see a cop car nearby lol, dont know what that has to do with black people
æstheticuchiha 7 kun oldin
The reason he brings that up is because in today’s society, racist or white supremacy officers most likely pull over cars when it’s driver is a person of color
Bryce Cai
Bryce Cai 9 kun oldin
Never Back down
Never Back down 9 kun oldin
The blonde police officer 👀
Nathan Castro
Nathan Castro 9 kun oldin
I hate when half Black and half White people, represent more and seem more proud of their black side, rather than their white side, I’m 3/4 Southern European and 1/4 Latin and I’m equally proud of both sides!!! hate when people prefer or act more like one race when there different races!!
tiacooper23 9 kun oldin
I believe that talking about color isn’t bringing us back. I think it’s very progressive for us to sit with others who look different than us and have a conversation. Also let’s stop saying just because Martin Luther King Jr said a speech about colors coming together doesn’t mean everything was fixed.
Ryan 9 kun oldin
True, but let's not pretend BLM is on his side.
KB Vlog spot
KB Vlog spot 10 kun oldin
Instead of asking "do you think all lives matter" as a question maybe the question could have been rephrased as "do you think all people regardless of pigment have a right to live without harm" then I think everyone would agree
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 10 kun oldin
Bald guy and white guy both are not open to having their minds changed and really got nothing from the discussion.
Tamara D
Tamara D 10 kun oldin
The white guy is like a robot
FlyingV 10 kun oldin
Some people just dont get it nor have the ability to put themselves in others shoes. Sigh... Its exhausting.
Deminate 10 kun oldin
i'm not making any statements here, i could care less either way, but it's a little funny that not a single black person was there to speak on behalf on blacks.
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 10 kun oldin
Black lives dont matter! Blue lives matter and so do white lives matter.
phoreal22 10 kun oldin
Man that first guy has all these degrees, I can't imagine how large his student debt is.
Jasmin 10 kun oldin
*Black lives matter* no, All Lives Matter. Not just black lives 😂😂
The RxN Channel
The RxN Channel 10 kun oldin
I love these conversations.
Aldo Aguirre
Aldo Aguirre 10 kun oldin
1:00 I think everyone who wants too avoid a unnecessary ticket does that sir.
Miles Standish
Miles Standish 11 kun oldin
12:36 she’s just wrong there. You’re a police officer, you’re there to uphold the law.
Goled Fullerson
Goled Fullerson 11 kun oldin
everyone is making comments on the guy in the white shirt, but if you guys actually valued the content of the video and what he’s saying, you wouldn’t be saying that. i also love how the two women feel the need to mention that they are a white woman in all of their statements. the mere fact that they feel that their race is required to validate their statements indicates a certain amount of racism in THEM, and in the BLM movement members. the white shirt guy and the other officer don’t feel the need to mention their race and i’m especially glad that white shirt guy didn’t because 1.) being a white male kn today’s society is essentially a sin, as white are evil and oppressors of all black people and minorities and 2.) it would devalue the weight of his arguments even further
unkown person
unkown person 11 kun oldin
my hero is martin luther king jr.
Alex Monreal
Alex Monreal 11 kun oldin
God. The guy in the white shirt is so punchable
Ini Ubaha
Ini Ubaha 11 kun oldin
Lots of cops suck you know why couple reasons 1 is they deal with the worst in humanity daily so they are almost programmed to react a certain way, secondly they don't require much educational background.
Domaz Productions
Domaz Productions 11 kun oldin
good to see some people of both sides being well spoken and have productive arguments. although it was sort of disappointing seeing people talk over one another, except that old lady she just kind of seemed like someone who parrots what other sjws say lol
Terra Shelley
Terra Shelley 11 kun oldin
This guy is seriously saying social chaos is an increase in out of wedlock birth rates? Omfg I can’t
Luis Chumpitaz
Luis Chumpitaz 11 kun oldin
The black live matter guy isn’t full Black. He’s clearly a multiracial individual.
Ale Hernández
Ale Hernández 9 kun oldin
And your point is?
FuZiioN 11 kun oldin
Well, considering that the black community in the US commits more crime despite being a minority, doesn't make me wonder why police would be more wary around them.
Jonathan Ellis DIY Videos
Is that "Black Guy" with greens eyes like 10 percent black? I bet he uses that word that white people can't use quite often in front of all his friends, guaranteed. You can tell he is charged up and ready for confrontation.
Olivia Cunningham
Olivia Cunningham 11 kun oldin
I litterally cant with this white guy. He is arguing with everyone and i seriously question if he understands why All Lives Matter takes away from Black Lives Matter
MILK SAN 11 kun oldin
bro why yall ignoring da female officer in the red and how she built?
Nick Pendergraph
Nick Pendergraph 12 kun oldin
Implicit bias training doesn't work
skriller bee
skriller bee Kun oldin
Ikr im asian and i think anti bias training is a waste of money it pretty much makes racist ppl hate poc more because they feel forced to do something they dont like and normal non racist people which astronomicaly out numbers racist ppl be annoyed to the special treatment minorities recieve
Tim Culhane
Tim Culhane 12 kun oldin
Implicit bias .. pshhh
Cesar Cruz
Cesar Cruz 12 kun oldin
MLK would not support BLM today
AnthonyMorrisJr 12 kun oldin
Someone give the law enforcement woman my number... I wanna wife her up.
Vids by Dub
Vids by Dub 12 kun oldin
this conversation did literally nothing constructive for either side as I saw it.
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