Can Gordon Ramsay Save Pantaleone's? | Kitchen Nightmares Supercut

Kitchen Nightmares
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The Best Pizza in Denver? More like the WORST pizza in Denver.
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6-Sen, 2017



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skbuoy 2 soat oldin
Honestly the food looked good. I’m not a fancy person
George Hatoutsidis
George Hatoutsidis 4 soat oldin
Πάλη τσιμπούκι γίναμε
Jake Hill
Jake Hill 5 soat oldin
Nothing wrong with big portions Gordon ya twat
U mad Bro?
U mad Bro? 6 soat oldin
Pantalonés? Pants?
Crocoman 723
Crocoman 723 7 soat oldin
It's not classic you dunce its autistic
George Perkins
George Perkins 7 soat oldin
We need Portnoy to come review this place
Slayer84 pussy
Slayer84 pussy 8 soat oldin
one good thing on that pizza is it doesn't have PINEAPPLES
ForKsi 8 soat oldin
i love that much cheese
Drkwatch 17 soat oldin
I like watching this and thinking how bizzare it would look if it was actually like this and not just cut for length. "This is disgusting, this is the worst pizza in Denver, jesus. Come on, I'm taking you to Vegas." "I'm so sorry Chef...wait what?" "You heard me, you serve me this utter garbage and think you can get away with it? No, we're going to Vegas, fuck you."
Money Limo
Money Limo 19 soat oldin
Look like my high school pizza 10 years ago .. jesus
Lyas 21 soat oldin
I would still eat it
Kevin Zarate
Kevin Zarate 22 soat oldin
That food is like my school my school is food gusting
Kiri Kiske
Kiri Kiske 23 soat oldin
I actually would like some pizza now ..
Kaylee Miller
Kaylee Miller Kun oldin
He needs to come to my school and judge our lunch lady’s food
GoldenAlex222 Gaming and more!
Everything looks really good except the meatball hero
Hans Fijnzand
Hans Fijnzand Kun oldin
I'd absolutely devour that hero sandwich and pizza.
Nadine Witte
Nadine Witte Kun oldin
Max Rex
Max Rex Kun oldin
would love to push that whole pizza in his face and keep it there till he smothers.what a scumbag this so called man is
Lillian Walton
Lillian Walton Kun oldin
That pizza looks good to me I eat it
Havox Kun oldin
Maria Yanez
Maria Yanez Kun oldin
Imagine the thick crust pizza 😱
G. Had
G. Had Kun oldin
Rao’s make spaghetti sauce
alex poole
alex poole Kun oldin
Could I have some pizza with that 3 bags of 32oz mozzarella cheese!
GrandShows Kun oldin
But Gordon ordered clams? He didn’t get to eat that
Juan AguilarD
Juan AguilarD Kun oldin
little ceasers is better than that trash
Leonardo Acosta
Leonardo Acosta Kun oldin
This is how many times Gordon Ramsey is the nicest ⬇️
There is a place where I live in NJ that has calzones that size but they actually taste good and are made properly. They do take about 3 meals to eat though
xX TruthGamer2 Xx
xX TruthGamer2 Xx 2 kun oldin
Teacher : You are failing your classes. Me : I am still disagreeing with you.
KAY DE 2 kun oldin
Errrrrr Pantaleones what is WRONG WITH YOU O.O
Canes Venatici
Canes Venatici 2 kun oldin
Yo, my pizza is the worst. I think I'm in need to go to Vegas, chef Ramsay.
L Tronix
L Tronix 2 kun oldin
Pizza looks good ngl
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith 2 kun oldin
you’d be up all night vomiting chunks of thick grease cheese.
Vino sitas
Vino sitas 2 kun oldin
1:30 the editors are so petty putting in those nasty ass sounds hahahhahaha.
Gelina Ann
Gelina Ann 2 kun oldin
I Like his dialogue!👍😋
BadAss Dan
BadAss Dan 2 kun oldin
I would smash the shit out of that waite- I mean pizza...
Leon Liu
Leon Liu 2 kun oldin
Lol this is like the first time I've ever seen Gordon be nice on this channel
John Smith
John Smith 2 kun oldin
Well hey, the server was EXTRA cute....js.
recklss323 Kun oldin
on me she is who got the @
Promethus Lecalvez
Promethus Lecalvez 2 kun oldin
Pizza crust is like anything else : the thicker the better
Cousin Complanation
Why does that look good? That’s what I eat
jeff 5
jeff 5 3 kun oldin
The thumbnail makes me hungry
σπύρος spiros
I'd have died with that lovely pizza
Prabhanjan Navarathna
Gordon "Shit" Restaurant lady ,"I let u take that in"🤣🤣
xxxgameboyxxx boygamexxx
*T H I C C* Crust not t h i c c as I tought
laura luke
laura luke 3 kun oldin
stop calling the waitress 'darling'
Ikmalreza 1998
Ikmalreza 1998 3 kun oldin
Fun fact,most of these shops still failed from a business perspective even with Gordon's "divine" intervention.
Zues 52
Zues 52 3 kun oldin
Gordon is a god.....but from sight I disagree on the pizza
ktran 3 kun oldin
That's looks worse than my schools pizza
the kid who sucks at drawing
I'm glad too see the workers happy 😀
nostickpeople 3 kun oldin
Hate to say it! But as much as i love Gordon. Thats the way good crappy food should be! Thats the way Americans like it!
Lui Martinez
Lui Martinez 3 kun oldin
The first waiter looking cute
drfeelgud88 3 kun oldin
Philly Lazono
Philly Lazono 3 kun oldin
The food looks good
Shit head
Shit head 4 kun oldin
u`r shit ramsy
Shit head
Shit head 4 kun oldin
u`r shit ramsy
Shit head
Shit head 4 kun oldin
u`r shit ramsy
Shit head
Shit head 4 kun oldin
u`r shit ramsy
TANG ZHE 4 kun oldin
shadow sans wife and girlfriend
their thick crusts wouldn’t even be edible-
smokestrong1000 4 kun oldin
thumbs up if you don't eat pizza without dipping it in garlic sauce first
Daniel Enochs
Daniel Enochs 4 kun oldin
Roar Onion!
Optimus 4 kun oldin
The pizza looks like little Caesars cheesy pizza lol 😂 but I bet it doesn’t taste like it.. hmmm what’s the thick crust hmmm🧐
Mr. Miscellaneous
Mr. Miscellaneous 4 kun oldin
*Cooks terrible pizza, gets to go to Las Vegas and gets free food cooked by Chef Ramsay*
Memes Idk
Memes Idk 4 kun oldin
My school makes better food
Returtled 4 kun oldin
More like Meatball ZERO
Memes Idk
Memes Idk 4 kun oldin
Returtled ikr
DDomino Geronimo
DDomino Geronimo 5 kun oldin
Fakeha Fakhruddin
Fakeha Fakhruddin 5 kun oldin
See.. he's not all that bad
Raven Baxter
Raven Baxter 5 kun oldin
That pizza was so fucking SEXY WTF
Tony Diablo
Tony Diablo 5 kun oldin
Stoners Paradise
inkey2 5 kun oldin
WHAT I NEVER UNDERSTOOD about this show is..........these failing restaurants call on a world class chef to help them survive THEN they argue with him
Tony Davies
Tony Davies 5 kun oldin
wow an actual restauranteir who actually listened to Ramsay lol
John Simons
John Simons Kun oldin
There was also Hotel Chester that actually wanted (from beginning) for Ramsay to help.
Noah Villalobos
Noah Villalobos 6 kun oldin
I only saw him eat the food once
Flugabwehrkanone 6 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the pizza in the thumbnail actually look really fucking good?
K Hewett
K Hewett 5 kun oldin
I agree
oscar agres
oscar agres 6 kun oldin
In description that pizza place got roasted
Nehama W
Nehama W 6 kun oldin
😂 That's our thin crust. Wtf 😂 😂
Eryn J
Eryn J 6 kun oldin
I would’ve still ate the pizza...
Yajaira Olivo
Yajaira Olivo 6 kun oldin
I would lowkey still eat all of what he complained about lol
Hypeman 2933
Hypeman 2933 6 kun oldin
Gabriel Sanchez
Gabriel Sanchez 6 kun oldin
When he whispered “DRIPPING IN GREASE” I know the pizza is bomb and would put me to sleep after like 4 slices..
Saved PirateOfGod
Saved PirateOfGod 6 kun oldin
5:28 I'd suck her asshole
Gabriel Franz
Gabriel Franz 6 kun oldin
Saved PirateOfGod wtf dude
Louie Stopps
Louie Stopps 7 kun oldin
Love Gorden Ramasy
Cum Whore
Cum Whore 7 kun oldin
Im convinced that he bitches too much, that pizza looks delish wowowowow
Jagoda 7 kun oldin
Id still eat that food at the beginning
Ahsan Siddiqui
Ahsan Siddiqui 7 kun oldin
bare hands come into play alot in cooking. your hands should be bare to see if the noodles are thoroughly drained of excess water that'll prevent the pasta dish from becoming watery since this is a family run restaurant the hygiene guidelines are already understood. your arms should be thoroughly washed and clean upto the top of your elbows, nuff' said.
Wilson Noah
Wilson Noah 7 kun oldin
That meatball hero looks so good
jeff quaintance
jeff quaintance 7 kun oldin
By the way KSK, mozz has zero grease schmuck.
jeff quaintance
jeff quaintance 7 kun oldin
@KsK that's Raw dough, have you cooked? I do that's crap.
Alex Lucas
Alex Lucas 7 kun oldin
the pizza doesn't even look that bad...
J R 7 kun oldin
Your food is crap and your place sucks!! But let me make it up to you and take you to vegas!
Hey its Andreia
Hey its Andreia 7 kun oldin
You can tell the chef is a nice man he just needed a few tips :)
Grow Limitless
Grow Limitless 7 kun oldin
Naughty America, nobody, nobody, does it better. 1:42
H.B Dk
H.B Dk 7 kun oldin
Rose Andrews
Rose Andrews 8 kun oldin
I want to ride on a jet plane to Vegas with Gordon Ramsey!!
Bobby Kimble
Bobby Kimble 8 kun oldin
God I love that waitress whoever she is
Sunny Island
Sunny Island 7 kun oldin
She was so nice. Very VERY good customer service.
KIERAN lindsay
KIERAN lindsay 8 kun oldin
go to auther avenue in the bronx fraction of the cost of Raos and much better
RanmaYagami 8 kun oldin
Almost makes you want to start a restaurant and fail at it just so Gordon Ramsay can take you to Vegas
Calm down Kid
Calm down Kid 8 kun oldin
Tbh that pizza looked nice 😋
Seshoumaru 8 kun oldin
Episodes like this makes him lose credibility
Crude Breezy
Crude Breezy 9 kun oldin
I'll let you take that in. THIS HUNTS ME
gogeta hyuga
gogeta hyuga 9 kun oldin
I want a cookie
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