Can Gordon Ramsay Save Pantaleone's? | Kitchen Nightmares Supercut

Kitchen Nightmares
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The Best Pizza in Denver? More like the WORST pizza in Denver.
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6-Sen, 2017

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The Interesting Carrot
I get that he’s a chef But YOURE TELLING ME that if gordan ramsay was hungry in a foreign town he wouldn’t eat that Massive Pizza?
raymol setras
raymol setras 5 soat oldin
05:50 this dickhead hold the pasta with his disgusting hand ? No gloves.
nootus 5 soat oldin
If I was one of those waitress and I either left or was fired, for a job interview my cv would be: “Served Gordon Ramsay.”
Goondeus 16 soat oldin
You’re taking them to WHAT
itz reese
itz reese 16 soat oldin
This is literally my school lunch🤣
binkel 赤い塔
binkel 赤い塔 18 soat oldin
Am i the only that‘d still eat the pizza?
Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson 23 soat oldin
We have a local Italian place that's been around since 1912. Went to school with some of the kids. Personally think it's extremely over rated. Locals just flock there because they've been told it's so good for so long.
That pizza looks super good though
Big Boy Trouble
Big Boy Trouble Kun oldin
Oh yea yea
Island, The Second
The waitress is really cute
Fayza Sekatawa
Fayza Sekatawa Kun oldin
2:49 if Gordan wasn't there they would say yes
king 10k
king 10k Kun oldin
He buys food just to talk about it lol
Jafarenum *_*
Jafarenum *_* Kun oldin
يا خوي شكيتهم شك
MEMEsquad Kun oldin
gordon has a bad memory with raw onion
JCAgaming 2 kun oldin
Madela Morales
Madela Morales 2 kun oldin
The pizza is cheesy omg
Izzy Emerald
Izzy Emerald 2 kun oldin
The pizza actually looked good ngl
Saucy Tenders
Saucy Tenders 2 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsay is the only person in the world that would complain about big portions..... you’re getting your moneys worth guy. Stop complaining
soccer crew bc3
soccer crew bc3 2 kun oldin
did you just come to insult
chezboi 2 kun oldin
*Pete:* We have the best Pizza in Denver *Gordon:* I’m going to have to disagree with you
Ethan Tavitas
Ethan Tavitas 2 kun oldin
He’s not even eating the food.
Ludovic Bonnion
Ludovic Bonnion 2 kun oldin
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Vi _XXiV
Vi _XXiV 2 kun oldin
*I am disagreeing with you*
Andrew Careaga
Andrew Careaga 3 kun oldin
Anoush Sarhaddi
Anoush Sarhaddi 3 kun oldin
So hot waitress i dont care about the food
TheSquad89 3 kun oldin
You think thats bad try my school lunch pizza its the flippin worst pizza ive ever tasted
Ross Mac
Ross Mac 3 kun oldin
I'm no cheff but I can cook a better pizza than that my,13 year old daughter could
Daniel Fitzsimmons Cruz
I thought they were supposed to be Italian but they had Greek pictures up on the wall.
DejanGamerYT 3 kun oldin
gave them a free trip to vegas .-.
Rebecca Williams
Rebecca Williams 3 kun oldin
This episode actually made me cry! Seeing the ultimate humility and gratitude of a long time restauranteur, and the whole family...beautiful. So happy for them. Love Gordon Ramsey!!
ali sunu
ali sunu 3 kun oldin
oooooo hell no i well eat that pizzzzzzza
Paul Pem
Paul Pem 3 kun oldin
Sometimes I think if Gordon was pissed this food would be gorgeous
Luckytron asmr LuckyFri
Cute waitress had great sense of humor
RaulFAlaniz 3 kun oldin
roar onion
LetsNotTalk 3 kun oldin
1:55 did gordon turn her into another person that "no problem" sounds like an entirely diffrent voice
El Don Chef
El Don Chef 3 kun oldin
Yo why does the grandson look like the kid who bullied Spencer in Icarly 🤣🤣🤣
Chris G
Chris G 3 kun oldin
I live im denver
Gigi Cole
Gigi Cole 3 kun oldin
Chef Ramsey is a beautiful person ! Inside and out
Jasmine Cisneros
Jasmine Cisneros 3 kun oldin
There are two types of comments here: The food is delicious. The waitress is delicious.
Jess Grande
Jess Grande 3 kun oldin
This has ruined pizza for me :(
you just like to complain
Brandon Cain
Brandon Cain 3 kun oldin
BloodysYT 4 kun oldin
I love when auto subtitles sey "dog" instead of "dough"
Michael Shaleen
Michael Shaleen 4 kun oldin
That shit looks good asf
Yolet Canlas
Yolet Canlas 4 kun oldin
Atleast he is polite
Cephachrome 4 kun oldin
the calzone was meh, the meatball sub was gross, but the pizza looked absolutely delicious
LunaWolf 4 kun oldin
Like I always say, better too much than too little 🤷
crazyswampbob12ga 4 kun oldin
I need to make a text notification that's just Gordon saying "my sausage pizza!"
Jose Dominguez
Jose Dominguez 4 kun oldin
I didn’t see any problem with the first pizza that pizza looked so good
Blah Blah
Blah Blah 4 kun oldin
I'd eat em. I mean they're dripping with cheese