Can McDonald's Become Fine Dining? | The Happy Meal

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Try Guy Keith takes on the challenge of creating a gourmet dish out of a McDonald’s Happy meal. Will the Judges think it is gourmet, or will Keith just create garbage? #TryGuys #GourmetGarbage
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8-Sen, 2018

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Leslie Duran
Leslie Duran 53 daqiqa oldin
I love you
Y&S FOOD! Soat oldin
Fantastic movie! Hereabouts at Y&S FOOD! we love to find such a content. We produce Travel & Food shows too, across the world, and also we are constantly interested in inspirations as well as ideas. Thank You.
George Abanador
George Abanador 2 soat oldin
Keith! Try Jollibee Fried Chicken!!!
Donkey Man
Donkey Man 2 soat oldin
The happy meal gives me depression
Vid Luver
Vid Luver 2 soat oldin
I was today years old when i found out that pickles are relish
James White
James White 3 soat oldin
That was super impressive + Keith was lookin fiiiineeee.
ReekoGoz 4 soat oldin
3:00 Did anyone else realize it said Catsup instead of Ketchup lol 😂😂😂😂
Jason Will
Jason Will 4 soat oldin
whole lotta soy in these boys' daily squad meals
Renee Beatty
Renee Beatty 5 soat oldin
Lol love it
sam had
sam had 6 soat oldin
i really love your videos they are so fuuny
Julie Wolfsbane
Julie Wolfsbane 6 soat oldin
boycott mcdomalds
ATMdog 8 soat oldin
JessTheEmo 10 soat oldin
“Make a decision you won’t stick to” My life though
Unicornie Potato
Unicornie Potato 10 soat oldin
“Maybe a da-da” No, no, no how bout a ma-ma
Basheba Hill
Basheba Hill 11 soat oldin
Aren’t there butter pats for hot cakes at McDonald’s? Probably would have worked better than pressing the fries.
Unicornie Potato
Unicornie Potato 11 soat oldin
“America loves it” “I love it” But the truth is........”everyone loves it”
maxine torres
maxine torres 15 soat oldin
Who's golden doodle is that in the background
lui cutie
lui cutie 16 soat oldin
omg guys I’m sorry but the food looks kinda nasty 😷 lol
Rayne Ophelia Rauhl
Rayne Ophelia Rauhl 17 soat oldin
Keith owns my heart
LPS CrystalCage
LPS CrystalCage 20 soat oldin
Before watching this video, I had a Subway commercial. Just sayin
Dusty Skye
Dusty Skye 23 soat oldin
I think you did very well and you look quite handsome in an apron. :P
BRAYDOS_ Kun oldin
Matthieu Laurent
Fast food. America loves it. I love it. R u America?
Sean Crilley
Sean Crilley Kun oldin
Buzz feed is shit but the try guys are the GOATS don’t @ me
Laila Kun oldin
Why the fuck did i spend 13 mins if my life watching this😫😫😫😫
The Nezk
The Nezk Kun oldin
This Cuntent Is Actual Cancer, Diabetes, AIDS All Together
clarise Kun oldin
Lemon Jaśiewicz
He pretty much made pirogi from McDonald’s menu
boy 662
boy 662 Kun oldin
DA 😒 DA 😒 DA DA😏
Agha Hadi
Agha Hadi Kun oldin
Now i want some *DUMP* pling
Ensign Gaming
Ensign Gaming Kun oldin
Is Try Guys still on BuzzFeed or this is a different company?
Kanna Kamui
Kanna Kamui Kun oldin
Kanna Kamui
Kanna Kamui Kun oldin
They're on their own noe
Ashley Tambunga Ratcliff
This made me literally LOL.
Shyla O'Dell
Shyla O'Dell Kun oldin
McD's has butter packets
Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller Kun oldin
ok give this challenge to a 5-star chef please i wanna see how they would do this
なおと. Kun oldin
I don’t know English so please translate into Japanese.
iStormUK Kun oldin
Less blue, more pink? :p
Lucy Engman
Lucy Engman Kun oldin
OH MY GOSH IT IS A SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not even 20 second in the video) lol
UmTryThis Kun oldin
I would love to watch Gordon Ramsay do this challenge
Wolf Sleigher
Wolf Sleigher Kun oldin
The problem with this is that you can't transform the dish if you can only use McDonalds ingredients. All the flavors are going to remain the same. But overall I think Grant from CollegeHumor did a good job
LOTTO LAUGHS 2 kun oldin
Fine dining? I don't believe that would be the right terminology my personal experience living in California my whole life for 50 years is that I've only had fantastic experiences at McDonald's .
Victoria Buitron
Victoria Buitron 2 kun oldin
Same Alex I will try everything in my power to not throw up. 😂
Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell
Wonder how long Keith had that happy meal joke ready to go 😂
Abhilash Bhattacharya
U cook like this when u are stoned and hungry
Amy Korenhof
Amy Korenhof 2 kun oldin
Using plastic utensils 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️
Morgan White
Morgan White 2 kun oldin
This is so hilarious
Sydney Johnson
Sydney Johnson 2 kun oldin
You look good today and look good in that apron!
EchoRanger 2 kun oldin
Dumaladas are just pot sticker
Nita Heft
Nita Heft 2 kun oldin
just FYI that sea turtle makes a great cat toy
Potato Princess
Potato Princess 2 kun oldin
Imagine the smell after everything was done 🤢
Jane Bick
Jane Bick 2 kun oldin
Amazing. Lovely kitchen sir.
James Lander
James Lander 2 kun oldin
If Kieth wanted to make an ASMR video I wouldn’t be apposed
Ashley Elliott-Rowe
Was anyone else watching the clock on the wall and realizing so much was happening at once and at completely scattered times?
feff oper
feff oper 2 kun oldin
This is sad bc when I was little I only got 1 happy meal
Beatriz Teixeira
Beatriz Teixeira 2 kun oldin
wow where I live mc donalds has only ketchup and mostard
JIM Newberry
JIM Newberry 2 kun oldin
YOU idiots! Bwahahahahaha!
Here_Comes_Me 2 kun oldin
I want more of these videos this was awesome
Judy Wu
Judy Wu 2 kun oldin
Keith Done! .... planada
Cat 2 kun oldin
Kiradeki 2 kun oldin
I feel like Keith should've been allowed to use water, since you can get a cup of water at McDonald's.
Zoniko 2 kun oldin
Nalgonalds xd
ddmarsh21 2 kun oldin
Un-preparing and re-preparing prepared food... genius.
Raven De Sayles
Raven De Sayles 2 kun oldin
That happy meal at the beginning will haunt my eternity
André Luiz
André Luiz 2 kun oldin
Do anyone know of McDonalds' culinary adaptations to operate in France?
adrian me
adrian me 2 kun oldin
In Canada you get yogert instead of apple slices
Scorch 2 kun oldin
you cant make a gourmet dish using ingredients from mcdonalds. that literally butchers the use of the word gourmet. you're fucking idiots
Gustavo Gomes
Gustavo Gomes 2 kun oldin
meu deus como esse cara do lado esquerdo é fresco pqp
Starr D
Starr D 2 kun oldin
veronica Moton
veronica Moton 2 kun oldin
WTF?? 2 kun oldin
My son now wants a happy meal. Thanks.
Val G
Val G 2 kun oldin
“Da” is “yes” in Russia :)
Psychotic Memetastic
I never ate a happy meal after I figured out they used pink goo to make there chicken nuggets, I know it was fake but I’m still never going there
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Stephanie G.
Stephanie G. 2 kun oldin
Try guys go to an Asian market with $10 each, and then compete to make the best dish with what they buy.
Iron Gunner
Iron Gunner 2 kun oldin
This vid almost has the same views as its subscribers.
Vinny Swinnich
Vinny Swinnich 2 kun oldin
the guy on the left just seems like hardass
Lily Lorenzo
Lily Lorenzo 3 kun oldin
“Da Da D-“ I’m done 😂😂😂
Angelica Martinez
Angelica Martinez 3 kun oldin
The part where Keith put the pan next to microphone omfg that was a great ASMR moment
Millie Sunshine Carlson
Alex is such a mood. 😂 luv him! :)
Nelb2 3 kun oldin
Can we watch him try to make fried chicken??? Since he loves chicken so much....can he also make it???
Martin marty
Martin marty 3 kun oldin
Chris 3 kun oldin
Watch the Dumpenada get put on the dollar menu
daliladaisyXD x3
daliladaisyXD x3 3 kun oldin
Today my friends you have seen evidence that Keith is the purest ball of sunshine.... I rest my case ^^
The Analytical Menace
Not gonna lie. This shit looks pretty fuckin' gross. Which...speaks volumes about the content of the ingredients themselves.
Jared from subway
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass 3 kun oldin
McDonald's is SO GROSS. The fact that their meat doesn't taste like beef (or anything recognizable) alone... Crazy thing is, they used to be good, back when they served actual food.
Sohan Dsouza
Sohan Dsouza 3 kun oldin
"Dumpanada" sounds like it would taste like shit. Literally.
Madelyn O
Madelyn O 3 kun oldin
# better than chopped
Amya Kimbrough
Amya Kimbrough 3 kun oldin
“Da Da D”😂😂
Hang Ngo
Hang Ngo 3 kun oldin
DO A Esape room
JuJu Martinez
JuJu Martinez 3 kun oldin
This was hilarious ! Awesome job, Keith !
Pretty Prudent
Pretty Prudent 3 kun oldin
I’m going out tonight for Five Guys, and this is ruining my appetite. I suddenly feel nauseous. Thanks for that.
Joseph DiSalvo
Joseph DiSalvo 3 kun oldin
The food chick in the center is so hot.
Camila P
Camila P 3 kun oldin
I want a try guys try ASMR video
Aspen 3 kun oldin
wait how is it gourmet whyyyyy
Aspen 3 kun oldin
I would soooo love the turtle
1 Hour Loops And NBA Mixes
The real hustlers were the kids that acted like they enjoyed McDonald's for a toy
Brittany Howell
Brittany Howell 3 kun oldin
Is it just me or since they went on their own, they have been like a knock off version of Good Mythical Morning? I mean they just started a show like this where they take junk food and turn it into an expensive “gourmet” item?
Aspen 3 kun oldin
that is not apple juice
Julie Annelisse Hyland
Does Alex suffer from phobia to throwing up? (AKA emetophobia?)
Nicholas 3 kun oldin
Jewfro was a bad addition.